Hi again everyone! It's been about a week and a half since I've posted so here goes. This all starts when I was about 17 years old. My family and I were going to visit a relative in Washington DC for the weekend and it had been decided that we were going by train. The ride was overnight but it went smoothly on the way there. At the end of the trip on the way back I ran into a problem though. It was after dinner and the people riding in the train car I was in were starting to fall asleep. It was then that I had one of the biggest urges I have ever had to have a bowel movement. I knew it was a big one but I tried to resist having to go on the train as much as I could because I know train bathrooms aren't the cleanest ones on earth. After about ten minutes I was squirming around in my seat so I got up to go to the bathroom. Some of them were occupied but I found an open one and went in. I had no idea how small they were! I wiped off the seat and pulled my pants and panties down to my knees and sat down. It was a tight fit because my butt was a little too big for the toilet so I had to strain with all my might to push out the poo. I peed a little then pushed out two logs that were about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. All the pushing made my stomach ache so I felt nowhere near relieved afterwards. And since the stall was so small, standing up to wipe myself was very difficult which made me worry that I would stain my panties. The stall smelled awful and the bottom of the bowl was streaked when I left but no one was around to comment about it so it was okay.

Bob, many people cover toilet seats before sitting -- I think it's a fear of germs. There are actually companies that sell paper cut-outs to fit over the seat, and they're dispensed from holders in the stall. It was a great day for me when I saw that someone had inscribed "Texas T-Shirts" on one of the dispensers once.

Hi all, I just want to post an incident which first started my fascination in toilets. I was about 17 years old and living with my family. Our toilet was on the ground floor, and had a frosted glass window behind the system, and a small opening at the top of the window that was always kept open. On one occasion I went in there and sat down, my brother was outside talking to his friends about their motorbikes, the thought of privacy in there had never occurred to me. I just happen to glance round to check that there was a toilet roll on the windowsill, (which was where it was always placed), when I noticed a pair of eyes glancing through the top of the window. I was a bit startled at the time and not sure how to react, I think if I had acknowledged that I had seen someone it might have been more embarrassing. They would only have had a view from the rear of the toilet and had by that time already seen me. I just carried on and pretended I wasn't aware I was being spied on, and to my surprise at the time just got a 'buzz' to think it was fascinating someone. After I had finished I was a bit discrete with the toilet roll by staying almost still seated. >From then on I just acquired an urge to be caught by accident with the door unlocked, or walk in on somebody else. Just curious to know how other people's fascination first started?

Sometimes I leave the door open when I use the toilet. I do this when noone else is around to see me. I don't know why I do, I just do. Maybe it is the thrill of the chance of being caught because the view is not too great. All I can see is the wall in the hallway. Some other people's bathrooms have nice views when sitting on the toilet. My grandmother's bathroom door is right across from the backdoor. If left open, you could see the great outdoors while on the toilet. I think I need a TV to watch in the bathroom.

I was doing my deliveries a few days ago in my truck and came to one of the shops that I deliver to. After dropping off the goods, I felt that familiar and pleasant feeling inside me that told me I needed to poo. I went into the men's toilet at the back of the shop and went into a cubicle at the far end. I pulled my pants down to my ankles, did a long wee and the first of a few poos when I heard the clip clop of high heel shoes in the ladies toilets next door. The two lots of toilets were only seperated by a fairly thin plasterboard wall and I could hear a woman walking through the ladies toilets very clearly. What made it more exciting was that I knew which woman it was as I'd seen before that she was the only one wearing high heels. She was in her mid 30's fairly average looking and average build with short blonde hair in a bob style to top off a rather cute little face. To my excitement, she went into the end cubicle which was right next to my cubicle on the other side of that thin wall. I heard her close the door and lock it, then could even hear her pull up her skirt and slide her panties down. That's how thin the wall was!!!! From the length of time I heard her pull her panties down for, I guessed that they had been pulled all the way down to her ankles. I sat there in total silence as she would have been able to hear me too and I didn't want her to be aware of me and try to be quiet. She started to tinkle and I could also hear the actual hissing sound of the piss leaving her vulva above the sound of it hitting the water. It was a long piss too, seemed to go for a whole minute then slowly came to a dribbly finish. My heart was pounding with excitement and skipped a beat when I heard her let out a cute little fart, followed by a bit of silence and then a huge "PLOP!" as she let out a big sigh of relief. A little dribble of pee was heard followed by a bit of a grunt and another big "PLOP!". I was so aroused by this time and still needed to finish my own pooing but I held on so I could hear her. She was not finished as I heard some more grunting and she did seem to be having trouble getting this one to come out. This went on for a few minutes, grunting and sighing until I heard a little plop and a sigh and her saying "Oh God that's so good to get that out!" Next I heard her tear off some toilet paper and I assume wiped her vulva first, then some more torn off and she started wiping her bum. She wiped herself TEN times, even letting out little sighs as she wiped herself!!!! She pulled her panties up and I could hear her adjusting her skirt and then leave the cubicle. I heard her washing her hands and could finally finish my own business as she left the toilets. I'm going to try save my pooing for when I go to that shop in future. I don't know what my chances are of getting an experience like that again are but I've been thinking about it almost non stop for the last few days!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 1999

David W. like most Brits who are not Jewish nor Islamic I am not circumcised. Unlike in the USA this operation is usually only performed in the UK, other than as part of a religion, for sound medical reasons such as paraphimosis or balinitis, conditions caused by it being too tight. Since infancy I was taught to pull it back and wash under it and I do so every day and after sex, therefore no dirty yellow smegma. I have obviously never peed out of a circumcised penis. I do pull the skin back before peeing and have never had problems with it spraying all over the place.

Sharron, just use the toilet on the train, whether its standing at the station or not. Nobody will stop you and I have often seen big jobbies come out of the pipe when someone uses the train toilet when it is waiting at my platform. Far better this than an accident in your knickers!

Kevin L, if you look at my previous postings you will see many stories about listening to women and girls doing a motion and being turned on by the sound effects. From childhood I got a buzz listening to the "ker-sploonk! and kur-spul-loosh!" sounds when my mum dropped her "bombs", or seeing her big fat jobbies in the toilet pan when they didnt flush away , and also often heard other females perform and saw their turds afterwards. Perhaps the woman outside the toilet you dumped in just wasn't into this, after all we dont all have the same turn ons.

My favourite toilet was the one in my home when growing up and I have replicated it in my house. It was a separate WC from the bathroom next to it, having an old style white toilet pan, a high model with a long drop, rather like the one Moira has in her toilet. This design of toilet pan was popular in the Glasgow area of Scotland in those days made by a firm called Shanks and Mac Ewan. Its "kersploonkability" is first class. The room itself was a small toilet, hardly bigger than the cubicle, (stall) in a public toilet, just enough space to accommodate the toilet pan and a small hand basin in the corner. There was a narrow window, with frosted (translucent) glass in the wall behind the toilet pan and it was possible to see the outline of the person in the toilet if in the garden as well as the sounds of her dropping her jobbies being audible through the glass. When I was a kid Id sometimes be playing in the garden and see my mum come in to the toilet, and although the image was blurred by the frosted glass I could see her big white knickers (panties) as she lifted her skirt then pulled them down before sitting on the pan to do her motion, then see her pull them back up after she had finished. Although my house has a good bathroom, I have converted a downstairs cupboard (closet to you Americans) into a replica of this childhood toilet, down to the paitwork and decoration and I prefer to use this one. Has anyone else a favourite toilet, or even constructed a replica of their old family or school toilet of their childhood?

I find other people's bathrooms interesting. I'm 26 and still live at home. If I ever move into my own place, this is what I will do with my bathroom. I'll take the door off and replace it with beaded curtains, just like Greg Brady's attic. I wonder how many people would actually use my bathroom. The toilet seat, I would decorate with cartoons that I could paint because I am an artist. I would probably make eyeballs on the inside of the lid and teeth on the seat, so the toilet would look like a monster. I'd also have all the walls be covered with mirrors so you can see yourself on the toilet from every angle while on the toilet.

Hey, people:In response to David W's question about an uncircumcised penis, I have one of those. It does tend to be pretty messy, if the foreskin is not away from the piss-hole. I am from Texas, but the thing is, I have never heard that saying, until now.

Adam from Canada
My favorite bathroom is the one in my apartment and I have one at the college which is at one of the far ends where there is not much traffic. In High School I had 2 and I always used the one that was the cleanest.

To Dave W. I'm uc and I can piss with the skin retracted or if I'm lazy I can piss with my hood on. Either way there is no mess. However sometimes my piss stream splits in two and goes in two different directions. The half goes in the toilet and the other half wets down anything in it's path.

This is in response to SammyShap asking about favorite bathrooms. When I was growing up, my favorite place to dump a load as the upstairs bathroom where it is more private than downstairs. When I went to college, I usually took a dump in one of the classroom buildings or at the library. The bathroom in the dorm was usually messy especially with a bunch of football players on the floor. When I moved to the fraternity house, I hardly crapped there except either in the girls bathroom since it was the cleanest or on the top floor in the cold dorm since it was hardly used but clean. The cold dorm bathroom had 2 doors and you could get an uninvited guest at anytime. One afternoon, I went to take a shit in the cold dorm bathroom and right after my pants was up and toilet flushing, the house mgr. walked through and commented about the smell and asked why I was up there and my reply was the bathroom was nice and clean and besides, I wanted to doze off for a few hours.

I haven't written anything for a while, because there hasn't been any exciting stories in the college cans. Today something happened and it was interesting. This mroning I was reading the newspaper in the hallway near the mens washroom and these 2 guys came along. I have seen them around, but one of them went into the washroom and entered a stall. The other guy was telling his friend not to take long. Then the guy said out loud that his friend had been in the can for 15 min. I was laughing. I felt saying maybe we should make an announcement on CNN, but i didn't. The guy came out of the can and I had to use the washroom. When I went in, the place smelt like Polo Sport spray and poop. They both make a good smelling combination.

Why do people cover public toilet seats with toilet paper when they have to crap in public? Do any of you do that?

Well, I have started keeping track of my visits to the toilet to take a crap, and it has been averaging once every 4 days, give or take 3 or 4 hours on either side of 4 days time, along with an average amount between two and three feet (60 to 90 cm) of waste material being expelled in a single session. Needless to say, for being a 36 year old male, I am feeling like I am back in my teenage years when I produced such dumps on a regular basis then, and now once again...Until I post again, "Happy dumping to all!!!"

David: To answer your question, it's no problem to urinate without having pulled back the foreskin. I find it even easier. To speak for myself, when I have pulled back my foreskin the stream goes a bit more upwards. So when I stand in front of the toilet (I hardly ever sit down to pee at home) I might miss the toilet. Leaving your foreskin where it was meant to be, you can aim much better. That's what I think. Any other opinions? There's just another problem. It's that little drops of pee at your foreskin when you're finished. You can try to get rid of them by shaking your penis - although I experienced that this doesn't work very well - or use a piece of TP. Or you can just accept that little stain in your underwear. Have you got the same problems when you're circumcised?

Monday, February 15, 1999

Kevin L
I work in a building that has 8 Medical practices in it. Yesterday I went to the main waiting room which has 2 unisex single person bathrooms. One of the bathrooms has a bench right outside the door. It is a modern bathroom but there is no fan. There was a women in her early forties sitting right outside the door reading a magazine. I went in to take a crap. The bathromm is small and like an echo chamber. I could hear her turning the pages of her magazine so I know she could hear me dumping. As I sat down with my pants and underwear below my knees I let a couple of noisy farts and three solid turds with grunting noises and extremly loud ker-plunks. I wiped three times pulled my pants up washed my hands then exited the bathroom. Her eyes met mine as soon as I came out. She had no expression! I expected at least a smile because she could clearly hear everything. I was wondering what she was thinking. I know if I was in her position and a attractive girl just dumped, I would be ! aroused and produce a smile of acknowledgment. Do any other guys have any stories of hearing or seeing girls openly poop. Later, Kevin L

Does anyone here have a favorite bathroom? When I know I'm going to have a big dump, I go to the downstairs bathroom, which is very pretty and all decorated. The seat is more comfortable than our bathroom upstairs. I also prefer going there because the upstairs bathroom I share with my sis and brother so it's always a mess. The only thing I hate about our nice bathroom is that it has mulberry potpourri, and it makes me sick. It also smells terrible when it mixes with the scent of crap.

Adam from Canada
Another classic poop tonight....I was out all day and on the way home from my outing, I got this urge to go poop athough I couldn't as i was on the Freeway and it was getting dark outside. When I got home, the urge stopped and I ate dinner. After dinner the urge came back and I went into the can to have a poop. It came out in a comma, thick shaped tube that was 7 inches long and there was smaller tube that measured 4 inches came out too. Both were soft and had a spongy feeling. It was one of those poops where it feels like you have lost 2 pounds.

In reply to Kathleen, I am in my mid forties and thus just in the same generation as her. Im sorry that she seems to have been brought up in a repressive climate, but alas that was the way of things in those days, the 1940s and 50s and even the early 1960s. At least she does not take the usual nauseating moral high tone which the conditioning from that hypocritical period often engenders. I was lucky, my parents, although not "let it all hang out trendies" did at least have an open mind on many issues, and didnt fill me with the inhibitions that were common in the culture of those days. Yes, defecation was something usually done in private and not discussed in front of outsiders to the family as we did not wish to give offence to those of more sensitive outlook, but we were a lot more free about such matters within our own circle. Sure my mum and dad didnt invite either my brother or me into the toilet when they were defecating or urinating, but they would mention that "they had done a good motion", or "had been a bit constipated", and looked on such matters as just another physiological function. If there motion got stuck in the pan, this didn't embarrass them or us kids for that matter if it happened to us, it was natural and Prudishness didnt come into it. Sure there was proper respect for each other's privacy, we didnt go into each other's bedroom without knocking the door etc, but often when getting dressed in the morning or going to bed we would see our parents in their underwear and nobody was bothered. As I grew up it didnt bother me at all if my brother came in to wash or have a shower while I was sitting on the toilet doing a motion or a wee wee and vice versa, but this was a personal choice and of most importance, under my control. If I had asked him to go out he would have done so. Again,our sex education by our parents was something thankfully freed from censorious religious cant . We were both told as much as we needed to know as we grew up and thus didnt have guilt associations with this completely natural aspect of humanity. As an example, as I developed into a young woman at about the age of 12 and started my periods I had been well briefed by my mother as to what would happen and thus didnt have the terrible shock and trauma many girls of my generation suffered. My brother likewise didn't look on this with the usual "behind the bike sheds smuttiness" that most boys attach to menstruation but viewed it as a natural part of a woman's life.

Now I must admit that I do find defaction a pleasurable function both by myself and by others and have done since childhood. Why not? Eating and drinking is natural and pleasurable, and it is also a pleasure to be able to freely discuss such matters with those of a like mind on a web-site such as this. Other women also write here, from different cultures, races, countries, ages etc etc.

To answer Kathleen's other point, there WAS as much interest in such topics 40 years ago, I know as a kid, lots of my peer group at school were into such things and would talk about these matters in the playground, look in the school toilets at the jobbies others had done, listen to others doing a motion or even watch if allowed and "buddy dump" . The restrictive climate of the time suppressed such open discussion amongst grown ups and the technology didn't exist for a discussion group such as this. The Lord Chamberlain's Office which censored plays, TV programs, publications etc still existed in the UK until the 1960s, the Lady Chatterley's Lover judgement still had to come which freed works of literature from censorship. Magazines such as "Forum" "She" "Cosmopolitian" , trailblazers in discussion of sexual and associated matters were in the future. Just think, it is only within the last 15 years or so that adverts for Female Sanitary protection such as tampons has been shown on British TV and there are still those prudes who would have it banned! However it must also be said that the Fifties were NOT the Golden Age some people think, Nasty happenings such as Child Abuse, wife beating, sexual harrassement etc occurred, but were not openly spoken about. It is surely better that things are more freely discussed nowadays, not swept under the carpet as in bygone times.

So I hope that Kathleen is not so shocked by this web page to never view it again, but will read it and others dealing with the wonderful variation of human sexuality and behaviour and perhaps broaden her own outlook and throw off the programmed inhibitions of her upbringing. If she cannot do this, fair enough. The web is huge and there are lots of other pages to browse. I wish her well and I am glad she did not moralise in expressing her viewpoint.

Onto other matters, Doorman and Dazz, George and I view our toilet as one of our favourite rooms. We do have a small guest cloakroom with WC , basin and shower, for visitors but our main bathroom is en-suite and was a spare bedroom where George made a doorway through to our master bedroom, then installed the fittings. These are old style Victorian. A high white toilet pan, with a brown wooden seat, with a long drop and a large water filled sump with very good "kersploonkability" as one writer put it, the sound effects are wonderful! It can also cope, usually after a couple of flushes, with the big long fat jobbies we both pass. There is also a bidet, a large bath with a shower which externally has the brass fittings of the old Victorian units but to which George has attached behind the scenes all the technology of a modern electric heated power shower. As George said the hand basin is conveniently situated next to the toilet pan and at such a height that if one needed to vomit it is easy to do so in the basin while defecating or urinating into the toilet pan, thus no nasty accidents. We also do not use "blue" rinse blocks prefering the natural water. We clean the toilet regularly using ordinary bleach and that and proprietory cleaners are enough. Normally only George and I use this toilet but we do allow very close personal friends such as Donna and Lauren, Tony, George's cousins Nicola and Debbie, his Aunt Helen and my brother to use it when they visit.

Sorry to regulars if this posting has been a bit academic and boring with no interesting tales of big jobbies etc. Next time I post I'll relate some of my teenage experiences. Love to all from Moira.

To Jill: Letting off a few smelly ones should not be considered a downside! Were any of them audible by any chance? I probably speak for a few of us here when I say I would love to hear you pass a little wind. To Kathleen: Now come on, I know you've cut one that you've been proud of!

I was travelling to London on the train Friday and during the trip I needed to use the toilet. I went into the toilet, lifted my skirt, pulled down my underwear and tights and sat down. After finishing a pee I had a sudden urge to go no.2, I didn't know at what point of the journey I was at, but thought it would be some time before I needed to change trains. I had just started to relieve myself from the rear when I heard a message through the speaker, announcing that the train was getting near the station that I had to get off. I didn't want to stay on the train then have to double back, but I wanted to keep my underwear clean. I quickly got a piece of toilet paper, lifted my bum off the seat and broke off the what I had started to pass, then put a strip of toilet paper in my underwear and planned to finish doing it on the next train. When I got off the train, the other train was standing at the next platform. I got on the train and found a seat next to the toilet, you are not allowed to use the toilet when the train is standing at a station. The train remained stationary for 20 minutes waiting for another train to arrive to make a connection. Sitting there I couldn't feel where the toilet paper was in my underwear, but just sat still and hoped for the best. Eventually the train started to move out of the station, I quickly went into the toilet, sat on the seat and to my relief my underwear was clean. In respect of the urgency at the time I had forgot to lock the door, as I was pulling off a strip of toilet roll I looked up and there was a young boy about 14 years old looking in. With the noise of the train I did not hear it open, and as I was looking away at the time, he could have been looking at me for several seconds before I noticed him. He seemed to be looking in shock at me on the toilet, then quickly went out and closed the door, he didn't say sorry or anything. When I came out of the toilet and walked past where he was sitting he pretended to be looking out of the window.

Any chance of you giving any info about yourself, Mr/Miss/Ms/Mrs Moderator? Are you male or female, one person or a number of people? Can you give us details of any good plops you've had recently, I'm sure others, like myself would be interested. I continue to enjoy, your site, especially the postings from Nicola. ********** I was having a day out , and went to a cafe. I went for a pee, and as i was walking into the gents I saw an attractive blonde girl walking into th ladies next to it. Once inside, i could hear everything. I heard her pull her knickers down, and then have a good pee. As soon as she'd finished, she pulled them up immediately without bothering to wipe - a real quick pisser!

Interesting to read the skid-mark comments. My girlfriend often has friends to stay, both female & male and my curiosity always gets the better of me. Its true that guys seem to be worse than girls with marks in their underwear, althugh many girls tend to have a "light skid mark" at the rear, as opposed to a deeper one. If girls wear jeans, this tends to give them larger skid marks than if they were wearing a skirt, since the matieral is pushed in further. Final note... the ones that you would least expect it tend to have the dirtiest marks!

Anyone out there have any good 'skid marks' stories....some years ago i had a girlfriend calle Liz - although I never told her, she often had some lovely stains between the cheeks of her bum and often on her knickers...

David W.
I've been lurking here, posting occasionally, but waiting for someone else to ask this question. I am dying to know what it is like to piss out of an uncircumcised penis? Do you always have to retract the foreskin or can you just let it rip and have it come out straight with no spewing or mess at all? I know that for me all it takes is 1 hair on the tip and I soon have a real mess. As an American, I was circumcised at birth so I have no idea at all what being uncircumcised is like. As for getting the last few drops out, they have a saying down in Texas. If you shake it more than once, you're playing with it!

Sunday, February 14, 1999

Poop Loggy L.
OK, someone asked, so here goes. I knew a set of brothers when I worked down in the Southern US a few years ago. They were an odd group -- I recall one of them proudly showing off pictures of his wife's bosoms when she was full of milk after the birth of their baby. Anyway, what I heard was that they all lived in an old house with an old-fashioned hardwood floor in the main room. For several mornings, a mysterious pile of crap on the hardwood floor would greet the family as they woke up. They didn't own any pets, and nobody seemed to be breaking into the house, so in desperation they assigned someone to watch the area all night long. The sentry witnessed the youngest brother (high-school age) appear ghost-like in the main room, drop his pants, squat down, and relieve himself. When confronted the next morning, the kid insisted he had no memory of doing the deed. But he kept it up, and finally, the family took him to a psychologist. The shrink hypotized him and found that he had some kind of internal conflict over a wood-shop project that he had never finished (a bird house). The theory was that the kid was taking out his frustrations about not finishing the wooden birdhouse by shitting on the wooden floor. To remedy the situation, the unfinished birdhouse was retrieved and completed by the kid, and the shitting problems ceased! An amazing story, in my opinion. Too bizarre to have been made up. I have told it exactly as I heard it, although it may have been embellished by the person who told it to me. Still, the main premise is just too weird not ot be true.

Hello folks. The debate about the last few drips is true. It doesnt affect me personally as I prefer to sit to pee in a cubicle, (stall) with a closed door and always dry my cock before I pull my knickers back up. Moira also dries her "piss flaps" as Nicola put it. On the matter of skid marks Tony ( the US one) has got it right. Ordinary toilet paper if one passes a soft sticky motion will cling to the anus forming a matrix with fecal matter which rubs against the back of the gusset and seat of the panties making a skid mark and which may also dry out and work loose and move about making a further mess. It will also irritate the anus. He is also correct that repeated wiping with such paper can cause a temporary swelling of the anus. The solution is to use moist wipes, whuch remove even the stickiest feces and have a medicated solution which soothes the ring. Skid marks are most uncommon after using these wipes and they are also of benefit to those with haemorroids or an anal fissure. Alternatively, if you dont have any of these try dampening the toilet paper with clean water as this helps remove the feces from the ring. I can rememember a girl at my Primary (Grade) school, when I was about 10, being teased about skid marks in the seat of her knickers. These were plain white ones, girls' cotton briefs as my two girl cousins and myself wore. Now the girls were supposed to bring navy blue knickers to change into for games (the boys wore shorts). This girl, Frances, had forgotten her navy blue knickers and stood there in the ordinary white ones she had been wearing under her skirt. Now that wouldn't have been a problem, kids often forgot their kit, but what was obvious was the brown mark in the seat showing through. Either she had passed a soft motion and hadn't completely wiped her bum or she had had a wet fart. The other kids started to tease her until the teacher, noticing the problem, found a spare pair of navy blue knickers ( some pairs were kept for kids who had "accidents" in their pants) and she wore these.

It was also at that time that one of the teachers had an accident in her knickers. This woman teacher was about 50 or so quite a ???? lady. We were having our term exams and the rules for invigilation were very strict, no pupil allowed to leave without surrendering their paper, and a teacher at all times watching for signs of cheating. Now whether this lady had missed the opportunity to go before this session or the motion came down suddenly I dont know. She was supposed to be relieved by another teacher but owing to crisis in their classroom they were late. As Miss Reilly walked up and down the space between the desks we noticed that she seemed a bit distressed and also that she was farting. She also kept going to the door amd looking down the corridor. There were no phones or intercoms in classrooms in those days and she couldn't send a pupil out to summon another teacher as this would void that kid's exam. She remained sanding down the far end of classroom then we saw her go red in the face and those in the front rows said afterwards that they heard a fart and then a squelching sound. Obviously she was doing a jobbie in her knickers. The smell also started to waft through the classroom. When the other teacher arrived we saw Miss Reilly whisper something to her then quickly leave the class walking in an awakward way. Luckily for her it had obviously been a solid motion and she wore knickers (briefs) with elastic through the leg openings which kept it all in. The other teacher merely said that Miss Reilly was feeling ill and wouldn't be back till later that day. I must say I felt sorry for her as she was a decent type who would always let a kid out to go to the toilet so it was ironic that she had a big accident in her underpants herself. Has anyone else witnessed a teacher, lecturer, supervisor, parent or other figure of authority having a similar accident?

Moira and I have both dumped in the sea in similar circumstances to those of RB. We both needed a jobbie while on the beach with some friends but the nearest public toilet was a long way off, and there was no cover to hide amongst, so we went into the water to our chests, pulled down our costumes, (luckily Moira had on a two piece not a single piece costume) and pushed . It was a funny sensation, bubbles of fart gas escaping behind us both then feeling the fat turd slide easyily out then bob to the surface. Unlike RBs friend Peter we couldn't care less that it floated nearby and after having a good look at each other's jobbies we waded away. On another occasion we used a method employed by Moira's friend Donna. We were sunbathing on some dunes but there were too many people about to go behind the shrubs. The sea was also far away as the tide was out and it was a very shallow beach. We decided to dig a narrow but deep pit beneath our arses then with a large beach towel covering us we slipped down our briefs and did our wee wee then jobbie into the pit. Moira went first doing her usual fat 12 inch log and did mine of equal size on top, then buried the turds with the excavated sand. We stayed on that site for the rest of the day as we didnt want the kids playing nearby to aciidentally did up our jobbies and get themselves dirty. I imagine dung beetles, worms, etc had a feast afterwards and the turds would have broken down in the sand by bacterial action.

Aaron>> You are one of the very few people that I know of that has managed to plug one of those "industrial jet-toilets", such as the ones in college dorms, or schools!!! I can imagine the mess!!!

Dazz>> I have had my urine smell like tuna after it has had a chance to be digested and absorbed into my system and then broken down by metabolic processes, but outside of that, I don't remember it smelling strong of anything else...

Dazz writes: "I haven't come across any other foods that change the smell of my piss though". Try aparagus!

Here's a variation of the old familiar couplet for Dazz, for those who speak German, and for all those who love poetry. I worked in Germany for some time, and there they use to say: "Da hilft kein schuetteln und kein klopfen, in die hose geht der letzte tropfen." Good poops to you all, Andre.

Linda thanks you for understanding JW, but you see it was MY aunt(Linda's mother)Linda is VERY embarassed about this..... and well somehow "I" got volenteered to write for her. Anyway her sisters came over to day and well not that i mind it when the twins come over, but it seems that when on of those 3 year olds has to go soo do the other and well there are times when we wish bathrooms had TWO toilets instead of one, Anyway After a big lunch at the Sizzler we were on the way home when the twins were figiting around. When we got home ther couldn't sit still and we asked them what was wrong. They said nothing but after they were hopping around holding their bottoms (How that helps I still don't know)we knew what was up. So I carried one and the minute I sat her down there was a soft crackling sound and her poor nose was wrinkled as a look of total concentration came over her face. the other was try very hard to keep it in. Linda conforted her but she just couldn't sit still. As I looked back at the twin I was holding up on the toilet she sighed as there was a HUGE splash in the toilet. I said" Wow you really needed that huh?" She giggled as she had a short pee. I quckly cleaned her up as Linda was undressing the other one. When I sat her down and I do mean the minute her bottom touched the seat there was a plop and a look of releif came over her face. She continued to bombard the toilet with several more poops and 5 in all and boy were they huge!!!. Anyway after we got them all dressed I said to Linda that it took me back to when she was a little girl and I used to think she was a handful...but after taking care of these twins I take it back. Linda joked and said that I should be glad cause now I have two big poopers like her to take care of. I do agree. Anyway after watching and hearing those it put ME in the mood so "I" ended up having a seat next. Sigh. Not much peace as I had to twins giggling at me andLinda holding her bottom telling me to hurry or she'd poop all over me. Sigh.

What does everyone's bathroom look like? I have two bathrooms. A little bathroom and a big bathroom. The big bathroom is my favorite place to poop because it is in the back of the house away from everyone. The white toilet is catty-corner to the door.It has a plain, white seat. The floor is covered wall to wall with orange/peach carpeting. above the oak toilet paper holder is a 9x12 framed poster of Rules of the Bathroom.The most unique part of my bathroom is the bathtub/shower. It has a wall around it and a door. That way someone can take a shower or bathe while someone else uses the toilet.

I know it's been quite a while scince my last post. It had a lost of projects and homework to do.the other day at the end of the school day, I had this unbearable urge to take a dump. The boys room was blocked with paper towels in both stalls. However, there was a girls room rightnext to the boys. Scince this was well after 8th period, I went in. The Girls room was much cleaner than the boys. I sat down with my button the edge of the toilet. All I had to do then was to let go because of all the gas behind most of it. The last of it required a couple of firm pushes. All in all it was sof and there was a lot of it. Anyone else (in school) had to go in the girls room becuase of something or just for the heck of it?

I held onto my no.2 this afternoon until I was on the train home - and it was worth waiting for. It was HUGE and it felt exquisite. The downside is that I let off more than a few smelly ones at work and on the way to the station!

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