I am a 58 year old woman. I've just come here...Why...curiousity,I suppose.Some friends at work were talking about this site( people write and correspond about some different topics.I must say that I wasn't expecting anything this different!To be honest,I was a bit offended by much of what I've read here.Also I am shocked by the number of women that are writing in. Hope that nobody minds my saying so,but this is just my honest opinion.Geez,I must be gettin' old. Guess it must be from what I learned as a child.My Mom taught me that going to the bathroom(#2)was a somewhat dirty thing and should always be kept private.It was generally not to be spoken about unless something was wrong.I don't fully beleive today that it ia a "dirty" thing,but do think of it to be better left unsaid.But I can understand how the values of my generation have changed.Though I have trouble keeping up at times,I know the ways of the world have been changing mostly for the better.I just wanted to point out that a "mere" 40 years ago,there wouldn't have been nearly as much interest in this subject.Or maybe people would have been too ashamed to admit it!

I worship my toilet. I like to clean it every four days or so and never sully it's clean, clear waters with dangly things that turn the water blue. Having clear water of course makes it easier for me to inspect the product of my bum. Besides, a toilet that is kept clean has no need for these devices or blue pills in the cistern etc. My toilet is directly below a large frosted east facing window, so in the morning it is shrouded in a magical morning glow even on the most overcast of days. One thing I love about my toilet is the low level of the water in it, does produce some lovely plop sounds and a good splash on the bum nearly every time I release a poo. It will need a new seat soon though, the current one is a white plastic one and is thin and sits directly on the rim of the bowl. I want to get a nice thick wooden seat as this would look nice and also will have the effect of raising the sitting height when I am on the toilet. I do like to sit up nice and high on the toilet as it feels so much better and that feeling arouses me more as I push out my poos. I know that I'm a bit obsessed with my toilet and going to the toilet in general, but it does feel so good and turns me on so much, always has!!!!!!! Anyway, I'm off to the hardware store now to look at toilet seats :)

Adam from Canada
Redneck, I like your message post from Thurs. I am graduating in June and I will miss doing my business in the college. I felt the same way when I graduated from High school. Overall, high school was more enjoyable.

I was at school doing some homework in the study area near the mens washroom and I noticed that lots of people were taking poos as I could hear doors making noise and toilets flushing. I counted 4 people within a 10 min period using the facilities. Usually the traffic is much slooooower.
Yesterday in one of my classes, we having a discussion about the image that the college reps in the area and the teacher said that there are 2 things that put the college down and they are the president as he only cares about profit and the other was the washrooms. He was saying that lots of students and faculty have been complaining for ages and nothing gets done. One student blamed the faculty for making the washrooms a mess

Tree Whizzer
Nicola- REgarding Castor Oil, it really doesn't have a tatse per se; it's the way the stuff feels in one's mouth that make it such a truly detestable liquid to swallow. It certainly made me gag a few times! At one time before the polyp surgery I had to take a teaspoonful of it a day along with otherlaxatives, and fo a while I was even on a liquid diet, all in hte name of preventing injury to the stitches in my lower intestinal tract. Linda I had my share of enemas to go along with what I just sadi, and I agree, they are not pleasant! Usually in that case like you had I would much prefer laxatives or teh Mineral Oil that I've heard about from some other people that post here. I am ery lad, however thet you're feeling OK now =o)

Hi again Nicola! Your mention that you have a large flexible ring adds another dimension to the debate re size of male vs female poops. Possibly the layout of the female perineum and larger pelvic floor predisposes a larger anal ring. Also, taking laxatives to encourage daily bowel movements would lead to one producing frequent small poops rather than large well formed ones. As a child I was frequently dosed with laxatives if I missed a day, and this has possibly led to my being incapable of producing a really large result. I came across an interesting article on a medical site regarding some Japanese research on the effects of fibre in the diet. Apparently, using plastic flakes instead of fibre has the same beneficial effect, this being the encuragement of friendly bacteria growth (these form the bulk of a bowel movement).

Friday, February 12, 1999

First off, Nicky, I enjoyed reading your post on buddy dumping. Reminds me of my younger years. Drew, I also enjoyed your post on dumping in the university bathroom. I have been a grad student for a year which keeps me very busy but I enjoy the pleasure of taking a crap at school. One time in the fall, I decided to take a dump in the univeristy center (equivalent to student union) which has the athletic center, cafeteria and bookstore. When I was finished, I ended up talking to this kid who was cool. I use to dump in the library but there is little traffic around the bathroom and the Engr. building where I take my classes as too many old people (professors) that use the johns. I prefer to crap around HS and college kids since they are the most entertaining.
Back at Christmas, I visited the college I graduated from and stopped by the fraternity house I belong to. When I was there, I had to dump a good load. I was in the bathroom earlier helping the chapter advisor who I was good friends with in college get some things done in the bathroom. A guy here and there would come in and take a dump. The bathroom was pretty noisy with fans, etc that you could not hear the sounds. THe shower is right by the toilets. When I was living there when I was in school, I took a shower in the morning and some of the guys were quiet and other guys had loud shits when they were on the can. I would love to take a trip (1000 miles) there while school is in session and party, etc. but my graduate class gets first priority.

Hi Nicky! Aaron's Still Around Hey Nicky, Yes, I'm still reading here. Too busy to put my mind on posting though. Glad to hear that you and Josh are still great friends. I really enjoy your posts. Sure; tell me what's new with you. See ya, Aaron

The other day someone asked about stories about dumping at the beach. I can remember when i was teenager i was down the beach with family & friends. Our neighbors were with us and they had a son about the same age as myself. We were mucking about in the water and then came out to dry ourselves. Peter said i have to crap real bad and we searched high & low at this beach to find a toilet but as always there wasnt one around. He got a bit panicky then and said we'll have to go back in the water and you keep an eye open for me. I didnt hesitate for a minute. I remeber going out fairly deep about 4-5 foot so the water was lapping around our chests. i can still see him pulling down his speedos and i can remember a little strings of bubble farts found their way to the surface and its really funny how they stink!!! The next thing you know hes grunting away but trying to look inconspicious and i can see this huge log inching its way out of his ass. Before long a massive 12 incher had found its freedom and suddenly bobbed up to the surface. I can remember him panicking then about how to get rid of it - he tried swamping it, pulling it down in fact he tried everything short of standing on it but in that depth of water it aint easy. Eventually he just gave up and disgust and we casually swam away from it hoping that noone could trace its origind. The last we saw of it was out to sea on its way to antartica!!!!!

I just made the BIGGEST dump in my life, and it plugged an industrial dorm toilet. Flushed about 20 times, and there is water all over the floor. Opps. Just thought you might want to know, got pictures :)

I haven't heard of that breakfast cereal Cool Guy 3:16 mentioned, but I have found that eating toast will make my piss smell like toast a few hours later. I haven't come across any other foods that change the smell of my piss though.

Drips after urinating must be universal. I was taught (not at school, I think in my first year at University) Newton's Fourth Law: No matter how much you shake it, the last few drops always run down your leg inside your pants. Certainly true if you wear boxers.

Hi everyone it's been a while since i've posted.I have been terrifically busy,I told my sister about the site and she her roommate holly,who posted I see.There havenot been any intresting just normal pooping sessions.I did want to resp- ond to the interesting question by Coolguy,I have heard of the ceral you mentined,there are about a zillion brands in the states,I have found when having eaten pizza my poops will smell similiar likewise eating any pasta.On the subject of laxatives personally I avoid them and believe you poop when you need to and shouldn't force it but let Nature take its course.The only times I remember even having a enema was in the hospital given by the nurse and my mom who gave mysister and I because we ate chilli at my oncle's place in Colorado and as we all know chili makes many constipated. Bye Cassi

DAZZ, No matter how much you shake and squeeze, those last few drops go in your B-V-Ds

Dazz Here in the US the line goes....."No matter how you shake or squeeze, the last three drops go down your knees." My idea on skid marks is they are not caused necessarily by leakage but are caused, at least in my case, by a swelling of the external tissues caused by irritation, especially when wiping several times. The swelling covers the "material" , preventing its removal by the paper. Later on, when the swelling subsides, the residue is picked up by your underpants.

Yo P.L.Logg: 'the word!!!' My mom was telling me the other day that she, her Uncle Tony, and her mother were playing hide and seek in some sand dunes. There was this girl who broke away from her group to go pee behind a dune, and Uncle Tony grabbed her and he said "Gotcha!!" and she ran away, still peeing with her pants down!!

Linda- What your aunt did to you was inexcusable No one should have their privacy invaded when they're trying to poop, not even a little kid. Kids deserve dignity too. Still, I think you should stop worrying about the noises you make when you're struggling to get the enema out of you and let your cousin be there to help you. Believe me it can be a lot easier when someone is there to hold you and ocmfort you and rub your ???? while you strain Grunting is just part of goiing ot the bathroom, we all do it now and then--JW

Hello Nicky, I have found your posts very interesting, I see you are a bit of skid mark freak, I see that a couple of years ago you had to do some secret washing so your parents didn't see your skid marks, they must have been bad. I would imagine that your pants must be pretty messy after wearing them for half a week with such a build up of skid marks, as your parents do you washing, do they not say anything to you about them. One post recently said that she was worried that her children might of got teased with the skid marks they got, if other children got to see them wearing there underwear. I wrote back saying I never found teasing a problem and I wondered if you ever had any problems as being a bit of an exhibitionist lot's of people must have seen your skid marks. When you go to the toilet outside how do you wipe properly, or don't you, I surpose sometimes it must be difficult to wipe when outside. Do many of your friends get skid marks or are you the only one amoungst your friends that get them. I have never had a accident on purpose, as you described, and as I said my last one was a couple of years ago, I agree using a public loo is better than going in your pants but on the occasion I described I thought i was going to make it home and when I realised I wouldn't I wasn't close to a toilet and I couldn't dream of going outside like you, and I don't think I could poo if someone else was in the bathroom at the same time. I have witnessed a few people having accidents quite recently for example that 16 year old girl pooing her knickers at the party I mentioned, that was just the other day, have you not witnessed any accidents as you said you haven't accidentally had an accident yourself since you were 5. I can remember loads of people having weeing accidents from the age of ten let alone five. Anyway, keep on posting and I will post of any new toileting experiences and maybe some I can remember from the past, happy skid marking.

Thursday, February 11, 1999

I once had an accident when I was young. I had gotten into some laxatives accidentally and thought they were stomach indigestion pills. Well, at least it cleared up my stomach! The load in my panties though was firm, strangely. Has anyone had a related story like this?

Dave, I usually have a good motion about 4 or 5 times a week these days, so I dont go every single day and I dont worry about this, I go when I need. Occasionally, I will do two motions a day, a really big one, say a nice fat 12 inch long jobbie then later in the same day I will pass a smaller one still as fat (2" to 2.5") but only about 6 or 7 inches long, (with loud "Kersploonkability" for Haly's information). Again, if I have been eating a lot as over the Xmas holidays, going out for a meal etc, I will do more and I sure passed some big logs this festive season! Unlike Dave's ex girlfriend , I dont usually have difficulties passing my jobbies although they can be 2.5" inches thick at the start. I just let my sphincter slowly expand to accomodate it and luckily for me years of doing fat turds since I was a kid has given me quite a large flexible ring. If someone does have a problem with turds that are a bit too fat for their anus, try a lubricant suppository or some vaseline (petroleum jelly) or KY Jelly. Inserted into the rectum and held for a few moments this will lubricate the turd and help it slide out with less strain and chance of a sore ring or worse still an anal fissure.

Bill, both men and women have some urine remaining on the end of the penis or the vaginal lips (piss flaps to the rude amongst us) after urination. Most women do dry this area with toilet paper but unfortunately many men dont dry themselves, though Im glad to say my boyfriend does dry the end of his penis when he can. For women the double gusset, (crotch) of their panties or knickers will absorb such wetness,(as it does the normal vaginal secretions, that's why its a double layer of cotton), although if you dont dry after a wee wee this does cause additional staining and smelliness. Again Im glad to say most women and nowadays most men change their underpants every day so the problem should't be too bad.

Tree Whizzer. Ive never taken Castor oil, or any laxative come to that, but this is one of the nastiest. You say it didnt have a taste but Im told it tastes terrible and almost makes people vomit if they have to take it. It certainly smells bad. Its an irritant (stimulant)purgative and I understand that its action is harsh and repetative and causes a lot of griping pains in the ???? and produces diarrhea. In the bad old days some kids used to be dosed with this foul mixture every week whether they needed it or not, but thankfully this custom has died out . Certainly my mother never inflicted this on my brother or I. There can be times when the use of purgatives IS medically ordered by a physician or nurse, say before or after abdominal examinations or surgery but I wouldn't recommend using such medicines willy nilly. In fact the habitual use of purgatives to obtain a daily motion will result in chronic constipation as the bowel then comes to depend on increasingly powerful purges to move. Exercise, a healthy diet, and drinking sufficient fluid usually keeps most people regular, it works for me.

Tony (UK) I leave my jobbies behind for others to admire when they get stuck, which is quite often. In our flat, (I now share with my fiance), I will just leave it until it evetntually gioes away and if neccessary throw a bucket or two of water down to shift it. I did once when visiting my boss's home push it over the bend with my hand as you suggested, as I thought his rather snobbish wife wouldn't have approved of a big log stuck in her expensive toilet pan.

Hi everyone - especially William! I don't think I have - well since I was aged 5 or so - had an 'accidental' accident like you describe. My dislike of public loos would not be as great as my dislike of having my pants full of poo - unless it was pre-planned. If I have no alternative (very rare) I will use them (Public Cons.) - but usually I can hold it in long enough to find somewhere acceptable - people with long drives, gate out of sight of house, and usually a hedge - this is quite acceptable to me. Probably not to the homeowner if they ever find it, but.....!!! Being a bit of an exhibitionist, and a very gregarious shitter, if I am staying over at a friends house and we haven't previously dumped together, I would usually try to wait until my friend is washing himself or something, then pop into the bathroom and tell him that I really have to have a shit, and does he mind...? Never had any other teen who said that he did mind, and it usually ends up in a double act. Not that I stay over very often except with my best friend Josh - he and I have had so many shits together since we started watching each other go #1 and #2 outdoors when we were 7 in the hot summer of 1990 that I couldn't begin to count (and when we were even younger indoors) - but that's a whole other story. So I'm not sure that I agree totally that would be normal for me to have small balls of poo popping into my pants willy nilly and uncontrolled!? Then, what is normal for me is weird for most others and vice versa! I do remember 3 or 4 years ago when we were 12 years old, and I was left at home alone (well - alone with Josh) for a whole day and we both deliberately arranged to have a full evacuation of our bowels in our pants and shorts (as an experiment), so we both romped about in my Dad's fields, both with our large 12 y.o. #2s 'sqidging' all over our buttocks, thighs, and generally all parts of that region of our bodies. After an hour or so, it started to be rather uncomfortable, there is always a lot of gritty stuff in my poo, and this was making me feel sore, and I think it took a good 2 hours to clean ourselves up, remove the smell, and clean and wash our clothes, and get rid of the staining. Good fun as a one off experience, but I think shit is best viewed not inside the clothes!! Peeing out of doors - even in city areas should never be a problem - or maybe I just trained myself at a young enough age?! I can always find somewhere to go! Getting back to skidmarks - yes, I am the same as you! - it takes about 3 hours from post-poo wiping clean to awareness of the leakage factor for me too! I must say that I don't find the sensation altogether unpleasant though. I change my underwear twice per week - a little bit more often than your friend Ross! - I just sort of get attached to them (not literally), and I quite like to keep my skid marks too. Perhaps you should leave yours on your bathroom floor with his - and instigate a discussion with him on the merits of having skid marks....!! You never know - you might be "buddy dumping" with him within a week!! Mind you, I would have told him I just had to come in and shit when he was in the bath and hogging the toilet the other evening! It snowed here on Monday - now that is something I do like - dropping my #2 in/on/under the snow! There are not that many opportunities though - we only get a bit of snow down here about once every 2 years! Anyway, I was 'off school' on Monday (recovering from a fever/temperature at the weekend), but of course I had already produced a major #2 in the morning as normal. So, I had to resort to a suppository to ensure a reasonable second performance, and I pushed out an average sort of log, mid-brown, several boluses - so fairly firm, only about 12cm long though which pushed out comfortably with many sound effects and the liquid from the melted suppository. It melted the 1cm of snow that had fallen, leaving a splendid brown rim to the snow hole. However, overnight there was another 3cm, which fell on my frozen turd, and by the time I was able to inspect it late yesterday there was a really cool (literally) hump in the snow, all stained brown on top. Josh and I had a ceremonial urination too - but as usual, we failed to write our names in full. I have trouble with the 'k' and 'y' in my name! - my golden stream of pee invariably fails me before I finish!! We got 'Joc' and 'nicl' Anyway that's enough about me for today (Wednesday). Got to set off for school now 8 a.m. - still snow on the ground, and Josh and Robbie (and me) hope to have a 3-way snow dump this a.m. cycling to school - and I can't hold mine in much longer!! Internal messages are being sent to prepare for urgent bowel evacuation even as I type this in!!! Regards, Nicky.

Another McDonald's story here. I was driving in my car with a male friend a few years ago when he told me he had to go for a shit. I saw a McDonald's store just down the road, so I pulled up there and waited in the car while he went inside to use their toilets. When he came back out and climbed into the car, he turned to me and said "There's something so right about having a shit in a McDonald's store!!!". I guess he was refering to the similarity between what people do in their toilets and what they serve over the counter!!!!! Luckily I didn't have a full bladder or I may have pissed myself from laughing at what he had just said to me!!!!!

Just spent the past 20 minutes, this morning, doing a major dump of a week's accumulation of bodily waste! I must have passed about 3 feet (90 cm) of logs! It was a "two-flush" job to get it all on it's way down into the sewer system here in town! I must not have been truly constipated, as everything came out easily and was firm, but not hard and dried out like some people here have mentioned in the past. It definitely was a "load off my mind" when I was finally finished crapping this stuff out of my system! You all would have been proud of the amount, had you seen it!!!

to everybody who likes seeing wome peeing: watch the movie Rob Roy with Liam Neeson as Rob Roy and Jessica Lange as his wife. you can see her peeing at the border of a lake

There's a little joke in Australia about the last drops a guy gets in his pants........"No matter how much you shake and dance, the last drops always end up in your pants!!!!" hehehehehehehe. Has anyone outside of Australia heard that one or is it unique to us?

Post golden crisp does seem to affectthe smell of my urine. At least I have noticed that my urine smells like golden crisp or shugar smacks, occasionally.

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Adam from Canada
The last couple times I have used the washroom at school, I noticed that some students put toilet paper on the seat when they poop. When I have to go, I usually don't. Does anyone put paper on the seat when they go at school/public? One thing about the cans is that they have a sweat odor. By the way the college has the type of toilets where they are like the spit ones. do you know what i mean? When they flush, they are loud and the contents go down real fast. In one bathroom, the toilets flush by themselves when you are finished your thing. Thats how high tech the facilites are at the college.

Tree Whizzer
To Kelly- AFter reading your story, it sounds to me almost as though you had a bout of interstitial cystitis, which I know causes extreme frequency of urination and also the burning you described. I certainly am glad you go over it! Also, to Linda: I sure am relieved to see you are feelin' btter after you agve in and had an enema. I had my share of those after the surgery to take out my intestinal polyp, as I had stitches in my sigmoid colon near the rectum which needed to be treated extremely gingerly. I alos had to suffer, for several months before and after the surgery, the horror of a daily dose of CASTOR OIL. Castor oil is without a doubt the most putrid-tasting medicine known to man; it has no tates and is very viscous (thick), whihc makes drinking it incredibly iunpleasant. I hope no one here ever has to suffer that horrible substance ever!

If you really want a jobbie that wont flush away to go, ( and I always tend to leave them for other people like myself to see and enjoy seeing), the following ways sometimes work apart from breaking it up with the toilet brush or plunger - yeuch!! :( One is to throw a bucket or two of water down the pan, this deluge is more powerful than some flushes and the increased momentum will often move it where a weak flush wont. You can of course always push it overwith your hand, while pulling the flush with the other, being sure to wash your hands well afterwards. A stick or long rod could be used to do the same if you just cant touch the turd as some people have a mental block about this. Ironically, I think it was Gerald who mentioned this, if the non flushing jobbie isnt a huge long torpedo but a medium sized one which keeps sliding down back into the pan after you flush it, then dumping another motion on top will often result in the combined mass of jobbies flushing away as there is more for the flow of water from the flush to act upon. I noticed this as well as a kid when I buddy dumped on top of my mum's jobbies. The rather weak flush in our toilet would often be able to shift the larger load of 2 or 3 turds while her one fat jobbie of 7 or 8 inchs long kept returning after each flush. However I usually just leave the jobbie where it is. Eventually it will absorb water and soften and break up and go away after repeated flushes. The most difficult to get rid of is the floater but again after a while it will absorb water and sink and flush away. Wayne, I may have previously mentioned but yes I push my dick down when doing a motion and I have never had any problems peeing. Sometimes I will have to pass the motion first before I can pee especially if its a big fat jobbie or Im aroused say if Im buddy dumping on top of a big one someone else, particularly a woman, has passed. To Nicola and George. I too have found women's knickers and panties abandoned in men's toilets from time to time and have wondered how they got there.

Just a quick thank you to all who responded (specifically Tony, Dazz and Coneys) to my "KURSPLOONKABILITY" inquiry. I now have a better understanding of kur-sploonking and toilet design. I appreciated the responses and opinions. There are a lot of teriffic people who post here!

To answer Wayne: yes, I push my dick down when I sit on the seat. I dont't like havint it hit the cold porcelin, and besides, sometimes its not too clean. I usually hold it when I strain, just in case a little pee dribbles out, so I don't get the floor wet. Speaking of dribbles, ever notice that no matter how many times you shake it, there is always a couple of drops left that goes into your underwear? Do women have this problem, or is it strictly a man thing?

Hey everyone. listen poor Linda has ahd some bad times with enemas and thats why she's been the way she is. You she a while back I gave her one and well my aunt came in and wanted to see if she was okay. well she decided to stay. and well you know how Linda is about going in front of people. I felt sorry for her as she sat there nude trembling cause she just could not rid herself of the poop plus all the water from the enema. then after a while she whimpered and there was the sound of gushing as some of the water from the enema started coing out. Linda leaned forward and places her red face in her hands as more water shot out.My aunt asked why she was trembling and I told her it was that the vent was pointed at the toilet and that maybe she was cold and that she may need to turn down the AC. My aunt then went to go adjust the themistat(Sp?)I patted Linda on the back and said she was gone. Linda straighten herself up and grab the seat and tried with all her might. Linda's eyes widened as this HUGE poop started out of her and the poor thing had to really work on at it. I felt so bad for her so I sat down on the rim of the tub and rubbed her ???? and tried to calm her down.I mean she was REALLY straining and I could here her grunting under her breath. Unfortunatly, my aunt came back and Linda looked up just as there was a HUGE plop in the toilet. Linda turned so red I thought her head was going to explode. Linad screamed out. "HOW EMBARASSING!!" And then told us all to get out!! I don't think the poor thing has forgotten it causde well when ever she has to go bad sometimes she wants to be alone. But I can't stand it cause I hear her whimper and grunt her head off from my room. Anyway thanks all of you who have heard her out and have tried to help her. Oh and JW Linda says Hi.

Well Ferris to try to answer you're question I really couldn't say about ALL girls but poor lInda does rush off to the bathroom to pee alot when it's cold. I try not to laugh when she yells out:ACK!!!! The seat is freezing!!!" Poor gal.

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