Anybody else here recall that kid in high school who always seemed to have to pee? It seemed to me like there was at least one in my class every year (usually girls, but not quite always) who, every time we turned around, would be asking to be excused.

One in particular sticks out in my mind, from my junior year. Her name was Jen, and in addition to her intriguing bladder troubles, she was beautiful--tall with long pale hair, in great shape, a cheerleader back in the days when I thought cheerleading was cool (call me a fair-weather feminist if you must; we were all seventeen once!) But of course, the most intriguing thing about Jen was that nearly every time I saw her, she was either going into or coming out of the girls' room. We had a French class together, and at least once a week she would show up looking nervous and ask the teacher, "Madame, puis-je aller au WC?" I felt sorry for her in a way, but in another way I felt quite attracted to her for being unashamed to let people know she had to go whenever she had to go.

I was in love, but of course I was too shy to ever get to know her, much less ask what was up with all the bathroom trips. (I didn't want to humiliate the poor girl, after all!) I think of her to this day, and often wonder just what the problem was--small bladder? Diabetes? Perhaps she was one of the few people who actually drinks as much water as we're supposed to, in which case she didn't have to go frequently, we just didn't have to go often enough? Or maybe she didn't really have to go and was just going in there for a smoke?

I get pretty crazy just seeing women who look or even dress like her--once I saw her in a beautiful white skirt with pale blue flowers, and couldn't help but wonder if she was worried about staining it. The thought crosses my mind even now, whenever I see another woman wearing anything like that.

So. . .as befits my handle, I'm wondering: does anyone else here recall a classmate like Jen? Better yet, do we have anyone here who _was_ a bladder-impaired kid? I'd love to hear your experiences!

Cool Guy 3:16
Hi, Whats Up Guyz???? I kinda have a wed post today, no a story, but a question, Has Anyone ever heard of Post Golden Crisp??? Its a cereal in the U.S., and everytime I eat it My Piss for the rest of the day smells like this cereal smells!!Its like Honey cover Rice cereal or something, but I think thats kinda wierd, any input????

I was in a McDonald's store the other day, eating greasy burgers (they do seem to make me produce large poos too!!!!) and of course sitting near the toilets so I could watch women going in and out and time how long they were in there for. This very cute and rather curvy (as in slightly ????) young nurse in her early 20's went in there just as I was about to leave, so I stayed at my table to see how long she would be in there for. As the minutes ticked by, I became more and more aroused as I knew what she was doing in there. I could just imagine her sitting on the toilet with her nurses dress up around her waist and panties down, grunting, farting and straining to push out a big poo. I was also wondering if she was a sitter or a stander when it came time to wipe herself and if she got turned on by shitting. I like to think she was like me and loved to do a big shit. When she finally came out after about 15 minutes, she did have a little bit of a smile and a satisfied look on her face so maybe she did get a buzz from it. I like to think so, just wish I could have been there to see her enjoying herself on the toilet!!!!!!!

I had to take a big dump at the university library on Sunday evening. I had been out for a large meal the night before and had also eaten a lot on Sunday. Therefore the pressure was really building by Sunday night. I went to the third floor bathrooms and both stalls were empty; the situation was the same on the fourth floor. Thankfully, one of the stalls in the fifth floor bathroom was occupied. I was not going to take a massive dump without someone else hearing it! The odour in the bathroom suggested the other guy had taken a pretty good dump. I quickly sat down and noisily let loose a good load of soft shit. Then a couple of firmer turds crackled out. I then let out a massive sigh of relief, hoping this would get some response from the other guy, as it occasionally does. He was too busy wiping the entire time I was in there. I started to wipe and naturally I had quite a job as well. He left a few seconds before me and was already at the sink when I came out. Another guy came in to piss and I noticed he turned his nose up at the smell in there. I had added to the already noticeable odour!

i shit in my pants the other night while i had just woke up when my alarm went off shit everywhere in the bed and pee

Adam from Canada
Tonight I had one of the finest poos in a long time. After dinner I started to have gas and then got the urge to go poop. I sat on the can and it came out right away. It came out really fast and it was in 4 wide tubes. They were about 5 inches each and were firm. I really felt good after that. I haven't gone in two days. My poop pattern occurs every other day in the evenings.

Hi Nicola! Great to read your latesst post - I envy your reputation for producing 'panbusters'. Do you go daily or on a less frequent basis. My ex-gf was very much the same as you but only needed to go every 2 or 3 days. However she occasionally had difficulty because of the huge dimensions of the jobbie being able to come out. Have you ever had this problem and if so what was the solution? I imagine there could be a risk of starting a haemorroid or anal fissure if this happened too often. Anyway, I always enjoy reading your regular submissions to this forum. Tracy, enjoy your posts too. Please share more of your experiences as a nurse.

Tuesday, February 09, 1999

Kelly, Oh, how deeply I sympathize with you. I (a male) had my first bladder infection of my life six years or so ago. It was due to an "encounter" with a woman (she was mortified that this was the result). Like you, peeing for me was excruciatingly painful, so much so that I stood at the urinal and tried to keep from peeing because I knew it was going to hurt so badly, but my urge was so intense. I wondered if the long path from our bladder down our long male urethra was more painful than the short distance from your female bladder to open spaces. After a day of agony I called my doctor. He sent a perscription to the pharmacy and I took it. But it took so long to act that I had to pee several times and it was so unbearably painful that I called the doctor back; he was very irritated that I did not wait for the medicine to take an effect. It finally did (causing my pee to be a bright orange; that will scare you to death of you weren't expecting it). It sounds like you got over it by yourself. I hope you never have to go through that again, Kelly (me neither). Thanks for the story, Flu

Hi George. I too have done a firm jobbie in my panties which didnt squash. It happened once during a Field Hockey match when I knew I needed urgently but it would have been a bad time for the team to come off. I did score a goal but also felt the lump push out of my bum and scored an "own goal" in my navy blue knickers. Now these pants were a good thick cotton pair with elastic through the leg openings so nothing came out, besides which the turd while big was firm, so it didnt squash up but lay between my buttocks, the bulge hanging down in the seat of my pants. As the game finished a few minutes later I was able to get to the changing rooms, drop it down the pan and clean up in the shower, my knicks not being too badly stained. Had it been a soft motion however it would have made a mess. Quite a few girls I know have had such accidents but no one made a big issue of it. Perhaps women are more understanding of such things, after all we have monthly periods which are a messy affair causing staining of the underwear if it comes on suddenly and one isnt wearing a sanitary towel or tampon at the time.

Like Moira I too have had someone else take the credit for my doing a big jobbie which stuck in the toilet. In my case it was my young cousin Billy. I was about 16 at the time and he was 14 and, when visiting my relatives I did a big fat 12 incher which not surprisingly got stuck in the pan. I flushed 3 times but it stuck. I was going to mention it to my aunt as I intended to throw a bucket or two of water down the pan to move it but had to find a bucket. However as I went to the kitchen were my aunt was cooking I heard Billy tell her that he had "done a big jobbie that wouldn't flush away" . My aunt just told him to leave it as it would eventually shift as breaking it up with the toilet brush would make a terrible mess. I said nothing, if he wanted to pretend he had done it good luck to him. I have also been wrongly accused of doing one that I didnt. I mentioned the time in the ladies toilet in the pub were I dumped a big one on top of another large turd some other woman had done but the workmate who then used the same toilet for a wee wee after me obviously thought I had done both. Again when I was at High School I often DID do big "panbusters" in the Girls' Toilets but sometimes I was held responsible when someone else had done it. One time a fat girl in my class did a whopper in one of the toilets in the Girls Changing (Locker) Rooms next to the Gym before a PE lesson. When one the other girls saw it she said. "oh I see Nicky has dropped a ton again!". Ironically, I hadn't even used that toilet for a wee wee that day.

I once found a pair of BOYS' Y FRONTS in the GIRLS' toilet at school. These had a skid mark in the seat . We girls were puzzled how they got there. Did some boy get taken short and had to use the Girls' Toilet as he couldn't make it to the Boy's Toilet in time. I suppose some girl might have been wearing them instead of knickers, after all lots of men secretly wear women's knickers and panties, but I think that was highly unlikely. Anyone else ever found the underwear of the opposite gender in a school or public toilet?

On the subject of women who pee standing up, I havent seen it, but I have heard it is possible if they hold the labia apart while they go. The two college girls I saw on my white water rafting trip Iwrote about previously, didnt fully squat - they pulled their pants and underwear down to their knees and bent over at the waist, with their knees slightly bent. their bum was thus held out well away from their feet. with the opening to the vagina pointing downward. I hope this doesnt sound too technical, but I thought It was an interesting position from which to pee.

This story is about shaving cream, but it could just as easily have been about toothpaste. I had to open a new tube of shaving cream this morning, and when I unscrewed the lid, it was clear that it was constipated (I guess it had been a long time on the shelf in the drug store). No matter how hard I squeezed, nothing came out. Then after a final hard squeeze, a huge white turd about 3 inches long shot out, and I pinched it off. It was quite log-like in consistency, and as I only needed about half of it for shaving, I put the rest on the bathroom shelf to use tomorrow. But I was fascinated by the idea of a tube of toothpaste or shaving cream as a model of defecation, the nozzle being the anus. However there are limitations to the analogy, because by definition, the tube collapses as you remove the contents, so there is no room inside for gas/air.....

Hi Aaron! - are you still reading this site? Haven't seen anything from you for months. How about a post soon if you are still around - tell me what's new in CA? Then I'll update you on my news.It is snowing here today - first this winter. Dropping logs in the snow is good fun too! Just about to go out and see what I can produce in the way of an afternoon shitNow that I have finished new coursework and am into my revision, so hopefully will be able to post again from time to time. Also sorted out previous problems with my content with the moderator, so I know what is acceptable and what isn't. Diskputers - you seem to be absent too? Any performance descriptions? There have been some good posts lately - more of the outdoor stuff which I really like!! George - quick reference to my biology notes would have saved me from such a mistake. Yes - of course it must be alkaline - pretty dilute too - just a comfortable astringent feel - a bit like aftershave on the face (now that I have to shave!). I must 'borrow' some indicator or litmus paper from the school labs. and check the Ph value of my anus and rectum! In the interests of science of course!! Hope to hear from y'all soon. Regards - Nicky

P. L. Logg
I've never liked the smell of deodorizers mixed with poop-whiff. It's even worse than the poop by itself.

My wife, the doctor, just got off night call, and offers this story: A guy waiting in the emergency room calmly walked upto a nurse and pointed to a laundry bin, announcing proudly, "I shit in there". It wasn't a case of lack of facilities; the bin was right next to the men's room. This guy was evidently a few donuts short of a dozen as he was seen departing the ER buck naked shortly thereafter.

I have another (absolutely true) crapping story, but I may have already posted involves a guy, a hardwood floor, and an unfinished wood shop project. If anyone wants me to post it, just say the word!

Hello! I want to hear more stories about dealing with a jobbie that simply will NOT go down the toilet when flushed. Is there a simple way of getting it down, besides plunging the toilet?

There are a couple of things I want to share with you all. The first thing Is one of my neighbors has a port-a-potty sitting on their driveway. This Is weird because they are'nt having remoding done nor have they had a party. So I can look to see when they go bathroom, If I want to. The next thing Is at my work the boss called for a meeting to day and while we were waiting for her to arive this one teenager(Boy) said I have to work tonight and I had a lot of fiber, I got to take a crap,but I don't want to. It was something like that.

Are there any other guys who push their dick down when sitting on the toilet so it doesn't touch the bowl, as Dazz and I do? I would like to know that ...

Monday, February 08, 1999

I dont usually spray air freshener after a motion nor does Moira. Our stools do not normally have an offensive smell, at least not offensive to us, as they are normall quite solid and well formed. I can however see the sense of using such a spray if one passes a soft or loose smelly stool or even a good solid one if the food one has eaten had a strong smell. I personally find the smell caused by someone smoking in the toilet when they have done a motion very nasty. I assumne there is a reaction bewteen the smell of the tobacco and the fecal odor cuased bu indole and skatol in the stool. As a general point, the softer the stool,the nastier the smell, but what do other readers think?

I dont have a problem peeing while I do a motion, but then again, I always prefer to use a cubicle (stall) with a door, and sit to pee anyway, as I have done since I was a kid of about 5.

Gerald, my cousin Nicola (no relation to the Nicola who often posts here), also had an accident in her pants which didnt squash up. Likewise Moira did one when a lump, the size of a goose egg , which had remained up her bum after passing a much larger jobbie, came out when she thought she was only going to fart about an hour later. As she was standing up at the time, and it was a hard lump, there was no mess. It happened at home and when I lifted up her skirt I could see the bulge in the seat of her knickers (pink Sloggi maxi briefs for those interested). We both found it funny and I said, "Moira, you've laid an egg in your knickers" before she stepped out of them and emptied the "egg" down the toilet with a "PLOONK!"

Nicky, Im not a doctor but I dont think the content of your stools, even soft ones as you seem to pass will be acidic with stomach acid, (HCl) present. This would have been neutralised by the alkaline secretions of the small intestine. If however the content of the small bowel is passed too quickly into and through the colon or large bowel the concentrations of these alkaline juices could be too strong and this may well cause the stinging sensation at the muco-cutaneous junction of the anus, similar to the chilli burn from curries or hot pizzas tacos etc. A similar discomfort in this region is experienced by people suffering from diarrhea, again no doubt from the strongly alkaline nature of the liquid stools. Im sure you know that alkalis can be as corrosive as acids, for example Caustic Soda. The commnets of a more expert reader with medical knowledge would be of interest to many Im sure.

The film with the lighting the fart scene was "Fanny and Alexander" NOT "Nicolas and Alexander", but an easy mistake to make.

I must say I would have found Bret's experience in the toilet of Ryan's Steakhouse to be so traumatic that I doubt if I would have posted it. Im glad that the staff at Ryan's had such a decent attitude to his situation and were not mocking or judgemental as this could happen to anyone. Still, it probably has helped him to overcome this by relating it, after all some religions have "confession" for this purpose and psychiatrists make a fortune from people unburdening themselves to them of unhappy experiences. I have been in a situation of having to vomit and defecate at the same time and I agree that the body will initate the up-chuck before the dump. Luckily for me I was able to get my head into the bath as I sat on the pan with my trousers and knickers down and vomited where I could easily wash the results away while passing a soft but properly formed stool into the pan. Many toilets do have the bath, shower tray or hand basin near the toilet pan allowing for such an eventuality and when Moira and I moved to our present house I deliberately re-built the bathrooms with the basin placed to deal with such an event. Bathroom designers, architects etc please take note. Anyway, I hope Bret doesn't suffer such a nasty "ground zero" experience again.

I agree with JW and Linda (please Linda, could you use the shift key for the letter "I" instead of using lower case "i" when refering to yourself as this makes your posts a bit difficult to read), that the prudish nature of most people in Western Judeo-Christian cultures about defecation can be related to the difficulties some women have with childbirth. Then again, this also natural event is treated as if it is an illness in our world with all the hi tech equipment used in hospitals, whereas in the third world the woman just goes off and gives birth with perhaps an older woman or two to help her. It does have to be said however that natal mortality and post partum mortality for the mother is higher there than in the west. The other point that having her cousin rub her ???? and hold her hand when she has to pass a big jobbie will help . It did with me and my two girl cousins and does when Moira and I do for each other, and many others who write to this site do so as well.

Gerald's story about getting the credit for the big jobbie done by his "skipper" in the Scouts struck a chord with both myself and Moira. As he said, she did do a whopper which stuck in a friend's toilet pan, but the woman's teenage son got blamed by his mother for doing it. Seemingly he was always dropping big "panbusters" and was told to use the outside toilet rather than the one indoors when he needed a motion. I have also been named as the doer of someone else's turd when I was about 12 we visited some posh friends and Nicola who was then 16 did a whopper which stuck but told the lady of the house that "George had done it!". There wasn't a big fuss made but I was told that as I had done it I would have to get rid of it and to Nicola's great amusement I had to put my hand down the pan and push it over the hidden bend, (washing my hand well afterwards). Moira also says that one time after she did a big fat jobbie in the Girl's Toilet at school she later heard another girl claiming it was her's. Moira didn't contradict her as if it gave the other girl some sort of buzz to do so then fair enough. Have similar events happened to other readers?

Finally, has "Preggy" had her baby yet and what was it? Moira and I hope all went well.

I was at school today and had to take a good dump. I went to the student center on my way to my truck. There was a couple of ball games going and went into the bathroom to unload. There were a couple of kids in there as well as college age kids. No one else had to dump which I was disappointed. I always enjoy taking a dump at the same time as someone else especially to hear the sounds. Maybe next time.

Hi Kelly, hi all! Do girls always must pee MORE often, when its cold around ? Bye, Ferris.

To The Person who wanted recomendations with other guys sitting on the toilet. There Is a movie called 3 Ninjas(sp?). There are these kids who's parents are out and Robbers break In and the kids have learned Ninga tricks and gives the bad guys(23-26 years old)"Instant Diarrhea" Which Is a laxitive. The kids parents kept It around because the youngest boy "Could not take a dump In three days". The Boys mix the laxitive with coke and a few minutes later 2 of three of the robbers are sitting on the toilet.

I don't spray my bathroom after pooing, not much point as I live alone. Does mean I don't have to worry about shutting the door though, but have to remember to do that when I have visitors!!! I think my best friend especially would be shocked if she saw me sitting on the toilet grunting, farting and plopping noisily as I do!!!!!! She's a bit private about pooing and all, doesn't like to talk about it much but I have managed to get info from her about some of her toilet habits. She did tell me she stands up to wipe after both a wee and a poo and pulls her pants down to her knees for a wee and to her ankles for a poo so she can spread her legs, she says this makes it easier to push out her poos.

I have some good stories about shitting while on the job.I work as a service person for a major NYC utility co.So I am usually driving around with a partner in my van(usually another male)and we often times find ourselves looking for a place to go.This one particular time we had to remove a rusty valve from a heating unit.We arrived at the job in the morning.We sprayed some lubrication on the valve and had to wait for the fluid to do its job.So we decided to go to breakfast.Afterwards we went back to the customers house to finish the job(mind you the female customer was rather good looking).My partner was an older man roughly 55yrs old and I was about 20yrs old.My partner was known for having shit attacks and frequently shit in the back of the van into a bucket lined with plastic...BUT THIS TIME WOULD BE DIFFERENT!!!!!The woman came down to watch the work being done..This guy never let me do anything for him (being from the old school).He put the wrench on the rusty valve while in the squatting position and began to pull up with the wrench..That's when he let loose with a mean exit of gas following an intense wet load into his pants!The lady looked at me with a suprised look on her face followed by a smile and a laugh..My partner tried to be cool about the whole thing but no way could you hide the fact that he had totally shit himself... in front of a very hot girl! He got up...ran out of the house and made me carry all the tools to the truck.When I got to the truck he was on the bucket and simply said,"Take me into the shop,kid." I could'nt stop laughing the entire ride. Since then I have 8 yrs on the job and never do I work without a plastic bag and bucket in the back of my van! The most important tool of the trade. So,I do have more stories that I can post in the future. Hope everyone enjoyed reading this one for now. So long...

Sunday, February 07, 1999

Do any of you spray the bathroom after pooping? I think it is gross if you don't. The best spray is Wizzard's Rose.

I'm a 20-years-old Californian girl spending a year in Switzerland. I have unfortunately some bladder problems and one day I got a very bad bladder infection. I went skiing with my Swiss friends in Davos, Switzerland, last week, and it was very very cold. Unfortunately my bladder felt very uneasy and I usually have to go to the bathroom quite often when I'm cold or nervous, but that day it just started when we got to the ski station. Too bad! Already when we arrived at the cable-car station I had to go quite badly although I had gone half an hour before at our coffee break! It was just if I had drunk too much, and really I had drunk quite a lot of coffee this morning, but it was worse. There was a line at the ladies' room so I was afraid of peeing in my panties! Finally I could go and let a very strong stream of pee go into the toilet which lasted for at least three minutes. Finally it stopped and I hoped I would become better. Then I felt that I must have a bladder infection, as I had to go again just half an hour later when we arrived at the top of the hill! I felt a sudden urge in my bladder to go. I rushed to the bathroom at the top of the cable car station and had to pee again for at least two minutes into the toilet - so cold was I! I just wondered if I had drunk too much coffee. Then we went for a downhill, but at the end I really had to go again! I fortunately could use a toilet at the skilift station, rushed into it, always having difficulty in unbuttoning my skidress in time, and let the cascade of pee go into the toilet. How embarrassed I was that 15 minutes later while taking a hard descent at the glacier I felt an even more strong urge to go - and there was far and wide no toilet available! So I tried to hold it, but I couldn't ski with my full bladder and its pressure was unbearable. What else couly I do but pee in the snow? I told my friends that I didn't feel well with my bladder and needed to pee quite badly again, unbuttoned my skidress, squatted down quickly and let it go into the snow! I had to pee for about two minutes again when the stream of my hot pee got weaker and finally stopped. Any other minute and I would have peed into my skidress! This was a very bad day! I must have had a strong bladder infection or something similar as I felt the urge to pee almost every 20 minutes. I always could make it to a toilet at a ski station unless once when we took a ride with a ski-lift and it took me more than half an hour to get there and I felt some slight drops of leaking urine fall into my ski-dresss! But I simply couldn't hold it! I ran to the next bathroom after downhill and let the rest drops flow into the toilet. By the evening it had gone so bad that no more pee flew out of my bladder but I just felt an unbearable burn to pee, but no more pee came out of my bladder or just some few drops. I was so embarrassed having to tell my friends that I always had to go to the toilet! We went back to Zurich by car and I still had to pee every 20 minutes so I just asked my friends to stop regularly. I always had to squat down, unbuttoned my skidress, pulled down my panties and tried to let go out some drops of pee to relieve myself. It was almost unbearable! I was here, squatting down next to the road or sitting sadly on a gas station toilet, waiting desperately for some pee to come out just to feel better. First nothing came. Then, after two or three minutes of pressure, a few hot drops of pee came out with almost unbearable pains. When I wiped I saw the blood of my buring bladder. Thus my friends had to stop about 5-6 times. At the last stop beside the motorway, no more pee came out of my poor and hurting bladder, but I still felt a strong urge to pee as if my bladder were full. I wondered why as I've already gone to the toilet so many times that day, at least 20 times! Hard to imagine! Finally I didn't want them to stop any more and let go some hot drops of pee into my panties. When we got home I took some medicine and drank a lot of water. This made me get up every every half an hour to pee with a strong stream again during the night, but next day I felt much better! When I went to school I only had to pee every two hours as usual. Anybody else had such a bad bladder infection or peeing problems while skiing? Hope to hear from you, Kelly

P. Loggy Logg
To me, the absolute worst thing that can happen in the bathroom is when you sit down to take a dump, but your weenie isn't quite aiming down far enough. Then the inevitable stream of pee either goes straight onto your underwear, or else (and this is most unfortunate) it shoots out the small gap between the seat and the edge of the bowl and saturates your pants. God help the man who does this in a public restroom before a meeting or speech. You might as well just go outside and lie down under a bush.

Hi William! I've been reading your posts, especially the ones about 'unexpected' skidmarks (as distinct from the 'I couldn't/didn't' wipe variety). If you have read through some of my older posts from last Autumn you will know that I too experience leakage. From your descriptions of your shitting habits they seem quite like mine - I tend to always go in the morning - anytime from 7 to 11 o'clock, but when I need to go, I really need to go, and as soon as I get into position it pushes my anus open and flows (literally) steadily out for anything up to about 40 seconds. Often quite soft (not runny) - a bit like Mr. Whippy type ice-cream. Probably nicer though - I don't know but I do find that artificial ice-cream pretty revolting and usually avoid it! I quite often have a secondary shit late afternoon or evening, usually less fluid and often sort of sticky and harder to wipe clean! Anyway, having investigated the leakage problem, I have found that no matter HOW well I clean after my morning shit, even squeaky clean past the anus and into the rectum, by lunchtime I will usually have that sort of pleasant discomfort when I can feel my anus moist and stinging slightly. It seems to me that gastric/digestive juices (Hcl?) seep from my lower intestine, picking up my faecal matter on the way and end up on my pants at my anus. But this sort of skidmark is no problem - in fact as you say yourself among us teenage guys there are quite cool...! Even the 'flaky' ones from non-wiping. I was interested that you went through that phase too - I did about 4 years ago when I was 12 - then had to do my own secret washing to keep the parent from finding out!! Like you I have a distaste for public loos - although I don't mind school at all, and generally if the normal clientele is teen or younger I don't mind either. However I have always - since I was about 8 - preferred doing #2s out of doors - my best friend and I often go together in our fields (we live on a smallholding near Winchester) (UK of course) or in some woods to and from school. Outdoors shitting makes for better post-unload inspections. I've just done a superb Saturday morning one (just before typing this) after baked beans last night - could see all the bean skins came through me undigested!, slightly reddish-brown in colour (tomato sauce) but with dark marbled patches. Just in case you - or anyone - is/are interested. One slightly coiled soft log, about 25 - 30cm! Also I find the smell of my shit, and that of others so much more pleasant outdoors than in an indoor WCAnyway, hope that helps about the skidmarks - wear them with pride!! - your roommate does? And if you keep a 'best' pair of underpants for those evenings when you hope to get lucky on a date, they should stay clean. Yours, Nicky.

Linda-- I'm sorry talking about your enema embarrassed you so much... there's really no reason to feel embarrassed. I'm sure many of us have been through it more than once. As far as the noises you made, they are perfectly natural, you need to get that stuff out of in your struggle you push, and with that effort you grunt and groan, so what? You were working really hard, doing a really hard job and you grunted like anyone would in that situation. I really recommend that you let your cousin stay with you next time. He sounds like a really sensitive person that cares about you. It sure can help when you're struggling to go, to have someone there to encourage you and help by rubbing your ???? and reminding you to try and rock back and forth or just wipe the sweat of your face. I hope if your little sisters every need an enema that you'll be there for them. Linda's point about sounding like her Mom in labor with her is interesting observation. I wonder how many woman find childbirth as equally embarrassing as having a bowel movement? I mean at the end your doing the same thing, bearing down with all you've got to get the baby out, but there are nurses and doctors standing there watching. I wonder if our obsession with hiding when we dump causes women in labor to have a harder time than say they would in a culture where dumping was an open mater of fact thing?-JW

Hi guys. I have submitted pee samples (never stool) several times. The routine was similar each time: clean the area around my vagina with an antiseptic towelette; sit down to initially begin my pee, at which point I stood up slightly to put the sample jar under my vagina before continuing to pee. There was one time when I had to pee so much that I sat down again (after filling up the jar) to finish going. I wiped my vagina after going, same as I always do. Flushed the toilet and then gave the "sample" to the nurse. I hope I gave you guys (and girls, too) enough information on the female pee sample :) One more thing before I move on; I was , understandably, advised to drink "plenty of liquids" at least an hour before coming in to submit my pee sample [one of my samples was done while I was an inpatient for minor surgery- the other times I came into the office or hospital directly from home, as an outpatient]. Horseman, interesting post about "Nicholas and Alexandra," especially since the latter is my legal name. There was a scene in "Dumb and Dumber" in which Jim Carey's character ignited a lighter close to his butt and then proceeded to let out quite a loud fart. I've noticed that most European toilets (in my experience) have the flusher on top of the toilet bowl. You pull the knob upwards to flush the toilet. This is in contrast to American and Canadian toilets, where the flusher is usually on the left hand, front side of the toilet (private toilets) or a horizontal knob connected to the left side of the toilet (public toilets). I don't have anything extraordinary to report this time, except that my shit has become slightly harder since returning to school. Probably because I no longer have free reign to all the junk food that was around the house over the holiday break. Love always, Alex :)

Regarding Standing Girl's post about standing while peeing, I remember about ten years ago reading about a product which was new to the market--a funnel that was disposable for women, which would allow them to stand while urinating and then simply flush the away afterwards. I don't believe this product ever caught on and I'm not sure why, because it seems like a pretty good idea. Perhaps its inventor thought that it would become an integral part of bathrooms like toilet paper... Speaking of integral items for the bathroom, I know that several years ago a gentleman came out with moist wipes that attach to the regular toilet paper. I read an interview with him and he thought that moist wiping was an idea whose time had come and he thought that everyone would be wet wiping. I love to wet wipe, and I buy baby wipes and put them under the bathroom sink. I don't want guests to see this item. Perhaps that is why this man's invention--the wet wipe that attaches to the tp roll--hasn't caught on. Or has it caught on in other parts of the country? I haven't seen anything here in New England. One last thought on men peeing while sitting on the toilet. Do any men stand to urinate, then pull down their pants, sit down and then poo? I'm just curious.

Kerry (from 2-3 weeks ago): One old GF quite openly discussed her BM with me once (I just raised my eyebrows and tried NOT to look too interested stupid me!). She regularly went at work in the afternoon and told me she was talking to her friend in the next stall while going "plop, plup-plup-plup", and they were laughing about it. So after this I tried to position myself that I could go into the bathroom one day while she was pooping, but when I did I was warned to keep out because of the smell. So I backed off ever trying it again thinking she must be against me watching her. And so I never encouraged the reverse situation either, or with anyone else (other GF have been equally careful about me avoiding following them in because of the smell), and so over time I convinced myself that I was alone in my fascinations. Until I came across this site/Natasha's site/ and the old Bianca-Daily Dump (yes I've been lurking around that long the following true story was one of my ! few earlier posts to the old DD). What I'm saying, Kerry, is that yes, your old BF might have been inhibited (anal retentive), but maybe he had just never been in that situation before and didnt know how to react (just as I didn't). Another story When I started work and moved into a shared rented house I ended up with a bedroom next to the washroom. One Friday evening I had got home before either of my other house-mates, but as I had a migraine headache I had gone straight to bed, not even bothering to shut the door to my room. Eventually I heard F arrive home. F was a tall, slim, and long haired blonde. She came upstairs and went to her room (on the other side of the washroom). She also left her bedroom door open and I could hear her getting out from her work clothes. She then went into the washroom and obviously thinking she was alone in the house (? Or did she know I was home I'll always wonder), she didn't close the door. Her panties were pulled down and she sat down on the loo. After hearing a powerful spray of pee hit the wall of the pot I then heard two small splashes then a larger 'plonk' and a small sigh of relief. Then there were four or five more small splashes in succession followed quickly by TP being torn off and used, then her knickers being pulled back up. She then washed in the sink then quickly rushed back into her room. I could hear (?hair/deodorant) spray being used and then clothes being put on. Wait a minute, she hadn't flushed! Should I now get up and use the bathroom myself? While wondering whether to make my presence in the house known I heard her come out of the room, run downstairs and call a taxi. I prayed that she wouldn't come back upstairs. She didn't. The taxi soon arrived and she was off for her Friday night out. So I was able to go peep at her poo with no worry of being caught: a couple of 2 inch long, thin, fairly firm pieces, a six inch long by 1 inch wide rather soft offering, and several short thin ropy soft ragged shits, all a pale greyish yellow brown colour.

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