The stories that Kerry and Chris told about pooping inhibitions remind me of an ALL IN THE FAMILY episode. Edith hinted strongly that she and Archie would have to return from a trip after 2 days so Archie could shit.

Linda- At that point I was SO glad to get what I had in me out that I didn't care. I know how nasty an enema is but you might want to really consider it if you don't go soon. Its much better than ending up in an emergency room where a nurse will go in you with her fingers and dig it out...been there...done that...NO FUN. Sandy- Why not take things one step at a time. First tell your bf you want to share this with him but don't know if you can. Then let him listen outside the door, first with it closed, then with it open, then maybe by then you'll feel okay about having him watch.

Adam from Canada
It is Sat night and I had an interesting poop. I sat on the can for a few mon and this big poop comes out (I think). I went to check and it was in big, wide chuncks. It sure felt like a long log, but it wasn't. I have been having poops like that for a while.

It is Sun night and I just had a poop that was painful. I went into the can and it came out liquidy and it made machine gun noises. I think I have a case of upset stomach. After I went, my stomach felt irritated. I haven't had that kind of a poop in a long time. Sometimes when I eat beef, it seems to happen or patries loaded with sugar. I feel ok now, but I hope it isn't going to continue. Sometimes I have to go 2-3 times to get rid of it. Have you people had that feeling most recently?

peeing girl
I had a pretty bad experience about a week ago. A group of my friends went to one of our friends' house and we were all bored so we decided to go for a walk aroundthe town. I was walking with my boyfriend when suddenly he said something that was really funny. I started to laugh and realised with horror that I shold have had a pee before we left. I stopped and crossed my legs while bending over to try to stop it coming out but I couldn't and my panties got soaked very quickly. Finally, afte a few seconds I got it under control and told my boyfriend it was ok and continued walking. When we got back to my friend's house, I quickly ran to the bathroom, but my old problem happened again where I need to go more urgently when I get closer to the toilet and more came out. My undies were soaked and I couldn't sit down for the rest of the time I was there because it would have soaked through onto my shorts!

Sunday, January 24, 1999

Traveler: Have you seen any women peeing standing up on your travels?

Hi again guys. I enjoyed writing the last post so much I've decided to give it another go. This is about the only accident I have ever had since I have been "too old" to have accidents; I was about 14 years old when it happened. It all started one day when I ws just hanging out over at my friend Kathy's house. We were just watching television when I began to have a stomachache which gave me the need to pass gas. I thought that farting would help ease my pain so I let it out, since I have never known myself to have farts that were that bad smelling. Boy was I wrong! The warm gas filled the room with a smell similar to that of sewage. Embarrassed, I told Kathy that I was not feeling well and left to walk home. As I walked my stomach began to feel terrible. About half way home I knew I was in trouble as I could feel my bowels filling with diarrhea. I clenched my butt cheeks tightly as I walked hoping I could make it home without going on myself. As I walked under the bridge near my house I thought I was home free. Wrong again! In the middle of the underpass the pressure became unbearable as I could feel an abundance of warm soupy poo flow out of my anus into my blue jean shorts. I stopped in my tracks terrified as I let my bowels empty themselves. As I continued to walk as fast as I could I saw my godmother and a friend of hers walking towards me from the opposite direction. I felt bad that I had to rudely walk right past them, but I had bigger things to worry about. I got home before any of it leaked out luckily. I rushed into the bathroom as I felt another wave of diarrhea sweep over me. As I filled the toilet with the awful smelling soup I saw the unsalvageable mess I had made of my panties. Not to mention I had smelled up the bathroom terribly as well. I tried to clean my shorts and panties as best I could (and it took a whole roll of toilet paper) but I still had to eventually sneak them to the Dumpster outside. Hope I wasn't too graphic for you, bye.

Has anyone had to poop for a test? I had to poop for a doctor's test to get a new insurance plan. I was put through the ringer of tests. Urine, Poop, blood, the whole thing. It was kind of embarassing to have to squat in the bathroom and drop a load into a pan. Then put the whloe thing into a bag. At least I didn't have to bring it anywhere, the nurse came in a picked it up when I was done. REX

Bill, like you I have posted in the past about my mum "knowing" that I was interested in her motions and that she too was obviously into such things. Im sure lots of women are well aware of their husbands, sons, brothers and boyfriends being turned on by listening to them defecate and seeing what they have passed. As I have said before, nothing definite was ever said between her and me on this, it was something understood and as long as the boundaries were not crossed, no problems arose. I doubt if she would have permitted me to come into the toilet with her and watch, and I would NEVER have asked to as this would have jeopardised the situation. Besides, I would not have wanted to see her naked, I suppose that's an anti incest conditioning built in to most people. Listening to the sound effects of her doing a nice big motion and seeing the jobbies she had passed was however fair game and she played up to this by telling me that "she was going to the toilet for a motion" and afterwards leaving the toilet unflushed on the pretext of saving water as I might want to use it after her. She was also interested in seeing my turds if they were big ones . I remember doing a big whopper which stuck in the toilet pan when I was about 10. She saw it and commented, "That's a really nice big jobbie you did Kenny, I bet you feel good after passing that?" Unlike Traveller's mum, although she was fascinated by defecation and often spoke about it in great details she NEVER used laxatives nor gave them to me.

This morning I had an interesting two stage motion. I woke up at about 4 am with the definte need to have a BM, not urgent but definite so went to the toilet sat on the pan and passed a nice big fat 12 incher . I was a very firm turd lumpy and consisting of many boluses compacted together,(I had been a bit constipated for the last couple of days), shaped like a big brown carrot and it dropped into the pan with a resounding "Kur-spul-loonk!". I left the toilet unflushed not wanting to wake the people in the flat below as my toilet has a very noisy cistern. I had the feeling of something else still up there but only farted, so I went back to bed. When I woke at 6am I felt the need to do another motion and this time I passed another long fat jobbie. This one however was a lot easier , well formed and solid but not knobbily but smooth and curved like a big sausage and which slid out and fell on top of the earlier turd with a quiet "floomp!" I take after my mum in doing two stage! rs like this as often she would do a big hard jobbie before going to bed and would say "There's more to come down but I'll do the rest in the morning" sure enough she would pass one or two big easy poos after breakfast.

Traveller, I agree with you that our "anglo saxon" culture has major hang ups about defecation. Sure its products are "dirty" in that, if not properly disposed of they can can cause disease but the action itself is not "dirty" or something to be ashamed of. Its every bit as natural as eating the food that eventually ends up at the other end of the Digestive System. I read that there was a satirical film where people were shown opening sitting on the toilet together having a chat, but eating was done in private in cubicles and the person who started to eat in the presence of others caused an uproar. Most of us who post here enjoy defecation, its a pleasent sensation feeling a large, solid well formed healthy jobbie slowly sliding out of one's rectum and often, (as others have said), causes an erection in males- it has done so with me since I was a kid- hearing the "Kur-sploonk!" then looking at the big turd in the pan and thinking with pride, "I did that!". As a kid I would oft! en buddy dump with mates in the school toilets and we would compare our motions and see who had done the biggest one and I still get a buzz hearing someone else doing a good solid motion, and seeing a big jobbie someone else has done especially when the doer is a woman.

Jill its great to see you back here and I love your vivid descriptions. I can just visualise your big fat smooth fudge coloured jobs in the pan in the theatre toilet. A vituoso performance worthy of a (Toilet) Acadamy Award. Perhaps we should award "Brownies" like the Oscars and I would nominate you, Moira, Teresa and Nicola, and a special award for my mum.

Saturday, January 23, 1999

Just a question: Many men here including me have admitted facination for hearing and seeing females on the toilet. My question is do most women know this and do they deliberately allow men to do this, or are they genetrally unaware thea men are outside listening or trying to look.?

Some replies to Helena, Kerry, Sandy, and Joyce... Helena, I think you're on to something. Long-time posters here know me as "Traveler" because I've lived in some of the so-called "developing" countries teaching people to use the media to improve health, education, agriculture, etc. Anyway, out in the villages where toilets are few and far between, I find that people have a very open and un-selfconscious attitude about elimination. It's nothing to greet or be greeted or to join in a conversation while squatting, and it's unisex, too, at least among the Amerindians in South America. It must have been that way back in Chaucer's England. (But then we invented the toilet - mind you, I think sanitation is vital - but we hid it away in the "water closet" or the "bathroom." No more excuses now for proper Victorian ladies to sneak a pee over the drain in Hyde Park!) But about the "third-world," I saw one overseas group come in and build small outhouses in a village. I knew the project was doomed to failure but kept silent. Sure enough, when the group came back to follow up, they found that the local people were storing tools in the latrines. When asked why, they replied, "Do THAT in there? But those are the nicest buildings in the village. We have all outdoors to do THAT!" I don't think you're necessarily "middle class with too much leisure time" for thinking about elimination. The odd thing is that we Westerners have made a taboo of something much of the world simply takes squatting down... Kerry, I once had a gf like you but at that time I was just too inhibited, like your bf. I regret it now... So, Sandy, don't miss your chance. If your bf is open about being watched, chances are he'll enjoy watching you, too... Joyce, I'd better make it a separate post for you, coming right up.

Joyce, here's the separate post I promised. Your recent post was amazing to me because you brought together so many things I've been wanting to talk about. I can't recall anyone else here ever saying that they climax easier during sex when they fantasize about dumping, but I do, too. Then you go on to talk about your experiences with your mother and the suppositories. With my mom it was laxatives at the least mention of constipation. She would even give them to me after I had passed a whopper of a stool. How ironic is that? It's true, I guess, that the urge to purge is worldwide. May I mention Freud for a minute? No - I'm not about to say we're all sickos. I think most of you here know me better than that. Well, you know that Freud talked about the developmental stages, oral, anal, genital... I wonder if some (many?) of us here somehow got fixated at the anal stage, maybe through our parents' focusing so much on elimination habits. My mom was obsessed with b.m.'s - having them regularly, how busy public figures ever had time for them, etc. - that I think that's what led to my interest in this area. And, no, I don't think it's abnormal. Unusual, maybe. But when I once confided my interest in elimination to a friend who's a shrink, he said, "No big deal! Everybody has a little bit of that in them." Even during sex, I guess. A word about enemas, though: take care not to develop a dependence on them. Others have posted here about the effects of cleansing the bowels too often. Great posts lately, everyone!

hey guys not much to talk about today mainly cause i havent been able to ppop in a few days. im almost tempted to ask my cousin for an enema ack i hate those but i get the feeling that i have to go but nothing will come out. oh well i wnat to thank those who sent their hidden pooping places. say jw didnt you feel embarrasses to poop with your grandmother there. i mean you didnt like it when your mother was there. oh well hmm do you think i should ask my cousin for an enema. i going to ask if i dont go soon but i really dont want to. thanks for hearing me out. linda

Regards to the post from Kerry - I can sympathize with your Boyfreind. Many years ago (1991), my "new" (then) lover and I embarked on a similar weekend getaway. Knowing full well of my desire to watch other guys dump, etc., I was incredibly scared of telling him of my interest. Keep in mind there was no toilet web site in 1991! Anyhow, I was equally embarassed to dump with him in these close confines - he might know I'm taking a shit! Anyhow, the first morning after our first night came. We had a wonderful brunch (ie lots of food), then returned to our room. We took separate showers in the small (cozy) bathroom. By the time he hit the shower, I was rolling over in pain trying to hold back a dump. Lo and behold, he finished, it was my turn!!! I went in the bathroom, closed the door (oh I was so shy - this would change in time) and sat down. By now the urgency was 110% - but how to keep it quiet? The toilet sat next to the door and he was only several feet away. I dumped (it poured out), then held back, then dumped again (wham bam it came out again). Oh well. It smelled to the heavens. I hopped in the shower, I cannot remember now, but I'm certain he came in to get something (his brush maybe?), which means he would have known I dumped a major load. So what does this mean - maybe, just maybe, your BF does have this interest, but is afraid to share it with you. Give him time. Eventually you'll travel for a week and he'll have to crap! Take care!

Well, its been a long time since I have written. Today I was sitting in my usual area which is on the 4th floor (3rd Phase) and I was doing some reading. There was lots of action in the cans today. There were 4 guys pooping (15 min blocks) within the hour I spent reading. I was in the can quite a bit, because I was peeing alot. There was nothing special about the poops, except the individuals were on the can for long periods of time.

Friday, January 22, 1999

adam from Canada
Hi Everyone, It is thurs night and my stomach is bloded. I have been having these abdominal pains below my ribs and sometimes experiace shortness in breaths. This has been going on for last week or two. One min I feel fine and the next I feel sick. Sometimes I feel the pain in my back. Can someone give me a suggestion on what it may be. Do you think it has to do with a body organ? I will consult my doctor about this......

Sounds like appendicitus sp?. With those symptoms I wouldn't wait to see a doctor as a ruptured appendix can be fatal. You should go to the emergency room right now.

Grace Slick, lead singer from the 60'-70's rock group "Jefferson Airplane," was a guest last night on a TV interview show. She told about playing some club once and using the unisex johns. (A unisex in the U.S. back then? - must have been in California.) A male press photographer came into the restroom while she was in the stall and asked her for a picture outside in the hall when she was done. She had finished going but was still on the pot so she flung open the stall door and told him he could have a shot right there, offering him a bit of cheek. I wonder if it ever showed up in print? As for me, I'm celebrating the return to regularity. Something was irritating my lower bowel for a few days. I passed lots of odorless gas with a sort of loose, light brown mucus and a few tiny boluses. I almost went to the doctor, but then it just cleared up and things are back to normal now. Great, isn't it? Yeah, Linda, I had a hidden pooping place when I was a kid. It was behind a chair in the living room and if an adult would come in, I'd say, "Don't see me!" But I guess it didn't turn me into an anal retentive ;-)

To peegirl and Cassandra (and all you others) I still would feel ashamed to have to shit (even the words are a problem) in front of anyone, though to shit and feel eased is great, and I share the views of everyone about how healthy it is outdoors (except in snow). But I do like peeing, and watching and being watched. Probably because it feels cleaner, because it involves my identity as a woman, and because it is so intimate. And because I find water erotic anyway. Some of the posts about going in the sea or a lake seem to share that. I guess we all need to feel normal, or at least part of a group. Cassandra writes about healthy attitudes to sex in some erotic art, and that is the problem area. If some of my friends knew I wrote to this forum they would find it very unhealthy. If they knew about my eroticism they would be shocked. In Chaucer it is all good 'earthy' fun, or seems so. For the Victorians it seems clearly erotic. But I imagine almost everyone has seen someone else pee, and thought about it. And yes, I do find drunken men peeing gross, and all of those videos of girls or men wetting their clothes. But I imagine I would feel differently about a video set in summer woods. Do other people worry about all this, or does it place me as middle class and with too much leisure and comfort? P.S. can we have a home page where memorable is not spelt memerable.

I enjoy sharing "everything" with a guy that I'm in a relationship with...including bathroom habits. I just a relationship with a guy who was just too inhibited for me. For example, we went away together for a two night/three day weekend together and I think he held his BM's in for the entire weekend. I suspected he was feeling a bit plugged up when he didn't have much of an appetite by Sunday afternoon. On our first morning waking up together in our hotel room, we drank coffee and I announced that I had to go poop. He looked at me a bit embarassed as I went into the bathroom to relieve myself. As we got showered and dressed, I thought he might need to use the toilet but he never did. Maybe he was an afternoon or evening pooper. But evening came and went, and I don't think he took the time to poop in any public restroom while we were out sightseeing. On the second morning in our hotel room, the same and then I had to do my morning poop. We showered and dressed, but still no mention of my boyfriend needing to take a dump. Finally as we were ready to leave our room, I asked him if he needed to use the bathroom before we checked out. He said that he didn't have to go. I couldn't imagine how he could go so long without moving his bowels. I think he was starting to feel a bit constipated by the end of our long weekend. I could tell by his lack of energy and lack of appetite. What would have been the big deal for him to just go into the bathroom, close the door, and pinch a loaf?? Oh well, I bet he was glad to get home and sit on his own toilet for some relief Sunday night! (Maybe when he dropped me off at home that night I should've asked him in for an enema nightcap?!)

I was on a white water rafting trip in Maine ancouple of years ago. The bus took us to the launch point abut 15 miles up river and on an isoplated logging road. It took quite a while to get there, and before the raft trip started several of us felt the need to go the the bathroom. Obviously there was no toilets miles into the woods, so while I was considering walking apart from the group, two of the guides, college girls, approached me and began talking. We walked a short ways as we talked, then one of them bgan unzipping her suit. I guess I looked suprised, so she said she needed to go before leaving. Before AI could say anything, the other girl said "Good idea!" and also began do remove clothing. They both squatted there peeing, the hot pee steamed in the cold morning air! I joined them by peeing, openly in front of them, they appeared not to mind, as they kept talking. One of the grils, a very beautiful blond remained squatting for a moment after she stopped peeing. She made a soft grunting sound then I saw a brown log about 1-1/2" diameter and abotu 12" long slowly emerging and fall to the ground. She wiped with some tissues she had, and then we all walked out to join the others. It was so wild, that they found nothing embarrassing about this.

To continue the debate about the relative sizes of peoples' poos - we are all different, and there must be many factors governing the amount of waste we each produce, not least being the amount we eat! From my point of view, my poos are much larger than my husband's mainly because he is a careful eater,whereas I am a total pig, and I am always eatng. I suppose I am one of those fortunate people who can eat more or less what she wants without putting on weight, although even I put on some pounds over Christmas. The other important factor to me is exercise, and I think it is no coincidence that I exercise a lot, and I produce large regular bowel movements. As well as size of bowel movements, have people considered why different peoples poos vary so much in colour and texture? Now I don't go around inspecting peoples poos, not even my own, to any great extent; but this week I am taking part in our annual pantomime. (Nothing major - I am just a dancer). One of the loos at the theatre seems to have trouble coping with the quantity being put down it, my husband thinks the water supply is insufficient to refill the tank, so the flush doesn't work properly. Last night I went in there before the performance ( I always have a poo before a show), and the pan was well and truly clogged with poo, paper, sanitary pads etc, and I couldn't help noticing the variety of colours (and the smell!). Some poos were almost black, and others were a dull yellow, and there were various shades of orange and brown in between. Not only that; some were lumpy and others smooth, and some you could see obvious pieces of undigested food. Having written this, it looks totally revolting, but I can assure you that I only spent a very few seconds examining the contents of the bowl before I got on with my own business - which I managed by hovering over the seat, carefully dropping my own poos onto the pile. My "jobs" were a fudge colour and smooth, with very few obvious particles, and were thick in comparison with the others in the pan. I hope somebody has managed to clear the mess before tonight's performance!

peeing girl
Briyan: I have had a urine test at the doctor's and I found out that if you don't need to pee at the time, they give you a little bottle to take home so you can do it there

Lots of great pooping stories and very descriptive. Teresa you sound very fortunate to produce such big poo poo's. You said they are many iches fat are they generally when they are huge? I absolutely love the big, fat ones and find them so beautiful when the boluses are lumped into one fat firm poo poo. I rememberonce i had a big poop at a restaurant and it clogged up the toilet and it overflowed leaving water everywhere. I left in a hurry as it was busy and people were everywhere. I wish mine were fatter than they are. It is on occassion that I have a 2 1/2 incher in diameter...those are very sensual and great to see sitting in or out of the toilet.

Tree Whizzer
Linda- Hmm well I'm afraid I don't know of any stories from my toilet training day that I can share as everything before I urned 8 is a blur except a couple times when I had stomach flu really bad. Sorry >=o( Well tthat post about the difficult poo did bring back memories of the polp problems I had though; the polyp was fairly close to my rectum so I had to grunt and really bear down to push the logs out. Geez from that post it sounds like your cousin is even greater of a guy than I thought; I don't know of anyone who has gone that far to help someone out =o) We all love you too, you're agreat person *hugs back atcha* One question: has anyone here ever washed the area around their anus in the shower and then shortly thereafter done a loose BM? it happened to me less than a week ago; not 10 minutes after I got out of the shower my intestine all of a sudden got really heavy really fast; I almost thought I would lose it in my pants! I got to the bathroom and let loose a particularly soft, rank poop with a bit of spray effect. Is it possilbe that the soap could have somehow stimulated my intestine?

I've never been shy about peeing with the bathroom door open or having my boyfriend watch me, but while pooping...well, let's just say that I'm very "anal" about it. I don't even like anyone to hear me fart on the toilet (even though that seems to be the most natural place to do it), let alone have someone watch me dump a load.

My boyfriend, with whom I've lived with for over one year, isn't shy at all about pooping in front of me. We get ready for work at the same time in the morning. There are two bathrooms in the house, but he doesn't like to bother going down to the first floor to use the toilet when he needs to poop in the morning. His routine is to shave his face with his electric razor while he sits on the toilet taking a dump. I find that I get very turned on by hearing him grunt and push while he shaves. Sometimes I hear his turds drop into the toilet as he makes a sort of "sigh" sound, then he goes on to the next wave of grunts. When he's done he wipes himself and looks at the toilet paper as if no one is in the room with him.

Another time I came home from work and he was in the bathroom. I knocked on the door and asked him if I could walk thru the bathroom (to get to the bedroom). He said it was okay to come in. There he was sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles, a beer sitting on the bathroom windowsill, and a box of crackers in his hand. He said he didn't have anything else to do while taking a crap so he decided to eat and have a beer. He proceeded to grunt and push as he went on talking to me, as if he was just sitting in a chair and not on the toilet. In between his words I could hear his poop plopping into the toilet. I really enjoy is lack of inhibition and hope that someday I can get up the nerve to poop in front of him. I wonder if he will enjoy it as much as I enjoy watching him??

Kevin L
Teresa, I am a 38 athletically fit male and have been married for 8 years. I still get a buzz off the smell of a womens BM. I like to go in to the bathroom after a girl has been in there taking a big one.Weird huh? I was lucky enough to have a friend of my wifes stay with us for awhile. She is very attractive with a nice butt. She had no inhbitions about Pooping when I was around. She would go in the powder room that was right off the family room and take a BM. I could here every thing (because there is no fan) the unsnaping of her jeans the pulling down of her panties, the stream of pee before a few slight pushes. The splash down of her solid poop hitting the water and the whole wiping process, which she seemed to use a half a roll each dump. Many times when my wife was not around she would talk to me while she was pooping ( which really turned me on). She must have liked pooping when I was with in ear-shot because went every day at our house. She must not have pooped at work. I recipicated for her also. I would just go in the powder room while she was on the couch just five feet away and unload and talk the her at the sametime. I never did actually see her on the toilet. Julie, I never craped outside of my home until I was in my late teens. And never went in school. So you are not unusal. See ya, Kevin L

Linda- You asked about the times I went in the closet and pooped without interruption, there's not that much to tell. I hardly remember those times. I do know that I did a lot of straining and grunting in that closet. Often I'd have to give up and go back and try again later because the poop just wouldn't come out the first or second time. I also remember a few times when my stomach would get like a knot in it cause I was straining so hard. Talk about using your finger to dig out your poop, I remember one time my Grandmother was babysitting me and I'd gone in there several times cause I had to go but I couldn't do it. Finally I just started crying cause I wanted to go so bad and I couldn't move it. Nanny took me in the bathroom and I thought she was going to make me go on my potty like my Mom did. Instead she took my diaper off held me between her knees so I hugged her waist and put vaseline on her fingers. She told me to grunt really hard and while I did she went in with her fingers and dug a big piece out of me. That was all I needed I was able to get the rest out myself and Nanny cought it in the diaper in her hand. Grrl- glade you like my stories...thanks Teresa- Please tell us about using an enema to have a BM. I was given my share of those as a kid and would like to hear about yours. JW

Thursday, January 21, 1999

I love this toilet site! It turns me on to hear about peoples b.m.'s. I most enjoy stories which include constipation, enemas, and suppositories. It is always easier for me to climax during sex when I start fantasizing about someone being constipated and needing a suppository. I don't remember getting an enema as a child, though I do take them now about every two weeks to keep me cleaned out and things moving. I sometimes take an enema after I have done a dry or pasty poop. Or when I have done a small, skinny poop, but it still feels like there's more inside but it won't come out (not enough fiber?). I always poop every morning and rarely get constipated, but some mornings (when I haven't eaten properly the day before) I don't have much of an urge to go, so I get out a small enema bottle and squirt some warm water up my butt to get things moving. I remember when I was about 7 yrs old, and realized the correlation between telling my mom that I had a stomach ache and her getting out the jar of suppositories. One time after sitting on the toilet for some time, straining to move my bowels, I finally went into the den where my mom was watching t.v. and told her that whenever I tried to go poop it wouldn't come out. She told me to go in the kitchen and get a napkin. I went and got the napkin, then she took me down the hall and into the bathroom. She told me to sit on the toilet and lean forward with my hands on the edge of the bathtub. I then realized what was about to happen. By then she had the jar of suppositories on the bathroom counter and was holding one in the napkin in her hand. She proceeded to hold and spread my buns apart as she inserted the suppository up into my butthole. She told me I had to sit there awhile until it melted and made me go. The suppository worked, as always, and I was forced to evacuate a big hard turd into the toilet. I remember looking at the turd when I was finally done and seeing a half-melted suppository buried in the turd. Anyone else enjoy constipation stories? I have more to tell....later.

A couple of weeks ago i went camping with my girlfriend. It was me her and her mom. Well there were no bathrooms around so we had to do everything out in the nature. Well one morning me and my girlfriend were walking when i felt the urge to pee. I told my gf i had to take a pee. She said go ahead. So i went over to a tree and started peeing. Then my gf came over and she was watching me. this kind of turned me on. I really had to pee and peed for about 30 seconds with a strong stream. she said you really had to pee huh. I finished peeing and then she said that she really had to pee now. So she went behind a bush and i went to watch her. She sqauted down and pulled down her jeans and panties and let out her stream. She let out a long hard stream that lasted a long time. i watched her as i could see the expression of relief on her face. this really turned me on.

Tonight at work, I had my usual warning cramps that told me a major dump was working on its way out of me. I went to the toilet 4 times in about a 30 minute timespan, as it started coming in waves. The first one was small, a couple of marble-sized turds and a small breakfast sausage came out on the first dump. I got up after wiping, took a look and flushed. I had no sooner done so when I felt another wave coming on, so I sat back down expelled a couple of 6 inch (15 cm) long logs. Thinking I was finished, I wiped myself, flushed the toilet after looking at the turds, and washed my hands and then went back to work...About 5 minutes later, I felt another wave coming down my back passage, and thus again, went to the restroom and sat down, another 6 or 7 inches came out, and I thought I was through with it, but not the case...Finally a 4th WAVE came through and I produced another 6 incher!!! Normally I don't put out that much in that short a time, so it will be in my list of big ones for 1999!!! By the way, I work in a cafeteria, so that may be part of the cause, as I am always nibbling on something there in the kitchen as I work...

In response to the post about urine samples being taken by doctors: The actual amount needed for the sample is usually fairly small (the vials hold maybe 10ml), so most people will be able to produce some if needed, unless they've just been. However, it's usually more accurate to do a mid-stream sample, as this avoids catching any crud that had settled in the urethra (the first bit) or in the bottom of the bladder (the last bit). Therefore, if someone doesn't need to go at the time, in general they'd be given the vial and told to fill it up in their own time, and drop it off at the GP when they'd finished. In hospitals the doctor would probably ask a nurse to give the patient a jug to catch the sample in next time they had to go. No doctor would actually just ask someone to drink lots of water unless they thought the person was having difficulty in going for psychological reasons, as it would take far too long to have an appreciable effect and would produce an unrepresentatively dilute urine in any case. Some people feel the need to micturate immediately after drinking, but this is primarily a psychological effect. Regarding drinking urine, although in theory urine is sterile (and before sensitive assays for both blood and urine glucose existed, doctors would diagnose diabetes by tasting the patient's urine), there is always some risk in drinking it that a subclinical infection will be present that could lead to gastroenteritis. In general, people who decide to drink their own urine (for example in a [mistaken] attempt to get more melatonin) drink the mid-stream part as described above, but I have never tried it and would certainly not recommend it!

okay jw but only cause you asked so nicely. okay well my cousin knew here i would go to poop in my pamaper an well i was a bit scared to go in the potty so i would ask for a pamper to poop in and i would go to this littls corner that was well hidden. my cousin would come over and rub my ???? and it helped a bit but man did i have to push to get the poop out. when i was finally done my face was really red and sometimes i felt dizzy from all the pushing i cousin unlike my mommy didnt mind that i wouldnt poop in the potty which why i love him so much, hee he, but one day my mommy called him and made him. but he really did nt want to. he took me into his room and we talked about it. while we were talikng i got the feeling in my tushy and tried to hide it but he knew. really didnt want to but he talked to me as he picked me up and carried me into the bathroom. she pulled my shorts and pampies down and sat me down. i told him i couldnt but i would pee. i peed for a while it felt so good i remeber but the poop wanted out too. it was hard cause i would let out the pee then concentrated to keep my tushie closed. it was very very hard. then i felt the poop poke out. i felt like crying and believe it or not so did my cousin. i rested my head on his chest as i felt it coming out. then he said as he strokes my hair. trust me its easier in the potty. i picked up my head and asked how. he said well in my pamper there wasnt much room cause it fit snug on my tushie so the huge poops i did, and i did do huge poops even when i was small,didnt have romm to come out so i always had to push so hard my head felt like it was going to explode. but in the potty there was lots of room. he said to try just one for him and i'd see. well as most you you know id eat dirt for my cousin so i grabbed the handles of my potty chair and pushed. i felt this huge poop that had been screaming to get out slowly slide out and then with a huge thud it felt in the potty. then two more poops and he was right. i still did have to push out the poos but it was easier than in a pamper. i let out a huge aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and peed a bit more. i felt so good. and i kissed my cousin and told him he was right. and i said the potty was the greatest invention ever. hee hee you have to remeber i was like 4 at the time okay. anyway after that i pooped in the potty but oh was it scaring to poop in the toilet but the first time i heard that huge plop if made i giggled and was hooked ofr life . hee hee okay i hope you enjoyed that. so jw can you tell me a story of when you were hiding in the closet and actually did get to finish pooping. i would love yo hear it and if any of you guys out there and by that i mean girls too would tell me and the other about your hard time of potty traing id be ever so happy. bye and hugs and kisses to all and if you need it a ???? rub too hee hee. linda

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