Hello everybody..I have not posted for a long time...but read about twice a week...Nicola like your stories....any way I have a story to share with you all. I was on a train coming out of London (uk) with a colleague of mine. She is about 6ft tall but quite a large build. We had been out to lunch with clients and had both eaten a considerable amount....anyway once the train got underway she said that she was going to the toilet. About 15 minutes passed and she still had not returned to her seat, and the little engaged light was still showing above the toilet. After about 20 minutes she came out and sat back down. I asked if she was ok and she said yes, I feel a lot better now I have been for a pooh. Then she added quite out of the blue that she had not been for about three days, which was unusal as she was usually went at least once a day. I did not really know what to say but felt quite turned on listening to her talking about her BMs. With her talking about BMs I excused myself and said that I was going to use the toilet. When I got in their was a heavy smell of BM in the air mixed with her perfume, I opened the lid of the toilet and her pooh had clogged the system, it was about 12 inches long and about 4 to 4.5 inces thick, with little knobbly bits in it. Anyway I sat down and decided to buddy dump on her poo, and passed a smooth stool of about 7 inches long and 2 inches thick. I looked for the tp but thier wasn't any so stood up pulled pants up etc and returned to my seat. Karen was still awake, and remarked to her that she must feel better after passing such a big poo, she looked quite embarassed and said oh sorry didn't it flush away...i said no but told her that it did not matter. I also said to her that their was no TP...she said oh sorry I forgot to tell you. Later

Hi everyone I agree from my experiences w/ Nicola that females are generally likely to have larger poops due to rectal size.I believe men accomdate large ones but more infrequently.As for dropping food/items in toilets? It's not a great idea because of clogging but i often will pour gravys and the like down toilets even though kitchen's sinks have a grease trap, and i'm not exactly sure why myself.Regular Guy? It could be because she wants privacy or just peace and quiet. Yes i think most are if given the choice.In the morning i am quite interested only in having a cup of coffee and a good session,noisy,long stinky or whatever because i prefer to be empty before showering,this is the way I like to start the day.At work often you can feel constrained,thankfully at the museum there only a few of us and everone is considerate of each other,but we all know who humms, has long sessions,and have smelled other, It happens,just the other day I had to be there early,no session at home, coffee/bagels and at the meeting break myself and several others all discreetly trouped to the ladies room for relief well,I had a very long session of two brown bombs and not one but three shortys and was quite gassy,which i hope didn't offend anyone,My turds were were very thick and soli, which for me is normal.At the wash basin there was the client doing the same thing.we chatted and returned to the meeting.Love and bye Cassi returned to the meeting.

I have a curious facination about the description of the loud splashing sound that is continually being described in postings as a resounding "SPLONK" or "KERSPLONK" or "KUR-SPLOONK" etc., as a 12"+ turd hits the water in the toilet bowl. The thing that I don't understand is how a splash occurs at all when a solid poop is 12" or more. No matter how heavy a 12 incher may be, wouldn't the emerging tip of the turd already be in the water and even possibly touching the porcelain before the exiting end leaves the anus--hence producing very little sound at all? My toilets at home, as with most modern toilets in the US, have only about 6 or 7 inches between the water surface and the horizontal plane of the toilet seat itself. Therefore, when I occasionally produce a solid, heavy 12 incher, there is very little noise. I would have to be sitting at least a foot higher to produce that enviable "KURSPLONK" sound. There is a lot of splashing if the poop is say a 3-6 incher and is heavy and hard. I know that quite a few posters here are from Europe and I don't know the physical features of European toilets. Do your toilets have a deeper bowl or more space between the water surface and the rim? My girlfriends think i'm nuts for being so curious about such a trivial facination. Any comments?

To answer Regular Guy I would feel the same way as his girlfriend. The action of excreting is private, not always smooth, a moment when I feel vulnerable and 'dirty' and I don't enjoy sharing it, or even overhearing others in the same situation. Perhaps inhibition, but I guess most of those who don't use this forum and are shocked by it feel this way too. Perhaps it is more inhibiting. I gather guys quite often have problems peeing in multiple restrooms. I think there is a difference between choosing to share such an activity and having to share. And voyeurs seem to think so too, what are called 'sightings' certainly don't involve the consent of the woman sighted. As I said in a post about a cyclist who may have seen me peeing in a wood it can be erotic to be seen, not least because you feel unable to stop peeing even though you would like to. But I have often asked whether if I were bursting with beer or too much coffee and about to pee a huge and powerful stream I would want to be seen, or to see a girlfriend in the same situation. What do other men and women feel? I suspect it is never a question of an abstract, imaginary viewer (which gets close to areas of pornography) but being seen, or seeing a particular person. And if that person is just anyone, as in a shared restroom, then the stakes are too high for the person who just wants to go. I hope this isn't too heavy an attempt at analysis. It seems important to explore how I feel, and how far my feelings are also other people's feelings, and so 'normal'.

HI ALL, I've been reading these posts for months now and have decided to join in the fun. I am what you might call a public pooper. No, I don't have accidents but I enjoy finding stalless toilets in busy public places. I once was at a public market in the Western U.S. and had the sudden urge to poop. I made my way to the restroom and on my way down the hall I saw that one of the toilets was exposed to any people who happened in that dirrection. The womens toilets were off that hallway so even they would see me. I wasnt going to use it but as I entered the room I saw that every toilet in the place was occupied but that one. I really needed a BM so I ventured to that stall and dropped my shorts and underwear. As I sat down, I noticed that there were many people entering and leaving both the mens and womens restrooms. They all had a perfect view of me as I pushed and began to produce a large and firm but also a noisy and stinky BM. There were two women in their twenties at the end of the hall who suddenly noticed me and began laughing. I was beet red and even more embarrased when I realized I would have to wipe my bottom as many people watched on. It was a messy job too. I reached over and grabbed some tissue as I concluded my poop. I bent over some and began wiping my very poopy bottom. It took several wipes. As I was finishing, a mother and her preteen daughter were entering the hall and without thinking I looked at my TP to make sure I wiped well enough, there was a large piece of poop on the edge of the TP. I'm sure they saw this. Well, thats all for now, more later.

Something that has puzzled me recently: Quite often, when I have had a poo at home (or anywhere else) I tend to leave some "skidmarks" in the pan, but they are usually at the back of the bowl. If my husband leaves a mess in the pan (which is hardly ever - I think he cleans up after himself and me!) it is usually at the front of the bowl. Why should this be? Common sense would suggest that a man would sit further back than a woman. Any ideas?

Kevin L
Regular guy, I still only take a dump in a bathroom where I can lock the door. I never lilked going in large bathroms with many stalls, except when there were cleaning ladies in there. I do not like to crap around men, but get a buzz while doing it around women. Later, Kevin L

Wednesday, January 27, 1999

When I was little my friends and I would play in the sprinkler. A few times (I was about 6-8) we would go hide in the big trees in the backyard and watch each other pee through our suits. We keep going until we were "empty". A few of us also dod this with our behinds naked, but no one was allowed to watch, but they could have their backs turned and listen. Did anyone else do this? I now have to pee just thinking about it.

Restrooms have to be cleaned regularly. When the cleaning is done the bathroom doors are proped open to dry more quickly. This is ordinary procedure. When walking through a public place such as a university, have you noticed the wonam's restroom has its doors closed, even though it is a double door and the men's door is proped open, especially if the door is a double door. As a rule, women are more self-conscious and private than men about going to the bathroom.

Lady T
Robin, I myself have not flushed too many "other" things down the toilet, but I have flushed dead spiders, strands of hair, and like Harry, I have occasionally flushed food down the toilet. But like you said, it is a very interesting question to ask everyone here, so I hope that everyone answers it.

I have no recent stories of seeing women using the toilet, but I do remember being in the bathroom as a little kid with grown women. I don't remember whole episodes...just little snippets that come to mind like flashbacks. In all these flashbacks, I remember looking up at the toilet because I was so small. I remember seeing my aunt who was in her early 30's, but there was no nudity because I was at her feet looking head-on. Cool memory anyway. It was at her house. She may have been babysitting me. My female cousin (roughly same age as me) was in there too. My aunt was and is nice-looking. She keeps in shape. Her pants were at her at her lower thighs close to her knees. She was talking to us as she was peeing. When she was finished, she asked my cousin to hand her the TP. I don't remember the wiping becuase my memory fades after that.

Regular Guy
Ive got something intresting in telling this to everyone. My girlfriend is very funny when it comes to taking a good dump. If we are out in public and she has to poop, she will try to look for a single person restroom. She refuses to use a multi-person restroom where more than one person is allowed to enter. She likes to have the "power" to lock a bathroom door and have good solid privacy while she poops. If she has to pee, she doesn't care. Only when she poops, she has to use a bathroom where she can lock the door. That's not the worst of it. Everytime she poops in a single person bathroom she always clogs the toilet, how I do not know! She says she naturaly has long feces. If the restroom supplies a plunger, she will be considerate and unclog the toilet. Can anyone tell me why she likes single person restrooms? One where she can lock the door? Are most girls like this? Please give me feedback!!

Hi everyone. Nicola, you definitely deserve an award for your exceptional knowledge of the physiology of toilet habits. I went for a check up recently with the nurse at our GP's practice and broached the subject of bm frequency, size etc. She volunteered that the majority patients suffering from actual or perceived constipation problems were women - in many cases they were imagined; so long as the motion is large, well formed, smooth and passes out easily it does not matter whether it occurs daily, weekly or even monthly. However, if the motion consists of small, hard lumps constipation is indicated. I had a 2 stage poop yesterday - quite a rare event. I passed a small hard motion first thing in the morning, but when I arrived at the office felt an extreme urge to go again. This time it was quite large and soft but broke up into several pieces in the water. Love this site, keep sending in the posts everyone.

You poor clogged people should definately give the suppositories a try. I use them occasionally, and they are quite effect. After insertion, I usually can go in 15-20 min. The store brand glycerine ones work fine for me. Nice to use while in the shower or on trips. Just an idea for some of you.

Saturday at work, I felt the urge to use the toilet again to take a dump, and it was another big one!!! Four turds each at least 6 inches long...They were a very light golden color and I suspect I know the reason as to why they were very light in color...The past few days, since the last mass dump I had taken, my diet had consisted namely of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...Does anyone else have a similiar experience of passing huge amounts after eating a lot of peanut butter over 3 or 4 days time?

I work at a local department store that has an "For women only"restroom and it's in one of the stockroom areas, which I spend most of the time working. Everytime I see one of the pretty workers start to make their way towards the room, I'll hide behind one of the shelves,letting them think that no ones in there. After I hear their foot steps pass by, I wait about a couple a seconds before I make my way down the hallway. I usally wait till I hear the door close, before I really get closer. It's kinda good because, there is some merchndise hanging right where I usally stand and listen. The toilet room is like a closet and the sink is in the outside area just about three times as big as the toilet room. So the sound just echos. I've listened so many times, but mostly the same women. There's this Indian girl, when she goes, it almost sounds like there's a faucet running in there, and she usually pees for about 30 seconds.Another girl, she's Asian, she's about 4'10, but she pees like a shower massager and she too pees for about 30 seconds. There's this caucasian girl who has timed pees. She usally goes about a half an hour before the store opens and two hours after the store opens. She's a jetter like the other two. Once in a great while, some of them takes a dump, but they're none of the ones that I want to hear. There was once an African-American girl that took 20 minutes, but there was no smell nor any sound and only one flush. Either she was constipated or playing with herself, I don't know. At least for once, I wanna hear someone having a wave of diarhhea or a gassy,pulpy, burst of poop. Maybe that Indian girl or that Caucasian girl. Well, if and when it happens, I'll tell you about it.

Tuesday, January 26, 1999

Hello all. On the debate about who does the bigger turds with all other things being equal, females or males, I tend to favour the "women do bigger jobbies viewpoint". It may be down to the different size and shape of the female rectum compared to the male but I also think that lifestyle has some effect. Many women have occupations which mean that they cant just go to the toilet as soon as they need, but have to hold it in till they get a break. Im thinking of women teachers, nurses, shop assistants etc though there are others Im sure. Also the busy mother getting her kids ready for school may have to put off doing a motion and hold it in till later when the feeling of needing to go may have worn off. This and the fact that women seem to be more likely to be slightly constipated as a default condition compared to men may be the reason why their jobbies are bigger when they do pass them compared to men's. Men also tend to drink more beer and this can have a softening effect on the stools. My boyfriend and I have started to compare results, we both eat about the same and are of a similar weight and build and are both athletic, sports playing types. We both pass long turds of a similar length but by and large my jobbies are fatter than his and a bit more firm and knobbly, his being smoother.

Mike, just what is your problem???? You cant have a lot of love for Keli if you want to break it off just because her mother saw you sitting on the pan doing a motion. She need never know a thing about it. I dont suppose her mother went home and said " Keli, I saw your boyfriend Mike having a dump in the school toilet" I dont suppose she even gave it a thought since as a school cleaner where the toilets have no doors she must have seen lots of pupils doing the toilet. Look, we all shit, some of us, like me, actually enjoy this natural function and like to share the experience with friends, and to read this web page there are lots of people out there who have the same interest. Keli dumps as does her mother, so its not a big deal is it. If you want to ditch the girl for other reasons, that's your affair, but if this is your only problem in an otherwise happy relationship just ignore it. If her mum has told her, she may not tell you she knows to avoid embarassing you as you are obviously a bit uptight about this function. If she does mention it, just tell her such things embarass you and ask her to change the subject. Personally, I'd say, just sit there and enjoy it. When I was at (High) School a few years ago at the age of 16 the caretaker was a friend of the family. One day I went to the Girls toilet at the end of the school day and he was cleaning. I went into a cubicle (stall) that he hadn't got to yet and dropped a real whopper, a big fat 12 inch torpedo which made a tremendous "Kur-sploonk!" and wouldn't flush away. As I came out of the toilet he got to that toilet and of course he saw my big jobbie lying in the pan. This didnt bother me nor him, he just filled his bucket with water and threw this down the pan which being a more powerful deluge that then ordinary flush, sent the jobbie on its way down the tubes. He didnt say anything about it to me or anyone else and as quite a few of the girls did big jobbies like this which often got stuck in the pan, such matters were commonplace and dealing with them just part of the caretaker's duties. I imagine this would have been a dream ticket for some of the blokes who post here such as Tony and Kenneth and Bill!

Brenda's boyfriend, Allison, and Kenneth all seem to have the two stage motion. This isn't uncommon if one is constipated, passing a hard lump then later, perhpas the following morning , the "log jam" is relieved and the rest comes down as a larger easier motion. I did one like this recently. I had been a bit constipated and at lunchtime did a couple of hard fat knobbly jobbies , a 7 incher and a 4 inch "mick" which made loud "Kerploonk! Kuplonk!" sounds to my boyfriend's great amusement (and arousal). I knew there was more to come but it wasn't going to come out then. We had our lunch and about 2 hours later I felt things moving in my ???? and went again to the toilet. My boyfriend said, "Nicky, you did a motion before lunch?" I replied, "Yes, but I need to do the rest of it now are you coming in with me?" He did and I then passed a long fat but easier smooth sausage with a "Floomp!" which stuck up out of the water and took 3 flushes to go away. Like "Poop Loggy Log" I have used the toilet when there has been no paper. I usually check this, but in this case I was at a friend's house and did my motion then found the paper had run out and there was none in the toilet itself. I shouted to my friend and her young brother, a lad of about 16 came in holding a roll. As I got up off the pan to take it from him with my panties pulled up as far as was safe to cover my modesty he had a good look down the pan and commented, "Cor, Nicky, I bet you feel lighter, have you been saving it up?" This didnt worry me, in fact I was quite proud of my achievement and happy for him to have seen it. Has this happened to anyomne else?

Lots of love to you all and thanks Kenneth for the "Brownie" award. What would it be, a gold plated model of a big turd mounted on a plinth?

To Lady T, I personally don't feel much control when I flush. I've met some people who get ashamed when the toilet malfunctions and wont flush. "anything"? What do you flush down the toilet other than #1 and #2 and TP? Hmm, that's a good open question for everyone isn't it. Everyone - What do you flush down the toilet other than #1 and #2 and TP?

Every Christmas I get bought by my family as a present, several packets of licorice allsorts. For the benefit of American readers, these are a sort of candy consisting of layers of black licorice alternating with layers of colored sugary material. They are extremely nice, but licorice is a well known laxative. Every day after eating these things, I get, first thing in the morning, the urge to go for a shit. There turds produced under the influence of licorice slip out very easily and they are very small and hit the water in a rapid series of plops, which are easy to count. The other day I produced no less than three lots of these easy to push out turds. There were 30 in the first installment, 10 in the second and 10 in the third. The interesting thing is that always, after about the first 10 or so, there is loud fart and the next few turds are blown out rather than fall out. But certainly it is a very pleasant feeling, because the turds are never so soft that they feel out of! control. Also wiping is easy.

hey jw nothing to worry about i went through it and im glad i did. at the end it was horrible. i had bad ???? cramps and a really bad urge to go but nothing would come out. so finally i asked my cousin to give me one. he was surprised and said you must have it bad cause you would rather die then get one. we were the only ones in the house so it wasnt so bad, after that horrible scene those of you who have had an enema know what i mean. i laid down on the rug in the bathroom and waited for it to work.i really had to go but i held it in so that it could have time to work. ack finally i couldnt stand it but i couldnt get up cause wehn i tried i felt it about to burst out. so my cousin sat me down on the toilet. i asked him to wait outside and he did, i knew this was going to be awful and i sure didnt want him to see me like that. but everythings okay and i feel better and a whloe lot lighter too. hee hee linda

Tree Whizzer
Linda- I wonder if laxative suppositories might work? I know for a face thatDulcolax has them and I believe a few other brands do too. They're supposed to work in a few minutes instead of the normal tablets, which take their sweet time moving down trough your system. Hope you feel better soon though, I know ll to well how miserable the feeling is *hugs atcha*

Monday, January 25, 1999

Reading everyone's posts, brings back a memory from my teenage years about my seeing my boyfriend's poop in the toilet. We were at his house, no one was home but us, and we made ourselves dinner. While eating dinner my bf said that he had been a little 'backed up' lately and felt like he needed to use the toilet. I remember feeling embarrased hearing about his bowel problem. At that time, I was almost done eating and asked him if he wanted me to go ahead and clear the table and do the dishes. He said to leave his plate there, because if he is able to have a BM then he'll finish his dinner, but if he can't go poop then he is done eating. He then lit a cigarette and headed for the bathroom. At lease a half-hour later there was a knock at the front door. I went to the door and it was one of his friends. I told his friend to wait and I'll see if my bf can come to the door. I went to the bathroom door and yelled through the closed door that his friend was here. He mumbled something and got up off the toilet, pulled up his pants and went to the door to see what his friend wanted. In the meantime I had to pee and was waiting for the bathroom to be free. I went into the bathroom and there in the toilet was a small, compact-looking poop. I remember looking at it with amazement and embarrasement. First, because my bf got up and pulled his pants up without wiping himself (there was no toilet paper in the water); and second, because after all that time he sat on the toilet that was all he produced for his efforts. I felt kind of bad for him knowing that he was constipated.

Lady T
I would like to know if any of you take a special pleasure in flushing your poops down the toilet? I personally think that flushing poops or anything (for that matter) down the toilet gives me a sense of control. Anyone else feels this way?

For those of you who enjoy the constipation stories, here's one of mine. When I was in high school I went on a weekend trip with my girlfriend and her family to their family reunion. We left on Friday evening, after school was out and her parents were home from work. It was about a three hour drive to their reunion site, and we were camping out for two nights. When we got there we set up our campsite and went to the outhouse since we both had to pee really bad. My gf came into the outhouse with me, and she peed first. Then it was my turn, I sqautted over the smelly outhouse toilet and peed. I then realized that I needed to also take a dump. I normally used to poop after school, when I got home, but I didn't take the time to poop before leaving the house that evening. But now I couldn't go with my gf standing there, and also there were a few other people waiting outside for there turn. I decided to wait and poop sometime later. Well, evening came and went and I no longer had the urge to go. The next morning it occurred to me that I hadn't gone ca-ca (as my mother always called it) the day before, but now I still didn't really feel the need. I figured that I would go later on during the day. Still no BM by Saturday night. By Sunday morning I knew I was constipated and was really feeling it. But we were going home that afternoon and I figured that I would get some relief once I was at home, as my mother usually had some suppositories on hand. I remember that three hour ride as being the most anxious and miserable drive of my life. All I could think of was getting home and sitting my butt on the toilet until I pooped. I would have been happy with getting anything out, even if it wasn't much. When I got home the first thing I did was go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet. In the meantime, I was unaware that my boyfriend had come over and was waiting for me in the next room (not far from the toilet). He must have heard me straining to move my bowels because when I finally came out of the bathroom he asked me if everything came out all right. I remember feeling very embarrased because I didn't know he had come over and was listening to me! To conclude my story, I was only able to squeeze out a very small hard stool at that time. The next morning I found the jar of suppositories in the hall cupboard and used one to get my much needed relief!

I was very embarrassed on Friday afternoon, I really had to crap after school, I figured nobody would be in the boys bathroom, cause only after school activities were going on. I sat down , and exploded ! I quickly started to wipe up, and get the heck out of there, cause I hate crapping without a stall door. I heard the door open, and without saying anything, the cleaning woman, who happens to be the mother of my new girlfriend walked in, and her eyes locked in on my crotch, while I was wiping my ass! She excused herself, and walked outside, but she has seen more of me than her daughter has already. Problem is, I am not sure how to deal with this situation. I want to break off with (Keli) but I don't want to explain what happeneed. I don't even want her mom to tell her she saw me. What should I do guys.??? HELP !!!!!!!

Poop Loggy Logg
Just wanted to share an interesting story with you all. I was reading some of the other forums on this site about half an hour ago when I got that familiar, not entirely unpleasant feeling of a healthy, firm load making its way into my lower rectum. I logged off (no pun intended) and went into the bathroom and sat down. With minimal effort I emptied my bowels, producing an unusually stinky crap. I waitied for a few more minutes to see if anything else was going to shake out, then looked down to check out my work. Here's what I saw: A very (VERY) large, soft, medium brown turd shaped exactly like a lower-case cursive "r". It looked like this:

        /   |
    ___/    |____
I don't know how it got shaped that way...some unholy combination of gravity and inertia, I guess. Adding up the lengths of the straight pieces, the whole thing was probably over 15 inches long. A record-breaker for me!! The weird thing is, even with all those bends (including the two right angles), it was still one continuous piece of shit. It also had a couple of little round friends accompanying it in the bowl. Well, the story takes a turn for the worse at this point. Ready to wipe, I turned to find the toilet paper dispenser completely empty. I leaned as far as I could to open the cabinet where we usually store the tissue, but there wasn't any in there! I knew we had a large bulk-size package of t.p. in the downstairs bathroom, but my ass was filthed up and sticky from the job I'd just done. But there was no alternative...I had to go downstairs with my pants halfway down...very embarrassing as some of our blinds were open and it was dark enough outside that people could see me if they had happened to look. Fortunately, I was home by myself (unlike many of you, I am not cool about letting my wife see me answering the call of nature (number two)). Well sir, I finally limped into the downstairs bathroom and finished wiping up. And then I came straight back to my computer and logged back on, just to submit this story, because I know you all will appreciate it *L*. See ya!

I finally got up enought nerve to take a BM in front of my significant other the other day. He had come home from school and I had to do number two. I called him to come into the bathroom because I was going to ask him something about his razor. When he got in there I told him that the real reason was that I needed to poop and that I wanted him to be in there with me. I undid my pants and slid them to the floor with my pants. His eyes lit up as I turned and went to sit on the toilet. He caught a glimps of my tush and made a comment. I got situated on the pot and he sat on the end of the tub and held my hand. I told him to make some noise because it was too quite in there, I didn't want to break the silence with my gas. He started talking to me and I passed some gas. He just smiled and held my hand. I was a little embarassed. He just kept on telling me about his day. He got quiet again and then I started talking. I pushed out a little plipper and everything got quiet. More and more and more plops and splashes untill the big turd was in the end of my butt. I told him to talk some more, he did and I crackled and pushed out my tuna terd in the pot. It made the biggest splash and I turned bright red. He just kissed me and smiled. He was so sweet about the whole thing. He even totaled up the damage on the toliet paper for me. Anyone else had a similar experience?

For Moira>> and others interested. The book mentioned earlier which has a chapter describing watching defecation is "My Secret Life" by "Walter" (a pseudonym), now published in the UK by Arrow paperbacks. The relevant chapter is in vol 1, chap 16, page 677. The book is the supposedly true diary of a Victorian gentleman who was a sex maniac of the worst sort. In this chapter he is stuck in a French town and discovers a hole in the wall of the toilet at the station, and uses it to spy on women passengers relieving themselves. He keeps saying how disgusting he finds "that function", but he keeps going back for more!!

Hello Everyone, It has been awhile since I have posted anything although I keep up on all of the posts by others. I have really identified with some shares lately. Joyce I totally understand where you are coming from. I identify so much with what you wrote. I am frequently constipated and I like to hear other constipation stories. I too have had a lot of experience with suppositories and continue to use them frequently now. I have always been interested in hearing other guys taking a dump and being constipated. I can look at a guy and wonder if he is constipated and if he ever uses a suppository and really get off on the thought. I am learning now that women have this same fascination. Amazing. Also I can identify with what both Kerry and Chris wrote in their shares. I really like listening and watching (when possible) another guy take a dump and I even have a streak of exhibitionist in me that likes to be watched. However there are certain circumstances or people that cause me to totally close down and become so shy that I cannot take a dump at all. I hate hotel room/bathroom arrangements as you can generally hear everything that happens. I also hate staying at some peoples houses for the same reason. Maybe it is because it takes me a long time to go and I usually have to grunt and make some noise in order for it to happen. In the right places and with the right people I can really be an exhibitionist. Who can figure? I continue to enjoy everyone's shares. Hello to Carlos, Fernando ( where are you?) Brent C., Drew, Steve. Always enjoy your stories!

When I was about 7 years old, one summer day I was playing a version of hide-and-seek with friends, and so we were often running into the bushes to hide. A children's paddling/wading pool existed in the park, and during one 'hiding' episode in the bushes I ran into a girl, probably a couple of years younger than me, squatting with her one piece swim suit pulled to one side of her bum and a torrent of yellow diarrhea squirting out of her bum crack. I remember saying to her "Uuugh. Couldn't you have gone to the toilets?" To which she replied, simply, "No!" Later on, I passed the same spot and saw a big 'cowpat' mass of shit in the long grass. If this girl is reading this these many years later and has never got over the embarrassment you can have the last laugh. Later during the game of hide-and-seek I had forgotten about the cowpat and ran straight into it! Took ages to clean off my shoe.

REX - I had to poop for a test once (suspected food poisoning) but in my case I had to take the tube (and a little plastic trowel-type thing) home with me and then put a bit of poop into the tube with the trowel and send it back in a selaed envelope. Not too difficult, unless the poop sinks in the toilet!

I too like to take enemas. I just use them once in awhile when my poop seems to be too dry or if I know I haven't been eating enough fiber. Sometimes my poops are like paste. They are like mush and have no form to them. That's when I like to rinse my rectum out. I like to use the plastic squeeze bottle that I saved from a Fleet's disposable enema that I used once. The bottle is getting kind of crushed looking from reusing it so many times. I've been wanting to buy one of those combination douche/enema/hot water bottles from the store so that I can take real enemas when I feel the need. I used to have one of those combo units, but I threw it away when I moved in with my boyfriend because I didn't want him to find out about my enema fetish. Now I have my own place so I guess it's time to buy another one :-)

As a kid I remember talking to my girlfriends about our own mothers giving us enemas or suppositories. There was something exciting about it to us, but we had to talk in private for fear of letting someone hear us. One time I asked my friend to show me the suppositories that her mom had. We were giggling as we went to the refrigerator. Just as she opened the door and showed me the jar of the clear, waxy sticks on the shelf, her mother must have heard us because she yelled at us and asked what we were doing. I remember her telling me that her mom inserted a suppository into her while she was sleeping. I thought that was strange because my mom gave it to me while seated on the toilet. I remember going to another friend's house, and we were giggling because her younger sister had to take an enema that morning. My friend took me into her bathroom and showed me the red empty enema bag still hanging in there. We got in trouble then too, because her mom heard us laughing about it. It turns me on when I recall those memories!

When I was about 7 yrs old, I remember forcing my younger sister to let me watch her poop come out. Since I was older, I always got my way! She would let me know when she had to poop and we would go into the bathroom together. She would sit on the toilet but lean forward enough for me to see. I would get down on my knees with my face as close as I could get and wait for her rectum to finally open up. Sometimes it took awhile for her to finally poop. I was amazed at how it looked. Her rectum pushing and pushing and finally opening up and extruding a brown log, and then it plopped into the toilet water. I was fascinated. I think I only let her watch me poop a few times.

I had a bad stomach-ache last Saturday, and I cured it with Pepto-Bismo. The Pepto-Bismo cured my stomach-ache, but I was dissatisfied with the after-effects. The next day, Sunday, me and my father were sitting by the fireplace watching T.V. (I'm 13 years old and I live with my father, and I was wearing nighty at the time). I was sitting with my legs curled underneath my butt, which is a position that makes it impossible to hold-in crap. Since I was sitting in a position where I coulnd't restrain my crap, I had an accident in my panties. I went up to the bathroom to clean-up, and I noticed what the Pepto-Bismo had done to my crap. It had turned it completly black (like thick motor oil) and very sticky (it stuck to my crotch and upper legs). That's the last time I take Pepto Bismo for a stomach ache. Usually, when I crap my panties, I'm able to clean them up really quickyly - but this time, the Pepto Bismo had made my crap so thick, sticky, and black, it was hard to get the stain off of my panties.

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