To Doug: I don't know if women exactly have a nicer smelling poop than men do or not exactly, I do know that it is quite different than the smell that is emited from a man. I don't know why that is though. I have had some poops that were really smelly and quite explosive before though and they did not smell the least bit sweet. Actually a friend of mine, a guy, went into the bathroom after a normal poop of mine one day and comented on the strong smell. I am a medium sized, 23 y/o white female, with a rather ???? bottom, my usually amount of poop is quite substantial. Due in part to the fact that I eat a good bit. Very interesting posts!!

woah youll never guess what just happened well i was sitting here reading all these fantastic stories when all of a sudden i had the bigges urge to poop so i went in and sat there moaning a bit just waiting (suspense killing me i must add) and finally i had finished i bent over to have a good look at it and had to flick my hair out of the way as it was disrtacting my veiw and in the process my glasses fell kerplonk!! straight into the toilet! yucko ill never feel the same way again while wearing my glasses! although i must admit it was worth it it was good log,quite ???? in size but after the glasses fell it sort of sqished up into a million peices.

The discussion about the smell of stools reminds me of an article I read in "Forum" the sex magazine about the "Sweet smell of sex". It explained about pheromones and the reason that many men like sniffing women's unwashed panties but also quoted a German psychologist called Von Grodek who said that if a man fancies a woman, go into the toilet after she has had a bowel movement and if the smell is attractive she is for you but if repulsive the answer is no. I dont know how accurate this would be but if you think of it when she is seated on the toilet pan her panties are down and her legs apart so the smell of her vaginal secretions, laden with pheromones will blend with that of her stool.

>From my own experience I would agree that the smell of a good solid firm stool can be attractive while a loose one is always offensive. Obviously diet affects such things, eggs of course give a sulfurous smell, and the stools of beer drinkers, even if solid, tend to be offensive, stouts such as Guiness being the worst.

Eric, I too have had to ease out a hard ball when I have been very constipated but I havent used a rubber glove but smeared vaseline (petroleum jelly) on my finger and gently helped it out and like you then passed in the normal manner a long fat turd. This procedure is called a "manual" according to a friend of mine who is a nurse and is often necessary in cases of obstinate constipation with fecal impaction in the elderly, bedridden, etc. Its easier without the rubber glove but make sure your dont have long fingernails as it is possible to damage the inside of the rectum with bleeding if you have. Of courseI washed my hands well afterwards. My mother had to do this sometimes when she was badly bunged up with a hard ball holding the rest of her motion back. I havent heard doing a motion called doing a "grumpy" but have heard the expression a "grunty" . On the who does bigger poos, men or women. I have seen a lot of turds in my time done by both genders and I think its evens. Skinny blokes doing huge logs, fat women passing little "worms" as Haly put it. I suppose the reason that many who post here think that women do bigger jobbies (apart from cases where visual observation proves the point such as Kevin and Louise), is that most people only post about the big, solid turds they pass. Lets' face it, the average person here is, like me, turned on by passing large, firm, jobbies, seeing them, listening and watching others doing such motions. I cannot see anyone posting something along the lines of "I did a motion which came out as a load of small, soft, thin, bits and flushed away first time" - who cares. Therefore as the usual type of posting here relates to large turds, and many are from men relating about their wifes, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, aunts etc doing such big jobbies more than women telling such stories about men, then the impression would be obtained that women do larger turds than men as a rule. I would be interested to see if the "Sitting on the Toilet Survey" gives any info on this. By the way, when will this be published please Moderator, we keep getting promises that it is to be released but it hasn't arrived yet. Is the survey "constipated" ? Can I ask that you publish what you have as the repeated requests for additional refinements seems to be slowing down its release. So please let us have it soon and if necessary release updates as required. Donna, I have also taken Polariod photos of turds, some of the whoppers my mum did for example.

The problem ain't the refinements sp? it is getting the computer to recognise the data properly. Most surveys are in two peices sp? they have to be put together in order. The database program, being wholy feature proof, can't separate the data inside the survey as simple as that should be.. We needed to write then rewrite, several programs to put all the fields in order and place a blank space in for any missing fields on 1600 surveys. Old surveys didn't have a block of chunk of data for that program to find, so another program was needed to make sense of ~650 of them The 14 days thing was 14 days, then when we almost finished we got 500+ surveys last week. Those are done and I hope to finish colating everything this weekend. The survey is constructed so that items are related, someone just needs to have the imagination to think up what to correlate so we don't end up with a dissertation on some subject that no one cares about, thats the reason for the requests. Just a note, No, the really far out questions were not made up they are based mostly on evening news stories.

I remember hill walking with a very atractive woman who was a work colleague of mine. We had arranged it some weeks earlier as a way of releaving stress. She was beautiful and I'd like to think she fancied me although at work she was your typical Ice Maiden. She was 21 and had long blonde hair, that morning she was wearing a blue shell suit whicb I must admit did not show off her figure. After we had been walking for about 2 hours I needed to go for a wee, as there were plenty of trees about this was not a problem. I told her I needed a wee and would she mind hanging on a minute. Sue told me that she needed "the bog" herself. Walking off the trail I found a suitable tree and releaved myself. On finishing I walked back to the trail and could not find sue. I walked a short way through the trees and saw her standing by a large rock, she did not see me at his point. As I was about to greet her she pulled down her shell suit trousers and squatted down,she was facing away from me and I had a clear view of her arse. She looked around a couple of times but either did not spot me or did not care. I edged forward and was about 3 feet from her and watched her urinate onto the ground. I then sneezed and thought I would be found out for sure. She again looked from side to side but then moved her arse further out, she pulled her arse cheeks apart giving me a clear view of her anus. What a beautiful sight. Her arsehole then started opening and I saw a large log being squeezed out. It was about 1 foot long and she grunted as she was passing it. The whole thing lasted about 5 minutes and I sneaked away whilst she wiped herself. We met up about 2 minutes later on the trail and she said nothing although I suspected that she knew I had watched.

Hi all! I have enjoyed reading about all of your experiences so much that I felt I should contribute my own. Although I am 29 years old now the experience I am about to share happened when I was around 16. It begins with me attending one of my good friend Dana's birthday/slumber parties. That night we all had a good time but we all also ate like pigs. The next morning around 8 am I began to feel a nagging pressure building in my rectum which told me I urgently had to have a bowel movement, but for some reason for as long as I can remember I have always had trouble going outside of my home. Do any of you all have the same trouble? So I told Dana that I had to go home. As I walked I began to feel pain in my stomach as the pressure became worse and worse. But when I finally go home I realized that I had forgotten my keys!!!! I rang and rang the door bell but my family had gone out somewhere so I had to trudge back to Dana's house. When I AT LAST got home for real the pressure was nearly unbearable, I unlocked the door and ran upstairs as fast as I could. Lucky for me no one else was home so I didn't have to close the bathroom door, which made me feel more relaxed. I pulled down my pants and panties all the way and prepared myself for a leisurely poop. The turd was nearly too big to pass through my anus so I had to sit up and push strenuously for it to come out. It was a great relief to hear it splash into the water below. As I stood up to wipe myself I peered down at the stool. It was solid, enormous, and equally satisfying which was unusual for me because I am not used to having such large BMs. Great site! Keep up the great posts Teresa!!

I had problems with my computer and haven't posted of late. It's great the renewed interest in peeing and going outdoors There were times when i saw a man peeing and greatly felt excited watching,and felt envious.Once a local rancher was clearing brush to burn(i had been warned by my uncle not to ride in this area)and after a while he turned and not even heading for a tree(i was in the trees and he wasin the clearing)he simply reach in ,bruoght himself out and peed in this asteady stream and arch it playfully, I became very very excited and wet myself and the horse too.At the time I was nineteen.To me it seems exciting that aspect of men as oppose to women.It seems much more thrilling doing a BM in the presence of woman though I must offer I am aware men I know show interest after I have left a bathroom.As well as interest in my butt.To the person (Helene?)in my wanderings though I have noticed much erotic artwork, personally I have enjoyed the Indian,Chinese themes.Of course many Artists are attracted to copulation and buttocks but the older school seemed to playfully paint all aspects more erotically and funny in a healthy sense.

Hey! I'm always lurking around here cause I never really have any stories to tell. Nothing exciting ever happens to me. But I just thought I'd post and tell you guys how awesome you are. I love reading all your posts. JW, I love reading your stories from when you were little and your mom would accompany you to the bathroom...Got anymore?? Actually I do have one story that is kind of funny. I was in the bathroom at Border's Bookstore once and I heard someone come in. I looked through the crack in the door to see what the person looked like. I don't think she realized I was in there though. It was a fat old lady. Anyways....she sat down and let out about 3 really loud farts. She started grunting really loud and hard. This went on for a few minutes. Then all of a sudden she said through grunts, "I need to eat more fruit, can't get it out." That all happened while I was washing my hands. My boyfriend was waiting outside the door for me and I just burst out laughing when I walked out the door. I thought it was so funny.

OK, I've been reading here for about a year or so. I have a very imbarrasing story about me on Parris Island (Marine Corps basic training). I did not realize when I first got there that we would only be allowed to use the head (bathroom) when we had permission. The time for an emergency *standing* head call (peeing) was at the Senior Drill Instructor's discretion. Usually, there wasnt a problem with this. We all learned to go before it was time to wake up at 5:00 am. Emergency *sitting* head calls (pooping) were only to be done on our time, which was after taps (when we were to be in our racks), and before revielle (time to wake up) at 5:00 am. If you did not go then, God help you! Well, I didnt go one night, and during close order drill (marching), I let one go right on the parade deck!!! How embarrasing. The Drill Instructor, Sgt Smith, yelled at me in front of the entire platoon to go pick up my little "gift" and take it to the appropriate place. I picked it up with my hands and went inside to put it in the toilet. I laugh like crazy at this now, but when 84 other Privates saw me pick up my own gift, I thought I would NEVER live that down my entire life. But the esprit de corps of the US Marine Corps prevented anyone from riding me about it. Just goes to show you that this "band of brothers" is exactly what it claims to be.

Hello again, Well, I appreciate the feedback on my posts. I guess I'm not too surprised that others find their personal odors as interesting as I. I am still really curious though about wether, or not others find the bowel odor of members of the opposite sex appealing. Any comments? Jon, you were asking how large my stools were. I'll tell you that they absolutely huge at times. Sometimes I skip a day, or more and the amount available can be impressive. On top of that, I live an active lifestyle and thus I am rather a big eater, though not a particularly large woman. Not only are my stools huge, but they are often well formed; very thick and solid, even clay-like. Sometimes they can be difficult to extrude, even painful (at times I must resort to enemas. More on that another time). I really wonder what they look like being forced out from my rectum through my anus. This reminds me of the time that I was backbacking with a group of friends in the Smokies. Two girls and three guys. My friend Joan and I were invited along for a 5 day trek which turned out to very strenuous. For lightness, all of us carried, almost exclusively, prepared freeze dried food for meals. The problem is that freeze dried food does not really re-hydrate completely until it been in your body for a time, then it expands. It tends sometimes to produce stools that are rather dry and well formed and large. Anyway, since Joan and I were the only girls, we tended to do our potty details together and I was aware that she probably hadn't had a movement during our first 3 days out. Finally, on the evening of the third day and after dinner, Joan discreetly asked me to join her for a trek to a private spot. Not having to go, but assuming she wanted me to post guard from potential male prying eyes, I did my duty and we hiked to a private spot a safe distance away. She pulled down her jeans and, too my surprise, removed them completely. She then sat on a convenient log with her back to me and bent unusually far forward; she placed her hands to the ground in fact, so that I could see her nether parts quite clearly. Rather strange! I am not into other women, but Joan is a very attractive and shapely lady and this private view of her anus and even her vulva was somehow erotic. I could have turned away; felt that I should, in fact. But Joan was turned and couldn't see my intent gaze. I was very close and, I confess, just watched. She took a deep breath and I could see her body go rigid with the effort as her anus swelled like a tiny volcano. She relaxed then tried with renewed vigor. After a small gasp, her anus distended further and a dark blunt warm puppy began to emerge, slowly at first. My god it was huge and Joan was really having some difficulty with it. It still peeked out as she paused again, took a breath, and pushed. My goodness it was huge! I couldn't believe I was seeing this. I think it was larger than any of my own stools, and believe me, mine can be dramatic. This huge mass was beautifully formed with lots of boluses, but held together to form a turd that must have been well over a foot long and as big around as a squash. It rather reminded me of an elongated eggplant! She wasn't finished though, and after another pause for breath, she pushed out a stinking load of softer stool which plopped atop her masterpiece. At last she paused and began to wipe herself clean with paper towel, even while remaining in her exaggerated forward squat. It was as though she was showing off for me. Finally she stood and looked back at her huge stool and then looked at me. I must have looked amazed because she gave a grin and said only, "wow"! I was flushed with amazement and nonplused at my own mixed stirrings of erotic tinglings. We never spoke of it again, but I have a hunch she was purposely displaying her most private moment just for my benefit. Jon, I really liked your idea of defecating in front of a mirror. I may just try it next time I feel the need for a really substantial movement. Perhaps I'll poop directly onto the mirror. Lighting could be a little tricky, though. I'd really like to see my own sphincter do it's duty. H-m-m-m-m. Well, I'll see you later my pooping companians. I wish you all very large and very satisfying bowel movements! Love, 'T'

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Lon, Advertisers, nothing is in at the moment. Moria, is just too big and individual responses are confidential sp?

Tonight at work I had the radio on, listening to a local station here in the town I live in, when the D.J. makes a comment of, "If you want to talk to a certain person right now, you can't do so, as he is off down the hall "doing a grumpy!" It's the first time I have heard "grumpy" as a term for shit...Needless to say, the other guy that was working besides myself, we had a good laugh! As for the person with the question about ages of posters here, I am 36 years old...

Randi P.
Just found out from the media that a place in Bristol,Conn. called Yarde Metals,Inc will be putting in a unisex/both men,women this spring. Boy are they on the cutting edge. Comments please!!

It's funny, Aussie Guy, that my observations through time have exactly cooincided, for the most part, with yours. I have known some very large and overweight females that have pooped very daintily. I remember a roommate from college who was very heavy who produced pencil thin turds on a regular basis. On more than one occassion, I recall her emerging from the bathroom and exclaiming: "god! you should have seen the pile of worms I just did!" I could never understand why she would be so proud of such a description. And on the other hand, I have recollections of many short, slender and small boned girls that have made substantial logs--although, I must admit, nothing like the 12"+ long and 2.5"+ wide variety described in this site. Usually it's either one or the other. Same observations with men. I lived with a guy who played football in college and was 6' 2" and probably over 250lbs. His turds were nothing spectacular (the ones I got to see, anyway). I'm sure that the! majority of the time I produced more and bigger poops than he did and I am quite small in stature. So yes, Aussie Guy, I'm with you; it's gotta be an individual thing with no regard to gender, race, religion, creed, etc.?! ^Teresa^ we're all waiting--please post soon--thanx in advance!

Havent posted for a while but Teresa's post struck a certain chord save that Im sorry she fell into her poo and no doubt got into a terrible mess. As long term readers will know I often have a dump outdoors and have done so since I was a kid. Teresa's experience was to an extent similar to mine but with a far happier outcome.

I had gone youth hosteling and was back packing from hostel to hostel. Walking through a particular woods I felt a motion coming down so got off the path and and finding a clearing went there to do the toilet. Some others must have used this area for the same purpose as there were some turds ( a few quite big ones, some of average size), and used toilet paper lying about. I took down my jeans and panties and squatted. The big jobbie was sliding out of my bum when a woman of about 30 and her son of about 12 years old burst onto the scene. Now, unlike Teresa I wasn't so shocked as to fall into my own motion but just stayed were I was with the long turd still coming out. From the fact that the woman was holding a toilet paper roll I knew she was going to use the area as an outdoor toilet too. She said, "excuse me" but the boy was uninhibited and exclaimed "look mum that lady is doing a jobbie here like we do" I smiled and was by this time finished, wiped myself and pulled up my panties and jeans. By this time both mother and son had squatted themselves and were likewise doing their motions, a hard carrot of about 7 inches from the lad but a nice big fat sausage of about 12 inches long from his mum. My own turd had been a great fat log of about 16 inches long and I could see both looking at it, I felt with some admiration, and a definite arousal for the boy. The woman told me they were camping nearby that week and had found this clearing and were using it as an open air toilet. I had coffee with them before continuing my journey but was impressed by their open minded uninhibited attitude to natural functions. Like Teresa I like defecating in the open as its so natural and my stools will decay and add to the humus in the soil and be of use to the ecology. I agree that the smell then blends with the natural aromas of the woodland or countryside.

As to who do bigger turds, men or women. I can see both viewpoints. My partner Lauren is not skinny, though not as ???? as me, but her jobbies are kind of average, 8 or 9 inches long, at most 2 inches fat, hard to firm and lumpy. Mine are smoother, firm to easy in consistancy, a lot longer and 2 1/2 inches fat. When I lived at home my brother who is also a tall ???? person did motions about the same size as mine. I suppose there are too many variables, diet, build, intestinal transit time etc. Also I know a really thin lad of 20 who produces nice fat 12 inch torpedoes, although he only has about 2 motions a week.

Shortbus' mention of taking a photo of a friend's turd reminded me of once when I did a whopper at a friend's house. It was one of my typical big logs and stuck in the pan with about 4 inches of it sticking up out of the water. this I knew didn't bother her so I left it there. Next day she ws giggling and when I asked why she admitted that she had taken a Polariod photo of it and showed me. Sure enough there was a picture of my big jobbie in the toilet pan. I wasn't mad, in fact both amused and flattered and autographed the back of the photo with "Donna dropped this" and the date. She still has this photo. Has anyone else taken a picture, made a sketch, taken a video of their own or someone elses' jobbie? (By the way Moderator, Im NOT asking them to post these to this website as I assume that would breach the site rules. Im only curious if anyone else has done this, or had someone take a picture of their motion, and in what circumstances).

Coolguy 3:16
To answer Laura's Question, Im a 15/Male, anyways last night's dump was an odd one, anyone ever had what I call the Slingshot Shit??? Anyways, It happened to me, lastnight, I had been gassy all day, but did a good job of holding it in, But as I went to the bathroom It showed, the gas was acting like a lubricant like and anema, only it was gas, not liquid, anyways, I was done is about 30seconds, I just let out 1 Humongous fart, and all of my crap came out in like 20 2in long loglets with the force of a Raptor Paintball Gun!! it was awesome,though my G/F was over, luckily no parents, and when I got out, she Asked if I felt better, me not being shy any so-what, being the guy who would shit off the Sears tower if he had the urge to), Casually said "Hell Yeah" we finished watching Scream 2, and I went to bed after she left, but I could tell she was Major Horny all night!!! I gotta say "Hey, to all the ladies!!"Cya Gurlz"

I liked Teresa's post about how good firm, well formed poo poo smells. A healthy poo is one of the best smells I can think of. Last week I decided to put a dinner plate on the bathroom vanity where a miiror is on the wall in front. I put my tush over the plate and watched my poo poo inch out of my tush onto the plate, enjoying every minute of it. It was a 10 incher but not very fat , unfortunately. I sniffed it up close and did it smell good! Just seeing the handiwork of the digestive track amazed me. Teresa how big and fat do some of your poo poo's get. There is nothing more wonderful and stimulating than a big poo poo. the whole poo poo experience(when they are large, firm and good smeliing) is deeply sensual and enjoyable. I love hearing from women who make very fat, firm BM's

To andrew: When you were telling the story about going to the doctors when you were little and you had to have a urine sample and your brother drank It, did the doctor ask you to pee In the cup again, If so did the doctor make you drink water so you would have to really pee bad? Or did you have enough urine sample for the doctor? After that Inccident did you try drinking urine? Does any one know what will happen If you go to the doctors and they ask for a urine sample and you don't have to pee? Do they make you drink water? Has any one on here ever drank there own Urine?

Coolguy 3:16
Shitter: Yeah, I was aroused beyond anything ive ever done or seen(Ive seen Quite a bit)I mean, if there is one guy here who can say that if they could make it out of a situation, with 4 beautiful slim gurls that havent crapped since X-Mas or before, AND did it in front of YOU say "I" Otherwise hold your peace(Comments please)

Teresa, I don't mind the smell of my own turds, either. However, if I leave the scene and come back a few minutes later, I dislike the smell as much as if it were someone else's turd. About pinching a loaf in the woods, I think it smells stronger because its not submerged in water right away. This is verified by the stink of my occasional turd that partially sticks out of the water (mine are always sinkers).

NICE AMELLING POOP??? Do attractive women really have pleasenter smelling poop or is your former lover's mind biased? Men and women probably smell the same.

After 2 days of not going poop, I finally had the urge to do it yesterday. I sat on the pot and strained, but nothing came out. I knew I had to go. Anyway, it seemed as if I had a LARGE turd stuck up my anus and couldn't squeeze thru. I have heard that if you strain too hard when taking a dump, it could cause hemmoroids. I didn't want that, so I got a rubber glove from under the sink and put it on. I stuck a finger up my anus and "helped" the turd out. It was very gross. After the initial turd (very short and round, about the shape of an egg, but bigger) came out, a huge, long, dark brown one came out. I know what I did may sound gross, but it's not the first time I've done it. Has anyone else done something like this. Hope this makes it past the censors. Also, I've heard that certain foods can make your poop stink more that unusual. Eggs, for example really make my poop stink to high heaven. Also, chinese food has the same effect on me.

Adam from Canada
Its Tues night and I just had my evening poo. It was a good one. It came out slow and it was very thick and wide. The length was a nice size too. It also had a strong smell which was alittle like rotten eggs. One thing that always makes me poo is eating Gorton's fish. It has something in it that gets the intestines working. I have also increased my fiber content as I mentioned before. Does anyone ever get a sore back after pooping? It happened to me tonight. I am also sore, because I am 17 pounds overweight.

My wife frequently doesn't close the door when she is on the toilet. She has never actually said she wants to be watched, but since our earliest dating days, I think she knew I liked to watch and listen. Sometimes if she sits there after peeing and nothing happens, she will sit up straight or even stand up and massage her lower abdomen. I guess it stimulates her to defecate. Usuallyafter doing this for a few minutes, she will sit back down and push. She has told be that after a real hard poop she feels really really good. I think the anal stimulation turns her on. I'd love to hear from other females of they share this erotic pleasure from defecating.

I came across your site a few weeks ago and have enjoyed some of the stories.I would like to contribute a story that happened last summer when I was visiting my aunt and her two daughters while they were vacationing at the beach.MY cousin lisa had been complaining of stomach cramps,as we were enjoying the beach,as the day progressed she was looking pretty sick.lisa started vomiting pretty heavily as i tried to help her clean up,my aunt was comforting as we helped her to the cottage.lisa suddenly cramped up and cried out "oh no", I didn't realize what happened until she reached back at her bathing suit, It was full of poop. MY aunt rapped a towel around her mid section.As soon as we got into the cottage my aunt laid a couple of beach towels on the kitchen floor,she carefully pulled lisa's bathing suit down to her knees,she stripped them off and placed them in a seperate bag before throwing them in the trash.MY aunt had lisa lay on her back as she thoroughly srubbed her bottom with a wash cloth and some toilet paper.Lisa announced that she had to go again so we rushed her into the toilet,she really let go as my aunt rubbed her ????,It was later found out that she had a mild case of food poisoning,all was well in a day or two,I WILL NEVER LOOK AT HER THE SAME.

Linda- You asked about finding a hiding place to go and poop before you were toilet trained. Boy do I remember doing that! My hiding place was the closet in my parents bedroom. I'd go in there and squat down holding on to one of the clothes poles that was low enough to be just over my head. The problem was that my Mom cought on pretty quickly and whenever I went in there she'd come find me. I'd be there grunting and struggling to go and she'd drag me out and put me on my potty. Usually that made everything stop and I wouldn't go, but sometime she cought me at the right time and I'd have no choice but to finish in the potty. I hated being cought in the middle, especially if it was a difficult one that I'd been working on for a while. Tell us the story of how you learned to poop in the potty.---JW

Tuesday, January 19, 1999

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