The situation about the woman going poop in the shower stall reminded me of the time that I almost had an accident in my panties. I was at school and I knew that if I didn't get out of class right then that I was going to have an accident. I went to the teacher and she let me go to the one stall bathroom and I found that someone had stupidly locked the door going into the stall. Imediately I went over to the next avalible fixture, the sink. I noted that it was at the desired just below butt level. I carefully unbuttoned my pants as not to forcefully remove them and cause myself an accident. I slipped them and my panties down to below my knees. When I felt the back of my legs come in contact with the cold rim I knew that I was over the sink. I had a full view of my exposed butt as I looked back into the miror. A fart flew from my butt with a loud echo on the concret walls. I looked again as I saw my semi- ???? buns part to alow the big brown figgy to crown. I heaved with great effort to uncover several more inches of this now large sausage. I could tell that there was a little more to come out as I looked back and saw my butt closing with the last great tip of the big poo. Ahhhh! I felt so much better. I quickly got my pants up and returned to class. I was so afraid that the female administrator would come into the bathroom and get mad at me for filling the sink with doo. Ahh what a relief it was to go despite the conditions.

Monday, January 11, 1999

One more time, if there is anything special you want to know out of the sitting on the toilet survey data, get your request in now you still have about 5 days left.

Thanks to all those who related their experiences of doing it in the snow - I don't intend to try it, just interested. I like the ideas about having to "go" in a military aircraft as well, something I had never considered before. Cassandra: Train loos are far better than in planes, and the queues are usually much shorter! Most of the trains I travel on (I am a daily commuter into London) have toilets that flush on to the tracks which is quite disgusting, but at the same time it fascinates me that if I do a poo it ends up on the track, and if I time it right, someone else gets to see it. I hasten to add that I don't go for a poo on the train every day.

Some Guy
Mad TV was hilarious Saturday. In one skit they had a lounge singer singing in the ladies' restroom of a Las Vegas hotel. The piano player was a man so he was blindfolded. One of the women wrote a request on some tp. The singer complimented the pianist and he said, "That's right. I'll be tinkling on the piano while the women are tinkling on the porcelain." It was a good one.

Adam from Canada
After dinner tonight, I felt fine and then had this urge to let a few boomers go. Then I got this poopie feeeling, so I went into the can and had a classic poopie. It was a log that was 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. It was the best one in 2 weeks. I really felt better after that.

To smelly bloke.......did you really eat 45 pounds worth of curry????? That works out to be about 100 dollars in Australian money or about $US60. That is a hell of a lot of wonder you made a mess of your toilet!!!! I make enough of a mess of my toilet and burn my ring peice from $10 worth of beef vindaloo from the local North Indian take away.......but it's worth it!!!!!!!

sometimes i make funny faces at my brother when he's in the shower and im on the potty pooping he laugh at me for making sounds when i push my poop out so i always make funny faces at him.then somtimes after i get done i leave my poop in there for him to flush since he picked on me.i go outside in the woods a lot and poop that way brother wont pick on me we have lots of woods we live by so no one can see me poop i just find me a place pulls my clothes down bend over and let out the big poop and after the big poop is out i always wet a little on the poop.seem like when you wet on the poop the poop doesnt smell as bad.

To Jill - Yes, I have had a dump in the snow. (Several times I must admit.) Nothing special about that I think. Last winter I did it quite often. My mother and I used to go to a skiing area on Saturdays or Sundays. It was about two hours to drive by car so when we came there I usually had to go to toilet (at least to pee, but often also to have a dump as we used to start early in the morning often without having had a dump at home). There was no toilet at the parking-lot so we just had to go to the bushes. Obviously everyone did it as one could see yellow and brown patches in the snow behind stones and bushes even on mornings when it had been snowing during the night. (You could just follow the footprints in the snow!!) On distance it was quite common to see women squatting in the bushes, but a few times I also saw some men. Only once someone accidentally walked in on me that winter. It really did not matter as he also was about to do the same.(He was carrying a roll of tp.)

Awesome postings again. I guess everyone is back on their regular schedules with the holidays behind them.

Drew, good to hear from you! I was wondering how things were going with you and Nick. Sorry you did not get a chance to try the ideas eceryone provided. Maybe next time.

Hi Nicola! Your recent buddy dump at the office reminds me of one my girlfriend related to me recently. She rarely uses the office toilet except in an emergency, but this time she really had to go urgently (she hadn't had a bm for four days). After entering the cubicle she notice a huge poop inside the pan- she reckoned at least 12 inches long and two and a half inches thick, and it was white!! She tried to flush it but it refused to go down, so had to buddy dump her whopper on top of it. You explained the green poop phenomenon, whatever causes a white poop? Has anyone else ever come across (or done) one of these?

hey i have something like that happen to me tw but it differen but it annoys me. let me know if this happens to any of you. well i hate it when i get the urge to poop but it feels like it gonna come out of me so i run like mad to the potty and sit down and all that comes out is a tiny nugget of poop. it really makes me mad.

well tw i live in south texas and we havent had mush cold weather. it barely starting to get cold here but it wont last long. it was about 78 at the time with a cool breeze. but hey i was cold when i got out of the pool. heh but hey it was better than telling my auntie i flooded my pampies and her backyard. today i kinda paid for waiting too long. not to poop or peep. i waited too long to tell my cousin i had too mush dirty close so i ended pu with no papmies. it a bit coll outside but my aunt turns up heat so mcuh it feels like the sun lives next door. anyway so i walked aroun in my bodysuit. anyway i had to poop so bad. i took off running while holding my tushie cause i felt it poking out. and undid the snaps at the bottom of body suit pulled it up to where my belly button and sat down on that cold seat. my cosuin came it to see if i was okay. i just sat there having a pee and nodded. i told him to sit a while so he sat at the rim of the tub. i grabbed the seat and started ! to push out this snake of poop. well it felt more like an anaconda. but whew it felt so nice when it made its splash down. hee he bye for now linda

I liked Tony's digest of the postings and the picture it gives of the people who post here and their outlook on matters related to defecation. It will be of interest when the "Sitting on the Toilet Survey" is eventually published to see which of any points concur.

Both Louise and I found Nicola's latest posting informative, she sure knows her subject and I thought at first she was a medical student, not a trainee accountant who is into sports etc. We both enjoyed her latest adventure of buddy dumping her own big log on top of another woman's equally big jobbie and getting the blame or credit to our way of thinking for doing both. We can well see why she is called "Torpedo Bomber" by her workmates. We both wish her and her boyfriend well, by the way, did she say she was getting married this year in one of her previous postings, if so good luck to both of them.

Harry, your parents seemed to be strangely hung up about natural functions. Thankfully, neither Louise or myself had this problem at home, if we did a turd that was too big to flush away we either pushed it over the hidden bend with the toilet brush, left it till it eventually went away with repeated flushes or threw a couple of buckets of water down the toilet pan and this usually moved it. My mum, my sisters and myself sometimes did really big ones like this, (to my great pleasure) but it didnt seem to bother them or me that they got stuck. I dont suppose Harry's parents would have called us or Louise's folks "proper people", but if not doing nice big turds is the bench mark then Im glad we are not! On that point I would differ from Tony's observations as I am a factory worker and Louise works in a shop so we are neither of us professionals. I suppose these people have more access to computers than ordinary working people.

Cool Guy mentions Briefs Vs Boxers. Im totally a briefs man myself, Calvin Klein, Speedo and Sloggi Maxi Briefs being my favorites, the flyless, spandex and cotton type with elasticated leg openings. Its a very personal matter but I cannot stand the loose feel of boxers but like the support for my balls and cock given by snug fitting briefs. This isn't an underwear forum so I wont go on. I did however at school see two examples when other kids had accidents and the outcome was determined by the type of underwear they had on. The first of these was at Primary (grade) school when one of the lads in my class did a poo in his pants in the playground (schoolyard). He was wearing the loose undershorts common in those days and short grey trousers. It had been a large but soft motion and the squashed mass of poo came out of his pants and slid down his leg to his great embarassment messing up his trousers and his cocks and shoes. Had he been wearing tighter briefs the mess would probably have been contained in his underpants letting him get to the Boys toilet to slip them off with less humiliation. The second such event happened a year or so later to my older sister Susan when she had a similar accident on the way home from school. Again it had been a big soft motion but in her case the elastic through the legs of her briefs had kept all the mess in and she didnt get her legs or her skirt soiled. When she got home she went into the toilet, carefully slipped out of the soiled panties and cleaned herself in the shower, then emptied the squashed poo down the toilet and washed her soiled knickers out in the washbasin afterwards. As I recall my mum didn't make a big deal of it. So I know which type of underwear I'd rather be wearing if I did a poo in them! I can see how his girlfriend was lucky that her motion had been a very firm one so it didnt squash up but fell through the leg opening of her boxer shorts without making much mess but I would think that was an exception.

Has anyone ever done a motion while standing in the shower? Recently this happened when Louise and I were having a shower together at my flat. She said she needed the toilet and thinking she only wanted to pee I said, "just go here" . She did do a wee wee but then gasped and said, "Oh no, there's a jobbie coming out too" Now it would have been stupid for her to get out of the shower all dripping wet and try to make it to the toilet next door possibly dropping the turd on the carpet so I said "just let it go here love" I watched as the fat turd slowly emerged between her ???? buttocks and dropped into the shower tray. As it was a nice solid one it was easy to pick it up and later drop it down the toilet pan in the normal way. Likewise, when I was a kid, my sister did one in the bath. Often having a warm bath is a good way to aleviate constipation as it causes the abdominal muscles to relax. She was about 16 I suppose and I had heard her say she was a bit constipated. She went for her bath with my younger sister Jenny then I heard laughter coming from the bathroom and Jenny going "Yeuch!" I asked what was the problem and she said, "Susan has done a big jobbie in the bath" My curiosity made me go in, (we weren't uptight about nudity in my family) and sure enough floating in the water was a big fat knobbly turd of about 12 inches long and 2 inches thick. Neither Susan nor Jenny would touch it, so I lifted it out of the bath and dropped it down the toilet pan, washing my hands carefully afterwards of course. The smell of it did however linger on my fingers for a while afterwards.

The "code brown" discussion about women defecating in the act of childbirth reminded Louise about what happened to her older sister Judy. Judy started her labour 3 weeks early and was rushed into the maternity hospital from work. Like a lot of women in late pregnancy she was rather constipated but of course doctors dont like expectant women to use laxatives. They had to take her straight into the labour room and didnt have any time to administer an enema or suppository. As she bore down giving birth she also started to pass a motion and a long fat turd emerged from her anus. This embarrased Judy but the nurse just held a small basin under her catching the turd so it didnt make a mess and discretely disposed of it, telling Judy that such things happen all the time. The sequel to this was that, although the birth went well with a lovely healthy little daughter, Judy had to be cut and was a bit sore down there . She avoided having a motion for a couple of days but when she did go sat on the pan and in her own words "felt this great long fat snake slowly slide out of her arse" as she felt it too painful to push it out and she said it took 5 minutes to come out by itself. Have any women similar stories about difficult motions while pregnant or afterwards?

I've just got off the toilet from doing a nice big poo. At least I think it was a big poo. I felt it slide out nice and slowly and then it fell out of my bum landing in the toilet with a big PLOP and a splash right up my bum hole (I love it when that happens!!). When I looked between my legs to inspect the log, there was nothing there. I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped myself but nothing was left on the paper either. I'd just done a phantom poo!!!!! I felt it come out (it felt really good too), I got a big splash up the bum from it, but it left no other trace of it ever existing!!!! Every once in a while I do one of these "phantom poos".........has anyone else experienced this?

Adam from Canada
Well, it is Sun night and I just had another classic poopie. The pre-effects were much like last night but as soon as I sat on the can, it came out really fast (like a bullet) and it was in big chuncks (healthy looking). I also had a long pee while I was doing it. I have been pooping quite a bit lately and I feel better after doing it.

Martin M
We have new neighbours who moved in just before Christmas. Since then the woman, (attractive and in about her mid thirties) become friendly with my wife. She became aware that I was into computers and brought round some CD's and told me that I could return them after deciding if they were any use to me. . About an hour later I had finished with them and went round to return them. I walked in through her back doorway and I am sure she didn't hear me, I noticed her downstairs toilet door slightly open and see a side view of her on the toilet. The door is next to the toilet so I could not see her head and she wouldn't have been able to see me. I am sure she wasn't expecting any company and just causally left the door slightly open. . I felt sure that if I had said anything to make her aware I was there it would have embarrassed her. I quietly walked back to the back door and made out I had just walked in, I heard her bathroom door quickly close and the lock turning. She called out to me that she wouldn't be a moment and to make a cup of coffee. I was standing near to the door and couldn't hear much, but it was about 5 minutes later that I heard the toilet flush, and she immediately came out. She didn't say anything to acknowledge why she was more than a few moments, and I wondered how she would have felt if she knew I had just seen her sitting on the toilet with her blouse tucked up to her waist and her trousers down.

Hi: I have 22, and I am a latin girl from Costa Rica. I want to talk about one accident I had a year ago (I discovered this page recently, but I suppose that this story must be common and some must have already posted something like this). I went with my family and my boyfriend to see Titanic. We arrived early, so we waited for an hour in our sits. My boyfriend bought me a soda, so we was drinking it when the movie started. By the 2 hours, I felt that I had to pee really bad, but I could hold 'till the end. When the movie finished, I was bursting, but I couldnīt stand up because I would pee right there. So I waited until I felt I could hold it. I was thinking how to get out of that trouble, and I thougt that I could wait in the movie and pee in my soda glass. But my family was waiting for me. So I walked slowly and I thought taht maybe I could reach the restrooms, but I couldīt hold anymore: I would pee in my pants soon. Finally, I peed when I was leaving the theater, and only my boyfrined noticed. I was too embarrased. My boyfriend lend me his jacket and I went to his home in order to leave my family. That was the end of this accident.

Tiny>> When I was in my teens and still living at home, I had a tendancy, like most teen-agers to produce massive logs when it came to taking a dump...At school it wasn't a problem letting the whole thing out in one piece as we had the jet-flush toilets at the highschool I went to. At home it was a totally different matter. As I had a tendancy to pass large logs, between 2 and 2 1/2 inch in diameter, the hole at the bottom of the bowl wasn't much bigger clearance-wise, so if I didn't pinch off small portions of the turd as it came out my hind end, but made a mistake and let the whole thing come out, I would grab a bunch of toilet paper and proceed to break the log up into smaller pieces so that it would go down the drain when the toilet was flushed...I don't know how many times I have done that, but it saved myself getting yelled at for plugging the toilet, as I have said this before, my parents said that "proper people do not pass large turds!!!"

Tree Whizzer
Linda- Heeheehee dang I wish I'd known about that song when I was little! =o) Heehee it was a pretty funny reference! Wow where do you live that you could jump in hte pool after you let a geyserin your undies? I live in Ohio and we got a foot of snow and temperatures below zero Fahrenheit! WEll to the matter at hand, today I had another "mirage" dump whereI pushed out a log but felt like I had more. I pushed till my poor heinie was sore but nothing. I dunno why it happens but it's annoying. Cassie- Actualy, my main forte is NASA-related aircraft such as the X-15, XB-70A Valkyrie, their fleet of those great-looking T-38A Talons (which I'm pretty dure your dad earned his wings in, too!) and of course the space shuttle orbiter that I've written about. I was frustrated because Itried to put HTML code in my last post the put a picture of the B-58 in but I guess management dumped it out. If you wan't to knwo what it looks like, go to the US Air Force Museum Website cause they have a good online display, their site is very profesional looking! Well I must go as it is the wee hours as I wirte this, but good luck to all!

You can't use items directly off someone elses' site without permission.

George hit the nail on the head. My knowledge of the functions of the bowels and thus of the way that purgatives etc work comes from study. Although I am studying to be an Accountant (CPA in the USA), I also have a qualification in Physical Education and frankly would rather be a PE teacher as I love sports and may well change over to do so when I have my Accountancy Qualification as well . As part of the studies in PE, Human Physiology and Anatomy is learned and obviously digestion and diet is of great importance. I would also say that being into defecation since I was a kid I wanted to know how this function works. Its not enough for me to just know that food goes in my mouth and stools come out at my rectum, I wanted to know what happened in between and why. I dont take laxatives, Im glad to say I dont need them, as a healthy diet and exercise usually result in my having a good solid motion of ample size each day. Like many women I do get slightly constipated at the time of my period but I dont let that bother me and it usually resolves itself after a couple of days with only slight discomfort. I hope this clarifies matters for Dave.

Plunger asks about the colour of stools. Green stools can be due to the feces going through the bowel so quickly that the bileverdin which has a green colour is not changed into bilerubin which has the characteristic brown colour, however such stools would probably be loose or diarrhea in such an event. If solid then this could be a result of the type of food eaten as this can alter the colour of the motions. If I eat white meat, fish, poultry which I usually do, my motions are a mid to light brown but when I eat dark meat such as beef or steak then I pass darker jobbies. As to his problems in making sure his butt is truely clean, we all have this problem from time to time especially if the stool passed was a bit soft or sticky but I suggest using moist wipes as these certainly remove most traces of feces from the anus.

George, I have also experienced feeing the need to do a motion, sitting on the pan, doing a wee wee but the turd not coming down so I have dried myself, come out of the toilet but say 10 minutes later or so feeling the jobbie come down and going to the toilet and doing it successfully. I dont know if this is a particularly female matter. As to his other question, I have enjoyed passing a good solid motion since I was a kid and do get a buzz from it. I was brought up by quite broadminded 1970's parents who didnt fill my head with hang ups and superstitions but taught me to enjoy the physical pleasures of life and respect my body, hence my love of sports, exercise etc. In the Anglo Saxon culture we have a lot of angst about our natural functions which is refreshingly absent from other ethnic groups by and large. My outlook has always been, if it feels good, is natural, AND IT HARMS NONE OTHER, then do it!

I asked a friend who is a maternity nurse about "code brown". She said this very often happens when a woman is bearing down in childbirth and is almost inevitable given the nature of things. In most UK hospitals it was common once to give the woman an enema beforehand but many women greatly disliked this part of the procedure finding it very uncomfortable and humiliating and most hospitals have abandoned this practice unless there is bad fecal impaction and the presence of a large hard stool in the rectum will present difficulties during childbirth. Any ejected feces is quickly cleaned off both mother and child by the nurse and childbirth is a messy business in any event.

I had an amusing toilet experience yesterday. As often happens on Friday the staff in my office went to a pub for lunch. I needed a motion and went to the Ladies Toilet. Now in one toilet pan someone had already done a big jobbie which had got stuck, the other was clear. If I used the clear one then it was probable that this too would be blocked by my big turd which would be unfair to other users as both toilets would then be clogged. I could't hold it in till we got back to the office so I buddy dumped my jobbie on top of the whopper already there. This resulted in a "log jam" of 2 big fat 12 inchers. When I came out and was washing my hands one of the other girls in my office came in and went to that toilet, came straight out and said "Bloody hell Nicky, youv'e really surpassed yourself this time!" I didn't try to explain that one of the big jobbies had been done by someone else and was already there. This did cause a lot of amusement to the others and has led to me being n! icknamed "The Torpedo Bomber!"

I forgot one thing yesterday. The sinks in the mens restroom in JC Penney. They were TOTALLY PRIVATE. They were off to the left behind a small tile wall, so you wash your hands with 100% privacy, but be viewed while doing your business, and wiping yourself. How much sence does that make? I am glad I don't work there.

To juan.........I find a good hot Indian curry burns at both ends too. Sometimes it gives me the runs which I really hate, but that beef vindaloo is just too good to worry about minor details like that!!!!!

Another old story. I used to work at Toys'R'Us while in college during the summer. I had to do maintainence on a Saturday since the maintainence man quit. I was in the bathroom doing some cleaning and some kid came in and took one of the stalls. I listened and it sound like he ripped some good logs and farts. I kind of joked with him and we laughed at the farts. Another time, I also worked at MCL cafeteria while in H.S. and the bus room was across from the bathroom. I see some kids go in and I give them about 2 minute and if they don't come out, I'll go in to "clean" and I would see feet in the stalls. Sometimes I hear some good noise and other times, they are quiet.

Hey, people: I, like most guys, would love to see my girlfriend taking a crap, but she refuses to let me. I haven't brought the subject up yet, but she always slams door and locks it, whenever she needs to take a crap. I might be hypocritical, because I don't ever want her to see me, either. Oh, well, at least I can listen outside the door, as she never turns the fan on, but lights a match, or sprays Glade, whenever she is finished. The thing is, that she has a habit of reading Stephen King books, while on the toilet. I guess that it "scares the shit out of her", ha, ha! Later, Voyeur1

Happy Camper
To Jeff A: Would love to exchange war stories when you past thru LAX, but don't think it would ever happen cause they don't want people meeting around here, other than sharing posts. too bad there isn't a newsgroup that deals in this subject, so those who want to could exchange email addresses. Nothing new with my pooping. Keep the stories coming.

Nicole, It all depends and what you eat how poop smells. Do you make funny faces while pooping?

While we wait the results of the "Sitting on the Toilet Survey" I have read back through old posts and have derived the following points from people who post here:- 1 By and large women seem to pass fatter turds than men, although the length is the same in either gender. 2 Women tend to pass more solid motions and have a tendency to being being constipated more often than men especially at the time of their monthly period. 3 Many boys and men are turned on by listening to women defecate and a lot developed this interest by listening to their mothers, (sometimes sisters or aunts), doing a motion when they were kids. 4 Many women are quite prepared to let their partner watch them doing a motion, some even enjoying doing so. 5 Broadly speaking US people are a lot less ashamed of having soiling accidents in their panties but again broadly, (no please Moderator dont be a censor about this), US parents and teachers seem to be more severe about such accidents than their UK counterparts. (Im only reporting what I have read here NOT making a condemnation of ANY nation). Conversely, we Brits are a lot less tolerant of skid marks in the seat of the underwear. 6 UK posters are a lot less likely to be willing to use a WC Cubicle (Stall) without doors than their US counterparts. 7 There are quite a few men who prefer to use a cubicle with the door closed rather than a urinal to pee, and some even prefer to sit down to urinate like a woman does. 8 The British people who post here seem, (in as far as it has been disclosed), to be mainly from the professional classes while the US posters have a broader spread of occupations. 9 Amongst the British posters Scots seem to be quite common and the Celtic ethnic groupings in general, more than the Anglo Saxons. I havent yet detected any postings that are obviously from Afro Caribean or Asian British people though I'm sure they must also be into such matters. 10 US posters will quite openly relate incidents of diarrhea while the British ones tend to shun such happenings prefering to mostly stick to posting stories about passing or seeing big, solid jobbies, or what happened when they did a motion after being constipated. I would welcome the comments whether in agreement or in dispute from other readers , and indeed the Moderator, on these findings. I do not claim any greatly scientific analysis but post these as observations on reading back through this webpage. I would also like to take this opportunity to deeply thank the site Moderator for providing this website allowing people such as myself who have coprophiliac interests to discuss such matters with others of like interest without embarrasment and to discover that we are far from alone in our enjoyment and fascination with the natural function. Also I would thank the others from whatever country who post here for their very informative and courteous replies and postings which are both entertaining and very educational. All the best from Tony in the UK

smelly bloke
i spent Ģ45 on curry and made a real mess of my toilet just thought i'd say . . .

CoolGuy 3:16
I like Many people here have been "Lurking" for a while. I wish to post more often though... To start off, I am a 15 year old Male. O.K. now the good stuff, I have a GREAT story to tell, It happened Dec.28/98 I had my 16/F cousin and 3 of her friends over(I'm a Macdaddy(hehe)) They came over since my cousin was staying all night with us, but my parents werent at home, so I had to entertain them until 10:00 P.M. we watched movied, played games, and had fun, but my cousin told me her stomach hurt as she had not crapped since Dec 23(She shares everything and isnt shy)She was moaning a lot, While me,her and her 3 friends watched Scream she suddenly got up, went upstairs, and was back about 15 minutes later(Dang she missed the good part!)One of her friends asked if she felt better. She Responded with Yeah, what did I miss?? I had to go up to Shut Down my PC as we were going to have a Winter Storm, I said What the heck and scoped the bathroom smell, It was STRONG to say the least! I flipped the lid and sure enough, She did not Flush, so I though well Im in luck! It looked as if she liked ve????s as it was 12-16" long, green, 2 and a half to 3 inches thick(5 days of crap)I flushed it, it fell apart in tiny bits of green poop, and clogged the pot! I went and told her it clogged the pot in front of her friends she said Omygosh so we all paused the movie to go try to plunge it. We got upstairs and got the plunger out when Miraculously 1 of her friends said wait, I havent went sice Christmas eve and need to go before you plunge, she went in front of us all as we talked, then as she finished my cousin got a desperate look on her face jumped on the toilet and exploded a ton of diarhea( We were all shocked)And Then If i werent already in heaven another friend hadnt went since Christmas so dropped her khakis and layed another Sausage! By now, I am seariously Aroused so Out of the Blue I had to Go! I layed my log whilest covering myself with my shirt, and (Hmm Ima! gine that) The last friend had to take a dump, hers largest by a little at 16 or so inches! Well, By now the Smell was unbearable I turned on the fan to help as we Unclogged the Best Co-ed Buddy Dump in history. To sum it all up the years best night, see 4 pairs of panties of 4 Very thin attractive Females drop, stand the smell, spend over an hour in the bathroom with 4 Females(Chit[No Pun]-Chatting), help unclog 5 Christmas dinners, Know that not one of the girls were shy,Listen to the wonderful noises, Talk about it afterwards, finish a great movie,and get it all cleaned up B4 my mom was home!!(Oddly enough being nice clean slim straight A girls not 1 minded helping clean up the pot. P.S.(I hope this is appropriote[If not plz take it out] One of my cousins friends got a little bit of crap on her white shirt so she had to change into a shirt and boxers(mine, I feel special[so did all the girls I have 4 great pair of boxers now!])she changed in front of us without a care, even in her underwear, little did she care, she didnt care, but little did she know of the camera behind The Grand Chair!!! ( A little Poetry, dont laugh!)

This is my 2nd post for tonight, as i am doing nothing yet, Re: The Boxers Vs. Briefs theorys, I have my own to add, I being a muscular 15 yr old like most of my friends, wear boxers, I like the freedom, I have heard from many of you that boxers can let you down in accidents, well I say differently as last summer I went to the beach with my G/F and our friends, I was about to cahnge from my shorts and Shirt in to my swim shorts, my G/F also wears boxers(some kinda womens boxers or something)[Anyone ever heard of this??] well, anyways she dragged me over behing the main building(which had no restrooms[Nearest restroom=1/2 mile]) Said she had held a turd all morning having no time to go and could not take it any more, I could see she was in pain, and she wasnt out of view of other swimmers, so she said she couldnt take it anymore and just let a hard sausage slide out........ Right out her shorts!!!! Miraculously the sausage went out her crack through the boxers leg hole and out her shorts, all in one piece with VERY VERY little mess! She said she wasnt done, but she left anyway with about 12 more inches free in her colon!! Until next time all Cya!!

Saturday, January 09, 1999

Hey, what is the most outlandish or crazy thing you guys ever had to do to get your poop to go down the toilet? So far, I've heard of people cutting it with a knife and others who have poked at it with a stick. So I'm just curious and would like to hear more stories about this.

Martin M
My wife never has any reservations about using the toilet in front of me. We have a downstairs bathroom and toilet leading off the hallway, and if she uses it, assuming we don't have any visitors she always sits on the toilet with the door open. If I am taking a bath she quite frequently come in and sits down on the toilet. She doesn't always go for a number 2 then, but if she does, she just have a pee and continue sitting there in an upright position for about 5 minutes without apparently doing anything. After that she leans forward and strains quite obvious for a few seconds before I hear her relieve herself and then use the toilet paper. I have a feeling she knows this interest me but she has never brought this into conversation.

studyboy: i get diarrhea often, but at i mentioned in a previous post i'm lactose intolerant, and i'm not really as careful as i should be with the milk products. there are many, many foods that give me the runs... i wouldn't know how to start listing them. when i do get it, it usually lasts about 12 hours, however last summer it went on for a week, that sucked. i either get severe cramps or feel nausious or both beforehand. i had two accidents when i was about eleven (i'm 18 now) because of diarrhea. i was trying to hold it while i was lap swimming. i managed to hop out of the pool but i filled my suit with mushy poo. luckily no one was around. then about ten minutes after i got cleaned up i squited liquid poo into my fresh panties while i was feeding the fish. i made a mad dash for the bathroom and made it without doing too much damage to my white jumper. my undies were a lost cause and i threw them away. when i have diarrhea i usually have 15 - 45 min inbetween movements. hope this helps.

heh heh yeah j i can identifiy with that. i almost always hold me pee in longer thn i should and my poor bladder get so full so when i do its guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssshhh and a very long aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh as it floods the poor potty.hmmm dazz i guess that may work for you. ive squatted to poop a few times like when i have to poop really really really bad and my cousins using the potty and cant get up. i put newspapers on the floor and hav a big nasty poop there but its still the same for me a lot of pushing. well thanks and i do like it when its slow cause thw feeling of relief is longer as it slides out slowly. i sit there going ahhhhh with my eyes closes and my shoulders slumped...i think i make funny faces too cause my cousins giggles a bit. i am trying to enjoy it but i guess it will take time. to tw yup shortened your name again hee hee anyway yeah im glad you founf the song funny. well i sing it cause when i was small and my cousin sat my on my potty cjair i would well i guess i just couldnt pee right away so he would sing that song and told me dosent that song just sound like its about peeing and pooping and i would laugh and well you know what happens when you laugh too much. thats right the pee would come out, hee hee smart boy nicole i dont know why that the way it is but its true ive been there when my cousin poops and boy is it ever bad. gee your a brave person to poop outside. could you tell us a story or time when you did. you have my respect...any person you likes to poop let alone outside has my respect. i wish i were as brave as you. or well say i have a question. i poop twice a day in the morning when i wake up and then later in the day. but the poop is still hard and takes a lot to get out. why is that. i had another long pee today. but......well i had on a skirt and well i really really had to go. and to make things worse me and my cousin were locked out of the house.. then i felt it leak out. i started to cry but my cousin said to go ahead and finish. i was embarassed to pull down my pampies anyway so let it flow with my legs apart after i took off my socks and shoes. it just kept coming and coming. i felt so bad. my cousin got me down to my pampies and undershirt then pushed me in the pool. i got surprised and he jumped in. when my auntie came and let use in he said we got tired of waiting so we got in the pool for a swim that why were all wet. heh she never found out the truth, good thing for us its been very warm when it suppose to be cold. heh bye for now guys. linda

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