Marie (Calif.)
I have just discovered this sight and finally finished reading all the postings. I have to say I enjoy Tony from the U.K.'s postings most. When I lived at home I too used to get really excited listening secretly when my mom had a motion. I have no idea why. I'm definitely not gay. And it's not something i would share with a boyfriend. It seems like only older, fat women turn me on toiletwise. REALLY WEIRD!! Tony, do you have any explanation for this? When i lived at home, my mom would go try to do a motion at least 3 times a day. But she wasn't always successful because she was often constipated. That was the most she would tell me, she never went into detail. She wasn't prudish, but she certainly wasn't open to me watching!! All the same, she would leave the door slightly ajar so I had to be really careful about listening. i would sit on the floor adjacent to the crack in the door from it being left slightly ajar. When the toilet flushed I would use the opportunity to walk swiftly and noiselessly away. I would watch my mother through the crack as she pulled down her panties, placed her hands on her huge thighs and eased herself slowly onto the toiletseat with a grunt. The seat creaked in protest at the weight of her fat ass. She never read or anything. She got right down to business. She sat slightly hunched forward, her hands gripping her asscheeks. "Mmmm.... mmmm..." she would grunt quietly. Her grunts always began qui etly. "MMMM... OHH!!" She was bearing down now, hard. Her asscheeks, overflowing the toiletbowl, jiggled with the movement. Still nothing came out. Her fingers dug deeper into her asscheeks as she strained again. "UHH!! NNNNNHHHH....UHHH!! UHHHH!! AH!" Her face was contorted, sweat was on her brow. Still nothing! I had never seen her grunt so hard! She sat back a moment, exhausted, grunting quietly again. Then suddenly she hunched forward again. "NNNNNHH!! UHHH! UHHHH! OH!" I could see her thigh muscles as the endless terd fell with a splash. "AHHH!" she grunted. She was panting after all of that effort. I thought she was done and was waiting for her to flush the toilet so I could make my getaway when she grabbed her fat butt again. "Ehhhh.. Ehhh," she grunted quietly again and a long terd came out with little effort. She rested a bit after this but I could see she was gathering up the courage for more. As she strained this time her grunts were very loud. "AHH! EHH! NNNNNHH! H! OHH! AHHH!" The last terd slithered out as she grunted mightily. "AHHHH!" She sat back, now doubly exhausted. With a weak gesture she grabbed the toilet paper, making little "OO! OW!" sounds as she wiped that huge butt. The she rose heavily, hands on both knees. "OH!" One hand grabbed an asscheek. Obviously her ass was on fire. As she turned to flush the toilet I got outta there fast!! Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed writing it. Questions and comments are welcome.

Adam from Canada
Another classic poop tonight. After dinner I went to sit on the can and let out some boomers and then a nice long narrow log came out and it was shaped like a comma. I felt good after that. I think I am starting to get on a regular routine and that's good.

Tree Whizzer
Pooping innuendo in the media: On the most recent episode of the cartoon series The Simpsons, Homer takes Ned Flanders to Las Vegas and the pass the Golddiggers Casino, whose sign advertises "The Loosest Craps in Town" It was prety funny!

my moms boyfriend always brings the dog in the bathroom when he poos

Survey request
If it's at all possible, I'd like to see correlation coefficients for some of the following things: <14 age group - - 'accident proneness' vs *diet *frequency *consistency *urgency *parental attitudes - e.g. making kids wait 'til they get home to go to the toilet *willingness/shyness about using public toilets *etc... Also, in the >25 group, it might be interesting to see if there is a significant difference between accident prone and non-accident prone adults in their answers relating to their childrens' use of the toilet to defaecate (as well as some of the above list for comparison - e.g. diet, etc.) Soiling accidents are a major source of unnecessary referrals of kids to paediatric gastroenterologists and psychologists, in cases where either the problem is not too frequent or could be solved more simply (e.g. with the help of a teacher), and so any results available along these lines would make interesting reading - thanks.

You got it.

Regarding "code brown" during labour, according to my girlfriend this is exacerbated by suppositories and small enemas. Apparently, they can take quite a long time to work and only affect the lower part of the rectum and do not stimulate peristalsis in the same way as the old-fashioned large volume enemas used to. For this reason, most hospitals have abandoned their use except on request. Nicola, thanks for your explanation about the white poop; seems that one of my girlfriend's colleagues may have a problem. You definitely deserve an award for the most knowledge of anatomy on this forum. Do you agree with me and Kevin regarding the comparative sizes of the male and female rectum? I am not sure that the anatomy texts are totally reliable as the diagrams are taken from dissections of elderly people, at least this is the view of a nurse friend who does not think that there is any difference between the sexes.

I had a shit one time that nearly killed me, I ate at the outback steakhouse two nights in a row, and didn't go until the day after... It was at least a foot long and 3 inches thick, solid black, but very solid,, passing it felt like I was going to rip my anus into shreads... it hurt like hell, I had to bend over, chest to knees so I could release some of the pressure on my body. Once completed I slumped over in exhaustion, it felt like I had birth... (not that I would know)

Once, back in my senior year of high school (26 years ago, I was sitting in my last class of the day waiting for the bell signaling the end of class. I began having the urge to poop around lunch time, but felt I could wait. In all my years of school, I had NEVER used the toilets in the school unless it was to pee (shy colon). Anyway, 15 minutes before the bell rang, I had a MAJOR urge down in my intestines. I felt a lot of gas build-up and pinched my butt cheeks together to try to stifle the gas flow. This worked a few times, but eventually, mother nature got the best of me. I let out a whopper of a fart. The hard seat I was sitting in made it sound twice as loud as it really was. The whole class burst into laughter, including the teacher. I was so humiliated! The teacher asked me if I needed to be excused, but I declined. The urge to poop had taken a back seat to my embarrassment. When the bell rang, I ran home (I lived only 5 blocks from school) and shat a huge turd. When I look back on that day, it makes me shudder.

Reading this board for the past few weeks has made me think of a ton of bathroom stories. I remember one time, when I was visiting my aunt and cousins in Indiana. I must've been about 11 years old. Anyway, I took a dump in the toilet and neglected to flush it. About 30 minutes later, my cousin went into the bathroom and I heard her say, "OH MY GOD". I though she'd gotten her period or something. I rushed to see what was up and she told me that "someone" had forgotten to flush. I was embarrassed again. I think this singular moment is why to this day, I have a problem shitting away from home. I have to be assured complete privacy before I can do the deed. I try to go, but nothing will come out (obviously when I go on a trip, I do eventually go, but it takes a few days of buildup). Oh, and by the way, I ALWAYS flush the poop now. A few months ago at work, I had to go really bad. I went to a toilet in a little used part of the building and locked the door. Out came a w! hopper. I tried to flush it as I am diligent about that. I flushed and the toilet backed up!!! Can you imagine, a toilet filled to the brim with brownish water and an 8 inch fat turd floating on top? All I can say is that the janitor had a nice surprise the next time he came in.

Troy, I'm glad someone in Montana reads Homer. I didn't realize that guys say 'pee' rather than 'piss'. I've never heard a woman say 'piss'. I hope the survey will set me right on this. But I don't support gendered language, and would be happy to be a 'Chairman'. (Maybe Cassandra has come across that one in her Art Museum.) Of course, there was a time when guys and gals all wore skirts....

For Helena: I think you might be right about female peeing being arousing to males because of it being the equivelant to the male ejaculation. Many men's fantasies include the so-called female ejaculation which I think is really pee squirted accidently (or on purpose) at the moment of female orgasm. I'm interested in hearing how many women are aware of the male interest in thier peeing and have they ever doen anything deliberately to tease or arouse a male in this way?

I can see where the unsigned correspondent is coming from when he complains about using the word "pee" for female urination. I have tended to say "pee" when its a bloke doing it but "wee-wee" for a girl or woman, but as most things are unisex these days, (just look how men's and women's underpants are virtually identical), then such terminology is likewise. Anyway, we dont have different terms for defecation, a man or a woman will do a motion, jobbie, poo, pass a turd, have a dump etc. Does anyone use a different term for defecation depending on the gender of the person doing so? On the "phantom poo" subject, I have also experienced this and also like to see what I have done. This however did on a few occasions act to my advantage when I was a kid. I remember listening one time to my mum doing a motion. There were a lot of "Uh!"s and NNN's and grunting , then a loud "KUR-SPLOOONK!", but she came out of the toilet without pulling the flush. My aunt, who was visiting at the time, mentioned this but mum said, "oh it shot up round the bend, so I didnt have to flush it away". When I went to the toilet for a pee about half an hour later I saw a brownish discoloration in the bottom of the pan. I realised that this was being caused by a jobbie further up the hidden bend and took a piece of wood and gently eased the jobbie back down into view. It was about 8 inches long and 2 1/2 fat, so was typical of the size of turd that tends to shoot up the pan out of site, longer ones stick and smaller ones dont usually have the momentum to take them round the bend. I thi! nk that the position the sitter adopts is important. If you sit bent forward then the angle the jobbie comes out will be more likely to make it shoot up and out of sight than if you sit straight upright. What do most who post here do, bend forward or the straight up position. My mum used to bend forward. The person who linked Helena' name with that of Helena Troi in Star Trek NG , struck a chord as I have a fantasy list of woman actors, stars, characters in TV programs, films etc etc I imagine doing a nice big motion. Counsellor Troi in Star Trek is one and her colleague Dr Beverley Crusher and Kes in Voyager. Actress Kate Winslet of Titanic fame, Ally Mac Beal, (if any TV program will show a woman having a dump it will be that one), the former Ginger Spice (Gerri Halliwell), and Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York, to name but a few. Do other readers have a fantasy list like this? Like Dazz I also fantasise when I see an attractive, ???? woman going to the Ladies Toilet in pubs, shopping malls, etc and I time how long till she re-appears and judge whether she has had a motion or only a wee wee. I also observe the look on her face if I can and often there is a satisfied smile. Also I have sometimes seen women in such circumstances whisper to their companion, male or female and! I wonder if they are telling them what they did for example "I did a really nice big fat jobbie in there and I feel a lot better". Do any of you women correspondents tell your partner or friends what you did after you have been to the toilet?

Back in the summer of 1993, when I was about 15, I lived across from this lady. This particular summer the lady's 8 year old niece (she looked about 13), and 5 year old nephew came to visit her from out-of-town. Anyway, one night I was playing cards with the girl while the movie "The Bodyguard" was on. I remember it like it like it was yesterday. Then, all of the sudden I hear this little fart noise come from her direction. The first thing that came to mind was this cute little girl couldn't have done that. When I looked at her she said, not in a jokingly manner, that her brother did it. He was sitting on the couch right behind her. I believed it and paid it no attention. About 20 seconds later I hear this little "pop" noise come come from her direction. When I looked at her She said "That was me. And I have to admit that was me who pooted the first time". Upon hearing this my dick got extremely rock hard (this is how my fart and shit fetish got started). She then moved away from her brother and let out this long, but tight little fart. You know, one of those farts you do when you hold it for a few seconds. It lasted for about six seconds. She was slightly sticking her booty out while she was doing it. To my surprise, she wasn't laughing, giggling, or acting embarrassed. She was farting without no problem. Till this day I still regret not going behind her to smell it. She was only 8 years old- she wouldn't have suspected my fetish. But she shonuff made up for it by what she did next. After she farted a total of three times she said, "I'll be right back. I have to go to the bathroom." About eight minutes later she came back from the bathroom, sat down and said" I can't help it but german chocolate cake always makes me doodoo. I told her the same thing happens to me too. I knew I had to go to the bathroom to catch the smell before it went away. I told her I'd be right back. Before I even got to the bathroom, I smelled her dookie in the hallway. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Luckily, we didn't have any air freshener for her to cover up her stink. When I walked into the bathroom it smelled like a 350 lb. construction worker took a shit in there. All I was thinking about was how could this cute little brown-skinned girl with her milk chocolate booty do all this farting and shitting in less than 10 minutes. She even left a huge doodoo streak in the bottom of our toilet. What fascinated me the most was how she completely unembarrassed about the whole thing. Unfortunately, that summer was the last summer I seen or heard from her. I really miss her.

Kevin: I find it strange that you think you have proved that girls/women produce larger/fatter poop than guys do, based on one case. I can say for a fact that many men produce the whoppers that Moria etc quite often produce, and that many gals produce very slim, small poop. IMO it is entirely an individual thing. Not based on sex/race/class or anything else. Some people produce large poops, others small. It's as simply as that! Anybody else agree?

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

Do people know of the chapter in the Victorian autobiography My Secret Life about how the male author gets to look at the womens' toilets in a French train station? I don't know if that is fantasy or true autobiography, and it is pretty strong stuff. Victorians seem to have been into this theme of this site: Havelock Ellis describes female urination in great detail, and that is online at Patches Place. I suspect men find this much more interesting than we do, maybe female urination is the closest they get to seeing the equivalent of the male ejaculation.

When my wife and I were dating, she lived in a very tiny apartment. The door to the toilet was right next to the couch in the living room. The first time she excused herself to go to the bathroom, I got very excited. I knew I couldnt help but hear her in there. I sat on the couch and heard her pulling her pantds down, then I heard her pee tinkling into hte water. A few seconds of silence, then a long fart... finally there was a familar crackling sound followed by a resounding plop! I heard her sigh after the first plop, then a bit of a grunt: kind of a "UGH" More crackling and plops. I was so unbelievable excited, I knew she knew I could hear everything, but she didn't seem to mind. Its been like that now for 15 years, even though we have a big house now and 4 bathrooms, she doesnt even shut the door most of the time.

Adam from Canada
It is tues and there are no classes for me today. I am at home working on the computer. I finished eating a while ago and got this urge to poop. I went into the can and had a good one. It came out slow and it felt long. I took a look and it was broken up into long, wide chunks and it was a bright brown with little black coloring. I am eating lots of fiber these days and it has increased my regulality which i think is healthy.

i grunt too when i poop that's why he makes of me because i grunt. this morning i woke up had to pee real bad he was in his bedroom i sat down on the potty and started to pee he ran in there ask me if i was pooping.he always runs in when i try to potty and ask me if i was pooping if i was pooping he start laughing at me.

Helena (Troi, Montana? Little joke.): I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't take "pee" for a girl's word... Too many things have been stolen from guys, like overalls. Really, do you see guys stealing "girl things" and ovetaking them from girls? The ladies section at Sears-Roebuck (That wonderful place where you used to be able to buy a WC mail-order) is overflowing with overalls, shortalls, all the things which are easily arguable "mens clothing". The mens section however is short on those items (1, 2 at the most). I'd appreciate it if the mens' vocabulary wasn't to be limited by women either. Was it not Forrest Gump who said to JFK, "I have to pee."?

Louise and I recently proved the recent correspondence about women and girls doing fatter jobbies than men. We are both about the same build and last weekend Louise was staying over at my place. We had both done a motion on Friday last and had eaten the same type and amount of food. On Sunday both of us needed a motion again after lunch and I let Louise go first with me watching her. She passed a good solid turd of about 8 inches long and 2 1/2 inches fat at its thickest part. It was quite nobbily and carrot shaped and dropped into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!" I then sat on the pan and buddy dumped my own jobbie on top of her's. Mine was also 8 inches long but only 2 inches thick but was smoother than Louise's jobbie and more of a sausage shape being slightly curved. It fell into the pan with a "Kerfloomp". We both had a good look at our motions and conclude that, yes, all other factors being equal, women do fatter, lumpier turds than men. We looked at a drawing of the male and female reproductive organs in a medical book and saw that the female rectum is wider and more pouch shaped than the males, perhaps this is why women tend to have larger accumulations of feces before passing them and they are therefore fatter and a bit more compacted than men's. We have also experienced the "phantom turd" effect. It tends to happen if you do a medium sized solid fat turd say of about 6 inches long which comes out quite quickly perhaps after giving a really hard push to pass it and it shoots into the pan with a loud "kerploonk!" but when you look down in to the pan there is nothing to be seen. As others have said, it will sometimes slide back into view after a short time. We both feel a bit cheated if we have done a nice solid jobbie but cant see and admire our handywork. Really big jobbies of 10 inches long and more dont tend to disappear being too big . I read in "old posts" if anyone has a strange stimulus that makes them feel the need to do a motion. With me its reading women's magazines such as "Woman" "Woman's Own" etc. This came about from my Mum taking such magazines into the toilet with her when she did a jobbie. Like many other's I used to get turned on listening to her and I'd hear the rustle as she turned the pages then the "plop! plonk!" and the "ker-spuloosh! ker-sploonk!" as she passed the big jobbies. I have sometimes found that reading such magazines brings on the familiar feeling of a good solid turd sliding down and I have a good motion about 10 minutes later. Does anyone else have such strange connections with defecation?

Regards to TV & Movie dumps: Many years ago (the 80's?), there was a movie Wierd Science. Not the finest flick, but it did feature 2 guys in the bathroom at a party. Both were about 18 and one was stressed and constipated as he sat on the toilet. Of the 2 actors, one went on to play in The Breakfast Club, but I cannot remember his name. Anyhow, while you don't see "anything", there is a part where the guy standing (while his friend sits on the bowl) waves his hand in front of his nose. The his buddy signals him to turn on the fan! Look for a video store copy so you know it's an unedited flick.

Tuesday, January 12, 1999

chaz nicole, i like pooping outside also, it is easier and i dont mind someone whatching me outside, but i dont care to be whatched inside. I love whatching girls going outside, and love the stories, keep them coming. I will post again soon with some more stories of my own.

Thanx to all those who replied re the "phantom poos". I like your theories on how the size of them gives them enough momentum to disappear around the S bend. When I do a phantom poo, it always feels like it's quite a sizable one which does dissapoint me greatly as I do love to look at what I've done. There has been those times I've waited a few minutes and it has come back down. Now onto something else I like to do. Whenever I'm out in public at the shopping mall or whatever, I'm constantly looking at women and having fantasies about watching them on the toilet. I like to imagine how they would look while wearing the particular clothes they have on at the time, especially if they are wearing overalls or jumpsuits or long skirts/dresses or any other clothing that may be difficult to deal with while going about their toilet business. There is a big food court at my local shopping mall and I often eat there, naturally sitting up at one end where the ladies toilets are. I love to watch the women go in and out of those toilets and note how long they take, if they are taking more than a minute or two I start to get very aroused as I can imagine them sitting there doing a nice big poo. I just wish I could turn myself into a fly and be that "fly on the wall"!!! So to all you other guys out there, do you ever find yourselves looking at women in the street or anywhere else and having fantasies about watching them on the toilet? What about the ladies here, do you ever see guys out in public and wish you could be watching them? I'd love to know, I can't possibly be the only one who has these almost constant fantasies about watching strangers of the opposite sex as they go to the toilet!!!!!!

Well, It is back to the saltmine (the college) and I was doing my reading in the hallway near the mens washroom and something wierd happened. These 2 guys went into the bathroom together and one of them had to take a poop. The other guy comes out and makes a loud announcement about his friend taking a poop. It was really funny. Hopefully, I can tell more stories like that in the semester.

gee nicole does your brother really laugh at you. you should tell him to concentrate on take his shower and not on you trying to poop. how do you even poop with him there picking on you. gee what kind of sound do you make that he picks on you. wow you are brave to poop out in the woods but i guess i don't blame you since your brother picks on you. my cousin never does pick on me and i make lots of sounds and im loud too. i grunt to push it out then when it starts out i go oooooooo if it opens my tushie wide i say it loder. if it hurts a bit i go ow ow ow. then when it makes its big splash i go aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. hee hee poor girl but hey ate least you dont have to worry anymore. i just hope you never get caught. to day i just had a pee. i walked in and my cousin was on the potty try to poop. i told him to stay seated and i pulled my papmies and overalls down and sat on the rim of the tub with my tushie hanging off a bit and peed into the tub. it felt funny and sounded even funnier but i felt better. hee hee. say nicloe or anyone out there. have you ever have to poop or pee in anything other than a potty. ive had to do it lots of times. if you guess tell me ill tell you. okay bye. linda

Dazz--Yes, I have had a couple of "phantom poos" in the past. Once, I sat on the loo and squeezed a fat one out, and nothing was in the bowl when I looked. I just assume that the turd was extremely "heavy" and the angle as it came out was just right and it slid down the pipe, out of sight. Something I've been experimenting with is seeing how long I can hold my feces. I have a "shy colon" and don't normally take a poop in a public restroom unless it's an emergency. So, over the past few weeks, I've been trying to save up my poop. I saved 4 days worth and had a major bm this morning (I'm normally an afternoon or evening pooper, almost never in the morning). I sat down and farted a few times and then two long, fat whoppers came out. I wiped and there was very little doo-doo on the tp, which surprised me. Well, I sat down at the computer and a few minutes later, I had to go again. The second time, It was mainly just a lot of gas and a short, skinny turd. I don't think I'll be doing that anymore (saving up poop). I still feel like I have to go.

Coolguy 3:16
Hi, again, How is everyone on this lovely No School Monday?? I had the biggest crap I have ever produced last night, I porpously had not went since Friday, and I eaten like 8 boiled eggs(Rotten Egg effect!)and let out like 2 10 inchers, 2 inces thick!!If I were giving out a Female Award for best posts, It would definately be Nicola, No contest!(Altough I still enjoy others!) I have been here since Thanksgiving, posted a few times, but each time I put my ICQ number, so It didnt get posted :( Welp, Around Thanksgiving Nov 29. I hadnt crapped since Nov 22. So its safe to say I knew this would be BIG(Too big to go down the toilet), we were at my Grandmas, I told everyone I was going Rabbit Hunting, I took my 16 Gauge to make it look real, and stuffed a roll of TP in my pack. I went out and layed anywhere from 2-3' of crap, all 2 1/2 inches thick I dont know If God was smiling down upon me laughing or what, but guess what?? About 50 or so yards in the distance I saw A deer!! I check my gun for ammo(which i had brought none) I had forget to unload it from 2 nights ago so I had Enough for one shot and my BB gun which was still in my pack. Sure enough I got the deer perfectly On my first shot square in the neck, saved everything, I live in the city and had never killed a deer Before and my Grandpa was very happy since he only got me a 16 gauge for small game and I had never hunted before! Moral of the story If you have to crap in the woods bring a gun and Be sure that if you havent hunted before that you have plenty of paintball gun training!!! hehe until next time everyone!!

One apartment that I rented had a toilet that swallowed poop before you could flush, so almost every poop was a "phantom" poop. I would rather see the poop before I flushed it. I had several friends comment on it when using my bathroom.

Re: White poo I remember reading about this once. I don't know if it's the only cause, but it could be caused by a liver disease, hepatitis if I remember correctly.

C.L. Dawg
someguy, yeah, i saw MadTV the other night with the lounge singer in the ladies room. , it was hilarious!, later in the skit, there was a splashing sound, and the piano guy talked about missing the water, and then a woman let out a loud fart, and the guy said "that person must have been at the midnight buffet" it was tight.

Dave, white stools can be caused by diet, such as eating a lot of white bread and white meat, but are often a sign of absence of bile in the motions, this can be caused in jaundice when the counterpart is very dark urine as the bile pigment is then excreted in the urine instead, the motions taking on the colour and consistancy of white putty. Another similar cause is gall stones as these can block the bile duct from the gall bladder and bile is prevented from entering the small intestine and pale coloured motions occur. I had mild jaundice when I was 16 and did big white jobbies for a week or so. By the way, black motions can be caused either by iron in the diet such as tonics, pills etc, or more seriously by bleeding in the bowel or upper GI tract (usually black and tarry stools). If anyone suspects this and cannot attribute the appearance of black stools to an innocent cause, iron tablets or eating rare steak, swallowing blood after a tooth extraction etc, I urge them to seek medical advice without delay. Dazz, I have experience the "phantom poo" as well. What happens is that if the turd comes out quite quickly it will shoot up the pan and past the hidden bend out of sight. Its a bit weird to feel you have passed a good solid jobbie then look down the pan and see nothing. Sometimes it will slide back down into sight but often it has lodged up the bend.

Dazz>> Yes, I have done "phantom poops" on occasion, not as frequently as I did in my teen years--I have a feeling that it had to do with the size of the turds I produced (logs) that were ejected with enough force to go around the bend in the toilet bowl and float up the bend so they couldn't be seen. On a couple of those occasions, I waited a few minutes before flushing, and eventually they became visible at the bottom of the bowl once they had sunk back down...

Dave>> Those "white" turds you mentioned in your post, sounds like a person I know who has Crohn's Disease, a digestive system disorder, that if I remember right, is caused by a person's inability to digest fats and oils properly...I am not certain about that, but if there is someone who knows for certain, please post...

Kevin>> Yeah, for my older step-sister, she literally lived in terror of having to do a bowel movement in the toilet at home, for fear of plugging it! She hated summer vacation from school as she could go to the school toilets and not have to worry about plugging those being the jet-flush variety...Otherwise she had to wait for the two times a week that she could do her jobs in the toilet at the church we went to on Sunday and Wednesday...

Some Guy
voyeur1- Don't worry about being a hypocrite. As voyeurs it natural to want to watch and not be seen taking a dump. Though I would dump in front of my girlfriend if she let me watch her. Great story, Lizbeth! SG

Great postings about snow. Cold and very erotic. I have been thinking hard about how I talk to people about needing to go. I realize that I use different terms to men and women. I can't say to a boyfriend that I'm dying for a pee, or bursting (except once in a car with a man who is really turned on, and yes, he did get to watch) I coulds never say that I needed to do the other thing, nor would I want to watch or be watched, though it is a great feeling to do it. I have no way of saying that I am turned on, though not in a lesbian way, by seeing a girlfriend pee. And I think 'pee' is more of a girls' word. Does the survey help us here? Any thoughts from men or women would be interesting. P.S. Skirts in snow are warmed, and can be very erotic.

To Some Guy and others: I happend to see that part on Mad Tv when that lady was sining In the bathroom,It was funny. Last week I had a dream that I was In a public bathroom and I was looking over the stalls to see who was In there. In the one I picked there was a boy between 10 and 13 pooping. I could see every thing. Then just last night I had a dream that I was In the mens room and there was only one stall with 5 or 6 stalls. Then on the stalls were my co workers(the female workers). Any one have dreams like this?

Tree Whizzer
Linda- Oh I see =o) WEll up here the wind chills are approaching -30 degrees Fahrenheit so if anyone tried to jump in a swimming pool they would whack their head on a great big ice cube *L* Today it felt like another mirage dump but I kept pushin and pushing and finally some mushier poo plopped into the bowl but because of how much I had to push my rar end feels like the afterburner of a jet engine *L* And about the guy whose parents say proper ppl don't make big logs, geez talk about dumb! Who can control it?

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