Jill It must be great taking the train, myself i love train rides and find them romantic except here there for shorter train distances w/ no facilities, though i onced used one traveling from state to state and i had had quite a few drinks in the drinking car afterwards i produced only shorty poops, but i remember the experience because it was at night and i could hear and feel the train's movement. Tree Wizzer i mentioned the directory to my dad, i think he might read it, he loves every thing aerial, do you like choppers? i dad that is the only real way to refer to them. Intresting question. I drink my morning orange juice on the toilet.It doesn't seem to affect my pooping , not like coffee does, which gets me going , i also read a chapter or two if it's a particularily long session of novels i keep there.In the case of "hovering" yes in some public restrooms, especially if i cannot lay the tp. on the seat(too short) but it's not a easy chore wearing heels or certains clothes, the time i remember i had too stradle the bowl to poop and pee , the other tme i just sat on the bowl and afterwards wiped my bottom with handi wipes to feel really clean, hope that answers the question. I start back officially to work on the 11th. but recently after cleaning snow i had a truly great poop, i pulled my pants and undies down for my normal afternoon session and new i was in store for a great poop, i mean have you ever had one that started off small and seemed to widen and grow larger as the turd came out, this bomb left and one more also drop w/ a splash after a few farts i peed, funny thing there wasn't much to wipe and i wiped twice anyway. the both were blondish probably from the donuts i had. bye

My friend and I got rather drunk one night. We went back to her bedsit and immediately fell asleep. I was woken soon after by her clumsily getting out of bed and trampling on the edge of my sleeping bag on the floor next to her bed. She sat on the edge of the bed motionless for a moment as i began to waken, and then pissed where she sat. She seemed to be still asleep and rolled back dragging the covers over herself and curled up unconscious again. By this time I was as awake as I was gioing to be considering the state I was in, muttered my disgust then went back to sleep again. I was lucky I only got slightly sprayed. In the morning I was able to prove what happened because of the way the pee marked the bed and floor that it couldnt have been a man who did it and that it had been done from the bed rather than towards it. She's done similar things a few times while drunk. I'm not much better, I once pissed on a chair in the corner of the bedroom thinking it was the toilet.

Studyboy, in my opinion adults' accidents are mostly a matter of being mentally exhausted (I know there is a limit to what a body can contain and at some point in time this limit is reached). Let me explain. My wife had been out on a one day bus trip with her colleagues. Somehow she got the runs around the end of the day, she had no idea why she got the runs. By the time she got home she had had a major accident. Liquid poop was running down her legs, even her shoes were soiled. I felt sorry for her, I thought this happened to her on the bus or walking home, together with her neighbour-colleague, from the place the bus dropped them off to our place. She explained though it happened, between her colleague's house and our place and that is a 3 minutes walk! At the time she claimed she could not hold it any longer but read my analysis (based on what she told me): - She was desperate to go and had held it on the bus for almost an hour already.
- She held it for another ten minutes from the drop off place to her neighbour-colleague's house.
- Mentally this was tough: she really had to concentrate to be able to listen, talk (at the end even walk) and hold it at the same time.
- After her colleague went into her house she could mentally relax, she now longer had to listen and answer, she just had to keep her sphincter closed and walk.
- However, being mentally exhausted, just for a moment, she let her mind totally relax. And guess what? It exploded into her panties, like, if for a couple if seconds, she was out of her body and wasn't controlling things.
- Only when the liquid poop started spreading throughout her panties and started running down her thighs she realized she forgot to control a muscle that normally does not require explicit control.
If you go through the stories on this board and you analyse them you'll often find this theory confirmed. I'll explain later about an experiment a once did on myself (I am always worried that, when I have the runs, I may poop myself in public).

interesting comments from Snoop Logg (the Logg-father?) about the "Code Brown" factor of pooping while pushing out a baby. I hear that if you get to the hospital in time they try to give you an enema before labor so as to avoid a shit-storm, but often it's unavoidable, with all of that pushing. I must admit, it gives me a bit of discomfort to think of my wife strapped up there for all the world ( in the room) to see, and her taking an involuntary shit on the table. I really hope she gets that enema. Although I usually enjoy the sight of her defecating, I don't want some doctor or intern witnessing that. Can anyone relate?

mexican burns going in and out

I had to return a Christmas gift today, at JC Penney, but not my local store, as I was coming from work. After I got rid of the gift, I decided I needed a cigarette, and probably take a crap also. I found the Mens restroom, right near the customer service desk. The door was slightly ajar, as it probably never closes completly, as it was not a proper fit. As I entered the door, I came to a second door, I thought to myself, "nice and private bathroom" WRONG ! That was the last door I would see. Three stalls, none with doors, and facing the 2 outer doors , so If both doors were opened at the same time, which they were not, all three men would be on display for the customer service desk!!!. Anyhow, all three stalls were occupied, and the three guys all seemed to know each other, as they were laughing, singing the old "Sha-boom" song and stomping their feet to the beat. It was really funny, and they were all squeaking out long, loud farts, and splashing logs. I to! ok a whiz at a urinal, and a few drags on a cigarette, and left, as I could NEVER bring myself to sit in such exposed stalls . As I exited the restroom, I was careful to make sure one door was closed, before I opened the other. I would hope everybody would do that.

Ehh, Hello there. Plunger here with a question from the toilet. What exactly makes you poop turn a different color. Just the other day I produced a totaly green dump out in the pot. I thought that it might be unhealthy so I got a little worried. What exactly causes that type of thing? Also, I find that there are some cases after you potty that no matter how clean I "think" my butt is, I still end up having skid marks in my panties. Why? Does the poo-poo just sque-eee-eeze out of your butt as you walk around or what? Please someone help me with this. After reading some of your posts I agree that females tend to produce much more mellow dumps than males do. I think this is directly atributed to the way we eat and the things that we eat. I don't eat that much, so when I go potty I have very little, very sweet smelling (not really, but they don't stink) little poops.

Friday, January 08, 1999

Linda, perhaps you can identify with this. I was traveling last week on the highway, and encountered a lot of traffic--and a very full bladder. The traffic seemed endless, and my bladder kept s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g to make room. At one point, I didn't see how I was going to make it any longer. But, we got to our destination(my group), and I was able to have relief. A very long pee. ahhhhhhhh... as you would say. Any similar experiences?

I haven't been able to figure this out, and don't think it's worth mentioning to a doctor. My whole life I've always taken healthy colored, hard shits. About once every other day. About two years ago I got mono and almost died. I'd say I'm healthy again, except for my shit. I almost never have to take a shit, and when I do, it's real small. I can't figure out where all this food is going, because I'm a healthy teenager and eat a lot.

Blue Flame
Hello. Me agian. Figured I'd respond to Jill about the pooping in the snow. Not much to talk about there. Drop your drawers and squat. However you rarely get to see the product of your efforts, it dissapears in the snow. Only a hole is left where a turd would've been. Kinda chilly too. I saw the mention of the snowstorms in my area and something about Toronto too. I live near there too...lotsa a snow. Really cold now. brrr Anyone heard of Newmarket? :) Cya Later!

Linda.......I actually find it easier to poo while squatting as the position does actually make it easier to push the poos out, something to do with that position makes the rectum straighter.......supposed to be healthier to poo that way too. However, as you may have read in my post the other week where I described how I did a poo in the woods, there is the danger of getting poo on your clothes as I did then!!!! I do prefer a toilet though as it the sitting position does make the poo come out slower and I enjoy feeling every inch of it as it comes out. I remember when I was a kid, I didn't like doing a poo for the same reasons you don't. As I grew older I found that it became easier to poo and I started to really enjoy it, now I look forward to it every day!!! So I hope the same will happen for you as it is one of lifes great pleasures and it's free too!!!!

Sorry I havent posted for a while but I have been away from home on a customer site . Happy New Year to all. Ive loved the recent posts on this site, all very interesting. Jill, Ive done a motion in the snow. A few years ago I went Pike fishing on a nice bright day after there had been snow. As it happened I needed a number two and went behind a hedge although there was no one else about except Moira who looked after the fishing tackle. My bum was sure cold as I pulled down the two pairs of knickers I had on and passed my turd onto the snow. It was amusing to look at the long fat brown jobbie as it was steaming in the cold and slowly sank into the snow as the heat of the turd caused the snow to melt under it. The brown colour stood out vividly against the white of the snow as did the yellow of my wee wee. Nicola , I suppose she knows about laxatives from having read about such matters in medical books. I have also read up on such matters although I too dont use these medicines. I suppose its like saying that you dont have to fly a plane to understand how one works. Dave I think that the mini enemas you mention are called veripaque and can be obtained from pharmacies in the UK and to my mind seen, like suppositories, to be a better way to relieve obstinate impacted constipation as they do not upset the rest of the GI tract and are usually single shot not repetitive like some laxatives. I think the reluctance of the use of these in the UK is that British people generally have a mental block about inserting anything up their back passage but I'd be interested to hear other thoughts on this. To answer Nicola's question, I too have often experienced the effect she mentions of having to pass the jobbie before being able to do the wee wee and accept the reason she gives. Sometimes I will do a big solid turd, then pee, then do another jobbie. Moira sometimes does both similtaneously doing her wee wee as the jobbies come out, making a "tinkle tinkle, tinkle, Ker-sploosh! tinkle, tinkle kur-sploonk!, tinkle, tinkle" sound effect. Graham, Nicola would hear her boyfriend peeing sitted on the pan if, like me he directs his penis by hand or if it is then flacid as he pees. Kevin, I loved your posts about your girlfriend Louise doing a motion. Sometimes Moira does this, needs a motion, goes to the toilet but only does a wee wee, comes out then shortly afterwards goes back to the toilet and does her motion. Is this peculiar to women? Studyboy, to answer your questions. Luckily I dont often get diarrhea but I generally either call it by that name or "the runs" or "the shits" or "the squitters". To me diarrhea is either a totally watery liquid stool or a very loose one which is soft and formless and breaks up into lots of little bits when it comes out of the back passage like a load of soft paste and in either case mixes intimately with the water in the toilet pan discolouring it. It is also the type of motion which is very difficult to hold in and makes you need to go to the loo very urgently. Luckily I havent had diarrhea for a long time, nor has Moira. One watery or loose stool is diarrhea as far as I am concerned,its not connected to frequency in my view although if there are repeated trips to the toilet at short intervals this is a worse attack than having to pass a single watery stool in a day. Gripeing pains and stomach cramps have been common in the times I have had diarrhea in the past. Most foods dont effect me but the last time I had the squitters it was as a result of having too much beer to drink the previous night and had to go to the toilet 4 times that day passing loose and watery stools each time. Luckily I have never had a full blown diarrhea accident in my panties only the occasional leakage or wet fart, the only full accidents I ever had in my knickers as a kid and a teenager have been solid ones. I hope this information has been of use to you in your studies. Tracy that was sure a record breaking whopper that old lady passed, as you called it the "jolly brown giant". I hope you post some more stories about the big jobbies you must see. Finally, I would confirm that some women do enjoy passing a big solid jobbie although it is more often men who are coprophiliac. Moira certainly does so, and says that some of the girls at her school did as well and my Aunt Helen and my two girl cousins did when I was a kid. Perhaps more women do enjoy defecation but dont want to admit it because it would be considered dirty or unladylike? Comments please girls.

why do boys poop stink more then girls?

i like going poop outside it easy out there i dont get all emberresed

I've been catching up on all the recent posts as I did not have access to a computer over the holidays. Like many of you here, the week after Christmas was shitting heaven. I took a massive dump every day. I did not go at all on Christmas Day, so Boxing Day produced one huge log. Every day after that I had much larger than normal dumps. They were all fairly soft and smelly. Most were done in public bathrooms and many of the guys I heard in adjoining stalls were having large and noisy dumps. After my graduate class on Monday evening, I desperately needed to shit. I went to the library and dropped a huge log which curled around the bowl. Unfortunately, there was no one around to share it with as being the first day of class, the library was pretty empty. The last couple of days my dumps have returned to normal. Nick visited a few times over the holidays but never took a dump and neither did I while he was there. This was unfortunate as I am sure he would have produced some huge ones during that period. One day he stayed about seven hours and didn't even go to the bathroom for a piss! Good dumping to everyone in 1999.

I have been reading this forum for some time, and a question comes to mind that I am sure someone here can answer. I am a n average sized guy in my 30's, but I do not seem to be able to hold my shit for long. I find I need to go two or three times a day which is often rather inconvenient. When I do have a shit it is usually a very small amount compared to what a lot of people here are describing. Is it that I have a small rectum, or is there some other cause? And can it be treated?

To Studyboy: If you go through this site you will find a lot of information. With respect to your questions: a lot depends from the person you are, e.g.: My stool is never very solid (according to my wife I have chronical diarrhea). I speak of the runs when my poop is very liquid and almost impossible to hold. In such a situation I go like ten times a day or more. The time in between two stools depends from a number of factors: food, time, etc. In general it lasts for a day or a day and a half. I do not know of any food that causes diarrhea. Diarrhea happens to me only once every so many years. My wife speaks of diarrhea when her stool is soft. She gets the runs (the real runs, according to my standards) more often than I do, i.e. a couple of times a year. About accidents: Me: I was on my way back home in my car in heavy traffic (no place to stop and go). I felt like I was going to explode. While in my car a couple of wet farts happened, no disasters though. When I got of the car at my place (I have about 50 yards to go from my car to our door) I lost a lot of it before reaching the bathroom. Not only my underwear was soiled but also my trousers. My wife (at work): She was farting a lot. She was getting the runs but she did not know yet. Suddenly when she farted, she felt it was liquid poop (she was standing when it happened). She went to the restroom, cleaned as good as possible and put some toilet paper in her panties. She kept standing for the rest of the day, she is a nurse, she can do that. My wife's friend: On the way home in the train having diarrhea, while standing she lost a little. This happened several times. By the time there was place to sit she couldn't sit because the situation was too bad (to much of a mess in her panties). From the train station in our town to her place she has to cover a 10 minutes bicycle ride. She tried to "stand" on the pedals. This was tough and eventually she just sat in it. It was very tough to bike and hold it and before she got home (it was dark outside) she just let the whole thing explode in her panties. She was wearing a long skirt and it was bad. The liquid poop was running down her legs, her skirt and even her shoes were soiled. A female colleague: We were in an off site training. She had left the class room several times already. After having left a couple of times she did not return. Later she called me on my cellular phone and asked me to bring her gear to her place at the end of the day (we live in the same neighbourhood). She told me what happened: she had the runs and waited as long as possible between nature's calls. Arriving in the restrooms both stalls were occupied. By the time one became available she had "leaked" pretty badly. After having used the toilet, she went home. I have no further details about how bad it was. It must have been too bad though to return to the class and collect her gear. She was wearing black trousers.

awesome postings today! nothing like a good dump. i will spend an hour on the can letting it go. greatest feeling in the world other than an orgasm

thanks for the responses about olean chips, maybe it's just us... okay, so i'm still home for christmas, so i have a room for a few more days where you can hear what other people are doing in the bathroom, provided they don't turn the fan on. my girlfriend was over a few days ago -she's a morning pooper- and so she went into the bathroom to do her business and i laid on my bed and listened. this was the first time in a long time she didn't turn the fan on. i heard her put the seat up and then start humming. then i heard a couple plops and a flush. she's very cute - i like the thought of her sitting on the toilet humming, wish she'd let me watch, but i haven't gotten up the nerve to ask. oh well.

Hi all...first post for me. I was wondering if any of the girls around here had experience with/stories/pics about peeing while standing up. I am sort of a curious person, and this is a new concept for me. Could someone explain?

I call diarrhea diarrhea. I usually have diarrhea on average 10 times a year. I almost always get it when i am sick. There is usually about 15 minutes between to spurts and it is amost always explosive. I call start calling it diarrhea when I feel it coming down and it all comes out of my butt in one push. It usually looks like what the guy above desbribes it as. A big bowl of tiny light colored turds and the water is usually turned brown.I usually get a feeling on my hole and a cramp that makes me tighten my butt before I have to go. my diarrhea lasts usually for 2 days and i go about 6 times a day.

Tree Whizzer
I was surfing some interesting aviation websites when I came across a particularly strange tale from Phil Rowe's Aviation Stories. this archive can be found at Enjoy! (note: the aircraft mentioned in the following article is Convair's B-58A Hustler, a USAF Mach 2.2-capable bomber shown here: Mid-Ocean Emergency by Phil Rowe (USAF, retired) And then there was my B-58 pilot's problem while we were flying backacross the Atlantic from Spain. Oh boy, was it ever a problem. He was one very uncomfortable fellow. We could tell fromhis tensed-up voice and occasional moans over the intercom. This was serious. It was, according to my log book, on the 20th of December, 1963, in B-58 #62-070. That was an 8.5 hour flight which included a mid-air refueling with a KC-135A Stratotanker just of teh Azores. Right after refueling his problem began. The small fighter-type cockpit of the B-58 doesn't allow much movement. YOu can't stand up. You can barely wiggle your butt in that cramped space. And my pilot had to go. He had to go bad. But what to do? B-58 cockpits were equipped with hospital-type relief bottles, quart size. But what if you had to do somethingelse? Dilemma.

Being a trained SAC (Strategic Air Command) killer, seasoned pilot, and a resourceful kind of fellow, he finally came up wiht the solution. It wouldn't be easy, but it sure was necessary. He thought about using his helmet bag, but that would be messy. And then he remembered the survival kit behind his seat back included can's of water, about the size of beer cans. That just might do the trick.

With considerable effort and lots of groping in hte kit behind him, he found the cans. That most distressed pilot popped open a water can and drank the contents to create an empty container. Then he took from his dog tag one of those small GI folding cap openers. He carefull manipulated the opener to remove the entire lid of the empty can.

Then came the difficult part. How to get his coveralls off, drop his drawers, and support himself over that open can. It must have been a real contortionist's performance, but hefinally removed his clothing. It was a dran good thing that the autopilot worked. Imagine trying to do that while flying a stick-controlled 600 mph jet.

There were no armrests on the seat in the ejection capsule which he could use to lift himself up over the can, only the seat triggers which could have sent him flying out of the plane, bare-bottomed at that! Oh yes, he did have the presence ofmind to insert the ejection capsule's safety pins before the epic struggle.

In desperation he reached for a small lateral rod near the forward edge of the overhead hatch. He pulled himself up, much like one might chin himself on a bar, and managed to raise up over the can resting on the seat cushion.

Soon we heard over the intercom the now calmer voice of a greatly relieved pilot. Success, and possibly a first for a B-58 bomber pilot, had been achieved.

Hey There. I just wanted to add that I have been having excellent movements recently and I attribute this to my daily consumption of Granny Smith apples. These produce the "Goldilocks" turds. Not too hard, not too soft, just perfect. So take my advice "An apple a day, keeps constipation away".

Thursday, January 07, 1999

Back again. I have been away visiting, and now I am down to serious rehearsal for our pantomime, and normal exercise routine. I think I put on at least 12lbs over Christmas, and I am getting back in trim, but still producing some really big poos. Cassandra: My relatives near Toronto say they have loads of snow (wish I was there!). This does pose a question: Has anyone ever had a dump in the snow? I just wondered what it was like.

Nicola, you seem to know an awful lot about laxative effects for someone who never needs to take them. However we Brits are a bit obsessive about oral laxatives and their effects according to a pharmacist friend. I have travelled a lot in continental Europe on business. Over there, the preferred solution to obstinate constipation seems to be micro-enemas (like little toothpaste tubes with a short nozzle containing a small amount of active chemical). I believe these work in about 15 minutes without aggravating the rest of the digestive system like mineral oil or salts. I think they are available in the UK, but are mainly reserved for emergency use only by hospitals and district nurses. Has anyone ever tried them?

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