hee hee thanks jw that was a good story. was your mom surprised when you told her it happened while she was away. hee hee sorry mom you had to be there hee hee maybe next time. sorry. um yeah i do know what you meant i used to get that feeling too and i know exactly its like to go poop after 4 or 5 days as you may have read in my stories. it was a nice day today so me and my cousin went on a hike and we took a bucket to get some dirt from the forest there as my auntie and uncle asked us cause that dirt is more fertile than dirt here.anyway after a bit if hiking it snuck up on me and i said yikes i gotta poop. well he found an old shack and went inside and i had to poop in the bucket. it was cold but after a nice pee and boy did i need it i sat there and heard it make a funny noise as it flowed into the bucket. it sounded echoy and funny any after a bit of blushing i started to push and grunt out that poop. it took a while but then i felt my tushie starting to open up...and wide. i pushed and pushed andpushed and slowly it came out and after a while it landed in the bucket. i laughed out loud cause it landed with a loud thunk like someone had dropped a rock a big rock in the bucket. i laughed so hard 2 more poops slide out. whew i felt better and then we had to really try hard to clean the bucket. but we got the dirt for my auntie and uncle and it had a bit more fertilizer in it. hee hee.. say i want to ask i find it easier to poop outside or pee if i sit on something instead of squating....does anyone else find this easlier? bye for now guys. linda

Tree Whizzer
Nicola when I poop I can pee whenver, beofre, during, or after. I guess this is because my logs usually don't exceed 1.5 inches in diameter. I have ate quite a lot of the Olean-type chips andhaven't had a problem *phew!* but sometimes prescription meds give me a case of the LiquiTurds *ugh* Linda, although I'm a 17/male, I could help gigling at your reference to the Alka-Seltzer "Plop plop fizz fizz" jingle *L* That was pretty darn funny =o) If there are any other jingles out there that have such a connotation please let me know, all! And finally,I should apologize to Cassie for forgetting to put my name on my last post about my aircraft page. Bye for now!

i poo. it's great.

Poop Loggy Logg
I have a few tidbits to share courtesy of my wife, who used to work in a nursing home and is now a doctor. At the nursing home, there was an old woman who could never unload on her own, but the rule was that if an "inmate" had gone three days without pooping, the enema bag must be brought out. So every three days, like a ritual, the old lady would need an enema and then would produce with much difficulty what my wife describes as "a huge ball of shit", a collection of turds that formed into a lumpy spherical shape about six inches in diameter. Yowch! Also, apparently it is not uncommon for women to shit all over the place while under the strains of childbirth. The medical slang for this is "code brown". Urination is almost guaranteed unless the bladder is empty ahead of time. Nicola -- enjoyed your comments on why women can pee harder than men. I have noticed this myself, by observing my wife and by lurking near the women's restroom in my building. The fact that the female urethra is shorter was spot on, but both men and women urinate from an orifice that is roughly the same have to separate your lips to see how small it really is. So I think the length of the urethra is the main contributing factor. I would like to see a woman pee for distance sometime!!

Had an unusual bm today. It was about 3:30pm and I was getting ready to shower to go to work. I thought I'd sit on the pot even though I didn't have the urge to go. Well, I grunted and pushed and to my surprise, a nice, fat 6 inch log came out. I was proud of my accomplishment. After I go, I always stand up, turn around to look at the turd. Well, as I did this today, I was unaware that a peanut sized turd still was clinging to my anus. I stood up and turned around and the small turd fell, riccoched off my leg and landed on the white rug in front of the toilet. I was pissed, because I had just washed this rug. I didn't have time to wash it, so I just cleaned it up the best I could and flipped the rug over, so no one else in the household would see it. I'll wash it tomorrow. This particular poop stank to high heaven!!! You know that old expression, "He acts like his shit don't stink"? Well, I have a friend whose shit DOESN'T stink! Most of the time anyway. Why is this, I wonder. Also, can anyone suggest a way to eliminate the odor that I usually cause in the restroom? I sometimes strike a match, and that seems to work well, except that the match odor is usually a tell tale sign that you have just had a dump. I'd like to find a way to mask the scent by other means (i.e. Glade, Pot Pourri, etc). I also remembered a story today that a friend told me. When he was in college, he took a wicked shit in his apartment which he shared with two other guys. Anyway, this turd was huge. He claimed it was about a foot long and the diameter of a pop bottle (the single sized returnable ones, you don't see them much anymore). Anyway, he flushed the log and it did not go down. He ended up calling his two room mates to the bathroom to gawk at his turd. He ended up having to go the kitchen to get a knife to chop it up into flushable sized bits. I'd like to have seen that one. Eric

To crazybob......I was eating my breakfast cereal once and felt a really strong need to poo. As I was naked at the time and didn't want my cereal to go soggy while I was on the toilet, I took it in with me and shoveled cereal into my mouth while I pushed a big poo out of my bottom. It did feel good too, eating high fibre cereal while pooing. I made sure I finished eating before I wiped myself, didn't want to risk getting any germs in me!!! I must admit that since then, I do sometimes like to eat on the potty. I guess some people might find this disgusting but who cares? Has anyone else eaten anything on the toilet?

Thanks to all of you who commented on my inquiry about the aloe colon cleanser. I guess I will not be ordering any of this stuff. My bm's are adequate but I was facinated with the prospect of producing a 5 foot long turd--I think I knew all along that it was an impossible dream! (Nicola--I was impressed with your knowledge of biology!! ...and to all the physicists, thank you, I enjoyed that!)

Some Guy
Trevor- I wear boxers (it's all about the freedom) and as long as you shake Lil Willy well then the afterdrip is minimized. My afterdrip always goes into my boxers.

All the recent posts about some women enjoying doing a large solid turd as much as men prompted me to ask my girlfriend Louise. I had noticed that she always had a certain type of smile on her face whenever she did a nice big one and often she would be randy afterwards and it did turn her on. She always leaves the toilet door open when she is visiting my house so there was no problem about me coming in and watching when she has a motion and of course I let her watch me too. Louise doesn't produce the huge whoppers some of the females who post here such as Jill, Moira, Nicola, Cherise etc do, her's are usually between 8 to 12 inches long and 2 inches fat but nice and solid. Sometimes she does two jobbies in one sitting say an 8 incher and a 6 inch one with good "kur-spuloonk!" Ker-splonk" sound effects. My own motions are similar in size and nature to Louise's. Like a lot of the men who post here I too was turned on as a kid listening to my mum and my big sister doing their motions and sometimes seeing the jobbies they had done when they stuck in the toilet pan. I never actually saw either of them doing a motion, but just listening was a great thrill, and I can agree with Kenneth and Tony and others who described it as a "proxy poo" to hear all the intimate sounds the grunts and "UH! AH! s" , the "plops! and Kaplonks! and then the kur-spul-loonk!" sounds as a really big turd was dropped into the pan and I got the vicarious buzz thinking "she's doing a big jobbie in there". I can also confirm for Nicola that I have often experienced an erection when doing a good solid motion and then do my wee wee after the jobbie. I assume as she says that the pressure of the turd through the rectum both causes the erection, (as well as the psychological aspects), and also restricts the flow of urine. Women of course have no such problem. Louise will usually do both her wee wee and jobbie together but sometimes she does her wee wee, knows there is a motion on its way but if it hasnt come down will get off the pan and then about 10 minutes to half an hour later she will say that she feels the jobbie has come down and go to the toilet and pass it. Does any other woman, or for that matter any man, do this or observed this? Coprologist, sounds to me that you had a bad dose of the early morning runs with explosive diarrhea. Had you been eating very spicy foods or had a bit too much to drink or was it some ???? bug.

To answer Nicola's question, I normally wee before doing the jobbies. Though sometimes if the urgency for a motion is much greater than that for a wee, some of the jobbies may come out before I start to wee. I am surprised that you heard the tinkle of your man weeing when he was sitting. When I wee while sitting, the wee hits the porcelain at the front of the toilet. So there is no tinkle.

Hi. I'm a medical student and I have to make a survey about diarrhoea. I'd like to ask you a few questions. How do you call diarrhoea? (the runs,the shits,...) How often do you go to the toilet? How soft is your stool before you call it diarrhoea? Howmany times a year do you have diarrhoea? Is there any food in particular that gives you diarrhoea? When you have diarrhoea, do you have bad stomach cramps? Howlong does that diarrhoea usually lasts? Howmuch time is there between 2 diarrhoea stools? Did you ever go in your panties when you had diarrhoea? if so, please describe what you were wearing, how you handled the situation... Thanks a lot!

Jasmine: I know my flushing is exessive, but I'm always worried about plugging up the can. I've done that to many times and hate it when I have to reach into the bowl to losen the clog.

Wednesday, January 06, 1999

hello everyone reading this....i have been pooping well lately....just the other day i ppoped a poop that was almost(very very close) a foot took about 4 seconds to come out a...i was like ahhhhh...well then the biggy was followed by a small squirt of a poop....i forced the big poop out fast so that it wouldnt break off and not be long....i then knew that the poop wouldnt flush very good so i left and came back in 2 hours ...well when i flushed it desitegrated a little and went right down...later..

Dave , the 30 inches of poo that I passed was the TOTAL for that siting not as a single turd but came out over the course of about ten minutes as 3 jobbies, one 14 inch rather hard carrot shaped one which came out slowly with quite a lot of effort then when I had got my breath back two softer easier but still good solid formed curved sausages of about 8 inches each in length which slid out quite easily, and yes it did feel really great and was a turn on. This however was after a couple of days not having a motion. Normally I am quite regular generally having a motion after lunch each day as I have done since I was a kid. I eat a lot, am quite a muscular girl and play a lot of sports, field hockey, netball, even women's soccer, and work out at a gym and exercise helps keep the system working. My normal motions are big anyway, and a 12 inch turd is common for me to say the least. I would describe my usual type of jobbie as being in the firm to easy catagory a bit knobbly at the start then getting smoother towards the end and usually slightly curved and depending on what I have eaten a mid brown colour. It will float for a few minutes then sink. I hope this detail is of interest. My boyfriend also does quite long ones, though they are not usually as fat as mine. His jobbies are darker than mine and usually carrot shaped and sink straight away. Tracy, that was some jobbie the old lady did. I bet you must see some real whoppers in your occupation.. Eric, I dont know what else was in the Epsom Salts cocktail you took, perhaps some bulking agent which turns to a jely like substance in the bowels. Anyway, Im suprised that you did solid motions after taking it as usually a saline purgative such as Epsom or Glaubers Salts (Magnesium and Sodium Sulfate respectively) produces copious watery diarrhea as it works by altering the osmotic tension of the bowel contents and blocking the absorbtion of water, thus the stools remain liquid and diarrhea occurs. The gripeing pains you mention are caused by the peristaltic actions of the bowels being driven harder by the effects of the laxative. I dont take laxatives at all myself but this is how I understand that this type works. I find that a healthy diet and exercise keeps me reasonably regular. Bill, as far as women peeing faster than men I suppose its due to the urethra being shorter in a woman and of course her vulva is a wider orifice than the longer narrow tube from a man's bladder to the end of his penis. Also as with my boyfriend many men get an erection from pressure on the prostate galnd if they are passing a large solid turd and this stops them peeing until it comes out. Often my man will do his jobbie first then his wee wee afterwards. It does sound a bit strange hearing the "kur-sploonk!" of his jobbie dropping into the pan then the tinkle of the wee rather than the other way round as most women do. Do other men ever find this? As to hovering over the seat, I have done this if the seat was wet or dirty but luckily this doesnt happen too often and I will usually wipe it clean with some toilet paper in such cases any way. Finally, as to drips of urine after peeing my boyfriend wears briefs but he also drys his cock with toilet paper after a pee which reduces the amount of stains on the front of his underpants, which in any event he changes every day as I do my panties.

I have read this forum for a little while and now that I'm stuck inside alot due the blizzard and 21 inches of snow, I decided to say a little something. I found Tracy's report about a patient pooping a huge fat poo poo absolutely wonderful. I wish I could have seen it laying in the pan.On occasion I have passed a few good ones myself, but nothing that fat and that long at the same time.Cassandra you must be stuck somewhere in the mid west too. I love hearing pooping experiences when they poo poo's are fat and lumpy the best. Jonathan

Cassandra- WEll it seems I'm not the only one who's snowed in! WE had a foot of snow (30 cm) over the weekend pls some rfreezingrain afterward; everything the city plowe (Interstate-75 and -280 plus major streets) iced ovder. WE've been igging ourselves otu ever since. In response to your concern, it wasn't a prolapse, it turned insideout because of the force with whihc I'd been straining to push the log past the polyp in my intestine. Not a good memory though *SHUDDER* I wish I could talk to your dad as I have great interest in all things aerospace; I even made a page of my favorite aircraft at my Angelfrie directiory. I hope you can deal wiht the weather OK!

TDD>> You did a seven flusher? Is it really necessary to flush that many times? I'm not criticizing at all but its just that I've never heard of anyone having to flush that many times during a poop session.

I went to the movies the other week and for the first time ever I had to walk out in the middle of a movie to wee. If I hadn't done so I'm sure it would have ended up in my jeans, it was getting so painful and I knew it was going to be a long movie. I did go before the movie, but the giant size coke got to me too quick!! They really should replace the back row seats with a row of toilets so we don't miss any of the action!!!! Only problem with that is I would not see much of the movie as I would be watching any young women who went to use them!!!!

My morning bowel movement today was very spectacular. I sat down on the pot, gave a slight push and there was a loud explosive BRAAAAAATTTTTT sort of noise and I felt a large quantity of material exit from my arse-hole. On standing up to look, the water was full of small soft turds, and the whole of the sides and back and front of the bowl were covered with particles of shit of various sizes from a few millimeters to about 1 centimeter in size. Many were washed away with the subsequent flush, but some were still there after two further flushes. As I was at home rather than in a public toilet, I carefully wiped away all the unflushed material with TP. It took three lots of TP to clean everything up properly.

I was intetested in crazybob's post. I don't eat when I'm on the pot shitting, but I do quite often drink tea or coffee while doing my business.

A while ago when we had our school camp when we were on toilet cleaning duty one of the kids fathers nicknamed BIG AL was there and we found out he had ton this Giant crap it wasnt very long but it was about 6cm wide it took us an hour to get it down the toilet we had to poke it with a stick and tip buckets into the toilet :D

heh actually i can poop better when my cousin is in there with me. yeah i can go with privacy but well its not really a nice feeling to be straining alone there with no help. thats why i sometimes ask my cousin to come in. it feels better to have someone rub your ???? and make you feel comfy. but i do go alone sometimes like today. i have tried to go when i first get the feeling cause as ive said before i usually wait till it poking out.but to day i went takeing my overall off and told my cousin im going to go poop. he noded and asked if i wanted the door closed. i said no as i pulled my little blus pampies down and sat, besides the door to his room was locked so no problem. i peed while i sang a nd kicked my legs a bit. i was singing the song from alka seltzer...he hee you know plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is, heh if there was ever a song that was sercretly about pooping and peeing that would be it hee hee, anyway. i felt it starting to poke out so i got to pushing it out. i had to stop a few times cause it hurt. when it starts hurting i take a rest it helps a took so long i mean it would come out of my tushie very very slowly. which mad me mad but it felt kida good caus it was a long feeling of relif, then a huge plop as it fell in the potty. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uh oh another was on the way so i took a deep breath and started again oh i never go oo oo like some of you have said i usually just grunt. anyway another plop and then a small splash and i felt good. i just sat back and relaxed as i went ahhhhhhhh. im a noisy girl in the potty as i always go ahhhhhh or ooo i needed that or,,,oo that much better really loud. now you know why i can go at school. say i did finally notice and you guys were right my poop does make a crackling sound when it comes out.anyway i sat for a while and flipped though some of my cousins video game magazines.. he reads them when hes in there shhh dont tell i told you. anyway i got up wiped my front then my tushie then pulled up my pampies and my overalls

oh also to nicole...nice to see some my age is writing. um well its just good manners to flush the potty. some people dont like to go into the bathroom and see poop in there but hey what else did they expect to find in there it is a bathroom. also it help keep the potty clean and free of germs. if it stays there to long well germs have a party and well everyone knows what they can do to us. heh but dont worry sometimes i dont flush but only when i go pee. i flush when i poop cause i dont want to scare anyone with the size of my poop. plus if my auntie see it shell say im constipated and will give me an enema or worse. sigh oh well hope to hear some stories from you nicole bye linda

Daddy G
i've had Pringles made with Olean... they have NO effect on me whatsoever... kinda wierd, but maybe i have an Iron Colon.

Jean Claude
Re: WOW (tm) I've not had any problem with the Olean chips, but I've not eaten a whole bag of them, either.

A couple weeks ago my sister visited our cabin for the first time so she used a camcorder to tape all the rooms. We were all drunk when the video tape was made. To end the tour, my friend took the camera out to the outhouse and taped all the writing on the walls (we leave a magic marker out there and encourage any guests to sign the walls). Then he pointed the camera down the hole and explained that I had left a pair of pooped underwear down there, but you couldn't see it because it was buried under two years worth of turds. Later on, my sister showed the video to my mom, and Mom copied it and showed my relatives. I'm 29 years old and now my mom and my relatives know I shit my pants.

linda- Thanks for your reply to my post. You asked for a story about when I was little, had to go and my Mom sat with me an watched. I had been constipated real bad for like four or five days. Mom gave me a big dose of Milk of Magnesia and it had finally made me feel like I wanted to try to go. Do you know what I mean by that? I didn't KNOW I HAD to go, it was just like it would be really nice to make this feeling in my bottom go away. Anyway I told my Mom I had to do a doo-doo, anyone else ever call it that? She thought that was just great and took me off to the bathroom, took my pants down and placed me on my potty. And then sat down to watch. Now as I sat there I'm feeling more and more like this Monster of all BM's wants out of my but its not going to come by itself, I'm doing to have to bear down and really work on it. Well I hate this, Mom's sitting there and I want to grunt this thing out. Well I started to try to push, but I was really carefull not to make any noise, the grunting part of it was always the most embarrassing for me, I HATED it when Mom heard me grunt. The BM started to open my butthole but because I really wasn't pushing with every thing I had (so as not to grunt) I just couldn't get it out. Finally Mom told me that if I was having that much trouble I probably needed an enema. That was GREAT!!! she had to leave the bathroom to get the enema stuff. That was when I grabbed the seat and bore down with all I could give it, Boy did I GRUNT when that sucker came out!-- JW

LFE, no, but I have been woken up by somebody else's fart. It was a few years ago when I was 16 and a few of us went camping. I got woken up by my friend's fart, he was already awake. Apparently he really needed the toilet but didn't want to get out of his sleeping bag as it was a cold night so was holding it in, well most of it. He did manage to wait for the morning without to much mess, his undies caught anything that slipped out.

In response to ?, I rarely get skids in my underwear unless I have a particularly loose stool but I believe that part of it is how well someone cleans up after themselves and how much physical activity that you are doing at the time. When I was in college hanging out with a couple of buddies,one of his roommates would borrow just about anything. My friend had a pair of white shorts that was identical to his and the only way they could tell the difference were the skid marks he left in the shorts. The roommate didn't really wipe is bum and had no shame if there were brown spots that showed up on his pants once in while. He would even borrow my friends undies when his were too gross to use and needless to say that were roommates for one quarter only.

Tuesday, January 05, 1999

hi, i'm yet another person who has been hanging around here forever and not posting. i'm LI and have IBS. i've been interested in poop since i was a very small child and i don't know why. i was never taught that it was a "dirty habit" or anything else. i do have a few good stories, but i'll probably post again some other time. right now i have a question okay, so i've tried the Wow! chips (the ones made with olean) and so has everyone else i know, and i don't know anyone who can eat them without having them go straight through. it didn't surprise me that they gave me the runs, since my whole digestive tract is screwed anyway, but they don't agree with any of my friends either. we all agree that they do work great as a laxative! can anybody eat these chips without adversive effects?

While cleaning the school restrooms, I can report that most kids do not flush their bowel movements. If a restroom has 8 toilets, some days all 8 will be full of shit. Some of the toilets will clog when flushed due to enormous poops or because of buddy dumping. Then, some of the kids will get poop on their fingers and smear it on the seat or the wall. That's cool, I just clean it off.

Hello to everyone and Happy New Year! As one who admits to listening to as many women in the toilet as he can, I have a couple of questions for the ladies: First, it often sems to me, at least from the sound, that women pee much faster than men. I mean the sounds I hear seem like a real flood, rather than a more modest streasm like mine. The few womenn I have actually observed seemed to pee in a litle stream or a few dribbles, possibly from embarassement or somnthing, and didnt make the kind if sounds I've heard in there. Second, I know many women "hover" over the seat, due to concerns of clenliness i suppose. The question is, what do they do if they have to do a motion at the same time? Do you hover to pee and then sit? That wouldn't,make too much sense. I suppose one could do a motion from a hovering position, but Iv'e never tried it. What do you think ladies?

Hi and Happy New Year everyone. Sorry i haven't posted here awhile, i traveled and returned to find a blizzard in force, everyone is clearing cars out of snow embankments including me, my first few days are now spent grubbing around shoveling ( record 20 inches) and eating to fuel up for more because of drifting snow, boots, coats, hats, gloves, scarfs all are de rigeour, it's fun at times my neighbor and i made a snow turtle, all this bending and boots off unwrapping before going to the toilet to poop.At times i have felt like one of those old locomotives , stocking up for for more energy. Did i mention it's cold too, with a wind chill of 20 deg. below zero. Hi Jill thanks for that lovely note, i am very visualyl oriented and i work in the art field as a asst. curator for a museum but i'm American,English and Portuguese and grew up between my two families areas of Colorado and Massachusetts, i've visited Canada, Montreal was wonderful. Hi Nicola , welcome back. Mary G. what a great post that was.Tree Wizzer that sounds like a prolapse and i'm glad you had surgery to correct it, oh! it seems it was f-10 and not the other, will write more when i talk to my dad next. Nice to see so many old and new faces. Bye cassi

hi im nicole im 8 could someone please tell me why we got to flush poop down potty after we do it. it dont nything byit being there in potty?

I read Nicola's post and the others about the Aloe Colon Cleanser and the hige motions it is supposed to produce.I am a nurse in an old people's rest home and I have seen some really big turds in my time. The elderly are often a bit sluggish in their bowel movements and thus pass quite big ones. The largest I have however seen was done by an old lady called Lucy at the home I work in. Our residents are elderly and most walk with sticks or are otherwise in need of care but are mentally sound. One day Lucy, who is quite a fat old lady, said she was a bit constipated and asked for some Liquid Parafin to help ease things. As I see from old posts it has been explained that Liquid Parafin (mineral oil in the USA) is in normal doses a very mild lubricant laxative and doesn't cause loose or watery stools so is not unpleasent in its effects. Next day just after lunch when I was back on duty Lucy asked to be helped to the toilet as she felt she now needed a motion. The couple of smelly farts she emitted confirmed that to me. I helped her to the toilet and to lift her skirt and pull her knickers down to her knees and sat her on the pan. Now we normally leave residents in privacy to do their business unless they need supervision unless they ask us to stay. Lucy did ask as she felt it might be a difficult motion and I remained gently rubbing her ????. She did her wee wee then after a couple of loud fart went "UH! AH! NNNN...." and I heard the crackling sound that many on this website have mentioned. I couldn't see anything as her fat buttocks covered the pan but could smell a healthy solid motion being passed. Still going "UH! UH! " she pushed her motion slowly but surely out eventually going "AH! AH!AHHHHHHH!" There was no sound but she said, "Oh that's a relief" As she sat up for me to wipe her backside I saw the great long fat brown log. It was huge with about half of it sticking up out of the water while the rest disappeared round the hidden bend. I wiped her and pulled up her knickers and fixed her dress then after we both washed our hands I took her back to the day room. I had pulled the flush but the huge turd didnt move an inch. I went back to the toilet but 3 further flushes made no difference. There was no alternative but to put on a rubber glove and remove the jobbie from the toilet,putting it in a bedpan and emptying it down the sluice sink. This is like an extra large toilet pan with the addition of taps and a hose which is used to empty bedpans into and can thus cope with larger loads than an ordinary toilet pan. I thus had a chance to closely examine this big motion, It was about 20 inches in length and two and a half thick at its fattest, very lumpy and compacted with folds in its length but getting smoother for the last 6 inches or so and coated with the liquid parafin which had helped it slide out. It took 2 flushes of the sluice sink to get it to go away. This is the biggest motion, passed in a single jobbie, I have ever seen. My own tend to be about 9 to 12 inches long and 2 inches fat and I thought I did big ones but this was a jolly brown giant!

Tree Whizzer
Hey Linda, thanx for responding to my post =o) Your cuz seems to have a god strategy to keep those buttheads from messin with ya *L* I hope it works! I am better now but I'll be damned if I'm gonna strain cause it makes my rectum sore and with the events that happened, I don't feel comfortable straining anyway. YOu're lucky to have someone that will help you feel orecomfortable in situations like that; as I said before, my hat goes off to your cousin. About the near accident, I been in that situaiton, hope everything went ok. YOur posts are interesting and good to read; we all luv ya! <=o) Nothing interesting has been going on with my bathroom trips in the last week, only thing thathappened as my stools became a bit mushier after Christmas but that's long since cleared up. Bye for now =o)

I just love to sit on the potty and eat a sandwich, or chicken the stomach and out the poop shoot....can u beat that??

Has anyone ever farted so loud they woke themselves up?!? I did it the other night, but luckily I think I was the only one that was woken up by it (my friend was sleeping over)

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