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This post has nothing to do with human bowel habits, but due to the discussion of the ultimate size of a BM, I thought some might find it interesting. Has anyone seen the cable program where they follow veterinarians while they handle animal energencies? It usually involves a gerbil with an ingrown tooth or something like that, but there was something interesting recently. A horse was brought in (a BIG horse) that had been acting listless and generally unhealthy, and not eating. The vet felt around the horse's belly and concluded that there was an impaction (i.e. he was plugged up). The only thing to do was to anesthetize the horse and surgically open him up. So they put this poor horse asleep and lay him on a big table, and open him up. Right away you could see that a huge length of colon, probably 5 or 6 feet, was seriously stuffed with poop. They sort of pulled the colon away from the the rest of the horse, out towards the edge of the table, and just sliced it open. The amount of shit that came out of that horse's colon was nothing short of astronomical. There must have been several hundred pounds of very gooey brown shit, and it went ALL OVER the place. Fortunately the horse made a quick recovery after the surgery. So the next time you're constipated...remember, it could always be worse!! By the way, I was reading the posts here just before I started typing this, and I heard a short, loud, "starter pistol" fart on the other side of a row of cabinets...somebody over there must have thought he was alone.

Has anyone ever had painful poops due to Epson Salts? Last night, I drank a small Epson Salts cocktail (according to the directions) because I had been constipated for a few days. Eating a bowl of chili a few hours after that was probably not a smart thing to do. I went to bed as usual, and at 6AM, I awoke with some some pain coming from my small intestine area. I thought I had to fart, and I tried to squeeze one out. You know that feeling when you fart and realize that poop is coming out? I ran to the bathroom and sat on the pot. I squeezed another fart out and a huge, greasy turd came out immeadiately. It came out so fast, my asshole slammed shut! Then I heard a gurgling sound coming from my small intestines accompanied by some mild pain. I sat there and more greasy turds came out. I wiped and noticed that along with the usual turn remnants, there was a clear, jelly-like substance on the toilet paper. I was a little curious as to what could cause this. I got up, and went back to bed. About 5 minutes later, I had to repeat the process, only the turds were smaller the 2nd time. The last good dump I had was saturday afternoon. I had just finished eating a large meal and then headed off to work. It takes me about 30 minutes to drive to my place of employment, but about 20 minutes into the ride, I had a MAJOR urge to shit. I sped towards work, knowing that was the only place I could dump, since there are no fast food restaurant toilets on the way. Well, I parked in the garage and ran for the elevator, all the time farting galore. Wouldn't you know, the elevator stops on the floor prior to the one I get off on. I had just farted and some guy gets on, I know he had to have smelled it and I was embarrassed. Still, I had a mission, so I bolted out of the elevator on my floor and ran toward the mens room. I couldn't seem to unbuckle my belt fast enough. I managed to drop my pants and sit, just intime for my asshole to explode! It was one of the biggest turds that had come out of me in a long time. Very long and very smelly. There's nothing like a good shit. Cheers. Eric

thanks so much emma-I felt so bad about what I had done-now I know I'm not alone I see so much better!

concerning your post Mitchell, I sometimes have skid marks, and I don't see that much I can do to help the matter. I normally have more solid waste and then it's no problem, but when it's really soft, it sticks to all the hair in my crack and let me tell you I have a LOT (of hair that is)! When at home where I know the toilet is clean and safe, I will flush and then when the toilet refills, splash some water on my bum and clean up and then use more toilet. As far as using more toilet paper, I will use no more than Two big clumps to wipe because then you take the chance of clogging up the toilet. I can usually get 2 wipes per clump by folding. So the most I can wipe it 4 times. If I wipe with smaller clumps, the waste gets all over my hands as the clump tears. So feel what you will mitchell, I wash my own clothes and I don't think it's that much of a problem, why do you?

Mitchell: I'm a dude that wipes a lot after a good dump, but I still get skid marks sometimes. Guess it depends if something leaks out afterwards. I exercise a lot and find my bowels really open after a workout. Nothing feels better after a hard workout than a good relaxing sit on the can. Trevor: I'm uncut, after a pee while standing at a urinal is to shake then pull the skin forward before putting my dick away. I like boxers when i'm at home (that's all I wear around the house when I'm alone), but I agree with the drippings if I wear them in public. I always have pee running down my leg in boxers, but with briefs it gets caught. All dudes: Everyone talks about producing major logs, but I only produce a TON of small ones. This morning's dump was a seven flusher. I let out some; flush, let out more; flush, and so on. Sitting on the can is relaxing to me. I spend over an hour evey morning sitting, releasing and reading.

Nicola, thanks for your latest post. Your description of your 30 inch poop was amazing, I bet it felt incredibly sensuous and satisfying. Do you normally go every day or every other day? My bowel is quite active, I tend to go once a day which is why my jobbies are short and narrow - maximum 1 inch diameter, so I have never experienced an erection while pooping like your boyfriend. Has he ever matched your performances?

Monday, January 04, 1999

The Other Day I went In the downstairs bathroom(1st floor) to go pee and I almost went with the door open. This day my housekeeper was here. On New Years Day I went to the movies I peed before the movie and during the movie. Does any one on here get up during the movies to go pee? If so do you have trouble finding your seat when you come back because It Is dark?

This is in response to ? who asked about skid marks. I think that some people get them because of lacksadaisical wiping habits. I have sat next to guys in the mens room and have noticed that after a particularly loose movement (evidenced by noise and odor) they will wipe once, perhaps twice. I know that when I have that kind of movement (which is quite often since I eat a lot of fiber), I must wipe at least seven or eight times, until the paper is clean. I also like to take my index finger and clean inside my hole. When I am at home, I use wet wipes after my initial six or seven dry wipes with conventional toilet paper. This gets me "squeekee clean" as they say. How anyone could leave the toilet with a dirty ass is beyond me, but I suspect that many think that one or two wipes is sufficient, and that underwear is designed to catch the rest. Not much attention has been paid in this forum to wiping habits, and I think it would be interesting to hear others' opinions and their particular techniques.

Following the recent letters about pee stains I'm starting to wonder if I'm unusual? I get pee stains, and they are entirely caused by the few extra drips that occur just after putting my willy away. I always thought this was normal, and indeed was the best reaon for wearing underpants at all! But I did wonder how some guys seem to be able to wear boxers, whereas if I do so these unwanted drips run down my leg. So now I always wear briefs.

Dazz, There is nothing wrong with what you produce. Keep up the good work! ? We all know what we leave for stains in our underwear. I can't beleive he was so cheap and stupid as to borrow someone eles's. One day can be excused but the whole time you were there? I would have kept the remnants and cherished them forever, but the person I would be a litttle bit doutful of remembering.

Happy New Year everyone. Hope this page goes from strength to strength in 1999 and that we finally get the results of the Sitting on the Toilet survey. To Jeff A: Boxing Day is the day after Christmas, 26th Dec and is a public holiday in England (but not in Scotland, where they have Jan 2nd instead). If it falls on a Saturday or Sunday as this year, the holiday is postponed till the Monday.

Adam from Canada
It is Sat night and I am relaxing. To answer your question Moira, I have been eating lots of salads and fruits. I also have been drinking lots of water (tap). I went through the day pretty well after my trip to the can this morning. Sometimes when I eat, I feel bloaded after. I also have lots of gas. I think I have picked up a virus or it could be my diet. I really don't want my family doctor to get involved, because he is one of those doctors that tends to scare the patients. For example, i had a strain near my bladder and I told the doctor. He was questioning the possibility of a hernia. When I think of this problem i am having with my stomach, I keep thinking it may be something serious. Did I mention that I have a tension above my butt? It comes and goes. I am one of those people that isn't in shape and I was wondering if it could have an effect on my problem?

Haly>> I, too, have heard that informercial talk on the radio on a couple of ocasions in Seattle, and I found that some of the claims were almost unbelieveable to the point that I changed stations out of disgust...5 foot long turds being passed in one movement sounds a little on the impossible side, much less having room in the toilet bowl for the mass after exiting the body...I know I have produced 20 inches plus on a few rare occasions, but that must win the prize! As for New Year's Day, I spent the last couple of minutes of 1998 and the first couple of minutes of 1999 dumping a modest load, as it came out in 3 seperate waves, all firm and solid...what a way to end and start a year! :-)

hi. this is to tw hope you dont mind i made your name short. thanks for caring. yeah my sisters are mean but my cousin took care of them. he turned them against each other had got pics of them on the potty. now they know if if they bother me those pic get posted on the internet for all to see. my cousin really wouldnt do that but hey they dont know that hee hee. oh but that sounded awful what happened to you. im glad to here they fixed it. gee that awful for anyone to have to go through that. hey i would be scared to strain too.oh to jeff a. boxing day is what they call the day they get tp open their chirstmas presents. my cousin has a girlfriend in the uk and i heard them talking about it. i thought it sounded funny cause my cousin said boxing day gee why do they call it that cause when you dont like you present you beat up the person who gave it to you. silly boy. oh and by the way my cousin has saved me many times from pooping or peeing in my underpants.oh well today i had it bad. i drank a big sprite from the cookie co place and well i had to go bad but we were leaving and stuoid me thought i could wait till we got home. yup after an 1 and a half drive i was waddling my way to the toilet when a few drops slipped out. i paniced and called to my cousin. he got me to the toilet cause i didnt dare move in fear my cousins room would become the next ocean. he undressed me quick and sat me down. oh it felt good. a sat there peeing for like 5 minutes nonstop say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my cousin saw that i was blushing a bit so he felt. i was blushing cause i felt dumb about having held it so long then needing help to get to the potty again. anyway after my bladder finally shrank. i wiped my front and pulled up my pokemon pampies and overalls. gee i shudder at the thought that one day i may not be lucky enough to have my cousin there to save me yikes. bye for now linda

Hey! Your response to Haly is wrong! Your formulas are correct, but you are confusing radius and diameter. Thus the answer would be .815 gallons, not 3.26.

Hi guys, and Happy New Year! My "habits" have been pretty normal over the holidays, but I did fart a lot more than usual immediately after Christmas [these were LOUD, several-second farts with surprisingly little smell. I was able to do these in private, thank goodness]. I agree with many of the posters on here that it is unacceptable, not to mention embarrassing, to be "shamed" by a parent, coach, or other adult figure for accidentially messing one's pants. I've never gone in my pants since I'v e been toilet trained (that was about 18 years ago), knock on wood. I would be mortified (not literally, but you get the point) if I accidentially went in my panties, even if nobody was around to see it. Linda, nobody should be in the bathroom with you unless YOU think it's okay. You would probably be able to poop easier, and not dislike it as much, if you had complete privacy. With that being said, it's also great that you have such a loving and understanding cousin who's there when you need him to help, but also respects your space and need for privacy. ThickOne, I've never lined my panties with TP because of diahrrea, but did so a couple of times because of "bleeding" problems. Jeff A., Boxing Day is the day after Christmas, celebrated in Britain, Canada, and other Commonwealth countries. It was traditionally the day when households gave boxes of coins to charities (similar to UNICEF or church rice bowl collections), but is now an excuse for shops to hold "After Christmas" sales. Lots of love and a peaceful, happy 1999. Alex :)

Adam from Canada
Well, it is Sunday night and I just had a poop. My lower back right above my butt has been sore all day and I don't think it has to do with being regular. The poop was ok, it was a small load that came out in little chunks. I also noticed that as I got near the end of wiping, the toilet paper was a yellowish brown. Does anyone know what that is? Does anyone know anything about rectum/bowl diseases? I am 23 years old and just wondering if I am at high risk? I really don't want to discuss this with my doctor at the moment.

Hi guys! To Dazz [and anyone else who had unusual dumps after the holiday feast], I pooped a little more than normal after the holiday, but not as much as you described. I assume most people eat more during Christmas or Hanukkah, and that would affect one's bathroom routine. Tree Whizzer, I'm sorry to hear about your awful ordeal with the inside-out rectum. You may know that I have occasional bouts of constipation, and have gotten back and leg pains from serious straining; that pales compared to what you've been through, so I understand how you still don't like having to strain when going. I had to pee the other day, so I went in, sat down, and let out about 20 seconds worth of pee, wiped my vagina, flushed, washed, and left. I had to go again a couple of minutes later, so I repeated the same. I thought I was done, but about 10-15 minutes later, please see above. I usually pee in one sitting (no pun intended), unless I'm also taking a dump, when I often let out an initial strain of pee and then let out trinklets of pee while I'm pooping. This is the first time in recent memory that I sat down three times to pee within a half-hour period (I felt "emptied" after each time on the toilet, so I didn't feel or think I had to go anymore). I hope everyone has a happy and peaceful new year. Love, Steph

Jeff A.
Hi all, Excellent stories lately. Some of which were actually quite touching. Linda: I think you are a ray of sunshine in a world of darkness! so what if you hate to poop? It's no big deal. I can sypathize with your problem, and thanks for explaining yourself better. I'm happy that you and your cousin have such a good thing. You're a sweetie. Jessica: Good for you! Yes, I'm sure you'll be the wife of an NFL player in a short while. That was a nice sensitive piece from you. I don't know if I would want to go around teasing a football player over it. I wouldn't want my face rearranged! I've seen a case of food poisioning once that was as extreme as what you described. It's really scary! Good luck to the both of you. Patty: I loved your story. I had a girlfriend named Patty who I mentioned only once in this forum on old posts page 71, but deserves to be mentioned a lot more! She wasn't as heavy as your friend. She was pleasantly ????, and as cute as can be. She really, really enjoyed watching men go to the bathroom, and equally enjoyed having men watch her in return. I met her through a previous girlfriend after we'd split up. One time she had to poop by some trees on a long country drive that was incredible! Happy Camper: Thanks again for your vote. My business keeps me travelling so if I head down to your area, I'll post it here first, and maybe we can meet at the airport, and get together to swap war stories or something. We can exhange stories over the pale light of a pitcher of beer, cold pop, or dry martinis. Whichever you like. I love you all, Happy new year to you and the best of wishes. Also thanks to the site management for creating such a wonderful hotel, and inviting us all to stay. My toilet wouldn't flush today...Y2K y'think?... Oh yeah, and about that "60 incher" that I read about. It's not funny. I was attacked by one that big in the psychotronic sci-fi film "The Amazing Colossal 60 inch Feces" starring John Agar,and the lovely Julie Adams. The rundown: a giant turd falls on San Francisco which demolishes the golden gate bridge, and rocks the bay! This in turn creates havoc in thousands of overflowing toilets in both the fillmore and union district, causing people to poop outdoors at dead concerts. In the end, the citizens of North Beach band together, and with the aid of The Air National Guard, and the Northern Toilet Paper Company, they are able to wrap it up, and air lift it to the desert where it is destroyed by a nuclear device. 1958 B/W 62m. VHS. Love y'all.

Well I can see from this board that we all have accidents at some time. Most of the time I seem to have got away with mine. A skirt is useful to hide a wet pair of knicks! Jeans just make it too obvious !!!! see you all soon

Hope you all had a happy new year. I too find the advert Haly mentions a bit of an exageration. The colon, (large intestine or bowel) is from 6 to 8 feet long in most adults but not all of that holds solid stools. In fact the feces are watery when they exit the ileum (end of small intestine) and enter the bowels near the appendix at the cecum. From there they are slowly propelled through the large intestine with water being absorbed until they reach the rectum as the solid motions we all like to pass, so only the content at the end of the bowels is likely to be solid. If the bowel was full of 5 foot of stool due to chronic constipation there would be overflow diarrhea as the liquid content further up the colon would leak past the solid mass. This often happens in elderly bedridden people. Besides the amount of abdominal distension would be quite something and could put pressure on the other organs both in the abdomen and the thorax (behind the rib cage). I believe that such tremendous fecal impaction was the immediate cause of death of Elvis, as the back pressure when he tried to have a BM brought on heart failure. Anyway, Im not a doctor, I only know a bit of anatomy from my Sports and PE studies at school, but I agree with the site moderator that the claims of 5 ft long turds for Aloe Colon Cleanser are a bit wild. (unless of course anyone has actually tried it- let us know). The only type of laxative I can think of that would produce large soft but formed stools would be the bulk type which absorbs water and swells up into a soft mass in the colon such as Bran, cellulose and guar gum based products. The most I have ever passed, after being bunged up for a couple of days was an aggregate of 30 inches which came out as 3 jobbies as I recall one whopper of 14 inches long and two 8 inchers all about 2 inches thick. The first one being firm and a bit lumpy and carrot shaped, the other two smooth and softer like big easy sausages. I dont know what the record for a single, solid, formed stool which came out in one piece is, but I'd love to kno! w. Perhaps readers could tell of their personal best or the biggest they have seen but this would alas be open to exageration. Dave, I cant speak for others although I feel from this website that many of the female posters would agree, but I am a girl who enjoys passing a nice big solid jobbie and have often been turned on when I do, ever since I was a kid, and from some of the girls who are close friends who I have discussed this with this feeling is quite common. I dont know about a "G spot" but there are lots of sensitive nerve endings in the rectum and I suppose the passing of a large fat solid turd stimulates these in both genders. In males of course there is the added pressure on the prostate gland which often causes an erection in such circumstances and this has happened to my boyfriend on the occasions he has passed a big one. I suppose too there is the feeling of satisfaction and pride and I definitely get a buzz not only when I look at the big jobbie I have just done but if someone else sees it too. Likewise Im quite happy if someone hears me dropping a big turd if it gives them a buzz. As t! o the sensation being as pleasurable as sex, its similar but different if you get my meaning. Boxing Day, Jeff A, is the day after Xmas Day so its Dec 26th. Its a Public Holiday in the UK. I think it took its name from the practice of people in the old days giving gifts or Christmas Boxes to their servants on that day, perhaps consisting of the leftovers and surplus from the Christmas feast of the day before. I dont want to start a scene going on skid marks and yes girls will get them too if they dont wipe their bum properly after a motion. Sometimes it cant be helped, no toilet paper in a public or school toilet especially if the motion passed was soft, then there is the wet fart if your motions are a bit loose. Personaly, I always carry some toilet paper with me . Also like most women and thankfully, many men, I change my panties every day, sometimes twice a day in very hot weather, and when Im on my period. I couldn't abide wearing the same knickers for two days. My boyfriend is equally clean and hygienic in his personal habits. We too had inspections at school every so often by the school nurse. This involved lining up dressed only in vest and underpants and she would look in your panties and mark your card if they were dirty. I think however she made allowances for the odd wee wee stain or skid mark and was really only looking for evidence of lice infestation or for very dirty clothing which appeared to have been worn for several days unchanged. In Primary (grade) School we also brought a spare pair of knickers usually navy blue ones for PE and Games and likewise in Secondary (High) School. No one thought this uncommon and there was no stigma attached to it. Indeed it was a sensible idea in case of accidents of either type. Finally, to the correspondent who asked a few days back a "wedgie" is caused by pulling your panties or knickers up tight into the crack of your buttocks and vulva, something a girl could do but a man would find his balls got in the way. I cant see the point of doing this myself but I believe its a turn on for some folk.

Roger- Yes, my girlfriend's poop was massive, about 2 1/2 inches thick and 11 inches long, followed by some mushy bits. Haly - the colon cleanser you have heard about is on sale in UK heealth food shops. All it consists of is a bulking agent and acidophilus, and I believe that the latter is the active ingredient. I had a colonic irrigation once, and the therapist advised me to buy acidophilus capsules and to take 3 of these 3 times a day, together with a bulking agent such as Fybogel (a vegetable fibre which you mix with water and drink). Moderator - the mathematics for the volume calculation are correct, except that r=radius,not diameter - you have calculated for a colon width of 4 inches, so possibly the ad claims are not so ridiculous after all.

Okay, thanks. So maybe we can forget about the mortician...

Sunday, January 03, 1999

Hi people......I don't know why it is, but the last two days I have been going to the toilet for a poo three times a day. I didn't eat more than usual on Christmas day or eat anything out of the ordinary, so it's a complete mystery to me. Each time I went to the toilet I would do about half a dozen good firm 3-4 inch poos which came out easily and went plop - plop - plop - plop - plop - plop with only about a second between each poo, each one giving me a splash on the bum which I do love so much. They felt really good coming out too and left my bum all tingly and me very aroused, so it was such a bonus to need to poo that often. I've just come from the toilet and did five 3-4 inch poos, so I hope this pattern continues while I am off work and staying at home so I can really enjoy them. Happy 1999 everyone and hope you all have a pooey new year!!!

Tree Whizzer
Linda- That sux that your sister played pranks on you when you wre trying to take a dump! Your cousin sounds like a really great guy to help you in the bathroom; I read the post where he saved you from pooping your pant, and I must say my hatgoes of to him to be so caring =o) Well my reason for hating pooping has to do with a medical problem I had when I was little. My mom used to check my poop to make sure I was healtjhy and it paid off cause one time when I was 5 she saw a streak of blood in it. I'd been straining kinda hard to pass logs recently but had thought nothing of it. She took me to the doctor who couldn't find anything wrong. 2 months later I had to poop and I strained so hard htat myrectum turned INSIDE-OUT!! It was hanging partway out my arse-hole, I was crying like hell and m parents ended up taking meto the hospital for surgery. They started doing enemas on me and found I had a polyp (lump) in my sigmoid colon, which is the part of the large intestine just before the rectum. They put me on a diet that included daily doses of Metamucil while they looked into it further. They determined that the polyp wasn't cancerous and scheduled outpatient surgery, which I underwent a few months later. The problem was cured although I did have to take a lot of Metamucil the first couple weeks aftert the surgery to make sure I didn't injure the point where the polyp was. Althogh I am still better today, I remeber how awful it was when my rectum was hanging inside-out partway out of my anus; thus, I still cringe in situations when I have to strain.

Jeff A.
Happy Camper: Thanks for giving me such a great award! Sorry I'm so late in responding, but I was taking a dump! (Just kidding!) I'm glad you like my stories, I sure love remembering them. I'm not so sure I'm deserving of such an honor though. About my prize, I'd rather spend the 24 hours with Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Peta Wilson, and Denise Richards. Better yet, I'd rather spend it with good friends such as you all. I can even handle the travel expenses! All I have to do is cash in my empty beer cans! Happy new year to everybody! I do have a question though: What is Boxing Day?

Happy New year to you all from George and myself. To answer Thick One, Im lucky that I have a cast iron constituton and dont often get the runs nor does George but we have both put a sanitary towel in our panties when we have had this problem. It wont help that much if you have a full blown accident unleashing a torrent of diarrhea into the seat of your panties but does protect against the odd wet fart or minor leak, and I have know many other people, men and women who have used this as a protection. Its rather like using an incontinence pad as people with that problem use to line their knickers and panties. I think they call them "depends" in the USA. Bill, I am a lawyer and while we dont actually have unisex toilets in our office, (British Legislation dictates that over a certain number of staff of either gender a stipulated number of separate WCs have to be provided for each sex) we are a bit casual and if the Ladies are occupied we will use the Gents and vice versa, no one seems to mind too much. I have sat in the pan continuing a conversation with a male partner while doing a motion and it didnt bother him any more than me. We do have separate toilets for clients and they seem to prefer it that way. Nicola, nice to read your posting at Xmas. I eat a lot and therefore I dump a lot though I must say that my productions over the Xams Boxing Day period was quite a load even for me. It reminded me of when I was about 16 and went on holiday with my family to a very posh hotel where the portions of food were prodigious. Nearly every time I went for a wee wee I also passed a motion, an easy smooth formed jobbie of at least 8 inches long. Having 3 large meals a day I suppose the food was just being continuously digested and passed out of my system. I certainly passed many big jobbies that week! Adam, had you been eating something very spicy or with a lot of coarse vegetable matter contained in it? That might cause the effects you complained about. Brad, ass gaskets are not that common in Britain, they do sound like a good idea but I can see that flushing them away afterwards could block the toilet and if they are water soluble they wont be a lot of use. I always have a look at the seat and wipe it with some toilet paper if I am in doubt and have even put the seat up and sat directly on the pan itself after wiping the porcelain rim, but usually this isnt needed. Perhaps women are cleaner than men but I have only rarely, even at school, seen seats dirtied with urine or feces, though I can see how this could happen if someone had explosive diarrhea and let go just as they were sitting down. Luckily I have never been in a situation where the toilet was in such a dirty condition that I had an accident in my panties because I wouldn't use it. SCM Most women get a bit constipated when having a period (on the rag), I still have periods although I am in my forties, and my motions are harder and lumpier just before and during that time. I dont let it bother me, if I am really badly constipated I will take a small dose of Liquid Parafin (Mineral Oil in the USA) and this lubricates matters without making the stools loose. George is a great help at such times as he rubs my ???? for me as I pass a load of big hard balls. The sound effects are quite something I can tell you like a load of depth charges, "KURSPLOONK! KERSPLONK! KAPLOONK!" and some of the lumps are as big as tennis balls. Okey, sometimes it can leave my ring a bit sore but Id rather that than the runs. I assume your reference to the "bloody gerbil" relates to a used tampon. I prefer sanitary towels but its a very personal choice. All the best for 1999 to the site moderator for providing this wonderful forum and to all posters new and old. Id love to hear from Jay and Paige again and also Pooping Girl if they are still there.

I was listening to a infomercial on the radio the other night and they were talking about a product that is an aloe colon cleanser. They claim that after using this product that your stool would be two to five feet long and at least two inches in diameter as it is cleansing your intestinal tract. Two feet, maybe--but FIVE FEET!! --come on. (That's 60 inches! --sorry Nicky, this is in no way trying to downplay your magnificent whopper of Boxing Day). Has anyone had any experience with this product? Has anyone had any experience producing anything close to five feet long and two inches in diameter? I'm thinking of ordering this product so let me know.

We are assuming a cylindrical object 60 inches long (5ft.*12in/ft=60in) and 2 inches thick: the space inside the cylinder (volume) is figured by V=3.14r2h where V=volume, r=2 inches and h=60 inches. The volume comes to:754 cubic inches. 1 cubic inch=.004 gallons. 754*.004=3.26 gallons. That's three and a quarter milk jugs worth of doo doo for 5 feet! And a mere 1.3 gallons for 2 feet. Assuming that your colon and large intestine are in the lower half of your torso, no matter your size they must be within your rib cage, and they share that space with a number of other large organs, you don't have room to get that kind of blockage. Please look in the yellow pages under "P" for plumbers and or "M" morticians. Also anyone can buy radio time cheap so any advice, products or services must be taken under advisement.

thanks very much for your replies emma..I'm glad I'm not the only one..I'm sure there are even more about!!!at least mine didn't show.. I daren't tell anyone that my panties were soaked! boyfriend was a real gentleman and left the room after placing me on the john...I think he thought I would be able to pull my own panties down!

Dave - you haven't told us about your girlfriend's eventual poop. I'd love to hear the details! Roger

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