Hi, I have recently come across this forum, and having read all the back dated posts and recent posts I have noticed a lot of talk about skid marks. I have always wondered how these seem to happen. I only rarely get them, by the way I am a late teenage male, but I have friends who suffer from them quite badly, once in a changing room another friend said to another whilst he was changing that he could see skid marks through his pants, although they were white, this did however embarris my friend no end, but he did admit that he always got them, and his mum would only let him wear white underwear to try and stop him getting them. Recently I went on holiday with a group of friends, male and female, and one of my friends realised he had only packed one pair of underwear other than what he was wearing and asked me if he could borrow some. I had packed 1 pair extra so I leant him two pairs of my own. Anyway the first night we had all been drinking heavily at the bar, and it was noticed that this friend has a bit wet spot at the front of his jeans, he said he had splilt he drink, so we didn't mention it anymore, but I don't think anyone really belived him. The next day he had changed his undies so he probably had wet them, because with such a shortage of underwear and no facilities to wash them you would expect him to make them go further than a day. This meant he was going to make two pairs of underwear last him 13 days. At the end of the holiday he gave me the underwear back in a plastic bag, I assumed he had cleaned them, but when I got them out of the bag both pairs were heavily stained with crusty skid marks and you could smell wee on them as soon as you opened the bag. This was unusal because this friend always seemed very clean. Anyway I see that some people in the forum have been researching skid marks and I would appriciate it if you could publish any findings or stories about them. Any preventative information would be helpful, especially for my friend. Do girls get skid marks like this, my girlfriend some times changes her underwear through the day for some reason but I don't like to ask her why. Hope to hear some information soon.

Steve Langer
I once went poop in a toilete in which the water was more than six inches away from the source of the poop. The water splashed back in the most peculiar way and up my bunghole. I walked with a slight waddle for many a day afterwards. What I'm trying to get at is my butt doesn't like too much tingly.

Adam from Canada
Today is Sat and I just had an another interesting poop. I started ketting off gas and did it smell. It smelt like rotten eggs. I got the urge to go and I went. I sat on the pot and as the poop came out, it made a loud ploop. The poop had a semi-soft texture and it was in little narrow chunks. I did not get a sore butt like a few days ago and there wasn't really any pain. I think I may have an intestion influmation or a flu, because my stomach has been feeling jumpy for last few days. I don't get flu viruses that often, but when I get a stomach virus it takes almost 2 weeks for it to clear......

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this site continues from strength to strength in 1999. I have enjoyed reading the posts immmensely, and am certainly aware now that open discussion of toilet habits is not at all perverted, and if anything, could remove many of the hang-ups people have about this subject. Especial thanks to Jill, Nicky and Moira who have at least confirmed one thing that my girlfriend will not openly admit to - When it comes to pooping, size really does matter (particularly width). She is very proud of what she produces, compared to my meagre performances. Also I think she gets as much pleasure from a satisfying poop as from sex. Do girls have a G spot there wich can be stimulated by a good bowel movement?

I forgot to mention this in a recent post. You have recently been talking about mean teachers that wouldn't let you go to the toilet during lessons, even in a emergency. While the experience I going to mention is similar to this. In primary school years a friend of mine went to a private school for religious reasons, and as probably many of us did, p.e was done in pants and vest, while in this particular school the p.e teacher would check that all the kids had clean underwear on before the lesson, if they had stains in there undies they would get a mark against there name. If they got three marks then they would have a letter sent home, which explained to the parents about the problem, and then were asked that there child brought a spare pair of underwear to be kept at school. What a stupid idea, most young kid suffer some kind of skid marks of pee stains. Has anybody ever heard of any other schools doing things like this.

Saturday, January 02, 1999

Adam from Canada
I went to the can tonight and had a horrible poop. It came out in little chunks and it made noises that sounded like a dripping tap. After I was done, the crack of my butt felt irritating and it felt like a rubbing sensation. It went away in a little while, but I began to feel a burning sensation. It made me feel a little uncomfortable when sitting. Does anyone know what this may be? I also noticed that my butt cheeks were sore.

I haven't posted for a while and have enjoyed looking back over the last few weeks postings. I went to my boyfriend's home for Boxing Day.The rest of his family was there too. After a full Xmas lunch the previous day I did a whopper in their toilet, a big fat 14 incher which of course got stuck. I was a bit worried about going there and was going to try to hold it in till we went home but my boyfriend said not to be silly as he had often done such big ones at home and nobody had been bothered. He couldn't obviously accompany me to the toilet but did go in and have a look afterwards. It had only made a quiet "floomp!" as it slid out and, like Jill described, the end was sticking up out of the water. Now that was fair enough but I had reckoned without his 12 year old cousin and the other kids around. This lad went into the toilet, saw my big jobbie still stuck in the pan, then took great pleasure in telling the others about it. Kids being kids they all went to have a good look. Their mum scolded them, telling them not to embarass Aunt Nicky . Actually, I didnt mind, and was quite proud of what I had done. Eventually my boyfiend threw 4 buckets of water down the toilet before it went away. Sounds as if Cherise did something similar and that's probably what the toilet cleaner had to do to shift her big motion. Moira, you must have eaten a ton to pass that lot. I did do another smaller 7 inch jobbie at home before going to bed on Boxing Day, but you sure lived up to the "Pooper of the Year" award from Happy Camper. In the offices where I work we dont actually have Unisex Toilets but may as well have as the walls are so thin that you can hear the blokes in their toilet and vice versa. This doesnt seem to bother anyone. Also my reputation for dropping big logs is well known . Recently there was a big jobbie stuck in one of the pans in the Gents toilet but someone said, "I bet that Nicola from Accounts went in there and did it" It wasnt me and Im trying to discover the man who did do it. Happy New Year to all and Happy Landings! Nicola

Today I saw a little girl being held in the street by her mom whilst she peed. Nothing unusual or interesting about that, you would say (although it was an incredibly powerful gush for such a small kid). But what intrigued me was that the mother pulled her daughter's skirt DOWN not UP, and sort of held it around her daughter's ankles. Wasn't this making life unnecessarily difficult for herself?

more on the Ally McBeal/unisex toilet thing... for Basil, unisex toilets are rare in the US, but they do exist. I'v even heard of a Boston Law firm (for real!) that has installed one... to promote more "team spirit! The whole male-female toilet thing is getting much more open here There was even a scene in NYPD blue recently where a characvter was mentioned as being turned on by being peed on by a woman. People seem to be much more open to this type of discussion

Donny showed me this site. We get a kick out of it. What I wonder is How many people don't like to sit on public toilet seats? I really want to know. Seems like you see those paper ass gaskets everywhere and I wondered what the big deal was. We always just sit right down and never have a problem, you would not want to sit in some one's poop but the seats are usually clean enough. So how many of you good people avoid sitting on public toilet seats???

hi. i want to thank you jw. you seem to be the only one who understands what i go through. yeah i try to understand but geez i really dont need my mommy there. i mean she just sits there and stares. and it makes it hard.i know some might think im crazy cause i have not trouble pooping and stuff in front of my cousin, but you need to see the whole picture you guys. my mommy and daddy were always busy at work so my cousin always took care of me. i got closer to him than them cause i saw him more. he potty trained me and in away i guess thats where i got to trusting him. plus he makes me feel comfortable. how. well first she says would you like me to leave and give you some private time. i usually say no you can stay. also he never stares, he looks at other stuff or you know brushes his hair or washes his face and stuff. unless im sick of my ???? or i ask him to hold my hand and rub my ????. that also something he does to make me comfy. he holds my hand why i push hard or while i pull on the seat he rubs my ???? or strokes my hair he just makes me feel comfortable. also he talks to me and asks if im okay or he says poor thing take a break for now. my mom just sits the and says nothing and it really bothers me. also another reason i may hate to poop is that my big sisters used to play trick and pranks on me while i was pooping . they used to wait outside when i was small and then just as i sat down they would open the door and turn off the lights and leave me there in the dark. it was awful but my cousin would ome and sit with me and calm me down. thats another reason why i trust him. im trying to get over my hating of pooping but i just cant do it. how did you get over it. oh hey can you please tell me a story of when you were small and had to do it with your mom there. me i was lucky. one time i had to poop ever so bad and it was coming out no matter how hard i tried to keep it in and worse my mom was staring. she doesnt even blink. then my cousin knocked on the door and told her well he would tell her any excuse to get her out. then when she'd leave he'd come in and lock the door. he then asked me if i was okay and i would shake my head. he said hey its okay. i would then start my awful task of making this huge poop come out and he would just say things like thats it hon you can do it while rubbing my ????. then after i feel like im going to explode it comes out in a huge splash. i would kiss my cousin and thank him. oh sometimes when he wasnt there i would ask my mom to get me a toy that i nknew would take her a while to find and while she was gone i would try like crazy. whew what a relief it was to get it out in private. um yeah i do sit with miy sisters cause i do worry about them but hey i ask first and i really try not to stare much. bye for now and thanks for listening. linda

I was at deception pass in Washington and there was a kid in the water with his sister. The kid was weird and i guess he had to go to the bathroom or somthing and all of the sudden he pulled down his pants and started peeing on his sister. She cried out dady dady he is peeing on me. My whole faimly started cracking up.

Tree Whizzer
Basil- To the best of my knowledge you are correct; I live in Ohio and I have never seen a unisez bathroom. AS far as who is more pritanical I would guess the differentce would be fairly minute; I don't really have a problem with the idea as places like Japan have them and thepeople there are prety comfortable with the idea. If there is anyone who reads this that does have aproblem with unisex lavatories, I would be interesed in hearing the reasoning behind your decision. Bye for now!

Oh Cherise. That sounded like a great poo poo from your Christmas meal. How long and fat was it to be such a whopper? You must have a very healthy colon. Bless you!!! Howard

Today And Yesterday My Dumps Have been LARGE, I do not know why But They were hard and not easy to push out, One turd I layed Went from the hole in the bowl to about 1 Inck away from the Top of the toilet (In a Standard Public toilet.) And I dod not flush so that other people could see it, I was very suprised, I have never done this before. I have been eating the same type of stuff, but they seem to be extra large for some odd reason. Also they stink pretty bad. I showed My gf because she did not believe me. But now she knows. Happy Pooping

Thursday, December 31, 1998

A question for the ladies: Has anyone ever had diarrhea and lined her panties with toilet paper or paper towels... "just in case"? Happy New Year!!

I went shopping the day after Christmas in our local shopping mall. I had to do a motion and went into the the ladies' room in one of the department stores. You wouldn't believe the size of the log I let out. One absolutely huge solid log. I wiped three times and then tried to flush it. It wasn't even close. The water in the toilet couldn't even move the thing, much less get it down. I had no choice but to just leave it there. I wonder what they had to do to get rid of it. I guess it was all that I ate for Christmas dinner the day before that caused the huge log.

Basil: You don't often see unisex toilets in America. Many college dorms have them and once in a while you see them in the classroom areas. Younger people often use the "wrong" restroom, for example, at concerts. At the schools where I work the kids often check out the "wrong" restroom, but that's about it. I, for one, would like unisex restrooms.

Trish: I would have thought it was embarassing for the neighbor's daughter to wear a diaper out in public, but no. After wetting her shorts a few times she liked the insurance of a diaper. It wasn't real obvious unless you looked closely. It was a pull-up made for older kids. They wont stop a flood but absorb most of the piss. Under the right circumstances such as the state fair which was very crowded with restrooms few and far between the diaper was a necessity. She could easily pass for a boy, with short blonde hair, so many times I took her into the men's room mainly because of the long line for the women's room. She drinks a lot and pees a lot and has a large bladder.

To Donny: Isn't wearing a diaper embarrassing for your neighbour's daughter? Since children are often thin people may notice they wear a diaper. I myself -I am an adult- posted before about me letting it go through my panties sometimes when I am desperate being in a situation that doesn't embarrass me (a place to stop out of sight and wearing clothes such that people cannot notice the damage). When I have to go somewhere where I may end up having to go while being unable to find a toilet I take my precautions too. I then typically wear a short skirt and, if possible, no pantyhose. So far, once I was happy I took these precautions (at the world expo -there were restrooms but with a terrible queue-). However, I cannot, like somebody replied to my message last time, let go among people little by little. I have to find a place where I can empty my bladder. Once I start peeing, when desperate, it almost all comes without me being able to pause for more than a couple of seconds.

The story of "Kelly's knickers" seems to be intriguing a lot of people. I have one serious suggestion and a fun one. The serious suggestion is perhaps Kelly's boyfriend expected her to pull her panties to one side to pee. I had an ex-girl friend who used to pee that way, or at least she did if anyone (ie. me) was watching! The fun thought is that he wanted her to wet her panties so he could enjoy helping her to dry off.

During all of my years growing up I suffered from serious constipation, and serveral times ended up in the emergency room for multiple enemas. My most embarresing memory was when I was 15 and went off to camp with the rest of the girls in my class. I became severly constipated and was having serious pains. My camp counselor who was only 19 realized I needed help. After some thought, she figured out a way to rig up the hose from the portable shower and with the help of two other classmates gave me an enema. I thought I would die because all 20 of the girls I was getting an enema, and I was too weak to squat in the woods alone, and two of the girls had to hold me up while I squirted all the ground, splashing on their shoes as they held me up. But I did feel much better after unloading several days of hard BM. I now never go anywhere some kind of enema equiptment, so I can have a BM before I miss more than one day

I have been lurking here for some time reading all of your wonderful stories, now it is time to post one of my own which happened today! I was heading out to see some family and friends when I felt the need to drop a load, I decided to stop off at a public toilet which was 1/2 mile up the road. While sitting there enjoying my dump, nothing too memorable, I heard someone rush in to the other stall and close the door. This was followed by a long fart and a large Kerploosh after which the "female" apologised to me, and anyone else in the Mens room, for having to use this room. Apparently the females was locked. My interest was now seriously awakened and as I listened she proceeded with the job at hand. She peed for a while then dropped another 5 or 6 logs each with a large splash! I quickly finished up when I heard her start wiping and waited outside to get a glimpse of her, She was about 21, gorgeous face, and a nice, girl next door figure. Oh what a day , , , P.S What ever happened to my favorite poster, pooping girl!?! If you are out there please come back, I miss you. If anyone wants to email me they can do so at This is my "anonymous email account". Cheers all :)

I'm English, and I've been finding watching Ally McBeal on the TV intriguing, because these young smart arse yuppy lawyers have a unisex toilet! Something I can't imagine in England: do they really have them in the USA, or is this some deranged TV fantasy? I certainly can't imagine sitting in the cubicle listening to my female colleagues pissing farting and shitting and then going out to work with them. I wouldn't mind, but I'm sure they would. Does this really happen in Amwerica? A smooth young lawyer lets off a huge bowel full of crap while his female typist is sitting next door, then five minutes later is saying I want five copies of this please, and he keeps a straight face!!! I always thought Americans were more puritanical about such things than us Brits or continentals. Perhaps one of our American correspondents can enlighten us.

Tuesday, December 29, 1998

This guy really annoyed me at lunch today. He followed me into the w/c 3 times, and milled around. For some reason, I can't pee while someone is watching, at all. Nothing happens. Everyone probably thought the mexican food I was eating was 'way too authentic' plus "fast acting!" Three quick trips in an hour! I was about to ask this kook what his problem was, but I had to get back to work. I was uncomfortable all the way back to the shop because of this putz. He would stare at me anytime I even looked like I was about to get up from table! All w/c should have a lockable door! Sheesh!!

Kelly Yes I have had that problem too.......once In a pub I had loads to drink and I went to the ladies. I sat down and had a wee , and it was about 3 seconds after starting I realised I hadn`t pulled my jeans down.. ANOTHER accident I hadn`t bargined for. Try getting out of a crowded pub in wet jeans without being seen !!!!!!!!!!

Something interesting happened to me tonight. I let off a few farts and noticed that the crack of my butt felt moist. I went into the bathroom and discovered that there were poop stains in my briefs. I wipped my butt and it is much better. Can someone help me out? Yesterday, I got this pain or irritation on the inner part of my right leg. It is exactly located beside the testicles below the bladder. I can feel it when I sit in certain positions and when i stand I don't feel it. Does anyone know what that is? I felt the area around where the pain is and there is no bump, lump or bruse. Does anyone know what a wedgie is?

Thanks Happy Camper for the award, totally unexpected.I would personally have nominated Jill or Vector. Hope everyone had a Happy Xmas and has a Happy New Year. To answer Andre, very carefully. I dont think anal intercourse will enlarge the rectum itself but it could over the course of time weaken the anal sphincter muscle and possibly cause fecal leakage. There is also the risk that if done too vigourously damage to the sphincter and rectum itself can occur. Now I make it clear, for the site moderator's benefit, that I MAKE ABSOLUTELY NO MORAL JUDGEMENT on this matter. How consenting adult people have intercourse whatever their orientation is their personal choice, but I feel that whatever one does, alone or with a partner, one should be aware of the possible problems that may occur. We had our Xmas Dinner and as you can guess had some good motions afterwards. I did pass a nice big torpedo on Xmas morning and so did George buddy dumping with me. Just as well as we did have a good lot to eat and had Tony along as our guest. We didnt do anything else that day but on Boxing Day I had three good motions. First when I got out of bed about 8.00am I passed a nice big easy one, a long fat sausage as Jill described with the start having gone round the hidden bend while the end stuck up out of the water in the toilet pan. It only made a quiet "FLOOMP!" as it slid out. I still felt I needed more but went back to bed for a while. Later after a light lunch at about 2.00pm I had another motion, this time a firmer turd, a long fat log of about 12 inches long which made a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!" . Finally, before going to bed at 10.00pm I went for a wee wee but felt another jobbie on its way down and dropped a fat cigar shaped turd of about 7 inches long. I noticed that the ! jobbies were all quite light in colour, no doubt from eating a lot of white turkey meat in our meal.Tony had stayed over and I let him accompany me to the toilet, (George doesn't mind, he also watched). Hope everyone had satisfactory motions, and a happy 1999 to all

I was at CompUSA yesterday when I had to dump a load. I went into the bathroom and did my usual thing. When I was finished, I tried to flush about 4 or 5 times but the turds would not go. I opened the top cover and there was some fancy pressure tank with hoses. I guess it was some water saver toilet. I tried once more but no luck. I decided to take some TP, cover the turds and leave. These politically correct water saver johns suck. When we build a house one day, contrary to Federal Law (USA), I am going to put in a nice 3+ gallon toilet. When you take a good healthy dump, it will take on flush versus 3 for these water saver johns. It is pretty bad when the federal gov't dictates what kind of toilet you can put in a new house.

To Tiny: no, the parakeet didn't block the toilet, it wasn't a real big one anyway.......I think our Aussie toilets are of fairly generous dimensions in the S-bend as I have never been able to block the toilet with my poos either, some of which have been quite big.........much bigger than any parakeet could ever be!!!!!

Hello fellow toilet dwellers! It's funny, but i only too often pray to the toilet with my head a good six inches down the pan. However it's usually on a weekend after ten pints of lager and a nice hot curry!! Chaio for now!!

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. I've been off of school for about a week because of the holiday. I was bored and I decided to rent some movies. I rented this one movie and It's called "Lord Of The Flies"(1990). It's about these pre-teens who go In the military and there plane crashes and they are stuck on this Island. Well In this movie the a teen leader(about14-15y.o.)calls an assembally by blowing a horn, which Is a sea shell. Any way he says "Too Many people are screwing around when they should be working,There are a bunch of things". "Some Kids don't know when to use the bathroom". Then this other kid about the same age or younger says "There was this one kid the other day, who took a shitIn his pants and sat In It". "Im not naming names cause It's Possible Mikey could'nt help It". After I saw this part I knew I had to post It here. Any one else see this movie before? Today I returned this movie and went to my local Kmart and I was looking for some after holiday sales and I had to shit really bad and I went to the bathroom and I noticed that they took a stall/toilet out. Any one have this problem before where they go to a familar bathroom and It has been remodled where they have taken, sink, toilet, urinal etc. out? I wonder why they do this? Any one know why? So any way my shit was kind of soft, not too soft or not too hard. It was beween 8" and 12" with a diameter of 3" or so. Nice pooping

Hi Jill! It was great of you to respond personally in your latest post. No, my girlfriend doesn't hold on deliberately for 2 or 3 days - she is just one of the lucky people that doesn't need to go that often, only once or twice a week - but when she goes she really GOES!! Her turds are always soft and well formed, so I don'think that she ever gets constipated. Why this is so I don't know - can anyone enlighten me. However, I have heard of many people like this (ALWAYS women), so I am reaching the conclusion that the female rectum is on average bigger than the male one, relative to body size. An ex-girlfriend who was a nurse thought the same, but that childbirth might have something to do with this, e.g. damage to the pelvic floor muscles. I have heard of several people (all women!) who only have to go once a month or so, with no ill effects whatsoever. This seems incredible but I have heard it from several independent sources including one of the correspondents to this post. I! ncidentally, has anyone out there had to use suppositories or enemas after the Xmas indulgences?

Tuesday, December 29, 1998

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