Yesterday I witnessed my girlfriend drop some really good "yule logs". We had been to her parents for Xmas Dinner and some friends for a Boxing Day meal, and yesterday she came round to my house. She said she hadnt had a motion since doing a fairly small jobbie on Xmas morning and felt a bit bunged up. She still ate all her meal with me. Later on she complained about having a bit of a headache and being really bloated and went to the toilet but only did a wee wee and a lot of loud smelly farts. About ten minutes later however she went to the toilet again saying that she could feel a big lump on its way down. As Louise is very open minded I watched as she sat on the toilet pan with her panties at her knees. She went "UH! AH!" there were a couple of "PLOPS!" as small hard balls dropped into the toilet then she went "OH! UH! IH! IH! then there was a resounding "KER-SPLOONK!" I looked down between her legs and saw a fat lumpy turd of about 7 inches long but 2 1/2 inches fat in the pan. I offered Louise some toilet paper but she said "no there's another one coming down", gave an "UH!" there was the crackling sound then "KER-SPLOONK! KURSPLOOSH!" a she did another smoother turd of similar size to the first followed by a shorter 4 inch one. This finished her first session and her headache had gone and she felt better. About an hour later when she went for a wee wee she did however pass another motion. This one was a lot easier but still properly formed and solid, a single fat curved sausage about 7 inches long. After that she felt a lot better but tired and we went to bed. I'll be interested to see what she does today, if anything after the big load she dropped yesterday.

I visited friends for the Christmas holiday and while there I heard a new (to me) term. Someone asked, "where is X?". The answer came back, "She is in the toilet, I think she is emulsifying" It didn't take me long to work out what was meant, but I have never before heard the term "emulsifying" applied to going to the toilet. To Kelly: Wouldn't it have made sense for your boyfriend to have pulled down your panties before sitting you on the toilet seat? After all, you would have had to at least partially stand again to pull them down yourself.

Happy Camper
POOPER of the YEAR AWARD Now that 1998 is coming to a close, I think it is time to vote for our "MALE and FEMALE POOPER of the YEAR AWARD." My vote for MALE POOPER goes to Jeff A. I think this is a no brainer. Jeff A was a wonderful addition to our group. His fabulous pooping stories, and experiences pooping with others, place him in the superstar category. Thank you Jeff - Your stories are beautiful. Keep them coming, and don't be afraid to repeat one every now and then. My vote for FEMALE POOPER goes to Moira. Moira has been a wonderful addition also. What places her far above the rest is her knowledge in all aspects of pooping, such as the science of pooping, and the pleasures of pooping. She presents the most variety in her stories. While other writers to this site tend to specialize in one subject matter, Moira writes well in all subject areas of pooping. Thank you Moira. (Sorry that I had to separate you from George. He writes great stories also, but I think he is a notch below Jeff A.). The winning prize for Jeff A and Moira is that the two of you get to spend 24 hours together in a bathroom (with no doors), and George will be the chaperon. But you must pay your own travel expenses. RUNNER UP AWARD: There are so many of you here that contribute such excellent stories, that it is way to difficult to vote for only one person for RUNNER UP. Therefore the RUNNER UP award goes to EVERYONE that posts to this group. After all, we wouldn't have a group if we all didn't jump in and contribute. Thank you to everyone. BOOBY PRICE AWARD: This award goes to everyone who lurks around this site, but doesn't post. If nobody was willing to share their stories, we wouldn't have this wonderful site. So please, if you are one of those who read only, and don't post, please jump in with your stories, and I will see that you move up to the RUNNER UP AWARD for 1999. Have a happy new year everyone.

I hate pooping when im on the rag , it comes out covered in blood it looks like a long bloody gerbel . It's decusting and it hurts like hell to because there huge for me , my poop is usualy adaquit but breaks up as it comes out. I dont have to push but rag poops tend to be stiff and painful and require a lot of presure to come out so all that pushing doesnt help when your crampy. well thats is please feel free to ask questions SCM

Dazz, It didn't clog the toilet? Was it a pretty small parakeet?

Hello everyone. Some one asked about wearing diapers just for convience. My neighbor put diapers on her 11 y.o. daughter on several occassions when we were out together for the day. The reasoning was if we couldn't find a restroom, the girl could just let it go in the diaper. She did go to the bathroom a lot most days. We were at the state fair for the day and the girl had to pee. Instead of taking the time to find a restroom, she just used the diaper. A little rivulet of yellow urine ran down her leg and into her sneaker. (She was wearing shorts). It looked so cool. She giggled and later we took the wet diaper off in the car and it was soaked. I liked the smell but after a few days it got pretty rank.

Hi Dave! It just seems like my rectum, not to mention the rest of my body (!) has expanded recently. I have to admit that I love my food, and there has been so much on offer recently it has been difficult to say no! I still make an effort to avoid too many sweet or fatty foods, and I make sure I get plenty of fibre - I love bread, pasta and virtually all vegetables so that is not too difficult. Does your girlfriend always hold on for two days at a time? Is that deliberate, or is she constipated? I can produce poos that size on occasions even though I go at least once, and normally twice a day. I do take plenty of exercise though, and this week I have a very busy rehearsal schedule that is bound to help burn off some of that fat. Bye! Jill

I am a bisexual woman, 23 years old. I have always loved watching and listening to other women grunting and straining on the toilet. The actual smell and farting don't do a thing for me, basically it's just watching the ass straining and the woman grunting. 2 years ago I had a female lover, much older than me. She would never reveal her age bur she must have been over 45. She was a heavy lady, black hair, black eyes, thick jiggly thighs, big belly, and a HUGE ass. She was about 5'4" and weighed around 250. We had spent our 1st night together at her house and the next morning we were lying in bed. We had been chatting a while when suddenly she caught her breath, her face strained, and her ???? hands grabbed her asscheeks. "I need to go to the toilet" she said, her voice heavy with strain. She rose with an effort and made her way cautiously to the bathroom which was adjacent to the bed. There was a beautiful head on view of the toilet. She sat down heavily. I had never told an! yone of my desires and could not believe that she didn't close the door. Still, I felt I had to keeo up some sort of pretence. "Do you want me to close the door?" "No, you can watch if you want, but I can't talk to you while I'm going because I have to concentrate on my grunting.... MMMM..." Her voice trailed off as she began to grunt quietly. I had a great view. Her massive legs were apart, her ass was so huge it was spilling over both sides of the toilet. Both hands gripped her asscheeks. Then, as she strained hard, one hand gripped the towel rack until finally a loud grunt escaped her lips and the hand would grab her asscheek with a resounding slapping sound. "UUUUNNNHHH!" She moved her massive weight on the toilet, bearing down harder. "UUUNNNHHH! MMM!" Sweat appeared on her brow. But nothing appeared to happen. Finally, after an enormous grunt, she apparently passed a motion. She sighed loudly. She was out of breath. "Finished?" I asked. "No," she smiled bravely but it wa! s obvious she was really worn out. She seemed to gather up her courage and began grunting quietly again, gripping her ass. "It was...MMMMM...easier...UNNNHHH...when I was younger...UNNNNNHH!!" I nodded, transfixed. "....UNNNHH... and also before...MMMMM... I got so FAT!! UNNHHHHH!!!" She passed another motion. She remained on the toilet for a half an hour, grunting and straining shamelessly. Afterwards I helped her to the bed to recover and then she watched me do my own show. But since she was more than twice my size, my performance wasn't nearly as good

Hi, I came upon this sight by accident, but I do have an interesting story. A few years ago, my boyfriend "Chris" and I were attending our Sr. class picnic. We were about 18 at the time. We were both pretty popular, but especially Chris. He was our star quarterback, extremely handsome, and all the girls wanted him.

Anyway, the night before we had been out partying with the Sr. class at one of the fairwell parties, drinking and eating and stayed out til about 4 a.m. On the way home, Chris started complaining about feeling sick, which I attributed to the alcohol of course. I told him to try to get a liitle sleep because we had to leave by 7:30 that morning for the trip. When he and his mom pulled up, I could tell that he still wasn't feeling well. We had about an hour and a half bus ride to the lake, so we agreed that he would sleep on the way up. His mom came along also, as one of the parents that ageed to help out; besides she's really cool and all the kids loved her.

Chris still wasn't feeling that well when we arrived but he tried to put on a good face for the rest of our friends, but after a while he only wanted to lay on our blanket and rest. He woke up at about 1:00 and started complaining about severe stomach cramps, weakness and feeling like he had to throw up. His mom came over to take care of him for a while as I went to get something to eat. Then, when I and a bunch of our friends came over with our plates of food to be with him, I don't know if it was the smell of food or what, but he jumped up and ran to a trash can a few feet away and began throwing up. His mom and I jumped up to help him because he looked so weak, and as we were holding him up as he threw up, suddenly he got this horrified look on his face and suddenly simultaneously as he was throwing up, this horrible explosion happened and he let out this huge load of mushy poop mixed in with these loud wet farts into his shorts. He was so embarassed that he let out this little wimper like a little boy and began to cryand shake as he threw up. His shorts were a really lightweight cotton and beige colored so you could immediately see the huge load coming through his shorts. Unfortunately, he was still getting these sharp cramps,followed by more throwing up and dry heaves, so he kept letting out more poop in his pants. You could see that he had absolutely no control over his bowels, and then this trickle of urine came wetting his shorts even more. By this time diarrhea had set in and watery poop and urine were running down both his legs, onto his socks and into his sneakers. Everytime, more would come, his hand would go to the back of his shorts to try to cover it up, which of course was futile, because by now everyone was watching, and several concerned adults came over asking if they could help. His mom was really unerstanding, she just kept rubbing his back as he threw up more and pooped more, and kept whispering that everything would be o.k., don't worry. Another unfortunate thing was that the closest bathrooms to us were on the other side of the park. Two of his football buddies helped steady him, as he was feeling too weak and humiliated to walk on his own to the bathrooms,and his mom and I followed so we could try and clean him up.

Once we were in the bathroom (we locked it to conserve his privacy), his mom took off his t-shirt (which had poop on the bottom of it) and pulled down his shorts as he moaned with more and more cramps. He was so weak that he couldn't do anything. She took off his shoes and socks and put them in a plastic bag. She then layed out a bunch of newspapers and paper towels along a bench that was in the restroom and had him lay down on it. She then pulled dowm his underwear which were overflowing with poop and put them in a seperate bag which she threw in the trash. She then went about cleaning him up like a baby. She had me wet several soapy paper towels, and as he lay on his back with his knees up she went about cleaning him. She would push his knees back to wipe between his cheeks and under his penis and testicals. She turned him on his side so she could clean the rest of his butt, all while he's moaning and crying with severe pains, and she soothing him with soft words of comf! ort. When we had finally cleaned him up, we put his shirt back on which was kind of long and wrapped one towel around him like a diaper, and another around his waist. He was so embarassed, that he didn't want to leave the restroom, but we explained that everyone knew he was sick and understood that he'd just had an accident. We took him back to the bus where he fell asleep with his head on my lap. When we got back to his mom's car, she immeditely wanted to take him to the hospital, but he insisted on going home to change first. Then as he lay on the back seat on the way to the hospital, he told his mom to pull over at a bathroom fast. Too late, he had another accident in the car. At the hospital we sat in the waiting room with him in a pair of pants full of poop. As it turns out he'd had food poisoning from the night before, which caused all this. The nurses cleaned him up and put a gown and diaper on him. He stayed in the hospital that week recovering, and he had to wear! diapers most of that time because he was weak and he'd lost control over his bowels until the diarrhea stopped.

Needless to say, he was embarassed when he went back to school, and while some of the less popular kids did tease him some, it wasn't too bad, and school ended one week later. We have now been together for 4 years and attend the same university, where he is on a football scholarship. He has since confided to me that as a child, he wet the bed on a nightly basis until he was 15 1/2, and still does it 2-3 times a week. He wears diapers at night to protect against accidents. He also suffered from something called encropesis as a child and teenager, which I'd never heard of. His mom says that he would have painful bowel movements, which led to chronic constipation. Soft poop would build around the blockage and seep out into his pants. He couldn't control it so his mom would have to give him enemas and suppositories to unclog the blockage, but he would still poop his pants. He did this until he was about 16. He was always afraid to tell anyone this, because he felt like suc! h a baby and kids in elementary school would tease him because he had occasional accidents. This is why he started playing football, so that the kids that teased him would be afraid to mess with him. Luckily they moved to our town when he started 8th grade, so none of the kids in our town knew about his problems. Even today, he has much better bowel control, but his muscles down there are weak, and he has had occassional accidents when he couldn't get to a rest room in time. He still gets embarassed when it happens, but he knows that I understand and would never make fun of him. We are going to be married next year, and I'll be an NFL players wife.

Monday, December 28, 1998

About the posts regarding mean parents, coaches etc, For what it's worth they look to be a string of reprints from somewhere, almost all of them were posted by the same person. I guess something should have been said earlier. We can't make assumptions about nationality, creed, religion or color, as there is no background information about anyone and who they are. Enough about that.

In other news we finally found a way to get that nameless, fancy, name brand software from Lotus Development corp. to take actually import data. We still have over 1000 survey that need to find their way into the jury rigged contraption that makes the whole thing work. All individual, survey responses the are kept confidential; only the final results, reports, sums queries and totals will be published. If you have any questions or queries you would like run on the data, you have two weeks to post them in before the reports get published.

Hi Gang! wow, as I am looking over this page, I don't see too many of the people who were here when I left! So, for any of you who do remember me, I am sorry I have been gone so very long. My poor computer crashed, and I was out of a computer for a full month! I really thought about ya all the time, though, and I am glad to be back. Soon I shall have some stories to tell, I have a few since it has been our winter break from school. Bye all! As Always, Candice

To Tiny: I haven't flushed a goldfish down the toilet before, but I have flushed a budgerigar!!! (parakeet for the was dead)

When I was younger, I was really embarassed about having to poop, and my school went on overnight trips. The worst was when we went camping! I held my shit in for 5 days. Now, when i have to shit, i almost always feel like i am going to poop in my pants!! I think I damaged my muscles or something!!!!!! Occasionally, I fart and a little squirt of poop comes out , which is not too fun.

Tree Whizzer
Tony- Thanx for responding! As to your concerns about a bladder infection, I don't think it is true because I feel fine and I have no pain. The cloudiness is a sporadic thing, many times my urine is perfectly transparent. I wonder if it means I'm not drinking quite enough water? And regarding your comment about dumping poop into space, that would require somesort of airlock that was not possible in the crowded Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spacecraft. This was especially true for the Mercury and Gemini craft, which were so small insdie that the astronauts inside barely had enough room to float 2 inches upwars before they bonked their head on the hatch. Also, dumping poop into space would create the problem of space junk that could strkie satellites, possibly knocking off solar panels, antennae, or other critical components. I did think the methane comment was interesting though =o)

Linda- You are not alone in hating pooping. I don't like the smell or the time it takes, and yesterday I got a reminder why. I felt a lot of weight in my colon. I sat on the pot and let loose a fairly large log, but i felt somethign else. I grunted and pushed until my anus hurt but only a punt fart! There must be a beter way to excrete wastes!

has anyone here ever been so drunk that they sat on the toilet but forgot to pull their panties down! I did on christmas eve! my boyfriend carried me to the toilet and plonked me down realising I sitting on the pan, I just let go and only noticed that I had wet myself when I went to pull my panties up that weren't down!!!! god the embarrasement!!

Big Mister Runny Poop
I can remember once when I came home from school and I felt that familiar feeling in your lower gut telling you that it was time for a trip to the toilet. I got out of the car and went straight to the bathroom. Now, I am in my own house in my own bathroom I didnt think that there would be someone at home talking with my mother in the kitchen. Anyway, I went on taking my crap, realizing it was the runs, it started to smell. I finished and realized there was no toilet paper in the roller thing. I yelled to my mom, "TOILET PAPER PLEASE!" My mom started laughing, then another voice joined in. I'm like "oh crap!" My mom finnally decided to go and get some more out of the closet. Then she says "SHOOO" This is when the door was still closed before she even opened it. Then she opened it and almost passed out. I can't believe it. I wiped, and got up. The cool part is: I made sure I shut the door behind me. I went and got my sister and said "Come here, I need to show you something." She got up from watching TV and started to follow me. Then I stopped in front of the shut door, acted like I was waiting for her to catch up, and then grabbed her by the arm and forced her in to the 8' x 8' room with the 32,664' x 7,019' smell. After she got in there I held the door closed with all my might. Regretfully, I think I almost killed her. Just thought I'd spend a little potty room stories with other wierdos....ADIOS.

Has anyone ever had any experiences wearing diapers as a convenience? Ex. when there are no bathrooms around.

Best wishes to all! Well, my bathroom activities have been very disappointing over the holidays, nothing impressive to report. Rich food just gives me loose bowel movements. Looking forward to reading posts from the ladies with large rectums - happy pooping!

Hi again! As predicted I had a huge dump at my parents house on Christmas day after lunch and again in the evening, and a massive one at home yesterday. Yes this season certainly seems to have enlarged my rectum - as well as everything else! I shall be back to more exercise next week to be in trim for our pantomime in January. Cassandra, I love your vivid description of how it feels when you need to do a big one, and the wonderful relief when it actually happens. I must have passed several like that in the past few days. I imagine you to be Canadian - probably because I met someone by the name of Cassandra last time I was over there. The loos in Canada usually have wider, shallower pans than over here, so it is easier to see how much you have produced. Most loos in the UK are deep by comparison, and the poos end up partly round the bend, and quite often stick up out of the water which makes life smelly! To Steve from Northern CA: I am a regular train traveller and use the train loo every day - usually just for a pee, but there is something special about doing a poo in the train loo. Some of our short distance trains don't have loos but the ones I catch form home to work (about 55 miles) always have loos although they don't always work! Most of the trains are quite old fashioned, and the toilet flushes out on to the track, which can be fun! Sorry to hear about your accident - I would have been very embarrassed especially as a lot of the people I see on the train are everyday travellers.

Tony, great to read your latest post. I agree that shitting by proxy is a stimulating experience. I share similar experiences with my girlfriend who is able to produce 12 inch turds which are at least 2 1/2 inches thick - unlike my pathetic efforts! She hasn't been since Christmas Eve so I am expecting some spectacular results in the next day or so. Jill, has your rectum expanded as much as you thought it would? I am looking forward to reading about your latest experiences.

Sunday, December 27, 1998

Fascinating stuff. I've always found it one of life's rich pleasures, with a strong erotic charge: glad so many others do too. It's interesting to drop your load outside in the woods and observe its progress as it decays. Usually quickly gets covered in a thick mould of fungi and recycled as part of nature's rich bounty. Sometimes though they sort of fossilise, and end up looking like a lump of wood: so "log" is appropriate in more ways than one! Keep them stories coming girls.

Tree Whizzer
Cassandra- Thanx for responding! =o) That must've been agony with all that dead weight in your lower colon. I haven't had much experience with holding poop in a long time but I did come very close to peeing my pants in the car cause I held it in so long when my mom dragged me out shopping. She musta hit 90 mph (145 kph) trying to get me home before I let 'er rip in the passenger seat!! Did you put in a typo when you were saying what type of aircraft your dad flies? I know the F-12 program never got beyond the prototype stage? Did
Kathleen- About your post about controlling US parents, I think pride is behind their Naziesque tactics. They don't want to be known as the people whose kid can't hold it in so they do some ridiculous punishment that warps their kid's mind thinking that he or she will think twice cefore doing it. Apparently they don't realize that the kids feel embarrassed; I guees they just get some stupid power high or something. It's like they think not bieng embarassed is more important than caring for their offspring no matter how much they might talk about it. I've concluded that all Americna sare hypocrites.

hello all....i would like to quickly tell you all about a recent experience on the toilet.....after a tasty lunch full of fibre i could feel that familiar nudge somewhere within my ass telling me it was time to head to the i sat down on the toilet seat i could feel the poo aching to come out of me and it did in 3 nice medium sized logs which landed in the toilet with a splash...wetting my was such a relief to lose the load....

Kathleen, hullo and what a wonderful couple of letters and I agree with your analysis of the matter, the "surrogate shit" or "pooing by proxy" if you like. The situation you describe was similar to that in my home as a kid and teenager so I reckon now that my mum DID know of my being aroused by defecation and its sound effects both my own motions and especially hers and realise now how she did know and obviously tolerated the situation as long as it didnt go further than she accepted. I also reckon that, like you, she enjoyed having a good motion herself, and there are lots of women and girls as I now realise who do. Certainly, I accepted the position and didnt try to push against the envelope as they now say, but enjoyed it.
No doubt there will be many people posting about the larger than normal motions they pass after the greater amount of food they eat over the festive period. Some however may experience the hated runs or looser stools as they eat too much or the richness of the food to which they are unaccustomed or the surfeit of drink affects their bowels. I tend to be careful and dont eat such foods as Brussells Sprouts which can in many people cause diarrhea being in effect little cabbages.
I can however remember on Xmas when I was 16. We had a very good Xmas dinner with plenty of turkey etc, and all three of us ate well. Next day both my self and my dad did nice big well formed motions, mine a nice big sausage which stuck in the toilet pan. Mum however didnt have a motion, nor indeed did she go the following day either. The next day, 28th December, Dad had gone back to work, so it was just mum and me at home. She had still been eating well although she said that was a bit bunged up. We had a late breakfast that morning about 10 o clock then afterwards she started to fart, dry squeaky and very smelly farts, always a sure sign that her motion was on its way down. Sure enough, after she had drank her coffee she said to me "If you want to use the toilet go now as I can feel a motion coming down and I think I will be in there for a while" I did go for a pee with some difficulty as I was already developing an erection in anticipation, then when I came out she went in to the toilet. I waited till she had bolted the door then listened in the hallway outside. I heard the rustle as she hitched up her skirt and pulled down her white cotton briefs and the creak from the seat as she sat down. She peed her long tinkling wee wee then farted, "AH! UH! PLOP! PLONK! PLUNK!PLOONK!" some hard balls came out, not surprising as she hadnt been for about 3 days. "OH! AH! OO! OO! AH!" KAPLOONK! AH! OH! UH! KER-PLONK!" as she passed some bigger turds. She got her breath back and I wondered if that was it and she was finished. No, as she took a deep breath and went "UH! UH! OH! OH OO! NNN...NNN..." I could hear the crackling sound as it came out and I knew it was a big one and I felt almost as if I was doing it myself as she went "OH! OH! OW! Come out you big swine, OH! AH! AH!" There was a gasp then after a few seconds she gave a final "NNNN....OOO! followed by a resounding "KUR-SPULL-LOOMP!" and a long "AHHHHHHH!" I was well aroused by hearing this performance and thought that she must be finished now but no, she again went "AH! EH! I heard the crackling sound once again followed by "KERSPLOOSH! KERSPLOSH!" and after a few seconds "SPLOONK!". then with a deep sigh of satisfaction and saying to herself, "Oh that's better" I heard her wipe her bum, pull up her knickers and drop her skirt, wash her hands and come out. Although she had pulled the flush the cistern hadnt refilled and her motions were left for me to see when I went into the toilet about 5 minutes later. The strong fecal smell hung in the air and when I looked down into the pan sure enough there were some small hard balls and a couple of hard shorties or "micks" as we Scots call them of about 3 inches long but the centre piece was a great fat carrot shaped jobbie of some 2 1/2 inches thick and 12 inches long and hard and nobbily to begin with then smoother towards its tapered pointed end. Next to this were two soft smooth but formed curved sausages one about 8 inches long one about 6, all equally fat. She certainly had produced some Yule Logs to say the least! Having got rid of her festive log jam next day she was back to passing her usual motion of one 8 incher and a 4 inch shorty.
Ronald, what an experinence hearing that girl doing what was obviously a very large jobbie, but didn't you go and have a look down the toilet pan after she had finished and left as it may well have been big enough to get stuck. If so let us have a description.
Jill, nice to hear that you have started already, I will think of you leaving a whopper in your mum's toilet and your lucky husband seeing it afterwards. As a matter of interest, did you do big jobbies at home when you were a girl and block up the family toilet or did you wait till you got to school and do it in the girls toilets there to avoid doing so? Anyway, have a happy holiday and I look forward to your description of what comes to pass afterwards.
Tree Whizzer, Im not a doctor but you could have an infection so I suggest you see your physician as soon as possible. Never neglect a symptom like this especially if pain or high temperature is also present or you also feel a bit off. Again this proves the sense of observing one's excretory products both stools and urine for any abnormalities. My Mum always told me to look at mine and she observed her own and too many people are prudish or squeemish about such matters and dont look. Why do you think that Doctors and Nurses place such great importance in both observing aand recording the frequency of the patients motions and urinations. I hope you are okey but please see a Doctor without delay. Im sure others will want to know if you are okey so let us all know on this page. BTW why go to all the trouble in the space program to deal with fecal matter as they did, why not just vent it into space. In those low temaperatures surely any bugs would fail to grown and it would burn ! up on re-entry if it fell to Earth. I would have thought that sucking it into a tank then venting same when full into space would have been cheaper. I suppose when we get proper space stations it will be used to produce methane to priduce electricity and the solid residue for growing plants for foodstuffs etc.
On that matter, has "Preggy" had her baby yet? Please let us know. Finally, Moderator, any chance of the "Sitting on the Toilet Survey" results before the year 2000? Happy holiday to all, Im off to George and Moira's for Xmas Dinner and Im sure they will post about there experiences.

To everyone speaking of the 'cruelty of American parents when kids have an accident in their underpants', including Kathleen, I will say that this is far from the truth. I have been to the UK, have met many parents there, and will say that we Americans are no different than those from the UK in the treatment of their children when accidents like this happen. I think a more representative sampling of Americans needs to be taken before anyone on this forum makes comments of this nature.

Has anyone ever flushed a goldfish down the toilet before?

Hi everyone. I love this site. I had a womean tell me today that she walked into the bathroom at her hospital and she looked in the toilet and found this: A poo poo 7 inches long and 4 inches fat. That the rectum and anus can process such a big poo poo is a miracle! I would have liked to seen it come out. I wonder if a nurse will try to push it down the toilet herself if she sees it, or ask a janitor if there is on on duty? Anyone ever witness a poo of such magnificence? Thomas

Mary G.
Hi, I write my experiences for the first time here. But there was a very exciting event in my house a few days ago: The door bell rang, and there was a large, muscular man with a working dress. He was very athletic, with a firm nice ass ;-)and short dark hair, about 23 years old. He was the man who my husband had phoned to repair the wall in the cellar. He started working after I showed him the place of the problem. I went upstairs into the kitchen. After 20 minutes or so, he came upstairs and asked me for the toilet. I told him the way to our bathroom. I looked if he had found it, ran upstairs to our 2nd bathroom(there was a hole about 2 inches diameter beside the drain. I kneeled before it and had a perfect look downstairs. The show was going to start(the downstairs-bowl was almost exact under my position.),he came into my view, opened the lid.....I was in tense if he had to shit.And...he started to pull down his dress completely(he doesn't seem to be one of those men who sit down to pee)! His ass was NICE, big, firm and hairy. He sat down, there was a little break, he groaned and there were several crackling sound and splashes in short sequences. SPLASH, SPLASH, PLOMP, SPLOONK. He started to piss at least for a minute. He stayed sitting and let out a few more turds. The smell was strong, but not unpleasant to me. He wiped(5 times)and finished. He pulled the flush and seems to be embarrassed as some turds didnt go down. He waited until the tank was refilled and pulled it again, but there was no success. He did so once more, with the same result. He sighed and cleaned his hand before he went out. I heard his steps downstairs to cellar, rushed down and into the bathroom. The smell was strong, indeed! Then I looked inside the bowl, and there were 4 turds muddled together in a serious way in the drain hole. This happened because we have one of those low-water toilets, therefore there were some streaks of shit in the bowl. This event was so exciting to me, I have to share it, especially those women like me, who haven't such men who share those things with yourself and who don't have such a nice man to watch!! CU Mary

Best wishes to all! Well, my bathroom activities have been very disappointing over the holidays, nothing impressive to report. Rich food just gives me loose bowel movements. Looking forward to reading posts from the ladies with large rectums - happy pooping!

Saturday, December 26, 1998

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