Hi Everyone, The Holidays are great, cold here with artic air, but lots of warm pooping sessions...especially the day my sister and i went out last minute gift buying with friends, we were out for most of the day shopping,talking eatiing,i could that full, needing to poop feeling!but not wanting to until we arrived home, inthe car i squirmed as the feeling intensified to the point the fullness in my ???? and intes- tines were really packed with well you know.I raced my sister upstairs and won,she yelling " hurry up Cassi" like we were kids again,i pulled down my ski pants, undies and sat my butt cheeks on the cool seat, i felt my anus pucker,and grunted and felt it widen to accomodate the now harden tip of the turd pushing out, gosh it felt thick,it dropped with a splatt sound, then three farts escaped, the last one smelly and two more softer mounds slid out, i sighed while peeing as Sam was banging on the door.I pulled the toilet paper andwiped four or five times until clean, and looked,my shorty's were large lumps and the first bomb was brown and maybe two and half inches thick and eleven inches or so long.My sister barged in at that point and saw me w/ pants and undies around my ankles, looked at the bowl and said " gaud what a big stinky, i flushed quickly but there were still poop mark in the bowl, i was going to flush again but she just jerked her jeans and panties down in one go and plopped her butt down and immediately blasted out her farts i laughed and finnished dressing andwas washing my hands when i heard crackling sounds , funny i never hear my own, well to make along story short,she dropped a lot of bombs herself six or seven inall raising quite a stink, while talking i had sat on the stool near the tub, my parents bathroom is built for comfort, she leaned forward and farted several and was peeing then farted again, she said she was very gassy, i told her she was stinking the place up and she laughed and said it was probably true but i helped, because it was now reeking we opened the window and sprayed the air. Tree whizzer i enoy your commentaries, my dad flew F12's for 26 missions these were reconnaise, he thought it funny my asking and said his missions were not dropping payloads he has told us many mission stories when we were children. Sam my sister have logged in flight hours but personnally i have a thing for chopters, thanks for asking any questions i will ask my dad, he loves talking about flying, my mom will not go up though! she a demon for swimming.About the uncomfortable feeling after a bm, not being an authority it does sound like you should keep the area clean perhaps with moist wipes, and see a adermatologist to clear it up.I hope this helps.Bye Happy Holidays Cassi.

Hullo all, and especially Bill, Tony and Kenneth. To answer Bill, yes I have always got a buzz from doing a nice big solid jobbie and I suppose I must have transfered this to my son when he was a kid but it did turn me on to think it turned him on. I didnt always leave my motion for him to see, if I only did a few little hard balls or, thankfully only rarely, had a loose stool or the runs I wouldn't leave that behind but if I did nice big turds I did leave the toilet unflushed.

Your point about a woman having to get partly disrobed doesn't actually hold up as men too have to take down their trousers and underpants just like women to defecate although most, but not all, men dont do so when they pee. I think it was Tony who came up with the best answer that the listener themselves enjoys doing a big solid motion and associates the grunts and gasps of the person passing one and the "kersploosh ! and kerplonk!" sounds as the turds plunge into the toilet pan with doing one themselves and are aroused. Also it is a private matter to which they are listening in and this is emphasised if they actually SEE the jobbies passed as most adults are very careful to ensure their motions flush away, whereas kids often leave theirs unflushed as they want others to see what they have done.

Like most British writers I am amazed at the cruelty of American parents etc when kids have an accident in their underpants. I certainly didnt give my kid a hard time when he had the occasional mishap in his pants, it happens to us all at some time. What Concentration Camp did the mother of the unnamed girl, (who wouldn't use a porta potti and soiled her pants),learn her parentcraft from?? I just dont get it. No doubt someone will tell me that some British parents are as cruel, I hope not but alas some people are right swine. Soiling can be sheer laziness and if a child is doing this because it just cant be bothered to go to the toilet in time I can see the frustration parents must feel. However it is first worthwhile investigating the problem as it can be either medical or phychological. Obviously if the child has diarrhea or looseness an accident can be understandable as even adults can be taken short in such circumstances but if it was a solid motion that is being passed into the underpants then has the child some difficulty such as a weak anal sphincter in which case a doctor should be consulted without delay. If not then is it due to bullies hanging out in the school toilets, or a harsh teacher not allowing a pupil in need to leave class to go to the toilet. Again a previously clean child can start to mimic a younger sibling who soils to get attention as it does or it could be a regression to infantile behaviour, in which case its worthwhile seeking expert advice. But to simply hit a child or humiliate them for soiling their underpants is to me near Nazi in attitude. As far as I was concerned when my son shit his pants on a couple of occasions I thought that was punishment enough in itself and he felt very upset about it so I certainly didnt give him a hard time, merely helped him clean himself and get changed into clean underpants.

Tree Whizzer
OK, this post is aimed at anyone knowledgable about medicine: what does it mean when one's urine is cloudy? I was peing in the toilet late one night when I noticed that the drain hole in the bottom of the bowl looked fuzzy. I was curious so I tried an experiment: the next night, I peed into an empty water bottle and let it sit overnight. When I checked it after 24 hours, a white powdery substance had settled out of the urine in the bottom of the bottle. My 2 questions regarding this are as follows:
1) What is this substance? Uric acid? Calcuim concentration?
2) Is this harmful to my health?
Any input would be greatly appreciated =o) Bye for now!

Charlton, I think you're right that a lot of people squat on toilet seats because they're dirty. But there's another reason, too. Where I live there is a big international population. I've noticed that many guys from Asian and Middle Eastern countries raise the seat and squat on the toilet rim. (Can't say what Asian and Middle Eastern women do on western-style toilets. Can any women here inform us?) This squatting may seem strange to many of us who are used to sitting on the seat, but I think that people from that part of the world are used to squat style toilets and this is as close as they can come on a pan style john. I've even done this myself sometimes, but I don't find it very comfortable trying to balance myself that way! Wherever you may be in this small world, this is Traveler wishing you true peace - within and with your neighbor - in this season and throughout the coming year.

When I was in first grade we had a single bathroom in the back of the classroom. I never used it because there was a hole in the door and I didn't want the boys to see me pee. I was sometimes uncomfortable by the end of the day, but I almost always managed to make it home without peeing my pants. On my seventh birthday, though, my luck ran out. I peed my pants in class about a half hour before school ended. The teacher gave me dry underwear and pants to wear the rest of the day. When I got home I changed into my own dry undies and jeans and went outside to play. After a while I had to pee again, but my mom said I could open my birthday gift right then. I got a really neat new pair of jeans that I just had to try on immediately. I had just zipped them up and was going out to show them off when my bladder failed me. I peed my pants for the second time that day and ruined my new jeans before anybody ever got to see them.

Steve, Northern CA
There's no bathroom facilities on BART. Everybody who lives here knows that. But sometimes we try to tempt fate, as I did last week. It wasn't my fault really! Anyway, I knew I needed to poop Friday evening after work, but I was in a hurry to get home and meet Lissa, we were going to a party that night and I wanted to get home and cleanup first. The cleaning crew was in the toilet at work, and the BART station toilet was out of order again. So I took my chance, ran for the train, and just made it. Unfortunately, I didn't make it home soon enough. It's about an hour ride, from where I get on the train, to where I have my car parked. I got about 1/2 way there, and knew that the next 1/2 hour would be fun. But I still thought I could make it safely to my normal exit, then run for the toilet there. I got another stop closer to home, the train doors opened, and I farted, to relieve the pressure. Very nice - and not too much odor. The train left the station, then stopped, and the operator announced another delay while they waited for another train to "clear the station ahead". I waited as long as I could, and farted again. Finally the train started up, and I farted for the third time. And just sat there and filled my pants. No stopping - I just couldn't. I quickly grabbed a bunch of newspapers off the floor, and put them on the seat under my butt. Which was a good thing, cause with my butt empty I started peeing. Not a lot, but enough to leak onto the papers, before I stopped. Fortunately, it was late in the evening and the train car was almost empty, the shit didn't smell as much as usual, and it wasn't too loose. But my pants did sag a bit as I left the train at the next stop. 10 minutes outside the can waiting for a turn, 5 minutes inside the can cleaning up the best I could, and I made the next train just in time, to get home. And when I got home, Melissa had gotten a call from her friends saying that somebody there had the flu, so the party was called off. That sucked. But she helped me cleanup in the shower, and we had our own party afterwards. You English are lucky with your commuter trains with toilets. It's a wonder there aren't more accidents on BART.

I see some people are expecting to produce big dumps on Boxing Day. Well so am I - but the season has well and truly started already as far as I am concerned. I seem to have eaten so much in the last week, and I know there will be a huge dinner tomorrow at my parents house, they have an amazing cook, and I just cannot resist the food! With all the food recently, I think my rectum must have enlarged as a result - I have managed some massive poos, and they come out so easily! I hope it stays like this because the feeling of a huge thick poo sliding slowly out is just so exquisite. I predict that tomorrow afternoon, I will be attempting to flush away a monster dump at my parents house, and my gallant husband will come to the rescue, as always! Happy Christmas everyone from Jill.

Thursday, December 24, 1998

Steph Alex Susan... Great posts by u girls!! I thought before I was the only person in this whole world like to watch my friends go to wc.. I always went to the bathroom with my smaller cousin. he is 2 years smaller then me. We enjoy being watched and talk to when going. One last thing, a lot of people squat on toilet seats because they are dirty.. do anyone have any experience?

Yesterday my older sister and I went to see the new star trek movie. We both wore black leggings with mid-thigh green sweathers, since it was pretty cold and has been sleeting. My sister has this thing about missing any part of a movie and won't get up for snacks or a bathroom trip, period. If she has to go too bad, she wets her pants. About half way through the movie, she peed. I was about to drown, too, so I figured what the hell and let go myself. The only problem came when we left the movie. It was almost a block to where my sister parked and I was sure I'd have to be chipped out of my pants with an ice pick when we got home

Best wishes from this part of the world - New Zealand - where we get to see Christmas first, and happy dumping on Boxing Day after all that festive food. Look forward to reading about them...take care.

Hi guys, especially Coprologist and Philippe. Philippe, je parle francais un petit peu. Grenoble is very flat in spite of being near the mountains- very similar to Denver (near the Rocky Mountains) in that respect. I really wanted to "buddy dump" with Steph at the first opportunity- both of us really enjoy doing so [for newer readers, this is NOTHING sexual or "kinky;" just a very intimate thing between two friends- three friends, actually; our friend Jodi occasionally partakes in this as well] As for the "sounds" we made during that dump, there really weren't any pooping sounds from either of us. We both had to pee, though. Best wishes to everyone for a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year. Love always, Alex :)

I just got Done Pooping and When i wiped and Looked at the Tp I noticed that there were Green Streaks in my poop. Does anytone know what this Means? I will look For your Repsonces. Thank You

this is my first posting...but I love to be around other guys while they are taking a dump its a real turn on for me...especially guys younger than me..I am 37y/o..anyway I was in a Wal-Mart tonite and felt the urge to go take a dump...when I was in there I had a very nice dump my self with 3 or 4 nice logs coming out..and when I was in there a boy came into the next stall and proceeded to sit on the sounded like he really had to go and he sat on there for about 5 minutes and he let out a few good plops in the water.. anyway I wiped 3 or 4 times and got up and looked at my movement which was really nice... I really like to find places around Ky. where there are no doors in the bathrooms..anyone know of any please let me know..until next time Later....

I never had a lot of accidents growing up so I guess I'm more fortunate than a lot of posters who had to endure awful punishments from parents for pooping accidents. I do remember once when I was in 8th grade and we went to a football game to see my brother play. It was an away game and where they played they didn't have bathroom facilities. Well, they had port-o-potty's, but I don't consider them bathrooms. Anyway, I had to poop right from the start of the game, but no matter how bad I had to go, I was determined to hold it in. Well, in the parking lot as we were fighting traffic to leave, I couldn't hold it in anymore and had a really bad accident in my pants. My parents didn't seem to know from the smell in the car (although I sometimes wonder how they didn't notice), but when I got out of the care they notice the big brown stain in the back of my jeans. Well, my parents really flipped out at me. I couldn't believe how mad they were especially since it wasn't like I did this all the time. The last time I remember it happening before this was the summer before 4th grade. But I guess it was stupid of me not to go at the game and it was quite shameful at that age to totally poop your panties and jeans. Nor did it help that my little 7 year old sister had no problem with pooping in the port-o-potty and my mom did pee in there (my dad did, too, but he's a guy so that doesn't count) and I did lie and say that I didn't have to go when my Mom asked me at the game. Anyway, she made me go up to the bathroom and pull down my stained jeans and totally soiled panties in front of her. She made me sit down on the toilet and I had to sit there for over an hour. She kept yelling at me how disgusting this was and that I should be ashamed of myself. Believe me, I was!!! The worst, though, was when she made me take off my panties and then she picked them up and brought them up to my nose. She held the panties there while she took her other hand behind my hand and pushed my nose down into the messy part of the panties. She'd hold it there for a little while (screaming "smell it" "smell it" - "smell what you did in your pants") and then let me up for fresh air. Then she did it all over again, something like ten times. First, she gave me a washclothe and made me clean the mess off of myself. It was really bad, too - all over my behind and even down on my thighs. Then she made me dump the load out of the panties and scrub them clean in the sink. Finally, she made me rub out the stain in my jeans as well and put them into the wash. Her incentive for me to get the stains out of the jeans was the promise that I'd have to wear them to school on Monday. Suffice to say, that I got them clean even though I had to scrub them for almost an hour. Finally as punishment (if that wasn't enough already), I was not only grounded the rest of the weekend but I had to clean all three bathrooms in our house with a toothbrush. I never went in my panties again (and I've even use port-o-pottys since then), but I always felt sorry for myself for what I went through that day all for one stupid accident. But I see I'm not alone her and indeed I am quite fortunate not to have it happen more times or since.

To Ronald: How does a guy get so lucky? That must have been an ultimate lifetime experience in pooping, it surely would have been mine! To have not only heard a girl struggling to poop but to have heard her discuss the matter not only with her girlfriend but be open about it with you too, must be one for the guniess book of all time great poop experiences.

To Linda: I've really enjoyed some of your posts. I tried to answer some of your comments about a week ago but something went amiss. I'm really sorry that you "Hate to poop" but I can understand how you could come to feel that way. When I was a little kid I too had to work hard at making poop come out. My mother always sat and watched me while I strained and pushed. I hated it. I hated to have to struggle while my Mom just sat there and watched everything I did. The most embarrassing part for me was grunting, when I work REALLY hard at a movement I GRUNT, I don't know why but it feels like a really natural thing to do. But with my Mother watching I just hated to have to do it.

No Linda, you are definately not crazy for hating to poop, but look at your Mom's side of it. When we're grownups, we know that we HAVE to poop every so often or we get sick. But when you're a little kid you don't think that way. You think "if I don't go now I'll go another time". Your Mom surely must have known that you had to work hard at pooping. She was just making sure that you did what you had to every so often. Wouldn't you do the same thing now for your little sisters, if you knew they were sitting alone in the bathroom straining, grunting and struggling wouldn't you want to be there for them? That's all your Mom wanted to do was be there for you if you weren't able to go. Well you're older now, and now you can take care of those things on your own. So relax and enjoy the feelings in your body. Its funny that you mention pulling on the seat, that's EXACTLY the way I strain. I grab the toilet seat between my legs and pull on it while I bear down. One time I was away at a conference and the toilets in the hotel had those split seats, you know the ones I mean that are horseshoe shaped. I hadn't had a BM in two days and I was really fighting to go. I pulled on the seat so hard it broke! I also enjoyed the story you wrote about the six girls and one potty. It sounds to me like one of your little sisters may have to work just as hard as you in order to poop. Do you always bult out the door when she strains or do you maybe stay and try to help her? Think about that. The other story that I wanted to ocmment on was the one you told about the enema. You sure brought back memories. The part I hated most about enemas wasn't getting the water in me, that never seemed to hurt that much, it was letting it out. Its like all that water wants ot rush out of you at once and the soap my Mom used made me want to PUSH SO BAD. But when you do that the poop begins to come out and its so BIG and so HARD. If you strain it hurts and if you don't it just sits there making you want to strain even more. I really HATE that. Well Bye for now-- JW

Wednesday, December 23, 1998

I am now gr.9 When I went back to Hong Kong for summer vacation, my pooing time was all messed up. One time my brother and I had to go pee. We found a wc and went in. I felt that a fart is in my body so then I went hard and let it out, but... My pants were filled with shit!! I didn't feel the urge to go to the wc but the shit are out. I went in a stall and cleaned it up with 2 rolls of paper. That was so weird!!

Tree Whizzer
To the anonymous poster- As a matter of fact NASA spent $3 million dollars on the space shuttle toilet in the late 1970s and, from what I have read, tok many detailed photos of genitalia of the females that participated in designing the urinal portion ( I guess it was so NASA could figure out what way to shape it to seal against the labia properly or something...) Let us hope for the designers' sake, that no porno mags ever got a hold of any of those pix! The part of the toilet (Waste Collection System, in NASA lingo) works thusly: the astronaut straps him/herself into the molded seat and operates a lever that opens what is called a "gate valve." This, in turn starts a fan that directs airflow into the botom chamber of the commode. When this happens, the slinger, which is a cylindrical affair with vanes. When the astronaut passes feces out his/her anus, the ballast air (the air moved by the fan) draws the log into the bottom chamber, where it passes through the slinger tines, which shreds the fecal matter and splatters it against the walls of the bottom chamber. Whenthe astronaut is done pooping, he/she wipes with toiet paper as on earth and disposes of this into the bottom chamber. When the astroanut is done with the process, he/she returns the operating handle to the off positioin, hich shuts off the fan and slinger motors, closes the gate valve, and opens the WCS vent valve. This valve exposes the interior of the bottom chamber, which is sealed off from the crew compartment by the gate valve, to the vacuum of space. Thsi exposure causes the moisture in the feces to boil out and vent into space, drying the fecal matter and killing the bacteria in it. When the space shuttle orbiter lands at the end of the mission, the plastic liner in teh bottom chamber of the commode, which contains the dry fecal matter, is removed from the commode and disposed of. Although expensive, the space shuttle orbiter's toilet facilities are a quantum leap ahead of pissing directly into outer space and shitting into bages in front of the rest of the crew!

Oh, one more thing that I forgot to mentioin in the previous post, yes I did see the movie Apollo 13 and I did post about how pre-shuttle astronauts peed during spaceflights. Go back and read my post with the excerpt from the nover A Man on the Moon .

For Kathleen, I am a 46 yr old male well educated and I too have always been turned on by the sound of women pssing and pooping in the toilet. It is interesting that you said you were aware of your sons arousal by this also. Were you somewhat aroused as well? I think the attraction this sobject has for men is because it required a woman to get partially disrobed and expose her private parts. It is also the knowing that the woman we are listining is experiencing physical relief from this activity. That's the best I can explain it.

The kids decorated their school bathrooms for Christmas. Green and Red crepe paper draped on the walls, and wreaths on the doors. They took ribbon and wound it around the toilet seats, taping it to the underside. Looked like a candy cane. They used this opportunity to see each other's restrooms, the girls put stick-on bows on the boys urinals, and the kids were running in and out of all the bathrooms, giggling. It was quite a sight. Several boys whizzed in the urinals while girls watched. Every once in a while they are allowed to get crazy for a little while and the days right before a vacation are particularly wild. Overall though, the bathrooms are the favorite part of the school for them and we keep them clean.

Tuesday, December 22, 1998

Hi y'all. It has been a while. This past weekend, I traveled from Colorado back to Indiana. The wife was already back and I took a side trip to where I went to school at. I visited the old fraternity house that I belong to and it was goo seeing a few old friends and seeing the house. While I was there, I had to dump a good load after going to eat some good BBQ. I mentioned that I had to take care of dinner. When I was done, I ended up using a lot of TP, more than usual. Today, I went to Butler University where I use to hang out during college and afterward. I was in the library and had to take a shit. It was also messy wiping and it was good and noisy but no one around to enjoy it with me.
Being at the fraternity house, it reminded me of the fun I use to have in college and something I miss. I would like to do a trip sometime during the spring for a weekend and stay there for old times sake.
Back to dumping, I enjoy it but the last 2, it was messy wiping which I don't like even with butt cheeks spread so it drops straight out without touching either hemisphere.

I've been reading some of the old posts - Anne (bus driver), please let's have some more details of your bathroom experiences. Also I would love to hear of any experiences from nurses, the authorities on toilet habits. Any comments on the use of the Higginson's enema syringe. I believe it was very popular 20 years ago with British midwives for inducing labour but has now fallen into disuse. Does anyone out there still use one, especially ladies?

Tree Wizzer: Don't ya know that millions of $$$ go into developing astronaut toilets? They suck the crap into little bags they keep in the shuttle (sealed!) until they land. They also have something they can suck the wee into, and it jettisons out the side of the space shuttle (where it evaporates. See the movie "Appolo 13").

Tree Whizzer
Vanessa- REgarding messing your undies during hte camping trip, what did you and yor friends do with the underwear you peed & pooped in? Did you dump the poop out of them when you took them off or did you just throw them away? I was surprised you didn't just lay your loads outside, especialy for the time span you mentioned.

Monday, December 21, 1998

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