I am in my mid forties like many of those who post here and am a single parent with a grown up son of 25. I have been following the correspondence about men (mostly) who were turned on by listening to their mother or other female family members doing a motion. Perhaps they would be interested in hearing the opposite side of such a situation. Since childhood myself I have enjoyed passing a good solid motion and from reading this website I now realise that this is quite common in both genders and in many nationalities, cultures, social classes, intellectual levels etc. When I was bringing up my son I toilet trained him by taking him to the toilet until he was able to go by himself and he was a child that was soon "clean and dry". By the time he went to school at the age of 5 he handled such matters for himself with only the occasional accident that most kids and even adults have from time to time. Now I did notice that he too enjoyed doing a motion and, since I do myself and I had brought him up to consider this a natural function not something dirty or shameful, this was fair enough to me. I also soon found that , like Kenneth and Tony and some others who have written here , he was turned on whenever he heard me doing a bowel movement. (Yes Kenneth I did notice the tell tale bulge in his trousers). I didn't object and did to an extent play along with this . I would mention that I was going for a motion, not just for a wee wee which didnt seem to interest him in any way, and would sometimes leave the toilet unflushed for him to see my jobbies if they were nice big fat ones and he would after a few minutes go into the toilet and have a look for himself to his obvious pleasure. Nothing was ever said , no further discussion about it took place, as Anne and Moira put it, it was "something understood". Certainly there was no question that I would have let him accompany me to the toilet to watch me defecate,and he never asked me to, nor did I ever enter the toilet when he was using it after he was 5. I am not a prude and this was in the late 1970s and the 1980s when attitudes were more open and liberated than the 1950s when I was a child, and I don't consider defecation to be dirty or "bad" but I personally feel for myself that my privacy should be preserved during the act of having a bowel movement, (or urination), itself primarily as I dont think it right for a mother to be naked in the sight of her son although I have no problem with being heard doing a motion nor with my jobbies being seen by others. He was also turned on if he heard other female relatives such as girl cousins and aunts and neighbours doing a motion, more so than if it was an uncle or boy cousin or male visitor. For those interested he is now married and he and his wife do accompany one another to the toilet but that is their affair and I have never mentioned it to either. I hope this account interests those who have posted about this aspect of Toilet matters and helps present the other side of such a situation.

Is it true that females generally poop less frequently than males, and also produce larger results. This seems to be confirmed by my own observations and the letters I have read in your postings. Is this because of rectal and colonic capacity being greater, size of pelvic cavity or what? Any authoritative comments please.

Tree Whizzer
Steph- Thanx for backing me up =o) It was agonizing! Five minutes after I was finished pooping I was bursting at the seams agin *GRR* And on top of that the farts I passed REEKED, let me tell you! It's not easy when your dad is the inventor of the thermonuclear butt blast *LOL*

Linda- You're not the only one who doesn't like pooping! Aside from the aforementioined bowel distress I posted about, it seems like every time I poop I never clean enough. I wipe until the paper is clean and yet net 10 minutes later my anus ITCHES and ITCHES and ITCHES something awful! I end up either diggin at my butt through my pants for 65 hours or I end up moistneing some toilet paper, wrapping it around and over my fingertip, and sticking it in my anus to clean it out better (which is extremely unpleasant!) And in case anyone asks, my poop isn't hard but is about the consistency of pumpkin pie. I'ts very aggravating >=o( I'm surprised I didn't get much of a response to the posts about how astronauts relieved themselves during a spaceflight. Did I post during a quiet spell?

Alex and Steph: Great to have you posting again.
I had just got used to shitting twice per day, once before and once after breakfast, a pattern which has developed over the last two years or so, when there was a sudden change. This last week I have been doing my business only once per day. There has been no change in my diet or habits, so I can't understand it. But on the whole, I prefer to do it only once a day, because I have mild hemorrhoids, which get sore sometimes if I have to wipe a lot. It's over a year now since they last bled, which is a great relief, because just sometimes I would get bloody skid-marks in my pants!

Hi. One day one a camping trip i really needed to piss and shit very badly. I am a 18/f and two other female friends were with me. I really did not want to piss and shit in a porta potty?? They are very smelly and dirty. So I pissed and shit my panties pretty badly all week and my friends wet and messed they panties all so. what a week of camping we had of peeing and pooping our panties and going to the toilet in the woods.

Dear Alex, Glad to see that you are back from France. I know Grenoble pretty well (would you believe that it is the FLATTEST city in France)..I fully agree with your comment about the French toilet paper. The French have done wonderful things culturally (the famous "baguette", the "cassoulet"...), but never extended their expertise to fine toilet paper. I guess the French are more interested in catering to what enters the body as opposed to what comes out.... Can you know hold a simple conversation in French ? (Bonsoir Mademoiselle...voulez-vous aller aux toilettes avec moi...?) I should also mention that I went to school 2 years in a town 40 kms away from Grenoble. Happy to see that you and Steph did not waste any time sharing your body functions. Just great, altough I would have loved the mutual descriptions to be more, who did more noise, you or Steph ? Take care Philippe

I went out for dinner last night to this restaurant that i go to at least once a month and when I came home, I ran for the can and started to crap. This always seems to happen when I visit this particular restaurant. The crap was a classic. It was long like a wooden log and it made skid marks. It also stunk up my whole apartment. I have been experiancing wried patters the last couple of weeks. Instead of going every other day, I go twice a week now. It must be my routine or something

Last weekend, I went skiing and stayed in an Inn. I shared a bathroom with two college age girls who had the room on the other of the bathroom. On both bathroom doors, it siad in large letters to unlock the bathroom door when finished. The doors were quite thin, so you could hear everything that was going on inside. One of the girls was having quite normal bowel movements. hat is, every morning (we were there three nights), she would come in, pee, grunt a few times, plop, grunt a few more time followed by several plops, wipe, flush and leave. The other girl was having real difficulty. On the first night, she came in with a book, grunt quite hard for a while, then read her book, then grunt some more. Under her breath, she would say "please come, oh please" but nothing happened. After about 30 minutes, I knocked on the door because I had to pee. I asked her when she would be through. She was very open. She said she was having real trouble doing number 2, she knew she had a big one to do, but she couldn't get it to move, and could I please find another toilet. I really couldn't argue and went down the hallway to relieve myself. When I got back, she was still there; I asked if she had made any progress and she said no. A few minutes later, her roommate came into the bathroom and asked her the same thing (I guess she had told her roommate previously). Her roommate said she had a suppository she could try. She agreed and they left the bathroom. I went in to shave (I always like to shave at night), but did not bother to lock the door into the girls room. In about 7 minutes, the girl having the problem returned. She was attractive, wearing a long sleeved shirt and underpants. She told me matter-of-factly that her friend had given her a suppository and she thought it was working and wondered how long I would be. I was just finishing and she stayed until I left. As soon as I left, she sat down and started grunting quite loudly. After about a minute, she called to her roommate and said "I think it is coming but it is awful big and hurts. More grunts followed by a large splash. Her friend comes in and was told "I can't talk, I am pushing out a real big one". After about 30 seconds, I heard a splash. This was followed by girl talk and several plops over the next few minutes. I enjoyed how open this girl had been about her problem. I wonder if it goes back to her toilet training in childhood?

Sunday, December 20, 1998

Hi guys. It seems like forever since I last posted. I just returned to the United States after 3 months of living and studying in France. I stayed in Grenoble, a city in the foothills of the Alps. I loved my time Europe, and would do it again in a minute- actually, I love travelling, so I'm sure I'll "cross the pond" many times to come :) The one thing I did NOT like, and this is petty, is the difference in French toilet paper. I'm not going to be an "Ugly American" and say our toilet paper is better than theirs, but it was different. The toilet paper was coarser than I'm used to, and, in many public bathrooms, the paper comes in sheets instead of rolls. I was lucky enough to never have to have used one of the infamous "squat" toilets for a pee; I was able to sit down every time I had to use the bathroom (although I spent most of my time in France, I did make side trips to Italy and Switzerland, the latter in which I spent a couple of days staying with [my best friend] Stephanie's relatives...) I got back to the States a couple of days ago, and after taking my first pee back at home, I was so happy to wipe my vagina with American toilet paper. Steph got home from college last night, and I spent the night over at her house. I had a sudden, and strong, urge to shit at around 10:00pm, and of course asked Steph if she wanted to come in with me. All I can say is that I went, a LOT (about 8 pieces of various sizes), and it stank. I'm sure she'll elaborate on this (I'm typing on her computer, so she'll post next). I watched her go the next morning (actually, this morning) and it was also voluminous, to say the least. We both agree that going to the bathroom together is kind of like being in a sauna, literally baring ourselves while chatting or just hanging out. Well, it's great to be home, and I'll be posting more often. Love, Alex :)

Hi guys! Alex just posted (from my computer terminal); it's great to have her back!!!!! Commenting on Alex's first dump back in the states, it stank!!! I also took a larger and smellier (than usual) dump when I returned from Europe (albeit for a much shorter length of time) a few months back. Traveling, or just returning home after traveling, can wreak havoc with the intestines. My dump this morning was larger and smellier (though Alex and I both agree not as intense as hers) than usual, and I only traveled 100 miles from school to home. Must be something in the water, I guess. Erika W, I only splattered my pants once in recent memory, and that was when I was out jogging with my friend Jodi last year- it was a small splat, but I don't think I had any hot foods before that. I have taken "mushy" dumps many times after eating Middle Eastern/Indian-type foods. Tree Whizzer, I know how you felt. My colon gets a "weird" feeling, as if I've not completely emptied, at the two extremes, when I'm very constipated (understandable) or when I have the runs (when it feels and looks as if I've let out pounds of excrement, but still feel as if I have to let out more). Peace, Steph

Erika W
I had Mexican food the other night and when I went to the bathroom, my poop shot out at an amazing speed, so fast n fact, that I did a splat fart. You know, the kind where you fart and it sort of splatter paints your panties. Anyways, i sat on the pot real quick and shot out a pooper that was about the consistancy of lumpy gravy. the most embarassing part of it all was that my boyfriend Rob, heard all the commotion and walked in as I was examining the load, bare-assed. Erika W

hi. oh i had the worst time today. like i said i hate to poop and i finally found out why. more on that later.anyway i had not pooped in day and it hit me this morning but i hate going so i held it. man was it hard, fianlly at night i could not keep it in me any longer. i ran into the bathroom and my cousin was soaking in a hot bath. he was sore from doing yard work. anyway i was dancing around with both my hands on my tushie telling him i was orry but i had to poop really really really bad. he sai dit was okay so i pulled off my nightgown. i still dont know why but i did. and then pulled down my pamies and sat there. i leaned forward like i read some of you do and puched really hard. i hate doing this. and that's why i hate to poop. i dont like it cause i always have to push hard and strain to get it to come out of me. and worse im afraid some one will see far i can only do it in front of my cousin. anyway i leaned way forward pushing out very big poops. first a very hard one came out and opened my tushie wide.oh it just kept coming and coming. i went ooooowwww cause it hurt but then splash it hit the water but another came out. it was hard too and came out slowly. i pushed very hard and then it came out and ploped loud in the potty and i let out some gas very loud but i didnt care cause another poop was coming out. this one was soft and smooth but it was so long. it just kept coing and coming. after that no more came out and i sat back on the seat and relaxed and said ah as i peed. i just knew my cousin saw my poops come out of me cause of the way i was sitting bent foward and he head was in the direstion where he could see. i asked him and he said he did and that i must feel so much better. i laughed and said i did. but i told him never to see my poops coming otu again. anyway yeah i hate pooping cause well i have to really work at it and my mommy was always around there watching me or my sisters were there and i was afraid to let them watch me strain and push hard. but in front of my cousin i didnt mind at all. i would sit there pulling on the seat as i pushed out my big poops. he would sit down next to me and rub my ???? or stroke my hair. i guess thats why i enevr minded. oh well. please you guys tell me am i crazy. and is there anyway i can get over my hating of pooping. i would love to be like preggy who loves to poop. bye for now. linda

Tree Whizzer
Man my bowels were killing me yesterday! I was in schol visiting the HOnors Research Science class getting info for the web page I'm creating about them in computer class when all the sudden it feels like I'm gonna blow out at the sides. The pressure was unbelievable! I felt like I had 90 punds of dead weight sloshing around in my colon, which, as you might guess, was NOT fun! I excused myself and rushed to the bathroom. I sat on the pot (which is a measureof how bad it was; our shcool toilets are not very clean at all; I aviod giong tto the bathroom at school as much as possilbe) and soon let loose a torrent of mushy poop! Man did I feel lighter but my colon still felt as wierd as ever. I got through the rest of school okay and fortunately only had one more blowout (this time at home) before it subsided. It was wier though. Cassandra- I remember a post in which you said yor dad was a fighter pilot; what type of aircraft do you fly? I'm interested in most things aerospace so I was curious.
What happened to Jane witht he big rectum? Did we scare her off?

Martin D
A few weeks ago I moved into a flat with my girlfriend. Previous to that time we had never gone to the toilet in each other's presence. I suppose we usually went at a time when we weren't together or if we did we did both of us would close and lock the door for privacy. When we first moved in together I did wonder if we should still retain that privacy and lock the door or be open about it. The first couple of days the situation didn't occur, we probably both went at work. One morning I went into the bathroom to shave, when I opened the door she was sitting on the toilet with here pyjama bottoms pulled down to her knees and arms folder on her thighs. As soon as I see her I immediately told here I was sorry and turned around to walk out. She told me it was OK if I wanted to shave as long as I didn't mind here sitting there. As I was putting on some shaving cream we started chatting, I noticed a pause and she didn't answer, then heard a noise of dropping in the water. She just joked about it, I think to hide some embarrassment, and I thought I should just joke back. After some more noises, she tore of some toilet paper; I had my back to her so I couldn't turn round and look in case it made here feel awkward and would lock the door in future. I did just glance around discreetly and noticed her just hovering over the seat to wipe herself then she flushed. She cleaned the inside of the toilet afterwards with the toilet brush then pulled up her pyjama bottoms. I was only wearing underwear myself and think she must have noticed how interested I was. I now regularly sit on the toilet in front of her and always enjoy the experience.

Happy Camper
To Dazz: I relate to you regarding your story of your ex who didn't want to share her bathroom stuff with you. I think it is good advise to find a girl who will. You will be much happier. I have been fighting this with my wife for many years. She has slowly changed, but I am still not sure how comfortable she is with it. Peeing is OK with her, but the pooping with the door open does seem to brother her a lot. From my experience people don't change. The ones that are into it (like myself, Jeff K, etc.) have been into it all their lives. And the ones that are not into it, probably will never feel comfortable sharing their private moments.

Wet Boxers
Are people under the age of 18 (21) allowed to post on this forum? Please get back to me. I noticed there was no adult check, nor anything of the sort.

Yes. Paragraphs 5.52, 4.4 and 4.1(reposted below) of the site faq deal with this issue. If you are mature enough to carry on an intelligent discussion, you should be able to regardless of your age. When you have pronographic or adult oriented content, under the law you are always liable for knowing the ages of viewers, even if someone is lying about their age. This paradox opens any adult site up to legal action caused by kids that are courious, need a belt taken to them, and parents that are prone to uncontrollable fits of busybodydom. This site is too big and to complicated to plug every potnential leak, so we just don't deal with adult or pornographic materials. It is too dificult screen who is who when it comes to the front gate. We are liable for side and back entrances as well. We don't have the time or the energy to sort through all that, and don't wish to hear about what goes on in other people's bedrooms either. Therefore, the content is such that all ages can enjoy within reason and we don't have all manner of extra legal obligations.

5.52age verification and harassment; The same concept applies for both. Email addresses are personal information. Anyone actively acting as the medium of exchange for personal information such as email addresses, has a legal obligation to ensure that the information they are actively passing is not ill begotten and or ending up in into the wrong hands. That means if we post an address we first have to make sure it is legitimate for example:
Fishing for addresses. You have seen this one many times, someone posts something under false pretenses. It may be a "please help my family", a letter that only asks for a reply, something inflammatory or designed to grab attention. As sick as it seems, they could care less about the subject, they just want the email addresses off the responses. Some sell them as a mailing list, others simply want people they can scam, harass, proselytize to etc.
None of our discussions are of an adult nature. (see the premise for paragraph 4) As a result we can assume there will be minors around. They are on the internet only because they have the proper parental consent. We don't know who is what, race age etc. and we don't have to care about these issues because our standards for our content are set so that as far as the law is concerned it doesn't matter. We won't stand in judgment over what someone else chooses to do on their site, but not everything on the internet is legal either. We intend to keep this operation legal as best as we possibly can. We feel that the above issues warrant too much of an invasion of privacy and take too much time and effort to implement policies any other way. Don't forget, you could be sitting right next to anyone on any forum here, including one of us and never know it. You may intend to send your address to a friend in Fargo but remember ~3,500 people pass by here in a week. Just like any big radio station, for every 1 caller there are 100+ listeners. Any one of them could be a drag queen in Denver, a 12 year old kid in Tulsa, a pedophile in Philadelphia, some geezer in Green Bay, your own mother, a stalker in Sacramento, the meter reader, someone in prison, and or the guy next door. You may as well put your name, address and phone number on the ceiling of an NYC subway car.

4.4 Fetishes Just because some mundane topics are associated with some form of fetish or sex elsewhere does not mean they are discussed in that context everywhere. Being turned or interested in something, A.)does not necessiarily have a sexual connotation. B.)does not mean something needs to be discussed in a sexual context C). does not mean that sexual aspects have to be mentioned. Please remember you are free to persue whatever fetish you want. The freedom you enjoy also grants us the freedom not to persue your fetish. Therefore, the forums here contain discussions without the sexual aspects of the topic. Just because there aren't people falling over each other to pick up a kindred spirit is not an invitation to start. (see 2.4)
4.1 While we respect all natural acts here including sex and mastribation, this is not a sex site. Casual reverences to natural sexual acts may be included in your posts if needed, but keep them short and tasteful as the forums here are not for the discussion of sex, self manipulation, stories or fantasies about same. We support your right to partake in whatever consensual sexual activities you choose, that is your business, the key is, "we don't want to know" . We also don't want to hear about your 17", what you did; with how many women and or men at once or any other new fangled position, method or any other extreme/cutting edge sexual exploits you partook in that pushed the envelope.

Saturday, December 19, 1998

BrentC, Great post yourself. So you finally lept into the world of enemas. It is instantly gratifying and will work wonders in an emergency. The thing to avoid is the often used quick-fix. I would suggest no more than once a month or your colon will start to dry up. All the mucous membranes stop producing the lube necessary to pass your waste out and you wind up with the driest, hardest, impacted shit that only an enema can budge. Enough lecturing (sorry- you've heard this before). I had an interesting shit on Monday. I was heading out to make some service calls when I felt the call of nature. I was east of Big D and I pulled into a truck stop and hit the RR. I had been straining for a couple of minutes when I noticed that there was no toilet paper. There was a black guy in the next stall shitting and reading the paper. I decided to use the Drew routine, so I asked him for some paper. At first he thought I meant the newspaper and but I told him I needed john paper. He said "oh sure man... I was reading the paper... it helps thing come out easier." It was apparent that he was shitting just fine and didn't mind talking. I said I needed something to help me, that I was having a hard time. He said "lay off the coffee... it will do that to you." I said that I was very constipated and that I needed to grunt and groan - would that bother him? He said "not at all, man. Go ahead and do what you need to do. I leaned forward and started heaving it out. It took about five minutes of rocking and audible groans to get things moving. I started dropping marbles followed by a larger golf ball. He read and shitted, too. After about 15 minutes he asked for the roll of paper back. I said "sorry - I didn't meann to hog it. I figured you had an extra roll." He said "No problem. I just gotta have some paper cause mine is soft." I said "Yeah, mine is hard as a rock." He said "I can tell." He wiped, flushed, and said, "take care, man." I pushed out a couple more cannonballs, wiped, flushed, and headed out. It was a pretty good experience. Carlos

Kevin L
James, I would like to hear more of your college stories. When I was in college we had seperate bathrooms, but each sex used the other when they had to pee but I never heard anyone shitting. Carly keep laying those big loads in the woods. When I was 15, we were in the woods all day and I had to crap badly. I had never crapped in the woods but I was at the point of no return. So I pulled my pants and underwear down and squatted, being a male, peeing while squatting and craping is hard. Anyway I finished and had to wipe with leaves (what a mess). Needless to say I got poison ivy in my crack about a week later. You talk about embarrassing. I had to go to the doctor because I had it was so bad. Girls keep the stories coming Later, Kevin L

I've been away for a while and I'm catching up with the stories. I've been working a day shift the last few days which means I have to clean the school's restrooms while people are using them. It's fun to be in the women's restrooms and meet them while wiping the toilet seats and refilling the toilet paper dispensers. I spend about an hour in each restroom early in the morning. It seems like the first thing the women do when they arrive is use the restroom. I heard many of them tinkle and dump. 95% of them don't mind a guy in there cleaning, they seem to like their clean, comfortable restrooms and they talk to me and watch me clean.

Josephine is a beautiful Irish redhead who resembles Jean Butler, the dancing partner to Michael Flately in "Riverdance." Josephine had long red hair, a few freckles, and penetrating green eyes. She had a good figure with a magnificent derriere. My wife and her were classmates in a Catholic high school. After graduation, Josephine went into the nuns and eventually became an elementary school teacher. When she left the nuns, she married hastily; it was not a good marriage. One evening my wife received a phone call from Josephine asking her to stay at our apartment because of trouble with her husband. When she arrived, Josephine was in distress and asked to use the toilet right away. I watched her cute derriere bounce as she hurried to the bathroom. She stayed in there quite a while. I heard the toilet flush and the the door to the bathroom open and close. She entered the living room to join us, but I excused myself so my wife and she could have some privacy. Actually, I was more interested in what had gone on in the bathroom. As I opened the door, I was overwhelemed by ripe smell of something like rotten eggs. I wanted to get away fast, but then I pictured her beautiful Irish face and her royal behind - and I wanted to stay to smell her essence for as long as it would last. I sat on the toilet and felt her warmth from the seat. This was truly heaven - to feel the warmth of Josephine's behind, and to smell the strong and pungent odor of her bowel movement. In the morning, I heard the bathroom door open and close again. This time I listened as she let out a long stream of urine. I then heard air pass from her behind, a grunt, the crackling of another movement from her bowels, and a long sigh of relief. Then there were a few more categoric sounds, the rustle of toilet paper, and the flushing of the toilet. As she left to go to her bedroom, I quickly entered the toilet. Again, I started to bolt from the smell - but then thought of her beauty, and I thought of the fact that I was smelling the bowel movement of someone who had been a holy nun. It was sad to realize that this was my last chance to feel her warmth from the toilet seat and the strong fragrance of "eau de Josephine."

To Kenny- Please feel free to post again! In regards to why it often takes so just depends on the person, their diet, their system, etc. It's not uncommon for me (I'm male 32) to take a 15 minute dump if I have not gone for 1 or 2 days. Otherwise, I can finish in less then 10. I only go maybe once a day (I wish it was at least that much). If I am on the pot for a long time, I usually dump a major load. My record is maybe 20 or 25 minutes. Teenguy - Kudos to you for taking a dump at that fast food restaurant with no doors. I don't know if I could have. But I understand the need to go! Isn't it wierd how even though crap is just coming out easy, you absolutely know that you still have to dump. So you sit, and in time, it keeps coming, wave after wave. Hope your butt wasn't that dirty when the guy walked in. More later...

Hi Everyone, Yesterday afternoon(Wednesday afternoon) at school we had an assembaly about drugs. This Is required by the county/state. This was our 3rd drug assembaly this year. This time we had a speaker and he was talking about drugs. He talked about his life. He said he went to see his grandma alot. One day he said he was at His grandmas house and she made cookies and he ate a whole lot(This guy was about 14 at this time) of the cookies and then he said he was In the bathroom taking a dump for 6 hours. He later found out that his grandma put chocolate X-Lax In the cookies(I guess Grandma was constipated?)His grandma was supposed to put a teaspoon In but she put the whole container In the cookies. Then this guy starts telling how he was at a party and there was lots of drinking there and someone got sick and they took a dump and said there Is a brown shark In the toilet. Then he jumps on the stage and starts to Imitate this. I could not believe what was going on. Also this day In one of my classes the teacher was talking about this before I got to see It and he said some girl at this party threw up and then she passed out. while she passed out she pooped her pants. This Is the end of this story I hope every one enjoyed It. I got to go poop now big time!!!!!!

In Australia, there is a very cool government run alternative music radio station call Triple J (they have a really cool website too!!!!). Their roving reporters have done some unusual things over the years, but the one thing I remember the most was when one of their young and very cute sounding female reporters was doing a feature on Tasmania and part of this feature was when she went in and tried out one of those new hi tech self cleaning toilets. She actually took a tape recorder into this toilet to tape her report and was describing the inside when she said that she was going to try it out for a bit of a wee. I could hear her pull down her pants and start to wee, a nice long one it was too with the usual dribbly end. Then she went for the toilet paper and said she couldn't find it and then some came out of the automatic dispenser and she said oh there it is!!!! I could hear her wipe herself too and naturally was getting very aroused from hearing all those lovely sound effects!!!!! Then she pulled her pants back up, flushed the toilet and made some comments about how it was cleaning itself and all that and then went back outside. I just couldn't believe that something like that had just been played on the radio!!!!! This was about a year or so any of the other Aussies here remember hearing this report on Triple J radio?

This talk about constipation is interesting to me. When I was a teen (I'm now in my forties), I suffered from occasional constipation (nothing like Carlos however). I was very preoccupied with my bowel movements. If i missed a day, or if I went and I deemed the amount of my movement to be small, I assumed I was constipated. Although I rarely took laxatives or enemas, I still spent an inordinate amount of time worrying about my bowels. In my mid-twenties, I went to a psychiatrist because I had trouble with intimacy. He was very Freudian and he focused on my inability to "let go." He postulated (correctly I think) that to me defecation was "letting go" and not being able to go(constipation), was tantamount to holding back (anal retention). He postulated that my interest in defecation was due to my desire to really let go. When you think about it, defecation is really an act of letting go, quite literally as well as figuratively. Maybe that's why some of us (certainly myself) find it so erotic. The act of sitting down, pushing and then grunting and sighing in relief--isn't that letting go? He helped me enormously with my intimacy issues, and constipation became a thing of the past (although I didn't go to him because of constipation; I went to him because of my fear of letting go which I think manifested itself in constipation). I know that Freud has become out of fashion, but I wonder if some of our constipated friends have any thoughts on this. Perhaps your constipation is entirely the result of some physical problem like a sluggish bowel, or slow transit time. But would it be inconceivable that psychologically, you have an issue with letting go and it manifests itself in constipation? I know it might be far-fetched, and I certainly am not trying to be an armchair psychoanalyst, but I am interested in your thoughts.

Thursday, December 17, 1998

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF A PERSON WAS AT THE HOUSE BEFORE? A couple of months ago, our church group was at a house. A new comer to our group was there. Surprisingly she was familiar with the home. How do I know? When she felt nature's call she headed directly to the bathroom. What a way to find out that a person was in that place of residence! She had been in the house about 8 years previously.

Hi people. As a truck driver, I sometimes get into desperate situations. Only a few weeks ago, I was making some early morning deliveries to various shops around the city. I was driving around when I started to feel a lot of farts building up inside me. I let a few out and boy they smelt vile!!!! Then I suddenly realised that the next one would be more liquid than gas and natually I had just left a shop and had another ten minutes of driving before I could reach the next one and it's much needed toilet!!!! By the time I pulled up in the lane at the back of the shop, I was really dying to go and to my horror, the people hadn't arrived yet to open up the back gates and let me in. By this time I was doubling up in pain and I got out of the truck so I could dance around a bit and try to hold it in. There was absolutely nowhere for me to squat down and it was getting light fast. I managed to let a few more farts out to try and relieve the pressure, but that only brought the runny poo that much closer to my underwear!!!! I haven't had a poo accident since I was about six years old and if I had one now it would have soaked my pants completely. All of a sudden, I saw the guy at the gate unlocking it and thought about time, I really need to shit now!!!! I jumped in the truck and backed it into the driveway, pulling on the hand brake and jumping out in one motion. I said a quick hi to the guy and rushed through the back door and upstairs to that toilet I had been dreaming about. In through the door I went undoing my belt and pants and pulling them down as I entered a cubicle without bothering to shut the door......had no time for that!!!! As my bum hit the seat a noisy torrent of gas and totally liquid poo sprayed out of me into the toilet with a loud PPPPPPPFFFFFFFSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! Oh man, what a relief!!!!! It spray painted the inside of the toilet brown and gave me heaps of splashback too.....oh yuk!!!! Normally I love a good splash, but only when I do a normal solid poo, which usually gets me quite arroused too.......diarrhea I hate, but it was a relief. I think if I had got to the toilet a second later, it would have been in my pants!!! After the raging brown river had stopped flowing, I started to wipe myself and it was a mess too. I had liqiud poo all over my bum and took half a roll of toilet paper to clean myself up. I pulled up my pants and flushed the toilet, washed my hands and went downstairs to unload the truck, feeling so much better and happy that I had made it in time!!!!!

A few years back, the janitors decided to paint the stall walls in the locker room's 3 stall bathroom by removing the wall panels: they did leave the doors in place so you could lock yourself in, in the process hogging all the toilets for yourself. The picked a Monday when everyone was coming off a big weekend of eating, etc. Some of us didn't bother locking the doors. Besides, crapping together and sharing a shower aren't all the far removed from each other (although, it was odd to have one of your profesors come in and take a dump next to you). The swim team was having practice. One of the boys that usually spent 15 to 20 minutes in his prepractice dump looked over the situation and couldn't bring himself to dump in such an open area: he stood and pondered and when to the pool. When I came back from my workout about 45 minutes later, there was a pair of crap stained speedo's in the garbage can near the toilets and their owner was in the shower cleaning himself up.

It's finals time here at the University. The bathroom readers have taken over the johns for 15 plus minutes studying for their next final. The one that was in the stall next to me took less than 2 minutes to unload, but kept on reading and turning pages of his accounting text book for another 10+ minutes.

Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Poop Loggy Logg
Here's a handy trick I read in Playboy Magazine about 10 years ago and use frequently: To avoid dribbles that leave those unsightly yellow stains, men can press firmly on the area just behind the scrotum after peeing. You always get another good squirt by doing this, and it empties out your urethra. By the way, does anyone else think of the word ''urethra'' when the singer Aretha Franklin is mentioned? I know I do! PLL

I was just a while ago sitting on the toilet having a bm. and the door opened a co-worker came in a hurry, i had been sitting in my own stall trying to get relief, hearing a lot of rustling as she settled herself i heard her peeing, then she ripped a loud fart and her turds about four dropping all the while she was humming to herself, it was so funny and yet reasuring, funny suppressing my laughter quickly helped me relax to drop my own bombs, as i was squeezing it came out thick and long, alittle hard due probable to it being in my colon so long, a smaller turd followed, the humming had ceased but the woman was still there, i was now peeing and reaching for paper to wipe with, finished and looked , a nice firm one about ten inches long w/ a shorty lay together both dark brown and firm.I flushed and the other lady did likewise. While washing hands at the sinks we chatted, i asked her if she always hummed and she said yes! She said she knew it was I because she saw me go in and hoped i didn't mind, i said no, and we left smiling, we are really a small group here. Anne , really pleasant to hear synmpathic people treating children so kindly, great! Have a wonderful holiday every- one . Bye Cassi

To Carly: What a dumbass your cheerleading coach is! If a coach or teacher gave me a choice of writing 1000 lines or quitting, I'd quit on the spot. From the way you describe the bathrooms at the event, I think you found a much better place to poo; I don't use restrooms in parks at all to either pee or poo- I go behind a bush or tree. Have a merry Christmas and keep relieving yourself outdoors.

When I was in high school, I used to poop every morning when I arrived and then while I was at home I could never go poop. I think the reason for that is the school cans used to be cleaned everyday. Also there weren't many people in the facility at that time. When I got into college, the complete opposeite happened. one thing that bothers me is that the college should clean their facilities as I am paying lots of money. I do have a poop once in a while in the college cans.

Tuesday, December 15, 1998

On having to shit in a plastic bag: There are some places where the forest service requires this. They are areas that see a lot of tourists but where toilets are impractical. One that I know of is rafting down the grand canyon. Lots of people do it, there isn't a lot of land to spread out on down there, there's no road access to haul in outhouses with. Going whereever people wanted to would soon leave the area full of shit, not to mention the water that people are rafting in. It wouldn't look good and probably would cause health problems. Thus all urine and feces must be carried out on such trips.

I am a girl and one day in school I peed my pantie s I really had to go and went to the nurse she mad me change in to new underwear but she had no panties i had to wear boy's breifs for a whole day disgusting

i havent posted for a while but i had a recent experience that i have to share.i went on a golf trip and stayed at a motel for a weekend.on the last morning before leaving i desperately needed have a shit because i hadn't gone for 3 days.i went into the bathroom leaving the door open(i was the only one in the room) pulled down my boxers and sat on the toilet leaning forward with my folded arms on my parted knees.being quite constipated i began to strain quite heavily and i could feel that there was a hell of alot to come out. as i was at the point of releasing my huge load the door of the unit opened and in walked the maid at the crucal moment. before she could say or do anything she watched as i sighed loudly in heavenly relief as i began to bombard the toilet with a multitude of golf ball sized turds the slashed ever so loudly. i was facing the floor with my eyes closed as the joy of relief came over me. after a dozen or so acutely punctuated plops i released a long booming ! fart that resonated throughout the bathroom ended with a hissing. as i opened my eyes i looked in total surprise to notice the maid was looking at me with her mouth open to which she quickly turned arond and apologised. *****sorry. to be continued.****

Carlos-- Another great post! I would love to buddy dump with you if we could connect. Since my hasty trip to the hospital in July, I have been a lot more careful not to let my bowels get too backed up. I've been taking large amounts of supplemental fiber and water. It helps a little, but not very much. I still have to strain and push to get anything out. People who don't have chronic constipation don't understand it. Like you, I am very healthy. I lift weights 4-5 times a week and do cardio at least three times a week. I am muscular and fit, but that doesn't seem to prevent constipation. Like you, I still have a hard time shitting. I still have to resort to dulcolax suppositories fairly often. I used one on my lunch hour at work last week. It worked about 30 minutes after I inserted it but I still had to moan and strain so hard I thought I would pass out. A few weeks ago, I was finally persuaded to try an enema. Man did it ever work! I agree it should only be a last resort, but it's nice to know that option is available. More about that experience later if anyone is interested. I think other guys may suffer from constipation, too. I was working out in the free weight room at my gym last week, when I went into the small mens' room that is adjacent because I had to pee. There is only one stall (this restroom is not the main locker room) and it is adjacent to the urinals. The partition has wide gaps aruond the door and while I was at the urinal, I could plainly see one of the young bodybuilders on the toilet. He was grasping the back of his ankles with his hands and was bending forward so that his pecs were on his knees. He was gently rocking from side to side and from what little I could see of his face, had a strained expression on it. I wanted to stay and watch (as well as listen) but didn't want to embarrass him or myself, so I left shortly after I finished peeing. I noticed that he was in the restroom for another 15 minutes. He just had to be constipated, but I couldn't exactly go up to him and ask him. I wonder how many other guys who work out have this problem. I know I have sat in that very stall a few times and tried to tough one out. Mod Joe and Thom--- we haven't heard from you in a while. What is going on?

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