Love this site. I was on a lovely summer hike in September but after 2 hours I really needed to pee (at boarding school we had 3 categories, urgent (20 minutes or so) desperate (5 minutes or so) and bursting (enough said). So I was going from desperate to bursting and fortunately no one around and some birch trees so I went over, a bit ashamed but a bit sexy too, and I undid my slacks and squatted down. I always wish I were a man at that point, just because I don't like being so exposed and I do like being upright. Then the wonderful moment when you can let it flow and flood. A good long pee, but a guy on a bike came down the trail. I don't know what he saw, for the birch trees were off the trail but birch trees a kind of thin. But it was sexy to be quite unable to stop and to enjoy peeing out of doors with the sun warming the parts that don't often get sun. And I had pointed myself so as not to wet my sneakers.

Monday, December 14, 1998

Hi again.....another story, but this time it's about me..........a shitting in the woods experience!!!!!! It happened a few years ago in my hot rod days when I had a bit of a souped up car. I lived near this large National Park and it had a perfect road for burning a bit of rubber running through it. I sometimes went for a drive through there on my own late at night to get the adrenaline going. Well, one night I was driving through there and felt that lovely urge I love so much. I could have held off until I got to a service station, but suddenly felt that it would be good to poo in the forest. I pulled over into a clearing by the side of the road and grabbed a handful of napkins from the glove box. I always grab lots of these when I get fast food, just in case!!! I got out of the car and went over behind some nearby bushes. Luckily it was a full moon as I had no torch and it would have been pitch black there otherwise. I undid my jeans and pulled them down to my knees, squatting over the ground with my feet apart but my knees together. I aimed my dick so I wouldn't wet my sneakers or anything and started to do a long wee. When that came to a dribbly end, I started to push, letting out a loud fart and then I could feel a nice big firm poo expanding my anus as the tip of it started to come out. I could feel it slowly slide out and could feel every little bump as it sped up as it tapered off to a point and fell out of me onto the ground. I could still feel more poo inside me, so I pushed again and out came a bigger one, this one feeling better than the first. It took even longer to come out, almost half a minute it felt like. Oh that did feel so good, giving my anus alot of stimulation and getting me aroused too!!!! I now felt empty and had that lovely tingly feeling in my anus. I wiped myself six times with the napkins and gave the end of my dick a wipe to get rid of the last drops. Then I pulled up my jeans and had a look at my poo. There were two big logs lying there in the moonlight, the first one was about six inches by one inch and the second one was nine inches by two, both tapering off at the end. No wonder it felt so good!!!! I got back into the car and sat there for a minute, savouring that nice empty feeling and the tingles in my bum. I suddenly became aware of the smell of poo and realised that I may have got some on me somewhere!!! I turned on the light in the car and looked at the seat under me, there I could see streaks of poo on the vinyl covered seat!!!!! Oh shit, I thought.......I have shit on my jeans!!!! I quickly took off my jeans and slid over to the passenger seat. All along the back of the legs of my jeans was streaks of poo to match the ones on the seat. I thought about my predicament for a moment, then had an idea. I pulled out a pair of scissors from the glove box and cut off the legs of my jeans. Lucky for me there was only poo on the legs, so I could go home safely wearing my new cut off shorts!!!! Also in the glove box was those little pre moistened wipes you get from some fast food places, so I could use these to wipe down the drivers was lucky for me too that they were vinyl and easy to clean properly. Luck did seem to be with me that night!!!!!! After finishing all that I chucked the jean legs out into the bushes and took off down the road in a cloud of smoke from the squealing tyres............

When I was a kid, my mom got re-married. My new stepfather used to take shits that just made a horrendous mess. He would paint the underside of the toilet seat all the way around, every day. You never wanted to lift the seat up to take a leak for fear that the the spot you grabbed would be covered in crap underneath. Anyway, we used to joke about how our stepfather must have been the one guy in the world who really had to wipe his ass after going to the can - not his asshole, his ass.

JAYMZ(formerly Jay22)
On page 39 of "The Weekly World News", (a US tabloid) there is a story of a very attractive news reporter, Shannon Young, who had her #2 broadcasted over the entire studio and taped by a malicious technician. During the break, she went to the ladies room thinking her wireless microphone had been turned off, but the tech instead aired it for the entire studio, taped it and posted it briefly on the internet. Young was reported to have quite a noisy movement and even commenting on the bad smell. One technician who overheard the event described her as sounding like, "a water buffalo with diarrhea." To top things off the tech. circulated the tape around their home town of Sydney, Australia, further contributing to the humiliating experience. Young later quit her job and is now suing for 1.2 million in damages. If anyone has come across the wav. file please tell where I may find it.

Pee shivers and shock
I'd say that pee shivers are nothing to do with shock. Shock requires a drop in blood volume through one route or another, and passing urine simply removes from the body water that has been inaccessible to the blood since it was removed by the kidneys. Although shock could be caused by giving inappropriate diuretics to someone and thus removing too much water from their circulation, this would be nothing to do with the actual act of micturition, and the symptoms would always be more severe. The abdomen itself can quite happily cope with rapid volume changes, or the same effect would be had on, for example, farting. My suggestion would be that the shiver is a side-effect of the autonomic nervous system outflow that causes urination in the first place - a similar mechanism is involved to the flight or fight mechanism, so we feel a shiver on getting scared (and the bladder may contract, leading to accidents). Hope this helps...

Hi guys! Observer, I'm glad you like my postings on here and on "race relations," but, with all due respect, I don't find going in one's pants amusing at all. Briyan, I loved your post about the elephant and the enema. I just checked in to say "hi." I've no unusual stories to report at this time. Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends on here! Peace and love, Steph

Sunday, December 13, 1998

Happy Camper
I am back after not reading this site very much the last couple of months. Just been too busy. I do have a story to tell later, but for now, I want you all to know that this is the first time looking at this web page with my new Pentium II 450 computer. I have a 19" monitor also. The pooping pictures sure look great with a 19" monitor. Keep the stories coming. I can now read twice the stories in half the time. I will say more later.


In Boy Scouts, a long time ago, we learned about shock due to injuries. We learned in theory even a scrape causes shock. Shock from a severe wound can kill if the person is not convinced to lie down with feet elevated. A comedian talked about the shiver he experienced after peeing. He said women as well as men also shiver after a good pee. Sometimes I shiver after a pee. Is shivering after a pee indicate minor shock? The abdomine looses a lot of volume quickly so the body must adjust. In my opinion it probably minor shock.

Hi all, here is a little story about my ex girfriend. She was very private about her toileting and I only ever got to see her wee a few times, but never a poo.....she knew that this turned me on (I was brave enough to tell her one night when we were both drunk!!!) and thought I was sick for wanting to watch her poo. It was actually one of the things that caused us to split. Anyway, we were out for a walk near her house one day when she told me she had to go for a shit. We started back to her place when she started letting out little farts with nearly every step. Then she told me we'd better get back quick, I really need to go. I was getting quite aroused by this time too!!! When we got to her place, she opened the front door and raced into the bathroom, closing the door behind her as she always did for a poo. I quietly went up the hall and stood outside the door to listen. I heard her lift up her dress and pull down her panties and even heard her bum touch the toilet seat. Then she started to wee, dribbling slowly for the first few seconds then flowing strongly into the water. I could hear the hissing of her wee coming out of her vulva even over the sound of the wee tinkling in the water. The wee went on for about half a minute, coming to a dribbly end, then all went quiet. Then I heard her grunt and moan a little, then suddenly heard a big plop, quickly followed by three slighty smaller ones only a few seconds apart. Then she let out a big sigh of relief. I heard her tear off some toilet paper and wipe herself four times, then all of a sudden she pulled up her paties and flushed the toilet. I quickly slid off down the hall into the living room as the door opened, she didn't even wash her hands!!! I had to try not to look guilty as she came into the room and sat next to me on the couch. Oh how I wish we could have shared those intimate moments of her's together, I would have loved to have been able to wipe her too. All this is ancient history now, as we split up nearly a year ago and I have been single since. The next girl I go out with is going to have to be the type that will share that kind of thing with me........she will find out this early on so she will know what I am like and decide whether she wants to continue seeing me. Ms Right will be the one who likes to share these things with me and of course, I will share my pooing with her. Got to go now, all this talk about pooing is making me want to do one now......I'll post about it here if it's anything out of the ordinary. But then again, I find every poo to be a special experience, anything but ordinary!!!! :)

To Carly - It was bad to read your story about being punished just because you had to poop outdoor. Where I live it is quite common that both adults and children pee and poop outdoor when walking in the woods or even when driving by car in remote areas and there are no toilets around. I have never thought of it as unpolite and something to be ashamed of. I think that even children in kindergarten and primary school are told to do so by their teachers if they ask for a toilet when staying outdoor. Last year I worked for a short period of time in a kindergarten and my boss told the children to do so. (I know that she did it herself when she was in need.) Certainly it should be done so that nobody can see you when doing it. But nevertheless it happens (quite often in fact) that you can see persons squatting in the bushes when walking along the trails in the woods. Last summer I walked with my mother and some of her friends in the mountains of South France. Even there I noticed that it was quite common that adults (not only from our group)went to the bathroom in the bushes. It was not commented at all by anyone in our group. I think everybody just went a bit away from the trail and found a place where she found some privacy and squatted. Is it true that when walking in the woods in USA you have to poop in an plasticbag and carry it all home? One of my friends spent last year in USA and she told me so. She found it a bit strange. Why are customs that different?

Tree Whizzer
Moira: REgarding your post about control freak US parents, I seriously doubt you will hear from many parents that aren't that way. America is such a puritanial country, especially when the idiot REpublicans are in charge, that you'd think these people have black holes near their anal openings or something; I mean, they don't want us to talk about anything that their illogical anal-retentive minds think isn't all polite. We're the same country that tried to ban alcohol outright for over 10 years (there are states that still have "dry" counties!) and raised the drinking age from 18 to 21 AND still think the word "fart" is a curse word! (yes, there are people that think that!!!) American adults hate American kids with a passion and it seems that some of them fantasize about imprisoning us the exact instant we graduate from high school. As if we're the only cause of America's social decline! These people simply WILL NOT listen to reason. LAtely it seems that when I eat milk or ice cream or some other dairy product, I fart a lot more than usual and the farts are much more fragrant to boot. Does anyone else have this happen to them? I'm curious as to whether lactic acid encourages flatulence. Well bye for now!

Anne (The bus driver)
Havent posted for a while but I have been reading the posts. Nice to read the old favourites and some new people too . I found Kenneth's story interesting and Im sure that there are lots of instances where one person, wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, etc is aware that another family member, husband, boyfriend,son, brother or whatever is turned on by them doing a number two and tolerates this but does not want to let them know that they know about it possibly to avoid being asked to let the other party accompany them to watch when they do a motion. If such a tacit arrangement, "something understood" as it were works well then fair enough and is best left alone. If it aint broke dont fix it.

A correspondent mentioned a woman shitting herself on a plane to her own and other passengers discomfort. I havent seen this, not that I fly that often but I have had people fill their panties on my coach and on stage carriage buses. The luxury touring coaches have a toilet on board which flushes into a large tank under the vehicle which is then emptied down the inspection trap at a suitable bus or coach depot. Normally people dont have accidents on these vehicles though I have seen pairs of knickers flushed down the toilet and coming out when the tank was emptied so possibly people did get caught short and flushed them away. In the non toilet coaches for shorter excursions etc there have been a few times people of either gender have either wet their underpants or shit them and this applies equally to either sex. I will always try to stop regularly for people to use the toilets and will also pull up if someone asks me either near a toilet or pub or whatever if driving through a town or in the countryside at a convenient field or whatever. Works outings were people have too much to drink are worst and often I have found shitty or wet underpants and knickers dumped under the seats. Actually wetting is worse as this usually wets the seat meaning it has to be removed and cleaned and vomiting is likewise bad whereas if someone does a solid poo in their pants it may not make such a mess as long as they dont sit down in it. On the normal bus services through the town which of course stop often such accidents dont happen so often , if people feel the urgent need they usually get off. School kids however sometimes get taken short. I rememember one time that I had a load of kids going to the local Secondary (High) Schools and the bus was packed with many standing. Suddenly there was a commotion and I heard the kids going "Yeuch! Oh what a stink!" and trying to move away from a teenage girl who was standing looking very upset and embarrased. "Driver she's shit herself!" one of the boys said. I stopped the bus and asked what had happened and told the poor girl to come up to the front. Luckily she had been standing not sitting and the jobbie she had done had been solid and the elastic in the legs of her knickers kept all the poo inside so she wasnt in too much of a mess. When the bus got to the school she said she wanted to go home and one of her classmates said they would tell her teacher for her that she had felt sick. I must say the smell was a bit high but she seemed a decent kid and I felt sorry for her. I asked if she had diarrhea but she said no it had been a solid motion and she had needed before she got on the bus but didnt want to go back home as she would be late for school so had taken the chance that she could hold it in till she got to the Girls' Toilet at school but didnt make it. The bus ran out of service back to the depot after this school run so I let her stay on until we got there and she thus didnt have far to walk back home in discomfort. Her mother was a sympathetic parent, not like the monsters mentioned previously by some other readers, as next day she got on my bus again and gave me a box of chocolates and a letter from her mother thanking me for being so kind to her daughter in an embarasing situation. The girl told me that she had been treated kindly when she got home but that in future she would go when she needed not take the risk of holding it in and having another accident in her panties.

On another topic I agree that some toilet seats have too small an opening and compress the buttocks making it more difficult to pass motion. In such toilets I sit straight on the pan itself with the seat up and this lets my big butt spread more and makes doing my big fat jobbies easier. I have had occasions with a narrow seat where the turd has been touching against the inside of my bum cheeks as it has slid out and made wipeing afterwards a bigger task.

Recently I had to do a motion in a Public Toilet where the water in the bottom of the pan had frozen slightly. I did a big solid turd of about 10 inch long and 2 1/2 inch fat but instead of the expected "Kur-sploonk!" it made a dull thud. I looked down the pan and saw it lying on top of a thin layer of ice then as the heat of the turd melted the ice it slowly sunk into the water to my great amusement. Having broken the ice the second I passed, just as thick but about 7 inches went "kersploosh!" as normal. By the way Harry, I think the term "Mick" for a small solid turd of about 4 inches or so in length is a Scottish one as I have never heard it used in England. Perhaps some of the Scot's readers such as Moira or George could tell us. I call such a turd a "shorty", what do other people call them? Preggy, Im glad you are having and enjoying nice big motions. If you enjoy passing these so much giving birth is going to be fun for you, all the straining and bearing down. Be sure to tell us how you get on when the time comes and good luck. Finally, Dear Moderator, when do we get the results of the "Sitting on the Toilet Survey"? Its now Winter and nearly 1999. Any chance of this for Xmas or New Year. Good luck and nice big ones to you all, Anne.

Final Exams. Nuff said.

Jeff A.
Moira: As I'm sure you know by now, I'm an American, but I'm also a parent. What you said about about American parents being such control freaks, you may very well be right. I have to admit that some of the worst stories seem to come from us here in the states, and pretty pictures of the great american homestead have not exactly been painted in here. We as americans, tend to put too much emphasis on physical appearance, success, winning the game, making the money and all that. I'm not saying that every American does this, but it's a big country. This way of thinking has a way of trickling on down to children who have way too much pressure and expectations thrust upon them. I myself,am a survivor of the worst abuses a child can take, both physical and sexual. My opinion is one of both parent, and victim. I never once laid a hand on my child, (who is now an adult). and I feel very good about that. In my life,I've dealt with delicate childhood issues wet sheets, and throwing up medicine with love and understanding. I patiently gave driving lessons, and did not criticize, I even had the dreaded "facts o' life" talk. Kids do leave the cap off the milk jug. They mess up their rooms, leave the lawnmower out, ignore their homework, wet their pants, and have accidents. This is no reason to inflict humiliating and painful punishments for something that dosen't even warrant punsishment!!!! It surely does seem that there are monstrous stories about american parents, teachers, coaches etc, and there certainly is a plain sense of Tyranny here as well. I've come across sadistic, power hungry teachers, and most especially-coaches, who in my opinion, have no business in academics. Did some coach never mess his pants? Did he or she never wet the bed, or vomit, or pick their nose? It's possible that some of the deepest roots may come from super fundamentalist religious groups who over structure, condemn their children, and live in a fabricated world where kids are literally brainwashed. I've had first hand experience with some of these groups. I am not condemning religion, not at all, only the abusers of it. I'm just me, nobody perfect, and nobody special. I'm not the voice of the entire United States. Don't get me wrong, I'm very proud to be an American, and love it here, but yeah, you're right! there are a lot of "gestapo" like child rearing techniques used here. Sorry to ramble on so, but Moira, I felt that your question was well placed, and your opinion justified. I hope you get more of an answer from someone else.

To Katherine: You're a very well spoken lady, and I wish you wouldn't leave. I really enjoy your intelligent observations. It seems to me that in your first posting, you felt a desire to share your #2 experience; enough for you to post it here. The way that I first came upon this site was, in my search I typed in "Sitting on the toilet" hoping to find pictures, or stories. I read stories in here for maybe a good month before I decided to log on (pardon the expression). What I'm saying is, I had to search this out, I didn't come across it by accident. Maybe there was something inside of you that intrigued you enough to search it out. Feeling a fullness within yourself, and the knowing that you have to poop it out eventually, can be a highly erotic and teasing situation. The release is outstanding, and worthy of conversation, both opinion, and description. What follows after is surely for you and your loved one to share, and look back upon. Hopefully, some nice games will come o! ut of it. Besides, I love a woman that eats 2 cans of chili!!! Keep in touch OK?

Hey PR guy, there have been many examples of men defecating in American TV shows. The Chicago Hope example was fairly typical. What IS very unusual is ANY reference at all to women defecating on such shows. With the exception of some comedy shows like Saturday Night Live and MAD-TV, there are virtually NO examples I can think of which depict women pooping. Even Ally McBeal, which has lots of bathroom scenes, has yet to explicitly reference any of the women pooping. Can anyone give any examples of American TV shows (other than sketch shows like MAD-TV) which have shown or even made reference to women pooping?

Today I got up and had a few donughts and then I called my Aunt and I had the urge to poop. Then Ironicly she starts talking about how a zookeeper went out to give an elephant an enema, because the elephant was constipated. Then there was an explosion(poop) and It sufficated the man and he died.The zoo would have to tell his family how he died. She said this was In the news. At first I thought It was a joke because she heard It on the radio and on this station they tell lots of jokes. Has any one heard about this story? Let me know.

Don't know where this is really from but it probably came out of a local paper.
PADERBORN, GERMANY - Overzealous zoo keeper Friedrich Riesfeldt fed his constipated elephant Stefan 22 doses of animal laxative and more than a bushel of berries, figs and prunes before the plugged-up pachyderm finally let fly and suffocated the keeper under 200 pounds of poop!
Investigators say ill-fated Friedrich, 46, was attempting to give the ailing elephant an olive-oil enema when the relieved beast unloaded on him like a dump truck full of mud. "The sheer force of the elephant's unexpected defecation knocked Mr. Riesfeldt to the ground, where he struck his head on a rock and lay unconscious as the elephant continued to evacuate his bowels on top of him," said flabbergasted Paderborn police detective Erik Dern. "With no one there to help him, he lay under all that dung for at least an hour before a watchman came along, and during that time he suffocated. "It seems to be just one of those freak accidents that happen sometimes a billion-to-one shot, at least."
The heartbreaking tale of constipation and tragedy began April 23 when the conscientious zoo keeper noticed that his prize, 8,000-pound African elephant didn't seem to be producing his usual poop aplenty. "Friedrich had actually been concerned for several days because he knew that severe constipation can kill an elephant," assistant zoo keeper Kurt Herrman recalled. "He told me he was going to stay late that Thursday night to treat Stefan with laxatives and possibly give him an enema.
"I offered to help, but he sent me on home, saying he had everything under control." But two hours later, horrified night watchman Walter Pleuger found Friedrich lying lifeless under a mound of muck, his body visible only from the knees down. "I had never really thought about it before," Detective Dern said. "But obviously, giving an elephant an enema can be a very dangerous activity and not something that should be attempted alone."

Thomas R
When I was a toddler I hated to sit on the toilet. One day my mother made me sit on it and stayed with me until I used it, I can remember the feeling, it just felt a horrible sensation from the feel of the seat. From that time on I would do it standing over an old piece of floor covering with a piece of toilet paper on top then empty it into the toilet afterwards. I kept to this method as I got older and never bothered to sit down properly. As I got to about ten years old I got curious about it and imagined everybody else sitting on the toilet regularly and I was the odd one out. One day I was biking home from school and needed a number 2, it was to the point of becoming really uncomfortable. I was close by a railway station and decided to go and use the toilets on the platform. The toilets were very old and hadn't been modernised; they were high level with large wooden seats on. I had gone in there with the intention of standing over a piece of paper, but my curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to know what it would be like using the seat normally. I pulled down my trousers and underwear and gently sat on the seat, what would be a normal everyday experience to most people was very unfamiliar to me. It felt cold like ice, it was winter at the time but after a few seconds the cold shock wore off. I certainly didn't miss the aches in the back of my legs from standing in an awkward position for a while. I realised how much easier it was to be able to go without have to aim at anything. After that I become hooked on the feel of a seat and every time! I was out I use to call into some toilets and sit down and really got fascinated by it.

ok well this is my BIG huge delima about pooping i have this incredible urge to poo when iam talking on the phone to my friend. I cant controll it once second i can be talking and having anormal conversation the next my stomach goes tight and i can feel my bum contracting and i know that if i dont go ill poop in my pants. Its pretty embarrassing " oh can you just hold on a tick i have to go and poop" sounds great i can only hope of better things to comke when talking to future boyfriends

When I was younger I wet my pants all the time and because of this my mom would punish me. She would turn me into a baby

Well, to start things off, I just got through taking a massive dump a few minutes ago. This was one of my rare super-sized movements I have once every 5 or 6 months that will plug the toilet all by themselves, even though we have a toilet with an over-sized trap and passage to the drain. I sat down on it and proceeded to start the process of eliminating the wastes from my body, with several small cannonballs at first. After those passed from me, I got up and looked at them, noticing the smallness of size, when I felt more was coming down my back passage, so I sat down again. A couple of minutes later, I passed a couple of sausage sized "micks" as those of you in the U.K., call them, but still wasn't feeling "empty", so I waited a few more minutes...I finally started really cramping up, as the main part of the waste came down my passage, and made its exit out through my anus. There were 3 good sized "plops" with splashes that hit my butt, each about 7 inches long, light colored and very firm, of which had no odor to them. All of the turds I passed had landed on the bottom of the bowl, lodged next to each other, with last one sticking about half out of the water...So just to be safe, I grabbed a wad of toilet paper, and moved it out of the mass of turds and then flushed...Fortunately, the entire load went down with just 3 flushes, although it looked like it was going to overflow on the first flush, until the "log" jam broke with the amount of water in the bowl started rising...But, what a relief!!! I felt so much lighter getting rid of all that...

no action at the college today as people are getting ready for exams. Yesterday. The janitor went to the can as usual and started to hum while he was crappin'. I could also hear him make noises while I was in hall reading..

Friday, December 11, 1998

I am only offering my opinions and experiences. I especially like Moira and Steph's viewpoints. Steph, you a lso do have nice contributions in the race relations forum. I am amiddle-aged man who has had numerous bowel movements in my clothes and whenever stressed, I love to let it out in my pants. Ihope one day to let it out in a library. It is quite true, a man's prostate is stimulated when his behind is full and at the point of no return. I have actually had a climax when I HAD AN ACCIDENT IN MY PANTS. Also I am turned on when I see a well-dressed woman sitting on the toilet moving her bowels. Women are especially attractive sitting there with their dresses or skirts upraised and panties and pantyhose rolled down midway down their thighs. Old-fashioned garter belts and nylons are a turn-on also. I only would like to see the female reaction to what I say in this forum. What do you ladies think of my viewpoints? also the thought of a woman havingan accidental bowel movement inwell-dressed, on her way home from work, or school is quite stimulating. Also, can we see the entire picture gallery?

Tony: I can certainly relate to what you say about getting an erection from having the poo pressing against the prostrate when it comes into the rectum.......has happened to me many times!!! Does make it hard to wee though, if that happens then I just have to do the poo and come back later for a wee.......

BrentC, ModJoe, Thom, and other constipated friends... Sorry to be out of here for so long. It has been crazy with my work. BrentC, thanks for telling us about your hospital experience with constipation. Wow... I can iamgine that it was pretty scary and painful as well. How are your bowels now? Also, I loved your comments (and ModJoe's) about prune juice. It has limited effect for me. I used to do the same thing as you when I was a teen. I would drink half a bottle at a time and the most result was usually a groweling stomach and a lot of gas. I fart a lot any way and it would make me totally bloated and uncomfortable. People who have not lived with constipation all their lives lecture us on diet, exercise, and the like, and suggest that the answer is to simply drink prune juice or eat bran. I do eat bran and fiber, but its effects are limited for me. Again, it mainly causes more gas. Some people think we are lazy overweight couch potatoes, but at least in my case it is not true. I exercise regularly and am in good physical condition. I am not overweight and have good muscle tone. But I still have a hard time shitting.... it takes a long time, a lot of effort, and it is typically dry and hard. Do you guys have similar experinces? Yesterday's dumping experience was kind of interesting. I was working at a site where a construction worker was doing some repairs to the floor and toilets in the ladies room which was next to the men's room. I felt that familiar packed-up feeling and a mild urge to go, so I went to the restroom. I saw him working... no one else was around. I stuck my head in th ladies room and asked him if it was okay if I used the men's room. He said go right ahead in a friendly manner, so I went in dropped my pants, tucked my tie in my shirt and proceeded to push. I cut a long dry fart that lasted for about 3 seconds. I could hear him working in the next room and since the walls were thin I could even hear him breathing. He was right in the corner which was directly behind my toilet. I was farting and grunting and making a lot of sound effects, so I wondered if he would take a break to avoid listening to my constipated ordeal. To my surprise, he kept on working through it. I finally felt something moving down and I gave a hard push and out plopped a cannon ball. I strained for several more minutes, but I could not do any more. Just before I wiped, I heard him pack up his tools and head out. I wonder what he thought as he listened. It was pretty neat. BrentC, it would be great to dump with you in the next stall. A good buddy dump. I don't make it to Houston very often, though. ModJoe, I would love to hear more play-by-play of your constpation experiences. Do you fart a lot? How often have you buddy dumped? More later, Carlos

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