Just what is it with American parents, teachers, coaches etc? Both my brother and I had accidents in our panties as kids and teenagers on a few occasions but no big deal was made of it by our mum. We were simply told to get washed and rinse out our soiled underpants in the washbasin to remove the squashed up poo then pop them in the washing machine. If anything mum was quite sympathetic, likewise if we had been sick and had vomited. As they say, shit happens. It was the same with Gerorge and his cousins, His aunt Helen didnt punish any of them for an accident, but like my mother she did have a down on skid marks which are usually the result of slovenly carelessness and dirty habits. However we didnt have the gestapo like "panty counts" that Barbie's mother held. As we changed out underpants at least every day both my brother and I had plenty of pairs and I doubt if we knew how many we actually had. As for the coach in Carly's case, what a nerd! Would they rather she had fille! d her panties with the consequent mess, smell, embarrasment etc to all??? going in the woods was a very sensible move in my view and as long as it was done discretely offending nobody else who didnt want to see her going, so what. Although I dont make a habit of it, I have had to do a motion outdoors on a number of occasions since I was a kid and it has made a lot more sense than soiling my panties. I dont like to generalise, but the US parents described in these pages come across as control freaks regarding their kids. Perhaps some of the more liberal American parents who read this webpage may care to comment and redress the balance.

Kenneth I loved your postings. Sounds like you have analysed this aspect of your childhood and youth very well. We are in the same age group and its true that in those days people were a lot more tight assed about natural functions compared say to 70's and 80's parents. George's aunt was a very liberal person much ahead of her times and I suppose my mother was more typical regarding defecation as a natural part of life neither considered evil nor celebrated. While the evidence you quote is circumstantial as she never actually discussed being turned on by defecation with you I would agree with you that she probably did get a buzz from it as many of us do and realised that you did too. The unspoken understanding on both sides was probably the best compromise allowing both parties to listen to each other, see their respective jobbies etc but preserving personal privacy, dignity, status and authority etc. While George and I are totally open about such matters, from reading this w! ebsite Im sure that many people have a similar situation where it is "understood" but not openly admitted to, e.g the woman who "knows" that her boyfriend listens to her doing a motion and sometimes "accidentally" forgets to flush the toilet so he can see her jobbies but would not want him to accompany her into the toilet and actually watch as she does a motion, something similar to the many relationships where the woman "knows" that her man sometimes wears her underwear or other clothing and tacitly accepts this but doesn't openly approve or let him know that she knows.

Janelle and Dazz, sounds like your toilet pans are siliar to ours having a log drop to the water filled sump at the bottom giving a resounding "Kur-sploonk!" etc sound when a big turd is dropped. Even my really long ones usually make a sound in this pan whereas in the newer ones there is only a quiet "floomp!" as the start of it is already in the wter while the end of it is still coming out of me. I dont however like getting my bum wet when a smaller lump goes "Kuplonk!" and throws up some cold water. Dazz, I do look at the toilet paper to make sure that I am clean before I pull up my panties, so does George.

yesterday evening I really needes to defecate. I went into the toilet, and could feel I was full with this huge hard log. My rectum poped out, but my shit didn't slide out easily as usual, but was kept inside, putting pressure on my anus. I've decided not to try and fight it but to wait and see what will happen in the morning. Needless to say I was spending the rest of the evening heavy and uncomfortable. I have eaten a lot of fibers in the last few days, and I may have overdid it, because I could tell I've created a monster. I wanted to make wide soft turds, the kind I enjoy passing, but instead I've made a wide HARD turd.. This morning I had an unbearable urge to poop. I knew I had no choice and went into the bathroom with my little mirror. A little afraid and a little excited from what I was about to experience... Once again, my rectum poped out, and there was a lot of pressure. I had to strain.. my breathing was heavy, and I had to push. The urge to push it out is just so strong... I could see this wide hard turd starting to slide out of me, ever so slowly... It hurt, but it was fascinating to see this HUGE piece of stinking brown shit pass slowly, continuing more and more, hurting my anus.. I was enjoying it and praying for it to end at the same time. I couldn't wait to feel light end empty again and to feel my anus shrink all at once. It finally touched the bottom of the bowl and left my body. Ahaaaaa...What a relief. I took a deep breath again. It's really undescribable the relief and the physical and emotional pleasure I get from defecating.

Did anyone see Chicago Hope last night? In one of the scenes Mark Harmon and Eric Stoltz were in the restroom and Stoltz was taking a dump. It was really quite obvious. They even demonstrated (NOT showed!) Stoltz wiping. Anyway, this is the most obvious I've seen restroom scenes on network TV.... comments?

Thursday, December 10, 1998

Dazz: I find that my bum nearly always gets splashed when pooping, due to the low water level. I too, enjoy the sensation, and most certainly enjoy the whole pooping experience. I tend to go once a day, occaisonally missing a day. When I have to go, it's always really easy to come out, and I would consider it medium in texture and usually light brown in colour. The trouble is I tend to wait until the last minute before I decide to go, and sometimes it can be a little too late! Will post some more stories real soon. Right now I think it's time for my daily dump!

Jill, the old chestnut about absorbing toxins by "holding it in" was a clever marketing ploy by Victorian and Edwardian laxative manufacturers aided by some quack medical opinion and popular "folk culture" at the time. Fortunes were spent and much misery inflicted and self inflicted by people taking purgatives in the quest for "Inner Cleanliness" and to prevent the curse of "Auto Intoxication" from this false idea of absorbing toxins from their own feces. My mum can recall kids in her childhood (1950s) being dosed with laxatives once a week sometimes with messy accidents at school as a result although they didnt need it because "it was good for them" or "to keep them regular" Thankfully, my mum never did that to me or my brother or used them herself. There can be medically sound reasons for taking laxatives but these are few, usually sensible diet and exercise result in most people passing a healthy solid motion when their system requires, mostly once a day but this is not mandatory, some people only go 2 or 3 times a week with no problem. It is ironic that the abuse of laxatives can lead to chronic constipation as they make the bowel insensitive to the normal stimuli and thus the person requires increasingly powerful purgatives to have a bowel movement at all. So from what you say Jill, holding it in for a while wont do any harm , but of course as more water is absorbed by doing so the resulting stool will be a bit firmer and larger, but I sure this presents no problem to you. In the true sense of the word being constipated means feeling the need to defecate but being unable to comfortably do so owing to the stools being too hard and lumpy. Typically straining to pass some hard balls called scyballa in medical terms, merely not having a motion every day but passing a large but comfortable motion of suffcient size when you do go is not being constipated. Hope this clarifies the situation as I understand it.

Hi everbody!!! I feel so much lighter now, just got back from the toilet. It was a good poo as well, one big thick log about 11 inches long and 2 inches wide!!!! I got a good splash right up the bum hole too, just the way I love it. (whoever designed Australian toilets obviously loves a good splash, the low level of the water almost guarantees it!!!!!) Then I did a long wee, which is unusual because I almost always do that first. The poo wasn't as sticky as usual, only had to wipe twice. I usually have to wipe about a dozen times and I look at the TP each time and there is still poo there, so have to keep going!!! Does anyone else look at the paper to see if there is poo still there? I'd love to know, especially the females :) Anyway, time to go..........have a nice poo everone!!!

I just found this site a few weeks ago - it's my first chance to post. I like to frequent bathrooms with shiny floors and walls so I can watch others dumping habits. There a getting to be fewer and fewer doorless stalls in this area. Got to go now - will share later.

I find it facinating that someone has to consistantly spend 20-35 minutes in the bathroom before pooping. I normally poop 1-3 times a day. Almost always I am there only about 5 minutes. Perhaps I tend to wait longer than others. I do usually wait until I start passing gas and start feeling uncomfortable to go. I have never had any accidents though I have had "skid" marks. Could it have something to do with your diet. I don't follow any special diet to keep me from being constipated. Maybe I'm just lucky. What does everyone else think.

On the subject of "underwear counts" and parental punishments for accidents, I just had to post. When I was growing up (I was the middle child of three girls), underwear counts were frequent in our household, and woe be you if you came up short. All three of us used to have messing accidents up into our earlier teens and were desperate to hide them. A lot of times would could get cleaned up and get the panties washed before Mom would find out what we did (obviously, this was the best case scenario), but other times we'd be forced to either flush them or throw them away. Ofte ntimes, we would throw them into the sewer outside or hide them in a baggy with other garbage and bury it in the trash can in the garage. The latter methods of disposal became the preferred method after someone (my older sister later admitted to us it was her, but Mom still doesn't know) flushed her messed panties down the toilet and Mom had to call Roto-Rooter. She never found out who it was so no one got punished for that (she was always very fair that way), but after that happened, she began keeping track of our underwear. Whenever someone came up short in one of Mom's counts, it meant that she had had an accident and disposed of the panties. Like I said, the results of that were most unpleasant. It happened to me many times (I was probably the worst of the three of us), but my older sister also had her share of accidents. Ironically, it was my younger sister she seemed to have the least accidents, but thats not to say that she didn't have her share. I think it made our mother even angrier that it was her two older girls that had the most accidents while the younger one really wasn't that bad. The funny thing was that we never did seem to learn that we'd get far less punishment if we just admitted to having the accident, rather than to have it discovered later during a panty count. But on the other hand, it was just too embarrassing for me in my early teens (and my sister even older) to just admit to a mess in my panties. Sometimes my younger sister would just admit it, though, and would get a much less severe punishment -- like a weekend grounding or television restriction or something like that. Myself and my other sister would never seem to learn, though, and would often end up with much worse punishment than that. We usually had the idea that we would replace the discarded panties with new panties. Sometimes we would suceed in that, but more often than not, Mom would spring a panty count on us before we could and we'd be caught and seriously punished. The worst happened one time when I was two panties short in one of Mom's counts. This was because of an accident I had on my way home from school (trying to hold it in until I got home) and another at the movies (trying to hold it in until the movie was over). Both times I managed to wipe myself clean without getting caught and managed to sneak the panties into my backpack and l later flused them down the toilet at school. I was going to the mall that weekend and was intending to buty panties to replace those, but, as it always seemed to happened, Mom caught me before I could do that. She was absolutely furious. I was frequently one panty short during these counts but never before had I been guilty of two accidents and ditching the panties. And making it worse was that I was still on restriction from 3 weeks prior when I was one panty short (I forget the circumstances that caused me to have the accident that time) during a count. Anyway, she grabbed her metal cokking spoon, pulled down my pants and panties and proceeded to paddle mw something awful that day. It wasn't the only time she ever spanked me, but it was, by far, the worst time. I also got grounded for an entire month, got all kinds of restrictions (television, telephone, desserts, etc.) and got lots of extra chores to do. Boy, did I hate those "underwear counts" and its good to know that we weren't the only family that had them.

I was reading some of the other posts about going to the bathroom outside and just had to post about one of my own experiences. This happened when I was a junior in high school and a cheerleader. One night at halftime of a game, I headed for the ladies' room -- to "lay a load" as we called it. I had to go pretty bad by now because I had been holding it in for most of the first half in anticipation of going at halftime. By the time I got to the ladies' room, though, the line was already stretching out the door and around the concession stand building. I waited in line for a while but it was moving ever so slow, and my bowels needed relief ever so fast. Looking around, I noticed that way behind the visitor's stands, away from the field lights, were a big clump of trees. I was an avid camper in those days, so going in the woods was old hat for me. I grabbed some napkins from the concession stand and headed over to the tress. The walk to the woods wasn't easy with the growing pressure in my bowels. I had to stop several times on my way there to squeeze my legs together to keep from losing control. By the time I got to the woods I was really aching to "lay a load." And lay a load, I surely did. Squatting there, it felt absolutely great to relieve the pressure and just let it out. I first let out a long, slender, well-formed log. Next, a shorter, but slightly thicker and harder one came out and it was followed by another one just like it. Quite a load it was and fortunately it came out pretty clean as I had only a handful of napkins to wipe with. I didn't think anything of it at the time -- I just did what I had to do and as long as no one saw me squatting there (and they didn't) what difference did it make whether I laid the load in the toilet or out in the woods. As I made my way back to the cheerleader area, another girl saw me and asked why I was coming out of the woods. "Sometimes a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do," I said. "You peed in the woods," she asked kind of in disbelief because it certainly wasn't something she herself would do. "Well, not exactly," I laughed, "I had to lay a load." She made a face and reacted in shock that I would do such a thing. She was kind of a rigid, prissy sort and I doubt if this girl ever did that particular function anyplace other than her own personal, private bathroom at home. Sometimes I wondered if she even did it all. I never thought much else of the conversation at the time -- she did things her way and I did things mine -- and there wasn't much else to say. I cheered the second half in complete comfort at having finally relieved the load from my bowels and I avoided the scolding the 4 of the other girls got for returning late for the second half. The girls were stuck in that long line for the ladies' room. It wasn't until the bus ride home when the conversation turned to the condition of the ladies' room at the field. Simply stated, it was not only crowded but not exactly the cleanest the girls had seen. "What are you complaining about, you only had to do number 1," one of the girls remarked, "I had to go in there and do the other number." A couple of the girls laughed and then Tina (the one who had seen me coming out of the woods), said, "You could have done what Carly did and lay the load in the woods!" That was followed by a couple of eeeewws!! from some of the other girls and a collection of giggles from the rest. Unfortunately for me, the conversation piqued the interest of the cheerleading coach. "Excuse me but Carly did what?" she asked. "Carly went to the bathroom outside in the woods -- #2," Tina laughed. The coach asked me if that was true and I, rather nonchalantly, admitted it -- again, not thinking there was anything wrong with what I did at all. She then immediately started screaming at me -- telling me what I did was "disgusting and disgraceful." "Don't you think it would have been more disgraceful if I did it in my pants?" I answered back, "Not to mention a heck of a lot more disgusting." Something should have told me that answering back wasn't the best thing at this point, but the comments just slipped out. Her volume considerably louder and her tone considerably angrier, she just kept yelling at me -- this time with comments about "exposing myself in front of the whole stadium." This time I got angry. "I went all the way into the woods and it was dark," I told her, "No one saw me going -- I didn't expose myself at all." Of course, that was even dumber than my last comments and my tone of voice didn't help the situation, either. She stopped yelling and got this totally frustrated look on her face. It was her "I'm finished talking and I'm ready to start punishing" look. "Well, I can see you just fail to comprehend what this is all about," she said, "So obviously you need to be taught a lesson." Those were never good words to hear from a teacher or coach. I had expected to benched from cheering the next game or maybe having to serve a detention or two, but she had something else in mind. Instead, she assigned me to write 1,000 times, "I must learn to do my bowel movements in the toilet." I could not believe my ears when she first assigned me this kind of punishment, but she was indeed serious. "You heard me -- write it 1,000 times," she said, "I want it on my desk Monday morning and you'd better do it if you still want to be a cheerleader." So, to make a long story short, I did have to do it -- 1,000 long, tedious, punishment lines (it took almost 10 hours to finish) just for doing a bowel movement outside. The assignment was not only a bitch to write but it was quite humiliating to be doing such a childish punishment at my age. And the content of the sentence -- "I must learn to do my bowel movements in the toilet." -- made it seemed like I was being punished for going in my pants. As I sat there writing out the lines, I kept wondering what the cheerleading coach would have said if I hadn't gone in the woods, but instead had an accident in my pants waiting in the ladies' room line.

Today, I Got out of some Classes a Little Early, IT was bout Lunch Time So I went to a Fast Food place to Go some Lunch. But I did have to Take a Dump. I have not gone for a few days So it could feel it was about Time. So I went into that Bathroom Which I have never Been in Since it was a New place. And Went I Entered I saw Brick Dividers With No Doors on them, This Struck me a Stange Since this was a New Building, But Needless to say I had to Go. I went to the First Stall Pulled Down My pants to My ankles and sat Down on the Pot. I sat there And Pushed and Pushed But nothing was coming out, So I sat there For about 5 Min Pushing and Finally poop Started coming out, along with some crackling noises and a Few farts, And Suddenly it got a little harder to Push out, So Put my Elbows on My knees and bared Down, And more Poop Started Coming out And then PLOP it Dropped in to the Pot. But I had to go some more So I Kept POOPING and POOPING, I thought It would not end! So Fiannly For Fear of a Clog I got up Flushed what was in the Pot. I did not Pull up my pants Because I Thought no one would come in because they were not really busy yet. But I guess that I was in there so long I did not Realize what Time it was, And As My Bare Butt was Off the pot A man walked in and saw me standing there with My pants Down, And Said "NICE" in a Sarcastic way, So I sat Down after 2 Flushed and Went some more. THis is the Only time that I have Really Been Embarrased, I mean this Guy Saw my ass, Which May have had Poop on it. Well this Entire Deal Turned into a 30 min ordeal And I was Seen by many people on the toilet, And While I Was on the pot a Teenage Girl about My age Looked in the Bathroom when a Guy opened the Door to Go out and saw me on the Pot as well, I guess this was just a Public Viewing Day for me on the toilet. Needless to Say I will NEVER take a dump there again!

Hi Dazz & Janelle. Just letting you know i'm an aussie too - Adelaide in fact!! I havent posted lately but check things out all the time!! Dazz i've often driven interstate and often be fascinated about some of the big turds left behind trees and bushes in the parking lot - some of these could in fact be yours!! WOW - i'd like to catch someone on the act!! Dazz - you might like to tell a few of your interesting pitstops for us!

I was sitting in my usual spot at the college reading the National Post newspaper and this guy went in the washroom and started to spit in the can. I really think that is dirty, because it is germs and people have to share the "facilites". What do you people think of this?

Hi everyone, just a quick note, i posted a recipe in the food section for v?????'s and non alike, enjoy. I will keep you regular with good bm's too. Nicola , Hi and thanks i prefer inches also, a question is the Brittish toilet seat roomy i mean in size? here...maybe it's just me but they seem designed small, at least for those of us with big or well rounded butts, i guess men too.The seats are fourteen inches in diameter w/three inches for each buttcheek, i mean come on, and this is suppose to be standard. To voyer1 interesting question, i often am pooping at home while talking to my mom and sister who are not shocked but i keep it very quiet talking to my dad. as for the door, i close it so the smell of my poops don't linger in my bedroom which is adjacent. To kathleen, Jack and JC .. yhere are far too many people who have been punitive to young children in potty training and have caused a lot of doubt and lack of confidence in people . They hardly realize the missguided shame they foster. As to shitting or liking the experience of bm's or even relating accidents it's simply human. Bye

kate (katharine)
I just came back (to the site) to look. Thank you Voyeur and others for the welcome. I do wish, in the way we all wish that everything could be possible, that I could contribute more to your enjoyment of life. You are doing that for one-another, and hurrah for that! I figure I could describe my bowel movements from now until the end of my life, and -- I might please you once or twice -- and that is all it would be. A good thing. Not enough for any of us. Excretion ( for me) is just one of many similar parts of life. We hold back, mind or body, or spirit, and we let go. Or I do. What I know--everybody knows. To go on here would be to give without taking. There is not a thing wrong with that, except that it is not honest. What was a momentary realization for me is (I guess) a central thing for most of you. I do thank you for talking and not scoffing. I do wish you every happiness. You listened to me in a way no other people could. I would like to give back--but it would be false: I feel the motions of the body as ordinary things--I could report it all to you, but it would be like you reporting to me how you blew your noses -- nothing. I hope you understand. I love you all and so I want you all to be happy always in every way. For you and me, that means different things. Thank you again. Katharine-Kate.

Tony, its great to read of a kindred spirit. Your graphic description of the feelings before, during and after having a good solid motion were so familiar to me having also felt such turn ons since I was a kid. Likewise getting the same buzz when hearing someone else doing one. I also like you realise now that my mum no doubt noticed the bulge of my erection in the front of my trousers and thus knew that I was aroused if I heard her doing a good solid motion, especially as such matters seemed to turn her on too. Apart from the fact that she frankly mentioned such topics in my presence, she was equally open about discussing her bowel movements with other women such as my aunt or female neighbours, and often asked me even into my teens if "I had had a good motion?". She also obviously listened when I did a number two as she would sometimes comment to me afterwards, "I bet you feel better. Sounded like you did a couple of big jobbies" and I would reply with a description of my m! otions. Some times if I was going for a motion at home she would ask me not to pull the flush as she needed to go afterwards. I guess that she wanted to see what I had done and to be fair she would often leave the toilet unflushed herself to let me see her jobbies. However that was as far as it went, there was never any question of her letting me watch her doing a motion nor did she come into the toilet when I was using it after I was about 5. She also closed the toilet door . Listening was okey and seeing her turds likewise but actually watching her doing a motion was taboo. There was never any discussion between us of being turned on by such matters, it was just a tacit understanding. Until recently I thought it unusual for women to be coprophiliac and that this was a virtually all male fetish but reading this website has convinced me otherwise with the many females who are aroused by defecation. I can also conform the findings of Tony, Nicola, Jill, Mr M and others that, all other things being equal, women do fatter turds than men. My mum's jobbies werent the great long logs of 12 inches and longer that many readers mention, on average she would, apart from some small hard balls, pass two jobbies at most sittings, typically an 8 incher and a 6 incher but these would be about 2 1/2 inches fat and firm and slightly nobbily, making depth-charge sounds "KUR-SPLOOMP!"KER-SPLONK!" They were normally floaters. Finally, like most readers I cannot understand the parents who treat their kids so cruely when they have an accident in their underpants. It can and probably has happened to us all. Even the mighty Mrs Thatcher was taken short when hit by food poisoning when addressing a meeting in Chile. I had a couple of accidents in my panties as a kid, once when I tried to hold it in on the way home from school and didn't make it, another when I farted and followed through. My mum didnt make a big issue out of it, simply telling me to get washed in the bath and change into clean underpants and to wash the soiled ones . Is humiliation and cruelty an American way to treat kids from the "Mommie Dearest" Joan Crawford school of parenting? Dazz, I would rather watch the former Ginger Spice , Gerri Halliwell, doing a nice big fat jobbie. I did once read about someone who claimed to make plaster casts of turds and who wanted celebrities to donate one of their solid jobbies for casting and moulding in plastic but I dont suppose they got any offers.

Wednesday, December 09, 1998

Hi Janelle, nice to see another Aussie on this site :) I'm a 31 y/o guy and I do love a good poo. I'd love to here your stories too, as I'm sure everyone else here would!!! Do you find that you get a wet bum from splashback often? I find that I do nearly every time I poo, probably from the low water level in Aussie toilets as they have a long way to fall. I really enjoy a good spalsh too, especially when it splashes right up my bum hole!!!! Do you find it pleasurable to poo? I certainly do and look forward to it every day, hate it when I have the runs though. I'm a truck driver and I always seem to get the runs when I am a long way from a toilet and there are no decent bushes by the side of the road, or it's too cold!!! Anyway, I'm starting to rave on so I will sign off for now. Hope to see some of your stories soon. Seeya :)

ATTACK OF THE CLEANING LADY- II Today I was encountered by a cleaning lady while I was prone, seated on the toilet with my pants at my ankles! It was a strange situation for the both of us. However those of you that have read my past posts know that it has happend to me once before. I would be very interested in posts from any of you who have been encountered by custodians before, particularly of the opposite sex. (A trully embarassing thing!) It all started when I felt the need to do the big stinky and I headed over to the computer center, which is were I prefer for dumping because of the clean facilitys and totaly privite bathrooms (the one-at-a-time-ers bathrooms with a locking door.) It was in use and I couldn't really stand there and wait for it because I had to go. I settled for the next best thing, I rushed over to the library and bounded in the door of the mens bathroom. I also noticed another door over some from the mens bathroom and I must have chosen the wrong one by mistake. I oppend the door and found a small supply room and went inside. "Damn, where are the toilets in here. Just then my eyes spotted another door. I walked over to the other door within this room and oppened it to reveal another smaller supply room and a toilet in the corner. It was very dim in here and I could barely see to sit on the toilet. After I did sit down I shut the small door leading into the tiny room and did my thing. Not long after I farted the door to the other room that I had originaly entered swung open and someone shuffled in. I just assumed that it was another guy and that he would not see the door to the tiny bathroom that I was in and leave. But the person came even closer. Before I knew it they had swung open the door, came in, and sat down. They lit a cigarete in the darkness. To my surprise I smelled the mild scent of perfume. The wondering was over when I let a ripe fart in the small and echo personafying room. "Ahh!" they screamed in a young female voice. She switched on the light and gawked in surprise as I sat on the toilet. "what the hell are you doing in here?" the young woman said. She was in her late 20's and had long brown hair, medium sized features and green eyes. " I had to go to the bathroom and I thought that this was the room" I said. "Bathroom is the next door over, this is the janator's supply room." My face turned bright red and I wished that I could just sink into the ground right then. "I guess when you have to go you have to go" she said reassuringly."the only thing is, that was the reason that I was comming in here." she said. I told her that I was sorry but I had to go. I think she understood me. She just sat and smoked while I let rip with some more farts and gas. Finally I told her that I had to let it out and that she might not want to listen or be in there when I did it. She justlooked at me like I was nutty and continued smoking. I bent foward and leaned my neck back to let go the last bit of gas. I set back up and prepaired to fire off my depth charges. CRACKKKKKKKLEEEEE! The shit erupted with a loud crackle and a hiss. ERRRRRLOOOOOOOP, PALLLLLOOOMP, PALUNK, CRACKKKLLEEEE, FADOOMP! All of the big turds slid from me and landed in the pot and resonated in the small room. "AHHHH Yea!" I said. Unfortunatly when I got down to the paper work I had to wipe like fifty times to get all of the poop off. I got the heck out of there, and so did she. I guess she didn't have to go bad enough to withstand the rath of my post-game "ripe" up! Ha ha! That will teach her never to walk in when I have to do the big stinky! The look on her face when I let the terds go was priceless. Then when she caught wind of the bombs she pluged her nose and went running out of there! More later, till next time -Vector

I was reading a book near the men's washroom at the college today and notice that the same students are always pooping at a specific time. There is this janitor who always poops in the same can all the time and while he is pooping, he is whistling. One thing those cleaning people can do is clean up the facilites and make the experiance more pleasureable.

Hello all. I have been lurking around here on and off ever since the inception of this web site. Only now have I decided to post; I was always way too embarrased before. But anyways, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a 17 year old male and live in a typical suburban town with my mom, dad, and 15 year old sister. I am a senior at the local public high school. I have always noticed that me, my friends, my family and just the people in my town are more "open" about pooping. And they tend to be a little on the slow side. My average poop takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes; rarely can I get off the toilet in 10 minutes. I usually poop once a day, in the afternoon but sometimes I go again at night. When I said "open" before I meant that people are not afraid to use public toilets, go while others are around, etc. They won't announce it or sit around talking about it but they might say "I'm gonna go poop now." and think nothing more of it. Anyway, let me tell you a couple of stories. Today was the first day I ever pooped at my high school. I was there after school taking a makeup test and as I was getting ready to leave, I felt the urge. So, I walked over by the theater section (the toilets there are cleaner) and entered the middle of 3 stalls. I pulled my pants to my ankles and sat down on the toilet. I grunted softly and began pushing gently. This went on for 5 minutes and nothing had yet to be produced, although this is normal for me. After I had been sitting for 7 minutes, another teen enterred and sat in the stall next to me. It was real quiet for the next 5 minutes until my first log finally fell out with a splash. He grunted slightly and I heard him poop a little. We sat in silence again for another 5 minutes and I pooped out two more logs. He was still quiet and I wiped, flushed, washed my hands and left. I was in there about 20 minutes and he had been there about 10 when I left. As I said, people at my school and in my town are rather slow. I also have plenty of stories about my girlfriend and sister pooping, and I am much more interested in girls pooping although guys are OK too. Let me know if you want me to post again. Thanks. Kenny P.S. my record time is 35 minutes which happened when we were at a cabin in the woods. My sister was waiting on the outside for 25 minutes and told me she almost poooped in her pants. (by the way, she took 20 minutes, I timed her!) Oh, if anyone can help me, maybe you could shed some light as to why everyone I know takes sooooo long to poop?! by all

Thanks to those who gave an opinion on whether or not it is unhealthy to be constipated, and to how often a person should expect to have a bowel movement. The reason I asked is that quite often at work, I "hang on" after first noticing the feeling that I need a poo. I get the urge regularly after lunch, but sometimes, for various reasons, I choose to delay my visit to the loo. After a while, the urge will disappear, and then reappear later on, especially after my evening meal, which is a time I always need a poo. The only "side effects" I have observed from delaying, are that I tend to get a few smelly farts during the afternoon, and when I do actually get to use the toilet, the first poo is more solid and thick than usual, and is sometimes a little slow to get started. I was really looking for reassurance that by delaying my visit, I wasn't allowing any toxins to enter my body. I must point out that I am never constipated like some people here have described. Do we have any medical people here with an opinion on this? On the question of the size of a person's rectum, my husband has pointed out many times that my poos are much thicker than his. From the earlier posts I have read, it would appear that I am perfectly normal! (So how big is a "normal" rectum?)

Tuesday, December 08, 1998

The Shadow
A few items that may be of interest:
1. Frequently I will sit down with a very urgent feeling that results in an EXPLOSION of pressure out of my poop pore...then on looking into the toilet I only see that the water has turned a deep solid chunks.
2. Does anybody else find the smell of shit mixed with other fragrances disgusting? You know, like the scented toilet papers, or in a bathroom where a sweetly scented cleaner or air freshener has been used? I feel cheated of the chance to smell my products untainted.
3. There is a certain brand of chili sold in the Midwestern US that invariably causes a sbitstorm for me the next day, and the shit LOOKS and SMELLS like the chili. It's as if there was no digestion whatever in my bowels.
4. In a fit of anger I once threw my younger brother's stuffed "Bert"(Sesame Street) doll into the toilet. This was over 20 years ago, but he finds the need to mention it every time I see him these days. By the way, I didn't even try to flush, so I don't know if it would have gone down.
5. There is a very interesting book called "The Bathroom:Criteria for Design" that may be found in technical/engineering libraries. It goes into great detail about peoples' toilet habits and the anatomical aspects of male and female voiding. Comes complete with pictures.
Happy crapping!!

Oh, and one more thing...does anyone else have a particular place or circumstance that seems to encourage shitting? Personally, no matter how stopped up or empty I seem to be, there is a public library nearby that seems to inspire a wicked dump every time I go there. It's like as soon as I walk in the door, there is something about the ambience (maybe the peace and quiet, like a bathroom?) that makes me want to "baptize a Baby Ruth." Unfortunately, this library has a particularly uncomfortable bathroom--very small, often smelly, with puddles of pee all over the place (I think due to its proximity to the children's section. But that does not seem to matter to my bowels.

I am a professor at Seneca College in Toronto and we have to share the "can" with the students who a bunch of dirty people.

"I have to go to the bathroom, but i don't have to pee," she whispered to me again, this time a little bit faster than the last. " I have to go to the bathroom, but I don't have to pee." She was opening the door to the dorm stall where she and I were at a party one Friday night. "I have to shit, she said, rather proudly." She and I had adjacent stalls. By the time it took me to unzip my fly, she had already gotten her jeans on the floor and her underwear by her knees, sitting on the toilet. Just then, as I begin to pee, I hear her fart. It was loud and long. I hear a wet plop of shit echo into the toilet. Again she farts, this time even louder. Her third fart had my heart racing, for I was getting the slightest bit turned on. I could smell what she had done from where i was standing. just to clarify, I go to a school with co-ed bathrooms. Anyway, when we were washing our hands, I asked her if she was ok. She said she felt alot better now, but she'd probably have to come back reallly soon to pee some more. I was excited! That was the first time I heard my girlfriend fart. She never does, except when she's in the bathroom, and then they are explosive. She is a very pretty girl with blonde hair and a great smile! She and I are somewhat open about this topic however she doesn't like it when we talk about shit. She gets diarrhea alot and is quite noisey on the toilet, letting out reallly long farts, and alot of shit. I am lactose intolerant so I have alot of gas because my favorite food is pizza. She tells me not to hold in my gas just because I'm in her company. I still feel embarrassed when i let it out though. Well, I just thought I'd share those pieces about me. I've been lurking here for a while and I've read alot of the old posts. I have lots of in a dorm I witness alot! Take care...

Hello - it's me (Nicky) again cool but weird, or should that be weird, but nevertheless cool? Anyway, back to last weekend, so after n hours revision and work I went out for a bit just before it got dark about 4 p.m. at this time of the year, just to admire my morning dump - and there it was, magnificent but cold. Warmed it up with a golden shower, and went in to phone Josh and tell him about it, and see if he wanted to observe the phenomenon himself. He had a rugby match on Sunday, and revision after, so couldn't come. Anyway, Saturday night my Dad usually takes us out for a meal, and we went to the Indian restaurant for a curry. Brilliant - I love Indian food - and I love the effect it has through my intestines next day too! There weren't any teens there to think about their digestive systems - not like at the Pizza place, but there actually was a young kid - about 8 or 9 - a couple of tables away, and midway through his meal - and ours, he stood up and let off the two noisiest farts I have ever heard in all my 15 years and 11 months!! His Mum looked horrified, and mine was embarrassed! - but I just gave him a big grin. Later I saw him heading for the toilet, so when he came back I just had to go for a piss and check it out, and sure enough, there was a long thin turd in the pan with loads of yellow corn in it, unflushed - and no paper - but I guess at that age skidmarks are no big deal! (At my age they aren't either come to that!!). No smell at all - just this kid's turd. So I gave it a golden shower, and left it. Anyway, next morning (Sunday) was a sort of repeat of Saturday, except that the farting was really stinky and started long before I got out of bed. Great wafters. Green ones if you know what I mean. So, after breakfast, I sort of waddled out down the fields, and had a virtual repeat performance - once again I could hardly hold it in until I could squat down - at the same time as admiring Saturday's production (again) - and of course urinating copiously on it. More deep golden arches and more clouds of pungent smelling steam. And again, I could feel this mass inside me coming to a halt at my anal opening as the actual hole slowly opened wide enough to allow what I can only describe as my super-shit to pass through and out into the crisp, sunny, morning air, and thence to the grass below me! Almost poetic, isn't it? This time, the smell (stench?) was really powerful - I'm really glad I did it out of doors, because indoors I find the smell less pleasant. When eventually I felt that my bowels were quite empty, I turned round and found this huge steaming pile of my shit, softer than the previous one, but still cylinder shaped like turds ought to be. Soft, smooth, quite a constant mid-brown and a lot of fibrous stuff on view. All from inside me!! Harder to measure size though, and there were sort of smaller squiggly bits on top. Also the spices as well as giving it such a strong smell, gave a slight stinging sensation to the sides of my anal orifice as the enormous load passed out from me. All in all, two of the best and most memorable shits for a long time if not ever!! And Josh was playing Rugby at an away match. Still, the really cold weather prevents fast decomposition, and there are no insects, so it remains preserved (fresh frozen!). I would have asked young Robbie (story of whom to follow) around - but I knew that there would be parental protest if I didn't bury my head in work for the day - I expect you know the problem. So, after wiping - not very well - my hole felt quite sore later on! and I had to wipe again (skid marks too I'm afraid), and - how shall I put it decently - relieving other bodily tensions (no doubt brought on by impending exams!), I retreated to study. (to be continued ) PS Bry-ian who used to be Andy (17) - I did say 'Hi' to you by both names last week when I returned to posting! Nicky

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