For some stupid reason the woman I work with and I got into a discussion about pictures of people on the toilet. I mentioned that my mom had a picture of me at age 2 or 3 sitting on the toilet. I hate this picture and don't have the heart to throw it out. The woman I work with is a mother of two and said that she never took any of her kids like that nor did her parents take any of her like that but when she was in high school, she found pictures that her parents took of each other using the toilet. Can anyone else relate to any of this? Does anyone else have pictures of themselves, past or present, using the toilet?

Hi all. Since this is my first post I thought I better describe myself to you. I'm female (obviously), 19 years of age, 5'4", brown hair, brown eyes, and have what I would consider a fairly athletic build. Although I tend not to produce really thick or really long poos, I do tend to produce a lot of them! Yesterday for example, while I was at the shops, I felt like I needed to poop, but didn't consider it urgent. It could wait at least until I got home (or so I thought!). However, when I had finished the shopping and was stepping into the car, I felt it couldn't wait much longer. As soon as I got in the car I tore off a piece of newspaper and slid it into my panties, as I could feel the poop just beginning to slide out, and didn't want to mess my panties. I clenched my butt as tightly as possible (which is no mean feat when needing to poop real badly!), and must've broken just about every road rule getting home in record time! No sooner had my butt touched the toilet seat, wave after wave of fairly soft, light brown colored poop starting leaving my hole. It was pure extasy! After I had pooped for what seemed like forever (the stench was something awful!), I tinkled and just relaxed on the nice, cool porcelain seat. A couple of minutes later, I felt more poop on its way. A strained quite hard to produce a couple of 6 inch long logs (quite firm in texture) and a couple of little bits at the end that went 'plip' as they hit the water. It took quite some time to wipe, and I stood up and admired my handywork. It was quite something. In Australia we have toilets with minimal water at the bottom of them, and so there was so much poop that the last wave was sitting on top of the water. After the first flush, there was still quite an amount of poop left in the bowl, but I couldn't be bothered waiting for the cistern to refill, so I just left it be. Anyhow, I have plenty more stories to share if anyone is interested. Happy pooping!

There is ione trip to the toilet I will never forget. It was the few minuetes in between classes. I was walking to class when I got an urge to take a poop. My stomache hurt and I passed some gas. I knew I had to go and had to go right now. But I was in a peridcament, I could either be later or make it to class on time and then have to follow the ten/ten rle where you don't leave class for the first ten or last ten minutes of class and I wern't sure if I could wait that long. I decided to wait because I didn't want to get a detention for being late. I got in to class and five minutes passed.the urge got worst. Ten minutes but soemone was in the class room before I got there and had asked to go s ohe went first.He came back and I took the hall pass when the fire alarm rang. It was a fire drill. I walked and could almost feel it coming out but couldn't stay inside of the school. So I walked out side, I smelt something funky and knew it was me other people smelled it too. I had to go right now and told the teacher it was an emergency but she said no there could be a fire inside the school. but I didn't care I had to go poop and to make things worst my bladder started to tell me it needed to be emptied. I waited we were let back in and I ran for the restroom. But I was yelled at for running so has to walk. I got to the toilet too late even though nothing was in my pants a poop popped out of my butt and landed on the floor before my butt touched the toilet I pickedit up and put it in the toielt with a piece of toilet paper . More poop came out each turd liek a rocket. The aroma got worst and I held my nose. I heard several people run off toilets without flushing or wiping probably because of the smell. I countinued t poop. After the poop the bladder began to leak it was a good feling. When I was done I shaked and wiped with toilet paper. I went and washed my hands but when I left the restroom I was in the hallway and I got in trouble for making kids leave the restroom nude when I could of done anything about it. I will never forget that say becuase it was an embarassment.

Hey guys, It's Ryan from JC Penney's, and I have been meaning to stop in, but since Thanksgiving Friday, it has been nuts at the store. They still have not replaced any of the stall doors, as was expected last summer, but that has not stopped anybody from going about their business. These days you have to take a number to get a bowl, or wait in like even for a urinal. It's crazy guys. Many times, there is no toilet paper, as the cleaning crew cannot stock it fast enough. We still have the old-fashioned, small rolls, like at home, only one roll per stall, and they don't last very long. During the day, I see the cleaning crew, (men only during the day, women and men before and after store hours) in the men's room every half hour. I will say this however, since the doors were removed last spring, the john is kept 100% cleaner, no grafitti at all, floors are cleaner, I have gotten used to going to the bathroom without doors, although I didn't think I ever would. I really dig the clean bathrooms, I think people are afraid of getting caught making a mess, so they just keep it nicer, now, but the only thing, is when I am sitting down, doing my business, If other guys from my department come in, can we not discuss work? Sports & politics & women are cool, but,hey this is my 10 minute escape from the sales floor, let me enjoy it, OK guys? Thanks, and Happy Holidays to all you great people. Ryan M.

Cassandra, it was as much my fault that you got me and another correspondent mixed up as I signed off as Nicky, which is what many of my friends call me, forgetting that there is another male correspondent called Nicky. Incidentally, for his information there are still lots of people in the UK who prefer the older Imperial system of inches, pounds etc to the metric system and the USA uses a version of the Imperial system too. I find it a lot easier to visualise a 12 inch turd than a 30 cm one,(and as for the habit some have of expressing sizes in millimetres that might be okey for engineers but imagine a 300mm jobbie), so let's stick to inches though I suppose European corespondents will use metric.
Kate, its a pity you didnt have a look at what you had passed as you are right, readres of this website do love to read such details. For example the graphic descriptions from Tony and Kenneth gave me a real buzz.
Mr M asks about women doing larger turds. I think Tony answered this very well and I looked in an anatomy book and a woman's rectum is wider than a man's. When I was a teenager my brother and I often watched each other doing a motion and we were of the same build and ate the same amount of food but my jobbies wre always a big fatter than his although we could produce logs of the same length. Jill mentions a friend who has a motion after every meal. This is caused by the gastro-colic reflex and in her it must be very strong. This is why many people have a motion immediatelly after they eat breakfast in the morning. I tend to go after lunch myself.
Well said also Tony about religious kill joys. All I say to them is this, you have your beliefs, they give you something, great, follow them. Leave me to enjoy the only life I am sure of as I wish to no harm to anyone else. If their visions of an afterlife are merely legends, (and all cultures have them as we are the only creatures aware of our mortality as far as we know), then there are going to be a lot of very disappointed "believers" who have denied themselves the innocent pleasures of their lives and bodies, sex, certain foods and drinks etc etc to no avail. In the end its a purely personal choice but I take the view that as this is the only life we absolutely know we have to enjoy it, as long as it harm none other. I respect the anonymous Christian to whom you replied but I too feel he is an exception to the zealots who seem to have adopted that title.
Tim Reynolds story about the poop (stool) sample reminds me of a very funny incident that happened a few years ago when I was at school. There was an outbreak of salmonela food poisoning. Now I was lucky and didnt get it but they were unsure as to the source and all pupils and staff ahd to give a stool sample. In this case it was to be put in a plastic cup with a lid, a bit like the containers one gets cherries and peel and such cooking ingredients in. Yopu can imagine the jokes this caused in a load of teenage school kids with us comparing our efforts. Only a small piece was needed not a whole jobbie but one girl did bring in a fat 10 inch turd in a Tupperwear container . I did mine in a chamber pot at home and selected a little fat lump the size of a pool(snooker) ball I had passed before the big turd came out. One girl in my class however was constipated and had not been able to produce anything. She was worried about this then suddenly she went off to the Girls' Toilet with her container and a few minutes later came back with her sample. We thought she had done one after all but later she confided that she had suddenly got the idea to look down the pans in the Girls' Toilet knowning that there were always jobbies unflushed in them. Sure enough she had found one with a turd floating in it and had fished it out and used a lump of it for "her" sample. In the end the source of the infection was traced to a hot dog stand near the school which neither myself nor my brother used.

To Kathleen, you weren't the only one to be punished like that. As a child, I would wet my pants quite a bit, and if I was discovered to have multiple accidents in one day, I would be placed on the toilet for an hour then put into diapers. The last time I remember this happening was when I was fourteen. It sounds stupid, but I didn't want to ask to go to the bathroom when my father was driving as we were returning from vacation. I thought I could hold it, probably not all the way home from the 125 miles out we were, but maybe my little brother would have to go. I only made it two more miles before I suddenly lost control. I kneeled down on the ground so it wouldn't get on the seat, but my little brother, (5 years old) told my mom and dad that I wet my pants. What made it worse was he had to "go potty really bad" and when we stopped so I could change my pants, he ran to the potty and made it. I was actually hoping he wouldn't make it so I wouldn't feel so bad. Again, fifty miles out, after drinking a pop (stupid), I had to go again, and I guess with my bladder still weak from the earlier battle, didn't put up much of a fight. My little brother laughed at me and told my parents that I had an accident. I was devastated. They told me that when I got home I would have to wear a diaper. My little 5-year-old brother and even my 2-year-old sister (almost potty trained) started making fun of me, and I started to cry. Finally, as we exited from the freeway about 3 miles from home, my little sister said she had to go potty. I had to pee again and poop. I thought I could hold it all the way home, but I couldn't and I peed my pants again. My parents yelled at me a bit, but had to concentrate on my sister making it home to the potty. I contemplated tickling her so she'd pee her diaper, because if she went potty this time, she'd be in underwear. As the oldest kid, I couldn't be the only one in diapers! We got home, and she calmly walked inside and used the toilet. I was jealous. My family made a big deal about it, blocking the only toilet in the house. I tried to get around them, but pooped my pants and it all fell out right in the middle of the bathroom floor. I was in diapers a long time.

A couple of items first, then reponses to the "new" Kate and to Jill. Check this out: a US magazine recently carried an article on the little microscopic creatures that inhabit our bodies by the millions. It says the mites who live in our hair follicles have such an efficient digestive system that they produce almost no waste and have no opening for excretion. Can you imagine life without ever taking a good dump? Let's hear it for human inefficiency! Switching gears, what's with women leaving restroom entry doors open? I'm taking some evening courses on a nearby campus and I've noticed this in several buildings. Just the other night I sat with some classmates in a lobby and saw a restroom door on the opposite side left wide open. I watched as several women came and went without making any attempt to close it. And it wasn't just an inner wall visible from the lobby, either. The toilet stalls were in plain sight, as were their user's shoes. Has anyone else noticed this? The doors to the guys' always seemed to be closed. Maybe I should start something. To the newest Kate: welcome. What's special about your intensely pleasurable movement is that these aren't the norm, at least not for me. And, yes, guys can experience them, too. Although my dumps are usually pleasurable, it's been a few months since I've had one like you described. It was so intense that it literally made me moan uncontrollably. I think it's all a case of the jobbies being of just the right firmness and passing through the sphinctor with the right amount of pressure and speed. You're right, the stiumuation that produces is very closely related to sexual pleasure. That's what makes taking a really intense dump worth posting about, so thanks. I hope you take another one soon. Jill, about whether it's unhealthy to be constipated, someone like Corpologist could no doubt give a more informed answer, but my understanding is that the longer the fecal matter stays in the rectum and large intestine, the more water is absorbed from it. This changes its consistency, making it harder to pass. So I guess the old adage about heeding nature's call is the best advice.

This is my first time posting to this forum, but I am a long time faithful reader. I just had to respond to Kathleen's post. When I was a kid I had many similar experiences being disciplined for having accidents. Because of a medical condition I had, it was hard for me to tell when I needed to have a bowel movement. As a result there were many times that I would end up soiling my underwear. My mom's way of dealing with this was to humiliate me every time it would happen. After I had an accident I would be made to sit on the toilet for hours with the bathroom door open for everybody to see. My mom would come in periodically and yell at me during this time until me how lazy I was and how filthy and disgusting what I did was. Then she would take my soiled underpants off and proceed to rub my nose inn it over and over. The mess, would get all over my face and the smell was unbearable. The whole time she was doing this to me she would scream at me not to mess my pants again. After that she would also make me put the underwear in the toilet and wash them out. It was very traumatic for me at the time and I'm sure that's where my fetish with bowel movements started.

I don't know about the idea of capturing celebrity poo, but I would pay good money to watch Baby Spice do a poo!!!!

Last year i was flying from Los Angeles to the Philippines for Christmas and about 3 hours into the flight a women in her 50's shit herself!!! The women was 2 rows in back of me. Oh God is was nasty. Can you imagine what the people sitting next to here were going through? I was 2 rows up and thought i was going to die of the stink. The women was crying and creating a scene. The flight attendants took her to the back by the bathrooms. The women never returned to her seat, i think they sat her in a flight attendent seat. Has anyone ever been on a plane where someone shit themsleves? Next week my girlfriend and I will be leaving for the Philippines and I will be bringing a lot of toliet paper because her family lives in the rural area and tp is very scarce. I will miss this website :( I will have no net access for nearly one month. Take care everyone!!!! ok :)

I was at the mall yesterday and noticed alot of activity going and and out of the ladies restroom.Many women in tights jeans middle aged probobly dropping their loads What do you think

Hey everyone: I have, what I believe to be, a pertinent question. How come so many people feel that it's quite-alright to let others listen to their bowel-movements, by carrying on phone conversations, while crapping, but those same people do not like being paid a visit by someone, while they are on the toilet. That's right, they lock the door. From what I have been reading on this site, it seems that what emabarasses most people the most, is the sound of their pooping. By the same token, they feel that its okay to expose whomever is on the other end of the line, to the sounds of the very thing that is supposed to embarass them the most. Why don't people who talk on the phone while crapping, leave the door open so whomever wants to can see. Just like people whose significant others may decide to have a bowel-movement and give them a call while on the toilet, but will not let them see anything, by locking the door, in person. Just wondering. Later, Voyeur1

Graham, before the shuttle, female astronauts wore diapers to take care of peeing.

hi,enjoyed the post by vector in visiting his aunt on thanksgiving,pretty interesting stuff. the only experience i had involving watching someone having a poop was when i accidentally walked in on my younger brother. at the time t here was only one toilet shared by 3 sisters and 1 brother,he told me it was okay so i quickly closed the door as i began to comb my hair,he got up off the seat and wiped himself three or four times.i just kidded him saying " do a good job no skid marks on those undies" he laughed and washed his hands.

Monday, December 07, 1998

Celeste, my girlfriend drinks probably as much as I do, which is enough to get quite drunk on occasion and moderately drunk otherwise. She always pees in front of me outdoors, or we do it at the same time. I'd say she's peed more outside than any other woman I've ever met, and as I say she tells me she would rather do it outside than in a toilet. Her attitude is 'when you gotta go, you gotta go', and she likes leaving massive puddles in obvious places so others can say 'somebody squatted here'. I remember one time she squatted between two parked cars and peed so much that pee streams ran out in all directions underneath both cars. We later saw people get in the car and complain that 'someone had pissed all over the place and we stepped in it'.

Jeff A , grateful for your clarification, Scotch huh! Reminds me of the North Shore after sailing / and lobster and clam- bakesand Ocean cold beer..Nicola, pardon my confusion,it was the name in your closing , i see the misstake, it had been meant to you and open of course to anyone posting here.I think thats what's great about this forum, instinctive intimacy of a natural function. This happen recently i call it Sometimes you have to domesticate the Wild Butt. I had't had a bm, in aday and a half, which is unusual for me ,i've peed yes! but no pooping,i skipped meals and ate quick snakes and stayed late at work, to top it off,a must go- business meal w/art dealer and exhibit reps.After eating this gorgeous french food and wine drinking,i felt packed in my rectum and was looking forward to some relief, iwaited too long , my bowels were rumbling and i felt pressure, excused myself and began walking trying to clench my butt cheeks as tight as i could , i could feel some turd try to poke it's way out, i hit that door so fast i barely had time . too late i squirted pee in my panties, pulled them off while sitting and left them on the floor when this turd pushed out and kept pushing its way out, i farted hughly and felt more poop Whoose out with force, then i peed again, another fart and l let out a sigh of pure welcomed relief and just sat there. the stink finally hit me,i could't tell if my butthole had closed or what, ever had that feeling ? i wiped using lots of tp., and surveyed the bowl. Chriminy there was a turd about two inches thick and at least twelve inches long and two shortys about eight inches each. I lowered my skirt and for the first time in my life almost didn't flush. I felt so proud. I did flush.I picked up my panties to wash them but they were stained w/ more than pee. So i threw them in the disposal, and went back to the dinning room. Well bye for now.Cassi i

Tree Whizzer
Graham- In response to your post, there were no female American astronauts that flew in space before the space shuttle program. The only woman that flew in space before 983 was the USSR's Valentina Tereshkova, on a Vostok flight in 1963; astronuats and cosmonauts wore a diaper inside their pressure sutis and relieved themselves in that way. IN fact, when Alan Shepard was waiting fo his launch inside the spacecraft Freedom 7 (Mercury 3) on 5 May, 1961, his bladder filled up so much during delays in the coutndown that the flight doctors ended up giving him the OK to flood the inside of his space suit! Fortunately there was a foam undergarment inside (designed to absorb perspiration) that absorbed the urine so there were no yellow liquid spheres floating around next to his skin uring the zero-g part of his flight! I thought that was an amusing sidenote to a momentous event in American history =o) Bye for now!

Thre are other Kates around here. I'm a new one. Like many others, I am here because of an experience I had that I can't tell elsewhere. Maybe not here either--I see there are many rules--but you know, people write mainly for themselves. If this gets past the censors and pleases someone else, so much the better. I'm 26, red-haired, of average build and fairly athletic and a pretty ordinary heterosexual (any rules smashed yet?) I see nothing wrong or odd in talking or writing about "poop," but never saw the point of it either--or even considered it--until yesterday evening. My bowel habits are as ordinary as I am, but something--I don't know what--jammed me up between last Monday morning and last evening. Like most women our (?) age, I dress as casually as I can at work (secretarial) and I have never had much to do with control-top anything. But by Wednesday I had a definite belly. I guess if you are basically thin, you understand this: I could not only see a curve in my skirt that shouldn't be there, I could feel it, like a part of me that wasn't a part of me -- or something? And of course I felt jam-packed, like I can't really remember --maybe since I was a little kid. Wednesday night I drank a lot (water). Thursday morning I felt like I could "go" and I gave it a few extra heave-hos. But I have never been really constipated like this before. I figured to just tough it out. Well, I did (is that a disappointment? I don't have a clear sense of this place yet). Last night, Thursday, I came home feeling like I don't know what--huge and heavy and a little crampy. I decided when I got home to force the issue if I could. I ate two cans of Chili (!) I didn't want to sit and strain like I'd done a couple of times the nights before, so I waited until I could really feel it, front and back and bottom, about 7:30 PM (I ate about 6 in the evening). Then I went in the john--I had dressed-down to basically a t-shirt and jeans by that time like I usually do. I remember everything felt super-heavy: breasts as well as belly and stomach (again, I don't know if that's "legal") And almost as soon as I sat down (pants and briefs down of course) everything just "crashed" out in waves. I get the idea you want images of what came out. I honestly didn't look. The relief was just so immense, and so long (maybe five minutes) that it felt like nothing I had ever experienced before --except sex. The instant it was over, I felt light and -- invulnerable? -- from top to bottom. And that's why I'm here--because some folks have been writing here about a connection between "major movements" and sex. I told my "boyfriend" and he could only see it as an idea. Maybe it's only this way for women--I don't know. I guess in the old days (10 years ago?) women (and men) only had diaries and friends. Maybe it's that way now too--maybe I just told this to thin air. But if anyone reads this yes, sex and badly needed movement--same thing. At least for me. Except I never want to repeat the "movement" experience (I felt pregnant!) The other--I guess is for some other site. Thank you, Kate

Hi Aaron and Nicky(If he Is here), My user name used to be Andy17, remember me? I changed my name because there were other Andy's on here for a while, call me Bryian. I thought I would let you know this. Yesterday(Friday) at school during my lunch period I went to the bathroom to pee at this usal time and I noticed In the urinal next to me there was Deodarant(sp), "Speed Stick" a travel size. I thought this was funny.

Jeff A.
Preggy: I love your posts so much!!! You are such a sweetie. I've also agreed with you on numerous occassions but never told you. How are you feeling, and how far along are you? It's really wonderful what you said about the mirror. I've done that many times. I really liked what you said about a week ago, about pooping in a restroom where people could hear, and how exciting it is. I agree.
Kathleen: It's interesting how many parents raise their children like they were housebreaking pets. Who knows what gets into their heads. I never got my nose rubbed in my shorts, but instead, got whipped really hard for NOT being able to go, or for bed wetting. Sometimes I would have to sleep on my stomach because of the pain. I had welts on top of welts! I was terrified to even try to go, until I knew for sure I could! I spent alot of time trying to go at school, or at someone else's house. People are stupid, ain't they? and Harry: That would happen to me too! the old underwear count! oh well. Love ya'all-J.

Kathleen, how can parents be so cruel. Yes I can understand if a child keeps soiling his or her panties just because of laziness, or to get attention, but there are sometimes good reasons, at least to the kid. Bullies often hang about in the school toilets and will often pull a kid off the toilet or push them and their books, sports kit etc down the toilet pan or into the urinal etc. Again there are plenty of tales of teachers who wont let a kid go to the toilet when it needs during a lesoon, at least this happened when I was a kid and I had just such an big accident in my underpants when I couldn't make it to the boys toilet in time when the lesson ended. (I was at Primary [Grade] School at the time). My Mum,although quite a strict disciplinarian, didnt punish me, indeed she was quite kind and gentle and said that she had had such accidents herself. She actually went up to the school and complained about this teacher and thereafter pupils were allowed to go during lessons and none of them abused this. By all means discipline a lazy or dirty child who only shits its panties for wilfulness or the likes but not in the cruel ways mentioned and let the kid clean itself in the bath or shower and the soiled underpants in the washing machine.

To the unnamed Christian, yes you are an exception actually taking to heart your founder's precepts, "let he amongst you without sin cast the first stone" and "judge ye not that ye shall not be judged". Unfortunately, nowadays many of those who proclaim themselves to be CHRISTIANS are actually bigots and censorious control freaks, this too tends to be the case with many other religions, look at the Taliban in Afganistan, the Hashidim in Israel etc. I accept that to many religion is an essential part of their lives, good luck to them. I want no part of it, I believe in God but that's it, I admire many of the great prophets and guides, Mohammed, Christ, Bhudda, Guru Nanak , Moses etc and others but I do not slavishly follow any of their creeds or faiths. To me there is far too much of the "thou shalt not" in religion. Yes, we need a code of ethics to protect society and the Ten Commandments are a good starting point but keep out of my bedroom or for that matter my toilet. You have it about right, you dont want to know about your Gay friend's sex life. You dont approve but dont condemn. I have a churchgoing friend who I would never dream of mentioning my toilet interests to and if I have ever had to do a motion when she has been visiting I close the toilet door and do not comment about it in any way to them as I know she would be offended. So let's live and let live. I only wish the zealots of every faith would do likewise.

I certainly agree with Dazz and Preggy about the pleasurable sensations of doing a good motion and have experienced these since I was a kid out of nappies. The anticipation as one feels the motion start to come down into the back passage. This alone often causes an erection for males and I often got a hard on even as a kid, I now realise from the turd pressing against the prostate gland. The decision to go and do it there and then or hold it in and like Preggy if I am at home I will often hold it in for a while enjoying the feeling of it pressing down against my sphincter. Actually entering the toilet pulling down my trousers and underpants and sitting on the pan. Doing a pee, sometimes difficult at first as I often by this time have an erection. The feeling of the jobbie starting to come out as my sphincter stretches. "OO! AH! OH! UH!" as I strain and feel it slide slowly out, with the crackling sound, nobbily at first then smoother. Will it be a nice big one? YES! KUR-SPUL-LOONK!" KERPLONK! KAPLUNK! The feeling of physical relief then looking down the pan at the big jobbies, a nice big fat carrot shaped 12 incher a 5 inch log and a wee mick as we Scots call it of about 3 inches and all 2 inches thick. I wipe my bum pull up my pants and have another look. If like minded friends such as George or Moira are visiting they will have been watching me anyway and I them and we will probably buddy dump, (its quite something to do my motion on top of Moira's big whoppers!). Otherwise I pull the flush and while the smaller turds go away the big one usually sticks and takes 3 or 4 flushes to go.

This leads nicely on to Kenneth's posting. Yes I recognise all you say and I too have often wondered if my mum was also turned on by defecation and I often suspect that she suspected that I was although I tried to be careful to hide such interests as far as I could as in my family, (strict Roman Catholic), anything to do with sex was considered as sinful. I even got a slapping when I was caught looking up my mum's skirt to see her panties when I was playing on the floor when I was a kid of 7, an innocent enough matter. I certainly envy George his very open liberal upbringing with his aunt Helen and cousins. What terrible beating would I have got if I had been caught listening outside the toilet door when she did a motion, but if she knew she tolerated this. Like Kenneth's mum she would say, "Im going to the toilet for a motion" and sometimes comment afterwards that "she had had a good motion" or that "she had been a bit constipated". Also as I have posted before, she was one of those people who sometimes talked as she did it especailly if it was a really big one and the effects on me of hearing her say "come out you big lump! and "oh, that's better" when she had done it were electric! She didn't go as far as to describe her turds to me as his mother did. I now realise, as I didnt as a kid, that she probably saw the bulge in the front of my trousers from my erection and no doubt made the connection. Likewise when sometimes her turds stuck in the pan as we had a weak flush on our toilet she would just leave them and didnt seem too bothered that I would see them, perhaps she secretly wanted me to as she was proud of what she had done. Again being turned on by the sounds of her doing a motion ties in well with what I have said above only this time the experience was by proxy. I could relate the sounds to doing one myself the only difference being that it was coming out of her back passage not mine, but I got all the same turn ons as if I was doing it myself.

Mr M asks why women seem to do bigger turds than men. I found this myself as a teenager as by then I was doing jobbies every bit as long as my mum's say 10 to 12 inches but hers were always fatter 2 1/2 inches thick against my 2 inch thick ones, although we eat about the same amount and were of the same height and weight and build. I looked in a medical book showing the male and female genitalia in section and the female rectum is wider and different in shape, no doubt to accomodate the womb etc, to that of the male so as that is where the stools lodge prior to being passed perhaps this is why womens' jobbies are bigger. Diet also has a bearing especially drink. Lots of men drink high volume drinks such as beer and with the quantity of liquid and the hops, yeast, malt etc this can have a laxative effect. Most women drink less and low volume drinks such as wine, sprits etc with less "active" ingredients. Another interesting finding is that many women who have had children tend to be slightly constipated, perhaps the act of childbirth affects the muscles in the abdomen and the colon in some way. My mum usually passed quite firm nobbily turds but her sister, who was childless and who eat similar food etc, did easier smooth jobbies.

Finally, in a rather long post, the idea of someone obtaining a turd passed by a celebrity is amusing but a bit far out and impractical. Firstly, what proof would there be apart from DNA testing that the notable person had really done it, it could be the person saying it was who did it themselves. A few years ago a housekeeper for a female film star was prosecuted from selling her own unwashed panties for 100 a pair but claiming they were celebrity's instead. So anyone could do a jobbie and claim it was Kate Winslet's or Madonna's or Di Caprio's or whoevers' and that they had obtained it from the toilet in their dressing room. There was a film were three drag artists were traveling across Australia and one of them had a glass jar with a turd in it which he claimed he had found stuck in the backstage ladies toilet done by Agnetha Falskog the blonde girl in ABBA. Just how one would preserve such an item is also a problem. It would either dry out and break up or dissolve due to being broken down by bacterial action and would also dissolve if kept in water, as evetually happens to one which gets stuck in the pan if left for a few days. It would have to be stored in hard glass or plastic as it would squash otherwise. I suppose it could be freeze dried and sealed in acrylic and certainly a fat 12 inch turd would make an interesting paperweight. I did once see one of this size fossilised, in a museum, called a coprolite and it looked like a human's jobbie . Did perhaps some ???? cavewoman undo her animal skin covering and squat down and do a prehistoric jobbie.

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