Hi Aaron - school exams over at last - only the results to worry about. They were trials for public exams I take next Summer - so quite important. Anyway, I really want to tell you about the fantastic shitting I had last weekend!!! We had no school lessons Saturday or Monday (revision) and I don't play sport any more than I can't possibly avoid - if 21 or 29 (depending on the game) other guys want the ball, let them have it is my opinion. So I didn't have to go in for 3 days. Anyway, last Saturday I woke up with just the beginning of that feeling that waste disposal is on the horizon. By the time I had breakfast (bran flakes and raspberries + coffee since you ask!!) & I was dressed etc. there was a definite sense of things moving inside my guts!! I have to tell you it was one of those really rare Winter days, beautiful sunshine, no wind, dry air and a sharp frost. I don't think you would get that sort of weather so far South - probably Oregon and Washington state would. Sorry - I'm into meteorology - chairman of the School Weather Society (that's one day off games/sport!), so I'm inclined to go into detail. Anyway, I decided it was time to go for a stroll in the fields (parents having gone Xmas shopping), so of I went, and hadn't gone too far when not only were matters becoming "pressing", but a series of superb farts were none the less a worry as I wasn't 100% sure it was going to be gas, and my bladder was bursting with coffee plus not having taken a piss when I got up. Anyway, by the time I got to the area of the bottom field where we tend to go, I was in - as I've seen it described here previously - a "touching cloth" situation. So, I rapidly found suitable position - in the sun (-3oC don't forget!), took jeans and underpants right off, and gently lowered myself into a squat. Well, first I pissed - and pissed - and pissed!!! Really deep morning yellow pee! Beautiful - and the relief!! Must have lasted almost 2 minutes - and of course I was engulfed in clouds of pungent clouds of pee-steam as well as intermittent farts from my hole!. I must say, I really did like the smell of my own pee. The farts were quite pungent too!! By this time the whole mass of my solid waste was really getting its act together, and had reached that stage where it has had to stop while it pushes my anus open - so my hole slowly stretched open (distended?), and this massive load of mine started to flow once more. Well, it flowed, and it flowed, and it flowed, and now the shit-steam was rising in the cold air - the smell of shit outdoors isn't anything like the stinky smell in a toilet - it is really quite a pleasant smell - and mixed with the still steaming grass where my litre or so of urine had landed, it was great. Wicked! Anyway, after a while, it sort of stopped - there was continuous turd from ground level right up inside my hole into the intestine! So I had to raise up from my squat, and eventually it moved on, breaking off to let the rest flow out. And all the time, that glorious tingle as it passed through my actual anus, the whole diameter of my turd touching the opening - it would have given me a trouser problem except that I didn't have them on!! Anyway, eventually it finished, and I could turn around and admire my really very smelly produce. There were two long lengths of my shit lying there, quite smooth, a pleasant normal brown without any real colour variation, nothing of note on view other than a few tomato skins, (and a few fruit pips from the previous day's breakfast), and both steaming gently into the frosty morning air. Spectacular if you like that sort of thing, and I do (like everyone else on this site I guess!!). Each length of my shit was at least 20 - 25cm long and really thick - the diameter must have been 4 - 5cm - amazing that it could get my hole to open so big (that looks like bad grammar) but it must have. It is no wonder that the feeling as it passed through was so intense. Anyway, 45cm of Nicky's poo, say 4½cm thick, and assuming not a floater and a bit more dense than water gives a rough mass of 750g (¾kg). No wonder I felt so much lighter!! (Do you use metric at school in the US now? I suppose you do? If not, it must have weighed about 1¾ pounds!! Anyway, after production and inspection I wiped, dressed, admired it again, and went back to the house to revise.Well I'll post the rest of the weekend story tomorrow or sooner - now that I have more time. It was really cool that you replied so quickly to my little note on Monday - do write me about your Californian turd production when you get a chance. I'll tell you all about Robbie - who, where, why etc!! soon too. Best wishes from your English friend Nicky.

Hello there everyone. I was just going to write a small post in responce to Mr. M's post. I have not really had the pleasure of witnessing my girlfriend on the toilet as of yet, however she is quite comfortable with me comming in when she is peeing. Once I did get to see her poop in the bowl but on that ocassion it seemed to me that it was hardly worth the effort to take your pants off for such a small amount as that! It look to me that a large bird could have produced more poop than that! She is however quite small and has the appitite of a small praire mouse and that would obviously have somthing to do with why she only passes so very little poop. I would love to see her do more, but I am afraid that if I ever did have a chance to witness her doing her thing that I would actually be quite disapointed (she sits, she wipes and then she gets up with nothing more that a couple of min. on the pot, no noised and almost no poop!) I don't think that I would enjoy it anymore, so now I am not really interested! Sad isn't it. I am not saying however that my facination is not still burning for more experiences! Perhaps my friend the bodybuilder would like to come over to help me study for finals!

I have a friend who once told me she had to go for a poo after every meal. I don't know how common this is but it must be rather inconvenient at times. She didn't say how much she produced, it's not the sort of thing you chat about other than in this forum, but I don't imagine it was huge amounts. I suppose it is probably a healthy way to be, certainly preferable to being constipated like lots of people seem to be. She always appears to be healthy, although rather on the slim side. Does anyone know, is it unhealthy to be constipated, or to hold on when you really need to go?

Tree Whizzer
Wetterseat- Thanks for responding to my post =o) I'm sorry if I came across the wrong way about pooping in public, I meant if it comes to messing your pants ir squatting behind a tree, I would choose squatting casue I don't relish the though of coming home with a big load squished up against my butt. I take it you had a diarrhead accident? WEll that must've not felt good on the way home, I hope your car seat didn't get stained! Alos, I commedn your friend for not making fun of you about it. Kathleen, I was moved to anger by your post. I think that your mother making you hold your own nose in feces is ABUSE!!! I could not believe someone could be so bitchy about that, I'm really sorrry that you had to put up iwht that >=o( Today I had one of those wierd "shitting marbles" dump where the logs don't stay together and break up into little balls. I hope everyone enjoyed the astronauts post, I assure you it is NOT made up!

Well Nick, actually I was very drunk and there were no restrooms anywhere so i had to go behind a dumptser. I peed on concrete and left a massive puddle which sometimes splashes and hits you on the but! I also pee quite often outside probably because my other friends(girlfriends) also pee often outdoors. Most of them drink quite frequently and so you have to piss often, and restrooms are not anywhere. does your g/f drink nick? does she go in front of you?

I wonder how female astronauts peed in zero-g before the shuttle and its zero-g toilet? The catheter like pee-tube would obviously not work for them.

Kathleen>> Your story about messing your pants brought back a flood of memories for me...When I was little and had started toilet training, (I was about 3 years old then), if I messed my pants, my mother had finally gotten tired of washing them out, so I had to do it in the toilet...I am not certain, but I think it is where I got my fascination with bowel movements...Years later, anytime I hadn't wiped myself properly and left "skidmarks" in my underwear, my step-mom would do about the same thing that happened to you...She would confront me with the soiled underwear and wipe my nose in it...She even went so far as to keep an exact count of all the underwear I had, and if a pair came up missing, I would get in trouble for it as well

I've just come back from the toilet after a lovely poo. I went in there, pulled my jeans down to around my ankles and sat down on the seat with my legs apart. Then I started to do a long wee as I felt a big poo starting to slide out of my bum. Slowly it slid out as I finished weeing, I could feel every inch of it as it came out. It fell into the bowl with a big plop, splashing me right up the anus and all over my bum and a bit in my dick too. Then another, smaller one slid out quickly and went plop as it hit the water, splashing me up the anus again. I felt empty then, so got up to have a look at my efforts. There was the big one, about 9 inches long and inch and a half wide and the smaller one, about 4 inches long and an inch wide. I had to wipe myself more than 12 times as it seemed to be a very sticky poo!!!! My anus was tingling nicely too, I love that feeling. I love all the different sensations of pooing, the feeling of needing to do one, feeling the seat on my bum and of course the best bit as it slowly slides out of my anus :) I love pooing and look forward to it every day and of course make sure I eat enough fibre every day to make it nice and big and firm. I love reading all the stories about couples who poo in front of each other and rub their backs, ???? and give them words of encouragement. I'd love to meet a woman who would do those things with me :) Have a good poo everyone :))

Kathleen, as a parent, I can understand the frustrations that your parents must have felt of your accidents. Though, I certainly don't agree with all of their punishments. I have never personaly had any serious accidents and have never felt an intimidation about using public bathrooms. It just seems to me that a little thing like "you don't like the bathroom" should not stop a person from having an accident. Due to urgent pee/poop demands, I have more than once had to use less than perfect facilities. I guess you decided that whatever punishment that you got was better than having to degrade yourself to using that bathroom. Then accept the responsibility and don't blame your parents.

Tony, I think you have a small problem here called generalizing, I'm christian, I'm also proud of it, but that does not mean I have ever tried to tell people what they could or could not do in their private lives. It is none of my business, if it doesn't affect me then I don't even have the right to know or care. My best friend is "gay", I love him to death, and as long as he is not telling me all about his sexual expiriances I have no problem with him. Even if this is "against my religion" it doesn't mean I have the right to tell him it's wrong. I was not raised christian, I was raised by a mom who taught me 1. to love everyone and not stereotype/everyone is equal. Now all relgious people are like the ones you have mentioned, you should just keep that in mind.

I am soooo dying to shit... For the past few min I can feel how my rectum is getting filled with shit. My sphincter is fighting to stay closed... I'm trying to delay the defecation a little bit, just for the kick of it... I enjoy thinking about the minute I'll finally release my turds, and they'll burst out of me, soft and thick and warm and smelly, just like I like it... and there will be this sharp transiton from feeling full and heavy to feeling light and empty. And my anus will get to feel the passage and will get so streched, almost until it hurts... and then it will get the relief of being shrinked again... ahhaaa... that feels sooo good... Well, I feel like I can't hold it any longer.... I think I'll just go to the toilet and take my little mirror with me...

Due to the recent postings regarding women using the mens facilities, I am reminded of an experience. At the time my wife was into ceramics and this evening I was there to help with inventory in the shop. The shop has two rooms with a restroom in each, one for the women and one for men. Well I was in the room where the mens room was counting molds and was the only person in the room. When one of the young women helping comes in and goes directly to the mens room and closes the door and locks it never noticing me. Well being alone I couldn't resist listening in. I very much enjoy hearing/seeing women having a bowel movement. Anyway I could hear her unbuckle her jeans and then the rustling of her pulling them down. She was about 5'2'', 110lbs, slender and long brown hair and brown eyes. So she sits herself down and all is quiet for a few moments. She pees a bit and stops and quiet again. Then she begins to grunt rather loudly, but nother happens. Another grunt, then I hear her take a breath and grunt again. This time you can hear some cracking. She grunts again and you can hear crackling again followed by a plop. Quiet again for a moment and then more grunting followed by two plops and a couple of splashes. It gets quiet again then she wipes herself three times and flushes. She leaves and goes back to the other side of the shop, not knowing I was there. Well listening to that had me aroused and making me feel like a movement of my own was on its way. So I went and in and her smell is quite strong, and I set myself on the toilet and grunt out a couple poos that plop down just like hers. Needless to say I was there for about ten minutes getting relief.

Tim Reynolds
during my latest physical, the doctor wanted me to take home a kit to take a self administered stool sample. I had to poop, then scrap some of it off and put it on a special card which folded in half and fit together. I had to do this on three different days, each two days apart. it was quite interesting and I learned some things.
1) once I suddenly had to piss and poop, but I wasn't near my favorite bathroom at work for maximum privacy. so I went into the nearest bathroom, went into the stall. and proceeded to pee standing up. IT IS REALLY DIFFICULT TP PEE WITHOUT HAVING SOME OF THE POOP COME OUT!!!
2) one day I thought the best thing would be to put on surgical (latex) gloves, then poop into my hand, then get the sample. it was quite interesting to feel the warm poop in my hand. (this hasn't been the first time. i have even felt it without the gloves.) funny, it came out more than I expected. I was afraid it was going to spill over the palm of my hand. i guess that's all.

When I was at college, I was working on a computer terminal and a lady, aged about 43, on the same course was sat at the adjacent terminal. She had never said anything rude before, so I was very surprised when she started packing up her bags, and said "now for a bit of philosophy, I'm going for a shit". I was absolutely speechless. I should have told her that I'd just had a good one a few minutes before, which I had. I watched her disappear into the ladies opposite. I saw a girl go into the toilets after a minute or too, and remember thinking that she would be able to hear her. I should have waited for her to come out, and asked her how it had gone.
A few years ago, after imbibing too much bevy, I said to a girl who was in the same voluntary organisation, "have you been today. She replied "I've been twice" !

Occasionally, I lift my bum a few inches off the toilet seat in order to get a longer drop, and hopefully a louder "Plop". Does anyone else do this? I like it when ( unfortunately extremely rarely ), I get such a good "KER-PLONK" that it spashes my bum hole.
It seems customary amongst men at work to tell when they are going to go, but do ladies mention it to their workmates when they are going, and if so what expression do they use? A number of years ago, I worked with a girl who used to make comments like "what have you been doing" when she saw me returning from the toilet. I never responded ( too shy ), but one day I saw her returning from the ladies. I asked her what she had been doing, and she replied "I've had a ..." and then made a sort of straining expression! I made out that I didn't know what she meant, and she then said "I've just had a right good shit!

Friday, December 04, 1998

I discovered this website recently and am delighted to find that I am not alone in being turned on by defecation as it is hardly the sort of matter one can discuss openly and I haven't seen many references to it in sex mags etc as one does with other fetishes. To add to the comments on boys and men who are turned on by listening to female family members, sisters, aunts and most often their mother doing a motion, I can add to this. In my case to an extent my mum actually encouraged this. I am aged 50 and in my childhood, as others have written, people were a lot more private about such matters than nowadays. However, while she didnt let me into the toilet to watch when she was using it, my mum was otherwise quite open about her bowel movements. Like other readers I found that even from pre school age I enjoyed doing a jobbie and that I got a buzz hearing someone else doing one too. My own theory is that you associate the sounds with the sensations thus hearing someone going "UH! OH! AH! EH!" indicates they are passing a large firm turd while the "Ker-plonks!" and "Kursploonk!" sounds confirm that good solid jobbies have been dropped and give some indication, albeit not wholly accurate, of their size . Now when I was a kid when mum, who was in her thirties at the time, went to the toilet and I was around she wouldn't just say "Im going to the toilet" but would add "for a motion" if that was what she needed. I would listen, like many other blokes who have written here, to her doing her wee wee then the "AH! OH! UH!" sounds as she strained, the "PLOP! PLONK!" then the "KER-SPLOOSH! KUR-SPLOOMP!" indicating that she had done a couple of fairly big jobbies. When she came out she would often comment along the lines of "That's better, I had a really good motion, two big jobbies", but if she had been constipated and only did a small motion she would either not comment at all or say something like "that wasn't very good, only a couple of little balls!" Now I didnt realise at the time but Im now sure she observed that such matters turned me on and feel that she was likewise. Sometimes if she had done a particularly big one she would leave the toilet unflushed knowing that I would see it and I think she wanted to show it off. She also used to ask me even into my teens, if I had "Had a good motion?" and spoke very frankly and descriptively about such topics. In all I feel that she too was turned on by defecation. I have read in old posts about George and his very open Aunt Helen and his two cousins, and various readers who accompany their partners to the toilet, but have any other readers a parent who was into such things and so open about toilet matters when they were kids?

Hi all! I had a heck of a Thanksgiving accident while on the way home from my relatives house, let me tell you...all that turkey and whatnot really didn't agree too well with me, but it didn't come out until I was stuck in the usual traffic around ten miles away from my home. The clock ticked away, and after about five minutes, I just had to let go. My best friend in the car with me laughed, but he understood.:) By the way, I support Tree Whizzer on what he had to say. The 'Moral Majority' really does stink. People that wave bibles without knowing what they mean or what they say really don't have any business doing so, but then also I can't totally agree with him on taking dumps in public and the like. Toilets have their place, and I'm not sure I'd be comfortable doing that in public either. Anyway, I'm just tired of people telling me I'm going to hell for whatever insignificant crap they disagree with.:) But it's all good, anyone that's here must be okay.^^ Love!

Hey everyone: How ya doin', Jasmine? You don't say, huh? Wow, I had no idea that it was already-happening. Now, I'm just sitting back, waiting for the day when I hear that the paparazzi or someone of the sort, actually steals a celebrites turd/jobbie, and puts it into a Ziploc bag, or something, before making a clean-getaway, and putting the thing into a glass case to preserve it. Like it was a 30 million year old dinosaur fossil, or something. That would be wild, let me tell you. I am sure that that person's heart would be racing, as soon as they got their hands on the prize, and got the hell out of there. Would you think that a turd like that would be worth more if it was in one piece, or would it be more lucrative to break a big "monster-sausage" into several "sausage links", in order to have more pieces to sell? What do the rest of you think about this hypothetical situation, that is bound to occur sooner or later. Hey, stranger things have happened. Look what our so-called President did. Enough said. Goodnight, everyone Voyeur1

Hi Celeste, you lucky thing having a pee shudder like that!!!! I wonder if the alcohol had helped there too. Have you had to go for a poo in similar curcumstances before? I'd love to hear about it if you have, as I'm sure everyone else would too!!!! I've never been in a situation where I've needed to poo when there is no toilet (or at least some good bushes if I'm out in the country) nearby as I seem to have very strong anal muscles. This has been tested a few times as I am a truck driver and sometimes get the runs when I'm nowhere near any facilities. I remeber one time I was actually able to hold on for half an hour with an attack of the runs. There was a few times I thought it would just come gushing out, but I managed to hold on until I got to a petrol (gas) station and as soon as I got my bum onto that toilet, it just exploded like a bomb spray painting the inside of the bowl brown!!! Oh what a relief!!!! I hate the runs though, much prefering a good solid log. I can feel a big one right now, knocking at the back door wanting to be let out. So I shall go now and enjoy one of life's free pleasures. See? The best things in life ARE free!!!! Happy toileting everyone :o)

My daughter was sleeping in my bed last night and wet it. Also she wet a thaNKSGIVING

I can't remember who posted about Ohio. I am from Ohio and I want to set the record straight on women using mens rooms here. First off, I think it is a gender thing not a location thing. How many men have used the womens room? Very few I bet. Men will pee anywhere because they can just whip it out and sort of hide what they are doing. Women want more privacy because they have to pull their pants down to pee. Women when confronted with an occupied or broken womens room will use a mens room out of neccessity for an actual room. Second, the only place I have seen women using a mens room was in college and again it was out of neccessity not inhibition. Sorry, if I ruined the fantasy of Ohio being the promised land for toilet fans. Just thought I'd say something before you moved here for nothing.

I was wondering if anybody remembers ever being punished by theier parents for having an accident. Growing up (well into junior high and even a few in high school) I used to have accidents in my panties all the time because I really didn't like public bathrooms. My mom and dad would often make me sit on the toilet for like an hour at a time as punishment -- sitting there with my messy panties around my knees and periodically yell at me for doing it. Lots of times I was even grounded for it (once grounded an entire month for an accident I had in high school) and give me lots of extra chores to do. Once they even put me in a diaper for a few hours when I was 10 years old, but after that the diaper wouldn't fit anymore. Of course, they'd make me clean the messes but after a while they'd make me wipe myself clean with only toilet paper (one time it took an entire roll) instead of a washclothe. They never let me just take a shower to wash off the mess. They would make me dump the load out of my panties into the toilet and then scrub the panties clean in the sink. A few times, though, especially with accidents in my later years, they'd make me scrub my panties in the toilet. That obviously meant actually having to stick my hands into the toilet bowl. The worst, though was one time when I had an accident on my way home from school in 8th grade. I got caught just as soon as I walked in the door and got yelled at and sent to sit on the toilet. My mother went to get me a clean pair of panties and when she went into my underwear drawer found a messy pair that I had hidden in there from the day before and didn't have a chance to clean out yet. She just totally flipped out. She took the messy panties and hold it up to my nose and made me smell it, yelling at me about how disgusting it was. Then I think she figured that since that one had already dried and crusted a little, it didn't smell that bad. She made me took off my fresh messy panties and hold them up to my nose as well. THen when I wasn't holding them close enough to my nose (they did smell really bad), she pushed my nose right into the mess and made me hold it there for several minutes. After that, I had to clean both messes completely in the toilet (the dried one from the day before was particularly hard to clean) and then I got grounded for two weeks. Eventually, I did stop having accidents but it wasn't because of anything my mother did. I think I just got better skilled at holding it in and I began to get a better feel of my body. I would know when the accident was about to happen (and would give in and use whatever toilet was available) or when I had longer to wait and could get to a better bathroom. I just wonder if anybody else ever got treated theis way for having accidents and what punishments, if any, they got from their parants.

I am fascinated by the descriptions of some of the enormous dumps produced by the women here. It prompts me to ask if there is something in the female makeup that causes this. Do women have a larger bowel than men? My wife certainly produces huge shits compared to mine. Mine tend to be either runny or pellets, whereas hers are big thick "logs". Any suggestions?

To TeenGuy - Regards to the shiny floors, I was recently on Jury duty. One morning while waiting, I had to take a major dump. There were only 2 stalls, I took the regular one (not the handcapped one because I knew I was in for a long sit). So I'm sitting there dropping a load, and like you, I look down and can see my reflection. I looked to the stall next to me and could see the reflection there to. As luck would have it, I got to see 2 guys come in and dump. The first was pretty quick, sat, dumped, wiped and left. He kept setaed while he wiped. The next guy checked after he dumped, you could see him lift up and look in the pot. I do that too. Gotta see your accomplishment. I sat for a good 15 or 20 minutes and dropped a massive load. I know it stunk for me, no wonder the 1st guy was so quick. It was really cool! So shiny floors can be a good thing! Unfortunately the paper was like rough! I used it sparingly.

Joe B.
Hi Preggy, I enjoyed reading your last two posts sooooooo much. Thanks for all your posts. PLEASE KEEP THEM COMMING. I totally agree with you that there's nothing else like a good poop. I absolutely love to poop and look forward to it every day. If I dont poop, I take an enema. I've enjoyed recreational enemas for over 40 years. Have you ever taken enemas Preggy?

Tree Whizzer
Well here is another strange tale of the ideas the United States's brightest engineers came up with to enable our astronauts to relieve themselves in space. The following is an excerpt of A Man on the Moon by Andrew Chaikin: "But one aspect of weightlessness was so unpleasant was so unpleasant that even the thrill of exploration didn't make up for it. If this marvel of engineering called Apollo had one major design flaw, it was the 'Waste Management System,' perhaps the most euphemistic use of English ever recorded. For urine collection there was a hose with a condom-like fitting at one end which led, by way of a valve, to a vent on the side of the spacecraft. On paper at least, it seemed like a reasonable, if low-tech, way to handle urinating in zero g, assuming you got over your anxiety about connecting yor private parts to the vacuum of space. You roll on hte condom, open the valve, and it all goes into the void where it freezes into droplets of ice that are iridescent in the sunlight. One astronaut answered the question "What's the most beautiful sight you ever saw in space?" with "Urine dump at sunset." In reality, using the urine collector didn't work so well. For one thing, it could be painful. If you opened the valve too soon, some part of the mechanism was liable to poke into the end of your penis, which prevented you from urinating. And at that point, as if to confirm your worst fears, the suction began to pull you in. Now you were being jabbed and pulled at the same time, so you shut the valve, and as the mechanism resealed itself it caught a little piece of you in it. It took only one episode like that to convince you to neverlet it happen again. Next time you had a strategy: start flowing a split-second before you turn on hte valve. But once you bgan to urinate the condom popped off adn out came a flurry of little golden droplets at play in the wonderland, floating around and making your misfortune everybody's misfortune! And in no time at all the whole device reeked; it was an affront to the senses just sitting there. The astronauts got used to the urine collector, though, and they got used to mopping up afterwards. But there was no getting used to the other part of the Waste Management System. Tucked away in a strange locker was a supply of special plastic bags, each of which resembled a top hat with an adhesive coating on the brim. Each bag had a finger-shaped pocket built into the side of it. When the call came you had to flypaper this thing to your rear end, and then you were supposed to reach in there though the pocket wiht your finger -- after all, nothing falls in zero gravity -- and suddenly you were wishing you had naver left home. And after you had it in the bag, so to speak, you had one last delightful task: break open a capsule of blue germicide, seal it up in the bag, adn knead the contents to make sure they were fully mixed! At best, the operatioin was an ordeal. In the confined space of the Apollo command module, your crewmates suffered, too. One of the Apollo 7 astronauts said the smell was so bad it woke him out of a deep sleep. When the crew came back they wrote a memo about it: "Get naked, allow an hour, have plenty of tissues handy."... Let's have a great big round of applause for our pioneering astronauts and all the shit (literally!) that they had to put up with!

Thursday, December 03, 1998

The Other day I Went to a Movie,With My Girlfriend, at a local theater, And all of the Sudden I had to poop. So I went into the Bathroom, And went into that Middle Stall, Pulled Down My pants and sat Down. I Started to Poop and I was Kinda Constipated. So I Leaned Forward and put My Elows on My Ankles. Which Made me Look at the Floor While I was Pooping, And This bathroom had Tile Floors, And they were kinda Black And Very Shiny. So I could see into the Stalls Next to me. Some people Do that Weirdest thing in the Bathroom, I was Ony Guy That was next to me, he was Doing Stretched, And I could See this one Guy that was about the same age as me Poop out a Turd and Lift up one Side of his Butt and Look at his Turd. What is stupid, Is that This place had Good Stalls With Small Cracks in the Doors, But they had Shiny floors So a person Pooping could see right into the Next Stall.

To Voyeur1, Well, you are right...It would take a very pervertish individual to want to actually steal a celebrities turd to photogragh it or whatever, but I have heard of the paparazzi attempting to do something of the sort. I don't know if you saw the last interview that Michael Jackson did in which he spoke to Barbara Walters about the tabloids. BUT, in that interview, he did say that when he stays in hotels, he often finds cameras attached to his toilet, obviously planted there by total perverts. Now, I personally love Michael Jackson and have for years, but I have and never will have any desire to see what his BMs look like! But I just wanted to let you know that there are perverts out there who take an interest in these "things".

Today is my first chance to "log on" since returning from last week's visit to Ohio. Thanks to all for the good post-Thanksgiving poop stories. You didn't disappoint me. My jobbies often tend to be of the one-piece type and some of them have been longer than usual in the past days. It makes for a very very pleasurable dump, indeed, as others have reported here. To those who wondered if there is more use of men's rooms by women in Ohio than elsewhere, I can only report something I saw on the road there Monday when I stopped to gas up. I had trouble getting the computerized pump to read my card, so I had to go inside and have the cashier turn it on. At that moment, a young couple walked in, casually dressed in jeans. This place has two restroom keys, one per gender, hanging on hooks near the cash register. The guy picked up the men's key, walked outside, and headed behind the building, where the facilities are located out of sight from the store and the gas pumps. As I started to pump, I noticed the girl walking back there, too, and I assumed she had the women's key. When I finished gassing up, I went inside to pay with my card. I had to pee, so I looked for the men's key, which was still in use. I also noticed that the women's was hanging there. Strange, I thought, since I hadn't noticed the girl come back in with it. Maybe I had missed her. I decided to just head back to the men's room and wait for the user to come out. On my way, the guy came round the corner with the men's key. "Oh," I told him, "I'll take that off your hands." He looked surprised and a bit worried, but handed me the key. Just as I reached the men's door a few seconds later, guess who came out? Yep, the girl. She smiled sweetly, said "Hi," and held the door open for me, not a one bit embarrrassed. That explained why the women's key was hanging inside the store all the while. Had they "buddy-used" the men's room or had they traded places while he waited outside for her and then finally left. Ah, life's little intrigues! Know what? Even though seeing a woman on the john turns me on, I'm somehow glad that I didn't accidentally walk in on her. Last week on the Independent Film Channel, a cable TV service, I saw "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues," starring Uma Thurman. It's based on a satirical novel with a serious theme. (Please don't ask me the author's name.) The head Cowgirl, Jellybean, is played by Rain Phoenix - is she related to River Phoenix, or did I just read her name wrong on the credits? Anyway, in one scene on the ranch, Jellybean is shown sitting on the pot with her pants or cowgirl chaps high on the thigh and her cute, full behind clearly meeting the seat. This shot is short and you can't tell what she's doing, but she continues her conversation shown from the waist up, explaining to a fellow Cowgirl how to hypnotize a chicken. I wouldn't rent the film just for that pot shot, but it is worth a look for its wide-ranging subject matter (environmentsalism, hedonism, consumerism, lesbianism, feminism, etc.) and its humor. And you can enjoy Jellybean on the potty as a bonus. Take care, all.

Aaron (From Ca) Here! Hi Nicky!
Hi Nicky and Josh! Wow! What a coincidence. I haven't posted here is months; like you I'm real busy with school. I came here today and there you were! I tried to post a couple of times but I guess my references to trouser problems kpet them from getting through. I don't have very much time right now, so I can't give thought to what I would like to say. Looking forward to reading more from you though... Who's Robbie? Aaron

Anybody ever done an "upper-decker"? for those who dont know, an upper-decker is when one pinches a loaf in the tank of a normal gravity flush toilet, for the purpose of revenge, a practical (or impracticle) joke, or just as a way to express one's displeasure, it's a real hit at partys too.

Hullo. I am Donna's partner (we are a lesbian couple of many years relationship). She has always been on at me to post but I have been a but shy about it. Like most of the posters here I am very turned on by defecation both my own and hearing and seeing others. In my case I have always prefered other girls and women doing it to boys and men although I am turned on when some bloke does a nice big motion as well. If Donna does a motion at home I will accompany her as she does for me. The anonymous posters story about watching the ???? woman dropping a big load rung a bell as Donna is ???? and produces some really big jobbies. My own motions tend to be smaller and harder and a typical dump for me would consist of a firm lumpy 8 inch long by 2 inch thick log making a "Kur-sploonk! sound followed by a 6 inch one of similar thickness going "Ka-ploonk!", thopugh sometimes it will all come out as one 12 inch turd. I will often buddy dump on top of Donna's load. Donna, as regular readers will know, is tall and ???? and does some really big ones. Her motions are usually in the easy smooth catagory and very fat about 2 1/2 inches. I go to the toilet with her and lift her skirt and pull down her big panties. (like Nicola said in her posting I enjoy Donna's feminine smells). I then rub her ???? ???? and urge her to do a good motion. She will grunt "OO! AH! UH!" as the first big hard jobbie, (10 to 12 inches) comes out "kur-sploomp!" then usually a long easy smooth one with the "crackling sound" which is so long it slides into the pan with a gentle "floomp" and this one can be about 18 inches long. Sometimes she is finished at this but often she then passes another smooth soft but formed jobbie say of 6 inches long with a "Ker-ploonk!" We both have a good look down the pan then I wipe her bum for her. If I buddy dump on top of hers, or when I go at home the roles are reversed. As regards the smell of our stools, yes they do stink sometimes depending on what we have eaten but that's all part of the function, shit smells! but that doesn't bother us too much. Needless to say both of us are turned on by our shared defecation. If either of us has to do a motion elswhere we will describe it later to each other.

The first time I was constipated was the worst time. The pain suffered was emense and lasted for many long long days. It first started after eating the shit (lol) out of doritos and drinking chocolate milk (not to include the frequent Mexican dinners I like to enjoy). My bowels felt like a rock. I frequented the bathroom setting there for hours on end, grunting and moaning like a pig in heat. Nothing happened. I eventually decided to go the natural route for remedy and ate a box of prunes. This didn't do much except add gas to multilayer complexity of later excretions. This was the fifth day, second after the prunes, and I was afraid to eat more for the fear of popping. I went into the bathroom expecting to set there for hours with nothing happening again. This time, I had never had the experience of cold water before and it was quit a shock. I shot the shit from my system with such force that my kidneys ached. The gas pressure was pretty powerful an! d so was the odor. It took me a few minutes to recover and my roomate knocked on the door twice to see if I was O.K. This experience was the longest also lasting a total of 8 Minutes but when I blew it was an eruption to be proud of.

Cool Guy 3:16
I have a hilarious story, I was at my G/F's house yesterday talking to her when all of the sudden she began farting a lot, she said she had cramps, I said for her to go on and do her thing, I wouldnt listen in, well anyways she went in and in 2 mins I was in the the kitchen when I heard a sub-atomic explosion, she said she was hurt and needed help, so I rushed to the rescue, she was sitting there on the pot smiling at me, lifted her right cheek enough for me to see in, 4 enormous monsters and a wet load or 2, she was still going to I seen a little slide out, then she sat down, I asked her why she needed my help, she said her stomach hurt a lot still and for me to wait in case she needed help..... we were watching a movie and I had only a shirt and boxers on, she was staring at me, a smile cracked out, she BURST out laughing, and then burst a final Ramk, Wet, BIG load, I asked what was so funny, she nodded at my stomach, I looked down, laughed and blushed, my (Viper) was making! my boxers stick out!! I almost died, overall we both found it very humorous and the relationship kontinues!!!!!

Jane, I too have had accidents in the bed (pooping accidents like your sister). I helped my situation by wearing tight plastic pants to bed so that the poop, or diarrhea, doesn't leak out. This only happens about once every two weeks....I try to go before bed to prevent it. Yes, diapers are somewhat annoying, but the plastic pants serve me well. Since I shower every morning anyway, I can clean-up with no problem.

Celeste, Why did you pee outside behind the dumpster? Were there no other restrooms around, or were you just so drunk you couldn't help it? Also, did you pee on concrete or in the dirt/grass/bushes? My girlfriend hates peeing on concrete because it splashes big time, so I thought I would ask you what you did. I always wondered if she is the only person who feels this way, but she pees very often outdoors so I guess she is well-experienced. In fact, she tells me sometimes that she'd rather do it outdoors because it is more fun that way (as long as nobody other than me sees her). Nothing like leaving a huge puddle for someone else to see.

Wednesday, December 02, 1998

Dazz, I experience pee shudders to but at the beginging of a piss rather that at the end. The other night, I was so drunk i peed behind a dumptser behind a nightclub, just before it came out, i shuddered and then during the pee which lasted for about a minute i think, I shuddered because i had to piss sooooo bad, does anybody else experience this?

Well Brad, it just goes to show that free thinkers are more generous in allowing contrary viewpoints to be published as the Moderator of this site has done with your posting.I doubt if some Moral Majority Bible Thumping Site would have allowed any of us to express our opinions. I have no objection to safeguarding the sensitivities of others who are NOT into my fetish of coprophilia,and I wouldn't do a motion in front of someone who would be shocked by this and I too like to have a door on my toilet cubicle (stall) both to let me control who watches me on the job and this also saves others who do not wish to see me doing a jobbie. Again I only go out of doors if I have too and dont do it where some poor soul would tread in it by accident. My objection to the "Holy Joes" is that they wish to control what I do in private or with consenting adults. I dont interfere with their lives, keep out of mine. To me these sad people are Fascists and we fought a war against that lot. Incidentally, I was brought up in a strict Catholic home and they are every bit as censorious and guilt ridden about sex and sexually related personal matters as the extreme Protestant Calvinists. I say, a plague on both of their houses!

I wanna talk about why people don't crap and wizz for all to see. I think it all depends on people's individual comfort level. How comfortable are we at using the toilet in front of someone? I'm not comfortable crapping in front a stranger. I've used a doorless stall a few times just to see if I could do it. A guy came in and at first I was embarrassed, but I realized he was not even noticing me. I still didn't look him in the eye and once he left I felt mre at ease. That brings me to another idea. We are more comfortable when pooping or peeing in the company of the same sex or lovers because these are not ones who will judge your appearance. You're at ease baring your fat behind around these folks and they are at ease baring their's around you. And about courtesy and closing doors; I think some folks are comfortable with the way their bodies look and wouldn't mind being seen on the toilet, but close the door because they think someone may not care to see them in their stat! e of undress.

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