hi,just came across your site and wanted to contribute a awkward experience i had over the summmer.i was staying at the ocean with my family,One saturday morming I went for a 5 mile run I had ran about 2 miles when I really had to go,I LOOKED AROUND THE beach area as thier were couples & families scattered around,with no restrooms just beach houses,I had to do somthing pretty quick or I was going to lose it.I was wearing a white bikini,so i decided to take a chance and do it in the ocean. I basically went in about waist deep and squatted down hoping nobody noticed what was going on. I pulled my bikini down, as I was still sweating , the water was pretty cold,I pushed & one long poop fell into the water,followed by a couple of smaller pieces,I felt so much better. As I was trying to put on my bikini bottoms I GOT nailed from behind by a wave,I WENT FOR A TUMBLE AND MY BIKINI WOUND UP IN THE SURF,I MANAGED TO RETRIEVE IT not before exposing myself to two twelve year old boys & thier mother. The boys giggled,as the mother asked me if I was okay, I WAS never so embaressed in my life,as I jogged back to the beach cottage.

Jeff A.
Cassandra: Thanks for the support, but it was Nicola, not Nicky who added onto the story. Her eloquent female touches were like a fine glass of scotch by the fire on a cold rainy night. Bridget: I'm glad you liked the ending. John, of course was completely naked. He had pulled away from her warm body in bed long enough to answer nature's call. Don't worry, if this site ever closed down, I'd create my own, and we would all find each other again. Nicola: Thank you and your boyfriend very much for answering my "smell" question, but it wasn't the vaginal smell I was referring to. I hope I'm taking your response, and your boyfriend's meanings correctly. I know the vaginal smells, and of Van Grodek, who I admire for his bold, and (for what I feel are) romantic theories. I was referring to the feminine "poop" smell. I do take a liking to that believe it or not, and find it to be one of nature's best erotic perfumes.

Hi everyone - especially Aaron from Ca - are you still outhere friend? I am - but so-o-o busy can hardly find time to dump let alone write about it. Had some super ones this last weekend, and I will write about it all soon. Glad to see a few teens coming back on line, and Hi Bry-ian who used to be Andy (17) and diskputers too - how about some descriptive writings?? My friend Andrew went back to Jamaica in September - his Dad works for the bank there, and we've done some e-mails. Josh and I still buddy dumping when we can - although work and bad weather makes for a lot of school shitting - but buddy dumping too. Andrew's replacement in the 'Ancient and Honourable Oder of the Soiled Toilet Tissue' - Josh and I are founder members of the Society is Robbie - but I'll write much more after school exams next week. Revising at home today. Must go. Must dump. And must do revision! Next month I'll be Nicky (16)!!!! bye. Nicky

Although Brad's post was rather abrasively phrased, I have to agree with him. Taboo is taboo, not (despite the name) on account of religious sentiments, but because many, indeed most people find shit- and piss-related topics unpleasant. And shit does smell unpleasant. Antisocial behavior of the type he describes is indeed nauseating, and is guaranteed to put even us toilet freaks off the topic. Of course it's just because of the general attitude that we find the topic enjoyable. Those persons who have found a partner able to share their toilet activities are very lucky. Many of us have partners who find toilet activities a necessary evil rather than a great pleasure. That serves to keep us in the closet (!!), but makes the enjoyment when we find a page like this all the greater.

Tree wizzer
Nicola- Thanks for backing me up about all the oppressive people out there =o) It's getting a bit better now since we're getting rid of Newt Gingrich now (woo hoo!) I found this site interesting; I never knew people taked about their good and bad experiences on the toilet; I'd always thought it was dirty to do so but you gusy have shown me otherwise! =o) Brad, regarding my complaining about the moral majority, I apologize if I sent across the wrong impression. I'm lucky because the city I live in is the center of a diocese that covrs much of northwest and west central Ohio. However, I have been in the South (the heart of the US's Bible Belt) where there is practically a Baptist church on several occasions; I am not too thrilled with their priorites. They preach about how homosexuals have a reservedseat in hell while ignoring the one of the Bible's cardinal teachings: Judge not lest ye be judged. They alwasy preach the Bible but in many ways they do not follow it; it's as if they simply throw out some inconvenient parts. I was blasting them because I have some real problems with that and other things they have supported (i.e segregation, lynching, etc.). I know you have the right to your own opinion; I'm just ensuring that you know my point of view in cas i misphrased some things in my last post. Thank you for responding!

I just had one of my favorite poops. I can't describe it otherwise but as so SOFT and THICK... and a lot of it. The kind that makes your rectum strech and release load after load of soft brown smelly turds. But to my enjoyment, they were thick, so I could feel them fill my rectum, strech my anus, and slide through.. for a long time. I just had so much shit in me, that I couldn't believe it. I made a HUGE pile of shit. When I looked at the bowl, the pile was way above the water level!!! It just feels sooooo good to poop.

Hi everyone, cain't talk long because my work is piling up. I posted but it didn't go through about my recent dinner so i will later whenihave more time, i had read an older post by someone called "movie guy" i hope i not making another mix-up like my note to Stacey, anyway i'm surprised you have not seen the commercial for this electronic devise, wherein the scene( a you woman follows her boy friend to a car and as he goes to the drivers side to get in, she raises herself and farts loudly, once in he says whew! and asks if she has met the others, she turns to see another young woman and guy, it goes on but she acts mortified, the girl in the back seat smiles bravely and the guy has a pained look on his face) this was on anationial tv. station i watch one morning for the weather, they it seemed had shown it as a practical joke to the tv. moderator who laughed so hard he cried and had to leave the set momemtariely., likewise i was also. this station is on from coast to coast.The produt was a beeper thing, i didn't catch the brand name. Well bye, Cassi.

Hi guys! Philippe, I have visited France (and other European countries) and have come across the *single sheet* paper in restrooms over there. I've gotten into the habit, not only in Europe but here in the states, of carrying a roll of toilet paper in my backpack in case the "need" arises. Alex has complained to me (via e-mail) about the "coarseness" of European toilet paper compared to North America- she'll be back in a few weeks and I'm sure she'll tell you all about it : ) Since many of you have written about your post-Thanksgiving dumps, I'll tell you about mine. I didn't have to go until Saturday afternoon (after Jodi and Laura went home)- Thanksgiving fell two days earlier. I'm a vegetarian and don't eat turkey, but I did eat more "trimmings" than usual (as most do on Thanksgiving); this resulted in a very bulky and smelly dump. I left 5 good-sized jobbies in the bowl and had to wipe my butt six times. I'm now back at school and am eating, and dumping, more *normally* I don't watch much TV, and never gave "Ally McBeal" a second thought until I read about the show on here. I still haven't had a chance to watch the show, but I have searched a couple of web sites about the character and the unisex bathrooms at that fictitional law firm. I read today in a major New England newspaper that a company in Connecticut, in my home state, is going to experiment with having unisex employee bathrooms, a la Ally McBeal. There will still be single-sex bathrooms for those who would rather not share facilities with those of the opposite sex. Most workplaces in the states still have separate (stalled) bathrooms for men and women; the exception being places where there is only one toilet and sink together in the same, small lockable room, almost like a house bathroom, really- I worked in a shop like that for a couple of summers. Peace, Steph

I had always wanted to watch my girlfriend take a crap. I desperately wanted to tell her about my secret desire and how it excited me, but I was always afraid that she might think different of me if I told her. I feared she might think I was weird or, worse yet, that she might leave me. We had such a terrific relationship going up to that point and I didn't want to do anything to jeopardize it. We were both very much in love and we adored each other with a special passion.
I have always preferred older and larger women and she certainly was that. She was over eight years older (never married) than I was and she was about 33 at the time. Physically, she was 5'-4" tall and weighed about 235 pounds. She had really big boobs, a flabby ????, thick thighs and calves and a wide fat ass. She wore glasses and had medium-length reddish-brown hair. She usually wore dresses or sweatpants and almost always wore Birkenstock sandals without socks. Needless to say, she was very attractive to me.
She also had a very big appetite. This lady could really put the food away. She loved fast food and had a special affinity for Taco Bell. It wouldn't be unusual for her order to total $10, just for herself (and that is a LOT of food). And she ate every last bite too. There was no way I could (or would want to) keep up, and I had a pretty good appetite myself.
Since I didn't have the courage to tell her I wanted to watch, I had to satisfy myself with listening behind a closed bathroom door. This turned out to be surprisingly satisfying in itself, although it still left me craving for more. From the sounds of things, it was very clear that she was dropping some really monstrous bombs in there. She almost always had to flush at least twice and she was forced to pull out the plunger on several occasions. I could also hear her grunting and straining in there as she tried to push out the really fat ones. I could hear her logs dropping in the water and they always seemed to make that familiar "FALOOOOMP!" sound as they dropped in the bowl. She also always seemed to release a lot of gas whenever she pooped. There was no way the bathroom fan could cover up her farts. They were absolutely explosive! When she has to go, she just drops her panties and cuts loose.
I had always noticed that she was pretty gaseous early on when we began dating and she would burp or fart every now and then. She was always very apologetic whenever she did so. She did not seem all that embarrassed about it, however. Perhaps I should have taken that as a sign that she would not feel embarrassed if I wanted to watch her poop, but I just didn't make the connection there. I vividly recall one time when we were out shopping at the mall on one of her off days. We were walking through JC Penny's when we stopped at one of the women's clothing sections. She then bent down to look at some pantyhose on the bottom shelf, her huge butt accentuated even more by the tight pink sweatpants she was wearing. Just as she got into a squatting position, she ripped an enormously loud and long fart,"FFFFFFRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPP!" "Oh my!" she exclaimed as she shifted her position a bit and passed gas some more,"BRAAAPP! FFFRRRRRAAAAAAPPPP!" The stink was absolutely unbelievable. It had that very distinctive rotten egg smell and it was as if an unseen fog had enveloped the area. "Excuse me," she apologized. "I've really got the farts today." Fortunately, no one else was around to witness that little scene. I helped her up and we left that area REAL quick. The incident only heightened my desire to watch her take a huge and noisy crap.
ell it, although she always lit some matches or sprayed some room freshener to cover it up. But the last time I went in before I actually got to watch her go, she didn't even attempt to hide it in any way. When I walked in, I was just about floored by the stench. Damn, it was ripe in there! I looked in the toilet to see if it had all flushed. It had, but there was a wide brown skid mark at the bottom of the bowl that had been left by one of her fat turds. While I didn't realize it at the time, she was starting to tease me. She knew...
One day I was at her apartment sitting on the couch in the living room. I was reading a magazine when I heard her call for me. "Could you come here for a minute?" she asked. As I walked in her bedroom, I noticed she wasn't in there. "I'm in the bathroom," she said. Now I was getting a bit excited. Upon entering the bathroom, I was totally taken aback. She was sitting on the toilet with her legs spread apart in a straddling position. Her tan dress was hiked up above her waist and her white cotton panties were down around her ankles, although I could still see her toes peeking out of her sandals. She almost made the toilet look too small for her as her wide ass enveloped the seat completely and was hanging over the sides a bit.
"I know this is what you want," she said softly with a mischievous smile. "I know you have been listening at the door when I've been sitting on the pot dropping my bombs. You don't know how excited I've been knowing you were there. The thought of my man wanting to watch me when I really have to go big really turns me on. I want to show you what it's like when I really have to poop. I have been holding it for over a day and I think I really have to go a lot." I could hardly believe my luck!
"Come here," she beckoned sensuously, reaching out with her hand. She began to tinkle softly. As the seconds rolled by, a heard a pronounced hissing sound as she really began to pee. As I took her hand, she motioned me closer so she could kiss me. We exchanged a long, wet kiss and then I backed away to watch. With her legs spread apart, I could see everything, despite her avalanche of belly flab which obscured the view of her thick pubic hair. Just as she was finishing peeing, she farted really badly. A monstrously loud and gassy, "FFFFFFFFFFFFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZZZZZZZZ!" escaped from her ass and echoed in the bowl. This was followed by a short, wet blast, "FFRRRRAAAPPP!" A few small pieces of crap plopped into the water. "My word," she exclaimed.
She then cut loose a deafening series of farts. I then began to hear that familiar crackling sound, accompanied by several small farts, as the first of a series of huge logs began dropping out of her ass. The first one was really wide and it just kept pouring out of her ass with no end in sight. Finally, it broke off from its own weight and slid quietly with a soft thud into the water. It had to be at least 18" long and 2.5" thick and was curled around the bowl. There was a loud fart as another turd began to emerge. She grunted as the second one slowly ehased and crackled out of her butt. It was really beginning to stink in there. It was like something crawled up inside her and died! It was nasty. "UUUUUHHHHHH! Come on!" she strained and bounced on the seat as she pushed the last of the second bomb out. It was over a foot long and dropped heavily on top of the other. She tinkled a little bit and it seemed as though she was done when all of a sudden she farted again, "FFFFFFFFF! FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZZZZZZZZZZ!" and another thick turd began snaking out. I couldn't believe it! She dropped another foot long log! She really had to go this time. Finally she was done and after a full toilet bowl of nearly four feet of crap, five flushes and a workout with the plunger, it was over. The relationship had reached a new and wonderful level.

Tuesday, December 01, 1998

Hi everyone, and thanks to those who've responded to my question regarding toilet paper. Philippe, nice to hear from you again. Please note that it is Alex that is studying over in France, not Steph. Alex will be back in the United States just before Christmas. I can't wait to see her again! Regarding my pooping session with Steph, I keep (or should that be kept?) my feet about a foot apart from each other. I sit on the toilet slightly slouched, though nearly not as much as Steph does. Perhaps that's because Steph is often constipated, while I'm just the opposite :-) As for wiping, I always wipe my vagina before wiping my bum (I've seen Alex and Steph do the same; I assume most females do likewise); I wipe my butt from bottom to top- I had to wipe six times on that night after Thanksgiving. My poop stank more since I ate more than usual (and out-of-the-ordinary foods)- I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a larger, stinkier than usual crap after Thanksgiving... Steph mentioned that I spent about 15 minutes in the bathroom. Since I found out I'm lactose intolerant, and have taken steps to modify my diet, I have been spending more time (around a "normal" 10-15 minutes) in the bathroom when pooping, as opposed to the 5 minutes or so that was normal a couple of years ago. Donny, as a "large, athletic girl" (I'm 5 ft, 9 in, at least a couple of inches taller than many of my friends), I can attest to pooping more than my smaller friends; I suppose, in this instance, size is everything :-) Thanks again to everyone who answered my question about colored toilet paper- I will continue to use "white" paper whenever possible. Jodi

Jeff, Im glad you approved of my adaptation of your story,even accidentally changing Denise a bit. I suppose I gave her some of my characteristics as I have what you Americans call a big butt (and for that matter large breasts), and yes I am British, my mother is from Ulster, and I live in England. My boyfriend and I have discussed our joint toilet fetish and one aspect that you mention about smell elicited the response from him that when a girl is sitting on the toilet her panties are down and her legs apart so the female smell for her vagina will waft up between her legs. In a clean healthy woman this is attractive to many men being full of pheromones called copulins. (Hence the prevalence of panty and knicker sniffing by many men including my boyfriend). Animals use urine and feces to mark out their territory and often male primates for example are attracted to mate with the females by such smells. There was also a German sexologist called Von Grodek who said that a test for a man unsure of his attraction to a particular woman was to follow her into the toilet after she had done a motion, if he found the smell repulsive she wasnt for him but otherwise she was. In my case I have always enjoyed doing a nice big solid formed jobbie and seeing one done by someone else, male or female, or hearing them do it. My boyfriend again felt the same from childhood and it seems this is a very common fetish, more amongst boys and men than girls and women. Im more than happy to accomodate him and vice versa. I agree with Tree-Whizzer about the sad bastards of the "moral majority". If they want to suffer from religion and be miserable all their lives, good luck to them but keep your censorious noses out of my life thank you! We have our Mary Whitehouse over here but she is now a old woman and considered a bit of a joke, they even called a porn magazine "Whitehouse" to mock her.

Talking about seeing undigested food in turds reminded me of an instance in which I was taking a dump, (I was in my teens at the time of this story), and I would sometimes spread my legs real wide and bend over and watch the turds come out of my anus...In this particular instance, the day before, I had been at a potluck dinner where there were several relish (v?????e) trays layed out on a table. On one of them, there was a bunch of celery stuffed with peanut butter, so I took several large sticks to eat...When I passed the first turd the next day, I was surprised to see it come out, and then it just dangled for a couple seconds before the next one came out...After I finished the dump, I took a close look, as the turds were floating on the surface, and I then saw why...One of the fibers from the celery was between the two turds!!!

Jeff A, thank you for adding the much anticipated ending to your exciting story. It was great!!! Since you mentioned that Denise was naked because she had just gotten out of bed, was John naked also, while he was sitting on the toilet??? I would appreciate some details about that, since I don't recall reading about it in your story... Nicola, I loved the personalized ending which you provided to Jeff A's story. I think Jeff A kind of did us a favor by not finishing his story, since it gave some of us a chance to make up our own conclusions in the meantime. Finally, I agree with Voyeur1 about the simple entertainment value of this web page. It proves indeed that we don't need impressive, high-tech, graphic-filled web pages to draw our interest on a daily basis. This page is at the top of my most frequented sites and I always look forward to visiting this forum in order to read other posters' views but also to contribute my own! It would be a real loss, if God forbid, this site ! ever closed down. But I think we can all trust the great moderators of this site to keep that from ever happening. Bridget

I actually have another post of me doing my Thanksgiving poo, and it took place at my aunts house. She actually wanted to watch I think. After I came home from my last thanksgiving meal which was at my grandmothers house I came home and then I was do deliver some left-overs to her house. She invited me in that evening and we talked for a little while what she hadden't bargened on was that I had to do my dumping then. I told her that I had to use the bathroom and I went to the downstairs bathroom because I didn't want to stink up the upstairs bathroom. I went down and had a seat and neglected to close the door, it was adjacent to the "tv room" downstairs and I thought that some of the smell would disipate thru there if I were to have a smelly dump. I sat down and just like clockwork, however to my surprise, my aunt arived in the tv room. She looked over at me seated on the porcelin throne and asked if there was any paper in there. I told her that there was and she just sat down on the couch and started watching TV. ERRRRRRRRRRP PPPPPPOOOMMP!! I cut the still air with a powerfull burst of fart out of my butt. HIISSSSSSSS, more and more wind escaped and I felt a little better. "I have to go to the potty too in a little while." My aunt said to me. " I had too much dressing." I laughed and smiled at her. My butt tighted as I released the first load out of my hole. It was a crackling sausage and it hit the bowl with a WHOOMP! I unloaded again and it was like two dozen rabit balls, piddle piddle pop pop fliddle flop pop plop... on and on with the plips untill I was finished. I sat up and wiped my bum and flushed the poop away and when I came out I noticed that my aunt had ran upstairs. When I hurried up there to see if anything was wrong I found her seating herself on the toilet and smiling at me. "I told you I at too much" She said with a loud fart. "come here" I went over to her and sat at the edge of the tub while she pooped. She must not have pooped for a day or two because the dumps kept comming out of her. She just sat and grunted and talked while she finished. Before long the smell was unbareable. "Damn, no paper, would you be a sweety and go get me a roll hon?" I went downstairs and got a new roll for her. She stood up and wiped her arse. She is in her thirtys but shows no sign of ageing. She had quite a potfull of smelly plunk and the water in the bowl had actually been stained a very light brown. She wiped her medium sized ass again and again trying to get all of the poop off and finaly it was at least dry. We went out of the bathroom and again her pants went down. She turned on the bright hall light and bent over "Can you still see any poop on my butt dear?" There was just a brown skid there but no poop. "Does it smell foul there, come on now have a whiff" I leaned into her crack and smelled but there was no noticable scent, not one that wasn't to be expected after coming off the ! pot. With all of our dumping done we chatted and caught up with the Thanksgiving news, then I returned home -Vector

To Stacey All those bits of undigested food that you found when you cleaned up your pany-hose are always there! Lots of stuff passes through us undigested, but usually it's buried in the brown stuff and you don't see it, unless you look very closely. For people who do like to examine their turds closely, I recommend shtting on a newspaper on the toilet floor. It's very easy to slide it into the toilet when you have finished your inspection. Of ciourse if you live in Holland or Germany or another country that has the type of "back-to-front" toilets with a little platform at the back for your turds to land on, it is very easy to inspect them before flushing.

To "Tree Whizzer"-- I find your diatribe addressing your perception of your being surrounded by "bible-waving Protestant fundamentalists" amusing. While I am not nearly such, I recognize the validity and importance of morality and standards. I'll forego the easy critique of certain tenets of Catholicism--suffice it to say, in a shit-throwing contest, how much you throw matters less than how much sticks to you. Here's a suggestion that seems too frequently overlooked in the general theme here to "let it all hang out" regarding toilet habits: personal modesty is not primarily intended as a constraint on the individual; rather, it is a courtesy extended to others who may not desire to see the earthier acts of others. In other words, while YOU might not care to be gawked at while pinching a loaf, most people (and not just your despised 'Moral Majority') really would prefer not to be forced to see it such an earthy act (another example is vomiting). Nor would the unwary pedestrian feel any better upon learning the pile into which they'd just stepped was of human rather than animal source (because the human chose to eject their bowels in the park grass instead of a designated receptacle). While I'm sure this sentiment is likely not the rule here in this specialized forum, keep it in mind before spouting off about 'uptightness' or 'Calvinism', people. (I wonder if this post will even be accepted)

Hi and thanks Nicky, your manner and openness reminds me of my younger sister Sam.who is probably about your age I'm twenty-three and three years older.I liked your add-on to Jeff A. story it's nice seeing someone write creatively w/ plottiing ( a sensitive and romantic bowel - movement story) i'm only teasing, Jeff don't be deterred and write another.there is someone who i would fantasize about pooping in front of or with like in that neat story with Nicky's addition, i also like your expressions from the U.K by the way i read on the day before our holiday here about pinochet and congrats to the British people, we had an American friend we lost because of him, thats it for me, no more politics.(just a note N. my dad was a fighter pilot and hence bombs also we called bananas that too, we ate them alot because of the potassium energy, also their shape is smooth and similiar to shortys). Jane, i think the reason there are bits of undigested food is from eating too fast, or like with corn being so small it doesn't get always masticated well. Once as a kid i almost freaked when i saw some pimento in my turds and thought it was blood, my mom and sister came running quick because of my screaming., we werelooking at my brown bombs with dots of red in them w/ my sister giggling and pointing out their size which were humongous and my mom being gentle and telling her to shush, hoped it helped. Thanksgiving was great for everyone here, i had several pooping sessions a day which were lumpy and pretty gasy probably from the rich food and in particular brussel sprouts which i love but makes me fart alot and one session with y sister who wanted me to help convince my dad she was mature enough for a car co-signing so i sat on the throne and when i flushed she sat right down and began grunting, there was a hissing sound followed by several plopping sounds as her bombs splashed down, the smell was getting a little intense by then, she wiped and finnished up and she hugged me because during it all i said i'd help out too with the car deal. Well bye for now, Cassi

I hate when my little poops she takes to long to use it takes her like 20mins

Hey everyone: I have wondered about something for a long time. I haven't really asked anyone about it, for fear of them thinking that there is something perverted or dirty about it, well, not really, but I never have mentioned it to anyone, until now. I have a theory. That theory goes something like this: We all know how much the paparazzi can command for a photograph of a celebrity, just look what happened to Princess Di because of it. But if something that did not even belong to a celebrity could bring in so much money, think how much an intimate part of that celebrity would be worth. That's right, I am talking about celebrity terds, or jobbies, if you are in the U.K. How many of you think that it would be a legitimate money-making opportunity, or have ever wondered about it. I know that someone, somewhere, has this idea, and is going to carry it through. I know I won't, but I can't wait to hear and/or read about it, when it finally does occur. What could be more personal or intimate about a person, especially a rich and famous celebrity, than the pieces of food that have traversed through their GI tract, and come out of their bunghole? My biggest question, is how would the person go about it? Would they break into a singer or actor's house and wait in the bathroom for him or her to come in and "get seated", before screaming "surprise!", reaching into the toilet bowl, and running off with the trophy; or would they catch the celebrity in, God forbid, a public restroom stall, with his or her pants down. I know that this has got to be an absolutely disgusting-prospect, but I am sure that it is a legitimate business opportunity for the right sick-minded individual :). What do the rest of you think, is this too far fetched? I would love to hear your opinions. Later, Voyeur1

wow am i popular now or what .sometimes no one aks me or writes to im gonna try to answer all of you.okay to jeannie i think i said before in one of my stories that pampies are what i call my panties. when i was very small and barely learnin gto go potty thats what i called them cause well i was small and couldnt say them right. my cousin and i thought the name was so cute it kinda stuck and i still say it now and so does he. okay i hope that answers your question. no their not pampers they are panties but thats what i call them. okay now diskputer well the girls were funny to hear so ill start and tell about each one.ashley beat us to the potty and puched down her short and pampies and sat down as i the last girl there closed and locked the door.she peed for what seems a while and hearinf her made me and the other need to go worse than before. anyway then she shut her eyes and leaned forward. her face turned kinda red and then plop plop blop plip. then she gave off a quick ahhh and thwn wiped as rachel was undoing her overallsa dn when she moved she sat down and a huge wave of pee was heard coming out of her.she kinda sank and lowered her shoulders in relief. then we heard so gas come out and man it was loud. we all laughed and we barely hread the polping because of our laughing.okay she got cleaned up and then shayla pulled down her blue jean skirt and pampies and sat down and the minute her tushy touched the seat there was tons of plops and then she sighed and started her little sitter could not hold her poop in anymore so i undressed her and sat her down was funny cause she would go oh no and then plop. she did this 3 times and then peed.i got her off and sat my other sister down . i cleaned one up and heard the other pushing hard like it would not come out.when i finally dressed the other she was peeing. then when she stopped she tried again and then a huge giant plop was heard. we all giggled and said wow. as i cleaned her rachel said how could so much come out of one little girl. my little sister turned red. then i kicked them all out and well you know what thats the story of 6 girls and one potty .well six counting my story i wrote last time.okay and now you marie. my cousin woke up and said he had bad ???? cramps. i was laying down with him so i rubbed his ???? to see if it would help. suddenly he got up and ran to the potty. i got up and went after him and i saw his tushie as he was taking down his pants and underpants.he then started pushing very hard. i sat on the tub and rubbed his ????. i was kinda worried. then gas came out and finally a big polp. he softly went ah and pushed out another. then it was like the hard poops were plugging up him cause then tons of watery pop came out and plopped into the poor potty.after about what seemed forever it stopped. my poor cousin looked a lot better but man did it stink in there. but i was a good girl and didnt say anything. anyway i watched him wipe and pull up his purple underpants, i put that in just for you marie. well he felt a lot better and we both went to sleep.there whew boy i hope i got everyone. man well like i always say if you ask me for something i send it to you. okay bye for now cause i really have to pee. bye. linda

Monday, November 30, 1998

I noticed that the vast majority of casual sightings of women peeing in mens room happen in Ohio. Last year, for example, there was a person posting here under the name of "John-Ohio" who reported stories that I still remember today. My question is : a) Are there more gay bars in Ohio than anywhere else ? ( I am asking about gay bars because it is in such bars that such instances are most likely) b) Are rules and customs more relaxed in Ohio ? c) Or are the women more exhibitionistic (I am not sure this is an English word, but I am sure you will all understand). There were two such places that I knew in Toronto, but that, to me chagrin, closed some years ago.... To Steph: Je suis tres heureux de voir que tu es rentree de France (very happy to know that you are back from France). I trust you probably did not enjoy the toilet paper, usually dispensed in single sheets, that is usually offered over there. I am happy to see that you are still sharing pooping sessions with your girl friends. Jodi is the latest example. Can you tell us more about how she sits on the toilet (are her feet large apart, or close together for example..) and how she wipes ? Regards to all of you. Philippe.

Tree Whizzer
Stacey- REgarding your post about bits of food in your poop, it's not an uncommon occurance. I get that too sometimes where I'll see a bit of food in one of my logs when I poop; one I even saw a kernel of corn! I wouldn't be too ashamed of the accident ou had in your pantyhose; I mean, accidents happen. I would, however, recommend wearing panties under your hose causein the event you have another accident, it seems to me that the panties woudl hold the mess in instead of the poop runnin down inside your legs and nto the feet of the hose (yuck!). Oh and one more thing. I'm very interestedin pace exploration and I just recalled this anecdote: Apollo astronauts who landed on the moon had, in their lunar space suits, a condom catheter that went over their penis that emptied into a tube that went down their leg and ended in a triangular rubber bag in the boot. When Apollo 11 lunar module pilot Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin stepped onto the moon, his partially full bag broke, and he spent the entire moonwalk squishing around on the Sea of Tranquility with his foot soaked in his own piss!

Linda: I had somewhat of a butterball crap this morning; I was on the net talkin to friends over ICQ when all of a sudden I felt a lot of pressure on my colon. I hurried into the bathroom and gave birth to a 1 3/4" diameter 14" long log and boy did it smell!! I sure felt relieved after that one came out! Silke- I saw some of your posts in the earlier pages and was intrigued. REgarding your question about how open Americans are about toilet-related activities, the answer is pretty darn closed. WE are afflicted with the so-called "Moral Majority": the bible-waving Protestant fundmentalists who are, in a way, modern-day Calvinists. They try to censor somuch stuff that they begin to parody themselves at times! I'm Catholic and some of the stuff these people fight against seems pretty darn ridiculous to me. I found it interesting how open your family is about toilet activities in the presence of one another; somehow I htink that in America such people would be branded perverts by all the annoying fundamentalist fascists we have running around. I was wondering if maybe you'd though of the idea of taking garbage bags to pee and poop in if you find unsanitary facilities like you described in all those posts; thenafter you all had relieved yourselves, you could tie the bad closed and dispose of it with no muss and no fuss. But it's just a suggestion =o) Bye for now!

hiya the site..and the there an archive of all the pictures sent to the gallery?..if so..where are they? up the good work..and keep posting...

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