Hi folks. We dont celebrate Thanksgiving over here in the UK, but I have noticed the same effect after the feasting at Xmas that most people indulge in, really massive and more frequent dumps as the larger amount of food eaten in processed and excreted by the system. As readers know I already pass quite substantial motions anyway as does my husband George, but after such additional eating I have produced some monsters both in individual size and sheer amount. One time having had our own festive meal,then visiting my family on Boxing day I was fully loaded by 27th December and did I go! Getting up in the morning I went for a wee wee but as I sat there I felt the load start to come down. I called George in to see the show. At first I passed a couple of hard balls with loud "Kerploonk!" sounds then a long fat firm log of about 12 inches long came out with a "Kur-spul-loomp!" I knew that there was more up there to come so I sat on the pan, farting a lot. Slowly a long easy sausage! started to slide out under its own steam making the "cripping" sound. The smell was a lot stronger than usual. It just seamed to keep coming out. There was no sound effect and when I looked down the pan it was curved round like a great brown snake. Although softer than my normal it wasnt loose and stayed together in one piece. I wiped my bum, using more moist wipes than usual and it took 3 flushes to clear the pan. A few hours later I felt the need to have another motion and passed an easy smooth fat jobbie of about 7 inches long with a "kur-sploonk!" and again in the late afternoon I had a further motion consisting of a soft but formed curved jobbie again about 7 inches in length which went "Sploosh!". I also found that I farted a lot during the day so it was as well that I wasn't working. The next day I didnt have a motion at all then after that I reverted to my normal firm daily motions as my food intake had returned to normal by then. I suppose that the foods eaten at festive occasions are also richer and bulkier than those people usually consume and such times people feel obliged to eat more than they really want. Personally, I prefer to come away from the table satisfied not bloated, but its hard to refuse other people's hospitality without causing offence. Silke, the public toilets I have used in Germany have been on the whole cleaner than their British counterparts although I have also seen some disgusting ones there too, so I suppose its down to presence or not of an attendant, regularity of cleaning, replenishment of toilet paper, soap, towels etc, and the sad fact that some people are just filthy in their personal habits. In one solictors firm in which I used to work when I was newly qualified there was a partner who pissed all over the seat in the gents toilet and also on a few ocasions had the runs and got it all over the seat and the pan, and left it like that for some other person to clean up. Now here was a well educated qualified professional man who still had dirty personal habits, and little regard for the comfort of his fellow workers. Now dont get me wrong, I have often left my turds stuck in the toilet pan but these have been solid jobbies and I have attempted to flush them away. I certainly would not leave the seat wet or dirty, though thankfully this does not tend to happen with me. Accidents do happen but please folks, clean up after you. Jeff A, unlike my husband George, I COULD see some humour in the ending of part one of your story. George is a serious bloke who doesn't like surprises, I have more sense of humour. Im glad you ended it and I also found Nicola's alternative ending in today's postings very true to life. Stacey, I cant understand why you let yourself have a messy accident in your panties. If you felt the urgent need to dump, why didnt you go straight to the toilet and have your smoke and coffee afterwards or even take them in with you. I have noticed over the year or so that I have been reading this website that American readers seem to be a lot more laid back about dumping in their underpants than the British. Perhaps we are too hung up over here but while being sick and vomiting in Britain would probably elicit some sympathy, (unless caused by being drunk), shitting your knickers in an adult usually brings derision, unless its by an elderly senile person. Just as well your accident happened at home and in private. Regarding the nature of your stools and the presence of undigested food, this is not at all unusual especially with vegetable matter such as you describe.Some foods take a lot of digesting, sweetcorn is a classic example, most of us have seen the tell tale yellow ! nodules imbedded in our turds. Also if you are not used to eating jalapeno peppers and olives these would have a laxative effect by irritating the bowels and as this causes feces to be hurried through it will not be properly digested. My motions are usually nice and solid but I have seen undigested items stuck in my turds, sweetcorn, seeds from burger buns, skins from grapes, a piece of chewing gum I swallowed, a piece of the string used to tie up a rolled beef joint, some paper that was stuck to some toffee (candy) I had eaten. No doubt other readers can tell of strabger items? Regarding the colour of one's stools, lots of factors can influence this. I agree with Nicola that eating red meat tends to darken the motions as does taking Iron tablets, white meat, fish, bread etc makes the stools lighter. Mine are usually a mid brown colour on my usual food intake. The characteristic brown is caused by the conversion of a constituent of the bile called bileverdin which is green to bilerubin which is brown by I believe bacteria in the bowels. This is why the loose and watery stools of diarrhea are often green not brown as they have been hurried through the system before this change can take place. A friend of mine, Cathy, is a vegetarian and I have seen her motions. They are softer than those of a meat eater like me, but not loose or watery. Cathy's jobbies are big soft sausages and undigested vegetable matter can be seen in them. Unlike my turds however they will usually break up when flushed and go away leaving bits of leaves and vegetable fibres floating in the pan. Where passing a firm 16 inch turd and perhaps a "shorty" of 6 inches is a good motion to me Cathy regularly produces three soft smooth 10 inch sausages which come out quite quickly "KERSPLOOSH! KERSPLOSH! KERSPLOONK!" She also has the disadvantage of farting a lot.

okay first nicola i dont think jeff would mind what you did with his story. hey i thought it was great and so will he. okay voyeur1 um no i would never do that. as you can read in my last story all came out well hee hee.anyway i dont like anything being put in there. when i was small and that needed to be done i would fight bite and run and hide. but a few times my cousin gave me an enema. i was the only one i let cause i know he would not be rough. anyway he did it ug i hated it. i was 3 the first time. i pulled down my pjs and my pampies and laid down on his lap. i remeber trying to think of other stuff while he did it. and poor guy he felt as bad about doing it as i felt getting it.anyway the warm water was flowing into me slowly so i wouldnt get a cramp. and when i would i would tell him and he would stop the water from flowing and give me a chances to rest and then start it again.anyway the water was all in me now. i took off my papmies and pj pants cpmpletely and my cousin folded them in a corner.he layed me down on the soft rug and told me to relax so it could work.after a while i got the feeling very bad. i got up but oh i felt kind heavy and i was about to sit down on my potty chair when he told be that i had to hold it for a little while and that i would have to use the big potty. i was scared of both the big potty and this big feeling of poop coming out.but he held me for a bit and oh the feeling got si strong. finally i told him please or we are both going to get full of poop. it did feel like that. anyway he picked me up and sat me on the toilet and held me up. i was so scared i fought and held it in.he then kissed me on the head and said come on im holding you up. you know i would never let you fall in. he was right and i trusted him so i relaxed and oh did it come out.i was so scared because never had so much come out. i hugged my cousin and shut my eyes while all this hapened.first the place where poop comes out tingled. htne it opened very wide as some of the water shot out. then it stopped as these waves of poop came out and didnt stop. then more water and more poop.i was so glad that my cousin locked the door cause if someone came in i would not be able to stop and i would have died. finally slowly i felt less heavy and it felt like it was safe to get off the toilet.he wiped my tushy and he put only my pampies on. i pooped lots of times after that the whole night. but my cousin was so nice to stay up with me.anyway i still will never do anything like that. i just hate it. hmmm oh yes donny um my friends from school did once. we have bleachers outside cause sometimes we have assemblys and stuff outside. anyway me and some friends stayed late to help fix up the shcool for a carnivel. anyway my friends had to gobad. they danced around and well it was a while before our parents picked us up. we looked around and there were no places to go and the potties were all locked. we told them we were going to go play in the feild till they came to pick us up. the teacher in charge said okay that she wuold go and get us. the girls danced arounded trying very hard to keep it in them. finally ashley said oh to heck with this there's no one around and no one can see us. she ran up the beachers while pulling her pamies down and she sat with her tushy hang out the space and peed. she looked so much better the other girl sfter see her couldnt hold anymore so theyran up there and did the same. i went to the back of the bleachers and giggled as i saw all their bare tushys.i told them i had tissues in my poicket and they coudls use them.janice got red and said i need to poop. we all told her to go for it. she then leaned forward and started. and i saw as her big poop came out and finally came out. poor girl i sure would have to hold that in me. and i was but i was in control for now. anyway the girls all laughed as they sat there. the teacher looked over to us to check on us and went back in. we were a bit far away so to her it must ahve looked thet we were just sitting on the bleachers. but poor janice was pushing out another poop when that happened and turned red. anyway they all wiped and git dressed. me i waited till i got nhome and exploded there on the otilet at my cousins house. whew. anyway there you go and thanks for listening. linda

Has anyone here ever woke up and known that they were JUST about to wet the bed? Happened to me the other night.

Linda: can you tellhow things went with the other people who were in the bathroom with you?

This is to Linda. Just what in khest are "pampies"? We have a brand of infant diaper here that goes by a similar name. You sound pretty young but not young enough to be wearing those.

Jeff A.
Nicola: I am flattered beyond belief! Thank you for adding onto my story. I never thought about the buddy dumping aspect, I guess because I've never buddy dumped. This is something in my life that I've missed out on. It's funny though, the brittish touches that you've given it. (You are brittish aren't you?) The terms "back passage" and his referring to her as "love", and "clever girl" and other references are VERY unusual to me! I think it's great to have such an international flavor brought to an incident that was very close to my heart, so thank you! However, in the story, "Denise" wasn't wearing jeans, she was naked having just crawled out bed to spy on her boyfriend. She also dosen't have a ???? rear end. We'll just chalk it up to artistic license. The character of "Denise" is based on a real girlfriend of mine from 1985. The entire story incident really happened to me, except I made "John" appear much more appealing than myself. The girl who this was based on, I ! met on a college campus one summer. I was riding a motorcycle, saw her, fell in lust with her in 0:22 seconds, and immediately offered her a ride home. We dated briefly, liked each other a lot, and sort of moved in together on a ½ her place, ½ mine basis, which is the only way to go. (That way everybody's clothes hang in their own closets).. Anyway, the incident of her watching me was marginal, nothing as good as the story. She didn't really get off on watching me take a dump, she just sort of wandered in, talked for a minute, and then went back to bed and fell asleep. Not as exciting as the story. Your touches Nicola, were very erotic, and worth considering. The idea of her huge one that wouldn't come out was highly exciting to me. I tried to create a fun fictitious story, and you helped make it even more fun! But I would like to tell you a wonderful story about the real "Denise". I won't mention her real name, but I can describe her. She dosen't look like the character in the story, but instead was very tall, about 6 feet, and had long honey blonde hair that was naturally blonde. No dark roots or anything! She was very athletic, and in good shape. Very small breasted, and long legs. She had a real "plain Jane" face, and didn't wear make up. She wore wire rimmed glasses, and read a lot, and when she smiled, it was like the sunrise. My preference, and real turn on has always been for heavy or ???? women, and I used to paint female nudes of very heavy women for a local gallery . She always loved those paintings, and wanted me to paint one for her. One Sunday morning in my favorite apt. (where most of my tales fortunately happened.) I was watching TV, and she disappeared into the bathroom and had been in there for about 3 or 4 minutes. I went over to the bathroom door, and tapped on it with one finger, and said "What're you doing in there?" There was a pause before a reply and then her muffled voice came from behind the door and said "whadd'ya think I'm doing?" Then I said "Can I come in?" She paused again and said "Why?" I didn't say anything because I was nervous about this, and didn't know what to do. I stood there for a few seconds thinking, and then out of the blue, she opened the door about halfway, and was sitting there grinning at me and said "What're you DOING out there anyway?! Are you trying to listen or something?" As I looked down at her I heard a "Pluuuupppp!" and she giggled softly "Oops. You were'nt supposed to hear that." She was sitting there with her sweat pants, and panties up high around her thighs. She was leaning a bit forward with her arms folded across her stomach. The first thing I noticed was the slight smell. Nothing bad at all, but it smelled like a cross between eggs and cooked cabbage. I was wildly excited just looking at her, and she could tell! (I usually start trembling). Her feet were a little pidgeon toed, and she stared up at me and said "It's ok, c'mon in." Her poop I could tell was really soft, yet firm, because everytime it would come out, there'd be a noise like "splllllfffffffff..fffff…" and then a sort of splatting, plopping sound, and a little grunt in her soft voice. "uhhhhhhhhhh." My best memory of this was the smell creeping out from between her thighs. It was a kind of "ripe, healthy" smell if anyone knows what I mean. I don't know why I found that so erotic and wild, but I did. (and still do.) Is there anybody else out there who gets wired over the smell? She sat there unproductive for about five more minutes, and we talked away casually. Then, "spllllffffffff…ffffffff….pppffffffff…." and a another good splat. She grunted a little harder, and a run of about 8 squishy plops and splats hit the water hard, making lots of noise, and again, a more stinkier, sort of "egg" smell. She strained out her relief "nnnhhhhoohhh." There was lots of magic going on between the two of us in that room. She wiped real good, and sat until her deposits flushed away so I wouldn't see. She told me later that night that she really got off on me watching and that she thought about it all day at school. She also said that I could watch her again sometime. (Except, when she had the runs.) I know for a fact that she got really turned on to that first time we did it, because she'd let me catch her "accidentally" many times after that. During the course of our relationship, I watched her poop many times. She was also a toilet reader, and on big dinner nights, did her studying on the pot, door open and would often ask me to come in a talk to her while she pooped. Plus she was the most vicious "bed farter" I ever encountered. No mercy. She kicked ass with the stinkiest, most devastating rotten egg farts ever, fanning the sheets and giggling the whole time. We eventually parted after about 3 months. I suppose this should sound like another joke ending, but she was bi, and had more of a liking for other women, and wanted to try that route. I had no idea, so it came as something of a blow to me. Believe it or not, I actually brought flowers home that night, and she decided to sit down with me and talk "seriously". She told me that she'd been seeing a girl from school in between me, and they wanted to try and work something out together. It was cool. I wished her the best, and that was that. Sorry guys, but I did cry, and quite a bit. Upon latter reflection, I really admired her for what it took to tell me that. She could've lied, and said it was another guy. For me, the hardest part was losing a female partner who I could make love to, and watch her poop easily, and comfortably, without having to make excuses to watch! Plus, she was so sweet, and ate pancakes like a monster. I'd cook em' she'd eat 'em. Oh well, such is life. Shortly after that, I discovered a bar downtown that had a co-ed restroom where I used to go. The toilets had partitions, but no doors. This was purely intentional on the part of the management. I have some highly outstanding stories about that place!!!! If anyone wants me to, I'll tell about them. The open restroom no longer exists there, but being married now, I wouldn't go anyway. Those days are over, and my wife is more than enough for me, in fact, she's awesome!!! Love Ya'll, Jeff

I love stories of girls that barely make it to the toilet an then explode with their big loads. And is their any stories of people getting caught sitting on the toilet and you get really embarrassed.

Linda, I lurk here often and think your stories are quite cute. You asked if anyone would like to hear about how your cousin "woke up with a ???? ache and pooped big time". Well, I certainly would, particularly if it were loose or urgent! Those stories always hold an odd appeal for me. Thanks, and I perhaps I will have a good story of my own to post soon!

Sunday, November 29, 1998

Christina, to be honest, I myself, have never flushed anything interesting down the toilet before, but I know others who have, rather on purpose or by accident. I once mentioned before that my mom flushed a charm from a necklace down the toilet. But I also know others who have flushed food, hair, and contact lenses. And one time, my sis almost flushed a fork down the toilet!

Walking Hormone
I just let go 1 week including Thanksgivings worth of crap I lay nearly 4 feet in the toilet, so much it touched my butt and I got up and went outside to finish with another 2 foot and a 6 in tall pile of the runs to top it all Off, I had more typed, but accidently pushed Clear so This isnt very long, anyone intrested or have simalar expieiences please REply to this I am 15 M

Tree Whizzer
Ed (UK): I oubt that even month-old poop would smell vile because it hasn't been exposed to open air to decay. I personaly guess it would be a bit ranker than normal but not horrible (as far as poop goes anyway; my post-Thanksgiving poop was abnoramlly fragrant). Well in any case, I guess we'll have to wait for Jane's next post to find out for certain =o)

Marvelous posts today. Im not long out of my teens and I have not noticed any great change in the size and quantity of my motions. I agree that many teenagers do really big jobbies and agree with Donny that "large athletic girls" of which I suppose Im one, not that tall, but on the well built side,do tend to pass some huge dumps. Its not only the boys who deliberately leave the toilet unflushed as they are proud of their efforts and want others to see them as I have often done so since I was a kid of Primary(Grade) School age and lots of the other girls did so as well. Often a girl would quite proudly tell her friends to go and have a look down one of the pans in the Girls' Toilet at the big jobbie she had done. I know from my brother that the boys did likewise. As many readers male and female have said, its an enjoyable experience passing a nice big solid motion and something to be proud of and I have no problem sharing this. If someone else gets a buzz hearing me defecate and seeing my big jobbies then Im actually quite turned on by the idea.

I like Cassandra's description of her motions as "a one really big brown bomb and a shorty" I often have such a motion. Sometimes the little jobbie, what the Scots call a "mick" of about say 5 inches long but still just obver 2 inches fat will come out first with a loud "KA-PLOONK!" and the really big 12 inch whopper then follows it with either a gentle "Floomp!" in some toilet pans or a depth charge "KUR-SPULL-LOOMP!" in the older style pan with a longer drop and deeper water filled sump at the bottom. On other occasions I will pass the big jobbie first and the smaller turd comes out afterwards and only makes a sort of "slap!" sound as it hits the big jobbie floating in the pan. The colour of my stools does vary with what I have eaten. Dark if I have been eating a lot of meat, lighter if on bread, dairy products etc. A few months ago I was on iron tablets as I have heavy periods and was a bit anaemic. This had the effect of making my motions black. It was amusing to look down the toilet pan at the great black turds like iron bars, and my boyfriend said I had done a "black pudding" as it looked like the savoury "blood sausage" popular in some parts of Britain. I also found that my motions smelled badly, so doubt due to the production of Iron Sulfide in the bowels by bacterial action. Certainly my farts stank really badly and sulfurous causing a lot of moans from both my boyfriend and the other girls in my Field Hockey team when I did a big black torpedo in the locker room toilet and stunk the place out. As Jill put it, the end of the turd was sticking up out of the water so the aroma was rich. Like Jill I too have passed a great long continuous stool from time to time. This usually happens if I have had a lot to eat, maybe a meal out and a bit to drink. Next morning I will do a motion, (I usually dont go till lunchtime or the early evening). The motion, while properly formed and cohesive, is smoother and softer and just oozes out of my back passage and seems to keep coming out easily, producing three or more big fat curved jobbies in the bottom of the toilet pan, "KURSPLOOSH! KUSPLONK! FLOOMP!". My boyfriend who has watched me pass such a motion remarked that it was like watching a sausage machine in action! Like Jill I estimate that the three fat sausages I passed that time aggregated to about 30 inches.

Jeff A, Im also happy that you ended the story. I actually found the ending of the first installment quite funny, but some people have a sense of humour, some are very serious and dont. I would have had the heroine, Denise buddy dump her own motion on top of his. If I may take the liberty of adding to your storyline " Denise looked at John's huge turds lying in the bottom of the toilet pan a strange feeling went through her, a tingling, a pleasurable shudder ran down her spine. She also felt the other familiar feeling as the stirring within her own belly told her that she too needed a bowel movement. She hadn't been for 3 days and knew it would be large. She felt the turd slide down into her back passage. 'John, I need to go too' she said as she undid her jeans and pulled her pale blue panties down to her knees . She sat on the toilet with John's great logs lying beneath her and her pee tinkled into the pan. 'OH! UH! OH! its too big and hard' Denise gasped. 'Are you okey love?' John inquired, genuinely concerned for the delightful little brunette who sat there straining and red faced. 'Here, let me rub your ????, it often helps' She nodded and John gently placed his big hand on her belly, tenderly rubbing and pushing. Denise felt an electric thrill at this. For such a big muscular man he had such a soft gentle touch. 'Push love, push! Try hard!' John urged. Denise took a deep breath and pushed. She gasped as a sharp stab of pain shot through her sphincter as it stretched to accomdate the hard fat turd. 'AH! OH! UH! OO! NNNNNNNGH!' slowly at first then as it got smoother with greater ease the big fat log started to emerge from between her ???? buttocks making the familiar crackling sound. 'That's it , clever girl Denise!' John tenderly urged her, still rubbing her ????, 'AH! AH! AH! ..........FLOOMP! AHHHHHHHHH! That's better, oh that's better,' Denise exclaimed. 'Let's have a look at what you've done love, said John, helping her up off of the pan. Lying there on top of his own logs was a single long fat carrot shaped turd, a lighter brown than his own, nobbily and hard to begin with then smoother measuring a good 12 inches in length and 2 inches in thickness. 'I bet you feel a lot better for that! he said as he took her in his arms and cuddled her to his chest, her panties still draped round her knees. Taking a piece of toilet paper, with great gentleness he wiped her , front to back, the correct way for a woman. They pulled the flush but their collected dumps remained behind. 'Don't worry John, I'll sort it out, Denise replied, the housewife in her taking over as he brushed his teeth..........." Jeff, I hope you dont sue me for breach of copyright. Lots of love to all here, Im off to play Hockey and no doubt drop a big brown bomb in the locker room toilets. Ill tell you about! Love from Nicky XXXXX :)

Hi there, how many of you get "pee shudders" just as you finish peeing? It's like a bit of a shiver that goes through your whole body when you are doing the last little squirts of pee. I get them most of the time and quite enjoy the feeling, but it only happens when I am standing up. That is a pity, as I'd love to have a good "pee shudder" as a prelude to doing a nice big poo, which is to me one of life's great pleasures!!!!

There used to be this TV commercial here in Australia some years ago for men's underwear. The brand name of the underwear was BM's!!!! The commercial had some women singing the jingle, part of which went "come boys show us your BM's". Back then, I hadn't heard of BM being used to refer to poo. Now every time I see BM here or on any other website, I almost wet myself laughing as it reminds me of that jingle!!!!

I was driving around the athletic fields at one local high school planning to put in more switches for lights on the far side of the bleachers when I noticed an inordinate amount of junk under them. Some of the kids run under them during school to smoke dope. Normally that area is cleaned out once in a while but I had to have a look under it. Jeez, there were turds! Didn't surprise me though. It's easy to pull down your pants and shit if you are sitting on the bleachers. The poop will fall through the openings. Has anyone pooped while seated on bleachers?

Hey, everyone: I hope that all of you in countries that celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, had nice Thanksgivings, as well as satisifying day-after craps! Linda, I think that you need to try the soap up the rectum trick, recommended by Rebecca and the others, before you explode! (unless you want to, that is.) I was reading an article about how Leonardo Di Caprio celebrated his birthday at club ID in L.A. It was talking about how every beautiful babe between 17 and 24 years of age was there, to celebrate with him. I am sure that if he were to ask any of those girls to let him watch them crap, they would not say no. I could almost promise you that. Tupac Shakur could damn sure have done the same thing. It would be nice to have that kind of power, huh guys? Well, take care, and keep those interesting crap stories posted! Till next time, Voyeur1

Watcher: Yours is exactly the kind of story I enjoy, and the kind of voyeuristic opportunity I enjoy on the occasions when it happens. Hopefully over Xmas and New Year there will be one or two occasions when I shall see uninhibited females doing their business; there usually are. I don't want to embarrass anyone by watching them, but when they're not bothered it can be great.

Sorry that I haven't posted so long because I have a lot of work these days. But I MUST answer to Torty: No we are not like the Flodders or asozial. We also like clean rooms. I don't know what sex you are, but I can promise you that in some female restrooms/showers you sometimes see things you never have dreamed of. I don't say that it's normal or typical for germany, but I found not less of this (the "normal" stories are to boring for this forum). Where will you shit if you find flooded bowls or seats smared with shit ! I often saw women of every nationality who left this restrooms and pooped or peed in places you normal don't use for it if they really had to go.I saw it especially in my holidays in southern countries. And that were the places where I, my friends and my family did the things I wrote about. I think it's better to use such a place than mess your pants. And I'm sorry I must tell it to you, you are a typical german - If somebody shows a reality that isn't nice, it could not be true.(We have a aphorism here that describes the german situation very well : Nobody likes McDonald's food, but who the f?!k stands in the big queue in front of these restaurants ?) And Torty by the way, this forum is not the right place to attack any of the authors- keep cool. I hope I'll find more time around x-mas to write more of my experiences.

Hi. gee jill i had what you had last night. i had the big urge to go so i told my cousin and he went with me. but it started to come out without me. i mean as i was walkin gto the potty it started coing out of my tushy.i then started to pull down my shorts and pampies and im sure my cousin go a full veiw of mu tushie and then ran and sat down. i didnt even have to push it just came out and kept coming. i just sat there waiting for it to stop but it didnt and after a while i didnt want it to. it felt so good. every inch of poop that came out felt better that the last.i started feeling kind embarrassed because i was was liking it too much and i never like to poop. so my face turned red and i told my cousin that iwa nted to be alone for a while. he said okay but let me know how it turns out he said with a smile and a wink. so i sat there going ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as it kept coming. sat there pooping for i guess 10 minutes and finally in stopped but no plop. then a tniy peice more came out and it went plip. i got up and looked it was huge. i mean almost filled the whole bowl. and it smelled bad. my cousin came in and saw me. he looked and said. wow thats a butter ball poop if i ever saw one. we both laughed and i cleaned my self. man the place where poop comes out kinda tingled. but anyway i felt better and lighter. anyone else have a butterball poop after thanksgiving. if so tell me hee hee. bye, linda

I have a question about crap. Why don't certain types of food digest into regular, brown poop? Usually, after I take a dump, I look into the toilet, and there's just a big brown lump laying there. However, today, I got the opportunity to examine my crap more closely. I woke up, put on my pantyhose and red dress, and went downstairs to have a smoke and coffee. That first smoke in the morning is what starts stimulating my digestive system, and gives me the urge to take a crap. Since it's right after the Thanksgiving holiday, I got a larger-than-usual urge to crap after my first smoke. Anyways, I wasn't able to hold it. Before I knew it, a huge turd was sliding out of my butt as I was standing their in the dining room having a smoke. As I felt my butt emptying itself of a soft turd, I felt that same soft turd sliding into my pantyhose. Then I felt an urge to crap some more. Since my pantyhose were already soiled, I figured I should just empty the next load into my pantyhose too. So I pushed it out - and "fffjjjjgggt, fjjjjgggggggt", more crap ended up in my pantyhose, ran down my butt and down my legs. Before I knew it, I had tons of crap inside my pantyhose. I went upstairs to clean up my shameful mess. As I was digging the crap out of my pantyhose, I noticed that there was black olives and traces of jalepeno peppers in the midst of my crap. I just thought it was bizzare that most of the mess inside my pantyhose was crap, but yet there was still some traces of food that hadn't digested into crap.

I have a question that some of you guys might be able to answer. When I poop it seems like a I pee alot more that normal. Is all of this pee or does some of it come from pressure on my prostate? Anyone knows let please enlighten me.

Saturday, November 28, 1998

Teenguy: Teens poop a lot because they eat a lot, have higher metabolism and motility in their bowels. I remember I was the same at that age. I work now as a school custodian and volunteered to clean all the restrooms. There is never a day without clogged toilets and huge loads left in the toilets. As long as they have clean toilets to use, they will shit at school. Many of them do not flush because they are proud of their work and want some one else to see it. Many times when I was in the restrooms I have caught them (boys mainly) showing it off to each other. Large, athletic girls take massive dumps in the locker room toilets and present a formidable competition to the boys dumps. To Fluidity: It's curious that our local stores sold unbleached toilet paper back a few years ago. It was supposed to be more enviornmentally correct but it wasn't popular and I haven't seen it since. I worry about paper imported from Mexico because it is rumored that it contains dioxin.

hi. i ate so much at thanksgiving diiner and am still eating but i havent had to poop yet. im afraid of this big monster poop that might want to rip out of me soon. but i asked my cousin and he said he would come in with me and sit with me till i did it.oh you should have seen yesterday. my grandmother house. we were 6 girls dying to use the potty but there was only one bathroom so we all went inside and waited our turn. i went last that way i could be was funny watching then dancing around waiting to finally sit and feel better. it was so funny to see them sit and plop all there poops or pee like a waterfall. well thats what it sounded like.and let me tell you the smell in that bathroom was getting very bad. after they all left i called to my cousin to bring come air freshener. he cam in a closed the door and strted sparying as i pulled down my overalls and pampies and sat down a nd had a realy long pee. i said thats better. and he said which one the air freshner smell or your long pee. we both giggled. i knew i had eaten a lot so i tried to poop too. all that came out was a tiny ball of poop that came out with a plip in the potty. i sighed and said oh well maybe later. anyway i wiped myself and washed my hands and left with my cousin. later in the middle of the night he got up witha ???? ache and pooped big time. if you want to know about that ask me and ill tell you bye. linda

To Jeff A. Thanks for ending the story .

To: Teen Guy. I did indeed notice that I had more bowel movements when I was a teenager myself (I am 31 now). I think this can be attributable to greater consumption of fast food at that age. As I have gotten older, my per capita income has increased as well, and so my diet is better. This is just one man's opinion though....Mike

haha ok a few years ago i worked for a taco bell in southern california...i was responsible for cleaning the restrooms that night! well while i was cleaning then a young kid about 6 yearsold came in and said he had to go i politely left him to do his business.....after about 10 minutes the boy came out and yelled to his father ont the other side of the room..."daddy i went poo-poo in the little potty!" after a few half-seconds of pondering what this ment....i muttered to myself in horror..."noooo, nooo way!!!!!"...the father of the boy triyed to hide his smile as they ruched out of the store....i slowly opened the dorr to the john...and yup sure enought the kid had shit in the urinal!!!!!....

Hey, Everyone: I just wanted to say that this site is incredible! Who the hell said that you needed a 450 MHz PII with 128 megs of RAM for "true" entertainment? This site puts that theory to shame. Someone with a Pentium 133, would get just as much entertainment out of this site, as someone with the fastest processor. That just goes to show, that plain text can really enliven a person's senses, if it is concerning a subject that the person finds appealing. I must admit, far and away, this is the most entertaining site on the web, at least in my humble opinion. What do all of you think? It's sites like this that make me look forward to going online. Whoever created this site, keep up the good work. Sites like this are the needles in the haystack. Well, everyone, take care, and happy crapping! Later, Voyeur1

Teen Guy>> I don't know if you do or not, but when I was in my teens, I'm in my mid 30's now, I generally produced at least one large log a day, usually in the mornings before breakfast is when I took my daily dump...I also happened to be a big eater, as I worked in the school cafeteria where I would get free lunch for working there, and we were allowed to have as much as we wanted, plus I worked in a restaurant as well doing dishes, and us dishwashers at that time, got the mistakes the cooks made...Once again, I ate a lot of food during that time...My dumps during that time averaged at least 10 inches long, with occasional ones well over a foot in length...

Fluidity: I never really thought about it, but yes, I suppose you are correct in stating that 'white' toilet paper is also bleached. I got my info from some environmental programme on tv, which stated that you should purchase white unbleached tp, as opposed to coloured bleached tp. I guess they were a little vague when they said white and unbleached in the same sentance, and I didn't bother to think about it. Needless to say, that being the case, perhaps I will go back to light blue toilet paper, or perhaps vary the colour on a weekly basis.. Imagine the possibilites!!

In Britain many people use colored toilet paper. At home we select the color to go with the color of the sanitary ware, so our "champagne"-colored bathroom has yelllow green paper, our "peach"-colored bathroom has orange paper, and the downstairs toilet that is pink has pink paper. If the shop runs out of the "right" color of paper, we buy white. What does the color matter? It all gets flushed into the serwer!

Hi guys! I hope everyone [fellow Americans, at least] had a happy holiday. There's quite an international following on here, so if anybody isn't familiar with the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, please let me know (I'm aware the Canadian Thanksgiving fell last month, on what we observe as Columbus Day). To Teen Guy, many teenage girls eat a lot, but usually not as much as teenage boys. Probably due to metabolism and a "growing body." All that food has to come out someplace :) I'm home (from college) for the long holiday weekend and had two of my best friends, Jodi and Laura, sleep over at my house last night (Alex, as many of you know, is still in Europe). We were up until the wee hours (no pun intended) chatting and catching up on things, when Jodi told us she had to "take a crap." "Aren't you coming in with me, Steph?," she asked. She also asked Laura, but Laura, as many of you know, doesn't want to watch nor be watched, which is totally cool by us. Jodi and I went into my bathroom; we continued talking as she let out some pee and then started to poop. To make a long story short, we spent about 15 minutes in there while Jodi let out her Thanksgiving dinner :) There was quite a stink afterwards, since her poop was on the soft side (she confessed to having some creamed potatoes, a no-no for somebody who's lactose intolerant). I didn't have to go, so we went back to my living room where the three of us hung out for another half-hour or so be! fore we all crashed asleep... Jeff A., awesome ending to your story. Peace and love to all, and to all a good poop (especially if you had a lot to eat yesterday), Steph

Hi ... I really have enjoyed many of the posts, some more interesting than others, and i took several surveys. Any this is for all who like it, but for preggy and especially Jessica whose thoughts i adore. First of all B.M's are enjoyable to me too.My few peeing accidents are not, but i will be honest and relate them if others are interested.As my butthole is hairless, it is a very sensitive part of me and i am arroused because my turds are usually firm and textured, and i drop three or four at at a time or one really big brown bomb with a shorty, when i look into the bowl in wonder, they are in techno-color, reddish-brown, brown-brown or it's blond also for some reason chocolate-brown after traveling in other cities.Are others like this? Is shit colored by what you eat? but what ever the color squeezing them out is good and healthy so does feeling empty.There is of course a shitty smell. unless it's loose stool and then it burns leaving which i hate.My fart accompanies my turds and yes there is something intimate yet embarrassing.Farts come and go (pun intended) the silent ones being the least controllable. Where i work i'm fortunante because there are two stalls and only four ladies and it's in a museum. So you have privacy but well i'm sure each one of us has alot of knowledge about each others poop sessions.well bye for now Cassi.

Jane, With a bladder as small as yours seems to be I'm imagining you have some great accident and despiration stories that perhaps you'd like to post at the below mentioned site so many others could apprecitate them.

Hi! I'm writing the first time. I have been watching the development of this page for a long time. I'm from Germany, so please excuse my english, if there are too many mistakes. But now, my experiences: I like to hear guys shitting. I have no experience with girls, because there wasn't any possibility, yet. I use to stay a long time at the restroom after lunch at school. The toilets are of the one kind which are hanging on the wall, I like them more than the ones wich are standing on the floor. When a guy has taken a dump(with many "OOOHs,AAAhs" and "KERSPLOOMPS" i usually look in the stall after their business(if no one is around). I like the smell, and if they're skidmarks, which show the way the shit has taken down the hole in the toiletbowl. Such skidmarks are very often, because the water level is not so high as in U.S.. It's a turn-on for me to see those marks, I don't know why, perhaps it lets me imagine how big the amount was, or what kind of shit it was. Has anyone similar experiences with skidmarks inside the bowl? I mean ONLY this ones. Everything outside the bowl is disgusting. Sometimes(if I'm courageous enough) I look above the wall inside the next stall and watch. Stalls without doors are unusual in germany, I can't imagine they exist here. Please report if you think in a similar way! Silke is from germany, too. I'm really disgusted by the way she and her family are using sanitary(?) facilities. For me it's kind of sin to shit in a shower room or a undressing room on the floor. Perhaps this people are like the "flodders", a TV serie from holland. I think i could say they're not representative for other germans. Don't worry, Silke, it's my opinion, but I think, many others share it(because they like clean restrooms, undressing rooms, etc.)Such habits are ASOZIAL!! Shitting is nice, but only at the place of its destination....the toilet!! So far, CU Torty

I had the most amazing poo yesterday. Usually my routine is to go after lunch, and then in the evening after dinner. Sometimes, and this happened yesterday, if I ignore the urge it goes away. I remember thinking, that I would just finish the report I was working on, and then I totally forgot about it. Yesterday, as we do sometimes, my husband met me (in London) and we went out to a meal in a rather nice restaurant. Of course, having just eaten a lot, the urge came back, and this time I couldn't ignore it. I didn't feel like waiting until we got on the train home (we were going to meet some friends in a pub next) so I went to the loo in the restaurant; and a very nice loo it was. It certainly didn't require much effort to get started, and then it just came and came - like one huge endless poo. Normally I drop a "log" at a time and then wait for the next one to appear; but this was like one massive long one - and when it finally finished, I felt sooooo good! I looked down before wiping and it was like a big pile of separate poos so I suppose it broke up as it landed. The smell was quite bad, probably because a lot of poo was sticking up out of the water. I have no idea on the total amount, but it felt like about a mile! I would estimate (for you statistics fanatics) that it was something over two feet in total, possibly thirty inches. I flushed and walked out without checking, but I don't imagine it all flushed.!

I was intrigued by Jane's post about her abnormally big rectum and the fact that she only poops once a month. Jane, when it does come, does your poop smell very vile because of the long time it's had to ferment inside you? Also, Jane, do you eat a lot of food or just small amounts and what kind of food do you eat a lot of? Lastly, Jane, do you fart a lot and is it loud or smelly or both? A month is a long time between poops when most people go at least every two days. I am intrigued by this as I imagine that fish and meat meals will be starting to rot in your intestines before they come out leading to really evil smelling fart gas. Thanks for your candour about your problems in your posting. It was most interesting and enlightening.

My most memorable co-ed bathroom experience was in a bar in a small college town in Ohio. I stepped into the men's room to give back some of the draft beer I'd been drinking all night, and when I opened the door, I had a wonderful sight in front of me! A rather big-thighed and -breasted blonde woman was squatting over the room's urinal, and a long generous amber gush of urine was spraying into the urinal bowl; I distinctly remember the stream spraying the disinfectant cake in the bowl. Her shirttails hid her pubic hair, but I could see the stream clearly. She couldn't use the toilet in the room, since the bowl was full of broken beer bottles. Since I was waiting my turn, she kept on going until her bladder was empty, with her jeans at mid-shin and her white cotton undies stretched between her knees. (I saw light brown pubic hair peek out from under the undies when she pulled 'em up.)

Friday, November 27, 1998

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