Why is it that I noticed that all Boys My age Poop alot. I Must take 2 or 3 Dumps a Day. And I know when I am on the Toilet at School Most of all the Stalls are Full. Is it Just My Imagination, Why do Teens Poop So Much? It Seems Like they would want to conceal it Because of the fact that they want To Be looked apon as Cool. Well that is just my thoughts.

Tree Wizzer
Jane- Regarding your post about having a small, sensitve bladder and not liking diapers: Do you mean the regualr briefs or all types of absorbent undies? I have heard of pads that canabsorb quite a bit of urine that just go in one's underwear liek an ordinary menstrual pad. But it's just a suggestion =o) I think there are also underpads that one puts on their bed for nocturnal accidents; I wonder if those would help you if it's the sheet covering the mattress that you wet and not the other sheets/blankets. Well I wish you the best of luck in finding htose toilets on time! =o)

Variable-Speed Wiper
Some years ago one of the great "Wizard of Id" comic strips had the King asking Sir Rodney "What's our gross national product?" Rodney answered somewhat puzzled: "Monogrammed toilet paper?"

Aussie Guy, what makes you think "white" toilet paper is unbleached. I imagine unbleached paper is light brown, but people won't use it (it looks dirty or used) so it is bleached. I learned that during a tour of a paper mill. You can find unbleached coffee filter paper, but very few items are available with unbleached paper. You are absolutely right that bleaching paper requires the use of powerful chemicals and their disposal is not a pleasant prospect. Jane, I hope you know how difficult it is to believe that your rectum is sufficiently large to hold a month's worth of shit. If each of us who takes a modest crap once a day imagines the volume of our output and multiplies it by thirty and then imagines a rectum large enough to hold such a volume it is almost beyond belief. Beyond the sensitivity of your bladder, how often to you have to whiz? Why do you not simply awaken several times a night and empty your bladder? Do you ever awaken in the night needing to pee? You are quite an unusual woman. I look forward to further reports from you. Thanks for being here. ...fluidity

Well Jane I enjoyed your post and I have always ben a fan of the kind of poo poo that clogs the toilet. Can you shar abot how fat in diameter and how long you monthly poo is? Oh how great it must be to see. I hope everyone has a great post Thanksgiving Poo tomorrow..I ate alot tonight so i am hoping gor a big monster that may require the plunger.. I am 5'*' 185 muscular pounds so I can sometimes produce a big shit..sometimes I wish they were fatter..lenght is no problem..I made one almost 2 feet long a year ago. Bye. Howard

Jeff A.
Hello Ladies! My apologies for the tease ending of the "male poop" story. I truly thought that no one would take it seriously enough to be frustrated with it. Still, I'm glad some of you had fun with it, and I hope this makes up for it. If I could figure out how to do it, I'd insert a drawing of him for you. you…. "….John sat looking up at Denise, and seeing her excitedness knew that this would be a stand up wipe. As he stood, he reached with his thick forearm for a piece of paper from the toilet roll.Tearing off a good long piece, she studied him carefully, knowing that he would need many more squares of paper than her own petite behind. She observed his little "male" habits. The subtle clearing of the throat. A slight little burp, and the manly exhaling and grunting of a finished job. "A male sign of self approval." She thought to herself. She looked down into the bowl in both curiousity, and crazed desire to see what her man had laid into the water. She felt many emotions come over her, for she'd never been privy to this kind of excitement before. She couldn't understand it herself. Why should she be so excited? It was a childish "show me yours, and I'll show you mine" naughtiness lighting the fuse which propelled her into the new self she was now experiencing. Her beautiful, tall man had laid a massive effort. Something of an almost ridiculous length lay floating in the water, while several other brown achievements piled on top. One was very long and another lay over it, bent like a sausage. Two more were lengthy, and kind of stuck up out of the water. She'd known her brothers to do big jobs, but nothing like this! He watched her as she looked with an innocent, femine curiousity. She was pretty. Very pretty. Brown hair swept her face like the wind. Her peeking into the bowl certainly cued his own desires. There was no getting around it. She was excited. Come the next night, would she have forgotten this bit of craziness? He thought not. She was a normal, vibrant and feeling human being. She breathed heavily, spoke brilliantly, cried over animals that had gotten run over in the street, and shared interesting thoughts with him. His friends liked her. So did his mother. Laughter suited her well, and above all. she was beautiful and in love with him. He continued wiping, and quickly ended the game. He was almost embarrassed over how she looked upon him in this room, and in her own womanly wisdom, she momentarily felt his shyness. She had to remember just how early in the morning it was, and how his performance, was not a performance at all, but a necessary bodily function to which , through excellent timing, she was able to see, and intrude upon. Many feelings overcame her; the stongest of which was love. She felt him like she'd never felt him before. Afterward, he brushed his teeth, spat out water, gargled purity from a bottle, and ran his thick fingers through mussed up brown hair before applying a comb, and eventually, a 'Yankees' baseball cap. His large and heavy arms revealed hair underneath. His smell, unmasked by deodorants from a can, would be natural and she rather enjoyed it. She liked having a man around. Before he left, he gave her a quick kiss, a sincere "I love you", and she watched him leave. He was big, and ploughed around like a tractor. Throughout the rest of her day, she fantasized over the events of that morning, and found herself distracted to a point of almost uselessness. She thought of him as he left for work that morning, how he looked, and how much she loved him. He stomped down the stairs in his manly gait, and she giggled within herself knowing that he couldn't be quiet if his life depended on it. With him, went her wildest feelings; honestly fulfilled, forever curious, and pleasantly surpassed. THE END.

Thursday, November 26, 1998

Jodi: Regarding coloured toilet paper. I use to buy it (the thick, lush, who-knows-how-many-ply blue toilet paper was always my favourite), but I have since stopped buying it as it is worse for the environment than the unbleached (plain old white) paper. After all, think of the number of trees we literally flush down the toilet each year, let alone destroying the environment because we like the look of coloured tp! And yes, all the dyes etc used in bleached (coloured) toilet paper are totally hypoallergenic (ie. won't upset the more sensative areas). Cheers.

Jasmine, I only did that once... It wasnt his favorite toy but he was, um, upset about it. Well, for about like 10 minutes. He was screaming for a few minutes after that and mom had to hold him back when I flushed it. It was the only toy that mom let me flush because after that he stopped throwing my toys over the fence. What's this about "interesting" stuff? What kind of "interesting" stuff have you flushed down the toilet, Jasmine?

I was cleaning a high school boys restroom after school when a dude came in to go to the bathroom. He looked into the stalls, which I hadn't serviced yet and came away to ask if I had any toilet paper. I handed him some and then I told him to wait a minute. I then took a cleaning cloth and a bottle of spray cleaner into the stall and wiped the toilet seat for him. I usually do this for the girls. He was grateful and proceeded to lower his pants and briefs and then got on the toilet. I listened to him while I cleaned the other toilets and urinals. He tinkled for a long time and then started shitting. Sounded like large turds - five or six of them and it took about 20 minutes and then he wiped 5 times. As he finished he opened the door and I looked into the toilet and it was literally full of turds. I asked if he felt better and he replied that he did. He washed his hands thoroughly and stated that he had been holding it all day; this was 4:30 in the afternoon, after school, before he finally went.

Hey, Everyone: I would first like to send a shout out to Linda: How are you doing, Linda? Thanks a lot, for answering my question about why certain women hold a sheet of toilet paper, before it seems like they actually need it. Although I am sure that your lone answer probably doesn't cover all of the ladies out there, it's a start. What does everyone on this forum consider people like us to be, anally-obsessed, or fecally-obsessed. Maybe a bit of both. What do the rest of you think? On the day after Thanksgiving, most people crap out the large Thanksgiving meal they ate the day before, if they are not constipated. I am sure that all across the U.S., the water pressure is lower than normal, due to all those toilets flushing. For those of you who are from the U.S., what do you think about officially naming the day after Thanksgiving the Great American Thanksgiving-Dinner Crapout. I know that that's a mouthful, but then again, so is Thanksgiving dinner. Anyhoo, take it easy, every! one, and have fun crapping out your Thanksgiving feast, if you are not constipated. Later, Voyeur1

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I'm sure that everyone is having a wonderfull turkey day. I have some relatives with me and nothing could be finner. Now if I could only catch a peek of my girlfriend doing her poast-thanksgiving poop then all would be good! Having all of that turkey and dressing inside of her forcing her belly to tighten and her bowels to say "hey yo, were moving on here so you might want to go make a call on the big white telephone" then I escort her to the pot as she carefully unbuttons her kaki pants and slides them and her panties to the floor. She places her small but well formed little but on the seat and smiles at me. She and I reach a new level in our relationship and she reaches comfort at the same time. Hey, it could happen. . .I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Just wanted to share with you the defecating experience I've had only a few minutes ago. Today I didn't poop after my morning coffee. I couldn't understand why, cause I eat a LOT of fibers and lately, my bowel movements were just fine. Anyway, of course I've been feeling heavy all day, farting those smelly farts that actually say there's shit wanting to come out in my rectum, but nothing happened. I love and hate this feeling. I hate it cause it makes me heavy, and I love it cause I know that when I finally defecate, the satisfactiom would be even greater, the relief will be a sharp and intense one... About 30 min ago, an anticipated pressure has started to build against my sphincter. I waited a few min for the pressure to get stronger, and when I couldn't hold it in anymore, I went into the bathroom with my little mirror. First I placed it between my legs, and could see my anus fighting to stay closed. It was swolen and I could feel how it was almost bursting to reliese my s hit. Then, as I couldn't take it any longer, I sat on the bowl, leaned forward, and held my mirror from the right-back side. That way I could see my rectum strech out and my turds as they slide out. My turds were soft, though not too soft, so they held their turd form. They were about 2 inches wide and about 10 inches long. That's pretty big for me. Not only that, but I've had six of those!!! It felt soooo good just to sit there and feel my anus so streched and what seemed like an endless passage of poop just leaving my bowels... It's hard for me to explain. It was wave after wave of warm shit passing throughout my little, sensitive, hungry ass hole. I feel very happy right now, very relieved, and very aroused. Nothing like the feeling of a good poo!!!

I will be frequently posting on this site from now on. I am a 29 year old woman, have brown hair, and I'm single. My rectum is abnormally large my doctor said. I only shit once every month!! In return, my bladder is small, and very sensitive. Anyway, when I do my monthly shit, it always clogs the toilet! So I have resumed to shitting in the garbage. I just empty it out every time I shit. I wet the bed every night. This might sound very childidish to all of you, but I can't help it. Every morning when I wake up there is a big wet spot on my sheets. I refuse to use diapers because they are uncomfortable, so I just wash the sheets every day. In fact, my bladder is so sensitive, once I feel the urge to go, I only have about 3 minutes to get to a toilet. This has led to some interesting accidents. I have wet my pants probably over thirty times accidentaly. My monthly poop is VERY huge. I have only had 3 accidents with pooping, and I will post those too, some other time. My sister has an even different problem, she soils her bed at night! What a mess that would be! Anyway, next time I post I'll tell you about some accidents!

hi! i'm the one who posted under amy the other night. i was a little shy and thought maybe i would post under a different name, but i fouled up and signed my name at the end of it anyway. i had been drinking a lot that night, but i guess that's okay. well, i do have a lot of pictures of myself on the toilet--nothing kinky or ridiculous-- just using the toilet. my boyfriend always wants to watch me and i'm really not embarrassed by people seeing me, but sometimes it makes me unable to go. so, i let one of my girlfriends take all the pictures for him. i'm not sure how i want to share these pictures. i've been, considering sending one up in hopes of its use on this page, but i don't want it to wind up on every homepage on the net. oh well, i'll give it some thought. nothing fun to report about the toilet today. i pooped around noon, but there was really nothing unusual about it. i did let a huge echoing fart in to the toilet that would have impressed anyone, but that's about it. later...erica

You may want to read the note about the gallery.

I agree with most everyone here, that there is a certain sexual aspect attached to toilet situations. Whether it is enjoyed as an individual interest or shared with someone else, it is both highly arousing and stimulating and many times, it can also often lead to climax. Accompanying someone to the toilet is a very intimate situation indeed and can, no doubt, enhance a couple's activities in the bedroom afterwards. As for the different colors of toilet paper, generally, I mostly remember using plain white paper, although when I was younger, my parents would sometimes buy the light blue and pink ones. I suppose they not only bought these for hygenic purposes but for decorative uses as well. Finally, I agree with Tony that seeing urine in a toilet isn't as exciting as seeing a nice big pile of turds. Each pile is different, one from the other, and they take a lot more work and effort to produce, as people don't have to push and strain to pass urine, which is what makes watching someone pooping so much more exciting. Also, I much prefer the sound that turds make when falling into the water, rather than pee. Of course, I respect people's interests in watching someone peeing and I am not criticizing it, I am just saying that my preference between the two kinds of elimination, is first and foremost poop! Bridget

Wednesday, November 25, 1998

Hi. My girlfriend and i were going for a nice walk this evening when half way through the walk i began to feel the urge to poop. We live in a large city and there were no public restrooms around and there was no way i could find any way else to go. We were about half a mile from the apartment. I became so worried because every step i took it became more urgent. I thought i was going to shit my pants!!! Through some miracle i held it until we got to the apartment and then i took one of the largest bowel movements of my life. I made one turd that must have been about 11 inches and several more that were in the seven to nine inch range. I was on the toliet for over a half hour. I felt really good when i finished. I left the bathroom door open hoping my gf would watch me but she had no interest in amusing me tonight. Someone posted about Asian food causing large bowel movements, YOU ARE CORRECT my friend. I am really looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday in the u.s. I hope i have an interesting pooping story for the forum from this Thanksgiving. Take care everyone.

Recently after discovering this web site an experience that had happen occured to me happen when i was nineteen (I'm twenty-three now) and at school. The school was all girls back east, no i'm not going to say it's name someone might know it. any way the bathrooms stalls were without doors and were low height wise i'm five six and they must have been about four feet high with space open at the floor i was anew girl then , anyway i had to go really bad and the bell had sounded , on my way in a hall monitor followed me in to make it quick or she would write me up. I went to one of the stalls and after pulling down my pants and panties i sat on the throne , i immediately let go a terrible loud fart and followed by releasing two turds , it was the third one that seemed to go forever, i peed and as took some paper to wipe and finish up. I heard the other older girl say something she repeated that i shuld get more paper because there was a gooey mess on my butt cheeks as well. I was stunned that she had watched me shitting. Any way she was right i wiped myslf several times . In rising i pulled my clothes up and looed into the bowl, there were three brown bombs the largest being about ten inches long and two inches wide, though it didn't feel huge going out. Anyway Shelia gave me a smirk and a knowing look and a slip for class too. Later we becme good friends and i have watched her relieve herself as well as she has seen. That was my first experience and it somehow made me feel that i could tell her just about anything. By and thanks Cassi

Christina, You were able to flush a teddy bear down the toilet without it clogging the toilet? Wow! That's amazing to me. Awhile ago, I had asked everyone if they had ever flushed anything besides human bodily wastes down the toilet, and I would say that your brother's teddy bear would be an interesting reply to that question. Also, I would like to know if your mom made your brother watch as you flushed his bear or did you just tell him about it later? I'm sure that he freaked!

I have one question to put to Preggy, why didnt you have a look down the pan in the cubicle next to you after the woman had come out as you might have seen her jobbie since if it didnt make a "plop!"sound as it came out then it was probably big enough to have stuck in the pan. When I listened to my Mum as a kid and teenager I always knew that if I heard her straining " OO! UH! EH! OH! NNNNNNN!" for a while then there was an "AHHH!" and sometimes she would even say quietly to herself, "Oh, that's better!", but there had been no "KER-SPLOONK!" only perhaps the "PLUNKS! and PLOPS!" at the beginning as she did the smaller lumps, then there was a strong probability that she had passed a really long fat turd which would stick in the pan and I would then go in after she had come out of the toilet and see her big fat jobbie lying in the pan. Greg, whatever turns you on, but I personally dont get any great buzz out of hearing a woman doing only a pee. What do you hear? The rustle as she lifts her skirt and pulls down her panties, maybe a fart, sometimes a hissing sound, and "Tinkle , Tinkle, Tinkle" for as long as she needs, she pulls up her panties, fixes her skirt, pulls the flush and that's all folks! I get really disappointed if Im listening to a woman on the toilet expecting her to do a motion and all she does is a pee. All you see if she does't pull the flush is some amber discolouration in the water and one pee looks the same as another. Contrast this to seeing a good solid turd in the toilet pan, when one can link it to the sound it made (if any) as it dropped into the pan, compare it to one's own efforts and imagine what it must have felt like to pass it. Note the colour, texture, shape and smell, whether it sunk or floated, the presence of food matter such as sweetcorn, nuts, seeds etc. Im not attacking your turn on, but just saying why it doesn't do anything for me. The sounds of someone doing a pee to me is only a prelude to the big one, the motion which hopefully comes after it. But everyone to their own .

Another story about the mens room in college: A nice looking female headed to the restroom. She was in the building practicing for a play or something. She had short brown hair, wore a black long-sleeve shirt and green kacky pants. There was a guy already in the restroom when she entered. I caught him with his pants down leaning forward and looking under the stall at her from his stall. She of course didn't know about what he was doing. I left him alone. When I saw her, she was sitting on the toilet with her pants down past her knees, exposing her pubic hair. She was clutching the waist of her pants as she said,"Oh!", upon seeing me. "Oops! Sorry about that", I said and waited outside for her to finish. When she was finished, she turned red and appologized. "That's ok.", I replied. As I entered the stall, she muttered to herself with a laugh,"That was fun."

Hey Guys I have a couple of stories that I just HAVE to share. (It's been a while since I posted, but I have checked the posts occasionally). The office where I work has two buildings, each one having only a ground floor. One of the buildings had a male restroom (three stalls and a large trough type urinal), and a smaller ladies restroom (two stalls). The other building only has a mens room (three stalls and a large trough type urinal). Well, anyway the girls were complaining that the toilets were too small, so the management had the rooms reversed - ie the ladies converted to a mens room (one stall converted to a small bowl type urinal - in the stall, but with the door removed. The mens room had the urinal covered with a box like structure. Well the first few weeks were really interesting, as everyone (both men and women)were used to using a particular "door" and everyone laughed when they found themselves in the "wrong" place! The other day I was having a pee at the urinal in the wing with just the mens room, when I noticed that there were turds in the bottom of the urinal. I thought "who would drop them in the urinal?". Well, I found out the next day that it was because the plumbing was blocked and the turds from the stalls had nowhere elso to come out! I must add that the plumbing from these buildings seems to be really complicated, because the two restrooms in the other building were all working perfectly. After a lot of cleaning of the plumbing system by the plumbers, they finally found that the pipe was blocked by a fanny rag! Well, the upshot is that we now have a sign in the MENS ROOM that says "Please do not flush pads and tampons down the toilet - please use the sanitary disposal bins" - again, this is in the MEN's ROOM!!! I can't help but wonder which of the female employees did this :-) The final story comes from a visit to a local restraunt and conference venue that is being renovated. After about 5 cups of brewed coffee I (deparately) needed a pee, and went to the restrooms. Well, there was a sign on the door of the mens room that said "closed for renovations - we apologise for the inconvenience" Just as I was thinking about the bushes outside, I noticed that the ladies room next door had a sign on the door that said "ladies" and another one just underneath that said "gentlemen". I had a second look, and my eyes did not deceive me! I went in, and there were 4 stalls, and quickly proceeded to satisfy my relief. The interesting thing was that the bottom of the stalls was about 15" above the floor, and I could see that the end stall had a lady sitting down with her pantyhose and knickers pulled down around her ankles. I could hear her peeing strongly against the bowl. She finished slightly before me, and we spoke as we washed her hands. She seemed slightly embarrassed about having me in "her space", but I thought "hey - the sign said this is where I should go!" I must go and visit there again and see if they are going to close the ladies whilst they do it up, and have the girls use the mens room. Would love to catch one using the urinal!! :-) Keep smiling, and go with the flow!

hi first to voyuer 1. well to me that girl sounded like she just went to go pee and was in a hurry. when i go to pee and am in a hurry. i usually get some paper while im peeing ready so when im done all i do is wipe. oh glad i didnt see the movie then. im a big chicken and would proba bly have nightmares. nah maybe not but id be scared to go potty alone and have to drag my cousin along. no wait i do that anyway. oh bryian do you remeber the name of the movie. cause i see lifetime sometimes but only when my cousin does. to tell cause he would die if anyone knew that he watched it. he says guys get a hard time from others guys if people find out the watch that channel.oh and before anyone says anything no that was not me and my cousin that donny saw.yeah he and i have done something like that before but i would never be able to pee if someone was there watching. just dont want people think it was us cause well it does sound like us a bit. oh well. anyway like i said we have done something like that before but while no one watched. if you guys want ill tell you about it next time and hey if any of you want to hear but the time ive seen my cousin let me know. also gee preggy how did you get over not being able to go in public bathrooms. sometimes i wish i were like you so i wouldnt hate pooping so much. oh well.oh hey i saw a movie with antonio banderas it was in spanish but lucky me i can understand it. anyway there are two parts where you see two girls sitting on the potty and peeing but it sounds so fake. i mean it sounds more like someone pour you a glass of water. i mean it didnt sound like when i go pee. anyway. i jsut wanted to tell you guys and i rpomise ill write you guys about some thing next time. hopefully i finally need to poop by then. i havent in a few days.yikes. linda

One time we were leaving a bar, and the vehicle parked next to us had an open can of beer behind the front tire, presumably to finish when the person got back into the car. My freind said, "There's somebody's beer. I'm going to piss in it." I thought he would pick up the beer and stand in a shadow to pee in it, but instead he just left it on the ground and stood there and peed into it. That was pretty funny, seeing a big pee stream going into a little beer can. Always finish your beer when you get out of your car.

Tuesday, November 24, 1998

Strange story from my childhood.. When I was about 9 or so, my younger brother kept throwing my toys over the fence in the backyard. (There was a rather mean dog over there, and when we got the toys back they were shredded.) One day my mother decided to punish him in an odd way, when he threw my toys over the fence she took one of his (slightly neglected) toys and let me flush it down the toilet. After I flushed his teddy bear (one of the few toys he had that acutally COULD be flushed) he stopped doing that because he was afraid mom would let me flush one of his newer toys. Just a question, has anyone else been punished like this when they were young? I'd imagine in these days with really tiny toilets that almost don't flush, it probably wouldnt work today, I don't think I'll try it with my kids. Also, today I had 4 nice sized motions (like 15cm I'd say, all about 3cm thick). I wish my toilet was as good at flushing as that old one was, it took two flushes to get rid of everything.

Some Guy
Another TV Dump siting!- On Saturday Night Live the beginning skit is Monica Lewinsky talking on the phone with Linda Tripp (for those of you in another country, Linda Tripp is a whore who taped Monica's phone conversation which may lead to the impeachment of our fine president. long story.) anyway Linda Tripp (who's played by John Goodman so it's kinda nasty) sits on the toilet, strains, and you can hear a hard stream of pee while she's talking on the phone! Off course it's done off camara, but it was funny. This is how it starts. Pee sound off camara and in no time Women will be taking a huge dump right in front of it. Oh yes. And Amy- I would love to see pictures!

Hi everyone. Sorry, it's been a while since I've posted. No stories about myself to report this time [I've been pretty "regular," bathroom-wise :-)]. Jeff A., I like your picture of the person on the toilet. She looks contemplative and frustrated at the same time. I have a question that I don't think has been asked, and if it has, sorry for repeating it... What color toilet paper do you use? I always (or, I should say, my family always) use white paper, and so do most of my friends and relatives. The only time I've used non-white paper is in some restrooms, where brown-napkin colored paper is used. I was at somebody's house the other day and had the urge to pee. I went into the bathroom, and as I was sitting on the toilet, noticed they use blue toilet paper. I have seen colored paper (blue, pink, green, yellow, etc) in the stores, but didn't think anyone actually bought the stuff. I assume it's okay, and the dyes won't hurt any, ahem, sensitive areas (I did use some to wipe my vagina and to clean myself; I was at the tail end of my period). Does anybody (here) buy/use colored toilet paper of their own volition? Thanks for any answers! Your friend, Jodi

Hi. I too agree that defecating has a lot to do with sexual arrousement. That works for me, anyway... I enjoy listening to people poop. I can imagine what they feel, and the relief they get. I enjoy smelling the fresh poop, hearing the grunting and straining, and the "plop" sounds the turds make when they hit the water. I also enjoy the thought that someone else is hearing me do all that. In the past I couldn't go in public restrooms, I was so embarrassed. But now I'm just thrilled at the thought that I'm doing something so humiliating while somebody else is so close by, can hear me and smell it and know how desperate I am to get rid of my shit, while enjoying every minute of it.... That just excites me. Unfortunatelly, only rearly do I get the opportunity to hear other people poop. I recall one time, a few months ago, I was at the restroom in the airport, when suddenly I heard a very silent grunting from one of the stalls. She continued breathing heavily and grunting, and I could tell she was shitting. No plop sound was being heard, but the room filled with smell of fresh poop. I guess it was a long,wide turd that didn't make a noise, and I guess it was sooooo good getting rid of it after a long flight, after it had made her feel heavy. I could imagine it sliding ever so slowly through her open anus, finally leaving her rectum empty and light. A few minutes later I saw the woman outside the restroom. She looked really happy. She was laughing out loud. I knew what made her feel so good. I actually fantasized about that incident many times later.

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