Hi guys! Chrissy and Kallie, what happened to you was unacceptable. To have an accident is bad enough, but to be shamed for it angers me, and I'm sure, most other people here. I've never used a porta-potty; the only time I had to pee badly enough when there were only porta-potties around, at a concert, I ended up going in the woods. Jeff A., I like both your real and fictitious stories and I agree with Bridget that fantasizing about someone going to the bathroom (or going in front of somebody) can be as arousing as the actual thing. I don't know if going to the bathroom is sexual, but it sure can be exciting :) Redneck, I know exactly how it feels to have to dump after eating (most) Asian foods- I usually feel "cleansed" after doing so. Has anybody tried the new "WOW!" Potato Chips? It is a new brand available in the United States- a low-fat brand made with Olestra, a "fat substitute" that enhances flavor. There's a warning on the bag that "Olestra may cause abdominal cramping or loose stools," [something to that effect] but I'll get to that later. My two roommates (Allison and Kara) and I split a bag of these new chips the other night while we were hanging out in our room. We devoured the large bagful in about 10 minutes. Kara suddenly got up and literally ran for the bathroom on the other side of our suite, about 15-20 feet away. Allison and I then, almost in tandem, ran down to the semi-public bathroom (with stalls) just down the hallway. There are 5 stalls- Allison took one stall while I sat a couple of stalls down from her. I started pooping immediately, not even having to get into "position," while my friend Allison also started dumping at the same time. We both finished up relatively quickly, in about 4 minutes or so, but the bathroom stank after what both of us did. As we washed our hands, Allison wondered if it was the chips, since Kara also had to go pretty suddenly. We got back to the room, by which time Kara was done and sitting on her bed. I took the chip bag out of the pail and read the warning. The three of us got a good laugh out of this and resolved never to eat that stuff again... I'd urge everyone to also check out some of the other forums on here- I've also contributed to "race relations" and "being cheap." Peace and love, Steph

I woke up this morning about 5:00 AM feeling the warning cramps I get whenever there is need of a major dump to be taken, and this morning was no exception...I had to wait while my roommate had the bathroom occupied, and once they left for work, about 45 minutes later, I went in and sat down on the toilet...The cramps had continued all this time, and as soon as I sat down, a massive turd about 20 inches long slid out my back passage and landed in the toilet, from the bottom to the top of the slope, which is at the front of the bowl...Needless to say, it was very pleasing to get rid of the LOG!!! Question: Are there many people here that have problems with hemmorhoids? I very seldom have problems with them, as I have found out via personal experience, that the best thing to do to prevent them, is NOT to strain to pass a movement, but let your system expell it of its own speed...that way pressure isn't put on the blood vessels in the rectal area...I know, it may take longer, but in the long run, it is far better for you...Plus, you don't get the burning, itching, and all the other problems associated with hemmorhoids as well...

I thought I should share with you something that I read in the paper the other day. This is quite disgusting, but nevertheless on-topic, so I apologise to those of a sensitive disposition. The article was about Fiji, and how they are thinking of marketing jars of "Cannibal Sauce". To get to the point; during the last century, when cannibalism was commonplace in Fiji, visiting explorers and missionaries (those that didn't get eaten I suppose), discovered that consumption of human flesh was causing severe constipation (!) So they concocted a sauce to be eaten with the meat, containing local herbs and spices, that would help the digestion. Having come to terms with this aspect of their past, and with an eye to the tourist trade, they are now considering marketing this very recipe. Now, who fancies a good hearty lunch? Jill (who has never eaten anybody!).

I've seen numerous posts recently about people who end up pooping their pants just because they don't WANT to use the toilet/porta potty etc. This to me is extemely strange. I personally hate using public toilets for either #1 or #2, mainly because I am a little shy when it comes to doing things in public, but I would certainly use the facilities, no matter how much 'on the nose' they were, rather than do it in my pants. If there was shit smeared all over the seat etc, then it may be a different story, but just because the toilet smells? That is CRAZY! If the toilet didn't smell I would begin to worry! After all, they are designed to be shat in!!

To All you who like movies with poop/pee scenes. Yesterday on cable, on Lifetime. There was a movie on In the afternoon and this girl between 9 and 13 went to the bathroom(I couldn't tell If It was #1or#2). You could see her pants and underwear come down. In her underwear she had a blood stain or dark poop stain(Maybe It was her first period)? So then she gets In the bathtub and takes a bath. Then her little sister comes In and has to pee, I think? Well thats all I remember about the poop/pee scenes.

I liked Donny's story about the guy taking the little girl to the boys' urinals ad helping her pee there. It reminded me that I'd witnessed (almost) the opposite a few years ago. I was in a mens' restroom in a London park and a teenage girl led her little brother in, stood him facing the urinals, pulled his pants and briefs down for him and held his willy as he peed. She didn't need the toilet herself, so what she did was very logical. But I reckon if it had been an older woman (like the boy's mom) she would have taken him to the womens' restrooms next door.

Bridget, I have absolutely no problem with people posting imaginary scenarios, wishful thinking, their secret desires etc. I for one would just love to watch Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, sitting on the toilet doing a really huge solid poo, but it will never happen! (Perhaps Prince Andrew had this pleasure when they were married?) I certainly wont make up a story saying that I watched her and post it to this website. My gripe was with the fact that Jeff's posting was such an obvious fantasy with a sting in the tale end. Okey, he thinks it was humourous. Perhaps the fault is mine. Scots are know for being dour and straight laced. Let's call a truce on this, some found it amusing, some found it banal, but the site Moderator let it appear, so fair enough.

Hey, JB: It's been a couple of years since I last saw "Species", but I remembered that scene as one of my favorites, if not "the" favorite, of the whole movie. From what I remember, it did show her sitting on the seat, taking some toilet paper and holding it. She was impaled and killed by the Alien's claw, through the door, pretty quickly, though, so I couldn't really tell which one, or if she was going to do #1 & #2, before she got killed. Can any of the ladies on this site tell me what it means when you take a sheet of toilet paper and hold it before anything actually comes out, that would warrant it, at least from the perspective of a guy. Thanks, Voyeur1

This is the original Drew, not the Drew who posted on Friday. I had a good experience in the university library yesterday. Another guy and I entered the bathroom at the same time and we took the two stalls. I sat down, farted quietly and dumped a medium size log. The other guy must have been taking a silent shit as I heard nothing but I sure could smell it! I then discovered the two, usually huge, rolls of toilet paper were completely empty. In my desire to shit at the same time as the other guy, I had neglected to check for toilet paper. The other guy had started wiping, so I had no choice but to say "Excuse me, can I get some toilet paper off of you, as I'm completely out in here." "No problem" he replied and tore off a long stip, bunched it up and passed it under the stall wall. "Thanks alot. It's the one thing you really need when you're taking a dump. I guess I should have checked first!" He laughed and then said "At least one of us had some!" He finished up, flushed and left before I had a chance to complete my business. Overall, a pretty neat experience.

Reading some of these post brings something to mind. In my college days, I was in a fraternity and we had a few bathrooms. They weren't too gender specific since everyone was pretty open. One time, I went into the bathroom to take a leak and one of the girls went into one stall and another girl into a different one. One was in and out quickly since she only had to pee. The other girl was in there much longer. She had some good farting. She was pretty cute but she got married to one of the fraternity brothers after they both graduated. In one of our meetings, we had a discussion about women using the mens bathroom instead of going to use the one in the basement. One guy mentioned he was taking a dump when someone came into the stall next to him, sat and took a piss. It was a laugh in the meeting. I kinf of miss those days.
Those of you who are in college, enjoy those days ! Have fun, enjoy the time off not having to worry about family, responsibility to where you are owned by the company you work for.

Blue Flame
Hello everyone. It's a lovely Sunday night and I felt the urge to post again. To Jill: I also see that people are discussing the subject of pooping and sexual arousal. I'd be one to agree with this. I too find pooping to be a kinda erotic thing...none of that wierd stuff mind you (yuck!) but just a simple good solid bowel movment. I very much enjoy watching a female go to the bathroom and can now say that I find it to be an erotic thing. To Kallie: I'm not very fond of the outdoor facilities in most of my country...esp. the port-a-potties! They don't lock to well and are rarely clean enough to ecen look in let alone go to the bathroom in. And I also think that your cheerleading coach chose a very unprofesional and degrading way to deal with your situation. I would never dream of making such a scene over someone elses missfortune of having an accident! I really hope that she didn't cause you any more trouble in the matter. To Jeff A: I found your writing to be most enjoyable to read..and although the idea of a male going to the bathroom does little for me I found it to be very well writen and hope that you write one with a woman as the main character :) I don't see why your work needs to be crtisized the way it has been. I thought it was a fine peice of work with a unique twist at the end. Very nice :) Well I'd best be off. Good night to you all!

Has anyone here tried the toto toilet company heated toilet seat/butt washer? (The ones that go over sooo well in Japan) What is it like (Heat seat/butt wash)?

Hi there at the Toilet! I did an interesting and very satisfying poop today. After a day without #2, I knew it would be a big one. When I finally came to sit on the john I felt that I if I gave a short but forceful push it would emerge. I did, and immediately felt a stretching pain, with the dry head of the massive turd forcing its way through the narrow passage. Some five inches or so came out. Then it stuck, and I did not resume pushing, just for the good feeling of the big log (definitely over 2 inches wide, as I found out afterwards). Next thing I heard was a sudden series of plips and plops - without feeling anything else emerge!!!... A look into the bowl between my legs informed me that the first two or three inches had disintegrated into a dozen small dry black pieces, their size ranging from coffee bean to olive. A second look, this time back between my legs, showed a shining, black, segmented, blunt and ragged stump of tremendous width poking out. Just then another piece the size of a golf ball broke off and fell into the water with a "splotch" sound. I then gave a long push, and the rest of the big sausage slowly sank into view, approximately another ten inches of it. It started to taper off and get lighter coloured, also accelerating its moving speed. It finally fell, and vanished with in enormous splash of water flying up and wetting my buttocks and other parts of my body (which I had been holding to the left side with my hand all the time). It took extensive breaking up with the brush and three flushes to get rid of all the shit. I still associate a tingle in my asshole when my mind wanders back to this experience, which is now about five hours in the past. It felt so good I just wanted to share this experience. Good poops to you all, Andre.

I certainly must agree with the post that Jill listed concerning people sitting on the toilet. For me I have always had a weak spot for watching women urinate. While many people who post on this site enjoy discussing their poo experiences, I have always found that watching women urinate fasinating. Why for one thing you don't have to worry about the horrible smell, yeah I know some people like it but I'll just have to take a pass on that, no pun intended. I have noticed that most of the female posters on here post about their bowel movement experiences. I would like to hear more of the aforementioned. That's about all I have to say! Thank you and bye bye!

A number of people have commented recently that there is a sexual connection with watching someone on the toilet, and I agree there certainly is. It wasn't always the case, but these days my husband gets turned on by watching me do a no.2. We don't often get the opportunity as we both lead busy lives, so it's usually at weekends - and is a wonderful prelude to sex. I have always enjoyed the sensation of doing a good poo, but it's so much better when I can share it with my guy. He is especially fascinated with the amount I produce which is considerably more than he can, and he loves to wipe me afterwards. On the subject of good large movements, I can confirm that a good healthy diet, coupled with plenty of exercise is the best recipe.

Monday, November 23, 1998

To Melanie: I happend to see that Busted On the Job#3 the other night. I was wondering has any one on here as kids eatten some thing bad that your parents knew It was going to make you sick and they give you a laxitve etc.. to get rid of the food,so yo poop It out faster. If this Is happend to any one let me know cause Im Intersting In finding out. This has never happend to me so I am curious.

Hello, everyone: I had a couple of questions. Has anyone on this site ever dropped a phone or reading material into the can? Also, how many people use cell phones to carry on conversations, while crapping in public stalls? Please post your stories. Later, Voyeur1

Hey, everyone: I have a funny crap story to share with you. Once when I was in college, I was in sitting in my English class, when two guys, Alfredo and Daniel, were discussing chicken being stolen from the chicken restaurant that Alfredo worked at. I don't remember which one asked the question about where the chicken was at by then, but they, almost simultaneously, both said: "Coming out of someone's ass!" I thought that you would get a laugh out of this one. Later, Voyeur1

Now,now,now everyone no need for senceless argument. It was simply a post. I have had somthing happen to me yesterday that didn't usually happen. I got constipated for like three days. Unfortunatly when it did come out it wasn't playing around!! I came in from eating dinner out at the "wheel" and felt the need. . . . .the need to drop the seed. I went into my bathroom and pushed. . .nothing, then I just relaxed for a second, this was when all the fiber and water that I normaly consumed took ahold! Fortunatly I was able to get my asshole open in time! I sat as the first seige of dumpage came slidding out "sloooooooooshhh" "sloooosssssh" Plp Plunk! Then another huge light brown terd, and another. Finnaly the smell was horrific after all of the dookie was out in the bowl. If you were to have lit a match then the whole house would have went up like the fourth of July!! I looked in the bowl and there were four huge Monster terds in the bowl. I had to work like an underpaid nanny to get all of em down last night. Dranno, plungers, butcher knives, hangers, nothing was not utilized in my war aganst the poop that I had bore. Unfortunatley "all were punished" in my household from the odoriforus funkyness that was my bathroom. ************************************************************ To Jeff: thank you for the advice on working out. I hope that I can be engaged in full blown, workouts (everyday) by this Christmas. So far I haven't had the chance due to school and various other crisises. (relatives for thanksgiving) But I know for a fact that some of my Christmas presents are fitness related. A punching bag w/gloves, A curl bar, free weights, mats, GNC stuff (suplements). Thank you again. Motivation is the key I think. So remember that EVERYONE!!! When you sit down to take a good dump, or whether you go in a bathroom that you don't think that you will be able to go in. You need to stay motivated. In Tennessee one time there was this bathroom, a men's two seater that one of the stalls was ocupied by a middle aged woman when I went in. She was grunting and uttering "I can do it, come on out, come on Uhhhhhh yeah here it comes, uhhhh, no don't go back in, uhhhhhh" Hey whatever works! The point is to be focused and determined. That is very important to a potty visit. You will be surprised how much better your motion will be if you just concentrate on it when you are doing it. ENJOY! -Vector

Jeff A.
I forgot to sign my post last night. I am the one Vector who offered a little advice on the weights and all, and defended the freedom of speech. Again, I take high offense to being compared to a fantasy phone line. To me it's a personal insult. I don't mind criticism, and greatly enjoy a good laugh at my own expense; Being referred to as a "Con" or "Fantasy Phone Line" is a real pisser-offer gentlemen. I was reaching out to a more imaginative audience who did seem to enjoy themselves. A fantasy phone line was the farthest thing from my mind, but it dosen't surprise me in the least that it's the first thing you guys thought of. Why I've a good mind not to finish the story..... Bridget: I like your short story idea. Maybe I could call the book "Poop Fiction". John Travolta could do the introduction.

Well, today and tonite, I had some exotic food. For lunch, I had Vietnamese food, delicious, and tonight, had sushi. Very good meals indeed. I had to run out real quick tonight and it included a stop at school. When I got there, I had to shit so bad that I ran to the bathroom. As soon as I sat, be anal opening let go and shit literally shot out ! There was some good farting as well. Someone then came in and went into the stall next to mine but unfortunately, I was pretty well finished. THe guy next to me was a quiet shitter. Well, maybe next time, I will perform.

To Tony: Thank you for the welcome I'm happy to be part of this community! To Chrissy: Mandatory toilet sessions...YES, boy do I remember those. From the time I was 3 to about 7-8 I had real problems with ocnstipation. My Mom's way of dealing with it was to make me sit on my potty chair EVERY morning for fifteen minutes. Mom would sit on the side of the tub (usually) and instruct me in "bearing down". I had to take deep breaths, hold them, and rock forward and backward. I was also tought to hold onto the seat between my legs and pull up while I strained. Sometime it took a bit of work, but it usually got the job done. Whenever I had a particularly hard time of it, Mom would but vaseline on her finger and push it into my rectum. If I didn't go with that help for three days in a row I was given an enema. Believe me, there were times when I WANTED the enema. At least when you bear down with an enema you get somewhere. Does anyone else remember being "taught" how to push and and strain for a BM?

For Voyeur1: I haven't seen Species. Was that a pee or poop scene, or couldn't you tell? Were there any sound effects? Could you see the woman straining or grunting? Could you see her butt? Sorry for all the questions, but a lot of the toilet scenes mentioned here from the movies are pretty tame.
For Melanie: Why are you so sure that woman was pooping on "Busted on the Job"? It sounded from the discussion like she had gone pee, and that she had done it many times before. Remember, the boss said he had originally thought she had been spilling some kind of bad perfume. Also, the announcer specifically said she had deposited some "bodily fluids". I know it would be fun to think she pooped, but I think it was actually pee. I watched it several times too, and I think if she were pooping she wouldn't have sat right down on the chair because it would have gotten all mashed up. I think she would have hovered. Did anyone else see it?

Yes, Doorman, tell us more about the college restroom! How did you get to see her beige panties if it's all separate stalls?

Like Harry, I can imagine the amount of poop Arnold Shwartznegger must produce. One of his turds alone must be HUGE and a real "groaner" to pass. I would love to watch a body builder sitting on the toilet, performing serious pooping action, seeing the resulting massive creation making its way out from between two bulky, muscular buttocks... Jeff A, I am sorry about the several negative comments your fictional scenario has garnered. While I agree with George that reading about real experiences is somewhat more entertaining, such is the case with the stories about his pooping sessions with Moira, which I enjoy tremendously, personally, I nontheless enjoy reading about both real and make-believe experiences, as long as the descriptions are graphic enough and accurate enough. I believe, Jeff A, that you have succeeded in doing just that, as you have managed to capture enough realism to make it believable and easily imaginable. I also appreciate your dedication to us, female reader! s, as obviously we enjoy reading about such situations very much!!! The only disappointment I had however, was the ending. What a teasing cliffhanger it was!!! While I understand your good-natured intention to turn it into something humorous, I would have paid every quarter I have to read about what lay at the bottom of that toilet bowl!!! Bridget

George, in your latest posting you have brought up an interesting issue with your theoretical question about whether or not some of the experiences here are real or merely a figment of the imagination. While I do not doubt the sincerity or honesty of anyone's posts here, my question is, would it really matter??? For all you know, I, myself, could have been making up stories about watching my boyfriend taking a shit. Even if it would have been make-believe I still received some positive feedback from fellow posters who said they enjoyed reading my story. While my experiences here have always been genuine, it would have been easy to get into character amd make up a well-detailed fantasy. Many times, I DO make up fictional scenarios about watching a certain movie star taking a shit, or about me, being a nurse and assisting a male patient to the toilet. Sometimes, I even write them down. If people here post their imaginary scenarios and succeed in providing entertainment to their ! readers, then that's the most important thing!! Bridget

Regarding Busted on the Job #3: My impression is that she was only doing #1 in the chair, not #2. Also, I think the odor of #2 would be sufficiently distinctive that there would be no question as to what it was. (The camera was there because the boss suspected her of doing something like dumping perfume.)

Kevin L
Amy, I would love to see the pictures of you on the toilet. Try to have one put on the header of the forum. I rember the first time I saw my girl friend pooping, I was 20 and she was 23 and It was highly arousing for me but I still don't if it was for her. I over our 5 year relationship I saw her poop hundreds of times and enjoyed everyone. I guess she new I got a buzz! Later Kevin L

I have always had sympathy for people who have genuine accidents in their panties, (Ive had a few myself in the past), either when I have not been near a toilet, or in a situation where I couldn't leave what I was involved in and go, such as the time during a Field Hockey match that I posted about a while back. Likewise I feel sorry for someone taken short when a motion comes on suddenly or they have an attack of diarrhea and are unable to get to a toilet or some other suitable place to relieve themselves before its too late.I have had to use Porta Potties or Porta Loos as we call them in Britain many times. Sure they are smelly with unflushed pee and turds and are a bit overpowering in hot weather but that to me is far better than doing a big poo in my panties. Apart from the smell I dont see what the problem is. The Porta Loos we have over here usually have doors so privacy is preserved and as for other people seeing your turds so what, we all do them and mine often get stuck and wont flush away in a normal flush toilet anyway so it doesn't bother me at all, if anything the opposite is true. Anyway, if she could do a pee in one what was the difficulty with doing a number two as well? So Kallie, you really brought this on yourself and I'm not surprised that you learned your lesson the hard way. In Chrissy's case she is younger but even at that I am surprised that she wouldn't do a motion in the Girl's Toilet at school especially as she too had no problem peeing there. I could possibly understand this in a boy as most males, (yes I know there are those like George who sit to pee like a woman), stand to pee at a urinal and only use a cubicle (stall) to do a motion, but females do both types of toilet function in the same way, sitting on a toilet pan, so I cant see why it is any problem letting ones jobbie come out into the pan as well as ones pee, indeed, unlike Kallie if I needed a motion as urgently as her and went for a pee I would almost certainly do the poo as well and would not have been able to hold it back. Indeed, males can hold a motion in easier than females for this reason although sometimes they "follow through" if peeing while also needing a motion and have an accident in their underpants, something that doesnt happen in such circumstances to women.
When I was at Primary (Grade) School at the age of 8 we had a girl in our class who often had accidents in her knickers as she, like Chrissy, didnt like to use the Girls' Toilet, but in her case this was both for wee wees and jobbies and she would both pee her panties and soil them. Our teacher investigated and found that she was a bit shy about using the school toilets and this was due to her parents being prudish and making her feel that her natural functions were something dirty and shameful. Thankfully, after a meeting with her mother and the teacher and school nurse she was persuaded that there was nothing to be ashamed about and she started to use the toilet with the rest of the girls. We had been instructed by our teacher not to tease or mock her and soon she grew out of her accidents.

Hey Everyone, I have a little sister who's 4 and today I was taking a shower when she walks in there and got on the toilet and did a #2 then she told me not to flush it. What should I do when my little sis want let me flush mine and her #2?

To DOORMAN Yes, I'd like more stories about that menroom that college ladies visited ! Philippe.

Kallie and Chrissy, your accident stories were so cool. It's too bad you were punished for those incidents. I work as a custodian in the school district and when students have accidents, I try to help out. I keep a supply of clean underwear for the kids of all ages and I have access to laundry facilities so I can wash and dry their clothes if necessary. Several times cheerleaders have wet their uniforms and they've come into my office. The coaches and teachers all know that I am willing to help out when this happens. First I get them over their embarassment and then I have them sit on a towel. The kids don't always take the time to go to the bathroom, or they wait too long to go, but I always make sure that the toilets are clean so that they will want to use them. Another thing about teenagers is that they eat so much it's not easy to hold in a large amount of poop, so if they make a miscalculation and it winds up in their pants, I will usually help them clean up. For many of the kids, the school bathrooms are their favorite bathrooms since they are clean and the seats are very comfortable.

A few days ago when I was cleaning the high school boys bathroom, at about 4:30 PM, a guy came in with a young girl about 6 or 7 years old. (There was some kind of event going on in the school). Apparently she didn't want to go to the bathroom alone. Three of the four toilets had boys sitting on them and I was wiping the fourth. So the guy decided to have the girl use one of the seven urinals! She really had to go, as she was holding her crotch and had a worried look, so the guy pulls down her little shorts and sits her on the rim of the wall hung urinal. She tinkled into the water for a minute and giggled while the guy held her hand and peed into the adjacent urinal. They finished and he went into the stall to grab some toilet paper so she could wipe. I looked into the urinal and her piss was very yellow. They washed their hands and left. I thought it was cute.

okay first to tony. well pamies are what i call panties. it goes back to when i was a small girl. well smaller then now and was baely being potty trained.I could never say panties right and said it it came out kinda stuck and i say it even now cause well it sounds cute dont you agree.even my cousin and sister say pampies too.if any of you want to use it in your stories go ahead. its cute and should be said again and now you know. wow i did know that about pampers thanks for the info. and no I don't wear not a baby.oh wow chrissy you feel my pain and i feel yours. but i never had an accident in my pampies. i hold it and sometimes almost dont make it but i do. my school is very close to my cousins house and he picks me up so i make it anyway. i can make poop in the public girls bathroom but im very quiet and thats not easy cause when i go poop or pee i go loud. i mean i say things like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh or oooooooooooooooooo or wow i really needed that. but i sit there and let it come out slowly and it plops loud but i dont care. just as long as no one sees me. but if there are a lot of girls in there i have trouble going. i hate going poop anyway and will hold it till i cant anymore even if im home. i just ahte doing it. i guess the reason i can hold it so long at scholl is cause ive been doing it so long my tushy muscles are very strong now. hee hee. anyway i feel sorry for you chrissy and if its okay i would love to hear a story about you finally going there.hmmmmm maybe sitting in recess at the potty wouldnt be so bad for me. i could be there all alone and poop and pee and read something hee hee.oh hey when i was potty trained i used to see my cousin poop too. i still do but then i could stay with no problem. he would sit me on my potty chair and i would sit and watch him take a seat on the toilet. while i peed he would dtart doing his poop. he doesnt poop or push but he does make big poops. je just lets them slip out by themselves. anyway i would start my poop when i here the crakling from both him and me. there would a a plop from him and a thud from me. the bowl in potty chairs dont have water in them except maybe my pee so its a thud. anyway we would talk abotu anything as he pooped and i pushed out another poop.plop another would come out of him and i was still fighting with mine. then another pplop from him and finally thud. ahhhhhhhhhh i would go and giggle. he would clean himself and then he would clean me. then he would plop all the poop and pee from my potty into the toilet with his. sometimes our big poops wouldnt go down. hee hee. hey im wondering if any of you can help me get over my hating of pooping. i mean well i would like to feel comfortable about it and look forward to it like all of you do. im hoping you guys will please give me some help. oh and jeff your welcome. linda

One day in seventh grade, I had to go to the bathroom (number 2)really bad when school let out, and I felt that I couldn't hold it during my twenty-five minute walk home. Our bathroom facilities were terrible; and this day was no exception. There were four stalls in the only bathroom that was unlocked. I started to check them, one by one. The first stall was out of order. The second had no toilet paper. The third had water filled up to the top of the basin and a chunk of poop floating on top. The fourth had poop smeared all over the seat. (There were no seat covers) This repulsed me. I thought about my various options and realized that there was no other way. I took a pee in one of the urinals, thinking maybe that would help my need to poop go away. It made it worse. So I took a deep breath, relaxed, and stood at the urinal as I proceeded to take a massive dump in my pants. Luckily, it was a very firm and solid dump. There was a mirror on the side wall and I could see my pants bulging as I pooped. Fortunately, I was alone in the bathroom. It was very embarassing, but in a strange way the sensation I felt while taking the poop felt really good. Following that, I zipped up, walked home, and cleaned up when I got there. There wasn't even a stain on my jeans. My parents worked during the day so they didn't find out. Following that day, whenever I had to go number two really bad before walking home, I just went in my pants. It happened about six or seven times after that.

Saturday, November 21, 1998

I have always hated port-o-potty bathrooms -- especially when I have to do more than just pee. Well, one day as a cheerleader (my sophomore year), theer were no regular bathrooms at the field where we played -- only port-o-potties. Naturally, with my luck, it was the day that I had to do a bowel movement -- the only day in 3 years of cheerleading that I ever had to do a BM at a game. No matter how bad that I had to go (and oh boy did I have to go!), I just refused to get relief in the port-o-potty. Eventually I gave in and peed in there, but I just would not do #2. A lot of the girls were complaining about the bathroom facilities and asked the coach if we could stop somewhere on the way home. But the cheerleading coach told us, in no uncertain terms!, that we weren't going to stop, so "whatever you gotta do, you better go in there and do now." A lot of the other cheerleaders then gave in and reluctantly used the port-o-potties. Foolishly, though, I continued to hold it in. Well, maybe 10 minutes into the bus ride home, I started to have an accident and by the time the bus was pulling into the parking lot at our school, it was a total disaster. I sat there alone on the bus crying into my hands, with an enormous bowel movement shamefully in my underwear and all the other girls laughing hysterically at what I did. The only person not laughing was the coach -- and she was yelling. "Well girls -- I didn't think that at your age, I had to mention that you were supposed to go to the bathroom in the toilet," she told the whole busload of us, "But I guess I should have told Kallie that -- apparently she doesn't know that you're not supposed to go in your pants." She ramled on like that for a while and then told me of my punishment. I had to write, "I must not go to the bathroom in my pants again." 1,000 times. Further, she warned the others that if they went in their pants, they would also have to write 1,000 times and if I did it again, it would be 5,000 times. She told me that I had to have it all done by Monday morning or the assignment would be doubled. So I had to stay in Saturday night writing the lines and it took me practically all day Sunday to finish it. Write 1000 lines was not exactly the way I had intended to spend my weekend. When I handed it in on Monday morning (20 pages front and back) she asked me if I had learned my lesson. Oh boy! did I!!

I am a first time poster here and have read these for two days though.. I really enjoy the sharing and have liked to talk about poop experiences ever since I witnessed my lover taking a nie healthy poo poo a while back.. She had wide hips, brown hair, 5'8", 170 lbs and when i saw poo poo emerge from her hole it began to get wider and wider to about 2 and 1/2 inches. The poo was firm and knobby and a rich medium brown and the smell of this was a healthy pleasant one. It was about 8 inches long and just perfect. I am hooke dfor life now..Bye all Howard

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