Anyone see Busted on The Job#3 last night on Fox? The final scene was a woman who took a poop in her bosses chair.I'm going to order the unedited version of the show. She flipped the seat cover,pulled up her skirt,pulled down her panties far enough to expose her butt,squatted,you could see her straining(All though her face was blurred), she tensed drooped on load(Unseen)you can just tell,and flipped the seat cover back and left.I recorded it and watched it over,and over again.It was really good.I hope the unedited version is longer,and has sound.

Here's a quick story. About 2 years ago, there was a mens room that was frequented by college women alot because there was only one restroom on this particular floor. The first I saw a woman use this restroom, I was quite amazed. I was in a stall, pooping and studying, when I heard foootsteps. The feet entered the stall next to mine. She was wearing the retro-70's high soled shoes. I didn't see anything, but heard her undoing her pants and a 30 second tinkle. I was curious as to who she was, so I exited my stall. I was finished anyway. I waited in the hall and heard the toilet flush and her washing her hands. She exited and she was fairly attractive; short red hair and tall slender build. I had seen her around before, but didn't know her. She always wore a sweater and jeans. She was usually in the building working on art projects. This was a film and photography building. I saw her some other times in the restroom. I found out that she was the type that didn't sit on the seat,! but hovered above it. That's why her pee was so loud. Once I even caught her pulling up her beige panties. More stories of this wonderful restroom, if you want.

I refer to my bowel movements as "Dropping the kids off at the pool."

With all these schools out there not allowing or restricting students from using the bathroom, I wonder if anybody has ever had the opposite experience. This happened to me when I was in 4th grade and used to have accidents in my pants. Through 3rd grade, my school had individual bathrooms attached to each classroom. Fourth grade, though, was the first time that I had to use the regular girls' room down the hall. I didn't mind so much peeing in the big bathroom (well, I did mind but I did it when I had to), but for some reason, I had a problem doing a bowel movement there. I would try to hold it in until I got home and most of the time I would make it. Sometimes, though, I would have an accident in my panties. Most of the time, it would happen on the way home from school and I would flesh my messy panties down the toilet in order to hide what I'd done from my parents. A few times, it happened later in the day in school, and wearing loose fitting skirts as I did, I was again able to hide it. And likewise when I got home, I would flush my panties down the toilet and no one would know. Then one day it happened in the morning at school and I got caught. Everyone was sympathetic at first (the school and my parents), because they obviously thought it was just a one time accident and even though I was kind of old to have a mess in my panties, it wasn't that big a deal. After that, though, they apparently became more aware of it and knew to watch me, because I got caught the next few times in happened in school. The more times it happened the less sympathetic they were and the more angry and concerned they became. Finally, my parents had to come in and they had this big meeting with my teacher, the principal, and the school counsellor. They decided that I had to learn to have my bowel movements in the school toilets. Starting right then, instead of going out to recess after lunch, I had to go to the girls' room. I had to sit on the toilet and try to go. If I had a bowel movement, I could go out and play. If I didn't, I had to sit there until recess was over. Typically, after getting caught with an accident, I would be put on this regime for two weeks, but it would be reduced by one day for each day that I did do a bowel movement in school. That way there was a double incentive to go. When I did go, I could then go out and play for what was left of recess and my time on the toilet would be reduced by one day. If I didn't go, I just had to sit there for the whole half hour and totally miss recess and this would go on for two weeks. When accidents occurred, the time would be reset and I had to start the two week cycle all over again. At first, I wouldn't go at all, even fighting to hold it in while sitting there, and spent many a recess period in the girls' room. Eventually, though, I learned to use the girls' room during my sit-downs and then finally I learned to start using the girls' room at other times when I had to go, as well. I still had accidents throughout 4th grade, but they gradually decreased as the year went on. Like I said, at first, it seemed that my regular place for recess was a stall in the girls' room sitting on the toilet. Eventually, though, I got to spend more and more recess time actually at recess and less and less of it sitting on the toilet in the girls' room. Well, I guess this is kind of long by now, but I was just wondering if anyone else ever experience a kind of mandatory toilet sitting either at school or even at home.

Two nights ago my daughter (5years) was in my bed and she wet it. Today she wet her pants at kindergarden

Lady T, many girls in high school flush sanitary napkins and they usually clog the toilets (some toilets clog more easily than others). I am very brave and pull them out of the pot with my bare hand. We can usually get the teachers to talk to their girls about this little problem and then they put all their stuff into the containers next to the toilets. We prefer that they do not flush tampons either. I get to emply the containers and see how bad their periods are. You have to empty the containers at least every other day otherwise they stink to high heaven but when the stuff is fresh, I enjoy the smell. Some of the elementary school girls wear sanitary napkins even if their periods haven't started yet. They are just practicing, I guess. They usually end up urinating on the pads and tossing them on the floor. Sometimes they will grab a big wad of toilet paper and urinate on it and then toss that on the floor. Hair, in reasonable quantities, is never a problem.

Nice to read your post JW. Your experience has some similarity to mine except that my mother didn't ever let me watch while she was doing a motion as part of my toilet training, more's the pity, but like you I was turned on from childhood from listening to her, and other girls and women, doing a jobbie and occasionally seeing what she had done when it was so big that it got stuck in the toilet. You will find that there are plenty of blokes who are similarly interested posting to this website. Talking about making one's stools larger. Eating high fibre foods may increase the amount of the motions but is inclined to make them too soft so that they break up as they come out instead of being good solid turds, not the effect I desire. One substance I found that does produce large stools is Guar Gum. This is sold in health food shops as a slimming aid and works by swelling up in the guts and making the user feel full up and not wanting to eat so much. It produces soft but cohesive motions like large sausages. It does however tend to cause slight griping pains in the belly. To Linda, what are "pampies"? Is this an alternative word for panties. In Britain we have "pampers" which are a type of nappy for children and toddlers. Are "pampies" a version of these , disposable panties. I agree with George. Jeff A's "fantasy phone line" posting was a bit of a con. There are plenty of interesting REAL stories and experiences about defecation to be posted, some of which have have amusing aspects.

Vector: Getting just a little off track to this forum here, I've found that very slow and controlled lifting is much harder than anything else. You don't alot of weight either. I'm also overweight. I should weigh in at about 220. I used to weigh 200 even, and had my body fat down to 13%. but I didn't like myself that thin. And yes, it comes out to about 8 glasses of water a day. My advice to the novice? I'm no expert, but I say just enjoy the ride. Keep your mind on the movement of the routine, and keeping the weights balanced and even. I prefer dumbells as much as possible. I used to train heavily in a gym for about 3 1/2 years. I could tell lots of open toilet dump stories over one gym in particular. They had two locker rooms, 1 was smaller, with unpartitioned toilets. (3 of them). Thanks Bridget and Linda for your nice words. I'm glad you liked the story. It was written for you gals. George: I'm sorry if you thought the story was real, and that it annoyed you, but I clearly stated that it was for the ladies as a piece of fiction. When last I checked, fiction is "obvious fantasy". I haven't the slightest interest in either creating, or imitating fantasy phone lines, and take offense at the suggestion. The "deposit 25 cents" thing was a last minute idea, as a little joke to end a story that could've gone on forever. Again, it was for the ladies who post here as a tribute because I admire them so much. You'll notice at the upper left hand corner of the mast head, the bottom button says "...or make your own!" which is exactly what I did. Something a little different for a change. If you like, I will take the 25 cents, and in your honor, donate it to charity. So I say George, a big "HA-HA-HA" back atcha.

Here's something that happened to me recently: I was just finishing a shower, and the doorbell rang. I knew it was my brother visiting, so I answered the door wearing just a towel. What I didn't know, is that he had brought his girlfriend too. So after a slight embarassment, I went back into the bathroom. I left the bathroom door open, and started to take a shit (I figured it would be a thrill for her to maybe accidentally "catch" me shitting). Since she had seen me in only a towel, and since she and my brother were in another room at the time, I figured it wouldn't be a breach of ettiquit (sp?) to leave the door open (although, I doubt anyone has really come up with any rules of etiquit on that type of thing). Well, luckily, she did eventually have to go to the bathroom, and must have either not known I was in the bathroom, or figured since the door was open, I was "decent". Obviously, she was surprised to see me on the toilet, and she said she was sorry. I said, "I don't mind. Anyways, I'm almost done." I was hoping she would stay, and luckily she did. I finished wiping my butt. I flushed while getting up (I know how other's feel about showing off their work, so to speak, but I didn't want to press my luck). It would have been nice if she had let me watch her, but she seemed to want me to leave before she would start. All in all, definitely a good day for me.

I agree with Andrew about this being sexual. I definately enjoy seeing/hearing a woman having a good poop. Guess I have the toilet fetish for unknown reasons. I do get turned on by hearing the sounds when I have to use a public restroom, even though its men. I absolutly prefer women. Anyway, I am reminded of an experience when I lived in Germany. I was traveling on the autobahn and stopped a rest area. This wasn't just a WC, but a full gas station and restuarant. I went to the men's room as my bowels were telling me not to waste time. Upon entering the stall I noticed something differant. The seat had a plastic cover, that you had to push a button and the old cover was replaced by a new fresh one. I did so and immediately sat down, while two other men entered the stalls on either side of me. I could hear their seat covers being changed, then you could hear the seat creaking as they sat down. I got quiet for a moment, then in sequence we all three pooped one after the other. Loud wet farting followed by several plops and couple of farts again. Then all was quite again. I grunted out a couple of smaller poops that plopped and plinked into the bowl, and my stall mates did the same. Well I couldn't leave for a few minutes as I had to relieve my arousal first. They both wiped several times, before I did the same. I continued my trip quite relaxed and with a plasent memory.

Friday, November 20, 1998

Vector>>Your post about the body builder reminds me of a magazine article I read a few years ago about Arnold Schwarzenegger (sp?), and his typical food intake during a day's time when he was in body-building shape...3 pounds of meat, 4 - 5 pounds of vegetables and fruits, 2 loaves of high-fiber bread, at least 2 dozen eggs and a gallon of milk...He must have had massive bowel movements when he went!!!

Hey, All: In reference to actresses on the toilet in movies: I can't believe anyone has mentioned the scene in the movie "Species" in which a hot chick gets seated on the pot, about to do her thing, when she gets killed seconds later, by the alien, portrayed by Natasha Henstridge. Rent the movie, you will see I'm not lying.

Lady T
Has anyone here ever flushed sanitary napkins down the toilet before? Also, does anyone know if flushing lose hair down the toilet will eventually clog it?

I've posted a few times before; I'm not really that frequent a contributor, but I have to admit I'm really turned on by this stuff. Whether the moderators of this site want to admit it or not, I think there really is a sexual component to this...what I've heard described as a "toilet fetish". Anyway, there may be some of this that I think is good (probably not clean) fun...but I think there's a lot of it that isn't. I know there isn't with me. I have some stories that I can post...but I wonder...I think that this can really hold some people back from experiencing some good things in their lives. I'm a college student, and I'm actually working on a paper right now (surfed here for a break), but I'll try to come back tomorrow. Let me know what you all think...I've been coming here for a while, so I almost feel like I "know" the people here, even if you don't know me yet. -Andrew

My first visit for two weeks -- I've been exteremely busy. So I had not seen the new picture before. Congratulations, it's a great improvement on that coy-looking Japanese girl. You really feel sorry for this girl, who must be constipated!

Jeff A, WOW!!! Not only are you talented at drawing but also at writing as well. I liked your story about Denise watching her boyfriend poop. You could easily write your own book containing pooping short stories. I hope you will contribute more of these to this forum. Renee-Anne, once again, I loved your second post about watching your friend pooping. It's unfortunate that you don't enjoy watching him though. When I watch my boyfriend, I never want it to end. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable attending your friend's shitting sessions because of the mean way your sister forced you to watch her poop when you were younger. Steph, in answer to your question, I haven't pooped in front of my boyfriend yet. Call me a coward but I am still not quite ready for that kind of uninhibited exposure yet... Bridget

Okey Jeff A, you have had your laugh, very witty indeed to post a "chatt line " . However, with respect to you, I would feel that most readers are more interested in genuine stories and experiences rather than such an obvious fantasy. When I got to the end of your posting I felt cheated and annoyed as there are plenty of "fantasy phone lines" and equivalent websites, most of which have to be paid for. This site is different in that it is free and lets people with a genuine interest in Toilet Matters freely discuss such topics and exchange their views and experiences and even get answers to their queries. Now no doubt you could counter that many of the "experiences" posted here are indeed themselves the product of a fertile imagination rather than the product of someone's bowels but they are posted as genuine and its is left to the judgement of the reader in the light of their own experience to decide as to their validity or otherwise. So, as I say Jeff, "HA! HA! HA!" but I personally would rather apparently genuine stroies were posted.

Jeff!> That sounds great man, you know, I think having a good poop has a lot to do with working out in the morning. I have only had a few morning workouts so far and I think that I have had my best dumps after those. By best I mean that I have a lot of good clean poop come out and very few complications. People who are in good shape and workout have better poops right? I am pretty small right now, but with a couple of years behind my belt and a few good training tips from you, I hope to have a better body. You said that you were 6'3" and 245. Wow, if you came up to my mini-gym that I have in the barn I might have to purchase a few more weights. Any advise for the novice work-outer? Everyone should give exercise a go, I have only really been at it for over a week but I love it. Jeff> thank you for the tip on water, I knew that it was important but I didn't know HOW important it was. If my math is right that is about eight glasses of water a day, am I right? I can do ! that! Thank you Jeff, and to everyone who has had trouble on the potty, give working out a try, it is the all-natural way to flush the body!

oooo jeff nice story and the ending was gerat too. youre sucha tease and i like the way you think hee hee. anyway i hope to read about the next day but be fair and cut that off too. and just in case im getting tons of quarters ready for next time.i had to take one of my little sisters to the potty with me i had to pee and she had to do numbers 3. hey do the math its 2 and 1 togethers hee hee.anyway i never go potty in front of anyone but we both we about to have an accident. so i sat her on her potty chair and got a kiss thank from her. and she sat and looked at me as her face showed signs of concentraion. i was kind well shy but i unbuckled my overalls its all i wear when i dont have to dress up or wear my awful uniform for school. anyway i sat down after i pulled my pampies down just like some of you only enough ot expose what needs to be exposed. i was very shaky and i bet my face was red too. i just couldnt pee with her there watching me. and i had to do it really really really bad. my sister watched me and saw me shaking and said you want me to not look. i said if its oaky with you. she smiled and said okay sister and covered her eyes while she still pushing out her poop. it was funny watching a 3 year old sitting there with here hands over her eyes pushing and pushing. i kinda giggled and that helped the pee squirt out and then just explode out of me. it felt like all the water in me was coming out. my sister was laughing a bit too as she heard me going ooooooooh ahhhhhh i really needed that. mmmmmmm. anyway after it funally stopped i wiped quickly and told her she could look now as i got dressed. she pinched her nose and said almost done pu it stinks. we both giggled as she pushed and pushed and finally with a happy sigh said all done. man you should have seen the poop she left in her potty chair. no wonder she pushed so much and was dying to poop. she going to grow up to be a big pooper like her older sister hee hee.and she was right it did stink even for a little girl. bye for now. linda

Hi, I've been coming here often but till now haven't posted because I never had my own account before. Bridget I think you and I are most alike in our interest. I love to hear a worman really have to strain and struggle to poop. The first time I ever had the opportunity was with my Mother when I was about 4. She took me to the bthroom with her, put me on my potty chair and proceeded to the toilet. She said she was constipated and put on quite a demonstration of how to get out a stubborn poop. She sat with her legs spread and her feet on tiptoes against the front of the toilet. She placed both hands around her right thigh about midway between her pubis and her knee. She took deep breath and turned red in the face as she struggled, and I do mean struggled, to go. There been talk about the sound of grunting, my Mom's were more of the Nnnnnnnnggrrrraah varity. Sometimes she's rock back and forth, other times she'd just be real still and strain. When a poop came out it would make a "plop" sound. I was hooked after that, I wanted to see every female I know do the same thing. Anyone else remember seeing a parent as the first time experience? JW

Thursday, November 19, 1998

I've had some back pain at night lately so I decided to break out the codeine tablets. They get rid of the pain and make me sleep easily but whenever I take them I get constipated and so I haven't shit in 3 days. I'm still taking a high fiber liquid similiar to metamucil and eating high fiber foods so when I do poop it will be HUGE. That's the way it always is when I take codeine. I will report back when it finally does come out.

Hi, I've been reading on this site for a long time and now I decided I should start posting. I've never had an accident, except for when I was sick, but I know a lot of great stories. I love this site because it's all good clean fun, not like all those other sites where only sick-minded people with fetishes post. I'll start poasting stories soon.. SammyShap

Jeff A.
Doorman: Thanks for the note. I would love to hear your stories. Vector: I'm glad you started working out. I lift myself. I'm 6'3" 245 lbs. I've been doing it for about 5 years, and I can highly recommend it! I prefer early morning workouts at about 5:00 am. I am in full agreement with Strongman. Water is very important. At least 64 ounces a day. I would like to offer a bit of fiction to the wonderful ladies who post here. It seems like somebody should give you gals some major tribute, because you light up this forum so much. I am very thankful that you're all here, and enjoy your posts so much, so here goes. (I'm not a writer, so forgive my errors.) "Denise woke up just a little after the alarm went off. Usually she would sleep on through, but with the new change in season, she found herself a little more sensitive to to wakefullness. Her friend John, who had been lying next to her, was gone, but the sheets were still warm from him, and the lingering scent of his cologne adorned the pillow, reminding her of the lovely man who had been holding,caressing and loving her through the night. In the hallway the yellowish glow of the bathroom light told her that he was not gone, but preparing himself for the day. She sat up a little in bed, drawing the sheet up around her neck to ward off the morning chill. She tried to listen to his activities. Would he be combing his hair, or starting a shave? or would this tall and gorgeous man, take such a quiet opportunity as to set himself upon the toilet seat, and relieve himself in the soft and comforting morning hours? Curiousity soon overcame her as she got up, and wandered into the hallway. She childishly peeked around the corner, only to find that her last suspicion was correct. He sat on the toilet, unannounced,and undisturbed. He appeared to be in the beginning stages of a movement when she approached. He looked up, embarrassed and shy, but not flinching or moving. There had always been the chance of discovery, and if this girl who was as pretty as the sunrise, could tolerate the sight of him sitting there doing his most private business, then there would be absolutely no secrets from him to her. "Hi." She said in a soft and sleepy voice. "Didja sleep OK?" At first he was a little uncomfortable, but found himself to be enjoying this new experience immensely. "Fine." he replied. She wandered in, and stood in front of the mirror as if her reflection would tell her how to begin the day. He could no longer contain his bodily needs. He knew that his only recourse would be to announce his business. "Uh,..I have to do something here, and I'm afraid that it's gonna stink, so if you want to—" She cut him off quickly. "Oh I'm sorry, it looks like your'e trying to poop, and here I stand gawking at you. I should go away and leave you alone." "No need for that." He replied. "I like having you here with me." Just then, he strained a little. "Htttttt…" She turned and looked down at him shamelessly waiting for his next move. There was a very familiar crackling sound, as fresh poop started squeezing its way out of his muscular ass. He looked a little embarrassed as the first wave began splashing its way into the toilet. "Pllllp-ploop-pluuup-ssspplttt-fllllppp-pluuuuup!" She became aware of her own body, as parts of her sprouted to attention over this private and masculine little ceremony. This was the first time she'd ever seen a man doing a number two, and though he was right in his warnings of smell, she was remembering the soft and sweet smell of his cologne mixed with body sweat from the night before. This memory served as an umbrella to mask what few uncomfortable natural odors were eminating from him now. His whole body seemed hard, but pure. Even his morning beard growth along the sides of his face seemed momentarily fascinating to her as his head leaned forward. She could hear the distinct sounds of more poop slowly squeezing out, and felt a slight shameful blush lurking behind a veil of excitement, as she watched him performing his bodily functions. She knew full well that this was a private thing, but couldn't help watching anyway. She found herself reaching a state of arousal unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. As he finished, he made a slight joke of his performance, and she attempted a sincere and polite smile that had been trespassed by uncontrollable desire. He knew her smile to be manufactured and he was enjoying her new nervousness. There was something that hadn't been discussed or even considered by either of them before. A certain "naughtiness" both new and deliberate to their relationship which served as a solid foundation for future adventures not yet dreamed of. The truth was there for both to see. On this day, a certain knowing between a man and a woman was shared that was as common and joined as the rivers are to the oceans. He considered wiping himself slowly, and assuredly, still a little uncertain of his next move, taking in check her every expression. He felt that she desperately wanted to look into the bowl, for surely from the sounds, he had laid a massive effort to float before her very eyes. He knew it was to be a stand up wipe. As he did, Denise couldn't help but look into the water. This was her first encounter with a man and his bathroom habits. Her own delicate and private poops were to be no match for what had fallen out him. She stared, unabashed, at what could only have been the --—PLEASE DEPOSIT 25 CENTS….YOUR TIME IS UP. PLEASE DEPOSIT 25 MORE CENTS…" Sorry Ladies!!! bye all! (P.S.-the next day he ends up watching her!)

Wednesday, November 18, 1998

Joe B
Preggy I enjoy your posts so much. Please keep them comming. I'm glad to hear you can poop again. The big poops are so wonderful. I eat lots of fiber anyway, but usually dont have really big poops. I've tried using fiber laxatives to increase the size of my poops. That increases the volume of poop, but the turds are soft and not like a really big natural poop. I never read or do anything else while i'm on the toilet. I prefer to concentrate on enjoying my pooping.

Today I was In my last period study hall and this boy(10th grade) Is always acting up and the instructor(teacher) was on the Internet and wanted to show him a web-site about Thanksgiving and he's not to Intrested and he says I rather be sitting on the toilet taking a crap and smoking. I thought this was funny.

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