Wow, I have read a lot of very impressive posts in here and I am glad to be a part of all of this. Everyone is a part, they just don't know it. From the shy girl who rips out a fart in the classroom and turns red to the not nearly so shy person with their but hung out over a rock dumping away. We all have to go, it's just the way we go which makes us who we are. I will have a story for you later. I did have a strange post for you though. Your post about a bodybuilder (whoever posted that, my memory is off today, I will give you credit when I find that post) was what jogged my memory. I was in a study cubical with a short black female, maby only about 5'3", however she was probably 150lbs. because she was a discus champ in high school. She was pretty farmiliar to the weight room. Which is cool because I am quite interested in it myself. I have just started working out this fall, I love it. I am 6'2" and 180lbs. When I get some muscle I hope to be about 210-220 somewhere like that. Anyway she told me to close the door and put the "occupied- do not disturb" sign out. I had known her only for a week but I thought she wanted me to talk in privite to her about somthing. No sooner than I had shut the door and sat down, she told me she had really bad gas and that I might want to leave her alone, I told her I needed to study and that I wanted to talk to her some more so that I would take my chances. "ok" she said in a way that lead me to believe that I was doing somthing risky. I went and sat down beside her again. She leaned towards me and arched her large bottom in the other direction and put her hand on my shoulder. EEERRRRRRRRIIIP! A blast of loud gas left her butt cheaks and she exhailed. "It's not over" she said. WHIIISSSSSSSSS, ERRRRRRRIP!! She rendered more evil wind and then with a ahhhhhhhh! she said oh my. I'm sorry. Don't worry about it. I asked her if she had to poop. She told me not yet so we went on about our studing. It was awfully hard to study in that little room with all that stink in the air. It smelled like she haddn't farted in a year. She asked me after we got thru studing if she could come over to my house and study sometime. I said yes. (My brother is sure to leave us alone if she were to fart a couple of times in my room like that) I would be very interested in seeing her poop because she eats so damn much food. When we eat lunch together in the lunch hall she has two large meats, usually fish and beef or chicken, rice, beans, squash, potatoes, black eyed peas or what ever type of vegetables are in the pea area, lots of bread, water, and sometimes a energy bar, she also takes protien tabs and drinks alot of juces. She eats like three times what I do, but she packs on the mussles! And she eats like that four times a day!!! I would be interested in seeing how much poop could come out of her! Well, that is all for now -Vector

Well, I guess I'll never fuss about the electric dryer in the gas station bathroom again! I recently had to pee real bad and poop as well. I decided to pump my gas first, pay for it, then take a relaxing toilet break. But Nature had different ideas. Before I could get through the cash line, the leaking started. By the time I could reach the toilet the front of my jeans were soaked with piss and it was starting to run down my legs. I was still pissing in my pants as I sat down and the poop was already starting. Fortunately my pants escaped that part of the disaster but they were soaking wet. What to do???? Hmmm... I ;looked over at the electric hand dryer on the wall and got an idea. Pure genius! I pulled them off and dried them right there. Then a knock at the door. Ten minutes later (and 20 cycles of the drying machine) I emerged with dry pants to meet another customer who looked very annoyed at having to wait so long. Hope he didn't have to wear out the dryer too!

Hi, here I am again. PREGGY: I liked your text about fibers. It is not only satisfying to have big dumps, a high fiber-intake is also very good for your health. Keep on eating much fiber. But don't forget to drink a lot of water because you could get an ugly constipation if you don't do so. You will not only have a daily poop, if you eat enough fibers. If I do eat much of them I have about three big dumps every day - especially one in the morning, one after lunch and one in the evening. Also I would be interested to know how long and wide (probably how heavy) your turds are. Probably you could make a photo.

Mod Joe
BrentC. I think that's a good idea.You should try vet-0lys in the evening to make it happen. The following is my bad Ex-Lax experience. It was winter about six years ago. I lived up North back then. Anyway, I was really constipated. I mean nothing would budge. I had not pooped in about six days. Needless to say I wasn't feeling too good. I decided to take some Ex-Lax for relief. I took the day off from work because I knew I'd need to stay near the toilet...something I couldn't do at the office. I took the laxative and sat back and waited. And waited. Nothing happened. Late in the afternoon my boss called ands said he couldn't find anyone to replace me. So I got dressed and started off for work. It was snowing that day, and traffic was at a stand still, but I still had not even a hint of an urge to poop. So I patiently sat in the traffic. I waited, and without thinking I farted...big mistake. Poop squirted right into my underwear. Now I NEEDED to go! The cramps were intense. My guts were really churning. I clamped my butthole tight and squirmed in my seat. After about fifteen minutes I made it to the exit, pulled into a friendly Burger King and made a dash to the restroom. Praying I did have a brown stain for all to see, I made it to the toilet and exploded. What a load. Carefully I removed my jeans so the poop in my briefs didn't spread around onto them. I tossed the underwear and cleand up with wet t.p. Luckily there was no bleed through onto my pants. And I felt much, much better. I went to the office and worked the entire shift. What a trip...I vowed to never use a laxative again...and haven't. That's my story and every word is true. Carlos and Brent, keep us updated on the latest poop.

hi.had to poop when i woke up this morning while my cousin was getting ready and taking a bath. i came in a and said my going to poop. he poked his head otu and said okay. i unbuttoned the trap dorr flap on my pjs and sat down.for once i decided to just go and not fight it.first i peed a while while sitting with my head resting on my hands. i yawned as i felt the poop starting to poke out. i just let it come.slowly it came out nothign soecial it was just plain old smmoth easy to come out poop. but it still felt came out with a plop and then some gas came out. just then my ???? gurgled and i knew something was up. i stopped for a minute and walked over and turned the fan on. hey i didnt want to kill my poor cousin he didnt do anything. anyway i sat back down as my ???? rummbled again and then suddenly tons of poop came out. it was mushy like when i eat too much watremelon. but i did eat some so i guess thats just kept coming and i was making tons of noise. my cousin poked his head out of the shower and said you okay. i turned around and said yup just having a good poop and giggled. i didnt want him to worry. so he smiled and poked his head back in. after a while of passing poop and gas. it stopped and i felt lots better. i got some paper and wiped my front and it took 6 papers to clean my tushy. i buttoned up my flap and felt oh so much better. i didnt flush cause well the water in the shower changes temperature when you do that so i wash my face and flushed it when he got out and i got into the shower. has that happened to anyone else. have you had normal poop come out then a wave of losse poop. it kind freaked me out but hey poop is poop and at least it wasnt an upset tuumy. i hate that cause you poop forever. oh amy i would love to see you poop. just thought id say it.well i did cause well i think its cool that youre brave enough to let others see. me i coudlnt. a girl like me needs to be alone with her thought if you know what i mean. hee hee. bye. linda

hi. gee preggy now you know how i feel when i poop.i hate pooping and hold it but boy does it feel good when it does come.i sit on the potty shaking cause im still holding it. and fianlly when i feel like im going to die. i let it come. slowly it comes out very wide like yours and very long too.ooooo i feel it come out and then plop as another one starts coming out very slowly and plop and the last one is always small and goes plip in the potty. whew i feel better now and take a long pee. um has anyone out there had to go very very bad and just as they are about to get to the potty they ahve to freeze in their tarcks because it feels like if they take another step it will come out. i get that alot but somehow make it. one time when my cosuin was sick of his ???? and could not get off the potty i really ahd to poop and it was coming out. i got some newspapers and put them on the floor and aaaahhhhh let it come out on the paper. felt kin funny but at least i did it my pooor cosuin got to see it come out but i doubt he was watching. i didnt squat i just bent over a bit and let it slide out and boy a lot of them did slide out.oh um amy were you not embaraased to have your boyfriend there while you wrer pooping badly. i would be but thats me. oh and i would like to see you poop. but i know i cant. bye for now all. oh and high to everyone who reads my stories. i hope to do lots more.linda

Tuesday, November 17, 1998

Blue Flame
I'm the Blue Flame. I was the one who posted the story with me and a co worker (now my GF) at a local grad party. I stupidly left my name off of my posting. Oh well. I felt that I should post again...I've had some interesting things happen. My co worker called me the next day after that party and thanked me for all I did for her. (apparently she remebered it all) and she invited me over to her place. We sat for a bit until she mentioned that she need to use the bathroom. As she walked out of the room she turned, grinned, and asked if I wanted to come! It was almost like she read my mind. So I sat on the tub and watched her go. She let a few farts and pushed out her load. One loud sploosh and a few tiny plips in the bowl. I got quite a rise out is it...and she could see that I was turned on. She wiped and pulled up her pants and panties. Then she lead me out and over to the sofa. We talked for a long time and I relised that I do have a bit of a liking for this sort of thing (duh!) and she liked that because she loved to have people watch her. Especially someone she liked a lot :) And a relationship was born! So with my intrest in the subject I figure that this is a good place for me to be. I hope I'm welcome! G'nite all ps. the one posting under Amy. I would be interested in pictures of you pooping!

Had an excellent outdoor dump on Sunday. Had headed away for a few days R&R, but as usual - being away from home tends to throw the system out of timing. Had a bit of driving to do and on way home felt a bit uncomfortable. Wife wanted to get some river stones for the garden so I found a suitable area to stop and collect some. The urge was suddenly to great to ignore until I got home and there were plenty of bushes alongside the river bank. My wife had a box of tissues in the car so these would come in handy and I left her rock hunting and went to get them. However another car arrived with a solo female driver, about 30ish, and she stopped quite close, got out and lay down for a rest in the sun. She watched me get the tissues out of the car and stuff them in my pocket and flashed me a knowing smile. I walked off into the bushes and went quite a way from her until I found a suitable spot. There I dropped my shorts and crouched in an area of long grass surrounded by bushes with a suitable branch for holding onto. This was necessary as the grass was so long I had to hold myself up about 2 feet off the ground. As I began to let nature take it's course I was wondering if I was being watched, but I was at the point of no return by this stage and despite feeling quite vulnerable, decided to relax and enjoy it. I produced a very long log which broke off before I could finish, and followed it with a couple of smaller ones. They all felt very good and I was thoroughly enjoying the experience. I cleaned up and made my way back to the car leaving the still air with the solid smell of a good dump. I hadn't been followed - but the woman by the car gave me another knowing smile, which I returned. I washed my hands in the river and loaded the rocks into the car before driving off. Sure enough - in the rear vision mirror was the woman making her way into the area I had just been. I am sure she would have been impressed.

preggy: Why can't you push? That's strange because of all the books on pregnancy and childbirth I've read, nothing in anyone of them said anything about pushing out poop. Do you even try to push?

Hello. I'm new to this forum and I love it. I like hearing about wetting accidents. I have like a bladder of steel. I have never had a wetting accident except the time I wet my bed when I was four years old but I guess that's pretty normal. I'm going to start posting accidents that I witnessed or heard about, which aren't many. When I was in kindergarden, a girl that I lived by that was in my class wet her panties right after school. My mom picked her up that day and gave her one of my underwear.

Why amy, it is down-right decent of you to offer such a chance, and may I be the first to say that I'd be quite pleased to view an attractive woman defecating, so this is answer of 'yes' to your question. -G

Ami: I would certainly love to see you poop, and yes I think it does make a girl more attractive. I can imagine how your boyfriend felt.

i love pooping. 45 mins to an hour every morning and then in the evening about an hour after dinner. it's like having that after dinner coffee or cigarette! growing up, my mom used the bathroom off of my parents bedroom while dad shared the one at then end of the hall with my brother and me. neither one was shy about sitting on the can taking a poop with the door open (across from my room) since mom hardly went down there. i tried closing the door when i had to poop but i always got interrupted by my brother or my dad for one reason or another. yes, i'm not shy about pooping in front of others since i was more or less forced into it as a kid. in the winter, i would try to take a poop after one of them just finished 'cause the seat was nice and warm. i then started to look forward to pooping with their poop smell still in the air. i like pooping in a public mensroom so i can enjoy that smell again of another man's poop while getting to listen to the actual act. plus, i like for strangers to listen and smell me take my dump. guess i'm rambling.

Mod Joe-- Thanks for the input on enemas. I also greatly appreciate the input from Carlos and Thom. I have definitely decided to give an enema a try the next time I am terminally constipated. I don't want to do it very often because I want to avoid becoming dependent like Carlos did in high school. I'll let everyone know how it goes. Meanwhile I'll keep grunting, straining and farting, helped along by the old dulcolax suppository on occasion, in an attempt to keep things moving. Mod Joe, I would really like to meet since we both live in Houston. Any ideas about how we could do that? Same for you Carlos. I'm in Dallas all the time. Matt-- How about a another post on your dumps with the glycerin suppositories. Do you still have to strain and push?

Donny- those bathrooms sounded really cool. Wow zero privacy, I am impressed. My recent bout with diarreha nearly made me lose my interest in watching people and having people watch me in the bathroom. Notice is said NEARLY!!!! Diarreha is much worse than constipation because i missed 3 days of work. Does anyone have an opinion on whats worse? The first time i used a doorless stall in high school i was really nervous. I had my underwear and pants as high up as i could. I just tried to make it appear i was just sitting down. Ignore the fact that i was making huge poop and making a tremendous stink. Just pretend nothing is happening. Its strange cuz the first time my girlfriend watched me poop i was really nervous also. Strange isn't it, my dream came through and i was nervous. The first time i watched her poop was pure excitement though. I will describe when i have more time. Peace to all of you!!!!

Well, today I had the most embarrassing moment of my life....OK, so it wasn;t as embarrassing as some of the stories on here, but itwas embarrassing for me. I was at school, and at lunch my friends and I all went to the canteen to buy our lunch. My friend bough quite a large lime softdrink. When she was taking a drink I said something which I hadn't intended to be funny, but she started laughing for some reason and sprayed green drink all over me! I then started laughing really hard, and it wasn't until then that I realised I was BURSTING to do a pee. I had been faintly aware that I had to go but figured I could wait till I got home as I can wait almost forever when I have to pee. But here I was laughing REALLY hard and I was suddenly painfully aware of my urge. I crossed my legs and dpooubled over, desperately attempting to hold it. Then my friends noticed this and laughed at me and made me laugh more and more until I felt a spurt come out. I said in a panic "guys, I really have to go to the toilet" and tried to run off, but running just made it worse and I peed totally in my pants, leaving a trail behind me. I was SOOOO HUMILIATED!!!!! Luckily I was wearing a dress and didn't get that wet, but I had to take off my panties and leave them in the bathroom, and make sure I didn't open my legs the rest of the day.

Donny: This might interest you. I was shopping one time and had to go poop. I went into the mens room and into the stall. While I was in the stall, another person came in and used the urinal then exited. The entrance door that swings closed after a person goes through the door was broken. So when the guy left, the door remained open. Noone could see anything but my feet because I was in a stall. But, the stall was the kind with the door located not in front but to the side of the toilet. If you wanted to, you could see me through the crack of the door. I was stranded. All the shoppers could see my feet and maybe more as they walked by. Finally, an employee closed the door. How embarassing, but exciting! I also work in a department store. ( a different one) The public restrooms are located in the front of the store. The employee restrooms are located in the back of the store. I work in the back of the store. So, I use the employee restrooms. I had to go take a dump last night at work. Every time I went to use the bathroom, the one stall that is in the employees restroom was occupied. I tried to go before I clocked in...Busy. Sometime before lunch...Busy. Again before my second break...BUSY! I finally got to go six hours after I origanally had to go. Luckily, I didn't have to go too bad or I would've used the customer restroom up front.

Hi, I can poop again!!! I've decided to increase the amount of fibers I eat, so I've doubled the amount of the "all-bran" I eat and started to eat an apple a day... In the past 4 days I've had some very satisfying poops... Those fibers also increase the volume of my poops, so they are so BIG. I can't describe how much I enjoy it when I feel this pressure on my anus and just sit there and wait for my thick, solid (yet soft) turds to slide out. They are very wide, and it takes them a while to get out. I can't push them because of my belly, so I just have to sit and wait until they drop. They slide very slowly, and all of this time my rectum is out, very streched, and it's a bit painfull, but only a little bit. When my turds finally drop, my rectum is either starting to pass another long wide and satisfying turd, or it just shrinks immediately and gives me a pleasures tingle. After I'm done, I feel light and empty... It's just great!! I enjoy pooping very much. When I poop, I don't do anything else, like reading, I just sit with my eyes closed, and concentrate. I imagine my turd as it slides out, and listen to sounds my body makes. It is a very sensual experience. Hope my pooping continues on a daily basis, as it is now, and I hope my turds will continue to be so thick and long as they are now, so I can really feel them slide out, and really get a strong sharp relief after I defecate....

Monday, November 16, 1998

Mod Joe
BrentC, I have found an enema works for me when battling constipation. They're fast, get the job done, and with no ugly surprises like a laxative. I've had a couple of bad Ex-Lax experiences in the past and refuse to use them again. I know a lot of people don't like using an enema, but they aren't that bad. I'll get the bag out two or three times a month for a good clean out. Also, there is not much straining . . . everything comes out in several good blasts with the water. Obviously, enemas may not be a solution for everyone (they can be messy), but for me they do the trick, and I don't have to hang around the house all day just to be close to a toilet, as with a laxative. Brent, they're a good way to get unplugged quickly when you're really hurting. I hope to see more posts from you and Carlos and others with our problem.

Stan: I can remember when I was at school the toilets were not too clean and the seats seemed virtually unusable. There were clean toilets however in the changing rooms, but there was only a small partition at the side of each toilet and no privacy doors. I suppose being a changing area with showers people were walking around undressed anyway, so this could have been why they were designed like that. I usually tried to plan my toiletry visits outside of school time but I can remember one time when I did need to go one morning, and it seemed too long to wait until 4 o'clock. I walked into the changing room and it was empty, I had never used those toilets before and hesitated while deciding whether to use them or not. I decided I might as well get it over and done with quickly and just hoped for luck that nobody came in. I pulled my trousers and underpants down and sat on one of the toilets, I kept my underpants up to the edge of the seat to try and maintain some dignity. I remember straining hard to try and get out of there quickly but there is these situations where you cannot then go but have to wait until nature takes its course. I heard the doors swing open and a lot of noise, it was a class then coming in to get changed for sports lessons. They all appeared to glance at me and I felt really stupid sitting there, I felt the best thing to do was to carry on and not try to show my embarrassment. After I had finished in the toilet I needed to get up and wipe myself but boys kept walking up to the stand up urinals for a pee. They were only a few feet away from me at that time so I stayed on the seat until they had all finished. As soon as they walked away I quickly tore off some toilet roll and wiped myself, I don't think I did it properly that time but just wanted to get out. It seemed a really humiliating experience at the time but when thinking back on it later I had the urge to do it again, but subsequent times didn't seem so bad after getting over the shock of doing it once.

Olivia, there are several things you can try. A plain water enema, using a relatively small amount of plain, warm water to avoid discomfort, would probably be best. You definitely want to avoid any harsh laxatives, although your doctor may be able to prescribe a mild one. Or, just try a glycerine suppository, put it up your butt with a small amount of vaseline. Let us know how everything comes out. Good luck.

One high school that I went to had NO privacy in some of the BOYS bathrooms. Both the stall doors and walls had fallen to vandalism way before I got there, and with the restroom door open, you had a perfect side view of the toilets and urinals in plain view. In fact, if you neglected to flush, a person in the hall could even see the shit in the toilet! At the beginning of the year, people were shy about using them, but as time went on, some of us got used to it. Eventually I sat on the toilets almost daily, and at busy times many girls out in the hallway got to see me on the toilet. One girl that I knew told that she saw me one time, and many people talked about seeing people on the toilet. It got to be kind of fun. Like I mentioned before, I volunteered to clean the bathrooms after school and got to see girls on the toilet many times, which was way more fun than picking stuff out of the urinals.

hi, my name is amy. i normally don't like poop, but my boyfriend loves it. the other day i pooped in front of him for the first time. i had severe diarreah or i wouldn't have let him be there in the first place. i sat down on the toilet and farted loudly. (by the way...i am 23f/5"5 and 112lbs.). i pooped more than i have pooped in my life. my boyfriend was very intrigued. he acted as if he had never seen a woman poop before which is very possible. i would like to think that i am attractive, i did do some modelling when i was fourteen. let me know if you're interested in seeing me poop. i have several pictures....erica.

Bryian, I have been in the toilet doing a motion when the fire alarm went off. This happened about 10 years ago before I started my own business and was working in the IT department of a large company. I had felt the need to do as motion and had gone to the Gent's Toilet. I had taken down my trousers and knickers (I also like to snap the elastics at the waist and legs when I pull them down and again when I pull them up when I have finished just like Stan. I picked this habit up as a kid from my Aunt Helen who always did this and I copied her). Anyway, I was sitting there with a nice big solid jobbie slowly liding out of my back passage and just as it fell into the pan with a loud Kur-Sploonk" the fire alarm went off. At first I thought it was a drill, but then one of the other blokes came into the toilet and shouted that there was a real fire and to come out straight away. I gave my bum a quick wipe and came out. It turned out that some idiot had dropped a smouldering cigarette (they still allowed smoking in offices in those days)into a waste bin full of paper and the smoke had set off the alarms. Afterwards I went back to the toilet to ensure I had wiped my bum properly but found that someone else was already in the cubicle I had used. I hope they enjoyed seeing the big fat turd I had dropped. Moira has also been caught out in the toilet when in Court there was a bomb scare a few years ago (thankfully a false alarm). Again she had just dropped her jobbie when the alarm went and in her case a policewoman opened the door of the cubicle while she was pulling up her knickers and very politely and apologetically insisted in escorting her safely out of the building. Moira was more amused than upset about this but was concerned that a real bomb had been planted. Luckily there wasn't, it was a false alarm.

To reply to Nicola, I too have been stimulated to defecate by hearing others doing so and both Moira and I will often have a motion just after hearing and seeing the other doing so and this was the same when I was a kid and heard either my Aunt Helen doing a good big jobbie with a "ker-sploonk! or one of my cousins Nicky or Debbie doing theirs . As to unusual stimuli the only one I can think of was when at school we used to have choir practice at some lunchtimes. I used to stay for school meals and often needed a motion after eating, which is a perfectly normal event. We used to sing "Greensleaves" every time as one of our songs usually towards the end of the practice when I would go to the toilet and do my jobbie before classes began again. I found that often if I heard that tune I would feel the familiar movement in my ????, and go for a motion although this has diminished over the years. It didnt make the matter urgent and what I passed was good and solid but this tune did act as a stimulus. I also once spoke to a chap who found that looking at a road map made him want to defecate. He was a commercial traveller and I assume he used to look at such maps and street plans for Public Toilets and this was an association of ideas.

hi. to bryian um no they dont take roll unless well one time they did cause the fire cheif was there and we wanted to show how quickly and good we were at exiting th school is a christian school and well i guess they trust as and well geez were kids and dont make much trouble. well not the girls anyway. but some teachers do. its not something all teachers do since well our teacher gives us rewards if we leave and stay in line and get out fast. so i guess she thinks that enough to get us to behave and come out. but i guess i was just lucky but im never really lucky all the i never get scared of a fire driil because i have a quick pee only and never poop at school and i usually wait till theres someone in our bathroom so they will let me go and use the one in the hall.alone at last i say. as i go to the first stall and lock it. i fight with my hose for a bit then finally they give up and come down. then my pampies like good pamies come doe with one tug. i pick up the back of my unifrom skirt and sit. boy are the seats in the hall bathroom cold. sometimes i think my tushie will freeze and stick to it sometimes.i then relax and then i get a tckle feeling and then it comes out. my poor bladder lets out all the gallons i drank up until then. while im peeing i get some paper and hold on to it for a while. uh oh theres the fire drill i better hurry up. i qucik wipe and i start getting dressed. and my hose fight to get on to. i never win with them. then i dont flush i just take off to catch up with my class. my teacher if she sees me says nothing causes she just glad i caught up and tried to make it to the fire drill. the poor girl that was in our bathroom poor thing is running behind fixing stuff under her dress turning red. hee hee. sorry but i had to explain in detail so you would see what i meant that im not afraid of being caught on the potty during a fire driil. bye for now everyone and thanks you any of you who write to me about anything. i like getting responese. bye. linda

I just took a wicked dump in the university library. I really needed to go and was glad to see that the other stall was occupied. As I was taking down my pants, the guy next door was farting away. I sat down and immediately had a real power dump, accompanied by bowl reverberating farts. The guy next door giggled. "I really needed that" I said. "Me too" he replied as he farted again and unloaded what sounded like very soft shit. "I coulldn't hold it much longer" I said to him and he laughed in response. He finished up, while I was still pushing out some small pieces of shit, no doubt remnants of my big explosion. It was the biggest dump I have taken in a while; a huge pile of soft shit was in the toilet bowl. The other guy flushed twice and left, leaving me to do a massive clean-up. Matt, regarding "relieving yourself manually", why don't you do it while you're taking your morning dump? As long as the stalls have doors, you have total privacy. I bet that many of us here do the same thing while we're enjoying a good dump. I'm glad you're feeling more comfortable going in the students' union building. Now try and graduate to the dorms. How about going when you're roommate goes? I know you don't like going around someone you know, but you should start with someone. It could turn into a good buddy dumping experience. Jeff A, great picture. I'm sure many girls and guys would love to see your self-portrait. In the name of equality, it's time we had a guy up there anyway!

I'm a sportive guy (18 years old) and I go jogging some days a week. Ans sometimes, a girl (about the same age as me) accompanies me because she goes runnig once a week. Most of the other days she does other trainig. She is a bodybuilder. She ist about 5'10" and about 200 lbs, but not fat - all is muscle. That's whe she's eating all day to get enough energy. One day, we were jogging again. It was a bit cold and there only a few people. After we have walked about 25 minutes, she told me, that she needs toilet. But we knew, there wasn't any. So we went some meters away from the path - nobody could see us now. Then she pulled down her trousers and I saw her BIG ass. It was really big. One buttock of hers was as big as the whole bottom of another person - or even bigger. He gluteal muscle was really enormous. Now, she squatted down and I held her. Then she started to pee. When she was ready, a loud fart came out of her asshole. It enlargened slowly and then I saw the beginning of a turd. It was nearly 2 inches wide. And after some minutes, about 8 inches of its length hang out of her ass. Then she pressed a little bit and it fell down. Now I looked down and I guess the weight of the turd was at least 2 pound. I said to her: "That was really a big thing!" But she replied:"That was just normal. I do have such dumps three times a day, and in the morning they're sometimes bigger". Now I know, why I like female bodybuilders so much. They eat sooo much. And all the eating wants to go out... to Marc: I liked your story of the woman doing her bm (14" long and 2.5" thick) outdoors very much; I would be really happy if you would haven taken a picture of the turd. Outdoors, nobody will see you taking a picture.

Sunday, November 15, 1998

Hi everyone. When i was in high school 2 of the buildings had stalls on the bathrooms doors but the one builing had doorless stalls. The bathrooms with doors were always so filthy and smelly. Everyone pooped in them. Everyday after lunch i had poop. I always chose to poop in the bathrooms with doorless stalls because surprisingly those bathrooms were totally clean. There were 2 doorless stalls positioned so that when someone walked into the bathroom they walked right past you sitting on the toliet pooping. The first time someone saw me sitting on the toliet i was so humilated but in time i became use to it. I had no choice, i had to poop and i did not want to poop in those filthy bathrooms. I dropped my pants down to just below my knees so people got the chance to see quite a bit of me. Eventually it was no big deal and i really liked it a lot. Only a few times did i ever see anyone else poop in that bathroom. My question to the forum is this. Would you rather poop in a stall that was filthy that had a door or a doorless stall that was super clean? BTW the last 2 days i have had horrible diarreha. My girlfriend usually watches me poop but i need total privacy for these bowel movements. I feel so sick hopefully i feel better soon. Take care everyone.

Hi guys! Jeff A., I LOVE your illustration of that girl on the toilet. You have a lot of talent!! :) Renee-Anne, yes, I do remember you from when you posted under "Silent Spice." To Renee-Anne and Bridget, awesome posts about watching your male friends taking a dump. If you don't mind me asking, would (either of) you let your friend watch you go to the bathroom? I'll write some more whan I have some time. In the meantime, peace everyone. I love you guys, Steph

To Linda: Im replying to your lastest post about having to poop at school. Im a 17 year old male In 11th grade. When you had the fire drill wouldn't the teacher take roll? The teachers at my school a requried to take roll. Has any one who went to school had to go the bathroom (#1 or #2) and did n't want to go because you were afraid there would be a fire drill? To Renee-Anne: Great story about your Male friend. To Gerald: Haven't you posted that story before about the nurse? Today In one of my classes the teacher/students were talking about peeing accidents. Thats Unusal.

To Nicola: A pooping stimulant that has always worked on me and that works also with my wife when she complains about constipation is...a good cigarette. I am not advocating smoking, but it really has an effect. Coffee has been reported by some people here to be working as well. It is true that it's been a LONG while since I have not posted (either nothing to report, or too lazy), but I read posts everyday. Philippe.

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