To Crimson: Yes I remember using a recirculating toilet like the one you describe. It was a few years ago, not long after we got married, and we were on a canal boating holiday with some friends. The first thing I recall is that there wasn't much privacy. The loo was in the middle of the boat, and if you used it when the engine wasn't running, everyone on board could hear what you were doing. My evening poo, after dinner was always after we had tied up for the night, and rather than subject people to the ordeal of listening to my noises I would warn them that I was about to pay a visit. The odd thing is I don't remember hearing anyone else having a poo (plenty of pee noises of course). I guess the others did theirs while the engine was running, out of modesty. The loo pan itself was surprisingly shallow and I remember looking down the first time I did a poo in it, and I could see the flap actually pushed open by the tip of the poo while it was still coming out of my bum. Then when the poo dropped there would be a "clunk" as the flap sprang back at the same time as the splash as the poo dropped into the tank. The hole wasn't particularly large and I think some of my poos only just fitted through it. Halfway through the week we had to have the whole thing pumped out, and that smelt really gross!

I enjoyed reading your account of your Sunday morning plop Nicola, and wish I could have been there to listen. I had a good one at work the other day. When I want to go at work ( I work on a really large site ), I usually go to the toilet at the staff training centre. This has the advantage of being pretty anonymous, and also it is really quiet, you can hear everything. When it drops, the wood floor seems to give a slight vibration. I went in to the middle cubicle ( there are three ), and the next one was occupied, with the sound of the flushed chain dying away as the occupier must have just finished. As it went quieter I was taking my trousers down, and then my underpants with a snap of elastic. It was really quiet now, and I dropped three really loud "KERPLONK"s, with a sigh of relief after each one. My neighbour seemed to delay going, so perhaps he had enjoyed the listen.

Sorry for the delay in replying Tony. I first developed my interest in listening to people having a good plop, and also letting people listen to me when I was about 13. The idea just came into my head all at once, so I went out to a large old fashioned public convenience. I remember feeling strangely exposed as I sat there, and there was a draught blowing, as I did about seven plops. I've never really fancied watching, or being watched, only listening and being listened to. I've never fancied listening to family members( other than wife ), or males that I know. Before my wife, I had a girl friend who I used to listen to, and try and arrange that she heard me on occasions.
Whilst working at a holiday camp some years ago, I inadvertantly walked in to the ladies. I soon realised my mistake as ladies came in, and I enjoyed listening to them weeing. I decide to sit tight until everything went quiet and I could make my exit, when I heard a girl outside say to her friend, "I'm just going to the toilet". She enterd a cubicle, and I heard her take her knickers down. There was a loud fart, and then a long weeing sound. There was a silence for about a minute, and then I heard three plops. I could then hear her wiping her bum with the hard toilet paper, and then silence again. I then heard another three plops, which was surprising because I find that once paper is down it usually stops the plopping sounds. I hear her wiping once more, and as she was doing so her friend came in and said "I've come to keep you company". She should have come in earlier, she missed the best part.

hello it linda again.gee jasmine you seem to be the only one here who has had the horrible feeling of poop trying to push out of you on your way to the potty. i would love to hear that stroy of yours from begining to end if you would not mind telling it to me. hi jim glad you liked the story i put you in i promise to do it real soon but hey how about putting me in a story of yours. i would really like that. hmm someone wanted to hear a story about pants wetting well i have one sort happened last winter and well i hate winter cause i have to waer lots of clothes and well its harder for you to go to the potty. well i had to make kiki very bad. that is what i call pee but i never wrote it cause well you would not know what i was talking about. anyway i ran to the potty and undid my belt then pulled my pants down, then tugged my leggings down and sat down and felt gallons of pee come out. but it felt funny kinda warm and wet. then i moved my shirt and ack i left my pampies on. i was in such a hurry that i forgot to tak them down too. i could not stop so i just sat there and let my bladder empty itself and i was crying a bit. i was at my grandmas house and soon my cousin knocked at the door. i told him to come in and i told him everything while trying not to cry. he said it was okay and took off my pants and leggings and finally took off my wet pampies and washed them good in the sink. he gave me some wet ones to wipe myself and i did cleam myself lots because i didnt want miss anything. anyway mike said i could wear my leggings with pampies and only he and i would know. i pulled them on and it felt funny cause they clinged close to my body and the shape of my tushy was showing. anyway i put my pants on. and he got a towel and wrapped up my pampies and made off with them. i lucky to have someone like him because i have had accidents before and if it wasnt for him i would have got in a lot of trouble. bye for now.linda

Movie Fan
To the person who mentioned "Ally mcBeal", I've been watching that show regularly, but for the most part, the bathroom scenes are pretty mild. Several people of both sexes have been shown sitting on the toilet, but I haven't seen any actual reference to females shitting. What episode was that? And which woman was it? I did see the recent episode where Georgia was sitting on the toilet reading the newspaper (shown above the waist only), but there was no explicit reference to what she was doing. At one point a frog crawled out of the toilet and scared her into leaving the stall. I assume, like most people, she would had her pants pulled down when she was sitting, but by the time she got out of the stall, she was fully dressed. Not very realistic. Also, when the frog was shown coming out of the water, you could see the water in the bowl was clean. As far as I can recall, none of the Ally shows have actually made specific reference to a female shitting or even farting. They're a little more explicit with respect to the men and what they do (one episode you could clearly hear Cage peeing; in another one, Fish clearly had to shit), but I'm more interested in the women. So far, I haven't seen any direct reference to a woman shitting. If anyone knows of an episode like this (which perhaps I missed), please post the info here!

Nicola>>Yes, I have been stimulated to take a dump by suggestion...I can remember a couple of times my dad saying he had to go "sit" for awhile, and then when he left for the bathroom, I then felt the urge to go...Fortunately, we had a house with two bathrooms at the time...

Saturday, November 14, 1998

Hi everyone I'm a 19/f pregnant and hadn't poop for a week is there anything I can take to help me poop?

Jeff A, i knew it was you who had submitted that drawing. I was looking forward to seeing your artwork on here ever since you had mentioned it. The drawing of you pooping and looking in the mirror, sounds quite intriguing. You said nobody would want to see it but I sure do!!! Renee-Anne, yes I remember you. Weren't you the one that went by the nickname Silent Spice??? Anyways, I really enjoyed your post about watching your friend taking a shit. I can't believe you didn't want to look into the toilet to see the remarkably huge pile that he had passed. That is truly the most perfect ending to the greatest opportunity!! It was interesting to read how he measured every piece of his poop. I hope you will post some more stories about your friend if ever you accompany him to the toilet the next time he goes. Obviously, the posts I enjoy the most are the ones like these, which involve toilet experiences between boyfrinds/girlfriends, husbands/wives such as George and Moira and every other couple on here.

Cool picture Jeff A! Im glad you remember me. Oh and btw the guy isnt my boyfriend hes just a guy friend. His name is Brian by the way. I told you guys I would tell you what else happens with him and I will when if I ever see him go. I did today but my sister is near by and I dont want her to know I go on a page about going to the bathroom so I will tell you guys later. Ciao!

Hello again. This is the same girl who told you about my guy friend who pooed in the gas station bathroom. Well his name is Brian and he is a friend of mine..not boyfriend..just a friend. I saw him do #2 again today. We were at his house listening to music when he farted. It was a stinky one too. "Man that one stinks"Brian smiled at me. I smiled back in silence(holding my nose of course). He got out his deck of cards and shuffled them and then started playing solitaire by himself. Then he put down his cards and held his stomach "Man"he said "Ive really got a stomach ache" "Thats nice"I said sarcastically "Well thanks alot babe"he looked at me weird "Im in alot of pain and all you can do is be sarcastic about it?!" "Well I didnt mean it that way"I told him "But you dont really need to tell me these things. Thats like...none of my business" "Fine next time I have a stomach ache..Ill keep it to myself okay?"Brian said. Then he took my hand "Sorry for being an asshole and snapping at you" "Thats okay"I said "Im the one who started it" He hugged me and then got up. The show was about to do(Jaws music)..."Come on" Brian pulled me up "Again? I just came in yesterday. You know I dont like that" "Well you told me yesterday you were getting over that fear"he said "Come on" "Ohh fine"I rolled my eyes and he pulled me. Brian closed the door so no one would see us. I sat by the wall across from him. 'Oh yay'I thought to myself sarcatically'Another day of Brians poo' Brian pulled down his pants and before he sat down he farted long almost in my face "Ugh can you be more disgusting?" I cried "Watch where you aim that thing of yours"I almost pushed it but didnt want to touch his barebutt. "Sorry"he sat down on the toilet. Show time....I sat there watching him with my head in my hands as he strained. He looked like he was in a trance or something the way he strained. Then he loudly grunted "Unhhhhhhh". Nothing. He grunted again louder this time "UNHHHHHHHHHHHH" this time there was noise. Yay..not. Guys Im sorry for sounding so grumpy but Im still not a big fan of watching people poop. I just go in with Brian nowadays so he wont think Im being mean not going with him. Just so you know. I heard the crackling sound like yesterday and then a loud "kersploosh" sound when it fell. He breathed out loud and then took a deep breath and strained again "crackle...kersploosh..kersploosh"out came two more poos. "Are you almost done? I want to leave" "Not yet"he said while he strained again "I feel alot more coming now" "Will the show ever end?"I muttered making Brian smile a bit but it swifly faded and he concentrated on his pushing again. He pushed out a few little ones which made "plip plip plip"sounds. "Oh great"Brian muttered "What?"I asked "The big one is coming now"he took the deepest breath he could and grunted so loud and we both heard a little crackling sound. "I have an idea"Brian smiled and stopped pushing "What?"I asked "Im going to watch my prize be born" he smiled and spread out his legs RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! "Brian!" I cried "Thats NOT exactly what I want to see!" But I ended up looking anyway. His butt was spread open and I could see the tip of the poo sticking out and he leaned over looking between his legs and started to push hard and I saw it get longer and longer then it fell and he sighed(God I feel stupid saying that!). I was happy when he got the toilet paper and wiped himself clean. The show was fortunately over. I know the first time I told you about Brians trip to the bathroom I said I was over the fear of watching others go but Im not completely over it so I still might complain about it sometimes but maybe the more I see Brian on the toilet the more I will get used to it. Bye

To reply to Jeff A I have seen a nurse doing a good motion. I was staying over with friends one weekend and my mate's sister who was a nurse was working night shift. On the Saturday morning I had got up and was in the shower when the door opened and Patricia came in dressed in her uniform. Now as she was a nurse I had no problem with her seeing me naked, I am not a prudish person. She said that she needed the toilet before she went to bed. I offered to get out of the shower but she said not to be silly as I was soaking wet. Could I be in luck I wondered? Without more ado she lifted her uniform skirt revealing her white cotton panties (briefs) and black stockings, pulled the panties down to the tops of her things and sat on the toilet pan. Her wee wee tinkled into the water for minute or so and I thought that she obviously had been bursting for a pee. When it stopped she continued to sit there and gave a loud squeaky fart followed by "PLIP! PLOP! PLUNK!" as she passed what sounded like 3 little hard balls. She then took a deep breath and I could see her make her hands into a fist and push her ????. "UH! UH! AH! OH! UH! OO! OO!" she strained, and as I had by now turned off the shower I could her the crackling sound as she was pushing out a big turd, "UH! AH! OH! AH! OO! ......KER-SPUL-LOOMP!" AHHHHHHHH......That's better I needed that!" she exclaimed, before wiping her bum, pulling up her panties, washing her hands and going off to bed. I looked down the pan when she had gone and carefully removed the piece of toilet paper. There were the three little balls the biggest the size of a walnut, but lying in the bttom of the pan was a really magnificent fat turd, not all that long, about 8 inches but about 2 1/2 inches fat, and blunt at both ends. Like a coke can. I have since found out that Nurses are an occupation that tends towards constipation, ironic as they are often involved in giving patients enemas, suppositories etc.

Jeff A: Great story,man. Yours is one I can relate to the most of any that are here. Being one who likes catching women in that kind of position, I've been in your shoes more than once. I have some favorite memories of hot bodies. The best are the ones that I was able to talk to during and after walking in on them. Until I figure a way to tell the stories without sounding "up to no good", I will have to wait and tell you later.

MovieFan, look at Ally Mcbeal on fox, monday nights at 9:00 PM. Every episode it seems has a bathroom scene. in fact this coming monday ally falls into the toilet. i know several weeks ago they showed several people on the toilet (pooping i suppose in cluding men) last week in fact. They also showed a woman coming ot of the stall commenting on her shit (she said she really did. The toilet thay use is unisex so men and women use it at the same time. They also have showed women on the toilet and in stalls.

Hi Dano, Good to see you posting here again. Remember that time we were ice fishing on Gilmore Lake? I shuffeled into the woods and took a much needed dump. Then, when I walked back out onto the lake, carrying the roll of toilet paper, there was a lady cross country skiing by there. She saw me before I saw her so it was too late to hide the roll of T.P. BUSTED! Then you went into the woods and looked at my turd, and left your own turd near by it.

hi its me.i had to poop at school today and it wasnt so bad but it wasnt good either.after lunch i got that feeling you cant mistake for anything and tried very hard to keep it in.but in a way i got lucky and didnt. you see it was hard keeping in that big snake of poop but then we had a fire drill too. all that walking was giving it a chance to escape. i felt it sliding out and kinda froze in my tracks. well i went to the end of the line and then ducked in to the the girls bathroom.when everyone was outside i ran back to our class and like i said our potty is there in the classroom so thats why i dont go. anyway i knew no one would be there causw they were all outside. i just about ripped my hose trying to get the, down in a big hurry and then pulled mt pampies down and sat as this huge poop slided out.i just sat there and let it come. slowly and i do mean slowly it came out and my poor tushy was opened more than i think it could ever go.finally plop and then a few more plops. then a big splash. oh i felt so much better and my body felt lihgter too. i peed very fast and they wiped my front and my back but didnt have to much cause i guess the poop was so hard it didnt smear. then i got dressed and flushed the toilet. i got scared cause i thought it wasnt going to go down but finally it gave up and went down. i ran very fast and waited for my class to walk by and i quickly got back at the end of the line and walked with them. lucky for me no one saw that i was missing. anyway what was embarassing was that when we got back one of the boys how was sitting at the back of the room said.ewwwwww what died. i guess my poop was smelly cause my teacher had to go and spray stuff to get rid of the smell. bye. linda

Most people find that listening to running water can stimulate them to urinate, but are there similar triggers to defecate? I have myself found that hearing someone else doing a nice big solid motion can sometimes give me the feeling of needing too and I will the pass my own motion, properly formed and solid a short time afterwards, likewise seeing one down the toilet pan can have the same effect. I first noticed this when I was at school and either heard one of the other girls doing a good motion or seeing a big jobbie that someone else had done. Do any of the other readers find the same effects? Also has anyone ever found that something not directly connected with defecation makes them feel the need to have a motion, such as a particular tune, TV program, reading something in a book or paper, a particular smell etc. I would add that I only mean having a normal solid motion, not being scared into having a dose of the runs, or the quite ordinary effects of certain foods or d! rinks, but unusual stimuli to defecate.

Any pant wetting story's as I don't care for Pooping storys

BrentC, I may have told this story before, but one time I was so constipated (and for over 6 days) that on the 7th day, the poop tried to force its way out of me while I was trying to walk to the bathroom! I had held it inside of me for an entire week because everytime I tried to let it out, it hurt like Hell. Little did I know that it would hurt worse and worse with the more time that passed. But on that last day, it really decided that it would force its way out whether I was ready or not.:-) Basically, the only thing that I did to help the situation was drink lots of water. That may have been the reason that I managed to go to the bathroom. So, I was truly amazed when I read that you had to go to the hospital!!! My advice is that you should just drink lots and lots of water next time, babe!!!:-)

As I have related in previous posts, my late fiancee Janet and I spent 3 happy years together researching, making and using all sorts of toilets. Of all the weird and wonderful commodes we enjoyed, the toilet in Janet's boudoir remains a firm favourite; I still have it. It's a recirculating chemical toilet ('recirc') of the type popular in boats from the early 70's to the mid 80's, consisting of a rectangular plastic tank of about 30 gallons, with a GRP bowl moulded into the top. In the bottom of the (dry) bowl is a hinged flap through which waste drops into the tank. The contents of the tank, treated with blue sanitary fluid, are filtered and used to flush the bowl; some types had a hand pump, others an electric pump. The tank is emptied by a pump through a small bore outlet every fortnight or so. My first experience of a recirc was on a friend's boat when I was about 8, and I loved it. I discovered that firm poos dropped straight through the flap (which shut with a distinctive clack), but messy ones got stuck to the flap or bowl. I even got to like the fragrance of the sanitary fluid. Anyway, we found one, and the boudoir needed a toilet, so we put it in there. The boudoir was an area of the bedroom surrounded by black velvet drapes, where Janet spent an hour or two every day dressing, doing her makeup, writing letters etc, and she sometimes used a chamber pot for her morning efforts in there rather than visiting one of the half-dozen loos we had in the flat by that time. She loved her new convenience and enjoyed many of her morning poos on it while attending to her toilette (she liked to occupy herself during her sittings). Her special feminine space had a special throne, and although we usually toileted together it was a rare privilege to be allowed to sit on HER personal toilet. She liked not having to clean the bowl after making a mess (any poo smears left behind are sterilised by the fluid) and the fun of pumping to flush, but her favourite feature was the ease with which 'things' could be flushed down into the tank. Janet was a 'flush everything' girl, and her sittings involved copious use of baby wipes, paper towels and the like, and these along with her sanitary towels and disposable panties were forever causing blockages. We agreed that she could flush wet wipes and panty liners in the boudoir provided she didn't overdo it and tore them up properly first, but that knickers, applicators and so forth (C and D points, for those who remember our flushability index) had to go down the toilet in the bathroom. Hmmm. When I went to empty the boudoir for the first time (using our splendid Simplite Mk.4 sludge pump!) the outlet blocked. Off with the tank lid, and one missing lipstick retrieved. I couldn't help noticing a pair of tights, which had to be fished out, and a pad or two, and yup, disposable undies; Janet was standing behind me giggling. She thought it was a great game, having been disposing of all her usual ! stuff in there, wondering what would happen when it came to emptying time! More on recircs next post, but in the meantime, does anyone remember using them? Anyone remember flushing 'forbidden' items down them? Crimson.

Friday, November 13, 1998

Steve J.
WHY AIRPLANE TOILETS ARE GREAT... Almost complete privacy, cleaner than most public restrooms, no water splashback onto your butt, and impossible to clog (at least the vacuum type). Also, where else can you experience the privilege of being able to shit into a $20,000 toilet 40,000 feet in the air?

Doorman - Yes the toilets are unisex, that's the beauty of it all....and I did look exactly in the way you described, it's very effective, isn't it! I would seriously recommend everyone in the UK going to glastonbury purely for the toilets! Sorry I haven't got much time but I will post some stories later...

I couldn't find Monica's post about the airline stewardess (Dave refers to it) because I'm getting an error message on the "Most recent" link. Anyway, here's one of my own. I was waiting in line for the rest room on a long flight. When my turn came, the next person out was a young cabin attendant. "Oh, you don't want to use this one," she told me. "The water isn't working in there." I thanked her, waited until she'd walked away and then went straight in, of course! I checked out the faucets and flush. No problems there, as far as I could tell. But, over the smell of the deodorizer, I could catch the familiar scent of a good, solid motion, as some readers here like to say. I'll bet she doesn't let her bf or husband share her pooping activities. Then again, in private it may be a very different story. I've read that it can be hard to poop near the end of long flights because the body becomes dehydrated by low cabin humidity and that this can cause constipation for a few days in some people. I'm with those who don't like to crap aboard airplanes unless it's urgent.

Try that link now.

Movie Fan
I finally got a chance to watch the MAD TV episode from early October that someone mentioned a few weeks ago. It had what is unquestionably the most explicit female defecation scene I have ever seen on an American TV show. The scene shows a girl talking to her mother about "not feeling fresh". As they talk, they walk into the bathroom and the mother sits on the toilet, pulls down her pants, grunts, wipes and then flushes. She then lights a match to burn off the smell. There's obviously no nudity, but aside from that, it is as explicit as it can get on TV. The grunt alone is something you rarely see in a bathroom scene, even in movies. Right before this scene, there was a mock Donny and Marie Osmond commercial where Marie farts very noisily right in front of Donny, who waves his hand to get rid of the smell. You rarely see a female fart in the movies, much less on TV. I never watched MAD TV before, so I'm wondering if they have done other bathroom scenes like this before. Anyone know?

Joe B.
Preggy Thanks for your wonderful post. Please keep them comming. I hope you'll have a great poop soon. Things will be back to normal after the baby is born. Hang in there. I dream about pooping sometimes too.

If I pass pasty poop, I find it keeps oozing out after I have wiped clean leaving skid marks on my underpants. I have found an excellent cure for this is to use a syringe to inject about 50 or 60 ml of water up my bum and sit on the loo again to expel the water and any bits of poop left. Another tip. If the poop will not flush away and I am using a friend's home toilet, I will inflate a kid's balloon and push it down the loo, popping it as it is about to go round the bend. I usually carry a syringe and a balloon in my briefcase when I go away from home. "Gin and Harpic - puts you right round the bend"

Hi, SHORTBUS, I too giggle when I'm blasting a power dump into the toilet and it sounds like an echo through the Grand Canyon and there is someone there to hear it. I on the other hand am proud of my power and might, and on occasion get a sense of pride when in a public restroom and someone will walk in and turn arround and walk out because of the pungent oder. Any one else proud of themselves in public?

Jeff A.
Hi all, Lots of interesting stories lately. Bridget: Thanks for remembering my artwork proposal from a long time back. Yes, I am the one who did the drawing. The original was done with a hard lead pencil. The lines became a lot thicker through photoshop filters and such, which might account for her "pained" look. I think the moderator did a very nice job on the new masthead. I also did one of myself taking a big one while looking in a mirror, but I don't think anyone wants to see that! Anyway, thanks to all who like it. Linda: I like your stories. They're fun! Renee-Anne: I do remember you, and I loved your story about your boyfriend. C'mon ladies, share those "boyfriend-pooping-while-you-watched him" stories. To the gentelman who seems to have problems relieving himself by hand: I have some advice, but unfortunately, I don't think it's acceptable to this forum. I understand your dilemma; I think it's a very healthy activity, and it just happens to be one of my favorite contact sports. I say, "Where there's a will, there's a way..." Jim: I can't tell you how much I loved that "delivery to the pooping lady" story. I've always fantasized about something like that happening to me. Either that, or watching a nurse. (I don't know why). I've decided to nominate you for "The Toilet Zine Hall of Fame, (if they ever put one up). I can't wait for your next one! Your story reminds me a lot of one of my neighbors when I was about 19. She was absolutely beautiful, about 22, long brown hair, thick full lips, the darkest, piercing brown eyes I'd ever seen, and freckles everywhere. I lived in this apt. building, and she had just moved in. My parents were the managers of the building at the time, and they told me to take her extra set of keys over to her. Apparently she was waiting for her boyfriend or something, because when I knocked, she said "C'mon in, I'm back here." I walked back toward the master bedroom, but before I got there, I could see the bathroom door open. She wasn't in my view then, but I tell you, the smell floating down that hallway could've killed any living thing for miles. I turned the corner, and there she sat! She looked up at me, and her eyes bugged out wide in surprise. She said "Oh Shiiiitt!! I thought you were someone else!!!" She had her jeans pulled up to her knees, and was wearing an old sweashirt. I could see the shapely crescent of her white butt on the toilet seat, and part of her freckled legs, with a pair of white laced undies stretched across. She had a cigarette in her hand, and I didn't hear any plops or anything, but that smell, I tell you, it was intense. She was thoroughly embarrassed. I just said "I was supposed to bring you your extra keys." She smiled, and leaned way forward, as if to cover up her panties, almost in a fetal position and said "Can you just put em' on the table please?" Her back was arched inward, and her head was looking up at me with that gorgeous face, and her butt, so round was even more accentuated due to her new position. She gave me dreams to last for a lifetime. Here was this devastatingly beautiful girl, not only sitting, but shitting on the toilet. It was a once in a lifetime Close Encounter of the Turd kind. I immediately turned around and hooked my lower back on the door jamb, and cut it. She inhaled quickly, and went "Oh my god, are you ok?" I nodded yes, and headed for the kitchen. I remember being very nervous and shaky. Plus, her smell was actually making me sick. After I set her keys down, I called out "OK I'm going now!" and she returned an "Alright, Thanks." I could hear a soft run of poop spilling out, very faintly, and a short grunt and sigh. Then I left. Later during that week, I was at a grocery store, and while I was standing in line, I looked about 2 registers away, and saw her in another line. Among the many things she was buying was toilet paper. She looked up and saw me, and smiled sweetly, but still kind of embarrassed. She began pushing items ahead, blocking the view of the toilet paper, as if to say "Let's think about something else, OK?" She smiled at me for almost a full minute before looking away. To this day, I still wonder what she was thinking, and what was behind that smile of hers. Again, I've been lovin' the stories lately!

Thursday, November 12, 1998

Hello. Does anyone here remember me? Im the one with the bitch of a mom that didnt go to my grad. Oh yeah Bridget, Alex and everyone else do you remember me? Im the one that had those dreams a long time ago about watching Nick and Brian from Backstreet Boys go #2. Remember me?? Well I never thought I was actually going to say anything about #1 or 2 stories but oh well. Maybe I will talk about other people going to bathroom but nothing about me. Well I finally got over the fear of the sounds #2 makes since it is normal and everything. Does anyone remember me talking about my sister who used to force me to watch hers come out? Well I did. Yesterday I saw my guy friend go #2. We were going to the mall yesterday and it was really far to walk from his house and he was constipated for like 4 days and of all the time he could of had to had to be on our way there! We were talking and then out of the blue hes like "Oh god I have to take a crap. I was constipated for 4 days and I guess I have to go now" I was like "Theres no bathroom for awhile. Where are you going to go?" he didnt answer me and kept on walking and was going to ignore it but since he was constipated long enough already he didnt want to make it any worse so he went to a gas station that we ended up seeing(stupid me for thinking there was none). I was going to wait for him outside but he said "Please come in and keep me company while I go" I was disgusted at first because I never did like those sounds but I went in anyway. I actually started getting nervous and stuff for some stupid reason when he pulled down his pants and sat down. You want details about it?? Okay..He looked at me in silence and then a soft fart came from his butt. He opened his mouth a bit and flinched as he took a deep breath and pushed. I flinched again when I heard the loud plopping sound of the first hard poo falling. Then he pushed again and farted long and loud like an exclamation mark. If you dont know what I mean by that is that he farted twice one long one that would be the long line of the exclamtion mark and then a short one which is the dot! You may think I am weird but thats the first thing I thought of when he farted!!! Another poo fell and made a splash and he kind of giggled since it splashed and tickled his butt. He saw how nervous I looked since he knew that I didnt like going in and he was like "Ohhh come here"and held out his hand for me to come and i did and I bent down and he hugged me but then let go when he said "the big one" was more coming now. He spread his legs out in front of him and strained and said "Oh my god it feels huge" at the same time. He pushed with all his might and I heard the loud crackling sound I hate and it was like it wouldnt stop crackling because I guess his poo was so long. He was smiling at me all beat red while it came out and finally after like a minute it finally fell into the toilet but didnt make a sound since it was so long. "Ohhh" he drooped and sighed "I feel alot lighter now" he was about to get the toilet paper when he stopped and rolled his eyes "What?" I asked "I think I am going to be doing alot more then that!" then he pushed again and he farted one big ferocious fart and then really loud crackling sound which was longer then the first!! He must of been soooooo full! and it fell in silence on the first one. He strained again and then another crackle which was a bit shorter than the first. He sat in silence for a few minutes and then started talking to me and once in awhile he would strain and there would be little thuds here and there and some farts too. Then he peed in the toilet and let out one more big poo which crackled again and then he sighed out so loud and told me that he was done for good. He wiped his butt and then stood up and looked down. I guess hes like you guys because he took out measuring tape and measured the poop. He told me their size for some reason! The first one was 12 inches he said, the second was 16 inches and the third one was 11 inches and there were a bunch of 3-5 inch ones and then another 11 inch one before he was done. He asked me if I wanted to see it and I said no. He was about to flush but then we thought it would overflow so he left it. Well if I ever see him go again maybe I will tell you about it I dont know.

I was watching a talk show last week when the guest mentioned that he had taken his 5 y.o. daughter into a Home Depot and she took a shit in one of the display toilets. I thought that was hilarious. The host jokingly said that the same had happened with his daughter, only she was 14! That would be exciting to see. I was reminded of times when I had been in plumbing supply stores where they had toilets on display. A woman had been there with her young daughter when the daughter took a seat on one of the toilets. The mother told her not to go to the bathroom because those toilets don't work! Then the girl went over to look at the toilet seat display and thought it was funny to see seats with no toilet attached.

Hello It`s me again It seems impossible to me that no one take some toiletpaper one of the first things they do after sitting down on the loo. I come from Sweden and here at least I know many people who do. Like Vector I also want some discussion about sitting positions. I have been at some arrangements wherev the toilets cosists of a hole in the ground over which they have sat a bar. There you really could see everything clear!

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