There is alot of talk of stalls and doors, I am aware that there was a great bit of talk about this a few weeks ago. I went and looked at the past posts. I prefer a good partition, and I usually find that a lockable door is a preference for me too. The least privite bathroom that I was in was in a college dorm. I went to the only real bathroom that I could find and found it to be most unapealing. There was a squaty sink and a toilet, and that was it. The bad part about all of this is that the sink and the toilet were there stuck out in the middle of the room. No partitions or anything, just a sink and a pot. I went into the little room and unbuttoned my pants. The door was messed up going into the room and it stuck open. The mechanism at the top of the door that was to keep it closed was messed up and it kept it open instead. I didn't hear anyone else in the abandoned dorm so I pulled my pants down and had a seat on the pot. I looked for the paper and there was none. It didn't matter to me because I knew that I could go to the downstairs bathroom and there was sure to be some in there. I went about my business. To my horror I heard the door to the stair case being opened and the sound of someone walking down the hall (unfortunatly it was the tapping of high-heels) I sat mortified on the toilet as the woman passed down the hall. She walked by the room and never looked in. I sighed a sigh of relief. Suddenly I farted a loud low piched fart into the bowl. The walking stoped and all was quiet for a second. Then she kept walking down the hall and presumably went into one of the rooms because I couldn't hear her anymore. I farted again and this time it was even louder. I pushed again and more pungent wind erupted from my bunz. I pushed and pushed and a long thick terd's head emerged from my butt. I grunted for about a minuet and then the struggle was over. I had produced a bowl full of black thick lumber and a room full of stink. I needed a wipe now, it wasn't going to be a messy wipe, but I just needed to wipe a couple of times to get the residue of after-poop off of my crack. I stood up and grabbed my pants and held them at a point just above my knees. This was a comfortable walking position because my pants were rather baggy that day and I didn't want there to be any skid marks in my boxers. I went outside the little bathroom and started my long trek downstairs for some paper when suddenly a voice from behind me said "Excuse me! What are you doing? Can I help you?!" (I must have turned twenty shades of red) "Uhh, the bathroom didn't have amy paper" I said without turning around. "You go back in there and I will bring you some" she said. (she was looking onto my butt with curiosity and surprise when I looked at her) She smiled in an understanding way. I went back into the bathroom and shortly she arived in the bathroom with a roll. She glanced at the toilet in amazement(I haden't flushed it for fear that she would discover me) and said "are you feeling ok?" I replied "yes, I feel much better now, thank you" She said "My my, that sure is a big amout of doo" and she flushed the toilet, most everything went down. "oh my, lets try that again" she flushed again and everything remaining went down. After that I have never gone into any dorms to relieve myself. Has anyone ever went into a "no privacy" bathroom like that before?

Matthew - "relieve yourself manually" in the stall when you get the confidence to use the bathroom in your dorm. Its not that bad when no ones around. Alot of the guys on my floor used to do that last year when we were freshmen in college. Now we're sophomores so most of us have bathrooms shared by only four or five people. What college do you go to anyway? Take it easy Matthew.

For "Not liberty to say", your Mom was pretty cruel to withdraw your right to use the toilet. As for tonight, I was at the student center long wnough to take a shit. While I was in there, another guy came in to pee but we ended up chatting for a while but it was not about shitting. I haven't had much time lately to enjoy a shit woth someone else being busy with school and work. I am lucky to come by here each nite after I get home.

gee linda i really enjoyed your post, a very personalised approach, which had a lasting effect on me as i continually pictured myself there with you during your exquisite relief on the toilet. please keep them coming as i am very grateful to you in doing so. Jeff A , thankyou for the acknowledgement of my posting, as i have been an admirer of your descriptive and amusing posts for a while; keep the good work up. a few years ago i had an extraordinary experience whilst on my delivery rounds when i was a courier. i rang the bell at this house and through the screen door a woman answered " i'm on the toilet". i stated my purpose and she asked if i could leave the parcel at the door. i told her i required a signature and that i could wait or come back later. she said no and asked me to come in,gave me directions until 'BAM', there i was standing at the open bathroom door, parcel in hand, staring at this gorgeous tanned lady ( i guess would have been in her early 30's) sitting stately on the throne. by stately i mean she sat upstraight, hands clasped together on her lap, knees together, and her feet crossed over on a 45 degree slant to her side. she wore only a bra, with her panties bunched midthigh, and a magazine sat on her lap so as not to reveal her furry triangle. i quickly turned around and apologised but told me she was not embarrassed and to come in. i noticed the pungent but perfumed aroma and realised she was not there for a haircut, but a serious number two workout. as i handed her the consignment and a pen her strained thankyou was permeated by a buuurrrrrrrrrrfffffffft. "excuse me, could you hold on for a second"she said as her face became a look of total concentration. her soft straining noises began to produce some results, plop, ploop.................kaplunk, plip, plop,pffffffffffffffffffffffft." gee i cant believe how much pooh i'm doing" ,she exclaimed to my amazement. i remained speechless as she grabbed the consignment from me and signed it. "its not a bomb is it" she said and all i could come up with was a solitary no." its okay, just relax" she said with an alluring smile on her pretty face. i thanked her and began walking out when she said "you sure you dont want to stay for the rest of the show" and i stopped , turned around answerless and she said " i'm just joking and i hope your next delivery doesnt smell as bad" producing that some provocative smile. before i could turn around and leave for the second time she moved the magazine a little further down her thighs to reveal her perfectly trimmed piece of heaven. to see and hear this 'go potty' however was much more of a thrill than the glimpse of part of her anatomy. on the some token i am not really a breast man either but i'm definately a buttman as i can think of nothing better than to view a naked fully rounded piece of rump smothering a toilet seat, with a chorus of nature's call. ! hi to everyone, especially the women who share their moments on the toilet on this site.

Do any ladies here leave pantyhose on when they visit for a wee?

Hi, it's me again. This morning I had my coffee, and as usual was anticipating the urge to go and shit. I indeed got the urge and was feeling that it would be a big bowel movement and a good one. I have eaten a lot of fiber lately (bran flex) in order to move my bowels which are lazy due to my advanced pregnancy. Yesterday I've had more fibers than usual so I was really hoping... Any way, I sat on the bowl, farted, and guess what - nothing else happend! I was feeling that I'm DYING to shit, full of shit, heavy, and about to explode, you know, that kind of feeling you usually get only seconds before you release a huge load, but nothing was moving. I tried straining and pushing, and very slowly this turd was starting to slide out. It felt big and hard, and I had to put so much effort into it, I strained and grunted out loud and felt every inch of it sliding slowly. It was painfull and stressfull, I was praying for my bowels to move by themselves and give it the push it needed so badly.. but no, this turd wasn't about to leave my rectum without my pushing. It finally fell into the water and to my disappointment it wasn't really big. I estimate that it was only 30% of what I had to dump. But I just couldn't do more. I'm really worried now, because I eat fibers and despite that my bowels are'nt moving easily. I remember those days when all I had to do is drink my coffee and I had this strong urge to defecate, and I would go and my soft shit would just burst out of me, wave after wave, leaving me empty and light.... It's so not like it anymore... I'm so full of heavy, solid shit that everytime I eat something I feel that I need to go, but just can't... All I can do is fart...I'm actually dreaming at night that I poop and poop so easily and effortlessly... Just sitting on the bowl, spreading my cheeks, and feeling my rectum out, streching and shrinking and releasing ALL of my shit, turd after turd, like in the good old days... ...

Some people here seem to be embarrassed to poop in a public restroom. I don't care if people hear my farting and pooping noises, but I get embarrassed when I can't contain my laughter and giggling when I make a good sound effect and know that someone's heard it!

I think Brent C's recent post should be a timely warning about Laxative Abuse as overuse of these medicines, especially the more powerful stimulant purgatives, can lead to serious bowel complaints such as colitis. Obviously, if a doctor prescribes such medicines under his instructions then that is different, but too many people have this fixation that they have to have a bowel movement every day, usually first thing in the morning when they get up, or they think that they are ill. If they dont go, they buy over the counter laxatives and become dependent on these having to resort to more powerful purgatives as their system becomes immune to the milder ones. This was a popular viewpoint in my parent's generation and before that, though thankfully my mum didnt inflict this on me or my brother, and was propaganda from the Laxative Manufacturers. Modern medical opinion now realises that people's systems differ, some have a motion two or three times a day, others once or twice a w! eek. True constipation is the need to go but having difficulty owing to the stools being either too hard or not having enough substance, and can usually be addressed by changes in diet, drinking more water, etc. Apart from the gentle lubricant Liquid Parafin ,which doesnt cause diarrhea in normal doses, I have only once taken a purgative, Magnesium Sulphate, (Epsom Salts), when I was suffering from food poisoning and already had diarrhea anyway and I wanted to clear the tainted food out of my system as quickly as possible. I had about 6 hours of misery with almost hourly visits to the toilet and was "pissing out of my arse" but when this stopped I felt a lot better and when I next had a motion a couple of days later it was back to passing a nice big fat solid jobbie again. So if you ARE truely constipated stick to gentle remedies, such as glycerine suppositories or Liquid Parafin or better still take the dietetic approach, more veg or fruit, fibre rich foods, drink more fluids, and eating something like chilli or a curry often works for many people, likewise exercise can help.

hey there i have a story my cousin told me that happened when he went to the bank with one of my twin little sisters. well they went to the bank to go deposit some money and boy was the line long. anyway when they finally got to the middle of the line my lli sis said she had to poop very very bad. my cousin told her that it would not be long and told her if she could hold it. my sis looks up to my cousin very much and would eat dirt for him if he asked her too so she said yes. the line took forever to move and my poor sis was holding and holding and well its tough when your small and just getting out of daipers and are holding poop in for about an hour. well my cousin said she kept whispering the poops coimng the poops coming.she was also crying too. he felt very bad and carried her and he said she was trembling. he was about to forget the whole thing and take her when they finally reached toe clerk and gave her the money. he asked the clerk if they had a bathroom there and she told them it was for employees only. but she saw my poor sis crying and i guess it broke her heart cause she slipped them the key and told them not to tell. well my cousin ran with my poor sister and just as he was about to plant her tushy on the seat i mean it was about say a few inches above it all heck broke loose if you know what i mena. he sat her down and she pooped and pooped and pooped and kept bamarding that poor potty for 2 minutes. after that my cousin said she stopped crying and was smiling . but hey i guess if i hd poop that much after waiting that long i would be smiling too. but my cousin feels very bad and soory for making my little sis wait so long. hes been kind down since then. poor guy. oh well bye for now. linda

Wednesday, November 11, 1998

Hi I am Sta. I just found this site and i think its great. I am 20/M and i live my girlfriend. A few months ago i told her of my interest to watch her poop and of having her watch me poop. Basically she was indifferent about the idea so she lets me watch her every morning before we leave for work. She only sits on the toliet for about 3 to 5 minutes. She farts a lot and it really stinks but she never actually makes much poop. Strange, well it must be from the fact she doesn't eat much. I have never seen a poop over 5 inches and there usually aren't many but god how those farts smell. She finds the whole idea of watching me poop amusing. In fact once she had a friend over to the apartment and they were laughing together. I couldn't understand what they saying cuz they were not speaking english but i believe they were talking about my interest in watching her poop. I just smiled while they laughed at me!!! I have a fair number pooping stories i will everyone share ! later!!!!

I had a great experience today. I am one of the people who like the desperate feeling when I need to pee. And today I experienced that feeling!! I was at school, and needed to pee at about 11 o'clock. I don't like using the toilets at school, and that reason combined with the fact that I just didn't get a chance meant that I didn't go all day. On the way to the station (I catch the train home) I went to a shop andbought a huge sized drink. It wasn't until I got into the line to pay for it that I remembered that I needed to pee because I had forgotten seeing as it had been so long since I first felt it. SO I drank my drink, and walked on, but then my mum picked me up coz she happened to be in the area at the time. I had been planning to go to the toilet at the station but now that hope was gone. Then she decided we had to go to all these places on the way home like the pet shop, book shop second hand store and various other places. By the time we were on out way home, I was really desperate, and when we got into the car I started to hold myself and just as we got near home, it satrted to spurt out and I knew I wasa in trouble finally, we reached out house and I was REALLY desperate as it was almost flowing out so I ran inside and landed on the toilet as quickly as possible and found great relief!!!! I had to wear a clean change of panties coz they were quite wet!!

Dave UK... Are the ready made toilets unisex? If so, I would enjoy that. Here's an idea. Try looking into the toilet hole. You may see the reflection of the person's butt next to you. I've used this trick before at a local park. It has a two hole outhouse with only a thin wall separating the toilets and a door for each toilet. One time sticks out in my mind. A young lady and her boyfriend come to use the facilities. Her boyfriend has to go but the girl insists that he wait outside the door for her while he goes. "But I have to go too." "I don't want someone to walk in on me. Gaurd the door" (HEE HEE) She goes in and sits on the seat. I can see the reflection. She pees, distorting the image. The water/pee/chemicals become still. She wipes her vagina then tells her boyfriend that she has to poop and that she's a little constipated. Taking a deep breath, she strains out one turd, which I see, then wipes her butt. When she exits, her boyfriend anounces that he has to take a dump a! lso. Beleive it or not, the boyfriend walks in on me before I get a chance to pull my pants up.

I love the new drawing at the top of the page. She reminds me of a girl called Beverley who was in my class at school. The girl in the drawing looks as if she is waiting for a really big one to come down and hasn't had a motion for a few days. Pity you can't put sound effects with it, "click the icon to hear her doing it!", and the frown on her face changes to a satisfied smile.

Vector's post about sharing the toilet with a woman who dropped a big load reminds me of the time when I was about 10 and my aunt, who was about 30 at the time was visiting us. I was having a bath when she suddenly came in to the bathroom which had the toilet pan at the end near the taps, lifted her skirt revealing her pink briefs and sat on the pan. Her wee wee tinkled then I heard her give an "UHHH! followed by the crackling sound then "SPLOOSH! SPLOSH! KUR-SPLOONK!" as three jobbies came out of her quite quickly. "That's better!" she explained, "I thought I was going to have a big accident in my knickers!" My curiousity amongst other things aroused by this time, I had a look down the pan as she stood up to wipe herself and saw the three fat smooth curved sausages floating in the water, the largest was about 9 inches long, the middle one 7, the smallest about 5. They had smooth not ragged ends so it wasnt one really big jobbie that had broken up as it came out but 3 individual turds ,and there was a slightly oily sheen in the water. I found out afterwards that she had been bunged up for 3 day and had taken Liquid Parafin to lubricate things. Unlike the Prune Juice that some readers have mentioned this DOESN'T make the stools watery, it just oils the works. Finished, she wiped herself, pulled up her panties , dropped her skirt and went out, leaving me to pull the flush as she knew that our cistern took a while to refill. I buddy dumped my own jobbie on top of hers, but when I did pull the flush the largest one of her turds, the big curved 9 inch one, stayed behind and took a further two flushes to go away.

I found the actions of the mother of "not at liberty to say" gross to say the least. Imagine making a child soil her panties or her bed because she has had an accident! I can understand perhaps putting a kid back in nappies for a short time if they deliberately soil or wet their knickers or it is just down to being careless, but to "take away toilet privileges" leaving the kid no option but to do it in its underwear is cruelty and to my mind abuse. Are American parents harsher about such matters than their British counterparts or does it happen here too.

Matthew, I dont mind the smell of a good solid motion too much but cant say I like the stink of a loose stool, yeuch! Likewise strong farts turn me off but each to their own. My Mum's turds, which were usually firm lumpy jobbies had a slightly cheesy smell, with a sweetish note, but if she did a softer but still properly formed one in the morning the pungent smell would make your eyes water. As to your "releveing yourself by hand" I assume there are no locking doors on the stalls in your toilets and you dont want to be caught in a George Michael scenario!

Monica, I agree with you about bathrooms on airpalnes. I do not like to use them for pooping for the same reasons. I like to wait until I get to the airport bathroom because there is usually a lot of pooping going on. I especilly like the Atlanta airport because the bathroom are big, lots of stalls are usually clean. I like to look at feet under the stall and see the differant habits. One time when I was pooping away I noticed you could see the reflection of the person in the next stall in the tile at the rear of the stall, his pants were around his ankles and farted loudly and then dropped 4 or 5 loads with plopping and cracking. He stood up to wipe five times. Thanks for the story about the stewardess, another fantasy of mine.

about four years ago me and the girl i was dating at the time had went to eat, we were about thirty miles from where we live and decided to drive by a lake and park on the way home. as we were driving around the lake she suddenly said "i have to shit" i told her there was a toilet up the road but it was the pit type she said she did not mind. so we stopped at it,by this time thinking about seeing her shit at this place, i now had to go. it was dark so she asked me if i could bring a flahlight and hold it while she shit, i said no problem i have to shit aslo. we went into the toilet and there was two toilets side by side with no divider between them, a dream come true. i wasted no time i pulled my pants down and started shitting, i held the light so she could see what she was doing and so i could look. she pulled her pants all the down to her ankles and said that she was not going to sit on the seat, so she just bent over it keeping her butt about a foot off the seat. she started grunting, let a few farts, then i could hear he butt crackleing and a huge turd started sliding out her ass, when it broke off it landed on the seat because the way she was holding her butt up off of it, she just said "oh well" and started pushing more turds out, all of them hitting the hole, by this time i was already done but just sat there enjoying what i was whatching. when she was done she tore off some paper and whiped three times. as we were leaving she asked for the flashlight she wanted to see what i had done, so she took a peek down in the pit, then she asked me to look a t hers. another really good time!

Mod Joe-- Great to see your postings. I agree with you about prune juice-- it does nothing for me. I started trying to use it for constipation when I was in college because I hate laxatives. Prune juice is natural and healthy but it doesn't make me poop, even when consumed in mass quantities. I used to buy it in half gallon bottles to the amusement of my roomate. With the type of slow transit constipation that Carlos and I have, not very much is effective. From your posts, I gather that you are also constipated. How long? What do you do for it? Do you use suppositories? Do you have to strain a lot? Carlos and Mod Joe-- I ended up in the hospital in July because of severe constipation that I waited too long to treat. I went 6 days without pooping and didn't take anything for it because I was lazy and don't like using the usual constipation remedies. I was getting uncomfortable and didn't think my ususal dulcolax suppository treatment would be effective enough so I drank a small bottle of X-prep liquid-- the stuff they give you before colon x-rays and other procedures. It produced horrible cramps but I still couldn't poop. A nurse friend of mine suggested using one or two of the liquid glycerine inserts. That produced intense pain and I was able to poop out a couple of hard cannonballs but nothing more. About an hour later I started pooping blood. It scaared the hell out of me and I went to the emergency room-- still in a lot of pain. Since my vital signs were stable, they gave me some pain medicine and admitted me to the hospital for observation. An abdominal x-ray revealed that my colon was impacted and full of poop. After watching me for a day during which I could have nothing to eat or drink, the doctor ordered the hospital staff to clean me out. It started with four dulcolax tablets. An hour later, they gave me half a bottle of phospho-soda. I also had to drink a glass of water every 15 minutes. Four hours later, I got the second half of the bottle of phospho-soda. After about 6 painful hours, everything inside me broke loose. I ran to the toilet and started ejecting all the cannon-balls that had been stopping me up. I was also pissing all kinds of liquid out of my butt as well as a result of all of the laxatives. This went on for about 12 hours until I was finally completely empty. The next day they did a colonoscopy and found that the severe constipation, the laxatives I had taken and the rectally injected glycerine had given me a temporary case of colitis in my descending colon. That's what was causing the bleeding. It had stopped and they sent me home with antibiotics. I learned my lesson though, severe constipation is best dealt with early. I am a lot more careful about trying to make sure that I poop regularly. Anyway, I hope this answers your questions. One funny sidelight to the hospital cleanout. A steady sream of friends kept showing up at the hospital while I was running to the bathroom every 10 minutes. It was too much trouble to barricade myself in, so I would just leave the bathroom door partially ajar so that I could carry on a conversation while my insides were turning themselves inside out. My friends were totally amazed at the huge liquid poops I was having. No one actually came into the bathroom, but a few of the guys stood right outside the door chatting away while I dumped.

To "just a few days ago. . . ." that was nasty as hell my friend. You could have at least scraped a little of that nasty diarea off with your boot before you sat down in it. After I read that post all I had to say was ACCCK! That one left me running for the burb bag. (discomfort bag for the politicly correct) I like the posts. I will definatly have to go to Glaxtonburg or where ever that was that you were talking about. Well, keep the good posts up, and what do you think of the new picture?

The Whiz Kid
"Whizzing in the creek" became a by-word amongst some high school classmates of mine some 39 years ago due to an escapade involving my brother (4 years older) and me. My father had retired in the fall of '59 from NYC and moved to a smallish city in Northern New England. My brother, away at college, came up for Thanksgiving, and we wound up in a notorious bar, The American Cafe, renown, or notorious, for an antique barmaid and cheap drafts. After duly filling up, we headed back to the car, and came upon a tiny river that ran under main street and then emerged behind a parking lot. The combination of the beer (an Episcopal priest informed me many years later that alcohol and caffeine both suppress the production of anti-diuretic hormone, yielding more copious urine than plain water might) and the babbling of this brook led us both to unfurl our respective johnsons and add to the creek's volume. At this juncture a wandering member of the constabulary happened upon us, and proceeded to invoke the wrath of the law. He was about to summon back-ups and haul us in to jail, but somehow our mutual verbal protestations of innocence persuaded him we were no threat to the social order, and we were released. In retrospect I'm sure this cop had himself more than once committed the very offence in which we had been apprehended "in flagrante delecto." Perhaps our protestations would have had even more impact had I known at the time of the substance of W. C. Fields's "temperance lecture," the answer to a reporter's question as to why Fields (a world-class alcoholic) never drank water: "because fish f?!k in water." How could we have added to such pollution? In my naivete I related this drama to a school chum, and the tale made instantaneous rounds of the entire high school Within a week I had attained the mindless fame known only to adolescents for "whizzing in the creek." And I still enjoy doing it.

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

For the people who use secure server we hope you have seen the new location of the link, at the top of the form.

Today at work, I went to a private restroom. Shortly after I entered, I heard someone enter the hallway (separated from the main hallway). Immediately, I heard someone enter the ladies room (next door to the men's), slam it shut, throw her keys down, and literally shuffling clothing until sitting down hard on the toilet. Immediately, I heard a crack sound and turd falling in the water. Shortly thereafter, I heard her tinkling, followed by some silence before another crackling sound. I heard two sighs over the next five minutes, and she started tearing off toilet paper. During the second and third wipes, I heard her straining and a slight fart as if nothing came out. After the fourth wipe, I heard her pulling up her clothing and flush. I then went into the main hallway, and a couple of minutes later, I saw an attractive brunette leave the restroom.

not at liberty to say
i am 14 now. when i was 8 i was walking home from school. I had the runs from the night before. I had to go bad. I started to get cramps and spasms. i walked a little faster. a squirt shot into my panties. then a little more. and a little more. by now it was clearly visible through my white jeans. I got to my front yard with a pool of liquid poop in my panties. The alastic was holding it all in. i opened the door to see my 17 year old sister standing there. She saw my pants and yelled for mom. I told her to shut up but my mom came. she said just go. i was confused. just go, she said. i let loose and flooded my pants. they were all brown and smelly. they sloshed around as i went upstairs. i showered and went on to do my homework. 2 hours later i had to pee bad but I had to waait for my sister to do her thing. i was getting shaky. all of the sudden she opened the door and startled me. i peed my pants. my mom got mad and took away my bathroom priveleges! for 3 days. i had to go in my pants or bed. yuk! more later

Mod Joe
Richard, Thanks for the suggestion, but I'd dare say most of us who struggle with constipation have gone the prune juice route. (I'm in my thirtys, and I think I've drunk enough of it over the years to float a small boat) I glad it works for you, but for me, and many others, it has little effect. Everyone's system works diifferently. I wish the solution to the problem was so simple. Life would be a lot easier for many of the folks visiting this site if prune juice were the answer to our pooping problems. Even though a good diet is important, there are other factors governing our regularity, or lack of it. Carlos, BrentC anything to add?

Jeannie I have the same problem that I have accidents in really public places. Embaressing or what !!! fun sometimes though !!

Hi, I have been reading the posts recently with interest. Monica: I travel to work each day by train. The railway station at my destination stop has toilets with only limited privacy. The doors and partitions are very low, although you cannot see anybody in them when you are at distance, when you walk past them closely, people inside are quite easily visible. I had to use one yesterday, I was sitting there with my skirt tucked up to my waist and tights and briefs on my thighs. While I was sitting there with my arms resting on my knees I was amazed at the number of woman that glanced in as they walked past the stall. The fact that the door was closed should have indicated that the stall was occupied. It's when somebody is waiting for their friend in one of the stalls and hover close to the doors that I find embarrassing. This is what happened yesterday, I had finished and didn't want to get up to wipe myself as you become more visible to people hovering close by.

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