Hi everyone! Sorry it has been over two months since I last posted, but things have been REAL busy, so I haven't had a good chance until now to pass on any stories. I have noticed that in previous posts people have talked about not liking to use the toilets in airplanes because they are really small and can be pretty gross. I have done a bit of traveling as of late and noticed the same thing. The bathroom on the small plane I was on was disgusting! It is probably why airport bathrooms seem to have alot of women peeing and pooping. Anyway, by the end of my most recent flight I had to poop real bad, and made a beeline for the nearest bathroom. I noticed one of the flight attendants from my flight going into the bathroom ahead of me. She went into a handicapped stall and I went into the stall next to her. I went about arranging the seat, and I noticed she was doing the same. I pulled my skirt up and my hose and panties down and let out a bit of gas as I started to pee. The flight attendant hadn't made any noise since she sat down. When I finished peeing, I bent over and put my head between my legs to push. I looked underneath into her stall and saw a pair of blue heels spread pretty far apart. As I began pushing a few turds out I could hear what sounded like a long piece crackling out of her. She let out a few more pieces and then peed. She was quiet for a moment, then let out a huge series of farts. As I began to wipe a woman came into the stall next to me hurredly, I could hear her unzip her jeans quickly and yank them down. Immediately she quietly dropped what sounded like twenty golf-ball size turds into the bowl. It let out a horrible smell! Apparently, I'm not the only one that doesn't like to poop on planes!

Last Friday me and two woman from work took the afternoon off and went to have a late/lunch early/dinner, around 3 p.m., at a local restaurant. After we had been there for awhile one of my co-workers excused herself to the bathroom. She came back about ten minutes later and told us that the bathrooms here were kind of strange. I asked her what she meant. She told us that the doors to the stalls were like those swinging doors that you see on saloons in Western movies. Not only that, she told us that they didn't lock, were obviously high off the ground, and there was a fair size crack where the two doors met in the middle. My co-worker said that it was real embarrassing for her. She informed us that she had used them anyway because she had to poop. She said that when she went in, a stall was right in front of her, and had someone in it that she could see, which embarrassed her. She told us that when she was pooping, a teenage girl came the bathroom and was looking under the stalls for an empty one, and looked in and saw my co-worker with her slacks down to her thighs. Anyway, my friend was kind of embarrassed by it, but I was kind of turned on by it. The conversation turned to other things, and after about a half an hour I had to poop and wanted to try out this bathroom. I went in and there was four stalls that had these swinging doors my friend told me about. The swinging doors were really high off the ground. If i bent over at the waist, I could clearly see someone entirely on the toilet. Why would a restaurant put in these type of stalls? Anyway, I was alone in the bathroom and went into the first stall. As I sat there pooping, (I had a pretty loose movement) I heard someone come in. (Now, my co-worker forgot to tell me that these stalls had regular walls between them, so in order to see if someone is in an adjoining stall, you have to look in the crack or under the door. But if you look under the door, you can see everything.) I saw a pair of heels and legs stop outside my doors and squat down slightly and look under. It was the hostess who sat us! She was flustered and said "excuse me", and went into the next stall. I could hear her in the next stall begin to poop. Shortly, three ypung teenage girls came in to use the restroom and were looking under our stalls. I could hear them giggling about seeing other people on the toilet. After I finished up I went out and told me friends about it. I may have to go back there again. Have any of you run into restrooms such as this?

I'm a first time poster whos been lunking in the shadows here for quite a while. But now I'n gonna post because I REALLY need to tell this story. I was at a local party the other night for a combination Friday night and Commencement night type party. Lots of people as you could imagine. I went with a co worker my age (Im 20) and some beer and cab fare for the two of us. So we drank. Her quite a bit more than I. And by the early hours of the morning she had passed out. I decided that it would be a good time to get going and I swung her over my right sholder...feet to the front, head facing my back. She was awake now and giggly at being hauled out this way. Then the most memorable part of the evening I was saying goodbye, she let a fart slip out. I heard it clear as day (her butt being right next to my head) and commented that I should be leaving. And off we went...walking home though. On the way she let another one go...this one loud and long. She sighed and stated that she felt much better. I put her down so she could walk (and so I wouldn't be blasted a third time) She stumbled, fell and farted again. THis one kinda bubbled at the end...she looked kinda worried and said that she needed to use the bathroom. I told her I'd take her back to the party but she said that it was gonna come out right then! She asked me to help her and I suggested she go right there. She agreed and started to pull her jeans down and her panties. She stumbled again while she was trying to squat and asked me to hold her up so she wouldn't fall. So I leaned over and held her bare bum off the ground. She looked straight at me, grinned, and pushed. One dry fart followed by a firm 5 inch turd that slowly slid out of her butt. She gasped and pushed again....a look of pure concentration on her face. This time a wet fart with a loose load of poop from her bum. Finally a squirt of liquid poo came from her and she sighed in relief, as she peed. She rested on me while I held her up...she asked me to wipe her off. So I did...I had a few kleenexes in my pocket. Then I pulled her up and helped her with her pants and carried her home. Then I went home myself. Sweet dreams for me! Adn she called me this morning...she wants to go out again tomorrow! VERY exciting :) Good day to you all

To all those who are constipated: PRUNE JUICE! Drink it, and if you're like me, within a few hours everything will have turned to pure liquid within you. You will be pissing out of your ass. Yes, no chunks even. Pure liquid. I'd be curious to see if this works for you.

OK, so people do go OO. Most people I head have gone "Gnnnn....." or "Uh". Here's a Glastonbury story for you... I have always been turned on by watching women go for a shit, but for some reason never older than me. They always have to be my age or younger (I'm 21) and I was at Glastonbury when I saw a Girl of about 19 walking as fast as she could without running to the toilets. I followed her and went into the next cubicle. If I sat with my legs apart I could see the cess pit, and her crap falling into it. Anyway, I saw a stream of piss flow down, and then I heard her strain really hard and a massive load of crap fell and landed with a splat. I saw her wave underneath the cubicle partitition as she said in a really strained voice "Hello!" and asked me if I needed any TP. I said I didn't. She grunted again, and then groaned for about 5 seconds before another pile of crap, litterally as big as a horses, fell into the pit. She then wiped herself and left. Anyone in the UK I would seriously recommend spending out on a ticket to glastonbury next year as it is incredible - I had about 50 of these experiences over 1 weekend.

To Trevor: One of the worst garments to be wearing when you need the loo has to be a leotard. I don't usually have a problem with rehearsals and workshops (I am a dancer in an amateur group) as long as I remember to pee before we start, because the exercise makes me perspire rather than pee! However, actual shows can be more difficult. In common with most of the dancers in our group, I like to wear a leotard and then put whatever costume is required over the top. The advantage of this is that costume changing is relatively easy, with no modesty problems. (Some quick changes involve stripping down in the wings in full view of anyone who happens to be there - so a leotard is vital!). Once in a costume however, it can be very awkward to use the loo without stripping down to access the leotard, so advance planning is essential. I try to arrange my routine so that I have a good poo just before the performance (you find the nervous energy helps!), and then I am very careful about fl! uid intake until the end of the show is in sight. To Dave UK: Yes, I have used loos like you describe at Glastonbury. I have to say it was a bit scary the first time - you find yourself perched over a deep pit with the wind whistling around your bum, and all around is the sound of pee pouring into the pit with the occasional "splat" as a poo lands in the mud. It's quite an experience and the smell is... just awful, and there is no roof so you get wet if it is raining. Also, I have heard a horror story about a guy who fell into one of those pits, and after they got him out, which probably wasn't easy he was quite ill and had to go to hospital for treatment. Most festivals I have been to in recent years have the plastic loos with the smelly blue fluid in them, although some sites even have flush toilets. To George: I don't think I have ever heard anyone go "OO! OO!" in the loo. I suppose I am fairly quiet myself, with probably just a deep breath and perhaps a sigh as my poo passes the point of no return. I have heard people grunting in the loos at work occasionally - I find I have to stop myself giggling! To Gerald: I don't do much horse riding now, but I used to as a child and teenager, and I can certainly advise people to have a poo beforehand if possible. You have reminded me of something from way back when I was about 11: On Saturday afternoons a group of us from the pony club would go out for a ride, and the woman in charge used to ride at the front. She was quite a large lady, probably in her thirties, and it was quite amusing to watch her ???? derriere rising and falling in the saddle. It took a friend to point this out to me, as soon as we were back at the stables, without fail, this woman would disappear into the loo for a good five minutes for a poo. I suppose she used the ride to help with her regularity, but nonetheless it was funny to us youngsters. Once one girl went into the loo immediately after our leader had left (there was just the one toilet in the stable block), and then emerged pinching her nose in an exaggerated gesture to denote how smelly it was in the! re. It was hilarious at the time.

I'm home from school sick today so I finally have time to write. Several weeks back I had a mega accident. I have last-period health and fitness and we were playing soccer. I had spent too much time in the hall talking with some friends and was late getting into the locker room, so I didn't have time to pee before we went out to the field. I ended up playing goal and was really dying to use the bathroom. Most of the time, I just stood there since our team was pretty good, and all I was doing was thinking about my problem. I started feeling that fluttery feeling I get when I'm about to lose control and suddenly lost one long squirt into my shorts. We can wear either black or medium blue nylon running shorts, and the black ones I wear don't show when they get wet except for the first minute or so. No sooner did I start to pee than the ball and the whole crowd came strait my way. (I kept them from making the goal. Yeaaaah!) A few minutes later it was back to them being on the other end of the field and me standing there about to wet my pants again. The fluttery feeling started coming back and all at once I just lost it and starting peeing. Even at that distance, someone would be able to see it happening, so I sat down on the ground while I wet my pants. I was done, but I had to stand up cause the ball was coming my way before I should have and I ended with some pee running down the insides of my legs. I don't think anyone noticed. By the time H&F was done, my shorts and panties were dry, but I didn't take a shower or change because I knew someone would notice if my panties were stained. When you take H&F last period, you can wear your gym clothes home. Some days, I ride home with a friend, but other days, like that day, I have to ridfe the bus. On the way home I had to go again and started to pee in my pants in little squirts. I figured I had already done it once so it didn't matter. Mine is the last stop and I'm usually the only one on the bus by then so I just let go when the last one but me got off. It was about five more minutes to my stop so the driver couldn't see that I'd peed by the time we got to my stop. The moral is that I'll always pee before I go to H&F from now on. What if I'd been wearing sweats?!

Since I've started to poop in the student union, I've noticed something interesting. When I'm sitting next to another guy and he drops his load, I notice he usually will move his feet after the shit hits the pan. I think this is to inspect what he has done. I myself always look at my business after it hits the pan and I'm wondering if this is a common event with others. Another interesting question: do others like the smellof their poop? I must admit that I do like the smell of my shit, even though it is very funky. I absolutely love the smell of my farts, especially when I'm in bed and I can trap the smell and then inhale it. Do others like this smell? Another issue has come up since I've been in college the past couple of months. There is no privacy for other bodily functions, like "relieving yourself manually," if you know what I mean. I have always done this usually every day when Ilived at home and I had total privacy, but now that I have a roommate, I can't seem to find the privacy. I don't like doing it in the shower with other guys around, so it's a real problem. What do other guys do? Sometimes I wait until my roommate leaves for a class, but I still don't feel relaxed about it because he (or anyone else) could come in at any moment.

Looks like that poor Asian woman (up top) finally got some "relief." Thanks to Jill and everyone else who commented on my public urination post. A friend of mine saw this newspaper headline in a developing country (and to be fair, English isn't the first language there): "Man Arrested for Promiscuous Defecation." Was it public buddy dumping or a poor choice of adjective? Let your imaginations run loose! Celeste, I'm up in the northeast. Maybe public relieving is getting more common in the U.S. But y'all Texans always do things in a big way. For Dave UK, I saw some really old looking public toilets at a fairgrounds that had a continuous trough running through the stalls and holes in each cubicle. The trough was flushed from time to time by a stream of water running through it. There was a little "bowl" area under each seat to catch and hold some of the water. If you were on the drain end of the stalls, you could see everyone else's production, though that really doesn't do much for me. Matt, I'm happy all the advice here is helping you. Viva the Internet and the Toilet! About wiping habits... I tend to wrap a few plies of paper over the tip of my finger and clean just inside the anus. I repeat this until the paper's really clean. (If it's a messy poo, I'll wipe the outside first, of course.) Any other "inside" wipers here? Take care, all.

Bryan, yes, shit is hard to clean off a toilet if it dries on. Many of the kids at school get shit on the toilet seats, or if they get shit on their fingers, they sometimes smear it on the wall or toilet paper dispenser. In that event I take a sponge, which has a scotch-brite scrubber on one side and scrub off the shit. Teenguy, toilet seats today are much more comfortable. Most of the ones you see on public toilets are made by Bemis company and you can buy them from plumbing distributors, just go to one and ask to see the Bemis catalog. They have a heavy duty version with a smaller opening and it is heavily contoured to fit your bottom. These are the ones we install in schools and they are so comfortable that the kids sit there and do their homework. Costs about $40.

Wow!!! The introductory picture for this page has finally changed. I really like the new illustration. May I assume that Jeff A, is the talented creator of this drawing??? I distinctly remember his offer of contributing some of his artwork to this site several months ago. Also, Jeff A, your description of me was really accurate. I'm impressed!!! More precisely, I am 5'4 with shoulder-lenght dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I am generally quiet and like to keep to myself but I do have a good sense of humor and love to laugh. I am also very generous and I often tend to look out after other people's needs before my own. It's true that we all have a special bond in this forum. It's great that we can all talk openly about toilet issues without any shame or guilt. About the sounds people make when straining, I suppose OO!! OO!! is a common sound, considering the description of many posts here, although I always thought more along the lines of Uggggghhh!!! and Nnnnggghhh!!!! as my boyfriend does when he shits. Of course, I guess it depends on every person's habits as well as how much effort is required to pass the turd. I, myself, do not use any vocal assistance while shitting. I usually just push silently with the occasional gasp and heavy breathing if I have to strain hard. Finally, I agree with Roger, that watching someone on the toilet should only be accepted and appropriate when there is given consent. I also agree that installing a hidden camera in someone's bathroom is unjustifiably wrong. It's one thing to accidentally walk into an occupied stall, thinking that it is empty or accompanying a lover, friend or family member to the toilet. Yet, invading the privacy of an unsuspecting stranger is disrespectful. We have to remember that unlike us, there are many people who consider using the toilet as a private matter and who do not associate any pleasurable entertainment value to watching someone peeing and pooping, like we do.

hey the new pic scares me. it looks like me. well if the girl was younger. the face and the hair look like mine and whats funny is that just like the pic my pants do end up ay my ankels. i dont do it its just that i pull them to the edge of my knees and they sort of slide down there but my pampies stay guys arent watchin me and not telling me are you. i hope not. but hey the potty looks kind of funny. oh well. is it a sketch you know cause it looks like a sketch that someone drew of some cousins a good drawer but im not going to ask him to draw me on there. oh right i remember why i wrote now. its for you jim. im doing you a special favor that you dont have to pay back. i thought of it this morning. i promised everyone that i would tell about me having to go poop afetr my lil sis did so im doing that but im putting you jim in the place of my cousin. i know that will make you happy. you make me happy cause you seem to be one of the few that at least writes back to me.okay here we go.jim took my lil sis back to his bed to lay dowb with my other sister to watch tv. i quickly got out of the tub with tons of splashing. hey i had to go bad at it was pushing hard to get out. i dried myself and sat on the potty as jim came in. jim asked what all the noise was about. i told him that i needed to poop bad so i hurried out to have a seat. i aksed him to sit down with me and he sat on the rim of the tub but had to dry it first cause i got it wet.anyway i didnt push i just let it come legs tremble why i dont know but they do when i dont push.slowly this smooth but big poop started poking out of me.jim brushed the hair out of my face as the poop started coming out faster.then came a big plop. i went ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and jim asked if i felt better. i ploped two more times then went i do now.we both laughed and then i stopped cause more came out. guess i laughed to hard. but good thing though or else i would have gotten back in the tub and had to come out again. i took a quick pee while singing plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is. hee he. that always gets a laugh and jim did laugh. i mean really doesnt that song sound like it's about pooping and peeing. plop plop being pooping and fizz fizz being peeing. my pee kinda makes bubbles like it fizzing in the oitlet so thats why i sya the fizz fizz part. well i got paper oh and to answer someones question yes i do get paper when i go to pee. i gets some ad i pee and hold on to it till im done. anyway i got paper and wiped my front and my bottom, hey not with the same peice you silly people. thats gross. anyway i flushed the toilet and jim put me back in the tub. ge that was fun and different. if you want me to put you in my cousins place and that goes for any of you ill be more than happy to. just ask. bye. linda

Just a few days ago I really had to take a shit and there was only a porta-potty there. there was poo all over the toilet seat and when I sat (I'm the kind of guy who sit on the seat with nothing between my ass and the seat) it was all gooey and I sat there and had diarrhea. Oh-no! No toilet paper!

I like the new updated gallery picture, someone really described the mood well, although it would apear that the young woman on the toilet was not having fun, she is probably constipated (poor thing, she needs someone to rub her ???? a while, and to rub her back and encourage her.) This raises a very interesting question in my mind. How does everyone sit on the toilet? Some people just slouch and wait untill it's over, others are seated stately on their throne and rest their locked hands on their knees. When I go have a poop I usually assume the latter because I want to be as presentable as I can if someone comes in. I had that happen to me one day at a pay and enter bathroom in a really small town on the way up north. I stoped in to a brand new convience store. ( I knew it was new because they had the grand opening signs all over everything.) Anyway, I went in the store and started looking for the bathroom. It was outside. I went in and it was a two seater, pay to go type bathroom (you put a quarter in the door and it unlocks for you to go in, when you close the door it is locked. I went into the new bathrooms and took door number one and had a seat on the throne. They were brand new, but I had a feeling that they were not going to stay that way for very long. The stalls had a small divider but no doors. I pulled my pants off and had a seat. No sooner than I ploped down there was money being inserted to the slot outside. The door opened and a woman hopped inside the bathroom and shut the door. She said, I'm sorry, I told her that it was no problem and she went to the door and turned the bolt lock. "you have to lock the pin if you don't want people comming in on ya' honney" she said. She told me she had to go really bad and that she couldn't wait, so she just came on in. She was probably 30, had blonde hair and was about 5'8 150lbs. She went over to the other side of the cubical and unzipped her pants and sat down. She told me that she was from Ohio and that she was headed back up home, I told her that I was going to Ill. There was quiet for a second and then she grunted pretty loud. A ripping fart scarred the air and she exhaled. I passed a loud bumping fart as well at this time. She told me that she hadn't gone in a day or two and that it might smell, I told her that I didn't mind, we were in a bathroom anyway and that she should be comfortable. I felt my load slide down into the ready position and I farted again, I also grunted a little bit. She just quietly grunted some more while muttering to me some things about her. . . it sounded weird because she was talking and pushing at the same time, she must have had a awfull pain from all that poop. "uuuuhhh, uhhhh, oooooh, unnnnng, uuuuhhh! she grunted and grunted. I was pushing out what was to be my first little terdlet, it hit the water with a plop and was followed by my load which was a fat 2.5" X 4" log that left me in a forcefull plop of the toilet bowl. PALOOOOOMP!!! She said "wow, I bet you feel good, I wish I could get this out of me, uhhhhh, well, maybe here it comes, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhghhhhhhhhg! I could hear the loud crackle and fart noises escaping her as she pushed. Finnaly the crackle was over and she sighed a long sigh of relief. She was actually breathing hard after all of that was over, "could you bring over some TP when you get up, there isn't any over here. I finished the paperword and pulled the TP out of the roller and put my pants on. I walked over to her end and handed her the TP. How rank the smell was over there. It has been said before, the smell of sweet perfume and a powerfull pungent smell of a poop that came out only after some struggle mixed together to form an interesting scent. She stood up and turned to the side revealing her butt. I must say she had a nice one. "Damn, take a look at that would you, she backed up towards me so I could have a look in her bowl. There were three huge logs piled up in the pot along with some loose stringy poop that was floating there. I said "carefull" she almost swiped her unwiped arse on my blue jeans. "Sorry" she said. "Thank you for the paper" she said softly and I walked out with her after she put her pants on and we talked for a little while. We later exchanged numbers and I still talk to her regularly. It is a breath of fresh air to meet someone so uninhibited as she was. She is a very interesting person. Well everyone, get back to me on the question and I will see you next time! -Vector

Monday, November 09, 1998

Hi folks! I havent posted here for a while and I'm glad to see that the old favourites are still here with some new contributers too.

Im sorry, but I really cannot feel a lot of sympathy for Melanie. If you take laxatives, I never do, then you have to expect diarrhea! What I cannot understand is why you had to take laxatives after eating chilli as I have always found that very spicy foods such as chilli, curry,etc if anything tend to make the stools a bit loose anyway. I hope you learned your lesson. Dont get me wrong, I have every sympathy with the person who gets taken short by a sudden unexpected attack of the runs and loses control and messes their panties, or the child given laxatives by an adult and who doesnt realise the effects of such medicines. It has happened to us all, and like other readers I strongly condemn the boyfriend of the girl who posted here who was cruel and mocking to her when she had a bad diarrhea accident at his house, then told others at her school about it. However, if the person should know better and is the author of their own misfortune by taking repeated doses of laxatives when it probably wasnt necessary then that's too bad. I also find it odd the amount of people who know they urgently need the toilet, either to do a wee wee or a jobbie, and have every opportunity to go there and then, but hold on to watch some silly TV program or something equally trivial then either wet or fill their pants. Its different if they cannot get to the toilet in time such as a pupil not allowed to go out by their teacher, or someone on a bus or train with no toilet or in their car in traffic, or walking home when need to go comes on suddenly, but to have an accident just because you wanted to watch TV or read a book, that's gross to me!

Dave UK asks if people really go "OO! OO!" when straining to pass a solid motion. I do and have done so since I was a kid. I suppose the sound varies from "OO! OO! to OH! AH! EH! etc depending how difficult the turd is to pass, and whether one is in the privacy of one's own toilet at home, where one can really go for it, or in a public, school, works, or other communal toilet where one has to be less exuberant and a quieter !UH! UH! AH!" has to suffice. My mum when she was toilet training me told me to "try hard and go OO! OO!" and I suppose the habit has stayed with me. Certainly she made these noises herself and I used to listen to her when she did a motion and would hear her going "OO! OO! OH! AH!" and to the loud "KERPLONK! and KUR-SPLOOSH!" sounds as her jobbies plunged into the toilet pan, and like many of the others who post here this turned me on from an early age, and hearing such sounds still does. This brings up an interesting point. I have noticed that many of the! men who post here were turned on as kids by listening to their mothers or sisters or aunts etc doing their motions and of course by seeing what they had done rather than if the person doing it was their father, an older brother, uncle or other male relative. Does the converse hold true for women? Certainly, I was far more into listening when mum was doing a jobbie and occasionally seeing one of her turds although my father did some real whoppers which more often got stuck in the pan than hers.

Finally, I loved Moira's graphic description of her doing a motion in her recent posting, it was almost as if I was in her toilet with her and George (lucky man!). In return I will describe the enjoyable motion I had yesterday. I hadnt been for a couiple of days, and this doesnt worry me at all, I just let my system take care of itself. Unlike Melanie, I DONT take laxatives, never have and never will. I had been out to lunch and got home and felt the need to have a motion. I sat on the pan with my black Speedo briefs at my knees. I also needed to pee, but the presence of a fat hard stool in my back passage had given me a semi erection so I only passed a small dribble. I knew it was going to be a big hard jobbie so I just sat there and let it come out by itself, I was on no hurry it being Saturday. I felt the lump push against my sphincter and there was a short stab of pain as it stretched to accomdate the thick turd. This feeling soon passed off and I felt the jobbie slowly start to emerge. At first it was nobbily and lumpy . The strong fecal smell of a healthy solid stool wafted up from between my legs. With only a slight push from myself it still slowly exuded from my back passage and by looking down between my legs I could soon see it hanging down towards the water in the pan. Was it fat! a good 2 1/2 inches thick. I could see it growing longer as I gently bore down and pushed OO! OO! AH!. It started to become smoother and taper off, then it plunged into the pan with a resounding "KUR-SPLOOMP!". Looking down the pan I saw that it was about 12 inches long and carrot shaped. By now I had a full erection which I relieved and was then able to finish my pee, emptying my bladder. It took 4 flushes to get my big jobbie to go away. I dont know about Alex but I DID enjoy passing a one foot turd and always have enjoyed doing a big one.

Finally, I liked Dave UK's plan of the toilets at Glastonbury and I'd love to read some of his stories. It reminds me of the time I went to an agricultural country show. The toilets there were similar with the Ladies back to back to the Gents, only canvass screens separating the cubicles at the back and sides with the seats above a trench dug in the ground, it being filled in after the show was over . I saw this ???? girl who had been riding a horse in the show ring earlier making for the toilets and I went in to the gents next to hers. I heard her going "OO! AH! OH!" and saw her great fat solid turd fall into the trench on top of some others that had already been done. It was a real whopper. I have been told that horse riding, with the rythmic up and down movements in the saddle , is a great cure for constipation as it helps move the motions down in the bowels. Perhaps some rider may care to comment.

hey. i said my lil twin sisters are here so heres a story with one of them.they are barely learing to go potty. anyway my little sis was being sat on the potty by my cousin while i was in the tub. she said she had to make a poop. but nothing was happening. finally i told her come one sis give a big push. yeah my cousin said and give us a big plop too. my sis laughed and well i guess a bit too much cause she said oh its coming and suer enough there was a big plop. then another and then she finally pushed anda tiny plip was heard. she looked much better. but watching her poop gave me the feeling to poop too. but I'll tell you about it next time I promise. bye. linda

I really like this web-site, and I'm especially glad to see that so many people have such an open attitude toward body functions. But there is one thing that bothers me a lot, and I was wondering how many other people feel the same way. I have no problem with people going to the bathroom in front of one another, as long as both parties agree to it and are comfortable with it. I actually think it's kind of nice and special when you trust a person enough to share this most intimate and private aspect of your life. I also don't have a problem with people accidentally walking in on someone who is using the toilet -- if it's truly accidental. These things happen sometimes, and most people are understanding about it. But I have a real problem with people who secretly listen in or spy on other people in the bathroom without their consent. When a person goes into a bathroom and locks the door, they usually do so with a certain expectation of privacy. When you deliberately spy on that person without their permission, you are violating that person's right to privacy. Not only is that probably illegal in many cases, I just think it's wrong. Do you ever stop to think about the other person's feelings? If they found out they were being watched, they could be deeply embarassed and hurt, especially if it's something that had gone on for a long time. I saw a news item on TV once about a woman who discovered a camera in her bathroom that had been placed there by the landlord. Apparently he had been spying on her in the bathroom for several months. The woman was absolutely devastated by the realization that her privacy had been violated for such an extended period of time. She felt her dignity had been taken away from her, and I agree. As I said, I have no problem with people doing bathroom functions in front of one another when they agree to it and are comfortable with it. I also don't have a problem with someone accidentally walking in on someone (if it's really accidental). Most people are very understanding about this situation, and even though they are embarrassed, they also realize that in many cases it's their own fault for not locking the door. In the same way, if you accidentally encounter someone going to the bathroom in the woods or outdoors, that's not necessarily an invasion of privacy. When you choose to go to the bathroom in a public place like that (even if it's an emergency, which it usually is), you do so knowing that you really don't have privacy and that someone might very well see you. But deliberately going out of your way to listen in or spy on someone who THINKS they have privacy is, in my opinion, very, very unfair and wrong. What does everyone else think?

I wonder whether anyone else experienced anything similar to this as a teenager? A group of us, about 4 or 5 usually, used to go swimming a couple of times a week after school. We would we would compare underpants afterwards in the changing rooms, to see who had the biggest stains. Most of us tended to have skid marks to a greater or lesser extent. After a while, we thought it would be good to turn it into a competition. The prize was that the winner would have his bag of chips & drink on the way home bought for him by the others. This was an incentive to do well, but had to be balanced by the fear of getting punished for dirty pants at home. Some were determined to win, with quite spectacular results! I wonder whether any of them have an interest as adults? It may even be that they visit this site.....

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