Jeff A.
Harry: I guess we could be neighbors after all. As a matter of fact, I went through Idaho not too long ago. Thanks all for the descriptions of yourselves. I never expected that, and it was really nice. Jim: excellent post from you about your cleaning lady. when I was about 10, I was staying over night with a friend, who had bunk beds. When we were sent to bed for the night, I had the bottom bunk, and I couldn't sleep, so I had been awake for about an hour or more. His mother who was an attractive blonde woman, came in to use the bathroom that was right across the hall from his room. I was laying on the bunk on my stomach pretending to be sleeping. She stuck her head in to see if we were asleep, (I was an excellent faker by the way), and when she was satisfied, she walked into the bathroom with a rolled up magazine in her hand. Even at that age, I knew the meaning of the magazine: It was poop time! I wondered then, as I do now, why she didn't shut the door. I would think that it would seem to be a reflex action to shut the door, even when you're in the house alone. (I never do though). Anyway, she went in, flipped on the light switch, which threw a little bit of yellow light into the room I was in. I had to squint my eyes a little to make it look like they were shut. She dropped the toilet seat, set her magazine down on the clothes hamper, and slid her pants and panties down to about mid-thigh and sat down. She was leaning forward, elbows on her thighs, and her blonde hair hung nicely down the side of her face. She wore glasses, which she would occassionally push back up on her nose. The toilet was near the door, and my view was from the side. I remember that she pooped for a real long time. Her smell was starting to make its way into our room, and it was kind of a "meaty" smell. Not too bad, but very noticeable. She grunted and puffed to herself very softly, and I could hear her poop falling out with fairly loud plops. There were way too many turds to count. I think she was dropping a weeks worth. I remember that she was such a pretty woman, and I always kind of had a 10 year old crush on her, so seeing this was like a dream come true. The gods of the latrine were smiling on me that day. I took in every nuance, and every gesture of her as I watched from my bed. There'd be a "swish" of a magazine page being flipped, sometimes followed by a nice "K-Pluummpp". Her face would contort just slightly whenever she pushed, and then there'd be a plop, or a series of. I guess she must've been on the toilet for about 5 or 10 minutes when her husband came in. He was doing something in the medicine cabinet, and she just sat and plopped as if nobody was there. The smell was getting a little stronger, so he must've really noticed it. I was very excited watching her, and then watching him, trying to see his reactions to her, which there weren't any. I could hear them talking, but they were mumbling in low tones, I suppose so they wouldn't wake us up. He mentioned something, and I heard a "Plop-ploop-plop" and a gentle sigh of relief. She was nodding to him about something, when all of a sudden I heard her grunt a little more loudly than before and out came a wave of poop plopping away like crazy into the bowl. He was laughing at her, and she just kept on reading her magazine, oblivious to him. Shortly after that, she pulled off long pieces of TP, wadded them up, and stood up to wipe. She was wearing a long sleeve cotton type shirt which was white, and I could see her bra through it. The shirt tails kind of fell and got in her way as she wiped. I did get to see the darkish patch between her legs, which was both puzzling and disturbing for me then. I'd seen neighbor girls pull their pants down, but I'd never seen pubic hair on females before. I didn't know that it existed on them. I think it was her standing up to wipe that prompted her husband to reach over and shut the door. He did so rather quickly, and it pushed another wave of ripe poop smell in our direction. I didn't get to see the rest of the show. Through the closed door, I heard some quiet laughing, and her telling him to shut up, and the toilet paper roll being rattled about 8 more times, until finally the toilet flushed. Afterward she came out, with her magazine, and I rolled over to try and go to sleep. The smell of her poop filled our room and the hallway, and again, being so young, I figured that she was just too pretty to have stinky poop. Another lesson in life learned. The next morning, as we were at the table eating breakfast, I kept staring at her, wondering when she was going to go to the bathroom next. I was checking out the little details of her, such as the slight visibility of her bra through her blouse. Panty lines through her pants, her silver necklace against the white skin of her chest, and so on. I remember then, being utterly fascinated by women's undergarments. I guess I still am. As you can see now, the memory never left me, and I'm only thankful that my friend did not wake up during this because he would've called out "Mom, shut the door!" Bye all.

To Dave UK . Yes people do go "OO! OO!" . I have heard many many folks doing a motion since I was a kid, I suppose I started when I moved in with my aunt and cousins when I was 5 and that's 40 years ago now.

The sound does vary between people and of all the senses hearing is the most subjective. Moira and I think that the sound made by a firm to easy solid turd as it slides out of your back passage is "crippp..." but many readers have described it as a "crackling" sound. Likewise a big solid jobbie dropping into the toilet pan can sound like "Kur-ploonk!" to some people but the same turd may make a "Kersploosh!" sound if done into another toilet, and even sound totally different if heard by someone else. Sometimes when straining to pass a large solid motion I may go "UH! AH!" as well as "OO! OO!". My Aunt Helen and my cousins, Debbie and Nicky both went "OO! OO!" when straining, and I heard them often enough, as does Moira. We phoned Donna who says she usually goes "Ah! OH! UH!" but sometimes "OO! OO!" as well. What sounds do YOU make Dave?

Crimson, thanks for the explanation of the function of the suction type toilet pan. I now understand the need for the small orifice to create a better seal. perhaps if the hole was tapered then a really fat turd would at least go in part of the way. Now this perhaps explains why the jobbies I have seen on the tracks have always been long and thin as I assume they are extrusion moulded by being sucked under pressure through a tube who's bore is thinner than theirs, rather like a hot billet of steeel which I saw being chnehed to a thinner, longer, rod by being extruded through a series of progressively smaller openings. (BTW sorry I think I confused you with Vector in a recent post. Hope neither of you were offended). Nonetheless, both Moira and I have blocked one of these toilet pans with our jobbies.

Regarding doing either type of toilet function out of doors, this, my wife assures me, is an offence, albeit a minor one, in the UK. For a man it can also be construed as "Indecent Exposure" if a female witnesess the act, and this is more serious. Usually however the Police if they prosecute at all, simple term it as "Creating a Public Nuisance" amd a small fine is imposed. The real punishment is having the name in the papers. Decent coppers however will turn a blind eye to a man having a pee up an alleyway or behind a wall etc. Its a bit more difficult if the person is doing a number 2 however this gets a bit more difficult to overlook. The situation for women can ironically be easier as she can possibly arrange her skirt to hide her personal parts. Anyway, people do urinate and defecate out of doors in the UK but with discretion and caution.

Alex, Moira and I often pass foot long turd and enjoy the experience, so I wouldn't be worried about doing one this size. Indeed, often the really big jobbies of this size are easier to pass once they start to come out than smaller hard lumps.

Brent C I was interested in your Air Enema idea. Yes, I can see how this would work and would have the benefit over a water enema of not being so messy. I would however urge caution not to inflate the colon with anything approaching high pressure as it is possible to rupture the bowel with potentially fatal results!!!!. Stick to an enema syringe and nothing more powerful!

My brother and me were watching a video last night and he is 11. It was after supper and we had had a lot to drink that night. I noticed he was sitting on my knee because there was not much room with everyone sitting there and he was holding his pants. It was just coming to the good bit with all the action and he did not want to miss it. He started wriggling a little bit and then a few minutes later I felt it all go warm. He was peeing in his shorts and it was running down and wetting my lap. I didn't say anything cause the lights were out and it was to late anyway. He whispered in my ear that he was sorry and I said its okay. Just at the end of the film I really wanted to pee bad but one of the other boys got there first. I was waiting outside for him to finish and I got the urge to goreal bad it started to come out as I stood there and I could not stop it coming but thought what the hell anyway my shorts are wet so I just let it come and it ran down my lags and made a big puddle on the floor. I had to clean it up but that was all.

Tree Wizzer
I;m the guy who posted about preferring peeing outdoors to the toilet. One argument for squatting to poop: when I do it, I find that I don't need to wipe; everytime I do, the toilet paper comes out pretty much clean. Does anyone else have this experience?

To all who have answered my post about my shyness at college, thanks for the advice. I have started to go in th Student Union mens room after breakfast. It is a three stall bathroom and is pretty busy after breakfast. I have been trying to make as much noise as possible (you can let farts slowly slip out which will make them quieter but I have been pushing hard which produces loud farts). So far, no one has commented on my noises or smells (I did notice one morning that after unloading, the guy in the stall next to me started to sniff the air, probably smelling my odor. For some reason, I think my shit is much smellier than other guys). I feel a little more comfortable now and am trying to get up the nerve to dump in the dorm bathroom in front of guys I know. But it is very difficult and embarrassing for me to do something so private in front of other guys I know. I know this is silly, but I am having trouble getting to the point where I feel completely relaxed. To Carlos and the guys who are constipated a lot, I don't understand this problem. Make it a point to eat a couple of pieces of fruit a day, and have a good breakfast of cereal. A hot cup of coffee in the morning always gets me going. I wouldn't mess around with enemas and suppositories and all that stuff. It probably isn't good for you. A healthy diet rich in fiber is probably what you need. Thanks again everyone for all your help and advice. Matt

Today I went into a Local Discount Store, And I took a Dump For the First Time. (In that Store) And I have to say that It was one of the More Enjoyable Public Poops that I have had. Their Stalls Were large, and Their Toilet Seat Were the Best Ones that I have Ever say on, They cradle you Butt Perfectly, And They Fit me Just perfectly, I want to Find on of those For My Bathroom in the House. I Weigt about 134 I am not Real Skinny But I am just the Right Fit For those toilet Seats. And While I was Pooping it was Busy in there, Usually I do not let any turds Loose When Someone is in the Bathroom, (If they are not Taking a Poop) But this Time I just Let if Flow Even Though People Were just in there Peeing I know that they had to hear me. I was also one of the longest dumps that I have taking In public to. The only Problem With the Bathroom was that they had to Doors on the Stalls, some People saw me, But o'well! They Probly Did not Care Because They Do it to. My Dump Smelt Pretty ! Bad also, It Smealt Like Mexican Food, and Bad gas.

Sunday, November 08, 1998

To Ben: Nice story about your peeing accidents, Once I was watching t.v late at night, I was standing up waiting for the commercial to come on,but I accidently started to pee my pants, but I stoped It In time? How long ago did this accident occur? Today After school I was eating candy, cookies and I had the urge to poop, but before I did that I wanted to eat a Banana. I finished my Banana and went upstairs to the bathroom and I pooped a 12"er. It was huge!! It was kind of falling apart but It suck together. I flushed the toilet 2 times. After work tonight, I tryed to get the poop that was stuck on the side off and It was hard. Any one get pieces of poop on the toilet and It Is hard to get off?

I went to a fireworks display on the 5th with my brother (11 and dad and we were in such a rush toget out to get there that there was not time to go toilet and we forgot anyway. As I was standing there watching the rockets going off and things I started to want to go pee real bad but there was no where to go and lots of people round. I started by holding my pants and then as the feeling got worse I started crossing and uncrossing my legs. Jamie saw me and sid did I want the toilet and said "yes, real bad" and he said "me too". In the end a few minutes later the fist spurts came out into my undies and I could not stop them. But that did not help much cause not I was really wetting. The pee kept coming and I had to let go. There was this big wet patch on the front of my school shorts and it was getting bigger. I could feel the warm pee spread round the front and then ran down my legs. I could feel my socks and shoes getting wet but there was nothing I could do. Then the relief as it stopped. It was okay at first because it was warm, but then it went al cold in the wind. The fireworks ended about ten minutes later and we got in the car to go home. Jamie pissed his pants on the way home in the car.

responding to traveler what college town do you live in?? here in south texas many people relieve themselves outdoors. In the police blotter, there is usually a long coloumn in the public urination section, usually equal among men/women who have been caught in the act. when i go out on friday nights to clubs, its common to see women peeing on the parking lot(usually drunk)after midnight, and most of them relieving themselves in full view of motorists.

Hi guys. To Andre and everybody else, I must make a major correction about my last post. I meant to write I passed seven HALF-FOOT (well, between 5-7", they weren't uniformly sized) turds- I hope I never have to pass a single ONE FOOT turd :) In any case, my apologies for that blunder. Diskputers, I tried tightening up every muscle in my body, mainly by using Steph's method of putting my head between my knees and my hands behind the neck. When I finally was able to go, I spent around 30 minutes on the toilet (I normally spend about 10 when taking a shit). I am back to "normal," by the way. (that is, going almost every morning and sometimes also later in the day) Linda, yes, Steph and I are best friends. Jeff A., I loved your last post. I am the same height as Steph (5' 7"), but have light brown/dirty blonde hair and hazel-blue eyes. Steph is very liberal and adventurous, while I'm more "conventional" and risk-averse. Both of us take our studies very seriously. I'll be away from the 'net for about two weeks, so it's "au revoir" for now. Love always, Alex :)

I remeber in the second grade I was at Sams and had to pee real bad, but I was interested in this book and I wet my pants while reading it I was so abashed it wasn't funny. Then in fourth grade I had a dream I was on a toilet and remeber waking up after it skoen wet

Hello, again. Long time, no post I know. But I have been very busy as of late. I thought I would realte a story from 5 years ago since it happened around Thanksgiving. For some reason I was abnormally constipated for a couple of days preceding Turkey Day. I tried Milk Of Magnesia but either I did not consume enough of this, or it just didn't have the desired effect. It made me pass much gas, but nothing more "solid" than that. But, I had to go to my sister's for Thanksgiving the next night. I ate like a pig to be sure. Sure enough the next day (Friday) I had severe cramps but nothing happened. Finally about 7 o'clock, I knew it would pass, and sure enough after much straining, I had an excellent crap which went on and on and on. I must have gone about 3-4 more times that evening. But all the turds were fairly solid. I was wondering, especially considering that it is November now, if anyone here in the U.S. reading this has Thanksgiving memories of the same sort...Mike

Hello I have to ask a question! Does anybody take some toiletpaper before you have finished your "work"? Please tell me how you eventually do if so is the case.

Here is the condensed version of something that happened to me about a 3 and a half weeks ago..I had over eaten on my Mom's chili,and some other,gassy products,Burger King etc... So before I went to sleep I took a laxatve,figuring I'd drop my load before school.DIDN'T HAPPEN.So I ate left over chili.After school and,still didn't poop that night.So I STUPIDLY took more laxative,but still could not go.So I ate more gassy,poop worthy foods.No GO! So the next day I went to the mall with my Mom to get some last minute stuff for my nieces Halloween party.And the BOMB dropped in me.All of that that had been bottled up for 3 days now wanted out,BAD. I started of by farting some powerful,and potent SBD's.But quickly turned into loud abrupt farting.So I exited,and told my Mom I was going to look for a bathroom.I walked through the mall,still farting,embarassing myself in front of hundreds of strangers,because at this point I LOST CONTROL! I farted and my poop started to come out.A solid turd started poking at my panties.I continued to walk and fart,until I started to fill,and I mean FILL my panties right in the mall.At this point I had attracted everyone's attention,So I huridly exited the mall,Went into a back alley,and with disgust,Finished the job in my panties. LOUD,NASTY,WET FARTS flowed from my butt,and liquidy diahrrea shot from me.I literally spent 45 minutes of non stop pooping,and farting.I could not stop.At the latest possible moment I got down my jeans and my panties burst,the shit sprayed out the sides with a liquidy fart sound.the smell was awful,I felt so light headed,And I was still full of gas and poop.So in the end I ended up,blowing all my money,on some identical replacement jeans,so my Mom wouldn't notice I had changed jeans.That was the most embarassing moment of my life.(Gulp......So far)

There was an accident that I had to clean up in the girls locker room toilet. Apparently, a girl had shit her pants and went into a stall to clean up. The toilet seat was smeared with shit, so it looked like she dropped her poop onto the seat and then sat in it. There was shit on the floor and shit smeared on the wall. In the bowl was a moderate sized turd and about 10 big wads of toilet paper. I had to remove the paper by hand otherwise the toilet would have clogged. I flushed everything away and cleaned the toilet, walls, and floor with a spray disinfectant and then rinsed.

BrentC; I have the same question as Mod Joe: how did your constipation land you in the hospital. It must have been quite a massive blockage. How did they help you? How long were you in for? Also, I have a question regarding farts. Do you have more gas when you are plugged? I usually fart a lot more when I'm badly constipated. Sometimes the farts can help move things along. A good butt-phump can relieve the back pressure and start the marbles toward the exit. In my last posting I gave you some info on enemas. Here is a different twist. I have used air enemas with some success. In stead of using water pump some air up your constipated butt with an enema or aan empty plastic bottle. After about five minutes, sit on the pot and strain and push. Some times the passing of gas will help stimulate things. Today I have not been able to go, but I'm about to try again. Keep me posted on your dumps. Thanks for your friendship. Carlos

I haven't posted for aaaagggggeeesss now, but I am just interested in one thing, which to my knowledge was started up by George and Moira. Do people REALLY go "OO!" when they strain? I can't wait for Glastonbury next year. For those of you who are not from the UK, Glastonbury is a music festival that is held in the town of Glastonbury in Somerset, South West England. They do not use porta-loos there, there is ready built toilets there with no locks on the doors. (Here's your chance, door man). The toilets basically consist of a big pit with holes over the top in cubicles. It is very difficult to describe but I will try with this birds-eye view below:

|     |     |     |     |     |     |     | 
| ( ) | ( ) | ( ) | ( ) | ( ) | ( ) | ( ) |<-seats
| ( ) | ( ) | ( ) | ( ) | ( ) | ( ) | (O) |<-Person :-)
|     |     |     |     |     |     | U U |
  +--- Cubicle
Well, as you can imagine, if you look down a hole in a cubicle you can see everyone else's crap fall into it and it was such a turn-on for me anyway. I've got some stories about last year at glastonbury if anyone wants them...

Thanks to Nicola, Graham and Jill for their suggestions of the most inconvenient clothes to be wearing when needing to relieve oneself (especially outdoors). So far we have long party skirts/dresses that need hitching up to the waist. We have tight skirts without zips/buttons that have to be taken off over the head. We've had tight skirts WITH zips/buttons that have to be pulled down with the panties - and presumably pantyhose where applicable - so three garments to clutch at the knees. I've never thought of that, but I did once see a young woman pulling down blue jeans and black pantyhose outside a closed town centre toilet at night so she'll have had to clutch three garments too. Then there's jumpsuits; I once saw two young women squatting in tall grasses near the riverbank and they had pulled down jumpsuits but weren't wearing bras so were topless! I also heard of - but didn't see - a woman who got caught short skiing down a mountain, and she managed to ski into a clu! mp of bushes, pull down her all-in-one ski-suit and underwear and begin to squat, only to find that the skis suddenly began to move and she was once again out on the open mountainside, but now almost naked! So, any more suggestions of inconvenient clothes ... ?

Jill asks, very reasonably, if I'll respond with stories of tight trousers (pants). Well I've not experienced that, but some newly bought or recently washed jeans can be very tight. They have to be undone at the waistband as well as the fly, and still involve a lot of digging and delving to get the penis out, especially if wearing boxer shorts. I sometimes feel it would be simpler to put a thumb under the underpants on both sides and just pull everything down - especially if no-one is watching! But I think the most "inconvenient" thing I've worn was a thick heavy double-breasted overcoat with a belt round it: the same problem as some women have mentioned, too much material to hold onto.

Finally (for now!) Jill mentions the uninhibited young woman she saw in France. I saw one like that in Norway. Having already gotten used to the fact that women come out of their office buildings at lunch time and sunbathe topless in full view of their colleagues, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised by this woman who came out of the funicular railway "station", found the door into the ladies restroom locked, stepped onto the grass quite close to an area where loads of people were passing, and proceeded to pull her jeans down!

Saturday, November 07, 1998

Jeff A . Thanks for the nice remarks. I must admit that I dont smile ALL the time, tensions at work, too much month not enough money etc, but do try to be happy and react in a friendly manner to others. To Trevor. Yes if a woman is wearing a tight, butt hugging skirt it can be difficult to lift it to do the toilet. Most such skirts however do have a zip or buttons to allow one to loosen it off to lift, but I have worn a tight mini skirt that it was easier to pull down together with my panties than struggle to lift up round my waist in the normal manner. I mostly wear pleated skirts if not wearing jeans or tracksuits so the problem doesnt really arise for me. Worst for awkwardness in my opinion is the long dress that one wears at parties, dinner dances etc. These are a pain to hitch up when doing the toilet. Jasmine, reading these pages, who HASN'T stopped up a pan in a public toilet? I have lost count of the number of times I have passed a really big, long fat firm jobbie which has got stuck and wouldn't flush away either in the Girls' Toilets at school, in works toilets or Ladies'Public Toilets, Pub and Resturant Toilets etc. I first did this at Junior (grade) School at about the age of 10 or 11 I suppose,(I'll tell you the story about my first "panbuster" some time), and have often done so since. Usually what happened was that I would do a really big jobbie which stuck then others would use that toilet after me and buddy dump their turds on top of it and the large load would soon form a "beaver dam" of girls motions for the caretaker to unblock. I suppose the same happens in Public Toilets too. A few weeks ago I did a big fat 14 incher in the Ladies Toilet at a Train Station. When going back home later that day I went to the same toilet for a wee wee and went into the same cubicle. Sure enough, not only was my log still stuck there in the bottom of the pan but there were two other jobbies with it, one a light brown curved smooth sausage of about 8 inches long and the other a dark brown fat, nobbily 6 inch log, both had been buddy dumped on top of mine. I wondered if a mother and her daughter had done their motions on top of mine.

Jeff A.>> If you are in the western half of the United States, Idaho, in particular, it could be possible... :-) I, too, have enjoyed this forum, ever since I discovered it a little over a year ago now...It's a reminder that I am not alone when it comes to the fascination of this subject, and what other people around the world do, out of habit, style, technique, etc...Keep the stories coming, all of you!

Trevor asks about tight skirts. Even worse then these must be the one-piece jumpsuit or catsuit. I suspect that a woman wearing one of these would have to almost completely dis-robe in order to relieve herself. Or the very old fashioned (eg 16/17th Century) hooped skirts in which there was no way that the wearer could sit down (to relieve herself or for any other reason).

Hi guys! Jeff A., here's my brief self-description. I'm a 5'7" brunette with brown eyes. I am somewhat outgoing, but can also be quite bashful. I was raised in a Catholic home and still attend mass, though not every week- I also study and "practice" (quotations intended, since this isn't organized in the same manner as traditional religion) New Age spirituality. As for being athletic, I don't think so. And finally, I'll be 21 in February (1999). I do agree that there's a special *bond* among us and I love reading everyone's stories as much as I do sharing mine. Peace and love to all, you're the greatest! Steph

any childhood accidents any body wet their pants at a store.

Alex: What kinds of things do you mean by trying every natural "method" Can you be more specific?

To Alex: I just read about your seven one-foot turds. Wow, that sounds like the largest dump ever mentioned here and elsewhere. But let me ask one question: How fat were those turds? At 1.5 in. average diameter and a given specific weight of 1 g/ccm ("floater's weight") I calculate a total of five and a quarter pounds for that load of yours! Please enlighten us about the thickness and about the time it took to pass all of them. Good poops to you all, Andre.

Jasmine, I have been stopping up toilet pans with my big jobbies since I was in my early teens, likewise George, our friend Donna and Im sure various other correspondents have done likewise to judge from their posts. Jill, Harry, Nicola, Vector, (incidentally, is "TERD" the US spelling of "TURD"?) and various others. Incidentally, HAS Lindsey had a motion yet? In sure lots of readers would love to know! Im glad that Jeff A considers George and I as a loving couple. We surely do have a happy life together both as regards our sex life and other matters. Apart from Toilet Fun, we have a lot in common , but also have our separate professions, myself as a Solicitor and George runs his own Computer Sales and Service Company. We do have both a large comfortable living room, a drawing room and a dining room as you suggest as well as our own individual studies. we dont have kids, never wanted them, and dont regret it, we are devoted to each other, and our cats. Jim, Im glad you, like lots of blokes who post here like listening to women doing a motion. You'd love to have heard the one I did today. I had been needing when I arrived at the office this morning at nine am, but had an important conference. The feeling passed off and I got on with discussions with my client and the advocate (barrister - counsel to you Yanks I suppose) . Anyway by lunchtime the meeting was over so I tidied my desk and, as I often do if I have no other matters on a Friday, went home. (Its not a case of a partner skiving off on POETS day but to make up for the times I have to stay on or come in at weekends, besides I took some files home to read up for next week.) George was also home and had made a lovely lunch. Afterwards , about 30 minutes or so , I felt the need to have a motion again, and a large turd start to lside down against my sphincter. I told George and we both went into the toilet, George lifting my black pleated skirt revealing my pale blue brief! s which he also gently pulled down for me. I sat on the pan and did my wee wee. I then tried hard goiong "OO! OO!" with George rubbing my ????. "PLOP! PLONK! KAPLUNK!" as I passed 3 hard balls , "OO! AH! OO!" KERPLOONK! KURPLONK!" two larger nobbily fat carrot shaped turds of about 4 inches long came out. George looked down the pan and remarked, " You seem to be a bit constipated love!" I replied that it was because I had had to hold it in all morning. I knew I needed more so I sat on with my dear husband still rubbing my ????. "Yes, its coming down" I told him. I felt the next load coming out. It was very fat but smooth and slowly slid out with the usually crackling sound, "AH! AH! AH! KER-SPUL-OOMP!" "KUR-SPLOOSH!" as two great fat logs came away into the pan, the larger 12 inches long the smaller about 6 inches and all were the usual 2 1/4 inches thick. When I got my breath back, George wiped me as he often does, front to back as is the proper way for a woman. Jim, I'm! sure you would have loved the sound effects! Im glad that Preggy has had a nice big one, without recourse to medicines I presume. Lots of luck and be sure to tell us all about the baby when it arrives.

Probably my most embarrassing accident(s) was when I was 13. I had become sick at school, but decided to try to stay at school and finish the day. I don't know if this is true with anyone else, but when I get sick, I suddenly have the bladder control of a two-year-old. I was sitting in class, feeling bad and not wanting to get up, but I needed to pee. Finally, I knew I was close to an accident and got up to pee. But I barely made it out the classroom door before I wet myself uncontrollably. I didn't make it to the toilet at all, and I was soaked. I just decided to wait in a bathroom stall until the bell rang. When it did, I walked as fast as I could to the bus, but so many people saw that I peed my pants. I sat down and was so ashamed. How could I have wet my pants? And in school? I just wanted to get home into bed. My friends sat around me and saw right away that I peed my pants. I just took it in stride and acted like it was no big deal, I was just sick. Finally I got home, I got in the door, and my mom saw instantly that I had an accident. "Did you pee your pants?" she asked. "Yeah. I'm sick and I couldn't hold it." She was nice about it and said that it's no big deal. That eased the pain. I went to bed and immediately fell asleep. I woke up four hours later soaking wet. This was two accidents in a row! I thought of what to do, but just called my mom in and told her I wet the bed. She was kinda mad, but knew it wasn't my fault. Still, I felt like I was three years old. I got up and had some 7-up and soup and decided to watch tv with my "sick quilt." I knew three hours later that I really had to go, but I had such a headache I didn't want to move. I couldn't hold on anymore and wet myself. I didn't make any move to get up, but immediately told my mom that I had an accident. This time, she was quite angry. She told me that if I wasn't potty-trained, I should wear diapers. I was really ashamed that I had done this, but told her it wouldn't happen anymore. I went to bed and sure enough, in the morning, I woke up and I was dripping pee, having just had an accident. I started to cry, and my mom came in and saw that I had another accident. "Are you still sick?" she asked, and I said that I was. I was informed that I had one more chance, or else I would be diapered. I couldn't believe that I was being told that. Diapers were for babies and maybe little kids. I felt like I was in potty-training, and if I had one more accident, I would be back in diapers. Well, it was the Price Is Right that did me in. I was watching the Showcase Showdown and wanted to wait to pee until after that, but my bladder was bursting. Then it happened. I started drenching myself, and I ran to the bathroom as fast as I could. I managed a few drops in the toilet, but it was evident that I wet myself again. I walked out of the bathroom and decided to tell my mom. I went downstairs and in a whiny, little-kid voice (to gain sympathy) I said, "Mommy, I went potty in my pants." But it didn't work. She calmly grabbed me by the hand and led me to my bedroom, took off my pants and told me to lie on my back. I knew that I was going to be put back in diapers and started to cry. I was so ashamed of myself. She proceeded to put the diaper on me. "Until you feel better and start using the potty, you're going to have to wear diapers. I'm not mad though, ok?" I nodded and stopped crying. I was starting to feel healthy anyway. But the rest of the day, I was still kind of nauseated and didn't want to get up, and I think subconsciously I used the diaper as an excuse not to have to hold it, and I wet my diaper 6 times that day. After that, I only had 3 more accidents over the next 4 days, and I was allowed to return to underwear. Good news: I have never worn a diaper since, but I have had a few accidents!

Joe B.
I'm 52 and like Preggy and some of the others who post here, I really love to poop. A really good shit is as satisfying as an orgasm to me. Usually I go every day, once a day. Unfortunately, my poops are usually not that big, although I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. A day's production is usually about one inch thick and six inches to a foot total length. The most ive ever produced is about two feet, 1 1/4 inches thick. This was when i'd used several doses of a fiber laxative to try and produce bigger poops. I'd love to have the huge satisfying poops that some of you have. I've enjoyed recreational enemas for over 40 years, and of course an enema is the only way to relieve constipation in my opinion. I take two quarts of warm soapy water. It feels so wonderful. The empty feeling after an enema is so great. Suppositories are ineffective in relieving costipation for me, but I occasionally use them recreationally. I love the feeling of having a major poop enhansed by a dulcolax suppository thats been in me for an hour. Enemas feel even better to me.

Thom, Steve, thank you for your suggestions. I might try leaving the door open a crack next time and see where it goes from there. You have to remember that although Nick may be open about what he is doing in the bathroom, this is a guy who closes the door to take a piss and who often puts on the television or stereo just so I won't hear any noises. He does come over fairly regularly, but his dumps at my place are quite infrequent. On the other hand, I seem to go almost every time he is over. Matthew, I understand how you feel about going in front of people you know. You could make sure that no one is around when you enter or leave a stall (I'm assuming the stalls have doors). This is what I used to do in my shy days. Flush as you're letting loose to mask any noises and to lessen the smell. As you know that everyone else is very casual, try and be more casual yourself. I used to be terrified of someone hearing me fart, now I feel somewhat proud when I let one rip. On the rare occasion when a guy in an adjoining stall has made a comment, I laugh and thank him for the compliment. I'll do the same sometimes when I hear a good fart in the next stall and I always receive a thank you in response. As Redneck has said in the past, college age guys are the most open and fun when it comes to shitting. Instead of worrying about it, try to turn it into a fun experience. I'm glad I did. No college student should be taking a shit in a single stall bathroom. You are not only denying pleasure to yourself, but also to all the guys who enjoy the sounds and smells you should be making in a multi-stall bathroom. One last piece of advice is to try to condition yourself into taking evening dumps when the bathrooms will be less busy. I don't have the time or the inclination to take a dump in the morning and take the majority of mine in the evening when I am relaxed and have the time to really enjoy what I am doing. In one of our rare conversations about going to the bathroom, Nick said to me that he has conditioned himself to go in the evening to avoid going at school. I'm so glad he has, otherwise he would never go at my place! Matthew, get back to us on how you make out. I'll let you all know if anything happens with Nick in the future. To echo the thoughts of many others, I am so glad there is a forum where we can all be so open about this topic.

To Trevor: Yes, some skirts with zips or buttons can be pulled down, but I have several skirts that I can only put on or remove over my head, because in common with plenty of women, my hips are larger than my bust! If I remember correctly (it was two years ago), on the day in question I was able to slide the skirt up sufficiently to do my business without actually unzipping it. To reciprocate the question, do you have any tight trousers which make it difficult to undo your flies? I hope I am not the only person to attempt your questionnaire. To Jeff A: Thanks for your compliments, to me and others who post here. For me, one of the great attractions of this forum is that we are all anonymous. I wouldn't feel at all free to say the things I have said here if we met face to face, even though I am sure you are a lovely guy! To be able to discuss toilet habits and experiences like this is wonderful, and I guess it would be rather nice to live in a society where we could do just that. In the meantime we have to do the next best thing, which to me is to read and write in this forum, and to imagine what others here are really like. BTW I am 5'8", 145lbs, and only 29 years old! To Traveller: Oh yes we get people (usually men) convicted for urinating in public over here in the UK, so I guess we are not too different to the USA. Last year, on holiday in France, I was sat in a restaurant with my husband, and I noticed outside in the car park, a young woman squatting down and peeing in full view of anyone who happened to be looking out of the window. I would definitely say that there is a more relaxed attitude in France!

Mod Joe
BrentC, I'm interested in how your constipation landed you in the hospital. What happened? I live in Houston too, and find your stories very interesting. The buddy dumping story was way cool. Who knows, maybe we'll bump into each other some time.

thanks alex for feeling for me. so you and steph are i beat that record cause i went 5 days without pooping. this morining i didnt go to school cause my ???? hurt so very bad. when i sat down to pee hey i finally got pink pampies and was wearing them that day.anyway i felt the urge to poop come bad. i yelled for my cousin to come in. he did and kneeled down and asked me what was wrong.i told him i was about to poop and i knew it was going to hurt. he stayed there with me and rubbed my ????.you girls out there really should get a guy like him for yourselfs.anyway i didnt push i just let it come and boy did it come. at first it felt like a sharp sting then it started coming out. the place where poop comes out stretched wide and i dont think it ever had. then slowely it came out and felt like it had a few spike but that silly i felt hard like a rock. but it keeped coming. then it made a big splash. and boy did i feel the cold water hit my tushy.then i felt another come out this one was hard too. my cousin stroked my hair and i felt very relaxed. and way it ploped and another started coming. and this one was very very long it just keeped coming.then i got tired and started to push. it took a long time to come out but it did. i pooped 8 poops and when i was done i felt so good.i even drooped my shoulders. my cousin asked if i felt better. i said yes much better. anyway i stayed home th e rest of the day.gee can anyone tell me about their worst time they had to poop after a long time. i would love to hear it. bye. linda

gee jim i am happy at least someone remembers me. yeah im talking about you jeff bleh.anyway um i dont think i could poop in front of you. i would just sit there blushing trying very hard to cover up. but i would be flattered that you would like to help me, maybe if you kept your eyes closed.but i will tell you what i will write stories for you and post them here and we can trade them here on thsi site okay. well hope you dont feel bad that i couldnt poop in front of you but i just cant in front of anybody but my cousin.i cant even do it in front of my mom. and now that my twin sisters are staying with me and my cousin i can get any privacy.poor me. well anyway i pooped today. i sat down this morning to pee when the urge came. i sat there holding it cause well i said it before i hate pooping.after a while i could not stand it anymore so i grabed the sides of the potty and let go.It came out a bit and poked out but then it stopped. i said oh great you are going to make me work for it arent you. so i pushed and slowly it came out. it slowly slide out and i sat there with my head rested on my hands and gave out a long ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. then came a couple plops. i passed some gas but i didnt mean to. it came out loud. so loud my cosuin heard it from his room and giggled as he said feel better. i said yes so much better. he hee wasnt that funny bye for now. linda

Friday, November 06, 1998

Jill - thanks for your "questionnaire" response! It wasn't meant to be a questionnaire as such, but it still made for interesting reading, especially Factor Twelve which I'll now add to my formula. My theory is that the decision whether to "go" or "hold on" could be made by a computer if you fed in the results of the twelve (?) questions at any given moment of time and then turned the handle! (In effect, subconsciously, this is what the human brain is doing all the time anyway.)

Jill raised another interesting issue- about tight skirts. I've never seen a woman relieve herself (indoors or outdoors) while wearing a very tight skirt. So could someone please tell me, a 'mere man': Is there ever a situation when a skirt is TOO tight to lift up for going to the toilet, and so has to be pulled down instead?

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