When talking out the vacuum flush toilets, Crimson says that more water helps. I wonder if perhaps, especially on trains etc which have to carry water in a tank, the designers are assuming that the user will wee as well as pooing? Then including the (assumed average) amount of wee as part of the calculation so as to reduce the amount of water they add. I have noticed that with most loos, the water level does not rise when you wee in them. With these vacuum flushed loos, though, nothing leaves the pan until it is flushed. So weeing will increase the amount of liquid in the flush. With the "flat fronted" pans. I know that many people, especially women, are embarrassed by the sound of their wee splashing into the water. Most loos (at least here in the UK) have a very steep, almost vertical, inner front surface. But I have seen a number of loos where the front of the pan slopes gently down before falling steeply into the water at the back. I have wondered if this is to make it easier for those sitting to wee against the porcelain and thus eliminate the splashing sound, but still allow the jobbies to drop directly into the water?

Jeff A.
Just a note to tell everyone how wonderful I think you all are. Of all the absolute crap that goes on in this world, there's a sort of peaceful calm here. A wonderful, and brilliant existence beyond the tedious realm of humankind, and yet, an honesty, warmth, and understanding which keeps us coming back for more. It's true that it's fun to read the great and exciting stories, but I'm thinking now, that it's even more fun to be in touch with a special kinship that I feel here. I think of you all,(Even if it's only electonically) and admire you more than you'll ever know. I sometimes try to put faces to your names, and it's really fun to imagine. I don't know any of you, but I see Steph as being about 5'6", very athletic and outgoing. Alex with dark brown hair, and more studious. I see my buddy Bridget as being sandy blonde, and possessing a wonderful humor and generousity, and I see George and Moira as being the most loveable couple that I could ever want to meet, with a warm and friendly living room where they take in visitors (or drawing room?) Harry could be a neighbor of mine, as could Redneck, who would be sitting next to me on my deck sharing a good cold half rack of beer. Nicola could very likely be the sweetest lady ever, being a smile on the face of the UK, and Jill, I'm sure, is very heads up, and savvy, being a very creative entertainer. For the guys who like to watch other guys, I admire you more than I can say. You not only have a great thing going, but have it more accessable as well. If we ever meet, I'll be happy to drop em, and take a nice big fat one for ya. Happy days everyone, you're the best in all the world!!!!!

BrentC, What a buddy dump! G?! damn, you're not all that inhibited. Your thereapist sounds great. I'm in Dallas, though. I have a friend in Houston who was getting into massage therapy.. I wonder? Oh well. Back to enemas. I started using them because I would get all plugged and go days without a dump. I usually used a shampoo bottle. I later got a real sqeeze syringe type. There are two wasys to do it. The first is to kneel on the floor with your butt in the air. Put the end of the enema between your buns and up your ass and sqeeze. You want to use luke warm water. The second method is to lay on your left side and take the water up your rear. Hold it inside for a few minutes and whhen you reall feel the urge, hit the toilet and let 'er rip. This will clean you out good. However, I warn you that if you are not careful you will become dependent very quickly as you already slow intestinal tract decides to become lazy and shut down. You will go from chronic constipation t! o constant impaction. I have to go now... More later. Carlos

To Graham... About women using the gents, one evening when I worked at a small college campus I was returning from the library to our department office. On the way, I noticed that the janitors had closed all the public restrooms early for some unknown reason. I needed a pee but knew I could use the unisex restroom in the office. When I got there, I was met outside by a female student with a desperate look on her face. "Is there an open restroom somewhere?" she asked. Knowing that the public johns were closed, I offered her our private one and unlocked the door (all my colleagues were gone by now). This place was in a tropical climate, so the classrooms and offices opened out onto open-air walkways. The restroom was situated just inside the office door and had a small, glassless, louvered window above sight level. I went back outside and waited for her to finish. Several minutes passed so I supposed she was taking a dump. Suddenly there was a noise like an explosion!! I have never heard a fart quite that violent before or since. She soon flushed, then came outside and thanked me. When I went in to pee, the small room was filled with a really strong odor and the pan still had flecks of stool in it. Her intestines must have been upset. I packed up my things to head home. When I came out I found her standing by the rail on the walkway. Her face flushed when she saw me, but she managed a smile. I asked her if she was ill but she told me that she just was waiting for her b.f. who was taking an exam. I told her I was worried that she might need the toilet again and have no place to go. "That's all right," she assured me, "I feel a lot better now." I'll bet she did and I was glad I could help. I'll stop here. Another post with comments for Trevor and Matthew is coming up.

To Matthew, others have already given you a lot of good advice about your shyness problem, but I want to throw in my two cents worth. When I was a college freshman there were no doors on the stalls in a brand new dorm. I guess the whole budget had been shot on the fancy marble partitions. The dorm's student government told the administration, "Pooping in public is for the birds," but got no results. (The girls who were living in a converted guys dorm without stall doors were screaming about it even louder.) I was shy like you, so I always found another place to dump, which is not always convenient, as you know. Maybe part of the problem is that when you go in the dorm you have to face the guys you live with and that embarrasses you more than the act of pooping itself. Paul is right, no one really cares, but I know that doesn't always make it easier. My idea is a little "conditioning program." When you really have to go, instead of using the one-stall john in the libra! ry, go to a really busy campus restroom with as many stalls as possible. Those places are usually noisy, so you won't be noticed and the small won't matter in a larger room. Learn to relax and take a dump there. (I love the idea about using a Walkman or radio.) After you break the doing-it-in-public barrier, you should eventually be able to go with ease in the dorm. No more long walks across campus trying to hold it in. Good luck!

Last post, I promise. It's been a while. Trevor, instead of answering all 11 questions (no, there are 12: Jill's right, no fun going outdoors in sub-zero temps!), I'd like to get some discussion going on the cultural differences. Here in the U.S., it seems that we're plenty uptight about people relieving themselves in public, e.g. by the side of the road. It's really bad to be traveling with a desperate child, knowing that if you stop to let him use the bushes, you could get yourself arrested - not to mention an adult doing the same. I live in a college town where students who've had a bit too much to drink, male and female, sometimes relieve themselves in discrete places, e.g. remote parking lots. Come Monday, the local paper often lists several police citations for "public urination." Of course, hikers and hunters relieve themselves outdoors here all the time and no one cares. It's a weird sort of double standard which started, I guess, when the Puritans got off the boat. I haven't spent enough time in the U.K. to comment, but in Germany people seem to be a whole lot more relaxed about outdoor toilet activities. I've seen people going near parking lots and in the bushes of public parks. Many people here would hold it for hours rather than do that. Before Silke jumps all over me, I don't mean to imply that Germans just go anywhere. They really value cleanliness. They're just a lot less uptight then we are, I think. Steph, please tell us more about the attitudes in France and Switzerland (I'll bet they're really different.) And then there's Latin America, but I've posted often enough about that here. Really open. Maybe it goes back to the Romans and their public toilets. No doors there, and no partitions either! So, any comments about the places where you live?

Sorry all, if you want to know my e-mail addy all you have to do is ask. My goodness!!! What is it with all the three flush jobbies?? My dumps have been big before but never SEVEN, ONE FOOT TERDS!!!!????? Holy shnyikees! That must have made you feel pounds lighter after all that! Haven't had a go today, I will probably have a go at the computer center tomorrow morning. I always feel good when I have my morning go, sometimes there is this girl that stands outside the bathroom(just one room with one pot) and waits while I go poop. I'm sure that she listens to me unzip, sit, fart, grunt and all that stuff, then she sticks around so she can have a wiff when I come out. Has anyone in here ever "buddy peed" as opposed to "buddy dumped" We all use to buddy pee into the same urinal when I was in middle school and see how dark and stinky it would get in one day. Usually we would all go in there at the same time so that we could all have a try at it. Everytime I got squirting good everyone backed up, I sprayed pretty hard and sometimes my piss would have a strong Cheerrios smell to it, (but that was funny, I never had Cheerrios for breakfast!) Have any of you ever done this before? One more question. Have any of you ever had a dump that just wouldn't drop off of your butt. It just dangles there and you have to attack it and smear/clean it off with TP. I hate when that happens. It usually only happens to me when I hunker in the woods as opposed to sitting on a toilet. That reminds me of another story. This was one time when I had to go to the bathroom really bad and I was in the woods. Fortunatly I had some Klennex with me because in the fall my nose often runs due to the cooler weather. Anyway, I was out in the woods behind my house and very close to my cousin's house. I found an old alluminum trailer or somthing like that that was connected to two wheels that was in the woods there. I felt in my pocket for the klenex but there was none there, I must have took them out of my pocket. I wasn't worried about that right now, all I was worried about was getting seated so I could poop. I pulled my pants down and exposed my butt and popped down on the trailer tounge with my legs on the aluminium and my butt hanging over. Sudenly my aunt came out of the barn and headed for the woods. She looked at me sitting there and saw my bare behind which was facing her. I farted really loud and she came over to me. She sat down and said that she didn't mind and that she wasn't embarrassed. "I thought everyone was out of town" I said to her, she told me that my uncle and my cousin had went out of town but she stayed behind. We had a nice chat there. In about 3min. I farted really long and loud again. She just smiled at me. I pushed a little, and nothing happened, pushed a little more and I felt my butt opening up and the dump sliding ever so slowly to my annus. She just looked troubled for a second and urged me to push, I pushed a little more and the dump hit the leaffy ground with a "ploombp" She smiled as I exhaled and said "ahh,ahh" She had some TP that she had brought from the barn, she must have seen me pull down my pants and knew that I needed a poop in the woods and brought me some TP. As I wiped she just said "get it all" and I gave her the Used TP and she said that she would flush it for me. We went inside and talked some more. She is so sweet. Some people would have allienated me and made me feel r! eally bad for having to go in the woods. She didn't though, she is just cool that way. Well, that is all I have for now.

i have had a fascination with watching or hearing females using the toilet since i accidentally saw our cleaning lady(kathy) taking a huge dump when i was a kid.i was under my bed looking for something when i heard her walk into the bathroom next to my room.thinking no-one was in the house she did not bother sliding the door closed and went about setting herself upon the toilet.kathy was in her early thirties,fairly attractive and was tall and well built around the chest and is still so vivid in my memory,i can remember every detail.she lifted her skirt and pulled down her white panties to her knees and sat her expansive bum onto the toiletseat with a hissing sound.she sat slightly forward with her arms folded in front of her stomach,knees together and feet either side of the toilet on tippy-toes.a trickling sound began to ring out from the toilet for about 15 seconds which suddenly stopped and all became silent except for her breathing which became heavier as she pushed,exhaling through her nose,looking at the floor in total concentration.this continued for a couple of minutes until an almighty 'kerplunk'sound resonated throughout the bathroom with a harrowing sigh of relief.kathy then proceeded to bombard the toilet like there was no tomorrow;plop,ploop,plock,plip'plup,kaploop,plop,kaloop,plop,plap.she then let out long booming fart;boooooorrrrrffffft.oohhhhhh,gee that feels better,she exclaimed.she grabbed a magazine that was on the floor next to her and for the next five minutes or so aimlessly flipped through the pages without a peek from her rampaging rear.suddenly she sat upstraight,cuuping her hands around her nose and sneezed with tremendous force causing her to let out a short ripping fart simultaneously.excuse me she said with a bit of a chuckle.after another couple of minutes she began to gently grunt and a long soft fart slipped from between her volumous butt cheeks;pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.she put the magazine down,stretched her legs out in front of her,pidgeon-toed,and rested her arms on her thighs;slooop,slop,pfffft,slup,slap,slip,brrrrrrrrffffffft.she sat silent for a few minutes then reached behind for the toilet paper and began wiping her bum using copious she stood up i saw a red ring on her big,firm arse which is understandable since her sitting lasted at least 15 minutes.when she was adjusting her skirt she muttered 'well its back to work i go',and flushed the toilet.after she left i went into the bathroom to examine the aftermath of her substantial movement,smelling the perfume-scented crap aroma that lingered and felt the warm toiletseat that she had left.i have many other stories that i will post later.a special hello to linda .i wish i could have been your cousin and watch or help you procure a magnificent appreciation would be of no ending.

hello again.i currently share a bathroom with my flatmate jodie.she is a pretty little thing with a great arse.her openess became apparent when i was having a shave one evening.i had only just stepped out of the shower to begin lathering up when she barged into the bathroom.she is a nurse and had just come back from she began to lift her dress she apologised;'sorry jim but i'm busting to go'.i was cool about it and thought nothing of it until she sat back down on the toilet and heard a booooorrrrrrrrffft. 'excuse me'she said as she began to urinate heavily.if anything i felt embarrassed but she immediately began talking small talk.she sat very upright,legs togetherwith feet on tip-toes,and her hands clasped together in her sooner had she stopped her waterfall she began grunting and plopping like a woman possessed.'i havent had a pooh for-ummmffffffahhhh,kerploooonk-couple of days-unnnnggghhhhaaa,plunk,plooop,palop,bfffffffffooorrrrrrfffffft,hummffffaahhhh,ka! loooop,plop,kerrssspluunk,aahhh.she momentarily paused to catch her breathe,hummmmfffahhhh,kaploop,slunk,plockplip,burrrrrfffffffffffffft,ohahhhhhmmmmm.i couldnt believe so much could be produced by such petite woman.'oh my god,i didnt think i was going to make to the toilet in time' she said in sweet relief.she looked up at me and noticed i had nicked myself shaving and reached out grabbing my arm and asked me if i was ok.i'll survive i said and with that she had a bit of a giggle.she sat talking to me for a while with an occassional grunt and plop until i finished i left she asked if i could get her a magazine,saying that she generally only poops two or three times a week but when she does she sits on the toilet for a long time.i gave her the magazine and went to close the door but she asked me to leave it open,and since i was in the next room past the hall i was able to her the remainder of her sitting.for the next half hour,apart the pages of the magazine being flipped,i heard acouple of loud farts,some little plops and plips,and a bit of trickling.about an hour after she had finished i felt the need for a good dump myself.when i walked into the bathroom jodie was in there grooming herself;'now its my turn to make some noise',i said in a joking manner,and she said,'be my guest'.i pulled my boxers to my knees and sat down with my elbows on my knees that were apart and hands clasped together.she said nothing as i began to concentrate and push with a few soft my straining became more obvious i farted loudly in four short bursts.i could hear a distinct crackling sound as my first poop slowly slid out my just kept coming out in one huge long piece,finally breaking off into the toilet with a'flllooooommmp'.booorrfft,ploooop,plop,kerrsploooonk,plunk,plonk,kerplip,plap,plop,pfffffffffffffffft,plip,hunnnghhhhttaahhhh,kersplunk,pffffft,slop,pffffft,plap,pfffboooorrrrfffffft,sloonk,ahhhhhh.being a nurse jodie exclaimed,'gee ! that was good bowel movement and i thought i could do big ones'.later on she confessed she liked watching and being watched on the toilet so next time she is going to pig out and put on an even bigger show for me .

I am a 35 year old woman who has two teenage daughters aged 14 and 15. One day we decided to go shopping in the mall. We went shopping for about an hour and I felt some cramping in my stomach but I decided to ignore it as it was not too severe. We ate fast food for lunch and by now the cramping started to get worse. In about two hours we decided to go home and the cramping was VERY bad. I suddenly felt this very strong urge to use the toilet but I am embarrased about going in public so I decided to wait untill I got home. We walked outside and got in the car and started driving home. We were about an hour from the mall so I had a long wait. The cramps suddenly started coming in spasms. We had already driven for five minutes and I didn't want to turn back. I asked my daughters to keep an eye out for the restrooms becasue I had to go very bad. Suddenly I got this very strong cramp. I knew I couldnt hold it much longer. I started crossing and uncrossing my legs and rocking back and forth trying to hold it. My daughter asked me if I was going to have an accident. I said I could wait a little while longer. Suddenly this huge fart blasted out of my butt and the cramps became much worse. Finally I couldn't hold it anyomore. I knew that the next cramp I got I would mess my panties. Suddenly I got another cramp. Mushy poop started flowing into my panties until my panties were completely full. My daughter asked me if I had had an accident. I didn't say anything but then another cramp rocked through me and mush kept flowing out. It overflowed my panties and kept going. My daughter looked at my ass. It was completely stained brown and liquid poop was all over the seat of the car. I pulled over and got out of the car and yanked of my pants and threw the panties and pants into the ditch. I told my daughter not to look since I had nothing on but a long T-Shirt. We were almost home when I had another accident that flooded all over the car. As soon as wew were home I shit again all over the kitchen floor. It was a horrible day. PS This was just on Halloween.

Has anyone here ever stopped up a public toilet? Either with poop or too much toilet paper?

Thursday, November 05, 1998

Still at on those results. Several bugs are still being worked out.

Well, today, while out playing "chauffeur" for another member of the household, I got the usual warning cramps when I need to pass a big one. Sure enough, about 20 minutes later, when we get home, I headed straight for the bathroom, unbuttoned my 501's, and sat down on the toilet. Since I knew it was going to be a big one, I just relaxed, felt myself dilate to as wide as possible and let it go...The turd I had given birth too was about 15 inches long, and being this is that toilet I was talking about in my last post, stuck out of the water, as the front end of it was at the bottom and a straight line all the way up the slope. It was knobby-shaped at the front end, and about 2 inches in diameter, and very firm. In fact, when I flushed the first time, it didn't even budge an inch being as firm as it was, so I got the plunger and broke it in two pieces and tried flushing again...The second time the lower part did go down the drain, but the upper part remained...So I flused again, and used the plunger to send the mass on its way to the sewer line, and it finally disappeared...And just to be safe, I flushed a 4th time...It has been a long, long, time since I last passed a 3 flush log!

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't posted in a while; I've been so busy being "l'etudiante." Many of my friends on here know that I shit almost every morning, and often after lunch and/or dinner as well. I don't know why this happened, but I was "impacted" (I know that's not a proper verb, but it sounds better than "full of ...) for five days. I first noticed this when I was on the toilet peeing and remembered I hadn't pooped for two days- rare for me, but not unheard of, so I didn't think much of it. I started getting stomach cramps on the third day and really tried going- used every natural "method" in the book. I felt better on the fourth day but I felt something was wrong. I woke up on the fifth morning with a really strong urge to go. My synopsis is: I let out so much that I flushed the toilet three times, and that's even before wiping. I let out (and this is no exaggeration) seven, one-foot turds- I had some trouble pushing out the first two, but it was smooth going after that. I had to wipe six times (I don't like the coarse French toilet paper). Linda, I know exactly how you feel about going after 4-5 days and I now have a better appreciation of what (my best friend) Steph sometimes goes through. Matthew, my brother Eric, who reads and posts on here infrequently, has the same trouble as you are. I assume you also didn't like to poop when you were in high school. I know you're not alone in your anxiety- if going to another building makes you more comfortable, so be it. I'll ask my brother (via e-mail) to write you a note about his experiences.. A hearty "bon jour" to everyone on here. I honestly can't think of anything else (in my toilet life) to write about; I'll be travelling to northern Italy and Switzerland (where I'll be staying with Steph's relatives for a couple of nights)- I'm sure there will be something to write about after that... I love you all, Alex :)

To Trevor:
Never one to hold back the boundaries of science, I thought I should attempt your questionnaire: 1). I have done both No.1 and No.2 outdoors on several occasions.
2). I have, at various times been wearing, jeans, shorts, track suit, and once wearing a rather tight skirt!
3). On the occasion when I was wearing the tight skirt I was fairly desperate. There were certainly times when I could have held on, but it suited me better to be done there and then.
4 & 5). There are always strangers around (or possibly around). On most occasions I have been with my husband - much better than being alone. The time I was wearing the tight skirt, I was on my own, travelling home from a meeting, and I stopped in a lay by. Shortly after finishing, a man drove up and got out of his car, passing me as I made my escape!
6). I have always found bushes for cover.
7). I am usually able to hold on for 2-3 hours or more if necessary.
8). There were very few times when I thought I would have an accident. It's just that I prefer to relieve the discomfort.
9). I am from South East England.
10). I am mostly a very light drinker. Alcohol tends to make me sleepy.
11). I am fairly outgoing, and probably a bit of an exhibitionist. I wear the trousers at home - if you know what I mean! Factor 12 which you missed is the weather. I would do anything to avoid having to go to the loo outdoors in wet or cold weather.

To George: Yes, I think I know the sort of train loos you described, and I agree, they are not at all well designed. The first time I used one it got blocked, and the whole place got very smelly! The loos on my usual train are older, and more like a normal porcelain pan with a large exit. The movement of the carriage ensures that the poos make a good getaway. The most common problem is that frequently, they don't flush at all. I suppose they run out of water. Always best to check the flush before starting!

Hello all! This past weekend my roommate and I moved to another house in the town that I live in...It is an older house I soon found out, because the toilet is an old style toilet in that the bottom of the bowl is in the back of it, with a long slope in the front, and thus, flushes forwards before going on down the drain...Anyway, I hadn't used one of those type toilets since I was a child in an old apartment building that my mom lived in, so it brought back some memories of that time many years ago...Sunday evening, I felt the urge to take a dump, so I went in and closed the door, unbuttoned my 501 jeans, and sat down...Nothing happened at first for about 5 minutes, and then I started feeling my anus start to dilate to the maximum...A turd about 5 inches long came out, and with a loud plop, hit the slope in the front and slid into the water, with the plop of it hitting the porcelain, sounding like a horse dumping a load on pavement...I then passed a couple more turds about the same size and with the same sound, and felt like there was more up there, but couldn't budge, so I wiped, got up, took a look, and then flushed...

Hi all, back from my travels at last. George, re. your experience of vacuum-flush toilets on new trains, unfortunately making the outlet bigger doesn't help. I spent some time working on similar designs, and the key to success is the shape of the lower few inches of the funnel. The trick in minimising vacuum usage is to get to solids to seal against the sides to avoid too much air getting in. This can be assisted with greater water volumes, usually more critical than vacuum wastage. The trouble tends to occur when big firm poos get stuck before the seal is formed, allowing air to pass and so reducing the force acting on the waste. A handy hint: add a few sheets of tissue before each motion, making sure they get thoroughly wet, to help the seal process. It's amazing what will go down a small hole under atmospheric pressure. Many marine and R.V. toilets are emptied through a 1-1/4" line, and Janet's constant misuse of the toilet in her boudoir demonstrated this; I'll tell about the boudoir toilet next post. Anyway, while staying at the Caledonian in Edinburgh, I was sad to see they've refurbished the foyer restrooms, and removed the wonderful old Shanks double-trap syphonic pans. These were truly excellent full-bore syphonics from the 50's, and I enjoyed many satisfying sessions without ever managing to block them. Instead, you will now find rather odd wall-hung pans by Duravit, with a very flat bowl-front making them prone to getting messy. The really odd thing is that they seem to have connected the outlets of the new pans to the existing floor-standing lower traps of the old, creating in effect a double trap pan with no means of exhausting the air between the traps, preventing proper flushing. The water level in the pan rises during the flush due to the head of the lower trap, allowing solids to get left behind. My first sitting produced thick smears all over the pan, and I ended up having to leave a few poos and wet wipes and things behind, even ! after two flushes. Reminiscent of an incident with three girls and a non-syphoning syphonic at a previous address... more on that soon. Crimson.

Shy Guy
Re: Funny sayings.
1: Heave a Havana
2: Baptise a Baby Ruth(tm)

Wednesday, November 04, 1998

It's been a while since I've posted, I know. I just don't have any intreresting stories to tell. I haven't walked in on anyone in a while. I've been trying to behave myself. I've been filling the void by visiting here and watching movies that have toilet scenes. It is realy disapointimg when you read about a toilet scene on a movie list and you rent the movie then it has no nudity, bad audio, or both. For instance, I read about an old 80's movie "Sticky Fingers". On the list, it said "woman uses toilet while talking to friend". I found a copy, brought it home and the scene only shows the woman's feet. What a let down. Has anyone else felt this way.

To Marc, thanks for your recent story experiencing a woman going outdoors. That is a fantasy of mine, but not experienced so far. The best I came to that was when I was a security guard at a school. One afternoon I had just arrived and got settled in for my shift. THe school was empty except for the janitors who were down the other end of the school and the art teacher. She was in her room a few steps away from the from office where I sit. The nurse's office is across the way with a small bathroom within it. I just finished my rounds and was in the office when the art teacher walks by with a magazine in her hand and goes into the bathroom in the nurse's office. I heard the door close and lock. I quickly went over and listened. THe art teacher is an attractive woman in her mid to late twenties. She had shoulder length blonde hair with light blue eyes and a slender build. She was wearing a blouse with fairly tight fitting jeans that outlined her behind ever so nicely. Well, I got to the door in time to hear her unbuckling her belt, the zipper being pulled down and the rustle of the jeans being pulled down. I peeked under the door and her jeans were down around her ankles, no panties probably at her knees. Everything was quiet, just pages being turned from the magazine. Then I could hear her take a deep breath and hold as she pulled her feet back into the base of the toilet. I could hear a crackling sound and then suddenly a loud burst of wet sounding gas and a huge slash into the bowl followed by a couple of plops. She sighed after this and continued to read the magazine. All was quiet now for a couple minutes when she started to pee long and loud. With that she was finished and wiped five times. I returned to my desk and said hello as she walked by. After she went back to her class room I couldn't resist looking in the bathroom, her order was strong mixed with the scent of her perfume. I was quite aroused then and as I am now recounting this story.

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