Well, I decided to jump in once again to look. I want to address Matthew about his shyness. I was in the same "boat" when I was a freshmen as well. I use to go over to one of the classroom buildings to dump a load preferably one that has a bathroom that is in the least traveled portion part of the building. By Senior year, I pretty well got over the shyness. A part of that is when I take a dump, I prefer to dump around younger people. I am pretty selective who I take a shit around. Now, I work and go to grad school in the evening and when I take a dump, I try to wait until I get to school. If I have to shit at work, I'll go into the bathroom and I will head to the stall when no one else is around and when I finish and someone is in the bathroom, I'll wait about 2 to 3 minutes afterward of the last person leaving. I don't know why but I feel much more comfortable taking a shit with college age and HS age kids than adults. Maybe it is the way they act such as being much more jov! ial and laid back where as with people like from work where it is serious.
A little story is when I was in the fraternity house, one of the guys was very open about crapping, actually a couple of guys. We were at a conference in Cincy and one guy in our room was feeling lousy and he had the door open while taking a dump. Another time, there was another guy who would take a dump with the door open while talking to a couple of close friends. He was also the "stud" of the house. There were a few pics of him on the john taken by one of the house photographers. The photographer left the house and several months later, he came out of the "closet". We had a bathroom on the top floor (cold dorm - all beds on one floor, no beds in rooms) and it was usually nice to crap since it was clean. I walked in one time and another girl was standing guard while the other was taking a dump. My regret is I should have come in the other way to get a view ;) . That bathroom had 2 doors.
I like to hear stories of people using the bathroom in a fraternity house or another place during a party. Usually add in alcohol and people lose their inhibitions. I remember partying someplace and having a few drinks and shitting during the party and the next day afterward.

"The Nugget" Owen
I have a problem with using public restrooms, mainly when it comes to taking a shit. I always find a good reason to wait until I get home for that. When it comes to public restrooms, some people just can't get it though their head that they are supposed to drop their loads or drain their lizards inside the toilet bowl, not all over the seat, the floor, and the walls. Next week, I am going to San Francisco to help out the poor for two weeks. During that time, I will take at least 10 dumps and being disguised as a bum, I'm sure that I won't be allowed to shit at no McDonald's. This new experience just may change the way I feel about using public restrooms. But until then, I'm sticking to my guns. - "The Nugget"

To Matthew When I first went to college I had the same problem, but it didn't last for long because you just had to go! No one actually cares about the noise you make and why be worried about the odd comment. If you are worried about the smell, it could be because you are holding it in. A regular dump never smells as bad as one that has been "baked" for a few days. The communal toilets, ie stalls together, are best because any smells are mixed in and it is hard to identify which stall the stink comes from. In a single stall bathroom it is fairly obvious. If you make a bit of noise, flush first, or wait for someone else to, and then let rip, or wait for the hand drier to be used - if you have one. But most of all, don't worry. Being at college and using a communal bathroom is a great leveller. The others in your dorm don't worry so just go with the flow and no one will notice. Your obsession with total privacy may be more noticeable to others rather than just doing what everyone else is doing normally. You will get used to it. I looked forward to my daily dump at college, as my earlier posts will confirm, and I started off being inhibited just like you. Hope this helps...

Matthew, try sitting on the toilet at odd times of the day even if you don't have to go at all. Just sit and relax, meditate, take some deep breaths, read, write, play with yourself a little and if you have a portable radio, listen to that. Most importantly, DON'T listen to other people in the bathroom and don't worry about what else is going on, just concentrate on yourself for these few minutes. It makes it easy if you have headsets to use with the radio. I work in a school and frequently come across kids that are shy in the bathroom. You will get used to it after a while and will be able to go, no problem. Good Luck.

Recently I have been working at a middle school filling in for the regular custodian. I clean all the bathrooms, six in all. Some kids at this age, especially boys, develop a keen interest in bathroom activity. This school has fancy Kohler toilets and urinals, at least they are fancier than most, and the kids like to use them and check them out. One classroom had a group of kids staying after school for detention. As I passed by with my cleaning supplies, two kids, a boy and a girl, asked the teacher if they could help the custodian clean. The are allowed to help clean instead of just sitting in detention so they started helping me clean the bathrooms. I am always a little surprised when this happens, so I assigned the girl to help clean the boys restroom and the boy began cleaning the girls. The girl wiped the outside of the urinals but was afraid to clean the inside. She wiped the toilet seats, sinks and mirrors. I took care of cleaning the inside of the urinals and toilets. The boy did the same in the girls restroom but was afraid to empty the sanitary napkin disposal, although he did look inside them. I find that if kids get involved with taking care of the school, there is less vandalism overall.

Joe B.
Preggy, Thanks so much for your latest post. I love to poop sooo much too.

Sammy S.
I have been reading this page for about a week now. I would love to hear more real accident stories that are not about laxatives or flu or anything.

Glad to hear that Preggy has had a good motion at last.Bet that felt good! However how big and fat was it, what colour, (light or dark brown), did it float or sink, did it make a nosie as it dropped into the toilet pan, as it smooth or nobbily? Secondly, has Lindsey done a motion yet? Marc, I loved your story about the woman doing the big motion outdoors. Yes, lots of women seem to do them this size, I have quite often passed a jobbie this big both down the toilet and outdoors. lots of love to all.

Carlos-- My therapist is in Texas (Houston). Is that where you are from? He is a very sensitive guy and very in touch with himself and his clients. I don't want to post his name here, though. Maybe there is some way we can get in contact with each other by E-mail. I appreciate your comments (and those of Thom) about enemas. I know they can be habit forming, but there are a few times when my constipation is so bad that even suppositories don't work. I don't want to end up in the hospital again. What I am looking for is a basic "how to" for an enema, although I don't want to do it except as a last resort. Any tips you or Thom may have as to how to do it effectively would be appreciated. Also, how did you come to use enemas so often in high school? Did your doctor prescribe them? Did you do them yourself or have help? Your dialation technique sounds pretty over the top. I'm sure it works, but I can't exactly see myself in that position doing that to myself. I guess I am a little shy even in private. I may try it the next time I get desparate for a dump. I am curious about how it works, especially for guys like us who have slow transit constipation where the hard, dry blockage is a foot or two up the colon. That's why straining doesn't always work for me. To Thom (and Carlos): I am not quite as shy as you think. I do have a buddy dumping story that happened a few years ago involving suppositories. A guy that I worked with at the time and also worked out with at the gym was at the office with me on a Saturday. We were the only two people there. He was about 23 at the time. Anyway, I was constipated as usual but really felt like I needed to get something out. I headed to the mensroom with a cup of coffee and a package of dulcolax suppositories that I had stashed in my briefcase. No sooner than I had entered the end stall, dropped my jeans and Calvins and sat down, someone entered the next stall. Since I knew who it was, I struck up a very casual conversation about office politics. We talked about ten minutes and it became obvious he wasn't having any better luck going than I was. I finally got up the courage to ask him if he was constipated. He said, "very." He asked if I was and I admitted that I was. In response to my questions, he admitted that it had been three days since he had dumped which concerned him since he normally dumped twice a day. I asked what he took for the problem and he told me that he didn't know what to take since he had never been constipated to this degree before. He asked if I could recommend something. I discussed laxatives with him, but told him he had better not plan anything for the next day because he would be making frequent and urgent trips to the toilet. I then explained the option of a suppository. He was very reluctant to stick anything up his ass, but eventually agreed that a suppository would be the best approach. He asked me where to get them and I said, "right here." He was a little taken aback as I held the box under the partition for him to see. He took the box from my hand. After reading the directions, he told me that he would take one of the suppositories and use it later at home. I told him he should use it right then and there while he had an experienced suppository veteran there to guide him through his first experience. I told him that I was going to be using one too and that we could keep each other company through the ordeal. He reluctantly agreed. He managed to get the suppository inserted but complained when I told him it would have to be inserted as far up his rectum as he could push it. I inserted mine at the same time. We talked about sports and the gym for about ten minutes while the suppositories melted. His started taking effect first. After about ten minutes, he complained that his stomach was cramping like he needed to dump. I told him to hold it in as long as possible until the urge to dump was almost unbearable. Our conversation continued but was interrupted by his moans as the cramps increased. Finally, after about 20 minutes, he couldn't hold it in any longer. I heard him say, "oh shit," and then he literally exploded. He let out loud, long farts puntuated with cannonballs being forcefully ejected. Each time he would push out a cannonball, he would grunt involuntarily. This continued for about 15 minutes until he basically had "dry heaves" of the colon. Halfway through his dump, I was able to dump, complete with my usual straining and groaning. He finished first, wiping and flushing several times. I would guess form the sounds I had heard that he had pretty well filled the toilet bowl. When I finally finished, he had left the office. When I saw him a couple of days later, he said that he was too embarrassed to face me after he finished pooping. I told him it was no big deal. He wouldn't talk about the buddy dumping for several months. One day while we were jogging, he confessed that he had bought his own pack of suppositories and had used them on two occasions. He moved away shortly after that and I never heard from him again.

Tuesday, November 03, 1998

I have a problem which I'm wonderingif anyone else shares. I am a freshman at college. This is my first time away from home. I am embarrassed to use the dorm bathrooms (for #2). I can't seem to poop if there is a possibility of anyone I might know being there. I know this is silly, so please don't say that it's a natural function and everyone does it etc. I just feel very embarassed because I usually make a lot of noise and my bm's seem to be very smelly. I am amazed that most of the guys on my floor are very casual about using the toilet. They even comment about their noises and smells. But I just can't seem to bring myself to go in the dorm. I usually go after breakfast so I hold it until I can get to the library where there is a one stall bathroom that I like. I have almost total privacy there. If someone comes in to use the urinal, I just wait until he leaves. Once, a guy came in and waited for me to finish, so I just stayed in there and he finally left. Using this bathroom is a little bit of an inconvenience, as you can imagine. Do any other guys have this problem? I notice that some of the guys on the floor use the toilet late at night, probably for the same reason. I'd like to hear from other college guys. Thanks!

Oh my god, I finally pooped a few minutes ago!!! And by "pooped", I mean a serious, huge amount of poop!!! Let me describe: As in every morning, I felt pressure on my little aphincter. Ususally in the last few weeks, all I can make are these little tiny turds, and I feel the huge pile of shit is in there stuck inside of me. But today, I set on the bowl, and finally sensed that anticipated strech of my rectum and this big, fat, LONG turd started sliding out of me. I had to push and I found myself making sounds as "Oooo" and "Ahhh", but I could feel it move, more and more, stimulating my anus, and keeping on sliding out... Finally, it broke into the water, and my anus shrinked immediately, just as I've fantasized for so long. The relief and pleasure are undescribable... I feel light again and I'm just so happy. I just love to poop sooo much..

Hey everyone!! I recently saw 'The Full Monty' (really funny!!:) and it showed a woman peeing in an urinal, I just thought I'd post that!:)

Thom, Thanks for telling me about your brother. I used to wish I had a brother to buddy dump with - no kidding. But I had the next best thing with a couple of cousins and several friends that I dumped with when I was in my teens. There is no experience on earth that creates the same bond. I have a professional colleage that I went to college with and we see each other about once or twice a year and usually manage to get in at least one buddy dump. Although it is not actually planned, it just happens. He shits pretty freely with minimal some farting. BrentC: Your therapist uses a technique that I have used many times with pretty good results. I often have your type of constipation where the waste is far up in my colon and is drying out. The transit time can be unbeliveably long. In this case the dialation method can be very helpful, as it will stimulate your colon into thinking it needs to go. I have done it on the toilet, but since my hard buns are pretty beefy, it seems to work more easily if I kneel on my knees and rotate my middle finger while pushing as though I was really shitting. It is important to push with your abdominal muscles and groaning really does help. After about ten minutes you will feel things start to move inside and you will probably pass quite a few farts. When you finally dump, it will still be constipated, but it will plop out fairly easily because your ass will be naturally lubricated. Which brings me to my next point. You asked about enemas. I rarely use them and only if I cannot go any other way. You can become depedent on them very quickly, especially with your slow transit time problem. I know this personally because it nearly happened to me in high school. I got so that I could not go at all if I did not have an enema. And my bowel was completely dry most of the time. I finally decided to quit using enemas. When I did, I would go far five days without a dump. When I did dump, it would take up to an hour and was extremely hard and dry. That is when I learned to moan, groan, and rock it out. My colon is still drier than it used to be as a result. So... I would recommend staying with your present techniques and try the dialation method. Use enemas only if you think you will wind up in the hospital otherwise. Enemas are great for some people, but not for those of us who are chronically constipated. Why don't you talk to your therapist. He sounds like a really neat and sensitive guy. Is he in Texas by chance? I would like to get his professional advice myself. Another bit of advice... don't be so shy. My experience is that a lot of guys hhave the same problems and are often quite willing to talk, especially if they are in the next stall or in a buddy dump situation. Carlos

Jeff A, thank you for your wishes of happiness regarding me and my boyfriend. I also hope we last forever, because we sure have some great fun together. Of course we have toilet fun but also many other forms as well... I really appreciate the positive feedback you give to my posts. I loved your Bram Stoker narration of your friend being on the toilet. How could anyone know that the act of pooping could sound so sophisticated and poetic???? LOL! By the way, I hope you fulfill your fantasy about having a wonderful woman watching you while you shit. I am sure it would be worth it and any woman who witnesses it, is very lucky!!! Nicola, I liked your description of watching your boyfriend poop. It's just as enjoyable to read, as it is to watch personally. Reading it leaves so much to the imagination, especially when it involves a complete stranger. About the briefs versus the boxer shorts preference, my boyfriend usually wears briefs during the day but wears boxer shorts to bed, as he says they are more comfortable. I loved how some people mentioned pulling down their partners' for them. I will have to pull down my boyfriend's boxer shorts the next time I acompany him for another one of his shitting sessions, as I have never done that before. George, I agree with you that couples should enjoy going to the toilet together just as they enjoy eating a good meal together. I believe both partners should help each other throughout the sometimes difficult process of getting rid of that meal's results. Bridget

would you believe that i have a girlfriend for nearly 3 years, and i'm still to embaressed to poop when we're even in the same house ? girls - please reply your opinions about my over-shyness !

Sara B
Sadly I still haven't managed to get into the bathroom with my boyfriend, I keep mentioning it when he says he needs to go, I kind of say shall I come with you but he always says no. And I'm dying to see him. I don't think it will ever happen. I love George and Moiras posts, also Bridget and Nicola. I'm so envious that you're able to be with your partner when they are pushing out their poops. What happens if they do a really smelly one? Or if you do, does either of you get embarrassed? I love the smells my bf leaves in the bathroom, sometimes he leaves big sticky skid marks on the side of the toilet, and I wipe them off with tp (I always look at the paper to see the colour). I can feel my ???? rumbling now so I think it's time I went and tried to do my jobby for the day. I'm a bit constipated right now, so it takes a while. I'd love to try an enema but I don't know where I would get one from, does anyone who lives in England know where I could get one? And what do you put in the water? I have a little syringe and have squirted water into my rectum a couple of times but I'd really like to increase the volume, the syringe is only very small. Any suggestions??

Thanks to those who replied to my "Europe versus America" posting. What I was/am trying to work out was, suppose you need to carry out some bodily function and there are no purpose-built facilities available, for one reason or another. What do you do - do you "hold it" or do you "improvise" (i.e. use a bush, alleyway, bucket, clothes or whatever)? I think there are at least eleven factors that will influence this decision: (1) What exactly do you need to do (pee or poop)? (2) How are you dressed at the time? (3) Just how desperate are you? (4) What other people (strangers) are around? (5) What other people (who know you) are around? (6) What cover is available to hide you from sight? (7) How soon do you expect to find some purpose-built facilities if you do "hold it"? (8) Where are you going (e.g. if going to a party an accident is more important to avoid, than if you are heading home). (9) What is your culture (e.g. European/American)? (10) How drunk are you (alcohol makes you less inhibited)? (11) What sort of person are you (e.g. some people who subscribe to this Forum are likely to be more exhibitionist). Now - have I missed any factors (i.e. is there a factor 12)? Have I included any that are unnecessary/irrelevant (e.g. the culture one)? Your contributions to this important scientific research (!!) will be welcomed. Thank you.

hi. um marc i have pooped outside but its not always big. i did one time though . i hate pooping outside but when its about inches from my pampies i have no choice.okay one day my family was on a picnic and boy did i have to poop. i told my cousin lets go for a walk but it was just a reason to get away from everyone. we walked and as i found a bush big enough to hide me i asked him to come with me and keep an eye there i was squating downwith my pamies still on with him keeping watch but he couls still see me. i waited till it was about to touch my pampies and i pulled down my pampies and just let it come out.i looked at my cousin who was looking at me and i made a face like i was dying. he giggled and i continued to poop. the place here poop comes out was getting bigger and bigger and it hurt but it felt good too. i could stop even if somedid come by. finally i felt it grow smaller and then it was over. i peed a bit and then looked at it. it was very very long. i mean this poop must have been all the way up to my eyeballs hee hee. well anyway for that person who likes diarrhea here's one for you. a few weeks ago we had watermelon at school and that makes my poop want to just shoot out of me. all day at school i held it in and my ???? kept hurting worse and worse.I thought i was going to do it in my pampies and my hose. and let me tell you there wasnt much room for it in there anyway. so when my cousin picked me up from school i ran to the potty throwing off my uniform dress.good thing no one was home. i was fighting with my hose i hate them cause they always never want to come off. then i felt it come out. well not really it was just gas and i was lucky. my cousin came and pulled both my hose and my pamies down for me and i sat there passing gas and poop for what seemed forever. just sat there holding on to the sides of the potty for dear life till it was over. man did it feel good. well hope you liked that. bye for now. linda

Monday, November 02, 1998

Jeff A I just loved your addition to Bram Stoker's Dracula about Mina being constipated and Jonathan Harker's commentary in the flowerly language of the Victorian era. This opens limitless possibilitiies to write about the heroines of literature or history, films, TV etc doing their bowel movements. It gives a totally different meaning to a "Queen Anne Stool" , and I can imagine Queen Victoria was "not amused" if her efforts on the "throne" achieved only a small hard lump! Im sure the imagination of readers of this site can supply many suitable characters for such treatment. Even computer games are open to this addition, and Im sure some programmer could hack into "Tomb Raider" and write a routine where the central character Lara Croft has to do a motion with all the sound and visual effects etc, (I believe there is already a patch for this game which makes her go naked). Indeed, an Adult adventure game where the player has to get to the toilet in time without having an accident in their panties and losing the game would be quite amusing to many who visit this website I am sure. There could be all types of hazard written in such as: all stalls being in use when you get to a toilet, having to use the toilet of the opposite gender (lose points), having to pick up toilet paper from one of the rooms visited or lose points by making skid marks in your panties,needing coins for a pay toilet, being able to avoid losing a life if you have picked up a spare clean pair of panties before you have an accident. Wild cards such as Sudden ???? Upset or missing the bus home when desperately needing the toilet could be thrown in. I would not be surprised if such a game already exists!

Nicola, I certainly agree with you about nasty, smelly , urinals. We dont have them in the toilet in my small workshop, (only 3 cubicles with WCs) and as we are a small outfit our toilets are unisex anyway. It doesnt bother the one girl we have working for us to use the toilet at the same time as the lads. As I have said before, I just cannot see why some blokes like to pee in the close company of others by urinating against a wall or into a trough with the almost inevitable result of spraying their shoes or clothing with urine and the nasty pissy smell from same, even worse to get their shoes and clothing wet with SOMEONE ELSE'S PISS! It's almost an animal thing, as on the Nature programs on the TV where male animals sprinkle their urine to mark their territory. Not my scene BIG TIME! I have used Womens and Girls toilets when the Mens and Boys have been out of order and have always been impressed by the absence of a nasty smell and the general greater cleanliness, although I have seen some magnificent jobbies stuck in the toilet pans on such occasions and the graffitti on the walls and doors is even more explicit than that in Mens Toilets.

Im glad you and your boyfriend accompany each other to the toilet when doing a motion as Moira and I do, as do Bridget and her boyfriend, and Donna and her girlfriend Lauren. Many couples seem to enjoy doing this, and as I have said before defecation is a perfectly natural healthy function as is eating, and if a couple can enjoy having a nice meal together why not also enjoy passing the motions which result? I have read that in pre-revolution France the King would receive noblemen, ambassadors etc, while seated on the privy. Certainly to me, going to the toilet with Moira, gently pulling down her panties and rubbing her ???? and encouraging her to "do an nice big jobbie", and her doing the same for me certainly is a most intimate activity and strengthens the bonding between us.

Moira and I have also used the funnel type toilets in trains described and also blocked them with our fat turds. Who designed these toilet pans? Someone who either only passes small soft thin jobbies or loose stools. They should have made the exit hole at least 3 inches in diameter. I wonder has Jill come across this type of pan in her travels and did her big jobbies stick or go down? Has Vector any comments on these type of toilet pans?

Finally, I agree with Tony, Jeff A and others about that creep of a boyfriend of Cindy's. I would stick his head down the toilet pan and dump on him! Chuck the creep Cindy. Find a nice, kind man who will be sympathetic if you are ill.

I have a small quirk: I pee outdoors because I don't like the noise when I peeinto a toilet (the bubbling noise of the stream hitting the water) I prefer to go in the yard where there is a pine tree next to a fence: I can go between the tree and the fence and pee quietly in the great outdoors out of sight of everyone; I like thi much better than using a toilet to pee

Hi guys! Graham, re: women using the "gents," I've never done so myself, but I'll take the liberty of repeating a story that happened to (my friends) Alex and Eric (Alex posted about this a long time ago). Alex had to pee very badly [not unusual for her] and the womens' room was closed. Eric went into the mens' room to make sure it was clear; Alex went in after Eric checked it out and then peed in one of the stalls. Ross, I don't know about "most" women, but Alex, Jodi, and I take "wads" of TP and just wipe, without wrapping it around our fingers. We also look at the paper and make sure there's no more poop on there- that's when we know we're finished wiping. To "thebuss," what an embarrassing story- I'm glad your teacher was so cool about it, though. Bridget, your boyfriend is awesome for letting you watch him, especially before taking "our" shower- oooh :) Seriously, he sounds like a cool guy. Peace, Steph

hi. to the poor girl who is pregnant i feel very sorry for you. i know how you feel cause i too need to make a huge poop. i went yesterday and only a few bits came out. but it feels like i still have more in me and i get the feeling to poop but it just wont come out. wow i wish i could help you when it finally does happen. you know just to rub your ???? and make you feel better. my cousin does that for me. i do like him watching and sometimes i come up with something so that he will come in with me and watch. i dont ask him but i do go in there when he is pooping. he doesnt say anything he just talks to me while he poops.oh i wish i could just make a huge poop and not have to worry about it for years. maybe thats whats wrong with me now. well this morning i went to pee but i waited for my cousin to come in a brush his teeth. i pulled down my cute green pampies.i wish i had cute pink ones like the rest of you girls but i dont want to seem to girlie. i like my cousin thinking im a tomboy.hee hee. anyway i sat down sideways to face him and talked to him but i waited for him to look at me before i started it coming.i peed for a long while and looked at him and said boy i had a lot of pee in me. he just laughed.i wiped my front and got dressed and got ready for my bath. hmmm so ross you want to know how i wipe. okay. when i poop i usually wipe from the back and i check to see if the paper is dirty. i do that cause the idea of having poop stains in my pampies makes me sick.i used to get big clumps of paper when i was still learning to go by myself but i get nice folded peices. my cousin said fine girls do that so i do. hope that helps bye. linda

Sunday, November 01, 1998

Bryian (Andy 17)
Hi I have not posted here In a while. For those who know me,my user name was Andy(17). My new name Is Bryian. The other day I was at school and I felt I had to pee during first period (near the end). But then the lights/power went off 5 minutes Into class and we ended staying In there for 2 1/2 hours and they decided to dismiss early. I ended up waiting to go pee till I got home. I also didn't want to try to pee in the dark. I also didn't want to go during dissmissal time because there were to many people In the hall. Any one else have a experice like that?

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