Noon potty break.

At noon, after the afternoon tea itself, I felt that I wanted to go to the toilet to poop. Of course I went there. I came, pulled down my shorts and underpants, and sat down on the toilet. I relaxed, and began to poop. Each poop came out with an accompanying fart, but I didn't have to push. In total, I defecated three soft long poop. But I spent a lot of toilet paper... But I was able to wipe myself. I flushed after myself, got dressed, and went out.

Mr Curious

No embarrassment

Saw something unbelievable today. I was parked up in a layby on a busy main road in southern England. I was eating my lunch when a van pulled up in front of me. The driver got out and opened the passenger door. I could see him behind the door obviously undoing his trousers. I then saw him squat down, and a poo appeared beneath him. He the wiped and threw the paper on top of the poo. He then shut the door, and walkers back to his van. I was shocked. Why not go up the embankment to the hedge and hide yourself. I'm too shy, but obviously this bloke didn't care at all.


Giant thick poop about an hour after breakfast and coffee

Hi everyone. Got up around 8:30 ish, went pee and went upstairs for breakfast. There was my jar of coffee (black), jar of warm water and some kind of beef in sauce with green onions etc on rice. Ate slowly chewing well and took small sips of my coffee and water. After breakfast took my coffee and water jars downstairs and slowly drank both while I digested. Soon enough I got a major urge to poop so I went to the washroom, closed the door, walked to the toilet, pulled down my black pants and black underwear and sat. Gave a gentle push and a massive thick mostly soft log came out. It stretched me but didn't hurt coming out. Was done within about 20 seconds. It quietly settled in the toilet bowl. No splash, poop, nothing. I lifted my butt off the toilet and looked. WOW the toilet was pretty filled! Flushed first (which went down easily) and then wiped well. Flushed the paper, pulled my pants and underwear up, washed my hands and left the washroom. Went upstairs to make some more warm water and that's that :) Stomach is starting to feel a lot better.

Happy pooping!



Massive soft poop right after coffee

Hi all. I got up around 8:30, went to the washroom (pee) and went upstairs for breakfast (oatmeal with chili powder and brown beans, a jar of warm water and a jar of water). After breakfast I went downstairs, enjoyed my coffee (black) and warm water in my room and right after finishing the coffee I got a major urge to poop. Put on the slippers/flip flops outside my room and went to the washroom and closed the door. Walked to the toilet, pulled my pants and underwear down and sat down. Gave a gentle push and a soft thick log came out and filled the toilet. Only took about 20 seconds. When I was done I lifted myself slightly off the toilet and looked. There was a thick long log in the toilet that filled a lot of the toilet.

Reached over for some TP, wiped first my front then did a good job cleaning my butt. Stood up, pulled my pants and underwear up and looked. There was a big thick soft poop that filled a lot of the toilet. Flushed first then washed my hands and grabbed more water from upstairs. Microwaved it downstairs. I feel better after that. Hopefully I can go again later.

Happy pooping!



All-gender bathroom experience

I am a 30-year-old male living in a midsized Southern (US) city which is home to a large research university. I have been a lurker here for probably more than a decade, but this is really the first time I've felt that I have a story worth posting. Like I said, there is a large university in my town, where I attend graduate school. The university's library contains the only multi-stall, all-gender bathroom I have ever seen in my life. I will often stop at the library on the way home from work to poop in the all gender bathroom, just because it is always an interesting experience. Anyway, last Friday I felt a need for the bathroom as I was leaving work. I decided to stop and use the all-gender restroom before I went on home. I parked on campus, walked to the library, entered the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I started to pee right as the person in the other stall was leaving, dropping their airpods a few times on the way out and swearing to themselves quietly. However, the interesting portion was yet to begin. I went ahead and started to poop, letting the bulk of my dump out relatively quickly with no one else in the bathroom. I still felt a little more in me so I remained on the toilet. I sat for a couple minutes more pushing out a few smaller poops and peeing a bit, when I heard the door open and saw a woman's feet in white shoes and long, black loose pants in the stall next to mine. She didn't seem to be panicking or anything, but it definitely seeed like she was moving with purpose. She set a large Starbucks drink and a large dark reddish pink backpack on the floor before lowering her pants to her knees and sitting on the bowl. She let off an average pee and remained seated, and after about 30 seconds I heard a quiet plop from her stall. I stayed on the toilet a bit longer curious about what would happen next and peeing a little more. During this time I heard a few more quiet poop noises from the other stall, as well as quiet texting noises from the girl's phone or tablet. Finally, after peeing a tiny bit more. I reached for the toilet paper and began to clean up. As I stood up to look at my own poop in the bowl, I heard another small plop from the girl. I got my pants up, flushed and washed my hands before exiting the bathroom, The girl remained in the stall, showing no signs that she was nearing the end of her poop. After I left the bathroom, I stood outside the bathroom for a minute finishing whatever I was reading on my phone before I walked back to my car. I heard a flush from the all gender bathroom and a few seconds later this petite, hourglass-figured girl with dark hair walks out, By her backpack and shoes, it was clear that she was my neighbor in the bathroom. My curiosity got the better of me, and I walked back into the bathroom and entered her now-empty stall to find that the toilet bowl had been absolutely OBLITERATED with dark brown skidmarks. I stod there impressed for a second, and thought that the girl probably felt a lot better after that poop. I mean I knew and accepted that girls pooped prior to the incident, and I have witnessed a few other girls pooping in in the all- gender bathroom, but never anything as substantial as on that day. My experience leads me to also wonder if anyone else has had similar all-gender restroom experiences they'd be willing to share here. Anyway, that's all for this story. Hope to talk to y'all more soon.

Princess Opal

Congratulations on 3,001 pages!!!!!

Hi!!! I turned 18 on March 24th. It's now been just over 2 years that I've been reading this site, and I just wanna say, congratulations on so many posts!!!! Everyone poops, and I'm glad there's now over 3, 000 pages of people not being ashamed of it. Byeeeeeeeeee!
P.S. Last night I did a big pool that hurt a bit coming out but then I felt so good afterwards, right when I went to bed! I'd like to say doing a good poop before bed causes sweet dreams, but my dreams last night were really weird, so I won't say it.

your triple D

Post Dog Groomer incident

Took dog to groomers Im a male in my late 40s She's early thirties thin blond hair I was desperate to poo and as I was handing over the dog could feel my self turtle heading I was clenching like crazy wondering how is hold on til i for home She was chatting away and i knew i had to exit soon as i turned to leave my dog jumped up and I couldn't control it as a large solid log landed in my pants I was wearing track suit bottoms I was aware of-the large bulge behind me I managed to go out sideways she didnt appear to notice .I then had to drive home with it squashed in my pants and clean up

Answers to Sarah Survey

1. How often do you poop at work?
For me, it is four or five times a week. Usually within a hour of my shift beginning.

2. Do you have to hold your poop at work? Longest time?
Only once or twice when we were in strategic planning meetings. Like an hour or two, but it felt like twice that.

3. Are you embarrassed to poop at work?
Not really. An accident would be a worse alternative.

4. When was the last time you pooped at work? What was it like?
Pretty normal for me. I was seated like 3 or 4 minutes. I did get up and flush in the middle of it. Trying to cut down on the smell in a bathroom that I don't think has a vent system.

5. Have you had to use the customer bathroom?
In my situation the answer is yes. If the stalls in our suite are full, I walk outside and down the hall to the public bathroom. Did that once last week. It wasn't that bad, but I had to flush the previous user's crap. Gee, I hope she remembered to wipe.

6. Have you heard coworkers or customers poop?
Yes that is pretty regular. This new girl who we hired as a temp on the phones puts on quite a dramatic production when she does her afternoon crap.

7. Have you had to tell a customer or coworkers that you needed to poop?
Yes. A group of new employees during a Zoom session. One suggested we all take a break, but we were down to our last 10 minutes of the session so they continued without me.

Monday, May 08, 2023


Post Title (optional)Thank you Imogen

Imogen, Your memories of people talking about use of lavatories in the last century were most interesting. Any other memories about life as a student or at any time and having to pee in unusual places would be most appreciated. For instance what did you do at a pub with no ladies toilets? Did ever have to pee outside at a picnic?


Skidmark in Columbia survey and a story.

1. What country are you from?


2. Do you get skid marks? If so how bad?

Not that often and when I do, they're usually light and easy to wash out. But I'm capable of some real doozies.

3. Do you shave your bumhole?

I tried it a few times to see what it was like and if it aided cleanliness in any way. I don't think it made much of a difference and my butt would get real itchy when the hair grew back. For a middle aged man I'm probably not too hairy there to begin with. But I can't say for sure because who goes around checking bumhole hairiness??

4. Do you use a bidet? If so do you never get skid marks or you still do because you are a free spirit who poops in public bathrooms?

I tried a handheld, battery powered bidet. It was too weak to do anything. I do well enough with moistened toilet paper to stay reasonable clean.

5. Do you get pee stains?

Heck yeah! And my pee marks are getting worse as time goes on. My big problem is I that when I urinate I can't squeeze that last bit of pee out of my urethra. Instead it always dribbles into my underwear. If I'm wearing a pair of underwear I truly cherish, I will insert folded up TP or tissue to protect them.

6. Have you ever had a skid mark so bad when you saw it... it looked like you had an accident?

Yes! I had it quite recently! Full story at the end of the survey.

7. What was the worst skid mark you ever had?

See number 6.

8. Do you ever poop and wipe or bidet yourself and leave worried you smell a little like poop?

Maybe, if it's really sticky and stubborn. Sometimes no matter how hard you try it's impossible to get it all off. This is a problem at work and in public toilets where my self-cleaning options are limited.

9. Do you sometimes smell a little like poop when you accidentally poop after a shower but you gotta go to work? Or is that just my unique problem that you never had?

Um, I don't think I can relate to this one.

10. Do you agree you PERSONALLY would like or like it when your spouse or boy/girlfriend to "open up" about their trip to the bathroom?

Eh, even when I was in relationships I thought that topic was a little TMI. It just seems safer to share these things in an anonymous forum than with someone in real life including significant others. But I do admire those who can openly talk about these things. I think that's awesome.

Now it's time to describe the worst skidmark of my adult life! A few weeks ago I took a trip out of town and stayed two nights. On the day of my return, I was about to check out of my hotel room and catch a train to Philly. At the worst possible moment I felt a need to poop. It just started and I probably could've put it off for an hour or longer. But I didn't want to wait. If I didn't do it now I'd have to poop in a nasty train lavatory. So I sat on the hotel toilet and pushed this premature poop out as much as possible. After I was done I tried wiping. Uh oh. I could tell right away this was something that was going to take a long time to get completely done with. I decided to change back into the previous day's slightly skidmarked undies. Normally I would fold up a few sheets of toilet paper and place them between my butt and briefs to keep them clean. Then a strange thought crossed my mind. For who? For what? It's not like I'm trying to impress anybody. Having read a lot of great skidmark stories recently on this page encouraged me to throw caution to the wind. Instead of busting my ass in an effort to keep my briefs clean, just this once let's see how dirty I can make them!

So I proceeded on my journey. As I took a seat on the train I could still feel a teensy amount of grit and moisture on my bottom. I purposely squirmed on the seat to grind it into the briefs as much as possible. Otherwise, my day continued in a totally normal fashion. I used public restrooms as needed throughout the day to pee. But thanks to pooping before my journey I didn't need to go again for the rest of the trip. I was tempted to go into a stall to just check on the state of my Tommy Hilfiger's but I decided to wait until I got home.

From previous experience I know that inadequate wiping can lead to an itchy bottom. That wasn't the case on this day. Probably because I basically used my underwear as TP. Even when I returned to the house, I was in no rush to pull my pants down and look. I just went about having dinner and unwinding. Then as bedtime approached it was time to inspect the outcome.

Wow! I ended up with a moderately dark brown splotch about three centimeters or an inch and a quarter in diameter. For me, that's as bad as it gets. To get a result any worse than this, I'd have to poop myself or at least let a live turd touch cotton. Hmm, poop myself? As if on cue, I felt a something stirring in my bowels. It's tricky to guess their size but it felt like it was going to be small. Should I or shouldn't I? It's already pretty bad so why not go for it? I've had experience pooping my pants on purpose as well as involuntarily and this seemed like a golden opportunity. I pulled my briefs back up and proceeded to push the poop into them. It was an easy movement accompanied by the hissing of some gas as it made its way out. When I was done, I reached back and felt it. It was a bit bigger than I expected, about the size of a plum. But it wasn't really big enough to produce a noticeable bulge in the mirror. That's fine. I wasn't hoping for a huge "accident". After taking a few minutes to assess the situation, it was time to clean up. I carefully pulled down my underwear and dumped the semi-sticky turd into the toilet. Then came the moment of truth. How much worse do my briefs look? To my utter amazement, the brown splotch was exactly the same size as it was before. But I consider this to be my worst skidmark as a grown up and I'm rather proud of it!


Lots of morning poop

In the morning, right after breakfast, my stomach began to rumble, and I realized that it would not hurt me to go to the toilet to poop. So I hurried to the toilet. I went in there, locked myself in, pulled down my pants and underpants, and sat down on the toilet seat. I pushed, and with a fart, a fat warm poop began to come out. They fell into the toilet with a splash. I wiped my ass, got up, got dressed, and wanted to flush off, but my stomach started to rumble again. I pulled down my pants and underpants again, and sat down on the toilet. Farting loudly, I defecated long poop. By that time, the whole room was already stinking! I wiped my ass again and got dressed. But again, barely I wanted to flush toilet, I felt the urge to poop. I had to pulled down the pants and underpants again, and sit on the toilet. This time, after pooping, I still pushed, and squeezed out the poop, until I realized that there was nothing else in my stomach. Only after that I wiped off, got dressed, and flushed off. Ah, eased, yes!

Nicole from Germany
1. how often do you poop at work?
Right now I'm not working due to my youngest son, but before the pregnancy I did poop at work at least once a week. When I was a kid/teen, I often pooped in the morning, but with two little kids I became far too busy and it had to wait.

2. do you have to hold your poop at work? longest time?
Yes, and since I used to work only half time, sometimes until my shift was over.

3. are you embarrassed to poop at work?
A bit. I'm a bit scared a male worker may hear it. And generally my poops take longer since they're bit harder.

4. when was the last time you pooped at work? what was it like?
Nearly a year ago. And I was able to go right when I arrived at work

5. have you had to use the customer bathroom?
I think two years ago or so I did.

6. have you heard coworkers or customers poop?
I have :)

7. have you had to tell a customer or coworker that you needed to poop
Yes, but without mentioning whether it was pee or poop. I'd be a bit too embarassed to tell about that :D

Boy scout


1. Do you feel any embarrassment or anxiety when realizing that you have to poop outside? Mostly not. I am a scout and have had to poop outside several times when hiking.

2. Do you tell your friends when you have to go away to poop? Usually not. I just go away without telling anyone, just like at home or school.

3. How often and when do you mostly poop outside? Sometimes on day hikes, always when camping in the woods or mountains. Perhaps 15-20 times per year.

4. Do you practice LNT partly or fully?
Partly, removing the paper at least.

5. How is your posture when pooping (squatting, bending forward, standing, etc.)? Squatting.

6. Do you discuss your poop with friends afterward?

7. Have you spotted (none, some, many of) your friends or family when pooping? Some. My mom (a couple of times), my aunt (because she often joins us when camping), my grandma (once when in the woods to pick berries), a few of my scouting friends (boys as well as girls), two of my leaders (a woman at around 25 and a man at 40), one of my school teachers (a woman at 60+ on an overnight camping trip with my school class) plus some strangers.

8. Did they discover you?
My mom have and also my teacher did. Afterwards she took me aside and excused herself for what I had seen and said that she hoped that I understood and "we all do, don't we?" and asking me with a smile not to tell the others (which I neither did) and hope that it just could be forgotten (but I still get a flash back to the image of her squatting when I meet her!!)

9. Have anyone seen you when pooping outside?
Some of my friends have and some strangers, and when camping for sure my mom and my aunt

10. What type of poop do you mainly do when outside (size, form, color)?
Three or four lumps. Brown.

11. Have you seen the poop of anyone you know outside.
Mom, aunt, grandma, some friends, some scout leaders, teachers (not only she I spotted squatting) and for sure poop of strangers because where I live there are several tourists coming every summer.

12. Have you seen people you do not know when pooping outside?
Several times. Campers, van dwellers, berry pickers (of which there are many around where I live, especially in July and August, often groups of mature/old women), truck drivers +++

13. (Gender and age, are not necessary but if you want to share.)
B, 15

MD Dan

More Poop Than I Thought - Reply to Sarah

Sarah, you sound like me the last couple of days. I've been pooping a lot more than normal. I usually go once a day, sometimes a day in between, but I've gone 5 times the last two days.

Yesterday I had to go in the morning when I got to work. It was one big soft log. Then I had to go again when I got home, another couple of soft logs and some loose stuff. Then one more time in the evening before bed. It was mostly just loosely formed poop and a lot of gas.

This morning I had to take a dump as soon as I woke up. I went into the bathroom and pooped out a long soft log (again) that was about 18" long or so. Took a bit to clean up after. I am off today so I just relaxed and had some coffee. About an hour later, I felt just a little twinge and was having some gas. I thought maybe I had a little left and decided to use the bathroom again. I was expecting just a small poop to come out. When I sat down, I started farting and pooping at the same time and let out 5 pieces with a lot of gas. They were all about 4 inches long and again very soft. So another 20" worth of poop, making over 3 feet worth just this morning. I was completely surprised by this. I feel 10 pounds lighter than I did 3 days ago. I've been eating a lot of vegetables, salad, and beans the last few days so that's probably the reason, haha.

That's it for now. Take care, everyone!


Bodysuits, Leotards, one piece swimsuits and the like

Hi I am new here I recently had an accident and needed a place of anonymity to talk about it. I am 5'3" brown hair and I have been told I have a big and nice booty hehe!

I wanted to talk about clothing that is somewhat difficult to get out of and having to poop. I have peed through a swimsuit and a leotard before and have even pulled it to one side to pee and I guess you could do the same with pooping but I haven't been so lucky. I have pooped in my panties in desperation before but that wasn't because I couldn't get out of them but because I was either in my car, on a walk in a public place and couldn't get to a toilet in time, locked out of bathrooms (my roommates, my partners, my siblings, and my parents have all caused me to poop in my undies at some point. I don't even really care if I am in a situation where I need to poop and can't hold it anymore as it has happened so many times. There have been a few occasions though where I have gotten in front of the toilet and pooped in my clothing because I couldn't get out of them fast enough. (Side note: all of my accidents have been solid or mostly solid. For some reason, when I have had mushy or runny poop, I have always made it. Knock on wood)

1. I pooped in my leotard after dance class. I had to go toward the end of class but the bathroom is always packed afterward so I opted to drive to my apartment. I had jeans on over my leotard and tights under. I was touching fabric just as I pulled up to my apartment and was able to pull it back in and make it to bathroom. I dropped my jeans and was touching fabric again as I was struggling to get out of leotard and tights. I couldn't pull it back in this time and completely filled my tights right in front of the toilet. Had I just been wearing jeans and my regular panties, I would have made it. This happened just this past week.

2. I pooped my bodysuit after one lecture hall class. I was fidgeting the entire time because I hadn't gone in about a week. Crappy college mess hall food backs me up. I sat on my foot to help keep it all in but when class was over I knew I might be in trouble. The bathroom was just down the hall so I thought it would be okay. Jeans over body suit with a hoodie. I like the way the bodysuits feel especially as a dancer and I do like the feel of the ones with crotch snaps as they tend to rub my lady parts in an uncomfortable way. Anyway back to the story. Class let's put and I am clenching with all my might. I get to the stall and realize I have to get naked to poop. I get the hoodie and jeans off and the urge goes from urgent to forcefully unstoppable. I tried to pull the bodysuit to the side but it is too tight. I got one arm out before a monster log slides out into my bodysuit. My gut have a heave and I ended up with a weeks worth of poop in my bodysuit. I just stood there in amazement and relief. There was no way I could clean it up in that stall so I just put my jeans back on and headed to the campus rec center and cleaned up in the locker room and showers. And speaking of locker rooms...

3. I pooped my one piece swimsuit in the locker room bathroom at a water park. This one was a doozy because it was easily the biggest poop of my life. I had been mildly constipated and hadn't a full poop in about 2 weeks. (since this accident and the one after clas, I have changed my diet dramatically) I got off this really tall body slide which caused my stomach to drop like that air time feeling on a roller coaster. That must have caused some serious movement because I stood up from the slide and needed to poop right then and there. I made my bee line for the locker room bathroom that was closest to the slide. I tried not reach my hand back to hold in my impending poop but I didn't have much of a choice. I got the locker room. And of course there was a line. Luckily it moved quickly because there were a lot of stalls. I got in and it was like my body saw the toilet and thought "great we can go NOW!" The poop started forcing its way out and parting my weakened butt cheeks and sphincter like the red sea. I again tried to pull swimsuit to one side but it wet and couldn't get it over far enough. It was also older and may have been too small and had lost some of its elasticity. I tried to peel it off my shoulders but failed to get even one arm out. I just stood there filling my suit with what felt like gallon of poop. Somehow because the poop was solid, my suit managed to contain it all, though it Felt like I was smuggling a bowling ball. Of now I had to get to a locker to get my clothes. I finally got the suit off and dumped the poop in the toilet. I didn't dare flush that monster. I waited for a lull and made a break for my locker and the showers to finish cleaning up.

Through all of these incidents as well as all of the other ones, I began to find some pleasure in it. Clean ups were never all that terrible and will I make feeling was kind of a turn on. I have never told anyone about the pleasurable side of it, not even my partners
Has anyone else ever had issues pooping with difficult clothing? And does anyone else find poop accidents pleasurable?

Thanks for letting me share!

Saturday, May 06, 2023

Matthew C.

Sarah Survey

1. how often do you poop at work?
Every day, given my job requires me to be there really early. And due to the diet they serve us here it's usually multiple times a day. Plus due to the lack of fiber and lots of grease it means multiple loose craps.

2. do you have to hold your poop at work? longest time?
Rarely, as I'm able to go right after breakfast before my shift starts. Sometimes I have, though. A few days ago during the morning meeting, I had to go but my supervisor just kept on talking and talking! Took about 30 minutes but I was able to finally go right before I got to work.

3. are you embarrassed to poop at work?
A little bit. I'm fine going in public restrooms but I do prefer to time it when no one is in there.

4. when was the last time you pooped at work? what was it like?
This morning. I felt the need right after breakfast and slipped in.

5. have you had to use the customer bathroom?
I work as a hotel room attendant, so I've had to use the bathroom next to the restaurant. Once or twice I've gone in a room I was cleaning, but haven't done that in a while.

6. have you heard coworkers or customers poop?
On occasion.

7. have you had to tell a customer or coworker that you needed to poop
I usually just say that I need to use the restroom.


To Bella

Ah... my husband has IBS too.

MD Dan

Two Recent Stories

I had a couple of stories that both happened within the past week.

The first one happened at the coffee shop I stop at before work. It was about 6:50am and I needed to take a dump urgently. I parked and noticed a white Jeep pull up with a woman driving it. I had been seeing her pretty much every day for the past 3 weeks. She's about 20 years old, tall (6'1" or so), skinny, and has dark brown hair that comes midway down her neck. She has always been wearing a zip-up hoodie and a short dark skirt (maybe only 10" or 12" long). We both walk in to the shop and we both happened to walk directly to the back where the bathrooms are. She was a few steps in front of me the whole time. We get to the bathrooms (two unisex single occupant) and one of them has a sign saying it's closed for repairs. She starts to go for the other one but notices me and says, "Oh, sorry. Here you can go first." I said, "No, that's okay. You were here first. You can go." I didn't want to keep her waiting and blow up the bathroom before she used it. She then said, "No, no, it's okay. I can wait. Don't worry about it."

Now I started to think maybe she had to poop too and she was doing the same thing I was. I decided to test this and said, "No, really. You can go first. I will be a few minutes and don't want to keep you waiting." Her eyes got a little wide and she started getting nervous. She said, "Please, you go first. It's definitely not a problem! I really don't mind!" I gave in and thanked her, telling her I'll try not to take too long. I went in, sat down, and let out one long soft log, about 18" if I had to guess. Wiping took a bit longer but I was done in about 3 to 4 minutes. There were a few skidmarks left in the bowl too. I came out and she was still waiting, a few feet away. I didn't mind, there wasn't anything she would have heard anyway. It was a completely quiet dump. She smiled awkwardly and went in after me. Curious, I waited outside the door for a minute and heard her sit down. Then I heard a deluge of poop coming out of her followed by some loud wet farts. How she held that in, I have no idea. I left her alone and went to get my coffee. I was sitting in my car sending a couple emails and then saw her come out of the coffee shop after about 10 minutes. It usually takes only a couple of minutes to make the coffee so she must have been in the bathroom for a while. I was actually glad she insisted I go first.

The second story took place yesterday morning at work. I needed someone to drive me over to the repair shop to pick up my car. I also had been holding in a dump for about an hour, trying to get some work done. I walked out of my office and saw Ally, the short Asian co-worker of mine. She has an athletic build and is pretty attractive. I've told a few stories on here about her before. I asked her if she could take me and she said, "Sure. Let me just use the bathroom first." I said, "Ok. I need to go too, actually. We can head out after we're done." She shot me a sideways glance and said, "Oh? Are we going to do this AGAIN? We should just set up a daily meeting." She smiled winked at me with the last comment. I said, "Yeah, maybe. Haha" She then grabbed her stomach, let out a small fart and said, "Oh, I really need to go!" and walked off to the bathrooms.

We got into the bathrooms (two single occupancy, side by side) and I could hear her belt and pants hitting the floor. She blasted a short fart and I heard several logs splash into her toilet. I let out 2 short poops that also splashed loudly. I sat for a minute and started farting a lot. I let out about 5 farts that were pretty loud and a couple seconds long, each. While I'm doing this, I heard Ally let out a short bubbly fart again, followed by two more splashes. I let out one more short log that, again, splashed loudly and farted one more time. Ally finished off with a couple more farts and one more plop (very small sounding).

We finished up and came out. She just shook her head and looked amused as we walked out to drive over to the shop. In the car, she finally said, "Well, we're both pretty gassy today, huh?" and winked at me again. I laughed and said, "Yeah, it sounded like it!" She said, "Next time, we should just play battleshits." I told her that might be fun. She dropped me off and headed back to the office. We didn't talk about it again the rest of the day, but it was fun to think about.

That's it for the stories. Take care!


huge dump and bad day of shitting

lots of uncomfortable shitting the last two days. i had to take a shit while with a fare. my stomach hurt but i could hold it. after dropping them off i went to find a bathroom. stopped at a gas station with an outdoor bathroom. i try to use indoor gas station bathrooms but i really had to take a dump. the bathroom was dirty and poorly lit but ive seen worse. was some paper in the bowl which i flushed. i pulled my jeans and pink panties down and sat on the black seat. seat felt loose. i did a short piss and let out a big airy fart. i relaxed but could tell i would need to push. i started to push it was hard. i grunted and pushed again. a thick hard log started coming out. i breathed then pushed again and it slowly slid out. it was a normal length but thick. it smelled very strong. very earthy. was dark in color. i did not feel done yet. 2 minutes of sitting i felt i could go again. i pushed and was a sudden torrent of sloppy diarrhea. was like a half melted soft serve machine and made a lot of noise coming out. a lot came out in one long push. i pushed after the liquid shit torrent and farted twice. i looked and the diarrhea mostly covered up my log. i started the messy wiping job. i think its rare to have hard poo and diarrhea in the same dump session without laxatives. i didnt expect any diarrhea glad i was in a bathroom. after wiping the toilet was a mound of diarrhea pee and lots of tp. it was an older toilet i didnt want it to overflow with the huge poo under it all. i washed my hands and left it unflushed. hours later i stopped at another gas station for a piss. saw a huge skidmark in my pink panties. i never skid was surprised.

the next morning. i was pulling up to starbucks to get my morning coffee. i had to take a shit suddenly so went inside. was a line for the bathroom. two men and a girl. the men were in and out quickly. a couple joined the line after me. the girl came out after a minute or two. i went and sat on the toilet. i pushed and was one loud splat of gas and soft poo that splattered the bowl. i couldnt get more out. i did a short piss then wiped and flushed. a few hours later i had to shit again. i stopped at a store and found the bathroom. was 3 stalls and empty. i took the first and sat. i pushed and some thin soft short snakes came out. i farted a few times and pissed. while waiting to see if there was more a woman came in and took the stall next to me. she farted then did a loud hard piss. she finished and left. i couldnt get more out so i finished up. hours later i felt that i could go again. i stopped at a gas station. i mostly farted this time with only a small bit of poop.


Just went for a hard poop after breakfast and coffee

Good morning. Got up around 8:30, went to the washroom and went upstairs for breakfast (some kind of spicy fried rice with green peppers, yellow peppers, mixed vegetables, onions, beef, etc, a jar of warm water and a jar of black coffee). Ate all my breakfast and took my medication and went downstairs. Surfed the net for a while until my body gave me the signal that it needed a poop. Went to the washroom, closed the door, walked to the toilet, pulled my black pants and black underwear down and sat. Gave a gentle push and a really hard poop started coming out. Pushed again and the rest came out. Wasn't easy and wasn't everything but it was a start. When I was done I reached to my left for some TP and wiped. Put the TP in the toilet after I was done, stood up, pulled my pants and underwear up and looked.

It was fairly hard, about 1 1/2 feet long. Not my most impressive. I flushed it and washed my hands. I should say that I used the last of the toilet paper so I had to go upstairs and ask my caregiver for more (she holds on to it so the other tenants and I have to ask). She gave me a talk about how to ask for it (after giving me a roll). Canada is not her home country. Anyway that's that. Going to try to drink more water and do exercises in my room to hopefully make my poop softer since she won't take me for exercise.

Happy pooping hopefully



Jake and I are on vacation for the next two weeks so I will have a lot of stories to share with you all. Normally we don't take vacation this early but he's a Toronto Maple Leafs fan and their actually doing well in the playoffs so we decided to drive up to Canada catch a game and do some exploring.
We left Chicago yesterday morning and drove towards Toronto, I pooped before we left so I was good on that front for at least a couple days. I don't make a very good passenger anytime we drive somewhere within an hour it's lights out. I woke up somewhere around Detroit, Jake was just after fueling up the car I missed my chance to use the facilities. I was kind of fidgety but trying to hide the fact that I really had to pee hoping to see a rest stop sign soon. Finally I seen a sign so I asked Jake if he could pull into the rest stop and he did god love him. I got out of the car very slowly so I wouldn't end up peeing in my pants and walked up to the washrooms. The women's one was closed shit what was I going to do now I signalled towards jake and he came over. I said the women's is closed and I really have to pee can you stand guard while I go into the men's. He wanted to come in with me but I said no stay here trust me you'll see me using the washroom a lot during these next two weeks so I went on in. The men's was a state, toilet paper over the floor and water spots probably pee. I didn't care I went into the stall the door was half off it's hinges and hovered over the toilet. Within minutes pee started to trickle out of me followed by gushes. As I was peeing I heard Jake telling someone sorry dude this one is occupied just wait a couple minutes. Finally I stopped peeing, wiped washed my hands and I left. Once I opened the door there was a little kid and his mom I said it's all yours.
Jake and I went back to the car and got back on the road. An hour later I had to pee again there wasn't any rest stops for us to go to so Jake reached in the back seat and grabbed a jug he said here use this. I said no way I don't even know how to use this without getting pee all over your seat he said just try your best don't worry about it. So I put the jug down on the floor and sat on top of it best I could without tipping it over. I could see the bulge in Jake's pants I told him to put the snake back in it's cage we'll do adult things when we get to the hotel. I finished peeing filled half the jug and got dressed. When he could pull over he did so I could empty it

Dan H

To Avery

To Avery: I loved your story about kelly (she must feel a thousand times better) and I cannot wait for the stories about the topics that I mentioned!

To Sarah: It's a great survey! I will give my answers when I find some time. I loved your story about jamming this loo because it sounds like you really need to go

To Bella: I loved your story about clogging up this toilet at the airport! The relief must have felt great. I am glad that you have a supportive boyfriend.


Busy Half Door toilets

So was shopping with some friends when I got the familiar feeling, I need a poo. I said to my mates who also said they needed to go.

We walked into the toilets and shocked the 4 toilets only had these half door toilets but full partitions, that you could still see the persons head and most of their upper body while they sat down.

I was desperate so walked, and sat down while my mates had to wait for a toilet to become free. They found it hysterical to watch my face as squeezed out the massive poo. All 4 of us got on the toilets, and while sitting my dad walked in a just laughed at the sight. He had to wait for one to become free.He tried to speed us along us along as he was desperate, pacing aroun. We was alll laughing, farting and grunting but my mate next to me started wiping. He eventually took the one next to me and blow it up. 2 other blokes came in and stood in front waiting for a stall. It was awkward wiping as everyone could see my cock flopping around as i stood, and pulling up my white briefs

All my mates had finished and left so i I was the last out the toilet. At the sinks I could see my dad, and the other 2 blokes farting away on the toilet. He just laughed when he saw me. I actually stood and had a quick chat. He stood up to wipe as well, not caring at all that i was able to see his cock as well!


A relaxing restroom visit with friends

Hello friends, Kristi here.

What is it about going to the bathroom that brings us closer?

(I don't know. Ask a deep thinker.)

Emily, Amy, Anna and I took a road trip this last weekend. We got a hotel room together after a 9 hour drive. There were several pee breaks along the way (including Anna needing to piss by the side of the road).

By the time we got to the hotel, the chicken fingers dinner we all had had caught up with three of us.

As we were unloading the car, Amy says "I'm peeing as soon as we get into our room."

Anna chimes in with, "No, I'm pooping as soon as we get in our room." She said this in a "funny but serious" kind of way.

Emily and I said that we also both had to take a crap.

As we're carrying our bags into our hotel, we have a fun little conversation about what order we'd be using the bathroom in.

On the one hand, peeing is usually quicker. On the other hand, a pee accident is easier to deal with than a poop accident.

As we were unlocking the door, Amy was doing a pee dance. We decided she needed to go first.

She went in without closing the door and took her pee. She clearly really did have to go badly as it was a long and strong stream.

Then the rest of us started playfully talking about who was going to poop first. Emily said she could be done quickly. Anna said she had to go "SOOOOOO BAD!" (Drama queen!)

Finally as Amy was washing her hands in the bathroom, I jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom, with the other two giving chase.

Anna was right behind me, but I had was already unbuttoning my jeans and sitting down.

Up until then it had been pretty much joking around, but then Anna looks at me and says, "Kristi, please. I really need to take a shit."

I could see from her facial expression that she meant it. And I felt like I should let her go ahead of me. Unfortunately I was already peeing so she had to wait about 30 seconds.

As soon as my stream trickled off she pulled down her jeans. (Did I mention that none of us were exactly modest around each other?)

I grabbed a handful of toilet paper and stood up to wipe so that she could have the bowl. Within moments she lets out a big sigh of relief. Then I hear the sound of her poop sliding into the bowl. Clearly she had been really, really desperate.

And of course, hearing her going poop made my already pretty urgent need to go even stronger.

Anna was on the toilet for about five minutes while the rest of us hung out in our room. At this point, I really had to take a dump. But I could tell from Emily's body language that she needed to as well.

We played "Rock Paper Scissors"... I lost. I didn't quite think it was fair that my butt had been on the toilet FIRST (except for Amy who was just going pee) and that now I would be pooping LAST, but it was okay.

If I was someone who cared, I'd probably describe the smell as awful. But the feeling of relief I felt after waiting for what seemed like ages was all that mattered.

I don't even remember what my poop looked like. I just know I felt great.

We had other bathroom adventures on this road trip, but I'll save them for another time.



Thursday, May 04, 2023



Dan: I have a few stories. I'll post more later, but for now:
We were on a road trip. I was in the back of the car with Kelly. She was fidgeting and eventually said "can we pull over, I've gotta poo." Now Kelly hates pooping in public, so her asking this indicated she really needed to go. So we pulled over at the next rest stop, and we all went to the restroom to do our business. Kelly took the last stall, while I took the stall next to her. We both peed for 30 seconds, then started pooping. We had eaten a lot over the past few days, and while I stayed regular, Kelly hadn't, so I knew there was a lot of stuff in her that needed to get let out. Meanwhile, I just had to empty my stomach. Sure enough, as my turd emerged with little force, I heard her grunt a bit, then there was some crackling as her solid load emerged. My poop fell out of me soon after, I think it was 15 inches long and 1 inch wide. I started wiping, as Kelly kept pooping. Suddenly there was a "floomp" as her poop fully emerged from her. She breathed heavily, then started wiping. I flushed, left my stall, and washed her hands. She stayed in there a few more minutes, but was quite relieved when she came out!

1. It left a few skid marks for sure, but thankfully I got lucky and was using a powerful toilet. Additionally, the logs were sitting in such a way that they went down one after the other instead of all together.
2. I'm 5 foot 4 inches tall and somewhere around 125 pounds.
3. Oh I definitely lost some weigh. Based on the size of my stomach, and how much I ate, and additionally just how much came out of me, I'd guess 2 to 4 pounds.
4. About 4 days.
5. There have been a few times, but I'll post those stories later.


survey reply, old work poop story, huge shit, lots of plops

the survey got a lot of replies! its fun to hear the many different perspectives on pooping at work. i rideshare fulltime but i have worked normal jobs. i had a consistent pooping schedule back then so pooping at work was rare. one day though i got a stomach cramp an hour into work. i had a full shift that day and knew i couldnt hold it. it was diarrhea and i quickly went into one of the customer bathrooms. it was empty. i took the second to last stall and exploded noisy smelly diarrhea into the toilet. the relief was amazing. i was shy about pooping then i was 17 or 18. i wanted to leave before someone came in. when i was wiping someone came in and took the stall next to me the middle stall. i could hear them start to poop as i wiped. i was embarrassed but this experience made me stop being poo shy i have been a public bathroom pooper since then.

i have new stories to share. most recent was a huge shit i took at a grocery store. i had not pooped in a few days. i woke up with my stomach feeling very full of poop. i couldnt get it to come out. around 10am i started getting urges to take a dump. i was busy and kept putting it off. the urge would come and go over the day. at about 4pm i really had to shit. i tried to find a bathroom and the only one i could find was out of order. the urge went away after that. i still had a full and uncomfortable feeling. hours later i began getting urges again. i was getting good rides tho so put it off again. it slowly went away. i then had dinner. 20 minutes after dinner it stimulated my bowels and i had to really take a shit. it was 9 at night now so i played it safe and went for a grocery store. i found the bathroom it had a few stalls and was empty. i took the second stall and sat on the toilet. right when i sat a big airy fart escaped. i was dying to shit and relaxed. i started to shit without pushing. it was a big thick solid log but i had to shit so bad i didnt have to push. the relief was amazing. the huge shit slowly came out for over a minute. i was in bliss from how good it felt. i then did a long piss. i looked and there was a 7 or 8 inch log that was thick and very dark brown. i only had to wipe twice. i knew the toilet would jam so i left it. it was sticking out of the water but didnt smell that bad. i felt that i still had trapped gas. half an hour later i felt the need to do a big fart. i was driving to pick up a ride so i didnt want to stink my car up. i was in a neighborhood and didnt see anyone around. i pulled over and stepped out of the car and did a huge long fart. 25 seconds long and sounded like one long zipper. i felt much better after that!

my other new story. i recently joined a gym with some girl friends. working out was stimulating my bowels and i had to take a dump. this is a big gym with two bathrooms. there is the main bathroom with 10 stalls and 10 showers. then a smaller bathroom on the opposite side with 5 stalls and no showers. we were by the smaller bathroom when i got the urge. i told them i had to go to the bathroom and one said she had to go to. on our way i said i had to take dump and she said she had to go to. two stalls were taken. we took stalls next to each other. another person came in right after us and took another stall. full house. i pulled my sweaty shorts down and sat on the toilet. i dont know what caused this but my poop was many small pieces. it was not constipated hard balls. it was a healthy consistency but came out in many broken pieces. i started to poop and it was plop plop plop. my friend laughed when i kept plopping out poop. they were noisy and i knew everyone heard them but i really had to go. there were lots of plops from me that pooping session.


Time of Day

I was only thinking recently there have been so few times when I have had an early morning shit.Many will go in the morning as a matter of course I
suppose because it seems the right thing to do, maybe before going to work
or Kids going to school,I was never one of those.I remember when I was at
Primary School if I had a shit at school,it tended to be lunchtime or in the afternoon.At Middle school my mum encouraged me to sit on my potty at home after school and then when I was at Secondary School I started to go
to poo outdoors and often would go on the way home from school.Up until now I am still not a person who shits in the morning,usually afternoon,but
more likely in the evening.I prefer it that way,strange how everyone is so
different,but whatever time of day you go,it will be a pleasurable and
really enjoyable time.


Airport Poop

I have IBS so it's not unusual for me to poop 2-3 times per day and to sometimes need to find a toilet very urgently. Luckily my boyfriend is very supportive and I've found that avoiding some foods really helps. We recently took a long weekend away and I didn't poop at all during our three-day trip. I've noticed before that travel sometimes messes me up so I wasn't overly surprised but was somewhat concerned about the return flights home. I just really did not want to get stuck using an airplane toilet.

I woke up on our last morning feeling really full but no urge to poop. We are really open in our relationship about our bathroom needs, so my boyfriend knew I hadn't pooped during the trip. I felt fine during the flight and was happy when we landed and I still felt fine. Then as we were taxiing to the gate, I felt my stomach start to churn and cramp and I knew I didn't have long to find a toilet. At this point, my boyfriend hadn't noticed yet, but I whispered to him that I needed a toilet ASAP and I could tell he realized the situation right away. It felt like we taxied forever as my urge to poop just grew stronger and stronger. It hit like a ton of bricks. When we got to the gate, I told my boyfriend I wasn't sure I would make it to the restrooms in the terminal, but he told me he would help as much as possible. So he grabbed both of our bags as we got off the plane and told me to follow him because he knew where the restrooms were.

Just when I thought I might not be able to hold it anymore, we walked up to a single occupancy restroom which is basically a big room with a toilet and sink. Luckily it was available and my boyfriend held the door open as I rushed in. He came in behind me with the bags and locked the door as I frantically tried to unbutton and pull down the zipper on my jeans. I finally got them open just as I was hit with the worst urge to poop. I couldn't hold back any longer and started pooping before I was even seated on the toilet. Because I had been bent over pushing my jeans down, some of it got on the back of the toilet, but luckily I got seated pretty quickly. Then I sat there, hands on my stomach, slightly bent forward, legs spread as wide as possible with my pants at my ankles as I blasted out wave after wave of mushy poop. I kept having painful cramps and all I could do was moan and rock back and forth slightly as I kept pushing out poop. I think I even forgot my boyfriend was there as I was just so focused on getting the poop out.

Eventually the pooping slowed down. I told him I was feeling better but thought I still had a lot more poop. He told me we still had plenty of time until our next flight and to just get everything out so I felt better. Pretty quickly, I was hit with another big cramp and pushed out an enormous wet fart before blasting more poop. I had more gas and poop and every time I thought I might be done it seemed like more came. But eventually I thought I was done and started wiping. It took a lot of toilet paper to get clean and then even more as I stood to clean my mess on the back of the toilet. Just as I was finishing, I felt a sharp cramp in my stomach. I whipped back around and just got my butt back on the toilet before I let loose pure liquid poop. It was like a high-powered hose spraying diarrhea and I couldn't stop it even if I wanted to. It just kept coming and coming. Finally, I felt done again but I was exhausted and sweaty and sore from the cramps. I hadn't had a poop this bad in a long time but I think the travel just really messed me up. My boyfriend asked if I was feeling any better and I said I was but wanted to sit a few more minutes to make sure. He agreed and said we had about 30 mins until we needed to start walking to our next flight. After about 5 minutes I was feeling better and started wiping again. But apparently, I had lost track of how much I had already filled the toilet because after just a few wipes my knuckles brushed up against toilet paper in the bowl as I reached around for another wipe. I had to stand up to finish wiping so that I could throw the used paper more towards the front of the bowl instead of the back where it was already mounded up. I felt bad that I had filled the toilet but at that point, I knew it was probably not going to flush and I still felt really messy. It took a lot more toilet paper to get clean and by the time I finished, I had filled the bowl with messy toilet paper all the way to the seat. I pulled my pants up and tried to flush but I had managed to clog the toilet. There was no plunger so I really didn't have an option but to just walk out. I felt really bad about leaving the toilet like that but my boyfriend was so great and told me not to worry and reminded me that it was just a natural bodily function and toilets are meant to be pooped in.

Matthew C.

Sarah Survey

1. how often do you poop at work?
Every day, given my job requires me to be there really early. And due to the diet they serve us here it's usually multiple times a day. Plus due to the lack of fiber and lots of grease it means multiple loose craps.

2. do you have to hold your poop at work? longest time?
Rarely, as I'm able to go right after breakfast before my shift starts. Sometimes I have, though. A few days ago during the morning meeting, I had to go but my supervisor just kept on talking and talking! Took about 30 minutes but I was able to finally go right before I got to work.

3. are you embarrassed to poop at work?
A little bit. I'm fine going in public restrooms but I do prefer to time it when no one is in there.

4. when was the last time you pooped at work? what was it like?
This morning. I felt the need right after breakfast and slipped in.

5. have you had to use the customer bathroom?
I work as a hotel room attendant, so I've had to use the bathroom next to the restaurant. Once or twice I've gone in a room I was cleaning, but haven't done that in a while.

6. have you heard coworkers or customers poop?
On occasion.

7. have you had to tell a customer or coworker that you needed to poop
I usually just say that I need to use the restroom.


Re Pooping at work

From the time I first started work I was always reluctant to have a shit at work.There may have been the odd ocassion but hardly ever ,until my third job.There I worked with guys my own age,late teens and they were much more relaxed about such things.I had a Supervisory role,so stayed later than the majority.Two lads both Eighteen stayed on with me.They both
would take a shit at this time and after a few weeks I joined them.We never closed our cubicle doors and were always with our jeans and pants down in full view of each other. We always looked at each other's shit in
the pan before we flushed.This carried on for at least a year until the
Building was demolished for Modernisation. Oh Happy Days!

Matthew C.

Sarah Survey

1. how often do you poop at work?
Every day, given my job requires me to be there really early. And due to the diet they serve us here it's usually multiple times a day. Plus due to the lack of fiber and lots of grease it means multiple loose craps.

2. do you have to hold your poop at work? longest time?
Rarely, as I'm able to go right after breakfast before my shift starts. Sometimes I have, though. A few days ago during the morning meeting, I had to go but my supervisor just kept on talking and talking! Took about 30 minutes but I was able to finally go right before I got to work.

3. are you embarrassed to poop at work?
A little bit. I'm fine going in public restrooms but I do prefer to time it when no one is in there.

4. when was the last time you pooped at work? what was it like?
This morning. I felt the need right after breakfast and slipped in.

5. have you had to use the customer bathroom?
I work as a hotel room attendant, so I've had to use the bathroom next to the restaurant. Once or twice I've gone in a room I was cleaning, but haven't done that in a while.

6. have you heard coworkers or customers poop?
On occasion.

7. have you had to tell a customer or coworker that you needed to poop
I usually just say that I need to use the restroom.

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