Just the other day I was out picking berries in the bush on the other side of the highway when all of a sudden I hear the brush start to move and sure enough I see this woman of about 35 years of age pacing around frantically. Little did I want to startle her that I kept myself at ground zero so she would not see me and then all of a sudden she pulls down her pants and squats in a crouched position while all the while saying to herself " got to go, can't wait any longer". From this I knew she must have had to take a piss which she did but she obviously wasn't done yet as she started to strain and lift her bare ass up and down like a hand pumpbefore finally settling down for 5 minutes of consistent straining and then all of a sudden her asshole which had been pulsating for a while took the shape of the top of a volcano and all of a sudden this tremendous shit sausage began to slowly makes its way out of her spread cheeks and gently touch the ground with her lifting her ass up in the air as her shit made contact with the ground. Could this woman make some of the deepest moans I have ever heard. Once she said " Oh god this ones gonna hurt, oh my god, oh my god". When she was done she took some kleenex out of her purse and wiped her asshole 3 times with the first kleenex doing most of the work. She must have had a hairy asshole cause on further inspection of the kleenex that the shit smear also had a few hairs stuck in it. She then leaves the bush and walks to the waiting car at the side of the highway and leaves with the family. Once the coast was clear did I finally go over to check on her bowel movement. It was clearly a big sausage of about 14" long by 2.5" thick that tapered perfectly to an end as there was obviously no more shit in her ass. Boy did it smell but the texture was so consistent. She must have ate some corn as you could see bits of it all the way through. Let me tell you what a thrill it was to see a fairly attractive female doing a motion and watching it start from begining to end with all the sound effects and visuals. Do a majority of our female readers do motions this big especially outdoors? I hope to all hear from your response.

i love diarrhea. i love seeing it, hearing it,hearing about it. it just gets me really turned on hearing someone poop so much and so often. I dont have it tht much, but when i do, i like to look between my legs and watch. if anyone has any diarrhea stories, please tell.

I went skiing about a year ago with some of my friends, and we had just eaten lunch at the lodge cafateria. I was famished, and didn't think much to the consistancy of what i was eating. I had a hot dog, fries, onion rings, a cinnimo bun, and 1/2 of a bran muffin. On the ski lift going back up to the mountain, I got a cramp, like the kinda you get when ya know u gotta crap real bad. I thought nothing of it and thought it was just indigestion. When we got to the top, I had another cramp but this time wrose then before. I knew it wasn't going to go away so i told my friends i didn't feel well. They took me down to the bottom, and then went back up.I hurridly threw of my skies, and began to updo my snow pants while running to find a bathroom. another cramp hit and I had to stop and tense my butt muscles to keep it from pouring out. i found the ladies room, and rushed in to find a line almost out the door. I asked a ady in there if there was another bathroom, and she said yeh, upstairs. I ran upstairs and burst through the door to find another line, butnot as bad as before. i had another cramp and let out a little gas which helped the pressure a little, but it was still rumbling and loading up for the huge explosion. Finally a stall opened and i ran in, slammed the dorr, and pulled down my pants. I sat on the seat, shaking from the cramps. I pushed and out exploded a hot, liquad shit along with a loud fart. I would usually flush to keep out the noise but i didn't really care, it felt so good to get out. I farted again and an explosion of a mushy poop that exploded into many pieces splashed into the toilet. two more farts and out poured some more liquad. I thought i ws done, so i stood up to find the whole bowel almost filled with a orangey brown particles and liquad. It looked lke vegetable stew, with oatmeal mixed in. i whiped about 9 times and flushed when felt another pericing cramp and sat down to another 6 or 7 explosions of nothing but pale orange liquad. then i passed a 6 inch mushy stool that fell apart in the bowl and i was done. the reak was terible but i sure felt better!

Nicola I agree that urinals can get very nasty if they're not cleaned regularly. But we would not do without them in a school restroom because the boys, when using a toilet, tend to spray everything, the toilet seats, the walls, the floor. When using a urinal they can at least aim at a vertical surface just a few inches from their penis. The few that pee into the toilets make a mess. Not that I mind cleaning up the kids bathrooms, it's just less work wiping down a few urinals than the entire area around a toilet. When I go into a boys restroom after school, none of the urinals have been flushed, but at least the smell is not too stale and none of the kids seem to dislike the smell however on occassion several girls passed by and stated: "The boys' bathroom really smells!" but I think they were more intrigued by the smell than disgusted because I caught them going in and sniffing around! Many times as I finish cleaning the girls bathroom and the floor is wet, I will direct girls into the boys restroom. They always check out the urinals and watch me clean them. The girls restrooms have an entirely different smell that is not unpleasant, from all the tampons and sanitary pads disposed of in containers next to the toilets. These have to be emptied every day; if they aren't, then they smell really bad. Girls restrooms do not smell of urine unless they forget to flush. My favorite restrooms to clean are in girls locker rooms where you have the smell of sweaty girls, periods and urine together.

Survey results soon. We are still working.

It has Been a Few Weeks Since I have Last Posted, But It thought that I would Just Tell you about a Little thing that Happend today. Today I moved into a New Dorm Room, And This Morning I Got up to Take a Dump. (BTW They just upgraded our bathroom). So I went in and Found that only one Stall was open, So I open the Door and Pulled Down My Pants, And STarted to Poop. And All I could Hear From the other Guys Was Plops and Farts, I have Never Been In a Bathroom Where to 8 Stalls are Full. And the Smell, Whooo, I have NEver Smelt anything so Rank, I mean Mine Kinda Smelt Like Rotten Eggs, But, Can you imagine 8 Other Peoples Smells? And While I was Droping the 2nd Log, This Guy Said to Me, "Nice Day out huh?" And I replied "Yeah it is nice out." And then He asked me Is I had any toilet Paper, and I said Yeah Do You Need some?, He Must have Been out. And He said Yep, so I gave him Some and He said "koo" And he wiped and left, I have Been Looking For his Shoes But have not Seen Them around. I Stayed in the Stall For a Bit, and Finished Up My Daily Dump. And They Left. I have not Found out who it is yet.

Hey Everyone, Have enjoyed all of the posts. Sorry I have not posted for a long time. Have been busy at work and have just sold my house and am moving. Lots going on. Drew, I loved your story of Nick taking a dump at your house. Next time you go first and leave the door open a crack. Start talking to Nick, maybe say that you really have to go or that you are having a hard time going etc. Make a little noise, some grunts etc. If he comes down the hall to talk say that it is stupid to talk through the door even if it is open a crack then open it wide. Say that it is silly to be so modest etc. See what happens. You said in an earlier post that you used suppositories. Leave the jar out and see if it starts any conversation. I have a feeling that he is interested but is like you, does not know how to take it to the next step. Don't wait 7 months. Invite him over for dinner the next time there is a hockey game on TV. Let us know what happens! Carlos you asked about the buddy dumps with my brother. I explained in an earlier post how they started. I was about 13 at the time and he was 11. I would dump at school most of the time but there were some days that my brother and I were home alone after school and if I remembered that I would wait until I got home to dump. My brother never dumped at school and usually always had to go after he got home. We would be talking or watching tv and one of us would say that he had to take a dump. The other one would get up and follow. My brother would usually go first. He would sit on the toilet and I would sit on the edge of the tub accross from the toilet. We were both prone to constipation and although we were pretty regular we both had some difficulty in getting it out. He would strain and grunt loudly when he was going. Sometimes he would want to give up but I would convince him to keep trying and he would usually alway go some more. He would wipe and flush then we would switch places. The first couple of times we did it I was constipated and nervous and was not able to go. He got really mad at me because He had done it and I hadn't. The third time I was able to grunt out some hard cannonballs that made loud splashes. I also did some long dry farts. Then he felt like he had really seen me go. After that we did it on a pretty regular (no pun intended) basis until I was about 20 and moved out of the house. I did let him watch me give myself an enema once. I had been sick and was very constipated as a result of that. He thought it was pretty strange. I did help him with one once after he had become very constipated. I was the one who was into watching and being watched. He was not and I never really pushed it. Our buddy dumps were buddy dumps between brothers, and nothing more. I miss the buddy dumps with friends that I used to have when in highschool and college. Love reading the posts about the college dorms with no doors etc. Lets see some more! BrentC: you asked me about enemas. I do use them as they are great for getting really cleaned out but they are a bit of a production so I usually use suppositories. Unlike you I prefer gylcerine suppositories to dulcolax. In an earlier post you wondered if anyone ever used suppositories to facilitate a buddy dump. I have done that a couple of times when I have had house guests. Has anyone else done this? I very seldom if ever use an oral laxative. Too hard on the system. I do watch my diet and eat very healthily, just have a system that is prone to constipation. Carlos, Fernando, Brent C., Aaron, Nicky, Keith, Andy (17), Redneck Craig love your stories, post some more! I epeat again what others have said " I thought I was the only one with this interest!" So glad to know that I am not alone. Take Care All! Thom

chaz Ross, i had a girlfriend once that would stand up to wipe. We were in bed one night when she got up to go to the bathroom, she left the door open so i crawled to the end of the bed to take a peek, she peed and took a dump then stood up wiping her front first then she tore off more paper putting into a small ball wiped her butt, she looked at the paper before dropping it in the toilet and only whiping her but once.

Graham, the reason why many women wont want to use a Gents toilet , apart from shyness, is the dirty smelly nature of most of them, particularly the rank smell of stale urine from those dreadful urinals. Many readers have posted here about these, Scots George being the most vociferous against urinals and I personally agree with him that they should remove urinals and install more toilet pans instead as these can be used for both excretory functions. Interestingly, my employers moved to new offices about 4 months ago. The old building had urinals in the Gents Toilets and the smell of piss often wafted into the corridor to the disgust of all. In contrast the new offices have identical toilets next to each other 4 cubicles (stalls) with WC pans in each and there is no nasty niff. My boyfriend who works with me says these are far better and prefered by most of the blokes. Some close the door to pee, some dont, I suppose its a personal matter, and I think some may even sit down to pee too, that's their choice. An interesting point of the new toilets is that the Ladies and Gents being through the wall from each other and the toilets being back to back, no doubt for ease of plumbing and pipework, you can hear the sound effects of someone using the toilet through the wall and of course they can hear you. This may annoy the shy user but I of course enjoy this. Yesterday I went to the toilet at work myself, just for a wee wee before going home. One of the men in the Accounts Department went into the Gents at the same time. I heard him go into one of the cubicles and I chose the one through the wall. I heard him pee loud and powerfully then "Ploonk! Plunk! Plonk!" followed a few moments later by a resounding "Kur-sploomp!" as he did a big one. I was sorry that, only needing a pee, I could only treat him to a tinkle in reply. Anyway, Graham, I HAVE used Gents and Boys toilets at school when the Ladies or Girls Toilets have been out of order and of course in various sports pavilions and changing rooms as I have posted in the past. I certainly would NOT take the risk of peeing or shitting my knickers rather than use one, and would disagree with Vector. No one likes a dirty toilet , but you can always lift the dirty seat and wipe the rim of the pan with paper before sitting on it, or even just hover with your bum not touching the seat and do your pee or jobbie. To the Pregnant Lady, (is that "Preggy" writing). I sympathise, but as lots of others have written, take your physician's advice before using any medicine to ease the passage of your stools. I personaly never take laxatives, but as I understand them, while some are just gentle lubricants such as Liquid Parafin (mineral oil) or bulking agents such as Bran which make the motion softer and easier to pass, some others are powerful stimulants and could just possibly start contractions. My cousin Sandra took laxatives when she was constipated when pregnant, thankfully with no ill effects to her or the baby but got a hell of a row from her Doctor when she told him. He did prescribe something safe for her to use and Im sure your doctor can do the same for you. Lots of luck to you in your pregnancy and be sure to tell us all when the baby arrives. Tony, I loved your story about Jayne, your fellow passenger doing a nice big jobbie in the train toilet and you seeing it. Recently I travelled on one of the new Turbo Trains and had to use the toilet for a number 2. The pan wasnt the usual white type like a smaller but normally shaped WC but more like the toilet in a boat, stainless steel shaped like a funnel with a hole in the centre of about 2 inches in diameter. "This is going to be interesting I thought" as I sat down and did my motion. As usual it was a nice big carrot shaped jobbie of about 12 inches long and about 2 1/4 inches thick at its fattest. There were no sound effects. I wiped my bum and pulled up my pink panties and adjusted my skirt. I then pushed the flush button. Now it seemed to have a pump built in as apart from the gush of water there was a suction. The big jobbie was sucked into the hole, AND STUCK, much as I predicted. I pushed the button again and it stayed put firmly, eight inches of it sticking st! raight up like a great pillar. I just left it and came out. A minute later a man went in and I heard him exclaim "Bloody hell!" but this didn't stop him doing a pee. Finally, my boyfriend and I have moved into a flat together and like Bridget and her boyfriend we accompany each other to the toilet. A couple of days ago he needed a motion and I went in with him. At home we often strip down to our underwear. I was wearing a pair of pale blue Sloggi Maxi briefs, he also wears briefs, (we both hate boxer shorts), in his case a pair of Grey Calvin Kleins. I gently pulled these down to his knees for him and rubbed his ???? as he went "OO! OO!" and I urged him to try hard. A few small lumps came out "Plonk!" Ploonk! Plip! Plop! Plunk!" and we both had a look at the little hard balls. "I need a lot more than that!" he said and I continued to rub his ????. A few minutes later he said, "I can feel it comming down" and I urged him to bear down and "try hard and do a nice big one for Nicky". I heard the crackling sound and looked behind his butt seeing the fat jobbie slowly slide out. It was a whopper as fat as one of mine and growing in size as h! e pushed, nobbily to begin with then becoming smooth. The start of it was already in the water of the pan while the end was still coming out of him and it slid silently into the pan. It was curved like a great brown sausage and about 12 inches long.Unlike Bridget's boyfriends jobbie, his sunk. I now needed one myself and buddy dumped my own 12 inch fat carrot shaped turd on top of his, with the roles reversed as he rubbed my ???? and urged me to "Do a nice big one" for him. I'll leave you to guess what we did afterwards! To anyone who wants to watch their partner, go ahead and ask. People are a lot more open minded these days, and judging by this page, lots of couples enjoy watching each other defecate.

Well, I enjoyed reading the new messages tonite. For Cindy, I second the motion (no pun intended : ) to Tony of Scotland of suggesting that you don't get back together with your jerk boyfriend. A person like him will never be happy and will tear others down who are happy and not miserable. Life is too short for that BS.
A couple of nites ago at school, I had to take a good dump. Instead of going to the library, I went to the Student Center. There is more traffic and more possibilities to share dumps. That will be my new place for a while. When I went in, there were a few people but when I was done, I was alone. It was a very quiet shit except some good crackling noise. I would hae liked some good bowl reverberating farting sound but maybe next time.

Hey Drew, gald to hear from you again! I like reading your posts. I do have a suggestion which may help you get closer to Nick. You could do what my first roommate did, just leave the door open when you take a dump. It just happened one morning, I looked up while I was getting dressed and there he was, sitting on the toilet taking a shit. I aksed why he left the door open and he said he didn't know, just did. I know it's a tough move to make but it could be the first step to an open relationship. He already let's you know why he's in the bathroom and you do the same, so why not take the chance and see what happens. It's what I plan on doing if I ever have another roommate and I plan on using the same explanation as Brian.

Jeff A.
Tony: You're the man!!!! Can I buy you a beer or something? I couldn't agree with you more. You are the best! I really enjoy men with fire, and I haven't heard or seen one in a long, long time. We have alot in common. I'm not gonna go too far here, but I once worked as a bouncer, and one time, a rude customer spit in a waitresses face when she cut him off from alcohol. He tried to run out afterwards. I caught him. What I did to him is not important at this point, but in short, I guarantee, he'll never spit in a woman's face again. Bridget: awesome post again. You're a peach. I find your posts to be interesting because you speak freely and honestly about yourself. What a lucky boyfriend you have. One of my all time favorite fantasies, is too have a woman like you watch me. I'm really happy that you two have such a good and strong thing going. I hope you last forever and ever. Tommorrow is Halloween, and if I may presume, I would like to add my own passage to Bram Stoker's immortal "Dracula." October 30th, London from Jonathan Harker's diary. "Dearest Mina was a little constipated throughout the week. Tonight we supped on fibrous chicken, mashed potatoes, and vegetables steamed with a marvelous gravy that was thirsty, but quite delicious. The Count's purchase of Carfax Abbey was quite disheartening to dearest Mina, as she had always had thoughts of it being our summer home. I suspect that here may lie the heart of the problem with her delicate bowels. Just yesterday, as we had a cabbie take us to 18 Wheldon Square. It was on this trip that she released a poof from her sweet arse that nearly tranquilized the cabbie at the reigns. Out of my own fear, and fascination, I took over the reigns as my gentle dove continued with her gaseous symphony, complaining at the fullness of her ????, while still remaining upright and ladylike as one would expect of the fiance of a well established solicitor. As I lie in our huge ornate feather bed and write my thoughts, my dearest Mina is sitting herself upon the pan, making her pitiful sounds and "umphs" trying desperately to pass away her dinners of the week. And now, with an almost resounding joy, I can hear the great "splonk" and "OH-OH" of my dearest, passing a maginificently long, yet firm jobbie from her delicate annex with slow and precise deliberation. The smell is somewhat vile, as one would expect from so much bread pudding, warm beer, and sheppard's pie consumption of the past week. I fear that her closest friend Lucy, who has pooped a mountain herself, would not understand Mina's delicate dilemma, and seek the Count's advise, even though I am the solicitor for the estate. Oh well, shit happens." Jonathan Harker, October, 1897. G'night all. Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 31, 1998

I too am more interested in pee than poop. Thinking further of what Trevor says, why won't women use the Gents when the Ladies is closed? I was once visiting a park and noticed that the Ladies had a sign on the door saying that it was out of order. I sat on a seat to read the book I had brought with me. I noticed a number of women come up to the Ladies and find it closed. Most just walked away, a few went into the bushes beside the restrooms. During the four hours I was watching, only one woman went into the adjacent Gents. She was with a male companion and when she reached the closed toilets, he suggested that she used the Gents, which she did while he guarded the door.

Julie - if you mean preferring to read pee stories rather than bm stories (and to see people peeing rather than having a bm) then, yes, I agree with you entirely.

Hey everyone, it's me again! I just wanted to say that Donny's last post was very interesting. I would have to say that you keep the bathrooms at your school alot cleaner than at some institutions. I know that my old high school had toilets that were so disgusting that I would much rather shit my pants than to sit in other peoples dried on shit and vomit from like 2 weeks ago. The custodians could care less wheather or not that everyone got sick when they saw the mess in the bathrooms. However, on another note, the University that I am in right now has a "HQU" or somthing like that in the bathrooms now. All of the bathrooms are automatic flush-"manual pushbuton included" and automaticly air-freshened every thirty minutes. The floors and toilets, sinks, and garbage cans are cleaned every day and the toilets and seats are sanatized every morning too. I must say that I "enjoy my potty time" emensly now that the "HQU" (high quality hygene) system is used. And the bathrooms themselves are quite nice. (see my previous posts) They always have really soft paper and nice stalls with lots of room. In fact there are benches for your stuff and a swing out table for you if you want to do some homework or somthing. It is a cut above as far as bathroom experiences go. I still have the desire to let my girlfriend know that I have an intrest in seeing her poop. I know it would be great if I could only let her know in a way that wouldn't throw her for a loop. I want it to be a plesureable experience for the both of us where we share somthing intimate. If anyone has any advice then please let me know.

Hi, I haven't posted in a while, but now I must share with you, once again, my problems. As you know I'm pregnant(7 mon and one week...). Lately my bowel movement are just not the same. I am dying to poop. But all I can produce is one or two small turds. I just know I'm full of shit inside. I can feel how my bowels and rectum are full, but I just can't seem to let it out. It's as if I lack the ability to push (cause my belly is so big now). I eat a lot, eventhough I am so full down there, I'm still hungry all the time, and I know I must have a lot of shit inside. I produce so little... I just can't describe my frustration. I get this strong urge to go to the bathroom, and when I go, this small turd comes out (after I try to push as much as I can) and that's it!!! I am longing for a huge bowel movement, I actually fantasize about shitting and shitting and getting so light and empty... I feel as if it's never going to happen... I can feel my anus hungry for the passage of wide, long turds. I really need this anal stimulation. I miss it so much... I picture myself sitting on the bowl, with my huge belly, my face all red from pushing, and finally this LONG and WIDE turd slides out of me slowly but firmly, and it just doesn't stop. I can imagine the feeling of my anus being so streched to it's full extent, and finally, as my turd fall down, my anus is shrinking at once to it's original form, and then another turd is coming, and another one... oh my god... and the relief is just great... Please hope for me that it will happen soon... I am so dying to poop...

Welcome to Jenny, tell us all about your bathroom experiences. Julie, I love to watch girls pee and if I can't watch, at least to listen or see and smell their apple juice in the toilet. Watching a woman use a men's urinal is especially fun. Like Chaz I usually try to find out if a woman (whether or not she is a girl friend) is amenable to having me watch. Many times I have watched my buddy's girlfriends or wives or daughters on my toilet and they are almost always OK with it. They might think it is a little adolescent at first, but then they eventually reach the point where they tell me when they have to go and then we both go into the bathroom together.

Tony (Scotland UK)
I cannot understand you Cindy (to embarrased to tell). You say you are BACK with that jerk of a boyfriend???? That he is mad at you for mentioning this site and the almost universal condemnation of his mean conduct. He can be as mad as he wants with me. Let him come to Scotland and a very warm welcome is waiting for him in the person of my fists and my boots!!!!! :-| Drop the rat and find a decent, loving man instead. On a happier note, I had a very interesting experience recently. I was travelling by train from Glasgow to London and there was a ???? blonde girl of about 25 I'd say, called Jayne. We struck up a conversation as people sometimes do on trains. We had been on the train for a couple of hours when she asked me to mind her baggage as she was going to the toilet. I hoped it was for a motion and was not disappointed. I saw the "Toilet Engaged" sign come on at the end of the carriage and it stayed on for a good 10 minutes or so. When Jayne returned she looked a bit red faced. I then said, "Can you do me the same favour as I need to go myself". She replied, "I'd wouldn't use the nearest toilet" . Obviously, this is the one I went to. When I entered there was the smell of a good healthy formed motion in the air and sure enough down the pan was a big, long fat jobbie. I reckon it was a good 12 inches long and about 2 inches thick , shaped like a big brown carrot. It was too big to flu! sh away. I did need one myself and did my own motion on top of hers, mine being a smaller one of about 8 inches but just as fat. Both stuck when I pulled the flush. When I got back to my seat Jayne gave me a sort of knowing look, but neither of us said anything. She got off at Manchester. Trevor, it does seem from this website that US readers are less bothered with wetting or soiling their panties than UK people. Also from some of the posts I have read they seem to consider skid marks from not wiping themselves properly after a motion as some sort of badge of manhood, most Brits male and female consider this as just plain dirty! Finally, I think that women synchronising their periods when they love together is related to the pheromones they secrete. They pick up the scent cues and soon they are menstruating together.

I am interested in how people wipe their butts, and particularly, if there is a difference between men and women in how they wipe. For instance, I have seen many women take the toilet paper from the roll and sort of wrap it around their fingers before wiping. Men, in contrast, often seem to just grab the paper in chunks and wipe. I'd be interested in hearing from people of both sexes in how you grab the tp, whether you wrap it around your hand first or just grab it in a chunk. Also, why do you do it the way you do? Have you tried it both ways? I'm a man, and I always "chunk" it. I tried the wrap around method, but I always make a mess when I do it. Chunking just seems faster, easier and less messy to me. The other question that interests me is how do you know when you're done wiping? I usually look at the paper and keep wiping until I don't see any more crap. But I knew a woman once who said she never looked at the paper when she wiped -- she said she just wiped until it "felt" like it was clean. I knew a different woman who seemed to just always wipe a set number of times (like 3 or 4) and then she's done, clean or not. So again, I'd be interested in hearing from both women and men on this. How do you know when you're done wiping? Do you: 1) Wipe till there's no more poo on the paper?
2) Wipe till it "feels" like it's done without looking at the tp?
3) Wipe a set number of times and then you're done (and ifso, how many times do you wipe?).

gee nice to know someone knows what it is like too poop after 3 or 4 days of not going. thanks steph. what do you do when that happens and it wont come out. i have that alot but i think its cause i hold it in so much. like right now i know i have to poop but it just wont happen. does anyone else out there like company when you are sick of your ???? or just cant do it. you know to comfort you and stuff. me i ask my cousin to come with me. sometimes i have to get rough with him and drag him. oh too day i had a big bad pee. it caught me by surprise and felt like i had held it a long time but i just got the feeling. has that happened to any body out there. anyway i ran to the potty but my cousin was already there pooping. i ran in and saw him sitting and screamed. i danced around telling him to hurry up. okay if anyone wants to know he only had shorts on and they were pulled down with his undrewear so he was naked. we dont mind seeing each other so its okay. he had on purple undi! es for those of you who want to know. i could not wait any longer. so i started pulling down my clothes. i must have looked silly there with my tushie exposed hopping around. finally he got off and i tried to sit down but it started coming out brfore i put me seat on the seat. ahhhhhhh it felt so very good. i must have peed for ever. anyway i wiped my front and let my cousin sit back down. he was sick of his ???? poor guy. well i will see you guys later. bye. and nice hearing from you. linda

Hey Julie, I too like peeing stories better than bm stories. I dont know why. Ive just always been fascinated with peeing. by the way im a 16/m

I'm 16 and experienced the worst thing that could happen to a girl. I'm a country girl and live several miles down a gravel road. The bus stop is at the end of the road so the carpool driver picks us all up and carries us to the stop. My trajedy happened one day after my mom made some very tasteful biscuits and gravy. Shortly after eating, I heard the horn blow and I ran to the car that was responsible for the week's carpool. The driver let me and the other 12 kid's off at the bus stop. It was a cold morning so we all were dressed warm, but still we congregated in the 'hut' that was provided to us by the school district. Joe, the late one, called in sick for the day so our carpool made it to the bus stop about 15 minutes early. Anyway I started having cramps shortly after the drop off. Soon I realized I had to have a toilet immediately. There was nothing to hide behind and my situation was traject. My choices were to either walk up the road for 3 miles (and miss the bus) to our house or just try to suffer until the bus ran. I chose the later. Anyway after many minutes of figiting, the bus came. As I stepped up, my suffering bowels released and I felt something warm against my buttocks. Before I regained control, I realized I had shit my pants. I was horrified! What was I to do? My mom had just got a new job and I was clueless to her new number. I had no choice but to try and hide it. Luckily I had worn panty hose to keep worm. The stress of worrying about the tragedy just made the cramps worse and before we arrived at school, I had another blowout, worse than the first. Now my panties were totally full! As I stepped off the bus, already in full humality, some poop slipped out of the bottom of my panty-hose and the teacher on bus duty observed it. Luckily she was a nice lady and held me in her office until my dad could arrive. More later. Signed, Very bad experience

I have a recent experience with peeing in public that I am still embarrassed about. I was out shopping and desperately had to pee. I tried to make it to a stores restroom, but didn't get there in time. I was wearing a dress and panties, and I couldn't hold it anymore when I finally let it go right in the store. I know a few people saw me, as the front on my dress and my legs were soaked. I scurried to my car and slipped off my soaked panties as soon as I could.

To Trevor, we Americans like to find a bush too. Nothing quite like releasing a large load onto the ground somewhere.

Jeff A, I am glad that you find my posts entertaining and insightful. To answer your question, my boyfriend still lets me accompany him to the toilet. These opportunities usually arise when I stay overnight. As a matter of fact, the last time was last weekend. We had gotten up, had breakfast and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Of course, before doing so, my boyfriend takes a shit. Because it can be quite cold now during our Canadian mornings, he was wearing a bathrobe with a pair of boxer shorts underneath. He pulled down his boxer shorts, pulled up his bathrobe and bunched it around his waist as he sat on the toilet. He sat with his legs spread apart, his shorts around his ankles and was bent slightly forward with his elbows resting on the top of his knees. We now engage in casual conversation while he shits, unlike the first few times when we felt kind of awkward and couldn't think of anything to say. As we talked, my boyfriend paused between sentences to push, his face set in strained concentration as he went "ugggh,{gasp},uggggghhhh!!!!" After a while he started passing the first few turds, going "Plop, ploink, plop, ploop." He dropped about 6 or 7 of these little pebble-like turds which I found odd because usually he always manages to pass remarkably big turds. We started talking again and I thought he was done shitting but then he started pushing again and this time he really got down to business. The previous small round pellets had opened up a flood-gate for a monstrous turd which was now making its way out of my boyfriend's butt with crackling sound effects. I encouraged him by saying " That's good, push hard, there's a nice big one coming out." The turd grew progressively longer until it finally landed with a hollow "Flomp" at the bottom of the toilet. Afterwards, we looked into the toilet. The massive, approximately 14" inch turd he had just passed, floated at the surface while the smaller pebbles lay at the bottom. He then wipe! d his butt, flushed the toilet and we proceeded with our shower. Bridget

My friend Nick was over the other evening and as regular readers might remember, he is the only other person who takes a dump in my bathroom and who I take a dump in the presence of (both behind closed doors unfortunately!). After dinner, as we were preparing to work on an essay, I began to get the urge to shit, but decided to wait until it was stronger. Nick must have had a stronger urge because he got up and walked towards the bathroom, making his usual "I'm just going to hit the bathroom" announcement; his euphenism for "I'm going to take a dump." As usual, I quietly made my way to the bathroom door to listen and as usual I heard nothing, except his pants coming down and his ass hitting the seat. No farting, plopping or splashing! Suddenly he started to talk to me and I had to go back to the living room to reply. I couldn't very well answer from outside the bathroom door. He wanted me to check the hockey score on the tv, so I put the television on with the volume turn! ed down low. After all, I didn't want to miss any sounds emanating from the bathroom. He continued talking to me, which gave me an excuse to move closer to the bathroom so I could hear him and also not have to shout my responses. Still not hearing anything, I returned to the living room couch. He had been in there for about ten minutes when I heard the toilet flush. However, Nick did not emerge. I didn't know if he was still shitting, wiping or just waiting to flush again. After at least another five minute, the toilet flushed again and after Nick had washed his hands, he finally came out. "Phew, don't go in there", he said as he switched the fan on. "Actually, I do need to go, but you beat me to it. I'll wait a while', I replied. I really needed to go quite bad and would have loved to have checked out what sort of stink he had left behind, but it didn't seem the appropriate thing to do straight away. As he sat down, I said to him that he must have had a good one and he replied "Ah yes" with a big grin on his face. "And it took two flushes as well", I added. "Yes, I don't know what's wrong", he replied. In my mind, I pictured him taking this massive, silent shit. How he can be so quiet is beyond me. Almost thirty minutes later, I got up and told him to watch the hockey for ten minutes or so while I hit the bathroom. There was no smell left and the toilet bowl was clean. I sat down and let loose a few soft logs of various sizes, accompanied by a large fart, which I'm sure Nick would have heard. I started a conversation as he had done. He had used up my roll of toilet paper, but had moved on to the roll of 'President's Choice' moist wipes which are attached in a hang-on container to the toilet roll holder. Earlier in the year when I had first purchased these, Nick was sitting on the toilet one evening when I yelled out to him to try the new moist toilet paper. When he came out, I asked him what he thought about this new product and he said it was good. I used up all the moist paper and as I couldn't be bothered to open up anything new, I just finished off with some Kleenex. I took a good ten to fifteen minutes in there, finally emerging to put the fan on for its second major job in less than an hour. I hope I don't have to wait another seven months before Nick dumps in my place again. He obviously can produce some wicked dumps, which I am sure rival or are even better than mine. He seems to be pretty cool about what he has done in the bathroom, but doesn't want anything to be seen or heard. Any ideas about how to get him to be even more open? The ultimate goal of course is to see him on the toilet shitting and for him to see me.

Friday, October 30, 1998

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