i have dated many different girls and always tried to to see them sitting on the toilet peeing or pooping. i always try and feel them out to make sure they are okay with me watching. i have found most are okay with it and most like it. i have never come right out and told any that i like this for fear of what they might think. i have done things like going out for a big breakfast when i knew we are going to be out in the woods, my favorite place to poop and whatch girls poop. i did this one time when me and my girlfreind were going looking for shells on the beach while we were on vacation. we were out real early and just had breakfast. we had walked about a mile down the beach and the bathrooms were still locked, she let a fart slip out, so i knew something might be up, i then let her know that i had to poop she said she had to also, i asked her if she wanted to find a place to do it and she said yes, it was pushing hard. we found some pine tree and went into them i pulled my pants down first and squated down, she walked just a few feet away pulled her pants down to her knees and squated down. i started pooping and she looked for just a short time then she started pushing some poop out her self. she watched her own poop coming out and so did i, she had one come out about a foot long and it hung there for awhile before it broke off, she then dropped two more smaller turds. we both wiped with some napkins i had, then continued with our shell hunting on the beach.

(To embarrassed to tell )Cindy
HI again every one I am thank full to have good friends on this site like Jeff A. and all you others thank you all for being on my side with my boyfriend and me although we are back together and I ended up telling him about this site and he is really mad at me and every one else.SORRY>>>>. Well hears my next story about two days ago I was out with a coupple of y friend and I started to get horrible stumache cramp but we were at the movies and the movie was only 1/4 of the way through. I ate lots of putter popcorn and 3 chocolate bars ( I am not fat, I'm just going through a growing spirt.) and about half way through the movie I let out a warm fart which releaved me but stunk so bad that some of the people in the audience left and I was very embarrassed. My friends asked me if I was the one who had that horrible gas and I toldn them no because I was so ashamed. Then at the end of the movie we all went directly to the bathroom I got out of my chair and darted to the restrooms I opend the first stall and jerked down my skirt right as the first eruption of diarrhea bursted out. My friend asked me if I was o.k. and I said yes. Then another one of my friends asked me if I have the runs and I said no which was very stuped because then my friend made a mean comment she said ,"well it sure smells and sounds like it". After that we went home and it was never talked about again.

Tom L.
Too tell everyone the truth I have never really craped my pants ( I have peed in them though.) but I have had tiny squirts of the runs in them which I bet every one has had heppened to them.

well, it's me again, the one who likes pees instead of bms I was just wondering if there was anyone else the same as this.....please post about it if you like peeing not having a bm...anyway, I'd better go, Julie***

Am I right in thinking that Joan's letter could only have been written by an American? Here in Europe I guess a woman would always prefer to find a bush, alleyway or whatever to squat in rather than wetting/soiling her clothes. Wouldn't she?

Hey im new here and I will start to post all of my poop expeirences soon!!

Hi guys! I (accidentially) deleted a couple of sentences on my last post. Here goes.. To "too embarrassed to tell," your ex-boyfriend was a real jerk for breaking up with you just because of that accident, and even a bigger !&^%#-- for telling everyone at school about it. If he was a real friend, he would have comforted and consoled you during that embarrassing moment, and certainly wouldn't disclose what happened, for personal enjoyment or otherwise. I also don't understand guys or girls who break up with their significant others (boyfriend/girlfriend/partner, whatever) just because the other one doesn't share the same bathroom interests.... New post- Harry and Donny, re: "girls being on tampons at the same time," the only thing I can think of is that many will "bleed" during stressful periods (no pun intended), such as exam times. I share a room with two other girls, and if this is any indication, our "times of the month" rarely overlap. Linda, I know what it's like to poop after 3-4 days- OUCH. Peace and love to all, Steph

I bought one of those blue tablets (Toilet Duck) to put in the toilet tank. Anybody else use these? I like peeing into blue water, plus it makes your toilet smell nice. It foams up a lot when you pee. The cashier at the store where I bought it asked me if it really works. I had used one before and said, "Well it keeps your toilet clean a little longer and it smells good, masks the pee smell and you have to enjoy peeing into blue water." She laughed.

Seems like a lot of people nowdays are afraid of sitting down on public toilet seats. I think it's kind of crazy because your chances of getting something are like one in 10 million. Obviously it's not a good idea to sit in poop if it's on the seat, but otherwise, there is nothing to be afraid of. I see the paper seat covers in stalls more often now and I think they are silly. Unless you have an open sore on your butt, your chances of being affected by germs are practically nil. We don't have any choice about breathing the same air in public buildings and that's where most of the cold and flu viruses are spread. When I'm cleaning the school bathrooms, I wipe the toilet seats, the outside of the toilet and all around the toilets and most of the kids just sit and enjoy their potty time. The younger boys and girls show a lot of interest in their school bathrooms and enjoy using them.

Wednesday, October 28, 1998

I had a really cool experience yesterday. I thought that I was going to have to go and poop before I went to school but I went by my bathroom and the feeling just kind of passed me by. I went to school and went to English. While I was in English, about ten or so minutes before I got out I felt a cramp in my belly. I knew that this was the signal for me to go and poop. I cruised over to the ACCT center at my school and into the bathroom. It was about 12:00PM or so by this time and I didn't have another class until like 1:00 or so. I went to the third stall and found it to be very accomidating (hince "nice bathrooms" for you girls) It had a full roll of paper, a nice cleen floor and a very clean pot. I shut the door and put my bookbag down and undid my pants. Some classes were letting out by now and the people in them were coming to the bathroom. I sat on the pot and got comfortable. I could hear some people just outside the door washing their hands. ERRRRRRRIPPPPP! I! exploded into the pot a huge fart that rang inside the restroom. I could hear one of the guys say "Damn, what the hell did he have for lunch?" I just laughed and went on pushing. After the poop came down a little more I hissed out the last little bit of gas, then the poop emerged from me in a stinky slide. I got up and totaled up the dammage on the paper, after I wiped I looked to see two fairly big terds. One 8" that was big and lumpy, another 5" one that was thin and like pressed cheese. My pot was pretty stinky. Fortunatly the industrial pot cleared it all in one good flush!

To Shy Guy. No, Im not related to George and Moira. I have read that George had a cousin called Nicola or Nicky for short and was brought up by her mother along with Nicky's sister, so that is what is probably were the confusion arose. George and his cousins and his wife Moira are Scots, from Glasgow as I understand, I am English but of Ulster extraction, my mother is from Belfast. Vector, it's quite simple why a woman may go to the toilet for a pee but also do a motion, it happens to me often. Most men stand to pee and thus can often do so while needing a motion as long as it is solid and not too urgent. In contrast women, and some men, sit to pee and thus their arse is in firing position so if a motion is needed and present in the back passage it will often come down and come out as they pee. Of course some men do have an accident if they try to pee standing and need to poo at the same time, and I have read that one of the reasons George likes to sit to pee is to avoid such unhappy results.

Jeff A.
First of all, I have to say that I truly admire George and Mel for the simple fact that they can both pee sitting down and admit to it. I think it's always been this macho-squarehead idealogy that says men don't pee sitting down. For the life of me, I can't and won't understand that way of thinking. I'm pretty tall, so it's more of an effort for me. I know that sounds stupid, or even lazy, but when I sit down, it had better be for awhile. The other morning, I got up really early to pee, and when I yawned, my glasses fell off my head and into the toilet, and I peed all over them. That's pretty moronic huh? Instead of going back to bed to lay down for awhile before it was time to get up, I had to thoroughly wash my glasses. On the subject of peeing, I never use stalls. Urinals are OK with me, and when I do use one, I'm not shy, and usually stand back about a foot. I don't know why I do this either. I guess it's because I have a hard splash, and one time, I splashed up onto my pants, leaving tell-tale signs of what I was up to. Afterward, it's the old flip-flop, shake a drop. Anyway, I do admire the guys in here who can take the driver's seat when they pee. I would, but it's just too uncomfortable for me. Vector: again, I would have to say that you have a tremendous insight to feeling, and being human. I like your statement about not settling for anyone who would pay attention to you. Astrology wise, are you by any chance a fellow Cancer? I agree with Donna: let's be nice and more tolerant with those of us who have accidents. Who gives a shit anyway? (no pun intended). As an addendum to that, and to my previous story, the two gals that helped me out with my diarhhea problem, were two that worked with me at that restaurant I mentioned awhile back. When I woke up the next morning, sick and hung over, my first and immediate memory was of the 2 girls that I worked with, helping me to get my pants down, so that I could make a horrible impression on them. I almost couldn't face them the next morning. (they went home with me that night, and were there the next morning.) When I awoke, they were buzzing around the apt. getting dressed, and making coffee, and all they said was, "Did you have a good birthday last night?" I remember watching in absolute stupified fascination, the putting on of bra's and pants, and their running around throwing lipstick and mascara on, and, all the while, acting as if nothing had happened at all, when I myself, felt totally humiliated. It was then that I realized that as a guy, I had alot to learn about human nature, and the glorious well honed maturity of the female of the species. At the time, I was a cigarette smoker (not now), and the one who was wiping my forehead with the wet paper towel, gave me a Grateful Dead "steal your face" cigarette lighter for my birthday. They never did mention the "accident" and I am eternally grateful for that. As far as I was concerned, they were the absolute beauties of the universe. I loved them, as I do all of you.

Donny>>Your comment about the girls at your school all being on tampons at the same time, has been documented in several studies as true...It has been found that women living in the same dorm for several months at a time, will eventually go thru their monthly cycles at the same time of the month. As for the reasons for it, they (researchers) don't know why... Jasmine>>Yeah, the comment I made about putting toilet paper over the carrot sticks will work almost all the time when a "floater" turd will not go down the toilet and the same is done to it...

Trish, you are not the only one who has had to go in your pants. I live in New York City, and it can be difficult to find a public toilet when you need one. If I have to go badly and can get away without anyone noticing, I too will wet myself. Skirts are wonderful! Most times I have tried to find a corner a little bit out of the way, look inconspicuous, and then let go. But a few times I have been desperate and in a crowd, so I just quietly dribbled through my panties, a little bit at a time. A couple of times I have been in similar situation, but for #2. Once in high school, on the bus I really had to go. I was able to hold on, but after I got off the bus I had a ten minute walk home. I was trying hard to hold on, but it hurt, and I had to walk slowly. Finally, waiting for a light to change to cross an intersection I knew I probably wasn't going to last all the way home. No one was nearby, so rather than suffering any more, I relaxed and filled my pants, looking around nervously to see if anyone was watching. I was ashamed, but all things considered it was better than trying to hold it any longer and still not making it home. It was this that made me realize that having an accident was not necessarily the traumatic thing it was when I was younger.

to donna. yes i have done a poop so big i could not believe it came out of me. it happened a few weeks ago. i had not pooped in 4 days which is fine for me cause i realy really really hate pooping. well that moring i woke up cause i had a very big and bad ???? ache and the poop was on the move if you know what i mean. hee hee. i ran but felt the poop busting its way out. yes jasmine just like you i am glad to hear it just doesnt happen to me. it happens all the times i have to poop but cause i hold it in a long time.well anyway i had on these cute pjs what have what my cousin calls a trapdoor in the back. you know a flap that opns and exposes my tushy. anyway i unbuttoned it and sat on the potty and pushed big time. like i said i hate pooping but if i wanted to get back to sleep i had to. it took a long time nad it hurt at first but the more that came out the better i feeled. anyway my cousin came in and washed his face and saw me turning red. he asked if i was okay but all i could do was shake my head. he sat down next to me and told me to relax. so i stopped pushing and he rubbed my back.then it started coming out by itself slowly. then after a long time it made a huge plop and then a bit more came out.i got off the potty and looked and boy was it huge. it looked like a big black yes black brick. my cousin said there is no way that came out of me but i said it did. and it almost tore me in half. then he said that oh it must of then.but oh did i feel better. and i slept for a long time when i went back to sleep. bye now. linda

I never really paid to much attention to the door stalls until everyone's recent discussions. In case you are all interested, the stalls in chicago o'hara airport have doors that go from floor to almost ceiling--no seeing in them! I don't usually use public stalls, hence my lack of notice to their doors.

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

Sorry I havent posted here for a while. Like Mellisa and Steve I have done a motion secretly on the beach while others have been around. As regular readers know, I often do a jobbie out of doors but usually in a place where I wont be observed unless of course I want to be seen by Lauren or some other friend. On this occasion I was at the seaside with Lauren and was sitting on the beach in the sand dunes. As it was a lovely warm day and a Public Holiday there were a lot of other people nearby and the nearest public toilet was a good mile away. I needed a motion and did think of going in the sea but again there were far too many people about. I mentioned this to Lauren who suggested that I dig a large trench beneath my butt, put a large beach towel over my lower parts and slip down my panties then just do it into the pit beneath my bum. I did this and sat there, my ???? and the top of my legs discretely covered by the towel and did my wee wee then I bore down silently and felt the big, fat log slide out of my back passage. Luckily I had made a long deep trench beneath me large enough to accomodate the jobbie. I must say it felt strange to be secretly doing a motion with all these people within a few yards or so . Finished I pulled my panties up again and restored to decency Lauren and I looked at the big long fat dark brown turd in the ditch (and as usual it was a whopper) before burying it with the sand which I had dug out. It amused us both to think what was secretly hidden under about nine inches of sand. As we moved off an hour or so later to go for a drink some lads occupied the space we had and we laughed to think what was lying under their beach towel!

To "Too embarrased" Lauren and I both think that your ex boyfriend was a total S.O.B. as you Yanks put it. Both of us have had accidents in our panties, not the runs, solid ones, but accidents none the less, and have treated each other with great tenderness and sympathy. I discussed this with George and Moira yesterday when we visted them and they too feel that any bloke who behaved in such a way to his girlfriend having himself been partly to blame for her embarrasment is a waste of space and you are far better with him out of your life. There are lots of far more sympathetic people around. I suppose a lot of this is down to conditioning in chidhood, all the stress put on kids by their mothers during "toilet training". Okey, we cant have people just shitting themselves or doing it in the gutter as in the dark ages, but Im sure that people could be a bit less mocking and have more sympathy to those who get taken short either by wetting or soiling themselves when sick etc. It c! an happen to us all! Even the famous have been known to have such accidents. I read once in a magazine that the Queen (of England) once ate something on a foreign tour which upset her stomach and "was embarrased" and had to cancel some engagements for later that day. Again there was the incident of ex President George Bush vomiting all over the Japanese President when suddenly taken ill at a banquet. And who can forget Margaret Thatcher when speaking at Santiago in Chile a few years ago suddenly fainting at the rostrum when making a speech and it was said she was suffering from food poisoning. Did she shit her knickers one wonders? So let's all be a bit more considerate to someone else being "taken short".

Nicola's story about multiple turds in a toilet pan and buddy dumping can work the other way. Once when I was about 16 at school I did a motion in the Girls' Toilet which , as I hadn't been for about 4 days consisted of some fat hard balls then two fat 12 inch long turds, the first hard and nobbily and straight, the second smooth and curved. When I had finished and was washing my hands one of the other girls who was a mate of mine went into that cubicle and saw the load down the pan but when I told her I had done it refused to believe that one person, even a big fat girl like myself, could have produced so much in one sitting. Has any other reader ever done a particularly outstanding motion and not been believed or have they done one, perhaps which got stuck in the toilet and let someone else take the blame?

To Harry: That's very interesting to me that placing toilet paper on top of the carrot sticks would help it go down. I'll have to try that sometime.:-) As for my further comments, about two days ago, I was beginning to be constipated. I had a past experience of this last year that nearly killed me. Well, not technically, but to make a long story short, I was constipated for an entire week and at the end of the week, due to the fact that I had eaten so much, the poop tried to force its way out of me while I was walking to the bathroom! Its funny now that I think about it, but it was HORRIBLE at the time! Anyway, it wasn't nearly this bad two days ago. But it was still a little painful and my face turned so red while I was trying to give birth to that poop!!

Bathroom movies? Try "Empire Records" with Liv Tyler. And "When The Party's Over" with Sandra Bullock. I used to have both on tape. And "Floating Away" with Rosanna Arquette, has an interesting scene at the beginning, I caught that one on cable last month, but don't see any repeat schedule for it anywhere, also not sure which channel and I missed taping it (%^&* it)...

George, I am at ease now to know that there are othere guys who chose to sit down and pee. I always thought I was the only one as I have laughed about it to my friends and none of them have admited they do it too. I shall continue with my stratagies to deal with "bashfull bladder" as bewildered so wonderfully called it, happy in the knowlege I am not the only one.

I've been terribly busy for the last two weeks and have just had time to look at the current posts. I have suffered all my life from this business of toilet shyness i.e. difficulty in pissing in the presence of people I know. If the men present at the urinal are not known to me, and are reasonably far away, it is not a problem. Nor is it a problem if I have already started peeing when they come in. It is just getting sufficietly relaxed to start that is the problem. I often just go away and come back later, but if it is urgent, like George I just use a stall. I always use a stall in places like motorway service areas or airports if the urinals are busy. But I nearly always stand up to piss, even in a stall. I find it reassuring that many other males of all ages have this problem. For years I thought that there was something strange about me. That is the BIG advantage of this page, it allows such matters to be discussed with others on an anonymous basis. On the matter of "nice bathrooms", it depends what you want to do. If it's only number 1, most men will manage however wet, smelly or filthy the place is, because it's just a matter of somewhere to stand! But for number two, clean, dry toilets with adequate paper, hot water, soap and decent drying facilities are essential.

hi hi its me again. first let me say to jeff that you are a very sweet guy for what you did. i know lots of boys would not have done what you did. do not let anyone tell you that you were stupid for what you did. anyway i hate going in school like i said before if i did not well now you know.i always come running to the potty when my cousin picks me up from school. friday i ran to use his potty when i got such a pain from holding it so long i could not move. i stood there bent over with my hands pressing on my legs trying hard to keep my tushy closed but i could feel it opening and the poop coming out. i had my eyes shut tight and prayed that the poop would stop. it did not it was coming out and i knew my poor pokemon undies were done for. then i felt something.i opened my eyes and it was my cousin. he carried me the rest of the way and pulled down my underpants and sat me down. the poop ploped in the potty just as my tushie touched the seat.i looked at him kind of sad like cause i thought i pooped my underpants but i checked and no. i then felt better and relaxed and two more poops came out. i then started peeing and i kissed my cousin on his cheek and thanked him.i am still not going at school but now i have a way to poop at school with no embarassing stuff. i will tell you guys next time about it. bye linda

Thank you for the resounding vote of appreciation everyone, and for you Jeff, you sound like one of the few who make being a man an honorable lifelong commitment. I want to thank everyone else for listening too. Women, you CAN do better. Don't settle for someone who you think is just there. . . . .go and find that someone who will make you feel like the real woman you are. When you love a woman with all you have it is remarkable how they glow and love and wish to be that happy forever. Every one deserves to be that way. I will get down off the soap box now. I just have a quick question. When I go to pee, I usually just go in to a bathroom for that purpose. Then I go about the rest of my day again. When I have to poop I do the same. There is more to the process but basicly I go in the bathroom, poop, and then go about the rest of my day. However, when my girlfriend needs to pee, she goes in and pees, but often she goes in to pee and poops during the same trip, when I ask her if she was ok she told me that why she was in there for so long was that she pooped too. My question is, Why do women go in with the intent to pee and decide to poop while they are peeing? Does it just strike you while you are there? Is it just convient to poop while you are there sitting down? I have always wondered about that. Well, I would love to stay and post some more, but I have to go poop. For real! If I don't go in the evening, I usually have to go the next morning. It is 7:40AM and I have just had some orange juce. I guess I better go and "take care of some business" or "go see a man about a dog" isn't it funny all the euphanisims that we come up with just because we are too shy to say "I have to go make poop now." I guess I will see you later everyone I have to go "make a deposit" (I love that one,[see my original posts]) BYE.

Hi Steph, in answer to your question, the girls use about 10 times more toilet paper than the boys. Many boys shit at school and use a lot of paper but the girls use a phenomenal amount of paper. Sometimes it seems like they all have their periods at the same time and then I can't keep the dispensers filled. For an example, a large high school with about 1500 girls will require 20-30 1,000 sheet rolls PER DAY. I refill the tampon dispensers also with 50 tampons (only 10 cents each), and the used ones wind up on the floor with the toilet paper they wiped with, or they toss them in the toilet, turning the toilet water red. This year I am finding Depends pads in one stall so there is a girl in the school with a leaky bladder. Sometimes these squirt pads are completely soaked, other times they are just barely damp. I would like to find out who uses them.

Some Guy
Haven't had time to read in a while. Silke and Melissa- great stories! Vector-Amen! Julie- Don't worry, I'm sure all the guys will be eagerly awaiting your return To embarrassed to tell: Your boyfriend was an idiot by pinching your ass when you had to go to the bathroom, unless he was trying to see you mess yourself which he obviously wasn't. If my girlfriend messed herself she would be Getting Some that night if you know what I mean To those interested, our school doesn't have doors on some stalls because supposedly guys ripped them off the hinges and the school is to cheap to replace them.

Does anyone get hungry after they shit? I have loose stools a lot because I suspect I'm slightly lactose intolerent and eat a lot of pizza. So when I have to go after eating pizza, I ususally void everything and then my stomach starts growling after a little while.

Shy Guy
To Nicola:
Are you related to George or Moira? I find myself forgeting whose post I'm reading. Great posts, BTW.
To Jeff A. :
Your post about being drunk and getting a helping hand from your friends proved (imho) that they were indeed true friends. It also reminded me of an incident back in '93 that I shall relate. I was at a YMCA camp that my Boss used as a conference center about April of that year, and we were staying (in Scout camp fashion) in a large house that was normally used to house the camp instructors. The men and women stayed in different rooms, but being all adults and there for business purposes, didn't preclude a frat/sorority type party one evening where we all got a bit toasted, shall we say? I was delighted that a young woman of about 18-19 was paying quite a bit of attention to me, and I had this enchanting creature telling me her life story, as it were. She said that she was 18, but loved to drink beer, and had done so since 14. Having young daughters myself, I was the perfect gentleman, as always, but I was having a hell of a time being so close to this gorgeous female. As the evening progressed, a card game was called, but I wasn't in the mood for that, (I wonder why) so I went out onto the large deck to look up at the stars. I couldn't believe that she followed me, as I had given her a chance to duck out by slipping out while she was in the bathroom. "There you are! Do you want another beer?" "Sure!" I said, and noticed that she was not only keeping up with me, but drinking TWO to every one that I had!?! It didn't take long before it was quite evident that she was WASTED and becoming more so by the second! I warned her that she could get too drunk, but that didn't faze her. I refused the next round and went back inside. I was no longer enjoying her company because she was so drunk. I talked her into going inside to watch the card game, and I sat down and started to play cards. I thought it best that I no longer be alone with her. I would never have touched her, but I wanted to rejoin the group because what started out as fun, had become a worrisome chore. Inside she rapidly became glazed-eyed, and I thought that she would fall asleep soon. She got up after about 10 mins of dozing in a chair, and disappeared into the bathroom. I wondered what she was doing in there. 5 minutes later, I figured she must be either sick or pooping or both. 10 minutes later I was starting to worry about her, and was recalling alcohol deaths in the news due to aspiring vomit. It was quiet in there though. At 15 minutes I was really worried about her and asked one of the other ladies to check on her. The door was locked, and there was no answer to the knock. I stopped playing cards, and told everyone of my fears. This led to more knocking, yelling to her, etc. Nothing. I stood up and examined the door, and saw how to get it open with a table knife, and after everybody was in agreement, I unlocked the door and as we all crowded around the door, the unmistakable odor of a good dump wafted in our faces as the door swung open. She was seated on the toilet, head between her kness, sound asleep! Two of the ladies pushed the men away and went to her aid. We all waited, and then we heard, "Hey guys, we need your help moving her out of here." They opened the door and the smell was somewhat loud! I jumped up and along with two other men, we picked her up off of the toilet, and carried her to her bunk. I asked "what did you do about her butt?" "I wiped it, I didn't want her to be even more humiliated than she already will be. Kathy said." I asked the other lady who was a nurse as if she was ok, and she said she was just drunk and passed out, but her breathing and pulse were fine. I'll never forget that.

Monday, October 26, 1998

Jeff A.
For "Too embarrassed to tell": Your boyfriend's an asshole. Plain and simple. A real man would have understood, helped you with the problem at hand, apologized for causing it, and loved you for being human and yourself. The accident would have been worth a mutual giggle for you both to build a foundation of love on. The same thing happened with a girl I knew one time. She was sitting on my lap, and I was tickling her. She accidentally hiccuped, and let loose an unexpected load of really stinky diarhhea in my lap. I remember she cried so hard, her whole body was shaking. It wasn't her fault, and it was no big deal. I convinced her to jump in the shower with me, clothes on and all just for the hell of it, to laugh her out of it. I rocked her to sleep that night in my arms, and assured her that she was more beautiful for being a vulnerable human being, than anything else. I can still look back on that as a fond memory, because a certain humanity between a man and woman was shared. On the opposite side of that coin, one time, I got really drunk, and got horrible diarhhea, at a bar, and two of my favorite girl friends ushered me into the ladies room, pulled my pants down, and sat me down on the toilet, (because, shamefully, I could hardly even stand. It was my 34 th birthday), and ran a wette! d paper towel over my forehead, as I squirted from hell into the toilet in front of them. They never made me feel bad over the incident, and treated it just like an "Oh well, he had the shits" type of episode. I loved them for that. So, to make a long story short, you didn't lose anything by losing him, or the people who laughed at your dilemma. Don't worry, there are lots of real men out there. Vector: it sounds like you're one of them. You got a real big AMEN from me brother! Your words are the echo of truth. Life is short, but because it is, it dosen't mean our intelligence has to be as well. Again, I loved your words. It makes me sick that the guys who act like such weenies, make it so hard for us men who really do care. It's just like Paul Newman once said "Don't go shootin' all the dogs, just cause one's got fleas." Steph: Thanks for your kind words. You're a sweetie. You and Bridget are two of my favorite posters, and I love to read what y'all have t' say! Bridget: What I like about you, is that you always give a genuine personal insight on yourself. I got bored one day, scrolled down the page, and went back quite a few pages, and came across one of your old posts about watching your boyfriend poop. That story was a 10!!! did it ever happen again, and does he let you watch? About 2 weeks ago, I was out with a friend hiking, who was a very attractive female. She said she needed to go find a bush because she had to go to the bathroom really bad. I said "There's no need for that. I know where there's a restroom." and took her there. It was pretty well hidden, but still in use, that's why she didn't know it was there. She was grateful for the me showing her the location of the secret potty. She was in there for a good 10 minutes or more, which meant she pooped, or her monthly bill came early. I don't know. I hope you all don't think I'm crazy, but it would've been the wrong thing to do to make her use the bush, and then spy on her. I have enough memories and stories to fall back on, and what I don't have, I get from here. Love you all.-J.

I love shitting big chunks. I eat alot of fiber and have no problem doing the crap thing. I can go any time any place .

Peace and best wishes folks. Concerning Mike's tale about the great number of turds in the toilet, he doesnt say if they were all separate solid balls and lumps, the sort you do when constipated, or if the previous user had passed a rather soft motion that had broken up as it came out? The mention of a large amount of turds in the one toilet reminds me of a time when I was about 16. I had two friends Helen and Theresa who like me did big jobbies and we often buddy dumped, and sometimes used the nearby woods and did it out of doors. This day however we had been playing Field Hockey at a Local Public Park and at the end of the game we all needed a motion and as the toilets in the changing rooms were in use we went to the Ladies' Public Toilet nearby. This was a typical Public Loo, very shabby, in bad repair with no attendant. There were 3 cubicles but one was locked and out of order and the other had no door so Helen went to the third, usable cubicle and came out smiling , " have a look at the big turd in that pan" she said to us. We all went in and there was a big fat 12 incher stuck in the pan. In turn we went in and did ours on top of it. I went last and did my long fat log on top of Helen's curved sausage and Theresa's big carrot shaped turd. When I did mine there was no "kersploonk!" sounds only a dull thud since my jobbie fell on top of those done by the others. Neeedless to say this great load of 4 big 12 inch turds wouldn't flush away but they stuck together like a raft of solid poo, the ends sticking up out of the water. As we came out we saw a woman going in and I wonder if she thought that some person had passed ALL of these huge motions? Perhaps this explains the many stories where people find several large jobbies in the one toilet pan and think one person had passed the lot? Buddy Dumping was a habit when I was at school and I suppose it still is, although this phrase is obviously of US origin, and it was commonplace to see several turds in one pan in the toilets at school. If using a Public Ladies Toilet I still get a buzz from doing mine on top of one already there and from what I read on this website so do many others. Like Vector I can't understand any bloke who would ditch his girlfriend because she had an accident in her panties and also tell all her schoolmates, particularly since he caused her to soil her knickers by groping her up her skirt when she was urgently trying to make it to the toilet. Once when I was playing tennis with my boyfriend and another friend and her husband I had an accident in my panties , not diarrhea, an easy but formed motion. Now this was my own fault as I could have stopped the game of mixed doubles and gone to the toilet but didn't want to ruin their fun. As I stretched up for a difficult shot out it came in my knickers. Obviously I then had to go to the toilet, but we had won the match. Both of my friends and my boyfriend were very concerned for me and did all they could to spare me any embarrasment. As Vector says, we all have to go, and I doubt if there is anyone who has not had an accident in their underpants as a teenager or adult either as a result of a! ???? upset or by not being able to make it to a toilet in time even if needing a normal solid motion, so none of us should mock those to whom this happens. The Shadows story about his intestinal examination reminds me of my own experience a few years ago when I was taking my A levels (something like High School Graduation exams to US readers, very important). The stress had given me a slight stomach ulcer, which I am glad to say cleared up very soon afterwards and has not recurred. I had to go to hospital and drink a Barium Meal while my stomach was x-rayed. Unlike Shadow, as I didnt have to have an intestinal examination I was not subjected to the powerful laxative routine he suffered. Anyway, I drank this gunge, heavy as he says, and afterwards the nurse did warn me that my stools might be rather white to begin with. Next day I needed a motion and at first did a normal long fat brown jobbie. I did notice that it came out more quickly than usual and hurt my arsehole a bit, going "Ker-sploonk!" as it dropped into the pan. When I had done it I still felt there was more on its way and slowly but surely out oozed another long pale putty coloured jobbie, which unlike my other normal turd didnt float but sunk straight to the bottom of the pan with a resounding "KUR-PUL-LOOMP!" Looking down the pan afterwards my ordinary dark brown turd floated in the pan with this great white snake beneath. Neither flushed away and my brother found this greatly amusing when he came in to have a good look. It took several flushes to get it all to go away and there were still white sections in my stools for a few days afterwards until all the barium was passed out of my system. Finally, when I was about 16 my brother challenged me to lift his weights, being a fit and athletic girl I did so but as I was straining to lift them I did a jobbie in my knickers. Luckily it was only a small fat hard lump of about 4 inches long, as I had done a far larger one earlier that day and it didnt squash up and make a mess, but my brother was highly amused to see the mulge in the seat of my navy blue knickers. I wonder if weight lifters in competitions such as the Olymics ensure that they have emptied their bowels before a contest or have any ever had accidents like this?

With Steve and me it just happened by accident. We like to bury each other in the sand at the beach, as sometimes it is a lottle cool after we take a dip in the water. One day, he had just buried me as I experienced a suddden need to poop. (We had stopped at Taco Bell for breakfast burritos on the way to the beach so this wasn't totally unexpected).
I thought I had to fart, no problem, but midway thru the fart I realised the truth. Buried in the sand, I managed to get my hands over under my butt, and pull my panties down enough so there was no problem. Then I just relaxed and I guess it was pretty obvious.
He asked me if I had just pooped and of course I said yes.
Guys can't hide their feelings all of the times, and with Steve it was very obvious that he was enjoying the experience.
Stories about him, now, those are later. He is sooo cute when he needs to go and won't!
To "too embarrassed...": You are better off without that guy. Li! fe is full of embarrassing experiences, I will tell some of mine later...

Ah I see Lissa has now started writing here...
The Taco Bell breakfast was an experience for me. She was pretty obvious too. And a little surprised that I wasn't turned off at all.
To "too embarrassed to tell:" That guy sounds like a real weenie. You should relax and forget about him. There are plenty of guys who know how to treat you right.
Last weekend was a strange experience. It was warm, so we dug a hole again. We were sitting near the water so the sand was nice and firm so we got about 2 feet deep hole. When she had to go, she was sitting there (she likes the lotus position so not too obvious) at least 10 minutes before saying that she thought she was going but nothing dropped. There was nobody nearby so she raised the blanket, I saw this turd close to 2 feet long hanging out of her butt. It actually started to curl on the bottom of the hole before it broke off. Oh yeah I think we had eaten pizza the night before. The garlic smell was powerful.

Movie Fan
Hey Loretta, Thanks for adding to our growing list of bathroom scenes in movies with the "Big Hit". I finally saw "Something Wild" last week, and I was amazed to see a quick shot of Melanie Griffith actually wiping her butt while on the toilet. You couldn't hear any poop noises or anything (there were only pee souonds), but it was still pretty exciting to see a woman in an implied defecation scene. Does anyone have more examples of TV shows with bathroom scenes, especially poop references? Someone already mentioned the MAD-TV bit a couple of weeks ago, and the toilet reference in "Spin City". "Seinfeld" had numerous bathroom scenes over the years, though most involved urination (Kramer's constipation was a unique exception), and there was a famous episode of "Ellen" where Ellen witnesses her female psychiatrist going to the bathroom (peeing) in a parking lot. We've discussed the "LA Law" and "Jenny" examples from a few years ago. Are there any other TV shows anyone can think of with bathroom scenes? I'm mainly interested in female poop references...

Hi guys! Vector, here's an "Amen" from me :) Some of the guys on here want to watch their girlfriends go, and some have taken devious steps to do so. That's not fair. I'm a woman who'd love to watch her boyfriend go, but I know he's too shy to do that, so I certainly respect this. Donny, would I be correct in assuming that you change the TP (toilet paper) in the girls' rooms more frequently than in the boys'? Most girls wipe their vaginas when they only have to pee, plus use lots of TP to clean up when having their periods (I personally attest to both). Many guys, on the other hand, don't like to take a dump in school bathrooms; they don't need to wipe themselves after peeing (when they're usually at a urinal, anyway) and they certainly don't have "that time of the month!" I do have a pee story this time. I almost went in my pants yesterday; there was special event at my school in which free drinks (non-alcoholic, such as water and soda) were distributed. I helped myself to a couple of pints of spring water and, since I was pretty thirsty after classes, drank both of them in a relatively short period of time (about 30 minutes). I was hanging out with some friends when I suddenly had a very strong urge to go. I nonchalantly excused myself and ran over to my building, about 2 minutes away. I got to the toilet and started to tinkle as soon as my butt hit the toilet- I didn't time it, but I must have went for about a minute. Felt so relieved afterwards! As a footnote, I did push out a tiny "jobbie" afterwards, one that was hard and odorless. Peace and love to all, Steph

Saturday, October 24, 1998

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