I don't really understand all the guys that break up with their girlfriends just because they have a course of nature. Why would they do that? I mean, I would understand if it happened to my girlfriend, and I hope that she would understand if it happened to me. First of all, I wouldn't be sneaking up on her and grabbing her butt when I knew that she had to go potty. I respect her enough to know that it's not what she is in the mood for right then. I just wish people would be a little more understanding when it comes to things like that. "to embarrassed to tell", you deserve a man who will respect you more and can understand that you are a human. If we were robots then none of us would ever have to go, and going is cool, can I get an Amen in here!? I just think that understanding and loving people are cool, and life is too short for people who hate. Well, I'll get off the soap box now. Life is short,Poop hard!!

To Jasmine: Yes, I have put food in the toilet and it refused to go down the first time...Namely, oatmeal that has lumped up into a ball and won't budge...So, all I could do was let it soak in the bowl for awhile and then try again later, and then it would go down...Yes, and carrot sticks sometimes didn't go down on the first flush...What I would do then would put some toilet paper over them and flush again, it seemed to do the trick and make the stubborn ones go on down the drain... As for the story about the wedding ring, that reminds me of a friend of mine and an incident that happened to him back in the early 1980's...Some of the older posters here will remember when the price of gold went above $800.00 an ounce, well a friend of mine had to have some cavities in his teeth filled, and since he was allergic to stainless steel, the dentist had no choice but to use gold for the fillings. While he was in the dentist's chair, he sneezed and it caused a filling to pop out, that had just been put in, and he swallowed it! Being the price of gold was what it was at the time, he wasn't going to loose a lot of money paying for the replacement filling, so for the next three days after swallowing the filling, he went "gold mining" after each and every bowel movement, until he found the gold...He then cleaned it, and took it back to the dentist, who credited his dental bill for the amount of gold used in the second filling...

I thought of another great story some of you might like. When I was 28 some freinds of mine and I decided on a whim to go to Texas on a blues pilgrimage we live in Maine in the USA so it was a major event for us. They each had just recieved big paychecks and I who was totaly broke had the vehicle. Off we went and what a time we had drinking and partying and checking out every bluesband from New Orleans to Austin. Finaly with very little money left we decided it would be best to head home. Paul wanted to stop in Houston to see his sister and we reluctantly said ok. While he visited his sister we waited in the car. Glenn spyed a little Mexican food shop with some dried chorizo (sausage) hanging in the window and couldn't resist buying some. We ate a lot of them and didn't think too much of it until we were in Georgia some few hours later. I could feel a tremendous cramp and gas was building in my bowels. Finaly I couldn't resist and let it go. The flatulence was extremely odorous and it woke both of them from a cold sleep. I had gas all the way to New York city and Paul and Glenn were hanging their heads out the window in Feb all the way. It was terrible for them and simply funny for me. They and I will never ever forget that ride home and the chorizo as long as we live!

Note for Mel: "Bashful Bladder" is a common term for the male's difficulty in urinating in a quasi-public environment, or when friends are around. I've been bothered by it for 50 years or more -- you get used to it. Some comfort in knowing you are not alone, and there is this term to use if you need to offer an explanation to someone as to why you're not joining the group pee.

The Shadow
This is my first post... Just returned from an oh-so-satisfying dump consisting of one solid, kidney-shaped turd followed by a stream of loose runny shit. It was sort of a light brownish-orange, if that interests you. I would like to tell you all a story...the story of my flex sigmoidoscopy about 5 years ago. In layman's terms, they stick a hose with a camera on it up your butt to look for anything amiss with your innards. It goes all the way up your colon, and you can actually feel it curve around as it reaches the transverse section. But, I digress... The day before the procedure, the doc asked me to go to the drugstore and buy a bottle of "Fleet" laxative and to take the whole thing, in order to clean out the passage so the camera can see clearly. Well, I got the bottle, and holy shit was it big. After a light meal, I started drinking the Fleet (tasted awful, sour/bitter, I think it's some kind of salt solution) and about half an hour later, the fireworks began. I started with an uncomfortable but relatively normal dump, then went back to watching TV and waiting. A few minutes later, I heeded Nature's (Fleet's?) call again and produced a large quantity of runny diarrhea. For the next two hours, I made at least ten trips to the toilet, with each load becoming progressively looser, until finally I was literally shitting water (Fleet instructions say to drink lots of water). I probably passed several quarts of completely clear water before the effects of the Fleet finally wore off. I was clean as a whistle! But wait, the story does not end here! The next day, I proceeded to the clinic where I was treated to the unique experience of having a half-inch-diameter tube inserted a foot up my behind. The weird thing was that the tube has hinges in it so that the doc can move the camera around inside you. Although I was very doped up, I could distinctly feel the camera poking around in me. Unpleasant but very interesting. Then, I was instructed to drink a barium milkshake so they could x-ray my stomach as it took the liquid. The barium liquid is extremely dense; the bottom of the paper up I drank it from bulged out considerably under the weight. After the procedure (another story), I went home and experienced a few days' constipation. Then, when I finally shat, it was the barium coming out of me in little hard lumps, like stones! They were about the size and shape of road gravel, and made a distinct "clink" when they hit the bottom of the toilet bowl. This went on for about three days until I had purged it all. I thank you, ladies and gentlemen!

For all of the people that like to see movies with people going to the bathroom, The Big Hit a recent movie (Staring Mark Walburg and Lou Diamond Philips) has a girl sitting on the toilet going pee. Another time Mark's charector refers to the bathroom smelling bad, but it was more of an Ace Ventura 'DO NOT GO IN THERE!' kind of thing. How many people (mostly female) squat over the toilet seat, as opposed to sitting on it, in public I don't sit on the seats because I think its nasty, because SO many people get pee all over it!

George' story about his cousin doing a jobbie in her knickers while acting out an episode from a film reminded me of a happening when I was a kid of about 7 I suppose. This wasn't as a result of play acting but was similar. I was having a bath and my young brother, aged about 4 at the time was sat on the toilet. My mum was present and was trying to toilet train him, with a little bit of difficulty as I recall it took a while to get him clean and I can remember him having occasional accidents in his pants until he was about 8. Anyway, he was sat on the toilet pan but wasn't doing anything although he had told mum that he needed a jobbie. He may have been a bit constipated as kids sometimes are , but to encourage him to go she stood next to him and told him to "try hard and go OO! OO!" and did so herself, screwing up her face and going "OO! OO!" . She had been doing this for a few moments when she suddenly there was a loud squeaky dry fart and she went "OH! DAMN!" I heard a short of crackling sound ,and she put her hand up her skirt at the back raising it and revealing her white cotton briefs and as she had her back to me I could see the tell tale bulge in the seat making it obvious that she had done a jobbie in her underpants. As I watched with a mixture of fascination and horror I saw the bulge grow quickly in size as she was doing quite a big jobbie as she usually did and soon the seat of her knickers was pushed out at the back rather like the way a man's underpants are pushed out at the front when he has an erection. Now luckily for her it was a very solid firm turd and didnt squash up and make a mess, so with great presence of mind she carefully stepped out of her knickers and I was able to see the big brown lump in the seat before she got my brother, who had done nothing, to stand up as she held her underpants over the pan and dropped the jobbie into the water with a loud "sploonk!", before wiping her bum then stepping into a clean pair of panties. Needless to say her efforts in toilet training proved counter productive that day as my young brother did nothing down the toilet but later filled his underpants then sat down in them making a far greater mess than mum who had got away with only a large skid mark in her knickers. It took a lot to get Trevor clean as I have said, and he continued to have accidents in his underpants until he was about 8. It wasn't that he didn't know that he needed to go but, unlike myself, he was a bit shy about using the school toilets although I would accompany him to protect him against bullies etc. Eventually he seemed to get the idea however and the accidents stopped when he went up to Junior School from the Infants.

Mel, I just dont see the problem. I always pee in the privacy of a cubicle (stall to US readers) and have done so since I was a kid and it doesnt inconvenience me one bit. I also prefer to sit to pee anyway and, as I have previously written, this has the advantage if one suddenly finds that a turd is on its way down as well, you dont have a big accident in your knickers.I hate urinals as dirty smelly things anyway and loathe the idea of standing in a puddle of another man's piss as most blokes miss when they pee and sprinkle all over. Maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't see your problem. Lots of blokes have a nervous stricture as its called and cope with it by going into a cubicle and peeing in private, so just do this when the need arises. What's the big kick out of pissing up against a wall with other blokes watching anway?????? Harry, congratulations on the whopper you passed. I did one somewhat similar today. I was working on site and after stopping at a motorway service area I did a big firm 12 inch long by 2 inch fat carrot shaped jobbie. Unlike yours however it came out very slowly but this was an enjoyable experience, it went into the toilet pan with a "Floomp!" I also felt that there was more up there but didnt have the time to wait. I got on site and after the installation was complete I felt the need to go again. This time I did another big jobbie of the same size but this one was softer and curved round in the pan like a big sausage and made almost no sound. Unlike your efforts both of my motions stuck in the pans. Finally, has Lindsey passed another big jobbie yet?

I am a long distance truck driver, and I usually take one crap per day. Monday night about 3:30 a.m. I pulled into a small truck stop, not the large chain types, which I dont like cause of their food. I figgured I would crap , so i hit the restroom, finding two stalls without doors, and only a rotting wooden partition between them. Both were occupied, but one guy, who looked like he weighed close to 400 pounds, was very accomidating, and said he was just about done. He than took one sheet of toilet tissue out of the dispenser. (you know the type, like a mini- paper-hand towel dispenser) and wiped his butt. He pulled his jeans up, and zipped and snapped, then adjusted his suspenders. He attempted to flush, by pushing the wall mounted button, but there was no action, sheepishly, he said, "sorry buddy, I tried" I laughed, and said, "no problem" What could I say, the guy was really embarrased. Anyway, as I got ready to sit down , of course I looked into the bowl, and couldmn't believe what was inside. There were probably 13 "2 to 3' inch turds all floating on the top of the water. I didn't want to stand and count them cause he was still washing up at the sink. There was only his one sheet of tissue, so I assume that all the logs came from him. And the seat was very , very warm, so I figgured he was sitting there for quite a while. So I layed my cable on top of his, and left without flushing also. I just never saw so many turds at one time in the same place. Good to be home.

Friday, October 23, 1998

Brent: I use glycerin suppositories. I don't use them all the time, but they work very well for me occasionally. Andy: Maybe you should try a suppository--they are very quick and effective.

Shortbus, yeah, that is pretty amazing that the ring was not lost forever. But I hear that if a ring or any piece of jewelry is flushed down a toilet, it won't go all the way down because it is too heavy. I didn't really believe that until I saw the movie Sleeping With an Enemy when Julia Roberts flushed her wedding ring down the toilet, and her evil husband found it shortly afterwards. But then again, if its the weight of the jewelry that causes it to resurface, it seems strange that Harry was able to flush carrot sticks down his toilet and not have them resurface. To Harry> Have you ever flushed food that wouldn't go down the first time, or resurfaced later?

Vector,I too find when I hold my turds in a long time and then get the chance to let them drop that I fart a lot afterwards. The post farts are really loud and sometimes smell worse than the ones let go prior to the dump. I guess that compreseed gas really absorbs all the stink of the turds and the more turds are stored the more potent the farts are. Andre I too think there are different and interesting sound made whem someone pees. I often wonder if everyone always pees the same way or if people vary the way they pee. Sometimes i like to pee quietly,but other times I make a lot of noise. Usually I make the nice when peeing in the toilet as opposed to a urinal where peeing on the wall makes much less noise. Peeing into the drain of the urinal creates a whole different sound.

I want to bring up another item about my school experience which was opposite of Cindy's. In Jr. H.S., I was in one class where the teacher was pretty cool. At the beginning of the school year, he mentioned about going to the bathroom. He said that you din't have to ask permission or anything. If you needed to go, go do it and be back. He said if you had to go because you were sick, run like hell and go.
On Cindy's experience, I'm surprised there wasn't any lawsuit that came from the detention bathroom setup.

I was wondering if there is anyone reading this who finds the whole thing of going to the lav a little strange and uncomfortable, because I do. I am an ordinary guy, not particularly shy, infact quite the opposite, however when it comes to simple lavatotial situations I just go to pieces. Where as most blokes just pull out there fella and go absolutely antwhere infront of anyone I have to go to a private location and do my stuff. It is really annoying because it ruins so many nights out etc. I find myself holding it in until I get home which hasn't proven to be a problem as such other than always dying for a piss. And when I am in a public place I can't bring myself to use a urinal next to other blokes especially not my friends, this has led to a whole manner of bezaar situations in which I make up odd stories to avoid public relief. It is depressing me because I am often with my friends when they decide to just piss there and then, how liberating that must feel, god damn it, I have the male privelage and don't use it. Having said that I will get it out in the city if the only other option is to pee myself and I once had a piss in central London to prevent this but even then I waited until the last second. Am I alone in this behaviour?, can I break this annoying habbit? will I be able to have a group slash with my friends one day? The only good to come from all of this is my fantastic ability to hold in my yellow and brown, I could do it for England. I could tell you a great holding it in story but it will have to be later, I'm dying for a poop.

Well, to make it short and to the point...Yesterday, I had to make two trips to the toilet to dump loads...The first one, I passed two 6 inch (about 15 cm) long "torpedoes" as some of you call them, but couldn't get anymore out, so I wiped and flushed...Then last night at work, I suddenly got the urge to take a crap, so I hurried off to the bathroom, locked the door behind me, as there is no stall with walls in this bathroom, unbuttoned my jeans (I was wearing Levi 501's), and sat down...No sooner than just sitting down on the seat, I felt my anal opening dilate to the fullest, and then I took a deep breath and pushed...In less than 15 seconds, I had given birth to a 12 inch or a little longer monster that curled around the bowl...After passing it, I let a heavy sigh of relief, and felt much lighter...I then wiped, only taking two times before the paper was clear, pulled up my jeans and re-buttoned them, took a look at what I had produced, and flushed it...It went down with on! ly one flush... Needless to say...I enjoy having large movements, as I feel more satisfied getting rid of them, than smaller ones that leave me still feeling like I need to get rid of more...

Arlen - How did you manage to "let it go at the same time as her" if you were "so aroused"?

Vector, I too have heard women talk about "nice bathrooms." What it means in my mind is a clean, attractive bathroom, with a clean, comfortable toilet seat, clean sink, adequate soap and towels, ect. Women think my bathroom at home is a "nice bathroom" and they go a lot more often if the bathroom is nice. The bathrooms at school are also usually "nice." Blue tile walls, attractive sinks and counters, large contoured white plastic toilet seats and a shiny floor. Many girls however, like to hold it like Julie and Candi do, and let out their piss at the end of the day. Quite a few girls blow snot onto the walls in order to gross each other out, which I wipe off. They also kiss the mirrors and throw tampons onto the back of the toilet. Each day there is at least one whopper in a toilet and other toilets have skid marks so I get to see what they got out of class for.

Hi everybody, this is a cool site! Silke, you have an interesting family! Maybe we meet on a beach sometime... My girlfriend and I like to go to the beach after a long night of partying, to sit there and drink lots of water and flush out all of the impurities from the night before. The beach which we usually to to is large, with a long distance to the showers / toilets. Lissa is in the habit of digging a (her term for it) "poo-pee hole" in the sand, that we cover up with the corner of the blanket. If she needs to relieve herself, she wraps the blanket around her waist, and sits there going while in full view of anyone passing by. Of course, she waits until there is nobody nearby before getting up, wiping, and covering up the hole a bit. The expressions on her face are a constant turn on for me of course. I have always just sat on the edge of my towel, and done my wee into the sand. I did use her hole once when I had to poo. Fortunately the beach was deserted, I don't know how she can sit so long doing her business when folks are walking around. But I do like watching her.

Happy Camper
I have been real busy so I hadn't signed on in over two weeks, but since I am home ill today, I was able to catch up on all the old posts. A word on "doorless" stalls. Most of the bathrooms along the Southern California beaches have doorless stalls. But these don't interest me, since I don't get a buz watching guys poop. My buz comes from watching women poop, and letting them watch me. Anyone know what happened to pooping girl? Haven't seen her around here lately.

To Vector...I always seem to have a fart attack after a good dump too. Usually they are odorless, but occasionally get more rotten later. I am regular, but it seems to occur after a larger than normal dump. Take care...

hey its me again. to steph yes that has happened to me and it almost cause an accident too. one day i was playing nintendo when the feeling to go poop came. i held it for a long time but then i could not focus on playing. i had ti pause the game lots of times and make my tushie close cousin then came and said if i wanted to go to the big mall which was a long ways away. i said yes but let me go poop first. i waddled over there and when i got there the feeling went away. i thought it was funny. i said fine you dont want to come out now then you can stay in we went half way there i got the feeling again but really really really really bad.i felt my tushie opening and i told my cousin i was about to poop my pants. he said didnt you do that. i said it changed its mind. so he got of the road and went down a dirt road and i got off. i would never never go outside to poop but sometimes i dont have a choice. well this was one time. i almost tore off my overalls as my cousin came with some paper. i squated down with him there pooping poop that felt like bricks coming out of me. i said now you wanted to come out when theres no potty for me to use. but let there be a potty and you dont want to. we both laughed afterwards. next time even if it decides to stay in im kicking poop out. its my body anyways. thanks for listening to a silly 7 years old girl. bye.

Once I was out hiking in the woods near my home with a female freind. We had walked about 3 miles and we were drinking water constantly as we talked. She decided that she wanted to take a rest beside a tree so we stoped and sat with our backs to the tree. I had a crush on this particular woman and was trying to get her to go on a date with me for some time. I brought up the subject again about us dating and she said there was something about her she wanted me to know. I said "What is that"? "I will tell you in a minute first I must relieve myself". She was wearing a pair of denim cut offs and they were very short. I fully expected her to get up and walk over to the others side of the tree out of my sight and go. To my surprise she didn't at all. She pulled the fabric of her shorts over to the side and let out a stream that went at least 5ft in the air, as she did this she closed her eyes and moaned a little. She looked absolutly stunning. I was so aroused and surprised that I did the same thing. I pulled my shorts to the side and let it go at the same time as her! It was sooo exciting and strange. After she was done she opened her eyes and saw that I was going too! This was what she wanted to tell me was that she was into public relief! I had never done this before and it was so expressive and free. We dated a few times and everytime we had a similar experiance. She was one of a kind and I would like very much to find another one like her.

Hi everyone! I haven't been online lately, I am so gosh-darn busy! I have yet another dance performance to go to, and this one should be awesome. I get to be one of the front line dancers, I'm so proud of myself! I also just had my 1-year aniversary with my boyfriend, and he surprised me by taking me to a dance concert where I got to meet JOEL HALL!! he arranged it all, I was so happy I cried. (for all who don't know who that is, He's a wonderful dancer, and he's my idol!! ) anyway, The point i'm getting to is, how on earth should I tell Jon about my interest in defication and urination? It's finally our 1-year mark, we have grown so very close, and I can tell him everything, but for some reason, I just cant find a way to tell him this. If anyone has any ideas, they would be most appreciated. thanks a bunch, As Always, Candi

to embarrassed to tell/ Diarrhea accident
Last night my boy friend came over and we both watched T.V. suddenly I got severe stomache cramps and knew I had to fart really bad and I was not for sure if I had to poop or not so I excused my self to go to the bathroom. ( I was wearing a skirt.) As I got up from the couch I could barely move because I had to fart so bad and right as I started to walk towards the bathroom my boyfriend grabed my ass and then I acidently let it out and to my surprise it was indeed a big wet bubbly fart that made a grose noise and then a giant load of diarreah it filled my panties and got all over my boyfriend. My boyfriend immediatly left my house and the next day of shcool every one was laffing at me and teasing me because my boyfriend who broke up with me told every one he knew.

Jasmine, many years ago my uncle lost his wedding ring. He had no idea what happened to it. Several years later he removed the toilet to do some repairs. He found the ring! I believe it was visible in the toilet bowl after he moved it. Where-ever that ring was hiding, you'd think a turd would have moved it on down the line after all those years.

Last night, my wife and I were over at a friend's house (Apartment) to watch Monday Night Football and we also cooked outside. We had bratwurst with Saurkraut for lunch. It was very good. About an hour later, I got the familiar cramps and thought, "I have to shit and real soon". In the apartment, there is the family room and then down the hall is the laundry stuff, first bathroom and master bedroom. Inside the master bedroom is another hall to the 2nd bathroom. I used the 2nd bathroom since it was going to be a nasty dump and it was. The gas almost smelled like methane. If you lit a match, my intestines would have been a nasty bomb. It sure felt good afterward.

well...I am back....incase you didn't know I am the person who requested more peeing stories....this time I remembered to put in my name linda....thanks very much for your story....I ejoyed it greatly, and also Kyle, I enjoyed yours heaps. Now I am going to share a story of mine I said before that I often hold on too long to go to the toilet ot do a pee.....well, today I had a very bad experience with that.... I had really badly needed to pee for a couple of hours, but I love the "full bladder" feeling.....(does anyone else like this feeling or am I the only weird person who does?) Anyway, I was at school, and decided that I'd better go to the toilet or I wouldn't be able to hold on any longer. There was only about ten minutes to go till the end of the class, and I would usually have waited that time, but I knew I just couldn't wait this time so I put up my hand to ask permission to go, knowing that if the teacher wouldn't let me go, I'd have a bit of trouble! And, guess what....she wouldn't let me go!! So I started to squirm around real bad, and cluth onto myself to try to stop it coming out. I decided I had to let a little squirt out coz it was getting really painful....I relaxed a little bit and let a bit slip out....this usually means I can hold on about five minutes more, and that was how long I had till I could get to a toilet by that time.....but, to my surprise and horror, once I relaxed, I couldn't regain control, and my pee flooded out in a stream, saturated my panties and skirt, and dripped off the chair onto the floor....I had wet my pants I was so embarrassed I started to cry....and ran to the toilet leaving a stream behind the time I got there there was nothing left to get out.....I went to the school office and got them to ring my mum for some clean clothes.....I don't want to go back tomorrow!!!

I was traveling with my daughter and her friend last weekend when we needed a pee, so we stopped at a convenience store along the highway. Unlike Vector's recent experience, the private men's room was amazingly spotless. When I came out, my daughter was still in the women's. I noticed a young woman standing by the shelves of merchandise. From her expression and posture, I could see that she was desperate, probably for a pee, maybe a poop. I tried not to embarrass her by staring, but she made it obvious in saying under her breath, "Oh, I really need a bathroom!" My daughter still hadn't finished, so, trying to be helpful, I said, "Excuse me, but these are one-person rest rooms with locks. The men's is free and it's very clean." Well, she looked at me as though I had come from the far side of the moon, so I ignored her and waited until my daughter came out. The woman then went in without looking at us. I only meant to help, but I guess her embarrassment was greater than her desperation. About Frank's question on women walking in, once when we lived somewhere else, I locked myself out of our apartment one day and needed a motion really badly. I knocked on our Korean neighbor's door and asked the wife if I could use the bathroom. She had no problem with that. Once there, I sat down and pooped immediately, a large, soft one. Then I noticed too late that the paper roll was empty. What else could I do? I called the lady of the house, who asked through the door what was wrong. She soon came back and entered, after knocking, with a fresh roll. "Is this the one you're looking for?" she asked with a smile, handing it to me. I also noticed that she shot a look at my bare behind and didn't seem to mind that at all. Neither did I. It was a little exciting and no, Frank, you're not weird for thinking it is, too.

Has anyone ever found that you sometimes have a lot more farts when you just dumped a huge load than you did before you dumped? I think that all those terds hold the gasses back and you have trouble letting them out so you have to let it fly when you get done dumping. Has anyone ever done this? I remember once that I had to go to the pot really bad and I couldn't wait, I had so much poop that I could hardly walk. When I got to the bathroom I unloaded about three or four huge Air-to-ground missiles and then tried to flush the pot. It was no use, it was overflowing with poop. (I guess I should have gone outside) Once I did get rid of all of those terds I could finally move again. The only problem was that I had alot of stinky gas that had been trapped inside me for all that time while I had the terds. I had no sooner goten on the bus than when I let a really loud fart. This is kind of a two-in-one in the respect that were were at the art gallery and there were all these distinguished people there and they had to suffer the rath of the monster turds that I had contributed to their colection, ha ha ha! There is just somthing interesting about dumping at a very public and yet civilized place like that. My girlfriend had a different take on the whole matter in that she will only dump in a place that is what she considers to be "nice bathrooms." I asked her what it was that made a place a nice bathroom and she just gave me a confusing responce. I guess if a place has "nice bathrooms" or not is mainly a girl thing and you will have to ask a girl because I don't really know what that means. For me, a nice bathroom would be one that was at the right place at the right time, wouldn't that be nice? :) To the women out there. . . .is there the naturally occuring phenomanon that occurs in which your entire opinion is influenced by wheather or not the place had a "nice bathroom?" I know it is this way for most all of the girls that I know. What about you? -Vector

Ref. pee stories: George, I don't agree with you that peeing is just the shadow while pooing is the true substance. Pooing is surely more interesting, but peeing is more often - to my experience, out of a hundred anonymous listenings-in from cubicle to cubicle in an office or pub restroom it's 95 times pee and only five times poo. I think peeing can also cause very interesting sound effects, depending on the following variables: - the volume of the content of the the bladder,
- the pressure applied,
- the physique of the person urinating (big/small peehole),
- whether the pee is hitting water or white wall,
- if pauses are being made or not (to be continued).
Of course, all sorts of noises such as grunts, sighs, verbal utterances or even screams of pain and relief can be made in addition, paper handling causes sounds, and finally (but most interestingly) there may be farts which precede, accompany, or follow the peeing noises. Over my years as a passionate loo listener, I have been treated to a full scale of pee shows: from the bashful, barely audible ten-seconds murmur dribbling modestly against porcelain, to the whole-minute full pressure firehose imitation aiming deeply into the bull's eye, accompanied by dramatic exhalations and verbalizations of utmost relief, and started off by a violent, drawn-out, top volume expulsion of wind. By the way, I prefer listening in on ladies. But, to take matters to the extreme, there are also noteworthy pan performances which require neither pee nor poo! Once I witnessed a most memorable incident starring a lady whom I heard stepping up to her cubicle, shutting and bolting the door, unzipping and stripping, sitting down, straining and moaning, then letting out an endless series of noisome farts of all pitches, volumes, durations, and degrees of humidity, and then... nothing more! After some minutes of this, she continued to grunt and sigh, but... still nothing, not even a tinkle! Then, I heard her sigh and whisper to herself the old familiar couplet: „Here I sit all broken hearted, came to shit but only farted!" That really cracked me up. I had to bite my hand to avoid bursting with laughter. Good poops to you all, Andre.

All the recent posts about people grunting and talking while doing a motion reminds me of an incident which occured when I was about 7 or so and involving my two cousins Nicky, who was then 11 and Debbie then aged 9. We had been watching a film on the TV set in the Wild West and part of the story involved a woman giving birth. As this was the 1960s nothing too anatomical was shown only the woman laying on the bed with her legs drawn up and apart and grunting and gasping and gripping on to a towel tied to the end of the bed while she strained to give birth. Needless to say the camera did not give a close up of her private parts. A few days later, as kids do, we were playing and Nicola decided we should play out this part of the film. She acted the pregnant woman with myself as the doctor and Debbie the midwife. Nicola took off her skirt, lay on the bed and drew up her knees revealing her white cotton knickers (panties), she kept these on, and grabbed the towel and started to mimic the woman in the film going "OH! OH!" with Debbie and I urging her to "Bear down" and "Push!" as in the film. Suddenly she went "OH NO!" and at first we thought she was improvising on the drama but she then said "Im doing a jobbie in my knicks!" Debbie and I looked as she lept up off the bed and saw a bulge start to form in the seat of her panties, pushing them away from her bottom. It was a big turd and soon made them droop down at the back between her legs. Quickly she went into the toilet and emptied the large mass of squashed poo into the toilet pan and cleaned herself changing into clean knickers. Of course my aunt observed her soiled knickers in the laundry and asked what had happened. Nicola said she had been taken short and my Aunt Helen accepted this as we can all have the occasional accident, and she had done so herself. We all kept quiet as to the real reason but our amateur dramatics were a lot less enhusiastic after that! Has anyone else ever had an accident in such play acting or other games?

Many kids in high school move their bowels before or after lunch. They are either making room for lunch or eating lunch causes them to get the urge. In one school where I work, there are four lunch periods, from 10:30 AM until 1:30, so the toilets are constantly in use. I have had to enter the restrooms about 12:00 to replenish the toilet paper. Some of the girls complained about running out of toilet paper during the day. If they are having their periods, they will use 5-6 wads of toilet paper when changing tampons, and then another 5-6 wads to wipe after moving their bowels. I continue to get a buzz out of taking care of them and their restrooms.

Hi guys! Jeff A., I loved your last post. You're absolutely right about teachers (and other authority figures) not being "gods." Being forced to bare oneself at school (or anyplace else, for that matter) is one of the worst things imaginable [I've never been forced to do so myself, nor do I personally know anyone who has, but it must be AWFUL]. Jeff, I think you are SO COOL (being a Dead-head; holding similar views to mine- keeping an open and tolerant mind and being concerned with one's personal liberties and such...)- I love ya! :) Redneck, good point about some schools not putting up doors on the stalls to prevent students from smoking, using drugs, or even "making out" [yes, the latter did occur in my high school, though not by me], but a majority of high school students (I graduated in 1996) do not smoke or do drugs (contrary to popular media opinion- Jeff, I also liked your line about "media manipulation"), so I don't see why a majority should be prevented from going to the bathroom with some decency due to a minority who use the bathroom for "illicit" purposes. What's up, Christine? I'm glad you and Jodi (say "hi" to her for me, please- I haven't heard from her in several days) have found a way to get your "duties" done before your morning jog. I've experienced the opposite problem- that is, having the urge to go, sometimes very strongly (this is for both pee and poop, btw) when I'm away from a toilet, or am just very busy with something, but losing that urge once I'm able to get to a bathroom. Has this happened to everyone else? I've been pretty "regular" (bathroom-wise) lately [and so have my roommates, sensing (no pun intended) by the smells they've left in the bathroom :)], so that's it for today. Peace and love to all, Steph

Hello all. I found this forum by accident (so to speak) and wanted to relate something interesting from yesterday morning. I was changing my cat's kitty litter (much a mess I might add) at about 6AM (central time) when I felt the urge to go. This in and of itself is odd since I almost never go in the morning. Anyway, what made this even more unusual was how quickly the turd came out (roughly 1 minute) and how clean it was (virtually no wiping). Also, I've noticed many females on here stating that they like to pull their feet in on tippy toes when going. I am just the opposite as I put my feet out and this gives me more leverage...Mike

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

After yesterdays advise I will patiently wait and keep my fingers crossed that my interesting little story about the elementry school will find its way to this site [happy now? :)] I just wanted to know if anyone has ever had any experience with going to the bathroom in an airport? I have had this experience before and I found it to be very interesting. Hundreds of people waiting to poop and at least twenty other people pooping with you at the same time. The smell however does leave something to be desired, it is phenominal! You just have to experience it I guess. Let me know if you have had an experience with it.

rience for you, It has to do with a slightly embarrassing experience. I was in the elementry school the other day when I noticed that there was a organiztional meeting of some sort going on at the cafiteria. I thought that I might see if there was anyone going that I knew, but first I had to find the bathroom. I went down to the 4th or 5th grade pod and cruised into the stall and shut the door, it was out of repair so the friction held it there. I didn't see a turn lock so I just pulled my pants down and sat my butt on the seat. Not long after I was seated I let a good bit of wind out in a long squeeky fart and exhaled. Sudenly I heard a female voice talking to another female and they were getting closer. "oh no" I said, I knew that it was the custodians comming. I just sat there and knew that I couldn't get up because I was already there. They came in and started working on moping the floors on the other side. I just sat there and pressed a little. In what seemed like no time they were to the side that I was on. I would have thought that they would have checked for "legs underneath the stall" before they would have mopped but they just came on in. Suddenly they pushed on the door to my stall and it swung open. "hello" I said bashfully, "I am almost finnished" I said "you can mop in here in a second." They were embarassed as I was. I had no choice to sit there on the pot and press some more hoping that I would be thru soon and that I could leave. I grunted a little and with a loud fart, and a distinctive crackle the long medium firm log was plooped into the toilet. "excuse me" I said after making so much poop noise and so much stink. I wiped and threw the toilet paper into the toilet, got my pants on and left the two female custodians there in embarassment with my stinky pot. I normaly flush but I was too embarrassed after they looked on me while I pressed out a terd and they saw the relieved look on my face. I just know that I was a bright shade of red. Has anyone ever had a strange experience with the custidians in your school?

I accidently discovered this site. I thought you may like to hear about this (and I am starting to get interested myself too). I am not a wetter in that I enjoy wetting myself, however... When I really have to go badly, i.e. holding it in starts hurting, I will do "it" in my knickers provided other people won't notice it, otherwise I'll will try to hold onto it, even until nature takes its course (which happened once to me). I am 38 years old and I probably have wet myself about a dozen times or so, every time in a situation where I could stop for a while in a place where I could slightly spread my legs and pee without other people noticing it. Every time I was wearing a rather short skirt such that I could just "walk away from my accident" without other people being able to see evidence of my accident. I once even pooped myself in such a situation. I was about 15 (walking) minutes from home, I was wearing a long coat over a skirt, tight panty hose and tight knickers (so I knew I could let it go without too much damage) and I had to go badly (I could even still hardly walk). Without anybody close to me I stopped in front of a shop's window, pretending to study something in the window and just let go. I am wondering whether I am the only person soiling her/himself in such a situation?

Hallo, this is the continuation of my storie I wrote yesterday. We went back to our car and I changed my wet bathing suit. After that we drove to another shore . we searched a lot but I must warn you, there are no nice beaches in that part of the country, only shores with sharp stones and big rocks. It was my time to poop, but I was still ashamed about my wetting so I hold the poop back. Finally next to the Italien border we found a place where the stones were not so sharp and we decided to take a bath here after that hot day in the car. It was also a kind of public bath with an old shower and dressing-room buiding and squat-type WC's. It was 7 pm and all people have gone home to their hotel, so we were alone at that "beach". My mother said that we could swim naked because no one is here and my bathing suit was dirty. I stood there naked and could not hold my poop much longer .I wobbeld from one leg on the other and hold my bottom and my vagina. I said: Mum I have to poop real real bad. She send me to one of buildings. I ran to the next building and I felt that a turd slides out as I opened the door. It was the womans shower room. I only had the time to go two steps away from and spread my legs. Ooahhh I said as a big load of turds falls on the floor. I was so happy that no one was inside because that had been a disaster for me if somebody strange had saw me relieving at this strange-place. After some minutes my mother came in with tp. But she has to wait, because I stood there more than 15 minutes pressing out that turds. My mother said that I have all time of the world, because my father and my sister were in the water and they will poop too. My mother looked out of the door and told me that there is still no one and she has again these cramps. She laid down the tp on the floor and came next to me where she lent forward and started to press. I was peeing as her first turd came out. Oooooah prrrrt-prrrrt I heard and than she farted loud and long. But nothing comes. I had finished pooping and I let out a river of pee which floated the ground and it runs also under my mothers feets. She smiled and said .Don't care I wiil wash me feet in the sea-oooooooah and again a fart came out. I began to wipe and I saw that my mother was successfull. A long turd came out, and than a second, a third, and so on. She also stood there for 10 minutes as my father came in. He saw the two piles and said that he had better used a gas-mask in this room. He and my sister had pooped behind a rock outside- I saw their piles and the tissues as I went for a swim. But he was correct, there was a horrible smell in that room. My mother changed her tampon, wiped after she had peed several minutes and said that she will now make bad air . She farted again and we all must laugh. Than we took a bath in the sea for about 1 hour . But before we drove direction to our home we all 4 pissed in that shower-building. The smell was not so strong anymore but you could saw two big piles in the growing darkness. We only went in and squatted/ stood next to the door because no body wants to step in our piss-lakes and shit-piles. We drove home, and reached our hotel while we sleep, so we don't needed another stop. The day was interesting but very very hard and long- we were happy as we could fall into our bed. Next time I will write you about the things we saw in Paris last weekend. But by the way, where are the "old fighters" from the time of the beginning of this forum. I remember a nice storie from Fuerteventura. Are you still here? Tell us more of your stories! Bye for now.

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