Doctor's Office Restroom Visit and Replies

Sounds like Helga was a bit of a troublemaker. You definitely have some interesting stories about her!

@Victoria & Robyn
Glad to see you're back! Congratulations on moving in together! I always love reading your posts. They are always so descriptive and genuine. I also enjoyed reading your separate responses to Taylor's question. In fact, it's prompted me to answer it myself.

You had a great couple of stories about using the temporary restrooms as well as the newly remodeled restrooms at the supermarket. In response to your question, there is a certain position that every toilet seat has that is optimal. I'm a taller, bigger boned person, so I definitely make use of whatever room I have on a toilet seat. There seems to be a certain point on most seats where I don't sit all the way back, but I sit to where my butt sort of slides into the hole of the seat and fills it. If you were to see me sitting on the toilet, it would probably look like I had maybe 2 or 3 inches of space behind my butt on the seat. My wife seems to sit a little more forward than I do if she's peeing, but likes to settle into a similar position to me if she's pooping. She's not as tall as I am, but still pretty tall for a female, and has a shapely butt, so I think she naturally just fills the seat out.

Great post about buddy dumping in public! The more I experience and the more I read this forum, I don't think it's so odd to enjoy having a pooping buddy. I definitely don't get nearly as intrigued hearing another guy pooping as I do a woman, but I still find it amusing to hear other guys farting and plopping away.

Today, I had a routine checkup with my doctor as well as an appointment with a specialist, both at the same building. I was in the waiting room waiting for the specialist to call my name when I felt a small urge to pee. I thought that I would just wait for her to call my name and quickly stop into the restroom on the way to the exam room. She called my name, but as I entered her office area, I saw that the bathroom door was shut with a woman waiting outside. Just as we walked by, a guy came out and she went in, so I thought I'd just hold it until later on, being that I didn't want to hold up my appointment and didn't have a super strong urge yet. After that appointment, I was in a hurry to get to my next appointment, so I kept ignoring my urge, despite passing an empty bathroom on the way. Luckily, my urge still wasn't very strong.

I went to the other part of the building to go see my doctor, and I was promptly greeted by the nurse, who quickly led me to the exam room. She did some basic tests and told me that Doctor B would visit me shortly. As I sat there, I started to develop an urge to poop as well, which I was confident that I could hold off until the end of my appointment. There is a bathroom right next to the exam room, and I heard someone enter it. I couldn't hear what was going on in that bathroom very well, but it sounded like whoever was using it dropped the seat and was peeing, which made me assume it was a woman. That sound died down and I didn't hear anything more for a couple minutes. I was pretty sure whoever was in there was pooping. Maybe a minute or two later, I heard the distinct sound of the commercial toilet flushing, and then the sink running. I heard the bathroom door open, and then heard footsteps walking towards the exam room. I heard Doctor B knock on the door, so I told her to come in. She told me that she was sorry to keep me waiting, but she had to take a quick bathroom break. I told her that it was no problem. Doctor B is in her early 40's, and is a very attractive woman, so it was intriguing to me to know that she was in fact pooping on the other side of the wall. As weird as it sounds, it made it easier to open up to her about different very personal medical things that I wanted to address.

When we finished, I told her that I needed to use the restroom and she told me that she'd get me my paperwork by the time I was done. I went in, locked the door, and went over to the toilet. I noticed a small light brown skidmark in the bowl, so I was pretty sure that Doctor B did in fact poop. The seat was spotless, so I let my clothes drop to the floor and sat my bare butt on what I found to be a pretty comfortable seat. I moved way back on the seat and aimed my penis into the bowl for my pee. Once I finished my pee, I scooted forward on the seat to the point where my butt sunk into the hole more, if that makes sense. I let out a soft fart and felt a decent sized log poke its way out. It crackled out of me and slowly dropped with a thud. I leaned forward and had another piece that felt similar come out. It made a decent plop in the bowl. I sat for a bit more, letting out some smaller pieces. I was feeling empty when I heard a knock at the door. I said "someone's in here." I heard the nurse say "don't worry, take your time, I have your paperwork when you're done." I started rolling off paper, and scooted forward to wipe. I knew that rolling off the paper would be a dead giveaway that I was pooping, but I had talked to both the nurse and doctor about my bowel habits and such, so I wasn't too concerned. When I finished, the nurse was waiting by the door. She smiled at me, handed me my papers, and told me to have a nice day. She went in, and I quickly heard her sit down and start peeing. I definitely left a bit of a smell, but obviously not enough to bother her. I felt a pretty good sense of trust and fellowship being able to poop after Doctor B and having that nurse go in right after me, all without having judgements of each other.

Emma two

Pooing in the woods with Sarah

I was busting for a poo this morning and I thought it would be nice to do it in the woods again. I grabbed a toilet roll from the bathroom and told Sarah I was going to the woods to have a number two. She asked me if she could come with me and I said that would be great. We drove to the woods as Sarah was desperate to go and when we got there we parked the car and I noticed Sarah seemed to be in a hurry to get into the woods. We found a nice place where no one could see us and Sarah quickly pulled her jeans and knickers down and she squatted right in front of me. I told her to wait for me but she said she couldn't and I watched her release a huge load of soft poo onto the dirt below her bare bottom. She looked so relieved and it made me feel even more desperate than ever and I felt my poo trying to come as I pulled my own jeans down knickers down. I squatted down opposite Sarah as she peed a real flood and I relaxed for a couple of seconds before I felt my poo coming out. I pushed gently as I peed and I did a healthy seven inch poo and it was quickly followed by another about the same size. I pushed again and did a five inch poo and I was done. It was a relief and we wiped with the toilet roll I'd brought along and after pulling our clothes back up we walked away leaving our steaming and smelly piles behind.


Locker rooms, showers and crapping

My first semester of high school I had the worst schedule. PE first hour.
I was 14 and knew that I meant well, but as he smallest girl (less than 4 feet) I just wasn't confident about starting my day changing into my gym shorts and shirt, getting all sweaty, showering (required) and getting ready for my second hour (math--my hardest subject). I would pee at home, and a few times crap too, but it was awkward that later I would have to do that again in the locker room. Our teacher was like a military drill instructor with a whistle and mean voice. I think there were about 30 of us in the class. There was only one private shower at the end of the row of about 6 or 7 toilets. None of the toilets had a privacy door or curtain. While sitting you could get splashed from some of the horseplay in the large, open showers and often there were a group of us competing when he shower became available. Sometimes one of us would get pushed aside, especially if they felt we were taking too long or messing with the water controls too much. One girl slipped on the wet floor and bruised her hip. Others sitting on the toilets across from the showers were constantly calling her Cow and mooing because she was slipping as she tried to get back on her feet.

On my worst day I had earned more points in basketball by playing aggressively (my only option due to my height). Right after the whistle and Dress command came, I beat the others to the private shower. While cleaning myself and a couple of minutes ahead of schedule, I realized that all my exertion had stimulated my bowels. I silently curse to myself as I grabbed a dry towel and was drying my hair and face until a toilet opened. I immediately seated myself up on it with my feet dangling. That was usual for me. On my side, though, was the fact that my craps were normally soft and came out with one noisy splurge that got me off the stool and out of there sooner. Some of my friends admired that ability because it enabled me to take many of my craps during passing periods, and often with time to spare, or rude remarks or insults. I did a couple of wipes from my seat and then jumped down and flushed.

My mistake came when I opened my locker, took out my clothing, laid it on the bench in front of me, while I finished drying off my upper and lower body. Dumb, I know, because of my size and lack of confidence, but I was sitting on my midsection on this white, metal bench with my legs spread. The end-of-class bell surprised me and I quickly threw my clothing on. As I was pulling my leg over the bench this royally rude girl next to me shouted out Look at Tlana's Benchmark. Yes, it was a brown smear under me where I sat then I left. I was in tears for most of my run to math. Before that, and after that, both my mom and aunt got on me when they saw skids, smears or whatever you want to call them in my underwear. So when I started child-sitting and earned some of my own money, I must have invested in at least four, 3-packs of black underwear. I still wear more black than any other color today. Now you know the reason.


Reply to Jennifer

@ Jennifer - That's an interesting question about the special spot on men and large movements. First, it seems difficult for men to answer that if they aren't experienced with stimulation of that spot. Surprisingly, there are many men who are still unsure, insecure, or lead to believe that straight men shouldn't receive pleasure there. That's to say, you may not getting many or fully informed opinions on this.

With that said, it seems that all genders experience poo-phoria from large movements and that's certainly true for me. However, I am also quite familiar with the good feelings from that special spot. True stimulation of that spot can feel quite acute and that's not the feeling I get from holding or passing a large movement. It could be for someone else, though. Still, I wouldn't rule out some broad pressure to that area causes some minor contributory stimulation. However, access to that spot also has its good feelings and those are much more closely related to passing a large movement, at least for me.

Now, to your other question about deliberately holding it in order to stimulate that spot or otherwise. I don't think i could hold it for an extra day even if i wanted. I don't know if you've read my other posts but used to be an athlete back in college and these days I'm a bit of fitness enthusiast. My training sessions can be pretty long on some days and require quite a bit of caloric in-take, usually 3,500 - 4,500 cals daily. As you can probably imagine, that food has to go somewhere. Sometimes, i will miss a day, especially now that i don't drink coffee, but it's never on purpose.


A quick reply

Victoria and Robyn - exciting news! I'm really happy for you both. Thank you for answering my question!

I suppose I should answer it too. When I'm peeing I don't pay too much attention to where I sit. I pull my clothes down to my knees and just sit down on the toilet, as long as I have enough room to reach between my legs to wipe I'm happy. When pooping I will pull down my clothes to my calves and sit as far back as possible, leaving enough room to wipe. I used to lower them to my ankles but I've had a few incidents where my clothes would start falling off my feet! I also have wide hips and find it the most comfortable for me, especially on a curved seat!


Response to Sofie

Hey Sofie, I read your story. I wouldn't worry too much about your boyfriend noticing any smell back there. I can remember when my wife and I were just dating and we were spending time together and I noticed she didn't wipe quite well enough. She must have pooped before I picked her up that evening because I noticed a little bit of toilet paper stuck in her crack and a bit of a smell there too. But I didn't say anything because I figured she would be embarrassed. And over the years doing laundry we have both had skid marks on our underwear and we've never made mention of it. It is what it is and it happens to all of us! Take care.


Comments + Story

Dear Winnie: the bath has made me pee before. Sometimes even without the tub running, I'm slightly squirming for a pee. I've never gone in the sink before, not even at school. I understand how you felt, because it sure beats wetting yourself. Not much of a poop story today other than I had diarrhea again. I stayed busy shredding, and almost microwaved raw breakfast sausage. My brother saved me from the possibility of even more diarrhea if by chance I didn't cook it right, and fixed it for me. Once, Mom farted, and I thought it was our big dog making noise. Speaking of dog, I have a cute toy one stuffed with styrofoam beads, and he even has a rod running down his back. I guess you could say he's pretty handy for carrying with that handle, lol! Just imagine if he was stuffed with TP, you could break into a secret stash, restuff him etc, and have a pretty toilet paper pouch in your room to look at. Anyway, everyone on here is continuing to submit great stories. Bye.

Anna from Austria
@LC Thanks for sharing your Library Story it was a interesting one.

It also reminded me of something that happend to me recently.

Until a few days I have never clocked a toilet in my life. I run into some broken toilets so I had to leave my bodily waste unflushed, or once at School I had to sh*it on someome else poop but that's it.

I never destroyed a toilet until recently.

it happend at a local bookstore.

I am curious now what my fellow ladies do when the Clock the public toilet and there is no way to repair the toilet by yourself. Do you report it and just saysing you found the toilet already clocked or do you just leave in shame?

I just left without saying anything after I was not able to find a Plunger. Reporting it and blaming it on somebody else would not have worked anyway. The doors at the toilet were very thin and the reading Corner was near the toilets. As everybody knows that have read my other stories I am a noisy pooper so I am sure somebody heard me. After Hearing my usual pooping nosies nobody would have believed me that it was not me who clogged the toilet.

That's it for today

Greetings from Austria


Sunday, November 07, 2021


Winnie the Pooh

Hey people, Thanks John H for the welcome I will try to post more sometimes I feel as I'm boring. So at today after lunch period I knew that nature was calling my name, So as walking to the bathroom full line mixture of peeing and pooping going on , I couldn't take it no longer I went over by the sink pulled down my jeans and panties hopped on the sink and let out some satisfying urine and some of the girls were applauding me and others were like gross but I didn't care about what they thought I wasn't going to be wet , so I started to fart the others girls thought I was going start to poop I said no I'm good just casual gas . But I got some paper from a girl who admire what I did after she came out of one of the stalls, . After I went to class once done in the bathroom but when I got home before supper I went to the bathroom upstairs and took everything off for my shower and soon as the shower was going good I had to drop my turds .


Outdoor dump

Hey everyone. Sorry it's been a while since my last post. Things in my life have been hectic and I don't get online much anymore but I figured I would share this story with all of you.
So this happened yesterday when I was out on a run. I had left the house not needing to poop and I had just gone pee, so I figured I would be good to go for a run. I got about a mile in to it, and I'm sweating because it's cold outside but my body is having to work harder to keep me warm while I sweat. I feel this urge that is all too familiar: I need to shit and it needs to be done NOW. So I thankfully was able to duck off in to a little spot that didn't have too much snow, and was in some bushes. So I went behind the bush, pulled my leggings and thong down, squatted and just let loose a solid stream of liquid poop. I didn't even feel like that's what it was gonna be, so it surprised me for sure. I pooped for a good two minutes on and off and when I finally finished, I realized that I didn't have anything to wipe with. Well, for those of you that grew up In cold states with snow, you probably know where this is headed. Yes, I grabbed handfuls of snow and used that to "clean" my butt hole. It was very cold and it certainly got my attention. I was surprised with how well I cleaned myself.

I felt so much better when it was all over. I couldn't believe the massive pile that was on the ground in the snow. I pulled my clothes back up and continued my run, but I decided a two mile run run trip was good enough for me for the day. Got home and took a long hot shower to thaw myself 😂.


Public bathroom analysis with Helga

This happened about 20-some years ago. I was 10 and it was one of those summers where my parents had to work and didn't have that much planned. I wanted to get started babysitting for some friends, but my parents said I was too young. So between the library and swimming at a couple of public pools my summer looked kind of dismal. Then this old lady on the other side of our street took in her granddaughter for several weeks. The girl was 9 and really smart. Also very adventurous. No way her 75 year old grandma would be able to keep up with her. So one morning I was on our toilet peeing and kind of messing around with my hand mirror when the doorbell rang. It was Helga who introduced herself. Her grandma had talked to my mother but mom had forgotten to tell me. So Helga took the porch swing and I finished my pee. I didn't want to keep her waiting so I cheated a little. When I came out Helga had heard the flush and started to play me about what I had been doing. She tried to get into my head by saying it was OK to admit I had pooed. I had only been up for about a half hour and explained it was my first pee of the day. It was obvious that Helga was mature for her age. She liked word play: Was my wee-wee a full or part wee? Did it hurt me when I had been interrupted.

We sat for a couple of hours on the swing drinking Kool-Aid. She tried to drink it from the pitcher. She had so much coordination it was impressive. Then she would grab more attention buy spreading her legs and really loud shorts and do what she called a wood-chuck. It was gross, about a 10 or 15 second fart. Sometimes she would belch and show some demonstration of how her brother, who was in college, drank his beer to impress people. At the point, he would belch and crap his pants.

On nice weather days we would go walking or biking or swimming at the public park pool. Then we had to go much farther to another pool after we got kicked out of our neighborhood one. Helga thought that this girl and guy who were on opposite sides of the pool as lifeguards weren't paying attention. While doing a deeper swim Helga partially took down the bottom of her suit and let go of about 5 or 6 pellets in the water. We were both whistled in for it. Our pictures were taken and we were kicked out. Then this supervisor watched us as we dried ourselves off. I was scared shitless and couldn't wait to poo. Both of us were pushed halfway through the doorway. A group of boys, older than us, cheered on. We had a 9 block walk around a golf course and my anus was exploding.

Finally Helga spotted a group of portable toilets. I ran uphill because that's how badly I had to unload. Helga really wanted us to do a buddy dump but the portables were much too small. Helga took one and I took another. What came out of me instantly was long, wide and messy as I took the warm humid seat. The wiping paper I tried wasn't that good. I tried to scrub and double scrub in both directions. Still I was convinced I didn't get it all. I was right. Once we got back to my house it took us two wash cycles to get rid of the dark brown skid that I had left. Helga was mad that she couldn't see my crap. It went directly down a trap. Helga was impressed by the evidence. A couple of days later the parks department notified our parents. We were both grounded for a full week.

But we had more adventures together later that summer.

Victoria & Robyn

Taylor's questions and some news

We're back!

And we've got some exciting news. I (Robyn) have moved in with Victoria! We're so excited to be living together!

Now we'll answer Taylor's questions from her most recent post.

How do you sit on the toilet? Do you sit far back or do you perch on the front? Does it depend on where you are or what you are doing?

Robyn: If I'm only peeing I sit all the way back on the seat, no matter the shape of it and the bowl. All the way back with jeans and underpants at thigh-level. If there's further business to attend to I'll position myself a little more forward on the seat, especially here at home where Victoria bought a pooping stool that repositions your body so it's in more of a squatting position even though you're still sitting down on the toilet. When my feet are on the stool or not clothes go down to knee-level. If I'm pooping somewhere other than our bathroom I'm a little further back on the seat but still allow myself enough room to put my hand and the paper behind my behind to wipe front-to-back. Turning it over to Victoria now!

Victoria: For peeing my jeans and panties go to my knees and my buns-a bit bigger than Robyn's-as far back as I can get them while still feeling comfortable on the seat. I have wide hips and I'm very full through bum and thighs and as such believe that toilets with round bowls and seats should be abolished. I've changed a lot from how I used to handle pooping and now I'm a percher on any toilet that I happen to be sitting on, whether or not I'm at home and using the pooping stool. The reason why that is because it's easier for me to adjust on the seat, reach behind to spread myself a little further or bend forward to grab my ankles. Like you, I take my clothes down to my calves for a poop.

Until next time!

Victoria and Robyn


Thong embarrassment

Am I the only girl who hates feeling the need to poo when I'm wearing a thong, particularly a white one?! Especially at school when I have to go at lunch, between the rush and the crummy toilet paper I know that my underwears are going to smell and be gross later, and I'll have to hide them deep in the laundry so my mom or sister don't see when they do laundry. My little sister is 15 and she still gets worse skidmarks than I do, but she makes fun of me when she sees one in my cute new panties.

The worst is when I go to the gym or when I'm running in track, we have practice after class and nearly always I have to poo before, and the whole car ride home I'm paranoid about how I must smell (and not just sweat!) And when I'm with my boyfriend I'm always worried he will notice the smell too (though he hasn't said anything yet!)

Can anyone else relate???


Anna from Austria
@LC Thanks for sharing your Library Story it was a interesting one.

It also reminded me of something that happend to me recently.

Until a few days I have never clocked a toilet in my life. I run into some broken toilets so I had to leave my bodily waste unflushed, or once at School I had to sh*it on someome else poop but that's it.

I never destroyed a toilet until recently.

it happend at a local bookstore.

I am curious now what my fellow ladies do when the Clock the public toilet and there is no way to repair the toilet by yourself. Do you report it and just saysing you found the toilet already clocked or do you just leave in shame?

I just left without saying anything after I was not able to find a Plunger. Reporting it and blaming it on somebody else would not have worked anyway. The doors at the toilet were very thin and the reading Corner was near the toilets. As everybody knows that have read my other stories I am a noisy pooper so I am sure somebody heard me. After Hearing my usual pooping nosies nobody would have believed me that it was not me who clogged the toilet.

That's it for today

Greetings from Austria


Friday, November 05, 2021


Childhood accident

So as I've said before I was very late to potty train and have remained very accident prone since them. I was about 12 ans we were at Shul. I was squirming alot because I didn't want to ask for the toilet. I had gone at home as instructed but I needed to go again. My bladder was aching. Then I froze. I had just let go with a huge dribble. Tears filled my eyes as I dribbled again. I whispered to my mom who said to hold on. Teary I admitted that I was already leaking in my panties. She wasn't happy but told me to go. I stood just as a rush of warm liquid ran down the inside of my leg. I grabbed my private but it was too late. I was wetting my pants right in the aisle row. All I could do was stand there until I was done going. I cried as my mom escorted me to the downstairs bathroom. There was no one else downstairs and I knew she was mad. In the bathroom, she yelled and hit me, calling me awful names while I cried, so ashamed. That night I got another paddling and of course woke up the next morning in a very wet pullup. I needed pullups during the day but my parents felt that would be "rewarding" me for wetting my pants. That night after my spanking, my dad told me that if I was still wetting in middle school that no one would be my friend. He was right. I didn't have as many accidents as in elementary school but still way too many for my age. When I was 13, I was taken to a Dr who called it urge incontinence. They tried meds but they didn't work which only convinced them that I was only doing it in purpose and the spankings spankings continued. Lucky me now I'm away from all that and have my boyfriend who loves me anyway. So yeah, that's the story for today.


Pull Ups

Dear Readers.
I have worn pull ups for years due to some incontinence.
It might not be good for the environment but it beats changing undies several times a day and having to scrub the crotches of undies due to the skid marks.
It also means I can fart without fear of follow through or sharting...pull ups take care of that. My pull ups are inexpensive as they are paid for by the government.
I know the thought of pull ups is not attractive but I am use to them. There are such things as not being able to go into change rooms, however, I do not frequent public pools or gyms. Also when staying at other peoples houses one has to be discreet.
A few times I have lost some bowel control and they have been a savior.
Also occasionally I need suppositories and I have had evacuations before I could sit on the toilet...saved again!
Due to reduced mobility and lack of hand dexterity wiping my bottom can occasionally be difficult....I let the pull ups do the "heavy lifting"
For the general toilet stool reader they might be good for occasional use.
I note with Abby's post she gets constipated and needs a poo before getting to a toilet. With pull ups you can relax and if a turd comes out it is likely to be dry and hard and contained in the pull ups.
Sometimes I get a sudden urge to wee and I can loose a bit of control...saved by the pull ups.
Think about pull ups!


Winnie the Pooh

Hi everyone just wanted to share a quick Sunday story, I went to the mall after church service, but during service I wasn't feeling my best I think it was the delicious meal my mom made so I got dressed knee length skirt high heels and a sweater. Well during service I knew that I had to go, I went into the ladies restroom two of the stalls were full already, so I took the 3rd stall I noticed the 4th stall person the pastor grand daughter here to visit her and husband super sweet couple, but I latch the door and hang my purse . Lowered my panties and lifted up my skirt and sat down, as I was getting things going Stacy was done and fixing up her hair and I accidentally farted loud and I said excuse me she laughed and told me that it's okay better out then in , something learned from her late dad friend his daughter Maria . So after that statement I felt like a queen of my throne so I started to grunt and moan rubbing my legs and it felt like darts coming out and after 15 minutes of pooping I was done wiped like 10 times. Flush toilet washed hands joined rest of the service and after service Stacy give me a hi5 very sweet person, though she just a few years old than me but she is like a legend to me. But now I'm at the mall looking at clothes and the poop return hits me and I go to the store bathroom all stalls are full and I walked out and cool sales guy said I guess someone is disappointed I said yeah I have to go bad he said I got you and he looked in the men's no one was in there and when you need to go you just go , and I blew it up lol


Some replies

hiya all so nice to be reading updates from you all again, I was so busy the previous couple of weeks with work and staying away that I haven't been catching up. I have seen a lot of posters commenting on an an update for my stay away, just so you all know I posted an update on this the other day I think before all your other posts were added as I didn't see them. Hope you enjoy!

Jennifer: The trip went well thank you, was full on all week with work and staying away wasn't as bad as I had imagined. I go into more detail in my last update but my bowel movements actually went really well, better than normal which was strange. I managed to hide the fact I was pooing by going very early in the morning and managed to go 3 or 4 times when I was there that week, not bad as since coming back home I haven't done a poo since Friday so coming on for 5 days and I'm feeling pretty bad again. Don't try to "poop quiet" is a very good tip and will try in future but it's really hard not to be conscious. Also you mention about holding poo, I must say when I have a really large turd it feels pretty good unless it is too hard it is painful, the male spot is called the prostate and can trigger poo phoria apparently, doing a poo feels good for me but never had anything like that!

Jry: sorry I didn't see your post asking me unless it came on after, making me feel rude for not replying. I did an update on staying away I hope you enjoy. Thanks for your update & story that was helpful to see how you managed that situation and was enjoyable to read too, do keep the stories coming.

Abbie: sorry this is going to be a big reply, you have posted to me a few times and not wanting to miss anything off. Yes the shower thing worked a treat, so thank you for suggesting it! I was able to wake up really early before anyone was awake, grab a hot drink and most days manage to open my bowels. On the times I wasn't so fortunate I went in put on the shower as I did a poo and then just got in the shower and washed anyway, they never said anything so I think I got away with it. I am really sorry to hear that you are still constipated and only going every three days, I do hope your managing without too much pain and discomfort. Also I see your thinking of trying out splinting, but I would probably suggest you first try going to the doctor for your constipation before trying out any invasive methods. If you do try it, just be sure to keep your nails short. You also asked if my experience of pooing in school was similar, I would always hold onto my poo in school I never would go for a poo as much as you did at school due to fear. But I did over the years in primary school and it was pretty much the same as you wrote, I am familiar with the disgusting toilet situation in high school so I held it in getting myself really constipated, towards the end of year 10, I was allowed to use a private toilet in the medical room and a pass to arrive late to lessons if I needed it as I had pooed my pants one time, I did use this many times actually which helped matters.

In your last post, you said you didn't have much of an update, but if you can write a story soon of how your getting on with your constipation that would be great, I always love reading your toilet experiences where you are battling with a big turd! I hope my suggestion of pressing the skin between your bum is at least helping a little bit. as always happy pooing Abbie

Everyone: since coming home I haven't managed to poo for 5 days and feeling pretty uncomfortable, I have been thinking of going to the doctor to see if there is anything they can help me with, I tend to just get on with it myself due to embarrassment. Do you think it would be the best idea to go to a doctor for my poo issues? it is pretty strange as one week I could be not pooing for 5 days and one week pooing lots of soft poo multiple times a week. Will keep you posted with a story soon!

bye for now,
David P


Response to Willa

Hi Willa. I love your story about having a poop neighbor in a public bathroom. You aren't weird. I'm the same way. I love being in the men's room and someone else comes in to poop and I have no problem if he sits next to me and takes a nice dump. I totally agree that it's a thrill! Take care and I hope you have more stories!


Question about pooping terminolgy

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well. I was just curious what term you use when your with someone and you need to take a dump. And also do you use or have you heard someone use a term or phrase that's maybe not used often? My wife when she has to go, in the 18 years we've been married and the entire 21 years we've been together I've heard her use pretty much all of the conventional terms like "I have to take a shit" "I have to poop" "I have to take a dump" "I have to go poo" "I have to crap" all of those. She also says "I have to go to the bathroom" too and that's how I know she's going to poop.
Now when I was a kid and my mom had to go she would say "I have a stomachache I have to sit in the bathroom". I've never heard anyone else say that. She would say it in different ways sometimes. Such as "I have to sit in their for a while I have a stomachache." Or she would ask me if I needed the bathroom and then she would say "I have a bad stomachache and I'm going to be in there for a while" then she always bring something to read with her. I've never once heard her say she had to poop or any other of those terms. It was always sitting in the bathroom. Actually there was one time where she said poop. When I was a kid I had a paper route and we were coming home from somewhere and I had to deliver the papers when we got home. She said on the way home she had a stomachache and when we got home she had to sit in the bathroom. As we got closer to home she kept saying she needed to hurry up and get home and she was going to be in the bathroom for a while. When we got home the papers were wrapped up in the driveway. She then said to me as we were pulling into the garage "If I don't get in that bathroom I'm going to poop my pants." She then asked me when I brought the papers inside the house if I could slide one under the door for her because she "had to sit for a while in there," I got inside and I slid it under the door and I said "here you go". As I did that I think she was pushing something out because she said "thank you" in a voice like she was straining or pushing and then a loud deep fart came out followed by a loud plop then a sigh. Then she got off the toilet and grabbed the paper and started to read it. I'm not sure how long she was in there for because I had to leave to deliver the papers.


Leaking in pants

Hey, it's Imogen here.

Abbie, thanks for your reply! Yeah I think we are quite similar there, I will spurt and leak in my pants when I'm starting to struggle to hold it in. Some typical times would be for example, if I'm getting home and i'm dying for a wee and standing on the doorstep, or sometimes if I'm running to the toilet and the jolt hits my bladder if that makes sense?! Occasionally I'll start to lose it as I'm undoing my trousers or locking the door to the cubicle too. If I check my pants when I'm sat down I'll see anything from a tiny spot to a quite large wet patch depending.
Are you similar? it must have been such a worry if you didn't have tights on, I hope nobody ever noticed!!

take care


After Swim Practice

I ended up going to the store Natalie and Jade work at to buy a new competition swimming suit. I normally get just typical one piece suits I'm not a fan of the extended leg/pant like designs. I had originally just sharted in my swim suit during a fart competition with the other girls in the locker room. We had all farted at least once and I felt like adding another contribution until it was just really wet and not super loud. Jenny noticed my face going from a cheeky grin to a bit of a shock and thought i'd complete shat myself but it was just a bit liquid between my butt cheeks. I hurried off to the bathroom, whipped and when I got home washed my suit. The next day at training and day 2 of using these supplements same deal, bit of a fart competition in the change room. One of the girls mentioned she had sharted at home after training, another mentioned she had sharted a little going out with her boyfriend after and someone else had full blown shit themselves in the gym after.

After the pool session I decided to drive home keeping my swimsuit on because i sometimes just couldn't be screwed changing. I was driving home in my runners with some leggings over my swimsuit. I was driving home feeling gassy. The first 3 farts where pretty dry and I felt another one coming. I leaned over at the next red light for the smile on my face to turn into a frown as I felt a mudslide lead my cheeks and fill up the front and backs of my swimsuit, followed by a fart that exploded out more and more and I just completely filled my swimsuit. My stomach cramped hard and I nearly vomited from the smell. The swimsuit kept it all in but I felt gross as hell.The drive home was horrible and I basically just walked straight into the shower kicked my shoes off and just undressed and cleaned up. I threw all my clothes straight in the trash and walked around in just panties and a bra while i cleaned up the little trail I left as it ran down my legs walking in. I even walked outside in that attire without thinking as I took my trash out and wound down my windows to remove the smell in my car. AS I got out of my car my stomach crampped again and I raced inside, struggling to hold it in, the second i got to my bathroom and saw the toilet I exploded again. Instantly filling my little tight black panties and overflowing down my legs. Back to the showerfor me and back to the bin for my clothes. Thankyfull after that explosion I felt better and had no problems after that. I did nearly make the misake of farting again later but went to the bathroom instead.


Meeting a Diva

In high school, I often had my shit (I was dating a guy a couple of years older than me and he constantly reminded me that was the best word to use) even though my parents frowned on the word. Mom reminded me that it would hold me back in the working world, although Chadd said it was a word everyone could relate to. His mother used the word a couple of times when I would walk over to his house and he was on the toilet. But that was on good days because he really hated shitting at school. Sometimes I would wait on a bench outside the guys room and hear a guy come out and tell his friends "the shitters are all taken." Many mornings I had to take my shit just before school and Chadd would walk me to the door of the bathroom, kiss me, and sometimes I guess I sat too long on the toilet because when I came out he was already heading to 1st hour. Sometimes the line was 3-deep for each of the toilets. Sometimes a toilet or two was rejected because the toilet paper was all gone. Sometimes Chadd blamed that on "messy shitters", but I wasn't so sure.

This one morning in the fall I walked over to Chadd's house and felt my shit coming before I got to the top of his front staircase. I asked if I could use his bathroom, but he didn't want me to come in so I held it until we got to school. Then I realized he was being selfish because he wanted my help to finish off his math. OK, while he was visiting his locker I ducked into the nearby bathroom. Mistake. Each of the toilets had legs showing under the side panels. And there must have been another 10 in waiting in the middle of the room for a toilet to open. Then to my right I spied my prize. The first toilet was vacant. There was no privacy door but it had everything else. A dry black seat already down. Bowl that had been flushed. Toilet paper hanging from the roll. As I started to take off my bookbag just at this entryway, this very popular senior everyone called Diva bumped into me, started crying and said she was bursting for a fast pee. She took advantage of the situation by lining up to the toilet and pulling her jeans and undies down and thanking me for the quick piss and me saving her day.

I was still struggling with my bookbag when things started to go wrong. Diva must have spent 45 valuable seconds tearing off the rest of the toilet paper and ever so carefully laying it over the sides, front, and back of the seat. Then she looked right at me and said "We can't be too careful in using bathrooms away from home ...." as if she was some movie star trying to impress normal people. Most of the other users were still sitting and shitting away and those waiting for them were oblivious to the first hour bell about to ring. Then there were
obvious shit splash noises coming from under Diva. I looked directly into Diva's eyes and was thinking You B****! I reminded myself that I was taught that the Bible says if we wish a person dead, you have killed her in the eyes of God. But I was thinking as clearly as I wanted to. Then Diva jumped up quickly, wiped with the liner papers, and was buckling her jeans as she ran out to class just as the bell rang.

I threw myself onto the warm seat without flushing. I unloaded my 100% satisfying shit in the first 10 or 15 seconds as a couple of the other shitters who had finished walked past me. I finally got up the nerve to walk down the aisle of about 8 or 9 toilets where I found a roll with toilet paper left on it. I took the seat and cleaned myself. That took a couple of minutes because this had been a full, soft messy one. My arse hurt and there was a little blood from my sensitive skin. I washed my hands and reported to the office for my tardy check. I didn't want the principals to call my mom because she can overreact and cause more problems. Let me leave it as this: I got my homework done for the rest of the week during my 2-hour Thursday evening detention. It hurt me when I looked around and Diva and none of the other girls involved had gotten detentions. Chadd was mad at me because I hadn't helped him with his math quiz studying.

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

John H

Some comments

Hi all.
As the title says, some comments for this post.

@Jennifer, I do enjoy taking a larger poo though generally mine are more on the average side. I do go most days and I will miss a day from time to time. I am not sure why this happens and sometimes I will go twice in one day, so I guess it's just one of those things.
I do like to let the urdge to go build up sometimes but I wouldn't hold it very long and definitely not for a day. I did hold once for 4 days but that was a once off. I posted about that experience here at the time. It was several years ago.
I have always enjoyed pooping from when I was a child. The feeling of the poop sliding out is a factor but I also like the relaxing moments in the day that pausing for a poo brings and the relief after going also. I have heard the prostate can be stimulated during a poo and I am sure there is truth to that but it's the full package for me plus everyone enjoys a good poo and ladies and men can experience poo euphoria.
Interesting question and I look forward to reading others views along with yours. I didn't mean to write this much lol.

@Willa, thanks for sharing your recent post. I enjoyed it and sounds like you did too. There is something about sharing that unspoken moment of pooping with another so I get what you mean. I enjoy this too though more so with a lady in a unisex bathroom. Good you helped the other person relax by starting things off. It sounds like you all had good poos. Hope you post again soon.

@Emma Two, so sorry to hear about your accident. The others on the bus may not have noticed. Strange Sarah had the same trouble. Do you know what caused her runs? Hope you both are better now.

@Winnie, hi and welcome. Hope you continue to share here.

@Kaycha, sorry to hear you are having a bad week. Hopefully you feel better and don't be hard on yourself. If pull-ups help you now then don't worry about using them. I'm sure things will improve and it sounds like you have a lot to deal with.
From what I remember your boyfriend is understanding so hope is being supportive at this time. Hopefully sharing here helps in some way too.

That's all for now. Shout out to all posters. Take care all

Emma two

Relief next to my work mate

I hadn't pood since Sarah and me had diarrhoea on Friday evening and of Wednesday morning I was really feeling the need to go. I went to the toilet and sat down but I was constipated since I took a laxative just before I left for work. I was hoping it wouldn't take effect until I got home from work as I don't like having a number two when I'm at work. Well by about three o'clock I was getting desperate and I didn't want to risk having an accident in my knickers like I did on my way home on Friday so I went to the toilet. One of my work mates was going into a cubicle as I entered the one next to her and I felt embarrassed to do it while she was there so I waited for her to finish and leave. I could hear her peeing but she stayed on the toilet and I wondered if she was going to have a poo. I prayed she was because I wouldn't feel embarrassed to go if she was, but there was silence. I was struggling to hold my poo as I waited for to star going or to leave and after what felt like an age but it was probably about a minute I heard a plop followed by a series of plops and I relaxed. I felt relief as I pooped a huge load into the toilet while the girl kept going. I finished fairly quickly and wiped my bottom and left my cubicle to wash my hands. I heard the toilet flush and when the girl came out she washed her hands as I was drying mine using the paper towels and she smiled at me like she was embarrassed.


Using the refurbished toilets (and a question)

How do you sit on the toilet? Do you sit far back or do you perch on the front? Does it depend on where you are or what you are doing?

No buddy dump this time sadly!

Last post I mentioned using the temporary toilets in the car park while the ones in the supermarket were refurbished. Today I was able to use the new loos! I had to get a few things but first of all, I went straight to the toilets. They were really clean, lots of light, five stalls with tall dark blue doors, five sinks opposite with a wide mirror spanning them and two hand dryers. The place was empty so I took the third stall, right in the middle.

I lowered my jeans and thong to my calves and sat down on the seat, making sure to sit far back and properly make myself comfy, leaving just enough room between my buns and the seat to wipe. While it was still your generic supermarket toilets, it was so nice in there, everything was perfectly clean and tidy. No graffiti, no scratches or stains. It was spotless.

I felt a gentle pressure against my backdoor and relaxed into it as it pushed past the threshold, gently being stretched by a smooth firm log creeping out in a single continuous rope. I started peeing a few moments later, fully taking in the double relief of emptying both ends at the same time. It felt heavenly. I had a fairly short pee and enjoyed the feeling of pooping for a few more seconds before it silently fell into the bowl. I gave a small push to make sure I was empty, pushing out a small piece before getting some toilet paper to wipe.

I reached between my legs and wiped my vulva then used three pieces to clean up my behind, not too bad. I pulled up my thong as I stood and as I reached down for my jeans the toilet flushed! It had an automatic sensor. Aww :( I really wanted to see my creation because it felt like a really good one. I fastened my jeans and washed my hands before continuing my shopping trip.

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