Finally, I Have a Story!

Hi friends!

I am so sorry that I have not posted much lately. I still peak at the forum from time to time, but we have been so busy this year! Alan is in his first year as an assistant principal after a long career in coaching and teaching. He is at the elementary school and really enjoys it. The girls are doing well and so is our little man!

I'm loving the stories from each of you, especially those featuring huge, thick, toilet-clogging doodies! Keep them coming! The baby-sitter stories are pretty neat too!

Kristi: I have really enjoyed your stories and it sounds as if you and Steve have a similar relationship as Alan and I do with the bathroom! I hope you are well and I wish you both the absolute best!

Victoria B and Robyn: I am so thrilled for you both! Victoria, it's been great to follow you on this forum for so many years! Prayers and vibes for all the best life has to offer!

Mina: Thank you and the three crushes for your kind words always! I hope you all are well and wish you all the absolute best!

Jenny SIS: I hope you are well and that your underwear is clean!

Also, I hope Shannon, Trina and Sarah E are doing well! I miss the SPAS!!!

So Alan and I traveled out of town to a wedding near the Nashville, TN area. A friend of mine from college, who was a graduate assistant coach for our college volleyball team has a daughter that was getting married. She chose a very rustic venue - a barn that had been renovated for weddings and special events within an hour or so of the Nashville, Tennessee area. It was really nice. Alan and I took advantage of Veteran's Day (thank you to all who serve!) and left on Thursday and made a weekend out of it! His parents were nice enough to come and stay with the kids so that we could enjoy some time away!

If you followed me on this forum, you know that when I'm in my routine I have two pretty large, smooth bowel movements daily - one in the morning and the other after dinner in the evening. When I travel, my bowels tend to get out of the routine. And this weekend was no exception. I went Thursday morning before we left. I did not go Thursday evening, but went again Friday morning, but that was the last time until the wedding.

I bought a new burgundy maxi dress that accented my curves perfectly, rolled my hair and wore it in a barrett and let the dark curls so elegantly roll down my back. I was ready for a lovely date with Alan. The wedding was beautiful followed by a wonderful meal, wedding cake and dancing. Too, there was a little alcohol.

So, around 6:00 pm, I whispered to Alan that I really had to go. The urge had been building for a while and I savored the wonderful feeling until I realized that I needed to take care of this urge. He asked if I meant that we had to leave. I told him no, that I was just going to use the women's restroom at the venue. So, I left Alan, grabbed my purse and made my way to the restroom. It was a tight fit, but very clean, with three stalls. By the aroma in the room, I wasn't the first one to bomb the toilet.

So, I did what any loving wife would do for a man who loves to see his bride on the toilet, I got my cell phone out of my purse and began to video as I hiked up my dress, pulled my panties down and positioned myself on to the toilet. I urinated first, which is a little unusual for me, but it felt good to relieve my bladder. As soon as I was finished peeing, I could feel the bowel movement beginning. Because I missed two trips to the bathroom, I knew that this was going to be big, and it did not disappoint. It came out all in one large, thick, long slither. It was a chocolate brown color, at least a foot long, maybe longer. Did I mention it was thick? It must have been 2.5 inches thick until the end. My stomach still felt heavy and full as I sat there savoring this wonderful creation. The bathroom's odor got a little thicker. After a few minutes, another movement began. This one was thick, but smooth and soft. It was a lighter brown color and coiled around the original motion. I made sure that I captured the final product on video and made some still shots too.

I opened my purse, stopped the video and began to wipe with a little Charmin in my purse. I had to finish wiping with some of the one-ply toilet paper in the stall, which was not fun, but I got clean (no skidmarks this time either, Jenny SIS!).

However, when I flushed, my load went nowhere. There was no plunger in the stall. The toilet was not an industrial strength, but more like one you would have in your home. So, I took a lipstick and wrote on a large paper towel that the stall was out of order and taped it to the stall (I just happened to have a sticky note pad.

Before Alan and I left the wedding, we overheard a few teenage girls talking about the huge turd in one of the stalls. Alan looked at me as if to say, "Was that yours?" and I just grinned, confirming his suspicion.

That night we watched the video, made love, and enjoyed today's Tennessee Titans game before returning home. He just went to pick up the kids from his parents' house, as they went there yesterday to spend the night on the lake!

Love to all!


Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Hey, everyone.

I have not posted in what feels like forever! Need to get back in the habit.

I'm sitting on the toilet as I'm typing this. Feeling a lot better than I did when I walked into the bathroom. Pooped a nice, long log and peed a river for about 30 seconds. Felt very, very good to relieve both functions. Think there's still a little bit more in me that I can push out.

So I took a monster crap at Miami International Airport last week. Not quite as big as the one I did at the Cincinnati airport, but still huge.

Steve and I took a vacation to Florida. I was feeling a little bit like I could go before our flight from Chicago to Miami, and in hindsight I really should have done so, but I didn't.

And about an hour into the flight, I wished I had.

I don't like airplane bathrooms. They're cramped. The seat doesn't feel right. I feel lime the whole airplane is keeping track of how long I've been in there.

So I held it. And held it. And held it.

We got off the flight. Steve is the type who wants to get right to baggage claim. I told him that would have to wait because I had to poop like crazy.

I took a stall, sat down, and my body did all the work. It wasn't one big huge but rather five or six pretty big ones. It was a lot of poop. I sent Steve a photo.

The woman in the stall next to me was dropping off a big poop as well. I heard a big plop followed by a big sigh. I waited until she was wiping to flush and wash my hands. (Okay. I admit it. I like to see who else is pooping.) Very pretty blonde lady. Was going to ask if she felt better but she seemed like she was in a hurry.

Well, I'm going to finish my dump now.

Love you all!


Mina Kazuko Hisae Maho

Dear Elvia

In Japan many shopping mall have "family toilet" with large room and two toilet bowl, big one for adult and little one for child.

Love from Maho Hisae Kazuko Mina

Sunday, November 14, 2021


Latest story

Hi everyone, I'll get on to my latest story in a sec!
David P- glad to hear the shower idea worked but sorry your constipated now, I hope you get some relief soon. It's really good that you got to use a more private toilet when you were at school.
Imogen- yes, I'm very similar, when I'm bursting for a wee I often let spurts go on my way to the loo or when undoing my trousers, thats why I often wear skirts, dresses or leggings so it doesn't take too long to get my pants down! Thats also why I pretty much always wore skirts at school, but even though I wasn't having to deal with buttons etc on trousers I still weed in my pants quite a bit when I was desperate, luckily it tended to be as I was queuing for a cubicle or as I was going in and locking the door, there were several times when I was pretty sure I would have had a much worse accident if I hadn't just been able to flip up my skirt and drop my knickers!! Also wearing a skirt meant it was easier to get changed for PE without anyone seeing my pants as I could put my PE shorts on under my skirt which was handy if I had any wet patches! To answer your question, thankfully I don't think anyone ever noticed, a few times my skirt blew up when it was windy but I don't remember having weed in my pants when that happened, mind you my knickers being on show was embarrassing enough, I always wore normal cotton girls pants (white, pastel or spotty/ stripey/ flowery) which were cheap and comfy but about as far away from fashionable as you can possibly get!!
Anyway, back to my story which comes from yesterday evening. I was staying at my friend Katies house as Lucy is away visiting family. We were up in Katies room when she said "I need to go for a wee, I'm bursting!" She'd been finding it hard to sit still for the last few minutes so it wasn't exactly a surprise! She got up and went in to her ensuite, as she went over to the toilet I saw her pulling down her black leggings and pink flowery pants and sitting down. I could hear her stream fizzing into the bowl as she moaned with relief. "That must feel better!" I said, and Katie said, "Yeah, sorry if I sound like a horse!!" Eventually her stream trickled to a stop and she wiped before pulling up her pants and leggings and flushing the toilet. Later on we had tea and then watched telly, about half nine we went upstairs to get ready for bed and watch a film. I'd had a heavy feeling in my belly for a couple of hours and knew that a poo was coming, it had been a few days since I'd last been so I knew putting off the urge would be a bad idea. As we started to get undressed I said to Katie, "If you need a wee I'd go first if I were you, I want a poo so I might be a while!!"
"No, go ahead, I actually want a poo as well but I can wait," said Katie as she took off her top and then her leggings. I had already taken off my jumper and t-shirt so I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down, they were really tight so I could feel my pink and blue stripey pants coming down as well, I held on to them with one hand and managed to get my jeans down with the other hand. By now Katie was just in her bra and pants, she said, "I'm just gonna brush my teeth," and then went into her ensuite. I took off my bra and put my nightie on and then followed her into the bathroom. I lifted my nightie, dropped my pants and sat on the toilet, I started to wee almost at once and felt my poo moving down inside me and as I finished my wee I felt it starting to poke out of my bum. Katie was standing with her back to me brushing her teeth, I noticed that her pants were a bit tight and had gone up her bum. I kept on pushing and after a while I said "Sorry its taking so long, I haven't had a poo in about three days, I think I'm a bit constipated!"
"Don't be embarrassed if you need to grunt," said Katie and I nodded, bearing down hard and doing a loud grunt as I caught my breath. "Right, I'm just gonna put my nightie on," Katie said, she went back into her room, took off her bra and put on her nightie before coming back in and sitting on the floor. I took a deep breath and did another big push, I could feel the poo move out a bit but when I stopped pushing it started to get sucked back up my bum, I really hate it when that happens and unfortunately it happens a lot when I'm constipated. "Its going back up my bum when I stop pushing," I panted.
"Yeah, I've been having the same problem, last time I went for a poo it was really fat and hard and it kept going back up my bum!" Katie said. I bore down hard and pressed the skin between my bum, after a few more hard pushes l was able to relax a bit as I'd managed to get the log out far enough that it wasn't getting sucked back up!
"How are you doing Abs?" asked Katie. "Well, its not going back up my bum any more!" I said, taking a deep breath and bearing down again. I felt the log slowly easing out, I just hoped it wouldn't get stuck, I sometimes get that problem as well which is also really annoying. Typically after a couple more pushes the poo refused to budge and I had to reach round behind myself and pull my bum cheeks apart.
"Great, its just got stuck!" I said, I was starting to feel a bit embarrassed even though I know Katie really well, I was just glad she often struggles with constipation as well so she understands what its like trying to pass a huge fat log!
"Don't worry, I get that too sometimes, just push really hard and grunt it out!" Katie said. I nodded and proceeded to do a few massive pushes together with equally massive grunts, luckily that seemed to make the difference and I felt the log starting to move again, it was hard and knobbly and was really stretching my bum hole.
"These last few weeks I've started to get constipated again, I was going for a poo every other day but now its more like every three or four days!" I said in between pushes. "How often are you going at the moment Katie?
"Well to be honest its about the same, I usually go for a poo every three days or so, I wish it could be a bit more often though!"
Just then a bit of the log poking out of my bum broke off and made a loud plop, and shortly after the rest of it splashed down into the bowl and I moaned with relief. "Thank God that's out!" I said, as I felt another log starting to poke out, luckily it wasn't nearly as fat! After some gentle pushing it plopped into the toilet and then I felt empty, so I wiped my bottom and flushed before pulling up my pants. By now Katie was squirming around a bit, as I went to wash my hands she lifted her nightie, pulled down her pants and sat herself heavily on the loo, her poo must have been poking out a bit as I could see a mark in her pants which hadn't been there before. I was cleaning my teeth as Katie started to bear down, as she pushed I could hear some wee trickling down into the toilet and I saw her starting to go pink, it made me feel a bit better to see she was having to push quite hard as well. "Sorry about this, I haven't been for a poo in a few days either, I think I'm a bit constipated too!" she admitted. She kept on pushing and after a while she said "Well I know what you mean about it going back up your bum, I've got exactly the same problem!" Katie bore down with all her might and did a loud grunt as she caught her breath. After a few more pushes like that she paused and said "Well if it makes you feel any better mines stuck now too!" Like I had done she reached around behind herself to pull her bum cheeks apart and I heard her starting to strain again, from the look on her face I could tell she was really pushing hard and her grunts were getting louder and louder. After another few minutes of her straining I finally heard a loud plop as her log dropped and then a moan of relief. Katie went on to pass another couple of logs, which needed a bit of pushing but not anywhere near as much! "Right, I'm done," she said, taking some loo paper and starting to wipe her bottom. Once she'd finished wiping she stood up and flushed the loo, she looked down at her pants and said, "Great, I need clean pants, I didn't realise it had poked out that much!" She took off her pants and kicked them over to the corner of her ensuite where there were several other pairs of dirty knickers! After she'd washed her hands she went back into the bedroom and opened her underwear drawer, she took out some yellow pants with pink and blue butterflies and put them on. We went to bed and watched a film before going to sleep. Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon, bye for now!

Jasmin K

Constipation and reply to Abbie re school toilets

Hi Abbie
Hope your constipation is being manageable and some of the techniques I suggested have helped. I also pleased that my posts about going on the toilet at school every morning to try to poo inspired you to do the same. Before I started doing that I always got dirty knickers.
My recollections of school toilets are pretty much the same as yours except in my school all ages / years used the same block of toilets. The only additional ones were in the Girls change room but could only be accessed during the phys ed lessons.
Yes in my school like yours early mornings before school started quite a lot of girls would be on the then clean toilets trying for a poo. I know from the sounds some were struggling with constipation as I did on many mornings but also there were others like me who even on non constipated mornings had a routine sit on the toilet. On mornings where I didn't actually need to poo, didn't feel like I needed to poo I would still take a cubicle pull my knickers to my knees and sit on the toilet straining to make myself do a poo. I know of many other girls that did and still do this. I remember the sounds of straining and then the plip of a pebble of poo dropping in the water or a really long grunt and straining sound and a rather solid thunk and splash of the larger log dropping.
I was more shy of using school toilets in secondary school mainly due to the bully girls who hung out in there loudly talking to one of their friends who was on the toilet obviously straining to poo and being encouraged by these 3'or 4'other girls who I do know used to go on the toilets every morning as a couple of times before I was a regular morning user I had gone for a pee and they would all be there doors wide open talking to each other and from the converstion they were straining to make themselves poo rather than actually needing to poo. Then as they would do their poo and wipe that one who had finished would then go and stand in the cubical of one of the others and tell her to hurry up push harder etc. And would offer that advice to anyone else who was pooing. It was after a couple of them left the school I started being a morning regular sit and strain girl.

This morning did a huge knobbly log which took 1/2 hour of hard straining to get out. BF was happy he got to be in the bathroom with me.

That's all for today
Jas X


Opposite sex babysitter

When I was 6 I had this opposite sex babysitter. He was 13 and a cousin. So this one day he walked over to my grade school, signed me out from the principal's office, and we walked a few blocks over to a big city park. This place had awesome playground equipment, didn't cost anything, and was very popular. The plan was that Joshua would take more over there for a couple of hours, then we would go to McDonalds for dinner, and then we could go to his house until late at night when my mom would get off work. It sounded good to me. But I had never walked that far and Joshua was a fast walker. He was good enough to lift me up and over on a couple of rocky hills we climbed because he said he had to poo. There were a couple of rotten tree trunks he could have sat on, but he said something that was funny. So funny that I knew I shouldn't repeat it to my parents. Then we came to this bathroom building that looked like a log cabin. Joshua used the word crap a couple of times, then I think he slipped and said I shouldn't be in there when he was shitting his brains out. There were so many kids around and so many pieces of playground equipment. I thought he was going to have we stay on the swing that was close by. But he didn't. He took me to the door of the guys' bathroom and walked me into this lobby. There was a bike against the wall and a huge box labeled toilet paper that was as tall a me. He told me to stay in that corner. I didn't. I was curious about what it looked like on the other side of the wall. I might have counted to 10 then I sneaked my first look in. On the right wall there were about 10 urinals coming out of the floor. Each was about as tall as Joshua and had water draining down inside it to the floor where there was some splashing going on.
There was the old man leaning all the way against the urinal with has face almost against the wall. He had both hands cupped between his legs. Then by leaning in more (I almost fell over) I saw 5 toilets with no cubicle. They were attached to the left wall. One guy was sitting on one and had multi-colored underwear at knee level. He had his legs pretty wide open when I did a couple of peeks. Then I looked a couple of toilets down and saw Joshua. He took toilet paper off a roll attached to the wall and wiped it over the seat. Something that mom did for me, but I don't do it regularly. Then he dropped his underwear to mid-thigh level and took his seat. Instantly there were splashes I could hear going into the bowl. He slid himself back, looked at what was between his legs in the water and then smiled. He started wiping standing, then sat back down to finish the job. I got the impression that he probably needed to punch another one out. Then he stood again and wiped. Both other other users came rushing out without washing their hands. I backed up just in time and was halfway standing in the doorway when they walked by me. Finally, Joshua called out to me and said he was almost done. He washed his hands but as he wiped them he spun around trying to find the trashcan. I was leaning against it. The slide and swings caused me to need to pee within the first half hour. Joshua took me to the girls' side and waited in the entryway while I sat and peed. He said my pee must have been strong because he could hear it. I think it was probably because no one else was in there making noise. I looked toward the doorway several times and Joshua didn't look in on me. Sometimes I have to wait for a couple of minutes for my stream to start. I guess I was lucky because I was only seated for about 30 seconds. Later at dinner I did a full crap at McDonalds. The place was dirtier than the park, but it beats loading up my underwear.


Fitting someone else in the stall with you

Some of the recent posts have made me want to bring up a gripe I'm sure anyone who's a parent or babysitter will agree on. It can be so unbelievably difficult to fit your kids with you if you have to use public bathrooms, even though 3-6 year olds aren't very big themselves. I know it isn't always the case, since the size is different in different places and most bathrooms have one huge stall, but I've still run into the problem a few times.

Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?



Thanks for the reply to my "survey".it didn't get a lot of responses for some reason.
You mention you had a lot of guests pooping in your bathroom. Would that be male or female? Notice any difference in how they handle the situation?

I think sometimes people don't even notice someone went for a poo, some people have this quality that they can be real stealth poopers, they are in and out in under a minute, a minute and half at most!


Winnie the Pooh

Yes it's the weekend I was so excited about it I couldn't keep it to myself Especially with Thanksgiving coming up this month and special salute to the military veterans this past week. So on yesterday I went to school normal time , but the 2nd hr I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom it was kinda of long line but not really, so when I got my turn, I went in slide down my panties and peed a good stream pass gas , wipe pulled up my panties adjust my skirt back to class, by the end of the day I knew going home from school was going to be uncomfortable having to poop cause I was having cramps up , so I went to the gym and I went to the girls room, took the first stall , lowered my panties and lifted up my skirt and sat down on the very cold seat started to dribble some and, some gas was to follow, I knew that I was going to be awhile I pulled my phone out and spread my feet and let my skirt go to the ground and put on my headphones played my music and my butt being so relaxed, just logs just literally ease one by one, so satisfying, close my eyes was enjoying every moment accidentally fell asleep and heard a knock at the my stall door it scared me, so I turned off my music and I heard the voice asking if I was okay and if I need help she would get someone, I look at my phone again I fell asleep on the toilet half and hour so it was passed 3:30 so , I apologize, embarrassing to flush but I did she stepped out, I wiped a good addition 5 minutes, so by time I left , I grabbed my belongings from my locker on my way out, I seen her again, I remember her cause her aunt retired last year but her niece is like in her early 20's , on my way out I apologize for slowing her down , she said it was all good and it made her feel happy that everything was okay. So I walked out on my way home, feeling lighter and refresh and when I got home it was a note brb going to see your dad at the office. So I knew that I be home for awhile alone. Stay tune


Hi Everyone

Hey all Toiletstool posters! I pooped several times yesterday while waiting for a package of sensory items to arrive, and it was soft again. Although in the end some items weren't super exciting, I did get a pack of snap on plastic bracelets with them that were indeed. Anyway, to Taylor: I don't think I heard any of my babysitters during my childhood use the toilet. The only sitter that sticks out in my mind checked on my brother and I periodically, made us take naps after lunch, and we went to her house across the street while she watched us. It just seems that I was so involved with my music etc that I never heard this babysitter enter the bathroom. She sounded like a grandma, so I imagine being older might contribute to different bathroom habits from when she was younger. For instance, Mom wears pads to help with urinary leakage. Mom told me that when Grandma from Germany was on her deathbed, she had to wear diapers. I bet losing control of bathroom needs is very common with dementia. Now that her time on Earth has finished, I bet the toilets in Heaven are lovely. Once the other day while enjoying youtube, I heard some of the grossest farts. However, this didn't come from a human. The farting came from a large snake while it took a massive crap. All for now. Bye.

Saturday, November 13, 2021



I have agreed to go into a different team at work - the project planning survey team for a few weeks as they are really short on staff at the moment and they are really busy and have to be in pairs for safety. It is a good change for me as they are less office based and go out to sites. Anyway this week I have been working with this guy called James.

Anyway on Monday we went to this site up North and it was a few hours drive away. It was an early start and we stopped at this cafe which James knew. When we got there I noticed before going in the toilets were signed outside round the back and as I needed to go I said to James I was going toilet and he said he needed to go first anyway. Anyway they were in this separate building and as we walked in he went in one cubicle and I went into the other. So he sat down and so did I. It was really quiet - you could have heard a pin drop in there. Anyway at that point I was sat there and thinking this would be a bit awkward next to someone I was working with for a week. However at that point James said something like "one of us needs to break the deadlock" and then seconds later I heard "plop plop plop" from his side! Anyway like a minute later he was still sat there and he said something like "lot better now that Sunday Roast is through its your turn now" and I found myself dropping my kids at the pool almost involuntarily it was a strange experience! He then said "go for it be a proper man" then I heard him tug the paper, wipe his ass a couple of times then he flushed and went off to wash and leave.

An unusual experience in itself and not something I expected would be happening but then on Wednesday things got even weirder. We were working on this site which was literally in the middle of nowhere and were just packing up the equipment when James goes to the van, gets a toilet roll out his bag and walks up to this tree then the next thing I know he drops his trousers and boxers and then sort of leans back whilst holding on to the tree - he was clearly having a crap in the open! Anyway I thought it would be rude to watch but glanced over at one point and he was stood up unrolling the paper and reaching round to wipe! When he got back to the van I asked him if it was a good shit and he told me that in this team you always should keep a roll of toilet paper with you as you often end up in the middle of nowhere when nature calls! We have this handwash in the van which he then used before we left the site. On the drive back I asked him if he often went for a shit outside, and he hinted that it happens once or twice a week depending on where he and the guy he is normally with are working - as the team are tasked jobs by time and mileage time spent finding toilets meant a late finish so they just tend to get on with it! Was an interesting week and a good laugh but sadly next week I am working with someone else.


Babysitter / cousin poop

My only memory of a babysitter pooping is my cousin, does that count? I remember the actual toilet visit quite vividly.

I was about six at the time and my cousin had taken me shopping with her, I don't know why, maybe it was just a trip out for me. Cassandra was in her late twenties , brunette hair down her back, quite tall but curvy and she had this sort of rock chick style. While we was out she apologised about needing the toilet in an emergency and she dragged me to one of those outdoor pay toilets, the type where you put some money in and a door opens for you. I used to call them electric toilets for some reason. My little legs could barely keep up. She couldn't leave me outside on my own so she took me in with her.

I remember Cassie quickly pulling down her jeans to her knees and within moments of her sitting there was the sound of mush filling the bowl. The smell hit me like a train and she smiled weakly, apologising. It looked like she was having a rough time, she'd sort of lean forward and groan as another wave of mush hit. This went on for a few minutes and she used a LOT of toilet paper cleaning up. I needed to pee but I kept quiet, I just wanted to get out of the truly awful smell. We found some toilets later on and I sat down to pee while Cassie dealt with another bout of diarrhea in the cubicle next door.

Anna from Austria
To Sofie Yes I can relate to that. I like wearing thongs but I also do not feel very safe when I am wearing them and then I need for poo. My thongs are all black and not white so possible stains are not that visible as they were with wight ones but i can fully understand the worries about messing them. It never happend to me yet. The only messed underwear accidents I had were with with panties.

greetings from Austria


Response to Midwesterner

Those were some nice stories about your babysitter. She seemed like a nice lady and definitely cut out to be a mother. Mothers have to do stuff like that all the time. I would know.There's definitely a difference in bathroom modesty between women who are or want to have kids, and women that don't.


Winnie the Pooh

Thanks David P , I appreciate your kind words . I will try to go in more depth about school, I do have a poop story happened at school on Tuesday morning, in the first hour was home room very laid back setting. So before it began I got to make it to school like 15 minutes early cause I had a special project with my lab partner who like to meet up before school starts and this time I couldn't find him so I text him and called him no response so I on my way to home room and decided to move on my day he text me that he here but in the bathroom upstairs I said okay but he said he to embarrass to say but he needs my help, so I told I be right there, so I sneak in the boys bathroom and noticed no doors on the stalls and I see him with his pants and boxers and red face and all so I ask what you need me to do, he said nothing but keep his spirits high , so as time goes on not trying risk getting caught I end up rubbing his stomach and letting him know that it's going be alright, so eventually he did plenty of plopping and later on that day I got to meet his boyfriend and they invited me go on a double date with them I said I couldn't cause being single lol but they were both great full for my help and he promised that he will be gentle next time cause of the activities they were doing over the weekend. But that's all right now


Harvest Time Bathroom Antics

Well harvest has been in full swing on our farming operation here in the Midwest. Anna and I both do the majority of the work on our farming operation at this point, with a little bit of help here and there from some other friends and family when needed. I love working with my wife during the fall, but that means we both end up making use of nature as our bathroom. If we are working near our house, farm, a relative's/ good friend's house, or another place with an accessible bathroom, Anna prefers to run to use an actual toilet, and I might if I had to poop, but we both have no problem squatting in a corn field or in the woods for our peeing and pooping needs. The signature farmer move during harvest is to piss off the top of the ladder of a combine versus climbing all the way down (which I've done more times than I can count). Today, I have a story about a day towards the beginning of corn harvest.

Anna and I were harvesting this one field that is around 20 miles from home. I mentioned that I was going to need fuel in the combine, and she mentioned that the tractor with the grain cart was getting low as well, so I sent her with my pickup truck to go back to the farm to get us more fuel. She mentioned she was going to grab us some food for later and make a bathroom stop while she was at it, which of course, I didn't object to. While she was gone, I did my piss off the ladder of the combine and kept going. By the time Anna got back, we filled everything up with fuel, and I let her take over the combine (she's become a pretty good combine operator, which I'm so proud of) while I took the semi to the co-op to dump the load of corn. I drove the semi up on the scale, and while they were testing their grain sample, I ran to the bathroom they have right inside the door. Someone was in there, but I hardly had to wait a minute before one of the ladies who works there came out. She smiled at me and apologized for making me wait. I told her it was no problem and went in. I lifted the seat and had a quick peeing session. I made sure to put the seat back down and wash my hands before I left.

Eventually, I got back to the field. We kept combining corn for several more hours until it was supper time. Anna made a delicious meal for us, which we enjoyed on the tailgate of my truck. As we finished our meal, Anna looked at me with a devious smile, and said, "I really have to poop badly. I haven't gone all day!" I felt like my food was working its way through me, so I told her "I think I need to do the same thing." I know her well enough to know that her smile was her way of hinting that she wanted me to come with her. She grabbed these mechanics wipes out of my truck that we found work really awesome as toilet paper, and we walked around to an area that was behind several rows of corn to block us from being viewed from the road. She undid her belt, pulled her jeans and red panties down to her muck boots, exposing her full butt to me (which I won't complain about). She squatted down and immediately started peeing. I went around her, unzipped my fly, and started peeing, making sure she could see me to return the favor, if you know what I mean. When I finished peeing, I pulled my clothing down to my work boots and squatted facing Anna. I heard her fart and then saw a pretty good sized piece start emerging from her butt. We had music playing through my truck and were singing this country song together while we were both pooping, and while we both had pieces of poop dangling out of our butts, I laughed and said to her, "only would you and I be in a cornfield singing together while taking a buddy dump." She laughed, responding with, "that's why I love you so much sweetie, we always have such a great time together!" She dropped a few more pieces while we were looking right into each other's eyes. I was obviously very close with my wife to begin with, but this experience seemed to affirm that closeness. She started wiping while I was still pooping, and when she finished, she handed me some of our makeshift toilet paper. She waited with me until I finished, and then I wiped up. We looked at each other's piles, and she laughed again, exclaiming "I out pooped you!" She definitely did out poop me for sure. I joked with her about not needing to add fertilizer to our field because of her dump. We gave each other a hug and a kiss, and got back to work.

I will say, most people would probably view Anna and I as acting really weird that day, but I figured the people on this forum would understand. This just is another example of how sometimes, pooping together can bring people closer together. It's like you have a mutual trust with the person when you're in that vulnerable of a position. This takes the cake so far as my favorite pooping experience with my beautiful wife. I will say that this experience with us pooping together definitely led to some other activities later that night when we got home. Now that harvest is starting to wind down, I should have more time to write up plenty of posts!



I stumbled on this site and have really enjoyed reading some of the posts on here! I thought I'd share a bit about my roommate and long time friend Christina, who I and most good friends call Nina (I showed her the site and she gave me permission to post about her).

We met right before freshmen year of high school during the summer because we both played summer preseason volleyball and so we quickly became good friends. We had an tournament a few hours away and since it ended too late at night we got to stay in a hotel for the night (a big deal at that age!). Nina and I were in the same room with a couple other girls on the team. On the bus ride to the hotel after the tournament, Nina was telling me she really had to go. She was visibly uncomfortable. Luckily the bus ride was fairly short but the second we got off the bus she made a beeline right for our bathroom. After a few minutes she emerged and informed us that she'd clogged the toilet. No big deal I though to myself, hotel toilets seem notorious for sucking and we'd just tell the front desk and have them fix it. She was clearly embarrassed and didn't want to call the front desk. Even as we assured her it was totally fine and offered to call for her, she insisted we didn't. Being late at night and knowing we would leave first thing in the morning, we decided we could just leave it. Our room had a door to the room next door which was also occupied by teammates and they were fine letting us use their toilet if need be.

As I was showering that night before bed, I could catch a strong whiff of the toilet. As I got out, curiosity got the better of me and I flipped up the lid to reveal a giant turd stuck in the hole. In my head I had assumed she maybe wiped a time or two too many and then the paper clogged going down, but clearly it clogged because Nina had laid a massive turd. I put the lid back down and I certainly wasn't going to admit to looking, but one of the other roommates showering after me must've also smelled it because she looked and came busting out of the bathroom in a mixture of laughter and shock asking Nina how she did THAT. Nina was obviously embarrassed but took it pretty well al things considered. She couldn't help but laugh herself and suddenly the 4 of us were all struggling to hold back laughter. Once we settled down, Nina explained that she just goes and they end up big like that. We were all shocked that she said that was a normal sized poop for her.

Anyways, that was how I was introduced to Nina's bathroom…gift? As I mentioned, we are both out of college (went to different colleges) and roommates living together in Texas now. We have separate bathrooms which is a godsend because she clogs hers nearly daily. She's totally loosened up around me about it. Nowadays if she does one that's spectacularly big even by her standards she'll tell me to come look or send a pic of it if I'm not home.

Just the other day she took an extra large one that really messed up her toilet badly. After multiple serious plunging sessions, she finally got it down the hole and out of sight. However the toilet was still clogging when flushed. She ended up submitting a maintenance request with the building, which takes up to 24 hours. While waiting for that, she asked if she could use mine. Before I could think of a witty response, she was assuring me it was only to pee.


Babysitter Irma

When I was a kid I had several babysitters. Mom's business work took her out of town sometimes once a month. My youngest that I remember was in junior high, most were in high school and were pretty nice and lenient. Then there was Irma, a 40-something lady who lived on our street, had time on her hands and needed extra money. Mom felt sorry for Irma and would give her a few extra dollars on top of her fee.

I was in 2nd grade I think when Irma had me for about 3 days in a row. I stayed at her house. On the 1st day she drove to school and picked me up. She already had my stuff. But I was burning to wee and couldn't use our classes bathroom after school because the cleaning sign was up. Then when she took a couple of strange turns she said she had to stop for gas, go to the store for food, and something else I didn't understand. After a few blocks, with a heavy hit of a speed bump, I started to cry.

Eventually she wheeled into the parking lot of a gas station that had a large green dinosaur on its roof. The bathroom was in the back of the station. I ran in front of her to the door, grabbed at the knob, and Irma commanded me back. Here's where the conflict comes in. Mom would have let me go in alone and use the toilet alone just like I do at school every day. She would have waited outside and when I came out ask me how it went. No big deal.

Now with Irma, it was worse than with my strictest teacher. While I waited in pain and was crying, Irma first tore toilet paper off and wiped off the seat. Then she tore off three strips of toilet paper. She carefully placed them over the seat. I had my jeans unbuttoned and was hoping to escape an embarrassment. After I cried out more, Irma yanked me in, tore down my jeans, then had me stand over the toilet, and carefully sit on the paper. My pee started immediately and I cried out a bit in satisfaction. Irma stood there holding me so I wouldn't slide too much and get off the stupid papers. She said it sounded like I hadn't peed all day. It was actually just 3 hours earlier at lunch.
But I might not have sat long enough because I had classmates looking in on me and in pain too. We had this girl, Lucee, who took the longest poos. Something we all hated.

Irma insisted on lifting me off the toilet, some of the paper stuck on my back thigh, and she reached back on the roll and gave me a small piece of wiping paper. Then she opened up the water which was almost too hot for me to wipe my hands with. Then we did a couple of hours worth of errands and had our dinner at the mall food court.

A quick survey.

1. When you had babysitters and were away from home how did they handle your need to use a public toilet?

2. What, if anything, did they do that was different from what your parents would have done?

3. Did they explain why they did what they did? What did they do or say?

4. What is the best way for young children to have good experiences in using public toilets?

Thank you!


Reply to Midwesterner

Awesome story, do you happen to have a story of the nastiest poop you've seen Anna take in person?

Thursday, November 11, 2021

David P

Update after the weekend

Hi David P again, sorry for my many posts lately I hope it isn't boring you guys.

Emma Two: enjoyed your story about pooing in the woods, seemed you had quite the experience. Would be great to have a more in depth account in future!

Here is a quick update on what happened after the weekend continuing from my last story where I said I hadn't managed to poo over the weekend and go only twice that last week. Well things are still downhill for me and a bit constipated but I managed to do a really big poo today (Tuesday) when my last poo was on the Friday, so it was three days since I did one. On Monday night I was really bloated and gassy again like i described before but despite trying to strain for a poo nothing would come out. But this morning, I got up around 9, had something to eat and a morning coffee. All that started brewing a need for a poo. I was busy doing some things on my laptop and sorting out the house as we are having some building work done soon. I went to go sit on the toilet to try for poo, I was trying to push hard and only the tip was coming out and I kept getting interrupted so I decided to come back later. About 20 minutes after, I went to try again and got some peace. I knew it would be a big one so I grabbed a big box to put under my feet then took off my trousers and boxers so I didn't have anything on from the waist down so I was comfortable. Bending forward slightly and having my feet up on the box helped open up my hole much better, I sat there for about 5 minutes waiting to see how it would go, I gave some pushing to get things started and sitting with my feet raised helped my body push the poo out, I looked between my legs as I watched this big brown log slide out slowly and after a while it plopped into the water with a really loud plop. I then pushed out a few more smaller and looser logs and was finished, I wiped my bum but it was pretty clean as the poos had been pretty dry. I had a look into the toilet to check if there was still the mucus and white bits like in the previous post that was happening all last week but it was a properly formed poo without any mucus on it (so fingers crossed it was just part of having the flu and it will now be back to normal). I felt better for having dropped that big poo, but my bum was a bit sore from the large log stretching it open. After pulling my boxers and trousers back up it felt pretty itchy for the rest of the day so maybe the start of piles or another fissure. later on in the day I kept getting bloated and gassy again so maybe I'm still a bit constipated from last weeks ordeal!
I only seem to be going twice or three times a week at the moment so I'm struggling with being constipated again...
All for now!
David P


Babysitter Toilet Stories

I saw the question asked in a post on here a little while back of anybody having stories involving watching or seeing their babysitters on the toilet. That question made me think of a handful of stories from my childhood that I thought would be worthy of sharing. One thing I will note is that it seemed like some babysitters were a lot more private than others. This post will focus on the babysitter whom I remember the most. I may share more similar stories about other babysitters later.

The first time I can recall seeing a babysitter on the toilet would have been when I was probably around 3 years old. I had this babysitter named Yara, who was of European descent. She was probably in her mid 30's at the time (being she's in her late 50's now), and I remember her having long, wavy blonde hair. I actually still know her to this day, and I will get into that later in my post. I will say, she was definitely my favorite babysitter, and the one I got the most comfortable around. My parents were gone a lot when I was little, so I spent a lot of time with Yara and pretty much developed a parental bond with her. She actually was the main one who helped potty train me. I just remember playing with some sort of toy in our living room and looking up to see her seated on the toilet in our bathroom that was right off the living room. I was sort of mesmerized by seeing Yara on the toilet, because I had only seen my mom and maybe my grandma on the toilet before that. She was sitting with her legs close together with her jeans at her knees, and leaned forward almost in a "thinker" pose. She looked at me and smiled, and we looked at each other the entire time she was on the toilet, with her holding that smile that whole time. I remember being mesmerized the most by seeing her lily white naked thighs and butt that slightly hung over the sides of the toilet seat. Knowing her now, it is very apparent that she must have had a very attractive figure back then. I believe all she did was pee, because even though it seemed longer at the time, she had probably only been seated for under a minute. Since that time, I actually remember quite a few times that I saw Yara on the toilet. She was an example of a babysitter that seemed very open about bathroom habits, unlike some.

It was still probably within a year of the last story, but I remember going with Yara to a department store and going to a public restroom with her. She told me that she had to "go potty", and asked if I needed to as well. I told her that I had to "make a poopie", and she told me I could go first. We went into the women's room, and she took me into a stall with her. She helped me get balanced on the toilet and let me take care of my business. When I was finished, she helped me wipe, and then traded places with me. Yara didn't flush my poop, and instead just sat right down on the toilet and started peeing. I remember again being mesmerized by seeing her on the toilet, particularly being curious about her pubic hair. I was staring at that area, and she didn't really seem to mind. When she went to wipe she told me to turn around, which I did. She flushed her pee and my poop, helped me wash my hands, washed her own, and then we left.

Another time when I was probably closer to 4 years old, I remember going to a grocery store with Yara. We were in her car driving to the store, and right before we got there, she mentioned she was going to go "potty" when we got there. She took me by the hand and led me to the back of the store where the restrooms were located, and we went into the women's side. This time, there happened to be several other women in the bathroom, unlike the time at the department store. Yara pointed out one of the stalls and guided me in that direction. On our way to the stall, I remember catching a glimpse through the gap on the side of the stall door of one of the ladies who worked at the store sitting on the toilet. Yara put her hand on that side of my face to block my vision and moved me along. I guess I was just a genuinely curious kid! We got in the stall and she asked me if I had to go. I shook my head no, and she asked me to move over so she could go. She looked at the seat, decided it was clean enough with a quick wipe down with toilet paper, then pulled down her panties, hiked up her dress, and sat her bare butt on the seat. She started peeing, and I was talking to her about whatever was going on that day. Her dress covered up her privates more than normal, so I guess I wasn't asking a bunch of questions about that (lucky for her). Her pee stream died down and she remained seated. I heard a little fart, to which I asked her "are you going poopoo?" She calmly responded with "shhhh, sweetie, yes, Aunt Yara (which is what I called her) has to make a poopie, please be quiet.'' Shortly after, I heard the distinct "plop" of her poop exiting her butt into the bowl. I remember telling her "your poopie is big, Aunt Yara!" She pulled me over to her side and shushed me, giving me a kiss on the head. Here she was, with a young boy literally up against her side, while she was pooping in a crowded public restroom. Looking back now, I admire how composed and calm she was about the whole thing. I remember hearing more subtle poop related noises out of her, and then her telling me to wait by the door so she could wipe. Of course, being a curious young kid, I had to watch her wipe too. I remember she wiped her front, and then wiped her butt while seated. She stood up, pulling her panties back up and putting her dress back down. Of course this meant I could see what she produced in the bowl. I still vividly remember seeing several decent sized pieces with a couple smaller chunks in yellow water with a pile of paper over part of it, and watching her flush it down. I didn't really say anything, but I'm sure it was obvious that I was looking at her production. As we got ready to leave the stall, I told her I had to "make a poopoo too". She coached me on getting my clothing pulled down and getting myself seated on the toilet. She turned around while I was pooping. When she heard the sound of my poop landing in the bowl, she congratulated me. When I finished, she helped me wipe and get my clothing situated again. We washed our hands and went about our day.

This next story, I was probably about 6, so I was old enough to remember it extremely well. This would have been after my sister was born, so it was routine that I would take a bath after playing outside, since I'd get so dirty sometimes, and then my sister would take her bath after me. Well one day I was in the bathtub when Yara walked in. I remember she came in, said, "sorry honey, Aunt Yara needs to use the bathroom". She left the door open, probably to keep an eye on my baby sister. Yara went over to the toilet, pulled her jeans and underwear down to her knees, and sat her seemingly large lily white butt down on the seat (she really wasn't and still isn't what I'd consider fat, it was just from the perspective of being a little kid). I remember her sitting with her legs close together while she peed. Keep in mind, the toilet was right next to the bathtub, so she had absolutely no privacy, especially with me being no more than a foot and a half away from her. I will admit that even at 6 years old, I was old enough to be intrigued by seeing her so intimately on the toilet. I had my eyes absolutely glued to her. She finished peeing and kept sitting. I was old enough to know that this meant she was pooping. I flat out said "you're pooping!" She told me "yes, honey, I am!" To confirm what she said, she let out a louder fart and had what sounded like several looser pieces fly into the bowl. She spread her legs out further and leaned forward. She was occasionally letting out more plops, and after a few minutes I remember it started to smell. I told her, "it's ok that your poopie smells, Aunt Yara, mine does too." She just looked at me, smiled, and said "everybody's poopie smells, sweetie." She continued to sit, letting out a couple more plops. When she finished, I remember her spreading her legs a bit to wipe her front, which of course prompted me to ask why she had hair in that area and such. She just responded by telling me those were her private parts, and to please not look. She scooted forward and wiped her back sitting down. She just let the paper drop into the bowl without looking at it, so I didn't see it. She got up, pulled up her underwear and pants, turned around and flushed.

Not too long after that past story, Yara ended up having her own baby, so I didn't get to have her as my babysitter a whole lot anymore. Fast forward to today, I didn't see her for a number of years, but I got reacquainted with her through a church event. She lives about an hour away, but we still get together every once in awhile. Last time I saw her, she told my wife and I about how it went with one bathroom in their house being functional due to remodeling. She lives with her husband and 3 sons (ages 18, 16, and 13). Apparently there was a time where her husband and all of the boys consecutively pooped in their only working toilet. Yara said the smell was awful, and that you could smell it in that whole area of the house. She really had to go, and said she opened the bathroom window to make it bearable and sat on a very warm seat. She also told us about how living with 4 boys, she got used to smelly bathrooms and clogged bowls. Luckily, she has apparently kicked them all of peeing on the seat (which I still don't understand why it's so hard to just lift the seat and avoid that altogether). Yara says she loves all her boys more than anything, but they sure produce poop! Apparently she says I helped her prepare for what was to come when she babysat me, but I was definitely less extreme. She asked if we minded if she used our bathroom before she went back to her one bathroom mess at home. We told her to feel free to use it, and she disappeared for 5 minutes, so I'm pretty sure she had to poop. I have more stories to share, but I think I have a pretty good post for now!

Mina and 3 crushes
We are so happy!!! Victoria and Robyn you are living together!! We hope you have happy time always and of course in loo together. Please do many beautiful things with your crush watching you with eyes warm with love!!!

Many hugs




Lots of great posts lately, thanks to all who contribute. I had a few specific replies:

@ Alexandra - thanks for the update on your latest, those are the best kind, in my opinion.

@ ECG - Nice story about the work bathroom. I've been on the right side and wrong of that situation more than a few times.

@ Midwesterner - Your stories are great! Thanks for being so generous to share them. You and your wife's relationship sounds healthy and intimate. Is that something that naturally evolved or did you both discover a shared interest at some point?

@ Michael W. - Nice story, always funny to see people's reaction after they walk into someone else's major dump!

@ Catherine - Happy Belated Birthday! Glad to hear everything is good and satisfying on the toilet front!

@ Willa - Enjoyed both of your stories, thanks for sharing! You're not weird for liking those things.

@ Braidy - Your babysitter / friend Merrilee sounds like quite the character. Those were some pretty funny stories and I can imagine how they would have been taken as a young child.

@ Jennifer - what are "fiber burgers"? Sounds intriguing.

@ Chris - Welcome, thanks for deciding to post. I share your sentients.

@ Jillian - any specific incident that first lead to the nickname "Big Jill"?



Comments + Story

Dear Winnie: the bath has made me pee before. Sometimes even without the tub running, I'm slightly squirming for a pee. I've never gone in the sink before, not even at school. I understand how you felt, because it sure beats wetting yourself. Not much of a poop story today other than I had diarrhea again. I stayed busy shredding, and almost microwaved raw breakfast sausage. My brother saved me from the possibility of even more diarrhea if by chance I didn't cook it right, and fixed it for me. Once, Mom farted, and I thought it was our big dog making noise. Speaking of dog, I have a cute toy one stuffed with styrofoam beads, and he even has a rod running down his back. I guess you could say he's pretty handy for carrying with that handle, lol! Just imagine if he was stuffed with TP, you could break into a secret stash, restuff him etc, and have a pretty toilet paper pouch in your room to look at. Anyway, everyone on here is continuing to submit great stories. Bye.

Anna from Austria


Hello everbody I am not the most avid outdoor pooper including the event from last saturday that inspired that question it happened just 3 times.

Now to my question: Could it be that bowels are empeted more completely when you are pooping in a squatting position compared to the normal sitting postion on the toilet?

During my morning hike last saturday nature called and I had to go into the bushes. Unlike the previous times were I could just do what I had to and then leave the bushes asap I had to remain squatted a bit longer because some more people where on the trail. I do not wanted the group of people (it were all men seeing me coming out of the bushes) so I waited. And during the 2 to min wait I was bored and looked at the "stuff"I dropped. Maybe it was just my imagination but it looked bigger then my normal morning poop at the toilet. I was suprised that could do that much. Another funny detail was that I need to go twice normaly one time in the morning and one time in the afternoon. But on that Saturday i did not had to go twice. On Sunday I had to go twice again. Maybe that was just a big conicidence or did the quatting postion really lead to more complete bowel movement compared to the normal ones at a toilet?

I really would be curious what you guys think about my theory? Just big coinsidence plus a optical deception or has my theory some merits?

Greetings from Austria



Winnie the Pooh

Hi everyone I'm back again short story I think lol .

Yesterday I went to church and I would like to share a story with you all,
So yeah it goes like this, I wasn't feeling my best during the service and I got up excuse myself, I went in the ladies bathroom upstairs where it just one toilet and sink mirror , So I locked the door and pulled down my jeans and panties and and wobble wearing my high heels to the toilet and let the seat down and sat down on the very cold seat. Started to pee some then afterwards I began to start my pooping within few seconds after peeing felt very mushy type and I started to holding my stomach and leaned over feeling overtaken by such force I felt that I couldn't take no more and I sat up to catch my breath and started to grab toilet paper to wipe up such mess I felt gooey and sticky, got up and pulled up my jeans and panties and went to the sink started to wash my hands and about to exit out and I was hit by a sharp pain in my abdomen and I hurried up and and ran to the the toilet and quickly pulled down my jeans and panties and sat back down on the toilet and immediately two big pieces of poop hit the water back to back, hurt so much afterwards I got myself cleaned and went back to service and my dad asked if I was ok I said yes just needed to run a errand that needed to be done. After service I walked out to the car felt like I was sagging my booty , like everything falling down, though I'm told that I have a cute size for a Asian girl


Girls yes, Guys no!

In my middle school geography class we were working in groups on a worksheet about global water issues. This guy Joshua, who is the leader of our study group, teases me and my friend Lauren because we will frequently use a bathroom pass during class each day. Simply, we have to pee. Like about every 2 hours we are in school. We stop for coffee each morning across the street and bring our drinks into the cafeteria where we hang out. By 9 I have to pee and within a few minutes, Lauren will use her pass. The boys often make rude comments to us when our group is in session. This one time last week Lauren excused herself a second time because she had taken a laxative and it was working as our group was working. I felt good that I had taken my crap at the c-store while I had waited for my bus to come.

What it comes down to is that I average 4 pees a day at school. Lauren does 4 or 5. We come with full water bottles and are allow to fill them throughout the day. We drink a lot of water. It's free. Both Mick and Joshua don't drink much water, except for a few swigs they might get from me and Lauren, and their milk at lunch. Joshua never leaves the three classes he has with me. Mick has only left a couple of times and he complains about how bad the urinal troughs are. Often I think he holds his pee until he gets home. He lives only two blocks from school. I live three miles and the buses aren't always reliable. So the last thing I do when we're dismissed at 3 is to go in for a final pee. That avoids me having an accident on the bus. That's something that Mick and Joshua tease me about. They say I have a baby's bladder. Sometimes I think I should make up a story about having taken a crap so they will let up. Lauren just calls them immature f###HEADS.

Do you guys think our peeing habits are normal or not?

For Sophie:

About four years ago I had a babysitter who had some of the same problems as you. We would be out at the park, movie or mall. She couldn't get on the toilet fast enough. She blamed her thong stains on something called turtle heading, her farting, and something she said about the seats in several of her school's bathrooms being wet or otherwise messed up. That is the drawback of such a tight fit.

For Emma Two:

I enjoyed your story. One snow day when we didn't have school we were walking through this very rough wooded area pulling our sleds. Three times Jade took a squat position to crap. One piece did hit the snow and it was steaming a little. That was after two times when she took her squat. She lost her balance and feel over. I had to work hard to keep from laughing out in front of her.

For M:

When I went with my Uncle Jim fishing. He would call it his 'daily evacuation.'



Hey everyone! I thought I would check back in with an (embarrassing) update..

But first I wanted to say thanks to M for your advice about my shitty (sorry bad pun haha) situation. The good news is that I found out my boyfriend is cool with it, but the bad news is that it happened in the most embarrasing way.

So he had come back to my house after my tennis meet was done and we were just hanging out in my room doing homework. At some point I noticed he wasn't there and had gone to the bathroom, and my heart sank because I had taken a shower as soon as I got back and left all my dirty clothes on the floor!

So this time I had tried to be clever, because I read something way back on here in the archives about a girl who had the same school skidmark issue as me, and her solution was to wear like a pad or liner so the skidmark would go on the pad and not in her panties, and then she could switch it out before she got changed so nobody could see in the event that her stains showed through the back of her underwears. So I thought I would try this, and wore my normal period pad (Always Radiant) in my blue cotton panties all day before the game. As usual I had to poop at lunch and only had time for one rushed wipe which I felt smeared more than it removed before I had to pull everything up and head for a college counselor appointment. And when I was changing in the bathroom at home after tennis, I saw I had the right idea but bad execution because I had not put the pad far back enough in my panties and I had like... skidded off the back of the pad? There was a pretty major skidmark toward the back of the pad but then it carried on and got lighter as it went like an inch further onto the ass section of my underwear. I just kicked the underwear off with pad still attached and got in the shower, eager to get clean and just hang out with my boyfriend. But now he was in the bathroom and had quite possibly seen my incriminating secret!

I was like sick with worry that he would see and be grossed out and not want anything to do with me, and I didn't know how to play it when he came back in the bedroom. I think he saw my guilty look and he just laughed and said "I see why you wanted to take a shower as soon as we got back!" I just blushed and didn't know what I was goign to say, and started to cry. But he came over and hugged me and said he wasn't trying to make fun or anything, that skids happen to everyone sometimes and that I should see some of the guys in the football team, it would make me sick. I was so relieved but still really embarrassed. Then inevitably (because he clearly saw the pad) he said something about he didn't think I was on my period now because I had been like a week ago, and so I then had to explain my whole borrowed and failed anti-skidmark strategy, which OBVIOUSLY let him know what this was a more or less regular occurrence. Ughhh!

Honestly I can't decide if I am glad that he knows and is cool with it (at least to my face) or if the relief I feel not having to worry now was worth the five minutes of pure hell where I had to talk to my sexy, awesome boyfriend about how I don't always wipe my butt good and get stains in my underwear. But he was really nice, he said he still finds me sexy and doesn't think it's gross (I think he's lying about that part or whatever, since even I find myself gross sometimes haha). And we made out on my bed for like 30 minutes and he was really vulnerable with me and told me some stuff he hadn't shared with anyone before, so despite the pure humiliation of that afternoon I feel like somehow we ended up closer?

ANYHOW I'm not sure whether I'm going to keep using my pad strategy. It sucks enough wearing a pad when I'm on my period, and it feels even weirder putting it far enough back that it covers the area it needs to after I need to poo. So I don't know. I know that other girls on my track and tennis team have the same issue, but I don't think they suffer with it as regularly as I do.

I wonder if Jenny (Skidmark in Seattle) and others can relate? I've been reading the archives while trying to solve my problem and I'm happy to know there are other women with the same problem, and that (some) skidmarks are normal!

Thanks for reading, sorry this is so long!



To sofie

Yes I can relate to thongs getting messy lol. Just be grateful you haven't had an accident in them it's a huge chore to clean up. I wish thongs didn't feel good to wear however the dirtiness is a small price to pay to seek sexy lol. You said you run in yours not sure how you do that without being turned on. I'm 16 and both pair of thongs I own I couldn't run it they would rub me in all the right places


All by myself

Thanks everyone for answering my survey there! Very interesting to read.

This week Adam wakes up already at 5(!) to go to work, while I sleep until at least 7 and start 9 working from home. This morning I just heard him wake up with some profanities and he just ran out the door. I had a really nice breakfast with chiapudding that I preped yesterday and some tea. Afterwards I had the bathroom all to myself without having to wait for mr slow-pooper, haha.

David P: Well, that went better than expected then! Good on you. Perhaps your body adjusted to the early time and if you're sleeping until later now, perhaps that's why you can't go after coming home again?

Isn't it strange how some are worried they can't go while I have several friends that worry more about having to too much, it can be heard and so on and so forth.

Tuesday, November 09, 2021


A Good Poo !

On Friday went to my public toilets but could not manage a poo...the day before Thursday did not poo at two days without a poo. If I do not have a BM for a while it upsets my umbilical hernia!
Friday night had pains in my ???? so took a laxative. Next morning awoke with pains and bloating but felt, none the less that I could not move my partner left early for a few hours to go shopping so I inserted two suppositories...they went in easily this time!

The suppositories began to work but you need to hold on for a while for full effect......the problem is that there are urges that are great and there is leakage from my bum but it is not a problem as I wear incontinence undies...when I thought it was "time" I adjourned to the throne room with a plastic bag to put my undies in for disposal and a roll of paper towels to wipe my bum because toilet paper is insufficient given the likely mess. I sat on the throne and released with a loud fart that almost echoed. The shit poured out of me in one evacuation and I felt so light I almost floated off the toilet. I wiped with paper toweling and disposed of all in the rubbish. A shower ensued and I had a good day which later on I enjoyed two good BM's.
As a side issue I find that I have more bladder incontinence when constipated...has anyone noticed this?
Yesterday, Sunday, I did not poo but today Monday I called by my public toilets and had to wait a couple of minutes for a seemed my middle cubicle was out of order...I have a very good BM that did take a while.
Best to all.

David P

Going Downhill Again

Hi all David P here, sorry I missed out the last letter of my name of the last post but I think you could guess it was me. First for some replies

Winnie - welcome to the forum, nice introduction stories do keep them coming, your not boring post what you like. I love your tag as Winnie the Pooh! Would like to read a more in depth story of your experiences pooing in school.

M - I personally do not say anything when I need to go poo, just go to the bathroom sometimes I have a shower other times just go. I do know people that announce when they are going and just say they are going for a poo or crap or going to have a sit down. Most of my friends say nothing when they go to the toilet so have no idea. I don't talk about pooing outside of this forum.

John H - your right about the nice feeling when pooing that either men or women can get the feeling of poo phoria, I read once that the vagus nerve is stimulated when you do a big poo and that is what causes the feeling. To everyone that may be interested, the vagus nerve being stimulated it is the same reason you can go dizzy, sweaty or red in the face when straining for a poo!

Onto my story, this week I've been unwell but thankfully not covid! the flu symptoms have caused some pooing issues for me making life more of a struggle. I usually go for a poo every other day, so 4 times a week or 3 times a week depending on what I eat. But I've only managed to go for a poo 2 times this week, making me officially constipated according to the internet less than 3 times a week is considered constipated. I've been feeling really gassy & bloated this week with smelly farts and stomach pains. The other strange thing I have noticed is that every one of my poos this week have looked weird, they are the usual brown colour but covered in a gloopy pale like mucus inside the poo and blobs of white stringy stuff on top of it. I managed to poo on Tuesday morning and first strained out a couple of pebbles (type 1) that were really hard to push out, I still felt full but nothing despite how hard I pushed. I looked into the toilet and saw two hard roundish pebbles but they were covered in this strange mucus as described above. I wasn't able to have my next poo until Friday afternoon. By this time, I was feeling really bloated and could feel sharp pains in my side, whenever I pressed down on my ???? I could feel a large lump with my fingers. I felt like I needed to poo so went off to the toilet and started straining at once, I pushed with all my might and was running out of breath, I panted a few times and caught my breath. I looked between my legs and saw an egg shaped poo coming, I eventually pushed it out and it was only a small pebble again. I decided to get in the bath and massage my ????, also pressing between my bum trying to stimulate something. I sat in the bath massaging my ??? in circle motions for about half an hour, I went to pass gas but actually it was the head of a big poo at my bum hole. So I quickly got out of the bath and sat back down on the loo, I gave a big push and slowly out came the big turd, giving out a deep floomp sound as it hit the water, it was big so didn't make a sharp sound but it sounded deep in tone. As soon as it had dropped in the water, I suddenly felt so much lighter and relieved to be free of that big poo. I looked into the loo and saw this massive dark brown log, it was also covered in the stringy mucus inside the turd. I flushed and got back in the bath to clean myself. I've been concerned about what could be causing the mucus and white stringy parts of my poos, I have never had it before and just started this week while I have had the flu. I am hoping it is just part of the virus and nothing to worry about. I didn't manage to have a poo at all over the weekend, so only managed to go twice this week.

Bye for now,
David P


Winnie the Pooh

Hi everyone, hope everyone have a great week, . Have a small story so I won't be long . So after school my mom picks me up from school so we can go to the grocery store and so she would cook supper that evening, as we shopping I started to feel the urge to go and my mom asked me if I was ok I said no I have to relieve myself , she turns to me and said she do to , so we park the the cart over by electronics . Go in the women's, 6 stalls total 2 of them already in use , and mom asked what stall I want I point to the end and she takes the one next to me, judging by the smell it seems like the other two were pooping, so I take end stall I latch the door and I see my mom didn't waste no time I see her panties going down at her ankles and hearing her sit down by the way she had on this awesome beautiful skirt on . So I lift up my skirt and pull down my panties at my ankles and sit down I begin to pee a good minute or two and I hear flushing one of the other ladies got out and washed her hands and left, after my pee I started to produce gas and cracking pooping session began and I hear my mom grumbling and farting dropping poop in the bowl and some other teenagers come in talking about wow someone had let the carpet mildew , as my pieces got bigger I began to clench my stomach, mom on the other hand letting out juicy farts and squirts, one teen girl said oh well we all do it, seeing her pants and panties panties down at her shins so the first lady flush and started to wipe and left, so it was 3 of us pooping out of 4 . After I felt empty and wiped good 5 times and flushed pulled up my panties and readjusted my skirt and went to wash my hands and the first lady was in there ran back in the bathroom just hurry pulled down everything and had the runs and I waited for my mom outside of bathroom and eventually she came out and said she felt like she can eat dinner. I laughed and we finished shopping and paid on our way out I saw the first lady and she was coming out of the bathroom up front poor lady. Well that's all good bye for now


Thong embarrassment

Am I the only girl who hates feeling the need to poo when I'm wearing a thong, particularly a white one?! Especially at school when I have to go at lunch, between the rush and the crummy toilet paper I know that my underwears are going to smell and be gross later, and I'll have to hide them deep in the laundry so my mom or sister don't see when they do laundry. My little sister is 15 and she still gets worse skidmarks than I do, but she makes fun of me when she sees one in my cute new panties.

The worst is when I go to the gym or when I'm running in track, we have practice after class and nearly always I have to poo before, and the whole car ride home I'm paranoid about how I must smell (and not just sweat!) And when I'm with my boyfriend I'm always worried he will notice the smell too (though he hasn't said anything yet!)

Can anyone else relate???



Some kids take longer to train than others

Yesterday, I was coming home from lunch between two and three in the afternoon and a friend of mine was loading her two grandsons into her SUV for an afternoon trip out of the house. She's old enough to be a grandmother, but she is only in her early sixties and looks somewhat younger. The oldest one is six years old and the youngest one turned five not long ago.

Like his older brother, the five-year-old sometimes acts his age, but other times he does not. The six-year-old is completely toilet trained and in regular classes in first grade (but he was still training last year). The younger one is somewhat toilet trained (mostly (if not completely)for bowel movements) and attends a half-day kindergarten in the morning. He may or may not wear pull-ups (or something similar) to school. I'm not sure (I've never had any reason to ask).

In any case, I was walking by and she just finished strapping the younger one into his car seat and then a few moments later she said "Uh-oh (then his first name)", and she asked, "Are you going potty?" Then she pointed to his car seat and asked him what it is and he said "Potty". She then told him that it was his car seat and she again asked him what it was and he said "Potty".
She then pointed down at the puddle that was forming and asked him what it was and he said "Pee-pee". She then told him that he needed a bath and to let her know when he was all done. A little while later he said "All done" and then "bath".

The last time I saw him one morning on a weekend he was speaking fairly normally (in complete sentences, but his r's came out sounding like w's), using the toilet, deciding which TV shows to watch, and said that a show for younger kids that he used to watch was "boring"and "a baby show".

Most people don't think twice when he acts younger because (like his older brother was before his growth spurt) he is small for his age and could easily pass for a two or three-year-old. He sometimes uses the big toilet, but other times he uses a potty chair.

I wonder if that might be part of the reason that he gets his potty chair and his car seat mixed up. I know that he gets confused about this because a few months back she asked him to hand her his car seat before a trip out of the house and he handed her his potty chair instead.

It's possible that he's just fine (at least some of the time) in kindergarten since it is only half-day and he often acts at least four years old (including speaking in complete sentences) in the morning. But he usually acts younger the later in the day it gets.

Despite how he acts on his bad/off days (like yesterday) he does seem to be coming along a bit. For example, he no longer eats earthworms like he did about six months ago. In addition, he doesn't fall down as much as he used to and he is less wobbly on his feet than he was even six months ago. Also, his six-year-old brother was acting exactly like this a year ago, and I hear that he is doing just fine in first grade.

The two of them may be coming along as much as they are because of speech therapy, occupational therapy, and other early interventions. I have been told that they are at least moderately on the spectrum and it is likely that they would both be nonverbal and completely untrained without the early interventions and early diagnosis.

The younger one may be only half-trained because most of what he learned about using the potty was from that well-known kids show with all the songs, bright colors, and nursery rhymes. Also, a song about what to do "when you get that funny feeling way down low" only covers the bowel training part of the toilet training puzzle. It's a good start, but that's all it is. Maybe in a later season they should do a more detailed episode that covers the rest of the process.

Also (despite the opinion of some critics) children's television programming is not responsible for his diagnosis or the diagnosis of other children like him. He was already diagnosed before watching television (like his older brother). That being said, it is probably a good idea to limit screen time in the early years and focus more on in-person social interaction when it is safe and reasonable to do so (as some articles I've read have indicated).

Monika B.
I have IBS-D, and it has really been dominating these days. I've basically had chronic diarrhea for a couple of weeks straight, although only in the morning.

I've felt better these past couple of days... it's much milder. I went before work (not really diarrhea, luckily), then an hour into my shift, I felt like I had to poop again. The urge wasn't that bad, and I try not to use the restroom at work if I can help it (it's not too bad as I usually only work 5 hour shifts), so I just held it. Then after work I went to go get a coffee, chugged it, and biked home. The urge came back pretty strong; in fact, I was turtle heading a little bit. It wasn't a big deal, I just sucked it back in. Then when I finally got home, the urge has died down (of course lol). I just ate a pretty big meal, so I'm feeling the need again, but I kind of want to hold it until tomorrow morning. For some reason, it feels kind of good. Lol.

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