A Trip to the Library

We recently took a road trip through some of the mountain states, given the work from home mandates issued by my company. We stopped in a few different smaller towns. At one particular town, I needed to find a printer to print out some legal documents to later wet sign and notarize. It seemed that the public library best suited my needs and it was a lot closer than the UPS store in the next town over.

The librarian setup me up with a day pass, even though I thought I only had a couple of hours of work to complete. There weren't many people at the library on this particular morning.

At one point, I noticed another person working in my general area before she disappeared into other parts of the library. She looked to be about 6'1". She had a light bronze skin tone, almond shaped eyes with a deep brown color, and healthy, straight black hair. I couldn't see the lower portion of her face because we had masks on but she reminded me of someone with an ethnicity from the Pacific. She wore a black Nike hoodie, khaki shorts, mid-height, white crew socks, and trendy, new athletic trainers. She was well built with broad shoulders and an athletic looking lower half; the crew socks accentuated thick, square-like calf muscles. I would guess she probably measured between a size 10-14, hard to tell with the hoodie. A wide canvas bag hung from one shoulder and concealed her true purpose for the library on that particular morning. She carried a large cup of what I presumed to be coffee in the other hand. It was one of those paper to-go cups but I couldn't easily identify the shop. It must have been a local coffee shop unbeknownst to me.

It wasn't too long before I finished up replying to emails and editing the legal documents. I headed to over to the printer to collect the documents. At this point, she returned to this area of the library, softly speaking to someone via blue tooth earbuds. She paused her conversation and eye smiled at me as if to apologize for talking in the library as she passed through printing area. The business center wasn't far from the front lobby area. She mentioned to the person on the phone that she would call them back as she had a few things to finish before she left the library. At this point, she turned down a side hallway, which had a sign to the restrooms. I didn't think much of it at the time other than I had a growing need and now I knew where they were.

I noticed one of my documents had set to print on both sides and another had an issue with the margins. This took another five minutes to correct and print. By this time, I noticed her return from the restroom. She checked out and left the library. I double checked everything again. I was all set now. I collected the rest of my things, packed up, and headed down the hallway to the bathrooms. There were two, single occupancy unisex bathrooms at the end of the hall. The first door had a sign that said something to the effect the it was closed for construction. I guess maybe they had to make some modifications for covid-19, hard to know. This left me with one option.

Her signature perfume immediately greeted me as I pushed open the door. It smelled like a stable with a burnt note. It was hot, heavy, almost palpable. It seemed to cinge my nostrils and stick to my clothes and I had only taken a couple steps into the bathroom. The toilet sat approximately 10' back in the corner. It gleamed at its white porcelain and chrome curves under the LED bathroom lights. It was a deep basin industrial model with an elongated bowl shape.

I took a few steps farther towards the toilet and noticed her disposable 20oz coffee cup at the top of the trash can off to the left. The cursive handwriting read "red-eye". I guess the red-eye, which I later learned is a coffee with a shot of espresso added in, had a considerable effect. Not only had she blown up the bathroom but the toilet was in ruins.

Evidently, she clogged the toilet was a massive dump. The water level was quite high. Ironically, the extra water provided additional room within the large basin to get a good look at everything. I stood in amazement for about ten seconds while I pondered the reality of the situation. I noticed that the contents of the toilet seemed to actively emanate her aroma. There were three thick, long bombs that each resembled a paper towel cardboard tube (not a toilet paper tube) in girth, length, and color. Two of them each encircled a good portion of perimeter. They seemed less disturbed by the struggle. The third partially laid up on the porcelain at the front of the toilet. The rest spanned the length of the toilet back to the trap. The porcelain towards to the trap had heavy skid marks on all sides. It lead to another thick bomb that wedged in the trapway with the help of some paper. Maybe this was the front end of the third one beached up on the porcelain? To be honest, I think the paper was mostly superfluous to the effort. The girth of all of them was about as wide as the trap itself, so it was no surprise that they didn't make it down. Most anyone would have been proud to call them their own Aside from her largest offerings, there were a multitude of chucks and remnant-sized pieces floating about with several wads of dirty, folded paper. For those wondering, I estimate there was probably 36" / 90cm worth of thick logs that I could see. Who knows what if any made it down before the clog?

I still had a need to use the bathroom. I briefly scanned the bathroom for a plunger and there was none to be found. I now understood her predicament. At this point, I pivoted back around to the sink. I decided it was best to try to hold it in and find some place else to go. I'm not opposed to using a clogged toilet if I'm in an emergency situation, but I didn't think this library bathroom needed any more trauma at the moment, especially knowing someone else would have to deal with the mess. I headed off to complete my original tasks but have to admit I was in a complete daze from what I had just experienced.



Michael's Post

Dear Michael: I love your bathroom story from the mexican restaurant. When you said that the daughter and mom blew up that bathroom with their poop stink, I imagined an aerosol can sprayed on a paper shredder, lol!! Those 2 things don't mix, and I thought to myself if the poop stink was a bomb, it would go "kaboom just like in that scenario. That was nice the restaurant had 2 bathrooms. To me, stinking up a bathroom is part of pooping,and I wouldn't let that bother me if I had to use a toilet. I didn't stink up my bathroom as bad today as I have before. When I had to go, I did some solid poop, and occasional daytime farts that were loud, but the odor wasn't too bad. All for now, bye.


Pullups again

So after my last accident, I figured I should start wearing a pullup again for awhile. I was feeling a bit depressed about it cuz I thought I was doing better but oh well. I definitely feel more secure when I'm wearing a pullup. Today during my therapy for PTSD, I needed to go potty and excused myself. I had a partial accident cuz of some of the memories we were dealing with so got some in my pullup, some on the floor and a little in the toilet. My depression has been pretty bad lately, alot of things. Peeing my pants is low on my list of worries but it still plays a role. When bathrooms are occupied I panic that I'm going to go in my pants and then I often do. Rough week for sure.


Privacy surprise

This happened during the 2nd or 3rd week of when I was in 7th grade. I was getting frustrated with not being able to go to the bathroom during pass periods because we had only perhaps 4 minutes to get to our next class. A couple of my teachers were pretty cool about letting us take the bathroom pass during class. Others were somewhat cynical, especially since a couple of intercom announcements were read about bathrooms being misused and abused. Tell that to my 11-year-old bladder, I remember thinking, although I don't deny there was damage being done to some of the toilets and sinks. A few girls used it as a social area and I think some drugs got used.

Most of our bathrooms were the same. A long line of about 11 or 12 toilets, separated by metal panels 3 feet high on each side. Privacy doors, about 1/2 as high, were put on about half the stalls. If a particular toilet was getting abused, the door would be taken down by the janitor. Sometimes it would be put on another toilet but other times it was totally taken out. Some of the shitters walked all the way to the back of the bathroom where there was a different type of toilet. The toilet was higher. The panels around it were higher. There was a much better privacy door which was higher. That was the desired toilet. Teachers occasionally walked through, would see a couple of their students on one of the toilets and tell them to hurry along. I heard one teacher 5th hour tell a student if she was tardy to class in a minute or so 5 minutes was going to be deducted from her lunch hour. We were all reminded to flush and then wash our hands. However, the hand-wash was what go some of us detention time.

My pissing problem started when I started earning a little of my own money. Across from the school was a coffee-to-go store. I learned what goes in my body comes out and by mid-morning I was burning for a piss.
It was science class and although I was inconveniencing my lab partner, who had a steel bladder and I don't think ever used the toilet at school, I would get a pass and go in for a fast piss. Normally I would just go into a toilet with no door, take my seat, drain, flush and wash my hands. It would only take a couple of minutes. Normally that is. This time, right after I slid onto the seat, I heard some noise coming from that far-end different toilet. There was a couple of sighs, some foot movement, and a couple of splashes. Kind of entertaining, I thought to myself. a classmate taking a shit. Then I heard that door creek open. There were footsteps coming before me and almost with a back lined up with my toilet, there was this person washing hands.
A paper towel dropped to the floor and as it was picked up I could see it was Matthew, a boy in my science lab. He saw me. He was very surprised and let out a "F###!" Then he apologize saying he hadn't seen me earlier when he came in. So after lunch he and I talked briefly on a cafeteria bench. Matthew said he had been having his shits in that bathroom several times. He liked that one toilet because he had total privacy. He said that bathroom was cleaner than most of the guys' and he didn't want to get bullied.
I didn't tell anyone about it. I doubt that Matthew did. We became friends and worked together on some of our homework. After that year, I guess his family moved to another school district.


To Midwestern Claire

I enjoyed your story. I'm so sorry about the farmer's market accident, but I'm also glad you got away with it. You are a brave person, taking off your filled panties outside, standing next to your car. I've had a few accidents outside, but always managed to get back into my house before even touching my panties.

Jasmin K

Reply to Miranda

Hi Miranda
I don't think I've any inhibitions going to the toilet in front of my boyfriend. He likes seeing me do it and wants to be there. Having company in the bathroom is something I'm quite used to. I've mentioned this in previous posts.

Jaz x

Katie - Natalies Sister

Friend Group

Since my last accident in my car, my friendship group and our combined accident. This really opened up for me to talk about my IBS to my friends and they were all really receptive and supportive rather than making me feeling gross. In fact they all openned up about their experiences with Jamie also mentioned she has IBS, Tammy saying she thinks she does but has never bothered to go to a doctor and Emma mentioning her stomach is okay minus one or two things that can upset it.

Tammy - Mentioned she has had a few sharts but never a serious accident like she had getting out of her car. Apparently she is a chronic sharter. Apparently it was a huge shock to get out of her car, sneeze, fart, fill her panties and pee at the sametime. She mentioned she has sneezed even at work, sharted and peed alittle but never full blown ruined panties and pants like that night.

Emma - Mentioned that Chinese food made her stomach funny as her boyfriend took them to Chinese on their first date and apparently later that night when she was at home, and he had gone home to his house, she went to fart and had a mud slide in her panties. Which was all she was wearing around her house apparently.

Jamie - Has alot of fart competitions with her boyfriend on nights they drink beer and apparently, quite a few times has sharted pretty badly. Apparently one night after a party with her partner and friends she got home, her boyfriend farted at her and she went to fart back but completely shit and filled her pleather pants no panties. She also apparently woke up the next day and on the way to get coffee filled her panties and sweat pants. Than drank the coffee and sharted her panties again. She swore of farting for a few days after that.

Me - Well this week even I shit my pants after soccor practice in my uniform pants. I was dribbling the ball and very stupidly tripped onto the ball, i feel on it stomach first. The force hit my stomach, made it cramp and I felt a shit slide out with a fart into my boyshort panties and compression shorts. I felt it squish between and butt and be held their from the compression. It was so gross.

Stephanie - Jennys Friend

Swimming Supplement Team

I am stephaine Jennys Friend whose Jades Sister whose Natalies friend.

Wow anyway I call BS on Jenny saying she has never shit herself before. I saw her run to the bathroom at gym after a few situps and a massive wet fart.

I can confirm however those supplements give you grief having ruined 4 panties and 1 swimsuit from them. What happens is your stomach feels fine, it cramps badly, than it goes fine, you have 3-5 normal dry farts and on the 6th at least you full explode into your panties and stomach cramps like hell. The needing a new swimsuit on the otherhand happened to a few girls on the drive home. Not just me. Basically it all boils down to what i just said a few dry farts than a massive cramp and suddenly you have shit filling your suit up your back, down your leggs etc.


Mommy moment

I had a bizarre moment put shopping the other day... I was out at my local supermarket. As I pulled into the parking space a family of mother and two daughters pulled in next to me... The daughters couldn't of been anything more than 5 and 9.
The eldest daughter mentioned they should stop at the restrooms which were just as you enter the building (granted they are NEVER cleaned). I didn't pay too much mind to it as I had my own daughter with me and assumed she would go upon getting to the store. But upon reaching the store the girl didn't split off she remained with her mother... So this grabbed my interest. I followed at a respectable distance, the whole time continuing my own shopping at the same time as watching this family.
The girl was wearing a skirt over a all in one jumpsuit kinda thing, so she would need to take it all off to use the toilet. The poor girl grew more and more desperate as time moved on, eventually resulting in holding herself. I thought for sure she would run to the toilet but she didn't... Eventually we were in the baby/toddler isle and she said to her mom that she was about to go in her underwear. The mother told her not to do that and hold it in..
But the girl said she couldn't. It was obvious the girl wasn't lying... The mother then did something odd, she picked up a training potty from the shelf took the daughter to the back corner of the isle had the girl undress and sit on this plastic training potty in the middle of the store and have her pee. I watched in shock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing... The young girl sure did need to go though, she began to pee before properly seated. After a couple minute she was done. The mother looked at the girls underwear to see if they were dry and ended up dressing the girl without them so I assume they were damp or something... She then left the potty there and had her other daughter go as well before continuing on with her shopping.

I was stunned.

Today I had a massive BM. It was huge and stunk up the bathroom. It was two inches thick and must have been 2 feet long!



Emma two

Two stomach upsets

Until Friday I'd been constipated for about a week and I had a burger from the canteen at work that tasted a bit off but I just thought it was a bit spicy so I ate it anyway. After lunch I went back to the office and started working when I started to get a stomach ache and I was sure it was the burger upsetting my stomach. Three and a half hours later it was home time and I was desperate for a poo. I thought about going to the toilet at work but I was worried I might block the toilet so I decided to wait until I got home. Big mistake! I walked to the bus stop and by the time I got on the bus I was bursting to go. I felt like I was going poo myself at any moment and I clenched tightly but my bowels had other ideas. I was rocking back and forth on the bus seat as I tried my best not to have an accident in my knickers. When I got to my stop I got up and as soon as I got to my feet I felt my poo coming out into my knickers. It was wet and lumpy and I'm sure people must have noticed. I got off the bus quickly and as soon as the bus pulled away from the bus stop I lost all control of my bowels and totally filled my knickers as well as my jeans and it was running down my legs. When I got home Sarah wasn't in luckily and I went to the bathroom and stripped of in the bath and got in the shower to wash myself down. The mess was everywhere and it took me about twenty minutes to get my lower half cleaned up. I felt to need to have another poo so I sat on the toilet still dripping wet and released a big load of soft poo into the toilet. I flushed before I wiped in case I blocked the toilet and it all went down so I wiped my bottom and flushed again. I got back in the shower for a proper wash and when I was done I got dressed in my pyjamas and threw my knickers and jeans in a black sack for the rubbish as they were ruined. About an hour later Sarah came home and she said she was wasn't feeling well and she went straight to the bathroom and had some nasty sounding diarrhoea. I needed to go again and I asked her to hurry up before I pood myself. She said she was sorry but she had a bad stomach and she might be a while and I realised maybe it wasn't a dodgy burger that upset my stomach. Twenty five minutes later Sarah came out of the bathroom and not a moment too soon because I was desperate to go. I ran in after her and she warned me about the smell. I didn't care about that as I was about to poo myself again and as soon as I sat on the warm toilet seat I relaxed and immediately felt relief as I emptied my bowels into the toilet. When I finished I wiped and flushed the toilet and washed my hands thoroughly and joined Sarah in the living room but as soon as I sat down she got up and ran back to the toilet holding her bottom and I could tell she was having another diarrhoea attack. When Sarah came out she said she was going to bed because she felt like sh*t and I knew how she felt. I decided to go to bed as well as I wasn't feeling too good myself.


Winnie the Pooh

I was looking at all these post and courage like I can post something myself, So let's get started, I'm 16 years old sophomore in HS Chinese American, 5'4 slender frame my mom is Chinese origin and my dad is white, I look more Asian though but anyway now unto my story, this past Friday I was at school during passing period I knew that I had to go to the toilet but I always like getting to class early so I can greet my teacher before class start and have small talk, so today he wasn't there so substitute, so I held back from asking, then the final period gym class, as we were changing I knew that I couldn't wait any longer, so I went in the bathroom stall on the end took off shoes my jeans and panties and sat down on the black plastic seat and let my pee out feeling much better and I wiped myself and flushed the toilet and went to the sink wash my hands and came to the lockers and put my jeans and panties and shoes in locker and took out my gym clothes shorts and panties and tennis shoes put them on and had gym after school let out for the day I went home and did homework and dinner

Yesterday I was driving through an empty street and suddenly saw a girl with her pants down pissing furiously. I was so enthralled that I actually pulled up a little distance away from her and got out of my car. Not knowing what to do, I pretended I needed to pee as well and walked towards the corner where she was in full flow. It was then that she saw me and cried out. I apologized and said I needed to pee badly (a lie). She looked at me and said "yeah tell me about it, I have been bursting for an hour and couldn't find a place to empty. Damn this pussy." That's literally what she said! Anyway, I peed for a few seconds and she was still peeing when I finished. It must have been close to 2 minutes since she started. I smiled at her and said "you really had to go huh"? She smiled back and said "at least I didn't wet myself."


Awesome public bathroom experience!

Hello again! Love reading all your stories!!…Wanted to share my experience at Marshall's yesterday…I was doing some casual shopping, when I felt that familiar swelling in my bottom. I proceeded to the restrooms, and as luck would have it, heard some loud plopping going on from the far stall. As tempted as I was to take the stall next to her, I was courteous and took the second from the door. I had barely lowered my yoga pants and spread my cheeks on the seat when I heard the door swing open! As there were only four stalls, I was going to have a partner! Sharing a public poop with someone is such a thrill (sorry,I'm weird, but don't really think that's an issue here!)
In the meantime, I heard a few more messy sounding plops and a groan from the far stall. I hoped the poor girl wasn't having too hard a time…My new neighbor latched the stall to my left and quickly lowered her pants and plopped her butt on the seat. I looked down and saw her heels pop out of her flats and knew she was scrunching her toes and bracing herself. I waited a few seconds with baited breath, but heard nothing, so I knew she must be a little shy…No need to fear, girl, I thought to myself, and immediately sighed and pushed…a huge turd started to snake it's way out of my butt…Almost immediately I heard a loud airy fart and a crackle start from next door! I continued to push as well, and the thrill of both of our poops happening in unison was almost orgasmic. We both continued to sigh and plop for a while, while the end stall girl had wiped and finished, leaving the two of us alone.
As luck would have it, my neighbor started to wipe just about the same time as I felt I was done. We were both pulling the paper for quite some time, indicating we had both made a bit of a mess 😝….I finally saw her heels plop back into her shoes, indicating she was done and getting ready to stand. I really wanted to see my poop partner so I finished cleaning myself quickly, stood up and flushed at about the same time as my neighbor. I opened the stall and walked to the sinks right as she came out. I casually glanced over and she met my gaze directly and smiled, and also blushed a bit. I just smiled warmly and averted my gaze, relishing the intimate moment I had just enjoyed!

I just had a question for everybody. Has anyone ever had to stop during an intimate moment with your partner to go to the bathroom?
There was a time that happened with my wife when we were dating. We went for dinner on my birthday and then after we went to a short stay hotel to spend some time together. All of a sudden she says "my stomach" them gets out of bed and dashed to the bathroom. The room was quite small so the bathroom was very close. She was squeezing her butt cheeks as she was walking. She looks back at me kind of laughing and says "I have to take a shit". She closes the door and says softly "oh God" and as soon as she sat on the toilet, she dropped the nastiest, loudest shit I have ever heard in my life. I have heard many nasty ones in public men's rooms but never one like the one my wife took that night. It sounded like someone took a huge pot of sauce and poured it into another container of sauce. She breathed a huge sigh of relief and then another load of poop shot out of her ass. While she's on the toilet she said sorry to me but she had a bad stomach ache. She then laughed and ask d if I heard the noise she was making and I said yes of course. She said sorry I know that's gross. I said when you gotta poop you gotta poop. She must have stood up for a second and looked at what she did because she said "you should see how much I shit". To her surprise I said for her to let me see it. She let me in and stood up and I couldn't believe what I saw and smelled for that matter. It was thick and liquidy and all you could see in the toilet was brown and it splattered the sides of the bowl as well. She laughed and joked about how bad it smelled in there. She flushed the toilet and said she needed to sit in there for a bit longer because her stomach still hurt a bit. She sat for another 10 minutes but just had a couple of loud farts and a couple of tiny diarrhea squirts. She wiped her butt several times and she was done and felt better. It did not ruin the rest of our evening. We still talk about it to this day!



To Midwesterner: nice to hear from you again! That is great you love to watch people pooping, especially your wife. If I could see, I'd love to watch someone go, too. To everyone else: when I said I could smell a guy's colostomy bag, it was probably due to him missing a spot when cleaning up the area. I was talking about this guy Keith. It might be possible that not all bags control fecal odor, so that's another possibility. Now, about my day. My poops were soft, but mostly formed as far as I knew. I also had some early morning gas on the toilet, but I was peeing then. The odor of my poop was mild to moderate, and I went more than once. Overall, it has been a great day, and I hope to poop nicely again soon. Although I love pooping, sometimes I wish I could go back in time. Not only would I reproduce all those good poops from the past all over again, but I'd relive favorite activities I did in my life, too. For example, I certainly enjoyed my sheltered workshop setting better from 2011 to 2016 than I do now. Using a favorite machine, and doing great pees etc in the bathroom was awesome. Bye.

Monday, November 01, 2021

David P

Staying away and overcoming my fear of pooing

Hello people just checking in with my latest update. First with some replies.

Jas K: Thank you for replying with how you checked your poo for blood, very amusing. and oh yes I was very proud of that poo that I held, but more of a curiosity for what it felt like (it was a long time ago when I was 6 or something)

Jry: onto your questions, as far as I can remember I have always had a phobia of toilets for doing poos so much so when I was much younger I would hold for weeks at a time which started my constipation issues. Especially fear of public toilets for some reason. My parents were always super up tight about it themselves and made a big deal out of having no body near the bathroom when they would be pooing and putting on the water or having music on so nobody would hear. I suppose it could be learnt behavior why I fear pooing so much. And what makes me the most uncomfortable about pooing with others nearby in a public toilet especially is the social taboos, there is also the smells and sounds part of it but it is more the fact that people will see me sitting in a cubicle and know that I am pooing and have a judgement of me for doing it. My new story will explain how I was forced to overcome this fear when staying away for a week.

now onto my latest update, in my last post I mentioned I was going to be staying away for work and was worried about the idea of needing to poo as it was for a week. I thought about the idea of holding it all week but that would have been impossible or using a public toilet but that would have been hard to do. The first night I was there, I thought I should try to poo that night just to test the waters and see how it felt, I was really worried and had that classic phobia feel of dread and trying to talk myself to face my fear, I thought of what the helpful posters of toiletstool have said to me for advice (pooing with others around is my biggest fear and I have planned my life around going before I leave the house to avoid any embarrassing moments), but this was impossible to do this week. I plucked up the courage to just say I was going for a shower, I locked the door and popped the water of the shower on and sat on the toilet for a bit just seeing how it would be. I didn't actually need to poo at this point but I just started straining hard to see if I could force something anyway while I was here in an ok less embarrassing time as I felt pretty bloated. I couldn't manage anything despite pushing really hard, when I got off the toilet I got in the shower for my wash, as I was washing my ???? I felt something strange and my heart sank when I looked at my hand with chunks of poo on it. all that straining had obviously moved it out my hole but not enough to feel it. I was basically washing the shit from my hole. I panicked and jumped out the shower and wiped my ??? and cleaned out the bits that had dropped in the shower (so so horrible when I was already petrified!). washed my hands and I continued to shower. The next morning, I decided to take Abbie's advice and wake up super early in the morning and drink a hot cup, when everyone else was still sleeping, I quietly took myself off to the loo and joy of joys managed to have my first poo without anyone knowing, it was a big poo and I think the hot water helped move things along. I didn't go the next day but continued my routine of trying to train my bowels to open early in the morning. I was able to do a poo 3 times in the week, one time I did have to poo when people were awake and they knew I had gone in the loo so that was great as I had overcome my bad fear of pooing around people. I did some big turds in the week and managed to do the week without having to hold it in and be overly constipated which was great news. My plan going forwards is to try and retrain my bowels to open early as from this week, it seems that around that time I got a few natural urges after a hot drink and did some big logs, the bad news is having to wake up early but if it makes my constipation better then that may be better for my health!

Hope you liked my story!
David P


Some replies

Hi, I don't really have much of an update, I'm still going for a poo every 3 days or so and finding it quite a struggle but luckily its not getting any worse, in the past when I've been really constipated I've gone up to a week between poos which was awful. I'll just leave a few replies now and will post again when I have more to report!
David P- let me know if the shower idea worked! Thanks for your advice, I will see the doctor if it gets any worse. In answer to your question I don't have a squatty potty but I have heard of them and I may look into it as I have heard good reports.
Imogen- great to hear from you and yes, I quite often spurt in my pants when I'm desperate to have a wee! I've always had a bad habit of holding on until I'm totally bursting and so I will often leak a bit, it was worst when it happened at school as I always wore skirts (quite often without tights) and if I let a really big spurt go I would be worried it would start rolling down my thighs as there would be nothing else for it to soak into apart from my pants! I was wondering if you had that problem too as from reading your posts I know you sometimes spurt in your pants as well when your desperate for a wee. I hope you can post again soon and share some more stories when you get chance!
Jas K- thanks for your suggestions, I will give them a try. I had read about splinting and haven't dared to try yet but I will give it a go, I have read on other forums that it helps when your having a hard poo. Its also great to read your memories about going on the loo at school, I remember in my last couple of years at school I read some of your posts about how you'd started trying for a poo before lessons and I started to do the same, I caught an earlier bus so I could arrive early and go on the loo with plenty of time before registration. I remember being struck by how many girls on the toilet at that time were also having a poo, I was wondering if it was the same at your school Jas? The only other time I could go for a poo at school was during lunchtime, morning break just wasn't an option for me as there was no way I would have time to finish a poo, it was hard enough to even manage to have a wee by the time I'd got on the toilet! On mornings when I wasn't able to have a poo before class I would always go back on the loo at lunchtime and try again and quite often I would be successful. Going before school really helped me to get into a good routine and made me less constipated, so many thanks for the suggestion, I don't think I said thank you at the time!
Like you said when I first started secondary school I avoided the girls loos as they were just disgusting and really nasty girls used to hang around there but later on some much nicer cleaner loos opened and then I moved to a much nicer school anyway, and so from Year 10 onwards I would go for a poo at school whenever I got the urge which made life a lot easier and my pants a lot cleaner, as I got less log poking out incidents! Unlike a lot of posters here I didn't get too embarrassed about having a poo in the school toilets, I would always use loos which seemed to be popular for pooing and so in my experience I often heard other girls going for a poo as well, and even when I was constipated and needing to grunt and pant as I was pushing my poo out it wasn't that unusual to hear girls on the loo in the next door cubicle making similar noises! In fact I'd like to think that sometimes I actually helped to make my next door neighbours feel less awkward about needing to have a poo, on several occasions I remember the girl on the loo next to me having a wee and then going quiet, once I started to push out my poo and make the inevitable noises I would then hear her starting to strain as well, it was like she didn't mind going for a poo if I was having one too!! It would be interesting to know how much of the above matches with your experiences Jas (and David/ Imogen/ anyone else if your still reading!!)
Anyway, will try to post again soon, bye for now, Abbie.


Public Toilets

I ate a heap of dried figs last night and had a big , soft effortless poo this morning. Despite all that I still stopped at my public toilets and had a poo also.
The day before my usual toilet was blocked so I went to the toilet next to it. I thought I locked the door (had this problem previously) and whilst sitting there I had a "walk in". This middle aged lady of obviously conservative back ground...she escaped so quickly but waited till I finished....did not embarrass me one bit!
I note the question by Miranda about the mother and her daughters. No, she was not stern but what impressed me was her clarity and logic. She explained that the toilets were not as good as home but at least they were toilets and when you have to wee you use them (poo was not discussed). She said if you are in the bush and need to wee you will do it in the bush rather than wetting your pants. She told them to be clean as somebody else will need to use them.
At the end they washed their hands and she said when they get to the car
They would use hand sanitizer.
Think that is all today.


Holding in?

ECG: Sounded like a very nice and relieving bowel movement at work! Glad you were able to get all of that out and that nobody disturbed you.

David P: How did that trip go? Did you have fun? How was your bowel movements? Maybe it's too late for tips now, but in general I think just don't try to "poop quiet" and so on, it'll just feed your demons. It'll just reinforce your feeling that it's something to be ashamed of. Just go for it when you need it, even if you need to lock yourself in there for a while.

I've been reading about men here that enjoy larger bowel movements. I can see where you're coming from, but it doesn't sound very healthy in the long run though. I read some of you "misses" a day and so on, maybe it was no chance. Maybe you wanted to miss a day, just to be able to save up? I've read that men have their.. spot back there, so maybe it's related to that? What do I know. Does anyone here recognize them-self in this description?


Replies and Answering Questions

@SIS Jenny

I completely agree with what you said in regards to vulnerability and bodily functions. There is definitely a reason that my wife and I enjoy seeing each other pee and poop. I think a big part of it is that peeing and especially pooping is regarded as being a private activity, so doing those activities in front of someone you love builds a bond with them. Part of it is we know we always have each other's backs, so we will do and talk about anything around each other. Also, my wife seems to like to watch me pee the most, and I like to watch her poop. I don't want to get into that aspect of my life too much here, but I will say that I love seeing my wife's shapely buttcheeks while she's pooping. In my opinion, a woman has her legs and butt highlighted when she sits on a toilet, and I love my wife's butt. The other part of it for me is that I'm the only man that gets to see her poop, so it creates a special bond that is maybe just one step down from sex. I'm super into her (as I should be), and our bathroom time together is a significant bonding time for us. She says that if someday I'm going to watch our kids be born, I can watch her poop.

@Carlie B

I enjoyed reading your two recent posts!


- What if you are on the toilet having a poo and your anus is opening up and a turd emerges but right at the moment everything starts moving someone enters the bathroom. Would you still continue or would you clench your butt cheeks to save yourself from embarrassing sounds?

If it's that far out of my butt, I'm just going to let it plop.

- What if you are taking a poop in a bathroom with a bath, shower and toilet all in one. Someone needs to enter to pick up something. Do you allow them in despite the stink and sounds or not? This is mostly concerning siblings and parents I guess

This happens with my wife all the time. I allow her in, no questions asked, and she lets me in with no questions asked. Half the time the door isn't even closed. If we really do want to be alone, we will tell each other and respect that, but that is seldom the case.

- what if you are hosting or are a guest at a dinner evening and you need to poop. Do you go or do you hold it till you go home? What would you say if you're gone for 4 to 5 minutes?

I guess it really depends on the circumstances. I will say that generally I'll go if I have enough of a need to go. There are a few relatives' houses that I'll poop at as though I was at my own house. I wouldn't be one bit offended if a guest had to poop at my house, which has happened a lot actually. As far as what I would say after being gone for several minutes, I probably wouldn't say much of anything.


In regards to your question, I saw my wife, Anna poop last night. Her and I had been working reasonably late and both felt pretty tired out. Luckily we had leftover pasta as an easy meal. We both were just sitting on the couch in our living room, and I was talking to her as she finished eating when she said "I gotta take a dump. Come keep my company." I took our plates and set them in the kitchen on our way to our bathroom. Just as I entered the bathroom, Anna was pulling down her jeans and panties, and I saw her beautiful, shapely butt hit the seat. I started brushing my teeth as she peed. As her stream died down, she let out a fart, and leaned forward a bit as I heard her first piece crackling out. I looked over at her, and she looked really concentrated on the task at hand. Soon, I heard a big thud in the bowl. I went and sat on this chair we have in the bathroom, meaning I was directly across from Anna. She let out another fart that was sort of loud, which made us both laugh. She had another piece working its way out when she said "wait, shhhhh…" A second later she lifted off the seat a bit and I heard a very big "plop" into the bowl. We both started laughing, and as she settled back into the seat, she let out more plops, causing us to laugh even more. We just were in a joking mood that night! I will say it was starting to smell, but we both just accept that as part of what we have to do. She sat for a few more minutes as we talked and let out a couple small pieces before she scooted her peachy cheeks forward on the seat to start wiping. When she finished wiping, she stood up, turned around (flashing her full butt to me, which I won't complain about), and said "wow, I guess I really did have to go!" I looked into the bowl and saw a couple foot long pieces of poop with several small pieces floating around. She flushed and it all went down, leaving some heavy skidmarks in the bowl. I gave her a quick kiss as I traded places and sat on the warm seat that she left me for my own pooping session. We are extremely comfortable with each other, and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Michael W.

Waiting at Hacienda

Hi Everyone. It's been a month since the last time I posted on here. I've been busy working and I've been working on my illustrating project. Today I decided to share another story with you all. Please know that I am sitting on the toilet and taking a shit and I'm using my laptop while I'm typing this. Here it goes.

This story takes place back in 2009. I was 20 and my 21st birthday was like a week away. I was going to Night School to earn my vocational credits so I could go to college. Anyways, it was Mother's Day and I had just got off from a 10 hour shift. We were very busy at my job and I made quite a bit of tip money. When I had got off work I decided to go to Hacienda to get something to eat. For those of you who don't know what Hacienda is. It is a Mexican restauraunt. It is not big like Chilli's, Golden Corral, or Olive Garden. When I got there and ordered food I think I ordered a chimichunga, with refried beans, and Spanish rice, and I ordered a side of salsa. The lady at the take out booth said that it was going to be a 15 to 20 minute wait and I told them that it would be fine. I flirted with one of the hostesses who was working there. And then another family came into the restauraunt to be escorted and seated to their tables. It had been over 5 minutes and while waiting out in the lobby, one lady who came from the patio went to go use the Ladie's room to use it. She had been in and out of the Ladie's room at least 3 or 4 times now. And then she got the hostess who I had flirted with, her attention. She asked her "Is there another bathroom in this place? I can't use this one bcz there are only two stalls and they are both taken and it seems like they had been in there for ages." The hostess told her to follow her to the upstairs bathroom. And then another 10 minutes had passed and the Ladies room over by the lobby where I was waiting was free.

A mom who was at least in her mid-30s and very attractive had come out of the Ladies room with her daughter who was pre-teen aged. They left the restauraunt shortly after. And then like 5 or 6 minutes later another lady who was about my age had went into that very same bathroom where the mom and her daughter had just used. And then she came out of that bathroom like 30 seconds later. Her friend was going to use the bathroom with her. She told her friend "We're not using that bathroom, it smells." And then I laughed. And then the lady at the take out booth told me that my food was ready. So I collected my order, left the restauraunt, and went home to eat and settle in for the night. I was even thinking to myself, 'I bet that mom and her daughter had fun blowing up that bathroom.' LOL! Hahaha.

Anyways, that was my story. I hope you enjoyed it. I'll post another story when I have time. Until then, Be safe, Happy Halloween, and most of all, Happy Pooping to everyone.


A new buddy dump

I did some grocery shopping today and outside of the supermarket there was a large white trailer parked across a few of the spaces, as I walked closer I saw they were toilets! There was two doors, one for men and the other for women. I really needed to use the bathroom and I was going to use the ones inside so I went into the trailer. There was two stalls and that was it, no sinks or anything. I took the stall on the left and saw it was pretty much a porta potty. A plastic "shelf" with a toilet seat on top and a collection tank beneath.

Everything looked clean so I pulled down my jeans and thong to my calves and took a seat, answering a text message while waiting for mother nature. I had been sitting for about a minute when I heard "I'm just off to the loo, I'll meet you at the car" A few seconds later the stall next to mine closed and locked. I had company. I heard the rustle of clothing being pulled down and then a loud splashing from her peeing. Hearing her caused my own bladder to release and I joined in with a stream of my own, the sound of water drumming against plastic. I peed for about 10 seconds and listened to her continuing while I waited for my other end.

She peed for a little longer then I heard a thud and a quiet sigh. She was pooping! I'd normally wait for my body to let go in its own time but I really wanted to go with her so I gave a little push to speed things up. The first push resulted in a loud fart that she would have definitely heard and a second push was enough for the head of my poop to crown with a puff of air. There was another thud from my neighbour as my log began its decent and it broke off a few seconds later immediately followed by another piece. I heard another thud from next door and then the sound of her pulling off toilet paper but I still wasn't finished. I opened up again and was gently stretched by another log making its way out. It moved quite quickly and soon fell into the toilet with a thud. The woman left as I began wiping so I'll never know who my pooping partner was, but I definitely enjoyed her company. I reached between my legs to wipe my vulva and used two pieces to wipe my behind before I was clean. There was no flush so I pulled up my clothes and left with a big smile. When I went inside I saw they were refurbishing the toilets, which explains the temporary loos. I'll definitely be using the new ones when they are finished.


Closet Reading Corner

Hi it's been awhile I didn't have any really new to share. Hi all the new people. Anyways, on to my story. I saw on the internet how to turn a corner of your closet into a reading corner so I got an idea. I hung up some fairy lights, added a book shelf we had in the basement, made it nice and cosy looking and then I added my training potty so I have a new place to read and go as I please.


Natalie - Katies Sister

Food Poisoning Part 2

I still feel like I might have food poisoning. After my last accident story (Food Poisoning I think maybe - I soiled my activewear at home after work because I work at a sports store so its basically our uniform). I definitely feel the need to buy more sports wear. After work the day after I messed myself I purchased more shorty shorts and spandex/leggings. I normally work morning till early afternoon and my friend Jade does the same. My friend Jade asked me why I was buying more stuff just after purchasing my last two pairs of pants which opened up a discussion I was surprised of. I mentioned to Jade I had messed myself a few times and I have IBS and its really horrible. She listened like the good friend she is, and than mentioned she also has IBS and has been embarrassed a few times. Other than our text chat we had yesterday about messing herself at the gym, we had a long talk of our stomach problems. I often wear activewear because I go to the gym often or at work. At uni I just wear plain clothes.

After I purchased all of my clothes I went home with Jade just to hangout for a bit. She actually lives next door to me so basically she drove me home. She interestingly also lives with her sister (Jenny). Jenny doesn't have IBS but she does have a really small bladder and got locked out of her house and peed her jeans one night. My stomach is still a bit funny, and as Jade and myself are sitting on her front balcony, I cautiously let out a fart. It came out alot louder and wetter sounding than I expected. I was wearing Nimble bike shorts and a Nike shirt. I also had under armour hipster undies black and a sports bra. After this really wet fart Jade looked at me, asked if I shit myself. I said no it was safe, to which she replied okay but this might not be, she leaned forward in her chair and let rip a soft, very wet sounding one that smelt like diarrhea. Her sister (Jenny) walked out and said OMG that reeks, you should check your knickers.

Jade said it was safe but very close to being more than just gas. Jenny who was wearing a speedo racing swimsuit, and an Under armour capri tights. Said can you hear that, Jade and myself both stopped to listen carefully only to hear what sounded like a loud gross wet fart that sounded like alot of force suddenly exploded. I looked at Jade who looked at me, for us to both realise Jenny was the one who ripped the fart. Jennys face looked like she had realised something that was pain to hold it, and there was a sense of relief. Jenny mentioned her new swimming routine and supplements are doing a number on her stomach. Having to hold in her farts all training session that morning. Jenny swims national competitions. Apparently herself and her team members of about 7 others on the team are all farting like crazy with these new energy supplements. Apparently a handful of her team members have had close calls or accidents. With one team member needing herself a new swimsuit after getting caught short driving home.

Jenny mentioned she noticed the supplements give you a stomach ache, followed by your stomach feeling okay, than you become gassy, and your farts become louder and louder until you shit yourself thinking it was a fart or hopefully get to a bathroom because you didn't trust the farts. Apparently they all feel like farts until you fill your panties. Jennys best friend on the team Stephine apparently is very outgoing about her bowel issues (probably IBS) and has shit herself 3 times already on the supplements. Apparently her team had a bit of a fart competition in the change room and Stephanie apparently filled her swimsuit after a massively loud fart. Another time she apparently got caught on the drive home and another time midsquat in the gym after a pool session. After Jenny told us these stories she bent over once more but than quickly stopped herself, a look of shock hit her face and she said, she was super close to filling her pants nad she ran off to the bathroom.

John H

Squatting to poo

Hi all.
A story about squatting to poo but a comment first.
@David P, glad you enjoyed my last post. Those large poos are the best as they feel so good coming out and I feel all empty and refreshed afterwards. I had another endless poo after that one in work this time before my poos returned to a more normal size.

I have seen many posters here mention a foot stool to elevate their feet on the toilet. I wanted to try this out but I don't own such a stool and I couldn't think of something that would be the required height. I hadn't pood outdoors in years and that's not an option where I live so I decided to squat in doors.
I can tell by the pre poo feeling if I am about to do a solid poo or not and a few days ago I felt a solid one building. I went to the bathroom, removed my pants and laid some lengths of toilet paper on the bathroom floor. I then peed in the toilet before squatting down over the toilet paper.
I gave a gentle push and felt my hole begin to open with my finger. Then I heard the loud crackling as the log slowly made its way out. The crackling was louder than when sitting on the toilet.
I relaxed as the log continued out and felt it slow as it touched the floor. I gave another gentle push and a pile began to build on the toilet paper. They're was more crackling and soft farts as the log continued out. I lifted my ass up a little and the rest of the log made its way out. I done a little push but that was it. It all came out in one log which normally for me would not be the case. I wiped which was messier than I expected due to the poo building up under me I guess. I enjoyed that though and then folded the edges of the toilet paper in around my log before picking it up and placing it in the toilet.
I flushed and washed my hands. The smell in the bathroom was stronger than normal but it wasn't a bad poo smell. It will be something I will do again from time to time as it deffo does help squatting down. If anyone wants to try I recommend using enough toilet paper to give to room for your poo but not too much that might risk clogging the toilet. I can give further description on how I placed the toilet paper on the floor if anyone is interested.
That's all for now. Take care all
John H.


Saturday Poop

Hi everyone! I pooped a bunch today. Some of it was more solid then others, and I even farted a bit. I once had to do a solid soft poop after enjoying my hobby of paper shredding. After having dinner, I started experiencing looser poop. One episode had some toots at the end, and it had a sort of mild fart smell to it. Instead of having soda with my Burger King meal, I had a shake. Although we have a boil water notice for now, I'm at least grateful the toilets can be flushed. To Deb: I'm glad you're starting to do better. I hope your pooping experiences continue to improve. Bye.

Kazuko, Maho, Mina, Hisae

Mike's survey

Today we don't have story, so we do survey. We like survey!! Key is same with before: Ma = Maho, Mi = Mina, K = Kazuko, H = Hisae.

1. Q. How many times a day do we poo?

A. 2 or 3 times (H), once (K), about 5 times a week (Mi), 3 or 4 times a week (Ma).

2. Q. Does our poo plop loudly into the toilet?

A. Usually. When we changed toilet, we chose toilet which poo can plop loudly, because we like its sound.

3. Q. How long we spend on toilet to poo?

A. Between 10 and 15 minutes, sometimes more time (Ma, Mi, K), between 5 and 10 minutes (H).

4. Q. Do we get splash back?

A. Splashback is when water from toilet hit our bottom after poo drop in water? If it is correct mean, then sometimes yes, if our turd is plop style, especially Maho. (OW!) When it is bururururururu style, no splash back.

Maho has unkind fingers, and Mina has painful bottom. Mina has plan for next time she dry Maho's bottom in loo.

5. Q. Do we prefer wooden or plastic seats?

A. I prefer to wooden (Mi). We never experience wooden, but perhaps it is pleasant very much (Ma, H, K).

6. Q. What is our favourite type of poo?

A. We like when after we drop turd, we drop another turd after few minutes. And if it is many times, we like more. (K, Ma, Mi)

I don't care so much. Anything OK. (H)

7. Q. Do we put tissue in toilet to stop plop sounds?

A. My mother always tell me to do. She hate when someone outside my family notice that I am doing motions. (K) No, we never do. (H, Mi). I never do motion in public (Ma).

From Maho: Before, I did motions at cheap hotel which loo is not in bedroom, but always Japanese style, so no problem of plop noise. But if it is not flush toilet, splat noise in pit under loo. I didn't care. (From all of us: We all didn't care. Like Lea said, toilet is for pooping. Splat noise is normal. Even we make 10 or 15 splat noises one squatting, it is no problem.)

From all of us: Lavah, if we are with you, we are happy to squeeze your hand or hug you while you doing your difficult motion.

Catherine, we are happy you are back! We were worried very much.

Love to everyone.

Your very own Hisae, Maho, Kazuko, Mina (Typist with pinch mark on bottom. Somebody scold to Maho please.)

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