Freddie, I am in my forties, live just outside Glasgow in Scotland. Yes, I do sometimes grunt loudly when I have a really big and hard jobbie to pass, going "OO! OO! OH! EH! AH!" etc while trying hard to urge the big turd out. I have also spoken when doing it as some others report going "OO! OO! Come out! OH! AH! Yes! Yes! That's better!" as it slowly slides out of my back passage and plunges into the pan with a loud "kur-sploomp!" Obviously it is easier to make such sounds in the toilet at home than in a crowded public toilet or the ladies toilet at my office. When I was at school however, many of the girls there were a lot less inhibited and Id often hear the !OO!s and Oh!s and Ahs!" of the girl sitting on the pan in the adjoining cubicle, (proper doors and partitions on the stalls in our toilets, and sometimes they would also be talking and I'd hear remarks such as "Oh Come out damn you!" and "Oh, that's better!" or "I needed that!" and sometimes even "Cor what a whopper! ! or I didnt think it would be THAT big!", these latter two ensuring I visited that toilet after the suer had departed to have a look at the jobbie they had done as often it owuld have stuck. Chae, when I do a motion that is too big to flush away I usually leave it, especially if its in a Public toilet, or one in a shopping mall, pub , restuarant etc. At home georeg and I have quite a large toilet pan with a powerful flush but even this sometimes cannot flush our large jobbies away first time. then we throw a couple of buckets of water down the pan and this usually moves it. The most awkward place is if I do a really big one in a friends toilet when visiting. Luvckily most of my friends are well aware of my dropping big ones and indeed some like Donna and Lauren and Tony are only too pleased and I let them come in with me. If I do a torpedo in some other friend or acquaintances toilet and it sticks I will push it over the hidden bend with my hand if necessary . I dont break it up or use the toilet brish as this would make a great mess and would probably cause more offence to my host than leaving it lying there. I have posted in the past about having to do what Lind! sey was reported to have done and remove one by hand and out it in a trash bag to dump later. Harry, if this isnt a variation of the old joke about suppositories then DONT eat them, some such as glyserine are harmeless but others have ingredients which will make you very sick if eaten. Doctors really should ensure that patients know that this form of medication is designed to be inserted into the back passage. Finally, I just dont understand people, like Linda, who get into a great propbelm if they need to pee in a swimming pool. there is so much water, usually chlorinated or otherwise treated, that a few fluid ounces or urine is soon going to be diluted in all those thoushands of gallons, so rather than all the hassle of having to get out of the pool and go dripping wet to the toilet, just do as I do and let it go in the pool. Needing a motion in a swiming poll is of course an other matter entirely. Vector, I certainly agree, diarrhea, either hearing someone with it or even worse seeing it is a total turn off to me too and to George and makes us feel sick. Seeing a good solid turd in the pan is the exact opposite and I get a buzz if I see one in the pan in a public toilet and will buddy dump mine on top of it if I have gone there for a motion myself.

just for the record, I live in the US, I'm 19 years old, and am currently in college, and I have never once saw a doorless stall in a bathroom.

The other day, I was shooting hoops in my net at the end of my parents driveway. By the way, I am a 15 year old boy in case any body was interested. Anyway, this dude that I never saw before road up on a bicycle. He must have been 18 or 19. He asked me for directions the mall on the other side of town. While I was telling him where to go, I noticed a growing dark spot on his grey sweat shorts. Seconds, later, there was a stream of liquid coming out the legs of his shorts, and a puddle growing on the ground. I finished giving him directions, and asked if he knew that he was whizzing in his shorts. He said yes, he does it all the time while biking, and that he did not mean to leak in front of me, but that it was just habit. He thanked me and road off. Strange dude.

To Bitterpill: Yes it must be quite normal to hold on to a bowel movement when you are in company. I can remember doing it - both with boyfriends and also to a lesser extent with girls at school and uni. I suppose that part of getting to know someone well is to be more open about these things. Give it time.
In answer to your questions:
1) 29. 2) Twice a day. 3) Not often. 4) I eat a lot, and so I suppose the answer is all food causes bowel movements. 5) I am very good at breaking wind quietly! 6) My best description would be: the size of two hairspray cans. 7). Yes several times. Mainly when I happened to feel the need while out walking, but a couple of times I have done it deliberately (when my husband was with me).
To Anne (the coach driver): I was on a train that stopped at Reading a few weeks ago, but I don't remember using the loo. I am a regular commuter (in more ways than one!), but Reading is not on my line. I love the idea that people might look down and admire my poos laid out on the track as you described.
To Gary: Do you really have evidence that people can last three or more weeks without a poo? That sounds as though it would be absolute misery. I can't remember anything longer than two days - and that was several years ago.

I have just returned from a church outing last weekend. The weather was exceptionally warm for mid October this weekend. We had a good time however there were a lot of people and bathrooms were a bit limited. On the last day we cleaned the camp ground. I helped sweep the auditorium then I swept the stoop in front of the door. While sweeping I found 5 pennies. We were soon to go and the men's was locked for a long period of time so I knocked on the door, no one answered, then tried to open it. The door to the men's was locked so I used one of the pennies to unlock the privacy lock. Ahhhhh, the majic key to the bathroom!!! Now I could enjoy my ride home without letting farts that stink.

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Thanks Jeff A for your defence of the USA and personal rights to privacy. I agree, the UKs record on many aspects of this is not brilliant either. The specific contradiction to my mind was the presence of doorless stalls in a country where personal privacy is given a high priority. You say that you haven't found many of these doorless toilets yet there are many Americans who post here who mention them , some with pleasure, some with dislike. We dont have these, as I have said, in the UK, except in the specific cases where safety considerations dictate, (mental hospitals, prisons, ) or if they have been broken off by vandals. In the end I agree with Christine that people ought to have the right to choose if they have others watch them doing the toilet, whether urination or defecation, or not, hence the need for lockable doors on public toilet stalls. I also agree that teachers should not humiliate pupils in this way, although I do believe that disobedient pupils ought to be punished with physical punishment reserved for the worst cases only such as violence to other pupils and teachers, vandalism etc. In any case not permitting a person to attend to their natural functions in privacy is, to my way of thinking "a cruel and unusual punishment" To the person wanting stories about peeing. Good luck to you but its not my scene. Doing a pee, to my mind, is just a prelude to the real action, doing a motion. Lets face it, when someone does a good BM there are all the sound effects then the chance to see the big turd if they haven't pulled the flush , if it sticks or they do it outdoors. In contrast, with a pee all you get is the tinkle sound and the water in the toilet turns amber then that's it. If they go outside there is a damp mark on the wall or the ground, big deal! I imagine that the stories here about defecation far outweigh those about urination for that reason, people are more interested in the substance not the shadow. To Mike with the hidden camera in Lancashire. I would advise you to be very careful about using this, INDEED I WOULD STRONGLY URGE YOU NOT TO DO SO!!! There was a case recently reported in the National newspapers in the UK of a man using such a device to take upskirt photos of women. He was caught, fined heavily, disgraced in the newspapers and only just avoided being jailed, had the video camera and tapes confiscated and lost his job. He is also now "known to the Police" as a sex offender. Is it worth it for a few cheap thrills? I imagine the response of the law to taking hidden videos of people sitting on the toilet would attract even harsher penalties from the Courts and I doubt if any reasonable web site such as this one would accept and publish such photos. Do yourself a favour and keep such things to your own home, though even there you could be on dodgy ground if you videoed someone on the toilet without their knowledge and permission. To the Moderator. When do we get the results of the "Sitting on the Toilet Survey" September has come and gone, it will soon be the Winter. Tony. Well said about "regularity" and laxative abuse! Go when your body needs to go, be that twice a day or once a week.

Still working on results. They are going into the Q4 issue which will be out at the end of the month.

Wow...have grinned and giggled at the accident stories here over time, thinking "I'LL never do that". Well-l-l-l..... Filling in on a bulk-delivery newspaper route early one morning ---dropping bundles to businesses and stocking coin boxes--- my guts started complaining, first gently then more insistently over the half-hour. At first I thought I could hold it until I was done with the route but soon realized--from the nature and pain of the rumblings-- that it wasn't a normal dump; it was going to be an unusually messy, liquid affair & wasn't going to wait a couple hours. At 3am, hardly any place with facilities was open so I planned to drive 10min back to the plant....but about that time my colon clamped down & squeezed miserably and I nervously realized I was now on "2-minute warning". I diverted to a hotel--a fancy Marriott-- which would have been later on in delivery sequence. I hauled the bundles in to the front desk quickly--now in dire straits-- and asked the clerk to direct me to their bathroom. I duck-walked towards it; as soon as I turned the hall corner I had to grab my butt for good measure; I had only seconds now. Slammed thru the men's room door ("4 seconds...."), waddled toward the closest stall ("3 seconds.."), and made the mistake of bothering to close and latch it by habit, which ate up my remaining seconds. My bowels went, "Launch!" as I simultaneously grabbed my pants and forcefully yanked them down as I descended toward the bowl. UNFORTUNATELY, my underwear didn't follow my trousers as planned and the first geyser spurted into my Jockeys. Disgusted, I yanked them down before the second eruption. They were hopelessly fouled with supremely stinking paste. But O! how relieving that session was, and I admired the well-appointed bathroom. When I was done, I extricated myself from my underwear, careful not to transfer any of the mess onto my pants. Took endless amounts of TP to get wiped properly clean. I stashed the Jockeys in the wall-mounted towel-waste receptacle; there was no floor can. I silently apologized to whatever attendant was going to encounter THAT ghastly-smelling surprise later on.

Hey friends after a long time I'm back. I had to work a lot, but now I find some moments to write down the rest of the story -and a new one : Last weekend I was with Britta in Paris!. But at first the rest of my storie about the trip on Istrien. As we had crossed the border the traffic was much better and we could drive a normal speed. We only had one peeing-stop before we arrived at the beginning of Istrien. My father drove a little away from the main street, and stopped in the woods. My mother and we squatted beside our car and my father peed at a tree. Two hours later we arrived at a town in the south of Istrien, and after that point we drove back to the north along the shore. It was 1:00 pm and so we made a picnic beside our car at a parking of the coastal street. After it we looked for a nice place for a piss before we drive away. We only found that a little tunnel which goes under the street gives some privacy. As we were in it we could smell, that we were not the first who had this idea. The walls were covered with male pee-traces and there were also some puddles on the ground. The tunnel goes to some building and another road so we dicided better to hurry up. My father peed at the wall while my mother holds my little sister over the ground. I looked around for a while because I had no good feeling to squatt down here. But as I looked back to my family I saw that my father and my sister had finished and they went back to our car. Come on - said my mother : don't be shy , look I also have to go. She stood in the middle of the tunnel and pushed down her shorts. She spread her legs lent forward and let it go .Pssssst- a strong jet hits the ground. I lifted up my dress and started also. I think my mother peed 3 minutes ,but then she said she had cramps caused on her period and she started to press very hard. Ooooh-Ohhh -prrrrt the first long turd came out and fell between her legs into her big puddle. And as I had finished she asked me to bring some tp from our car. As I came back she had made a huge pile and pressed out the final turd.I gave her the tp and she wiped herself as fast as she can and we went back to our car. At the car she told my father to drive away, because during I get the tp a woman who walked on the road had caught her while a fat turd hang down on her bottom. The woman didn't say anything but my mother was embaressed. After 3 hours we wanted to go swimming at a former public bath. But there was only a ramp to go into the water, and at the end of it there were sharp stones. So we wanted to drive to another shore. I said i have to pee and searched the toilets ore something like that. But the stalls were in front of the showers were a lot of people waited and had no doors. They were filled up with pee and poop and the mess had flooded the floor 10cm high. I couldn't wait any longer and wet my bathing suit. Some woman saw the growing wet spot on my suit and between my legs and saw my red face. They only smiled and like a demonstration I could see that some of them also started to wet themself in front of the shower. I think I peed there 5 minutes before I went back to my family- more later.

Well alot of you People may think that it is Bad Without Doors, But at My School We Don;t Even Have Partitions, It is Just a Row of toilets Onlong the Wall in Ever Bathroom. Some of them Have Curtians, But Most of this have Been Taken Down . I have Taken Several Dumps in those Bathrooms and I have Had People Come in and Sit Down Beside Me and while I was Pooping. Also this one time, I was in there Taken a Dump, and THis one Jock Type kid came in,( You know that ones, Those kids that Primp themselves Every 5 min. Well Anyway he just come in, and Squated over the Toilet, and you could See the Crap coming out, I guess that he thought that would be Better then Sitting his ass on the toilet all the way.

Harry> I understand the carrot stick situation now. Although I find it a bit amazing that they didn't clog your toilet. Also, there is an incident that happened years ago that I'd like to share. A long time ago, my sister was very sick and therefore vomited in the toilet one night. When she finished, my mom flushed the toilet, and to make a long story short, a small charm that was on my sister's necklace fell into the toilet while it was still flushing and went down the drain with the vomit. We all felt bad that it happened, but strangely a couple of weeks later, the charm resurfaced in the toilet. Has this ever happened to anyone before? Meaning, has anyone here ever flushed something (objects) down the toilet and it showed back up later on?

hey it is me again. and do i have a story for you guys.this happened months ago in summer. i was playing in our pool when i got the feeling to pee but i was having too much fun so i held it in. after a while i really had to go so i got out and tried hard not to let it happen. i hate to go inside to pee cause you have to get dry and then run to the bathroom. so i went to the bush at the corner of the yard. as i got there i felt a bit drip out. i got scared but i did not mind cause i was already wet from the pool. i slipped behind the bushes as more came out. finally i pulled my bottom down. thank goodness i had a bikini on. and just as i was going to squat my cousin comes by and say what are you doing really loud. i pull my bikini up and say nothing.he smiles at me and says oay just dont let anyone see you do that. with that i pulled it back down and peed with him still watching me. i must had looked silly going ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh i really needed that. i say that cause he was laughing. well anyway i got dressed and went back to the pool to play. i wrote this cause some girl here asked for a story like that. i hope you liked this one and hope you can put one here of you for me and everyone else to read. bye

Hi everyone what do you all do when you have a bowel moevment thats 2 big to flush down the toilet? all of mine are really big but I only go like once a week

I have to ask Moira some questions. How old are you, where do you live, how loud do you grunt when you are straining are you sometimes talking to yourself thankful for answers

To Mike: To answer your question about suppositories being poisonous, I honestly have to answer with a, "I don't know"...Is there anyone else here that can answer that question for Mike? Well, other than that, it looks like I am back to my usual pattern of taking a dump every three to five days, as that spell of a dozen trips to the toilet over a period of about 36 hours ended with my last post...In summary for that period of time, I can only say that it was a definitely a "load off my mind", and one glad I was able to get rid of via the process of elimination... :-) I know, bad puns!

I can't believe it, my last major contrabution to this site was when I informed everyone about the mysterious doo doo getter'. The last MAJOR contrabution since my school stall experience that is. Sorry, I guess between the long hours of psychology homework and the editors tossing my stuff I haven't gotten thru to you much. Just thought I would write to let you know how much I enjoy reading posts and all here at the toilet. Its the same in every language (poop). I almost died when I went into the local Race Track convience store today. I had to go to the bathroom (#1) and I went into the urinal to pee. Sudenly I got the whiff of bm so strong that it burned the hair off my toung and it curreled my eyelashes. "Da**, who the heck could have done somthing like that?" I went over to the shitter and opened the door. To my horror there was a brimfull of liquid diarea with corn mash and other food mixed in with it. "Aack!" I nearly lost my lunch! I quickly ran away from the disaster and left the bathroom. I told the store clerk that someone had gotten sick in the bathroom and that he needed to clean it up. I bet he thought twice before he went to get the plunger out on that one. I have to agree with you nicola, I like poop, but the mear sight of diarea is enough to make me pass out. I really hate it. And don't get me wrong, a moist poop is not the same as disgusting diarea! Have any of you ever had an experience with diarea in a messy pot before? It's really gross!

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I have never really tried the before and after approach to the going to the bathroom but I think I will now. I have an urge to poop and I feel the gases welling up inside me, I am going to go have a try in the bathroom now. I have returned successfull. As soon as I planted my bare bum down on the seat I had a loud squacking fart blast out of my butt. My girlfriend who was outside the door asked me if I felt ok and I said yes and told her to come in. No one else was home and she didn't want to just stand outside and wonder what was happening. She proped herself up next to the wall by the bathtub and asked if I had alot or a little, I told her that it was average. She sat down and started talking to me and all and I let out another little poot while I was pushing, she just fanned her nose a little and said "phew, ya' pooted baby." It wasn't long untill I felt it at the end of my butt so I said "here it comes" and started to press and it had that familier crackling poop sound followed by a soft fart and a loud plooop of the poop in the toilet. I exhaled and she just kissed me and said "that was pretty cool." I wonder if she would let me sit in on her pooping sometime. How do you think I should ask her to let her know that I would be interested in "helping" her poop?

Hi Carlos. In response to your question, when I am constipated, I usually cannot just moan and groan it out. I periodically try so as to avoid the suppository. It just doesn't work for me once the constipation gets to a certain stage, say beyond three days without a dump. I know it is preferable not to have to use artificial stimulation to poop, but I learned my lesson the hard way in July about waiting too long to relieve constipation. I got an impaction and ended up in the hospital. If I can feel something distending my rectum, I can usually strain and grunt enough to push it out. The problem is that my constipation is what my doctors call slow transit, which means my bowel moves things along very slowly. The blockage is usually too high for me push anything out. That's why I take the dulcolax suppository, because it stimulates the whole lower colon. It gives me a very strong, cramping urge to "go." I still have to strain, push and grunt. It takes about thirty minutes of straining after the suppository starts working to get everything to come out. I am always sweating and exhausted by the time it is over. Sometimes even the suppositories don't work well. I have been thinking about an enema. Do you think that would be helpful? I noticed you have talked about using them on occasion. What's the best way to do that? Thom-- do you have any advice about enemas? You asked about my friend who has to manually remove hardened stool from his rectum. I honestly never asked him the details. He is my massage therapist and we were talking about my constipation one day during a massage. He was doing a lower abdominal massage to try to stimulate my colon and he just volunteered the information that he was often constipated and had to resort to digital stimulation and manual removal. He said that sometimes he could go if he inserted his finger in his anus and rotated it in a circular motion. The dialation stimulated him. I was WAY too embarrased to ask any questions and we moved on to another topic. I did have sort of a buddy dumping experience with him one time after he did a lower abdominal massage. More about that later. To Matt: What kind of laxatives have you used? How did they work?

Monday, October 19, 1998

New look for this site's indexes. They have been consilidated and we are going for a unified look for everything that isn't a forum. (yes we know about the Tuesday Sept 15 and the keyword search)

Vector, please try the airport story you mentioned again.

I want to address George's question on why doorless stalls are "popular" in the good ole' USA. Some of the reason can range from to prevent people from doing drugs such as smoking pot to the place simply being too cheap to buy them. A lot of schools fall into that. They build schools and they put in partitions but won't spend $$$$ for simple doors. Schools are usually the ones that don't have doors due to the drug problem. When I was in HS, I knew some kids that go to the bathroom and smoke/do drugs and they usually went to the bathroom that had the least amount of traffic both from students and teachers. My Sr. Year, 1985, our Dean left for several months due to health problems and one of the teachers that has been at the school since 1962 when it opened it doors took over as Dean. While in power, he made many trips to that bathroom such as a simple walk through or to use the facility. He then had locks installed on the doors going to and from and the bathroom was locked up. That changed a lot things. At the time I graduated HS, there wee no doors but I was in there as recently as 1993 and they put them in. I hope that answers some questions.

Hey guys cool site. My buddy Angelo and me are taking an auto mechanics class in our towns adult night classes, which is held in the High school. wednesday night, during the break, I said I was going to pop a squat, and Angelo said he had to crap too. We found the first boys restroom, but it was locked. The cleaning lady, a woman in her I guess early 50's offered to unlock it for us, so she opened the door and held it open for us, while we walked in. Then after the door shut behind us, and before we got to the toilets, the door opened up, and, the woman, shouted, "I don''t know if you guys will need this, but..." and she handed Angelo a roll of toilet tissue, and smiled. Then she said, "When you guys are done , just let me know, I will be mopping the hallways" We said, "thank you" and walked over to the row of stalls, all doorless, divided only by a very narrow cinder block wall, between each toilet bowl. The dividers were so narrow, we could see each others knees, while we were sitting down. Well there was no fan in there, and when we both cut loose, there was no way, she would not have heard us, from outside. Angelo, lit up a cigarette, and after about a minute, the door opened a crack, and she shouted " Please guys, no smoking in the building, thanks" Then she closed the door, never actually walking in on us. So we finished up, handed the roll of tissue back and forth till we were both clean, pulled our pants up, and went over to the sink to rinse our hands off. We both laughed, cause the room stunk so bad, we did not want her to go in there. I never said anything to Angelo, but it was a very weird feeling, that this woman , could, if she wanted to have walked right in on us, and seen us naked from the waist down, at a very humiliating time. I guess it kind of excited me in a bizarre sort of way. Am I weird? This ever happen to any one else? :=)

Hello folks! Ive been away with my work for a few weeks, so Im glad to be back and catch up on my favourite web site. Firstly, Lindsey's motions. Sounds as if she is okey to me. I sometimes go a few days then do a real whopper and did so as a kid, so as the others here have posted, unless she is in pain or has other symptoms, leave her to get on with it. To answer Bitterpill's questions:- 1 Ive just turned 24 2 usually every couple of days, say 3 to 4 motions a week is my average 3 usually I get gas (wind) before I do a motion 4 Spicy foods, vegetables, lager, beans and peas give me gas 5 usually silent but violent farts a quiet "phut" in the seat of my panties rather than a loud fart but I do make squeaky ones when I sit on the toilet pan before my turds comes out. 6 My stools are usually very long say 12 to 14 inches and 2 to 2 1/4 inches thick, though sometimes I will do a couple of logs say an 10 incher and a 7 incher. Usually they are lumpy and nobbily to start then become smoother and easier and taper to a rounded end and a generally slightly curved. If I am constipated, as happens just before my period, I will pass a load of hard balls the size of goose eggs then a cigar shaped turd of about 7 inches or so long. My motions are usually in the firm to easy catagory. The colour is normally a mid brown and they will float to begin with then sink to the bottom of the pan and usually they are too big to flush away and get stuck. A average motion for me would be to pass a single jobbie of about a foot long, just over 2 inches fat which would come out after a little bit of straining and going "OO!AH!" slowly at first then a bit easier and drop into the toilet pan with a loud "Kur-sploonk!" . 7 I have done a motion outdoors on a number of occasions such as when I have been camping, or out on a walk, or driving and have been miles away from a public toilet in the countryside. Also when I was at Secondary (High) School myself and some of the other girls sometimes used to go into the nearby woods and would do a motion in a secluded spot in the bushes rather than use the Girls Toilets in school. I hope this information is of interest to you. Stan would have enjoyed listening to me this morning. I woke up at 8.00am picked up the Sunday paper and went to the toilet for my usual morning wee wee. As I sat there doing a tinkle I felt the movement in my ???? and a big motion come down into my back passage. I held it back for a few minutes then bore down and passed a couple of fat lumps the size of goose eggs "OO! OO!KAPLOOONK! KUPLONK!" then slowly but surely out slid a long fat jobbie, nobbily at first then smooth. I could hear it make the "crackling sound" as it slid out with just a little push from me to keep it going then "KUR-SPUL-LOOMP!" it dropped into the pan. I looked down between my legs and saw the long fat sausage floating beneath me. It would have been a foot long and 2 1/4 inches thick and took 4 flushes to go away. I agree that lots of people seem to enjoy hearing others doing a motion particularly if they are of the opposite sex. I enjoy hearing both men and other women doing a good solid motion (diarrh! ea is a total turn off for me!) and seeing what they have done and I have done so since I was a child. My boyfriend and I watch each other when we do a jobbie at my flat or his.

Dork - nice response - you know you would be more than welcome to join our little buddy dumping clan. If you are ever in Australia make sure you let me know and somehow we will get together. Went for a picnic with some mates today. One stage we had been standing for a while and i had to sit down. Found a nice patch of grass and sat down then layed down. Just laying there staring at the sky and suddenly i could smell a familiar smell and thought - where is that coming from. I sat up and had a good look around. There was this huge turd - and i mean huge - about 10 inches and really thick - laying right there about 6 inches from my arm. Have no idea how i didnt see it in the first place. The grass was pretty long and i guess it was sort of covered unitl i sat down. It looked pretty fresh too so hadnt obviously been there very long. After that i onyl wished i was there to see the miracle of birth of such an attractive monster!!

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