Stan, you would seem to have similar interests to me in listening to others, especially women, doing a motion. When I was a kid, from about the age of 5 till I left home at about 18, I listened to my mum doing a motion whenever the opportunity arouse. I also often heard my dad and he did some really big turds but like you I far prefered when my mum or another female, aunt, cousin, neighbour, school friend, etc was doing a jobbie. Like many women , as confirmed by reading this website, my mother didnt go every day usually only about 2 or 3 times a week and passed good solid substantial turds when she did. From an early age, as I say about 5 if not earlier, I can remember getting turned on by hearing the sound effects. I can only suppose that this was since I enjoyed doing a good solid jobbie myself and associated these sounds with this pleasurable sensation. Also in our household such matters and anything to do with sex or the initmate personal aspects of the body were taboo, my having been brought up as an only child in a strict religious 1950s home. Unlike some of the others who post here there would never have been any question of my accompanying either parent to the toilet! I had therefore to content myself with listening, and occasionally I would see the turds she had passed as our toilet had a rather weak flush and the cistern took a long time to refill after flushing. A typical performance would be like this. It would be Saturday just after lunch and she would say she was going to go to the toilet. I would ensure I was playing in the hallway outside the WC . This never seemed to arouse any suspicion in her as she would go in and bolt the door. I'd hear every sound, the seat being put down, the rustle as she lifted her skirt and pulled down her knickers, (usually white cotton interlock briefs for those interested), and sat on the pan, the tinkle as she did a wee wee then a fart or two and the "OO! OO! AH!" sounds as she strained to push out her big jobbies. Usually she would do a few little lumps first "Plop! Plonk!" then there would be a deep breath and she would bear down going "OO! OO! AH! EH!" and she would sometimes say to herself "Come out, Oh! come out!" I could also hear the "crackling" sound others mention as the big turd slid out dropping into the pan with a resounding "KUR-SPLOONK!" then a few seconds later another big jobbie would go "KER-SPLOOSH!" followed by a long "AHHHHH!" of relief. Usually this was it although sometimes another smaller one would be done with a "KAPLONK!". I would then hear her wipe her bum ,pull up her knickers and drop her skirt then pull the flush. Id wait till she had washed her hands in the bathroom next to the WC then when she had gone I'd have a look in the pan. Sometimes her big turds had stayed behind, the larger one would be about 8 inches long, the smaller about 6 inches both about 2 inches thick, firm and slightly nobbily and usually floaters, and a mid brown in colour with only a slight but distinctive fecal smell. Good healthy motions! Like Sara and other writers I would encourage her under my breath to "do a nice big jobbie". Stan, did you listen to parents, brothers, sisters etc when you were a kid and when did you first find that this turned you on? I and others Im sure would love to hear your stories on this topic. Also, since your wife reacted quite reasonably to you telling her that you had been listening to her , have you asked her to let you go into the toilet with her and watch? I agree with the others about Lindsey. Doing a big jobbie every few days sounds okey by me, it has been my pattern since my early teens, and as I have described , was and still is my mother's pattern. Not everyone goes every day or needs to. It would only be a problem if she was having a lot of difficulty and pain passsing a very hard stool and had other symptoms such as abdominal pains, sickness etc. People often think that being constipated means not having a bowel movement every day, and this myth was spread by the manufacturers of laxatives especially in the years from Victorian times till about the 1950s in the name of "Inner Cleanliness" warning of all sorts of terrible illnesses which would hit the person if they didnt have a motion every day. Some people go twice or more a day, others only twice a week or so but pass a healthy stool when they do. True constipation is feeling the need to have a bowel movement but being unable to pass it owing to its being too hard or only passing small hard lumps with a lot of straining and discomfort. Unless this is caused by the side effects of some medicines such as codiene or other morphine based pain killers, or is due to some pathological condition, this is normally the result of not drinking enough water, especially in hot weather when we sweat more, or insufficient roughage (fibre) in the diet meaning there is a lack of bulk in the stools. The best way to aleviate constipation is to take a gentle lubricant such as Liquid Paraffin (one tablespoonful is usually enough for an adult) which doesn't cause diarrhea as more powerful laxatives do but simply lubricates the back passage and makes it easier to pass a hard stool, or if there is a large hard motion stuck in the rectum try inserting some Vaseline (petroleum jelly)into the back passage or use a glycerine suppository for very obstinate cases. Taking more powerful laxatives such as cascara or senna, or epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) only results in the user becoming dependent on these as the bowels lose their normal action and rely on the stimulation of these purgatives. Many people from my parents generation , (those born between the two world wars), think that they suffer from chronic constipation but actually have become too dependent on laxatives owing to abuse of these throughout their lives. So as far as Lindsey is concerned, her bowel habits seem fairly reasonable .

I was a bedwetter as a kid and had to wear diapers to bed at night until the age of 14. My older brother never wet the bed and teased me all the time. His pet name for me was Tinklepants, and I can't get it out of my mind. I love the fact that my name was Tinklepants both because I was a tinklepants (somebody who tinkled his pants) and because I wore tinklepants (diapers and plastic pants). I am fascinated by pissing, wearing diapers, and toilet training. My mother spent a lot of time with me in the bathroom, encouraging me to piss in the toilet with very little success. It turns me on to think about it now.

Cindy, you can add me to the people who found your story very disturbing. I have a very sensitive bowel (being lactose intolerant and all) and don't think a person should be humiliated into going to the bathroom by the method you mentioned (namely, putting a toilet in the detention hall). George, I liked your response to Cindy's post- I personally have not found many doorless stalls/cubicles here in the U.S., but think that all people (except for prisoners and mental patients, for their own safety, i.e. prevention of suicide) should have the right to relieve themselves in privacy. If people want to "buddy dump" of their own accord, all power to them, but going to the bathroom is something everyone has to do (as the header on this page accurately states), and most people want privacy while doing it. Jodi (my friend who introduced me to this site) and I have been jogging every morning (when it hasn't been raining) and have made it a point to use the toilet before our run. Being in the right mindframe is important (I like the posts about "talking" to your poop)- Jodi and I both agree that it's important to try to go before our jog and sitting there (on the toilet) and thinking about shitting at the moment really does help. Of course, there are times when no "mental prodding" is necessary and it just comes out :-)! Thinking "okay, it's better to try to shit now than waiting until we're 2 miles away from campus and suddenly feeling the urge to go.." really does help. Hope this doesn't sound too corny. Both of us have luckilly (this semester) not had a strong urge to go during our runs (usually 5+ miles) since we've agreed to try to go beforehand. A special "hi" to Alex, Steph, Laura, and Eric. Eric, if you're still reading this, I'd love to hear if you've grown used to shitting at school.

can some people please post stories about peeing also? I don't really like bm stories, but love peeing ones, but all the posts here seem to be about bms.... I personally have a problem where I usually wait a little too long before taking a pee, but if a little squirt comes out before I get there, I am usually OK and can wait long enough to get myself sufficiently undressed and sitting down (I am female)......although I often have to go and change my panties stright after anyway, I hope to see peeing stories in the future...bye!

Jeff A.
George: You asked for a little "Stateside" input, so here goes. First of all, Americans DO NOT tolerate invasion of privacy. I read Cindy's post, and I'm sorry for her, but she should have just said NO firmly. Teachers aren't gods, they just sometimes think they are. They are open to lawsuits just like anyone else. If any teacher of mine had come into the restroom ordering me back into detention, he/she would have heard from my parents. I realize that kids have formidable minds, especially in school, and tend to follow their teachers rules and orders to the letter, but I have disobeyed teachers when I truly believed them to be wrong. I myself received corporal punishment in school. I was whipped in front of the class with a paddle, similar to your canes, but first I was ordered to pull my pants down. I refused, and instead pushed all of the teachers papers and such off of the desk in angry retalliation. The result: my pants stayed up, even though the teacher was very angry. In high school, a similar incident happened where I had to go to detention and write a 1500 word essay on famous athletes for skipping 2 days of P.E. I had to go to the bathroom badly, I asked for permission, and the teacher barked out a "Sit back down now!" I got up to leave and when he got up and ordered me back to my seat, I just ignored him and went anyway. The school called my parents. This was the school's first mistake. Any teacher that lays a hand on a student is up for an assault charge. The same goes for the student. In the case of Cindy's school with the open toilet in the detention room, this is something that should have been refused by any student, and reported to the school board immediately via letters and phone calls. I'm not saying that she was wrong, she was just sadly, a victim. She probably didn't know that she was right in her protests, or that she had any rights at all. This is all changing now. Kids are very aware of their rights as human beings. As a matter of fact, one phone call to any local news source, using words like "molest" or "invasion of privacy" involving any school, and they would wake up in the morning to news reporters on their doorsteps armed with cameras and microphones. America is not a country that condones this sort of thing, and when people or institutions like this get reported, their asses usually end up on the clothes line for it. This is the skinny: In america, if you violate a persons human rights, and get caught, your'e asking for trouble that will haunt you for the rest of your life, not too mention the possibility of jail, or paying a lawyer for the rest of your life. Secondly, about your comments on "contradiction, and high flying rhetoric" I haven't the slightest clue as to what you're talking about. Maybe the events in Cindy's story angered you, which is understandable; It angers me too. But I don't think that we in the US are necessarily degrading people any worse than any other country. The rights of the individual should be a world thing, not a US thing. We seem to discuss it more, because we have learned a lot from our past mistakes. I think that we are a very forward thinking country, maybe a little too monitarily motivated, but still a forward thinking country. I see positive change happening all around me-especially in the schools. We teach pre-schoolers how to use computers. As far as the doorless stalls go, I have used them here, but the most of them are gone now. In fact, if somebody wanted to find one, I couldn't tell them where to go. When I posted about using them, it was in the past. Usually about 99% of US restrooms that have no toilet partitions are just a one toilet room with a locking door. I have never been in a store that had doorless stall, or a restaurant, or even a gas station for that matter. I have seen a few on roadside rest stops, a few in parks, (Which I believe were just construction oversights), and that one in the college that I mentioned which, by the way, was a lot of fun! When you read about, or hear on television the ugly stories, bear in mind that you are a media customer. Any truth from most media sources is painted, until it comes out as a picture that they want you to see. This is any country, not just the US. Contradiction is everywhere.

Well, to report, after my last post, where I had said that I had the urge to go take a dump...I did just that, but it was a small one...Several small cannonballs, and then a goose-egg sized one that made a loud "plop" when it made its exit... As for the question asked about guys watching others take a dump, I have done so, I got to see my dad take one some years ago, out in the woods...He squatted down, and I was standing behind him, to watch a huge log come out of his anal opening...I knew at that time that I had inherited the same trait, big ones were possible...

MUSIC & POETRY DEPT: Remember tho old 50's song "Lipstick on your Collar"? Well here's a new version wrote espicially for The Toilet:

                 Skidmarks on your panties,
                      Told a tale on you-u
                 Skidmarks on your panties,
                      Said you did a poo-o
                 Bet you really smell bad,
                      I know that you do
                 Cause skidmarks on your panties
                      Told a tale on you!

And here's one my mom use to sing to me when I was a wee little tyke:

                              THE PANTS
                 He put them on the line, 
                     And the sun refused to shine
                 Those were the pants 
                     that Jimmie wore

                  He put them in the sink
                     My how they stink
                  Those were the pants
                      That Jimmie wore

                  They were worn they were old
                       They were covered o'er with mold
                  Those were the pants
                       That Jimmie wore

                  They were torn they were split
                        They were splattered full of shit
                  Those were the pants 
                        That Jimmie wore

                  He'll wear them yet again
                        We  just don't know when
                  Those were the pants
                       That Jimmie wore
Note: You can put almost anybody's name in here. Have fun! JCR

Today Lindsay just peed hasn't had a bowel movement today

I was in a class on friday and I farted I was taking a shower I got and was geting dressed and I taught i had to fart and shit flew up my back and on the floor Does any boys out there have ways the poop our pee outside??

Harry - thank you for telling me that suppositories are supposed to be inserted into the anal opening and not through the mouth. I will try this new method and see if it works. Could my ignorance about this explain why so many people die at the old people's home where I do some volutary work and I am responsible for giving people suppositories. i.e. are they poisonous if taken orally?
Cindy - your story about the open plan toilet in detention was very moving. Treating students in this way in the 20th century is wrong. You should have been issued with a diaper to spare you the embarrassment. There is a company in Salt Lake City who make special "Detention Diapers", but I think I'll have to withhold the address to avoid upsetting the moderator!
Lee - I don't know if it is possible to pee and poop at the same time but when I defecate my bladder often gives way almost at the same instant. When shitting I have to be careful to position myself accordingly so the urine will go into the toilet.

I have just bought a hidden video camera and I will be using it in public toilets in Lancashire in Britain. Those of you who do not want your toilet experiences to be shared with people on the internet - sorry but you need to be outed as the toilet users that you are. You can always go and shit in another county. Cheshire is close by if you can hold it in.

Just had a very nice bm...surprise for the prior night's drinking. Usually makes me a bit clogged and takes the aid of some lax's. I know many of you probably have no problem going the next day, but for me it's always a chore that next day. Just thought I'd let you all know.
Nice postings lately, by the way.

Sunday, October 18, 1998

I found Cindy's story very disturbing! Dont get me wrong, I believe that badly behaved kids (and adults) should be punished, and when I was at school in Scotland in the 1950s and 60s the cane and the strap were used as corporal punishment. We too had detention, but certainly pupils were allowed to use the toilet. I cannot get my head round the contradiction in the USA between all the high flying rhetoric about the "rights of the individual" and this degrading way of treating people, especially children, nor for that matter the fact that in lots of US Public, Store, Restuarant, Toilets there are no doors on the stalls (cubicles)! This just would NOT be tolerated in the UK where doors are the firm custom only being absent if they have been removed by vandalism, in police and (where fitted) in prison cells, and some mental hospitals, all in these cases for quite obvious and acceptable reasons. Even when I was at Primary (Grade) School, there were half doors on the toilet cubicles, (stalls), preventing small kids from seeing each other but allowing the teacher to observe and no doubt assist any child in difficulties getting undressed or dressed or wiping itself. Now I dont mind FRIENDS observing me defecate, in fact I enjoy this,and vice versa but I like to be in control of who watches and would NOT like the US doorless stalls were anyone and everyone can be your uninvited audience. It all comes down to who is in control and personal choice, and given the American way about the individual I cant see why they have so many doorless stalls and indeed why American Citizens tolerate this invasion of their privacy and rights? Perhaps someone Stateside can explain. Anyway, what is it with US teachers in wanting to humiliate pupils by making them soil their panties, and the response of Cindy's mother makes me think that she did her parent training in the SS! I can only contrast this with my Aunt Helen who had an accident in her panties herself when walking home with myself and my two girl cousins, (see the old posts for the story of this event), and didnt make a big issue of it and who was also very understanding on the odd occasion when the girls or I did likewise. Her only bugbear was skid marks in our panties as this was to her a sign of slovenly laziness as she always ensured that we had some toilet tissue in our pockets when we went out in case there was none in the school toilets. Again there were times that pupils, both male and female had accidents in their panties at my school but the teachers were reasonable about it. It was the mockery of the other pupils which was cruel, although some of them had done a jobbie in their underpants and knickers themselves .

Elsa, what's your problem? The bloke went to the MENS' toilet and did a nice big fat jobbie. You should have been using the WOMENS' toilet and went in there of your own accord . Perhaps he DID flush the toilet but his turd was too big to go away, mine usually are as are my wife, Moira's, and many others who post to this web site. Id like to have seen it and in such cases I would have buddy dumped mine on top of his.

To Lindsey's Bro. Im glad she did a motion again and passed another nice big jobbie. This is obviously her natural defecation pattern, do a big one, go a few days, do another big one. Just like my Aunt Helen when I was a kid and my wife Moira. If this isnt causing her any pain or discomfort, leave well alone. Ignore what Gary was saying, I agree with bus driver Anne, that Gary seems to be an Inner Cleanliness Freak who subscribes to the old fashioned idea that you have to have a bowel movement every day, preferably as soon as you get up in the morning. In the old days lots of kids had the misery of being forced to take laxatives for this reason, luckily my Aunt didnt believe in this nonsense. If Gary feels happier dumping every day and takes laxatives to ensure that he does, that's his adult choice, if it feels good, do it, but dont force it on others, especially those not able to make a value judgement for themselves.

Stan, I and Moira also enjoy the sound effects of someone doing a motion and have done so since we were kids. The "Baloonge" sound he mentions is more common when doing a big one into a stainless steel toilet pan as installed in many public toilets to prevent vandalism. The various other sounds , the "plop!" of the smaller lumps up to the depth charge type "KUR-SPUL-LOOMP!" of the really big turds varies according to the type of toilet pan, the angle at which the person doing it sits etc. Our toilet pan at home gives marvelous sound effects as its an old style one with a long deep sump at the bottom and quite a drop from the sitter's bottom to the water. Other styles give little or no sounds and indeed a very long jobbie will often make only a quiet "floomp!" as the start of it is already in the water before it all comes out.

Sara, yes, tell your boyfriend that you want to go to the toilet with him when he has a motion. I was delighted when Moira told me that she recognised my interest in this and let me come in with her. Im sure he will be delighted to oblige you, but you know your man better than anyone else.

I haven't had a chance to post in a while. The first item that stood out was Cindy's story about detention. I am surprised that the school was able to get away with something like putting a john in the back of the room without partitions and not allow students any privacy. When I go to the bathroom especially to dump a load, I want it to be enjoyable. To make it enjoyable, I will pick and choose who I want to enjoy it with me. It might be a total stranger. The type of people I would pick are usually HS or College kids and even College grads. I would love a woman to enjoy it but since I am married, women are out except the wife. That can lead down to the avenue of cheating.
Now to another item. There was a time before I was married that I was dating this gal who was from Colorado but living in Indiana where I was living as well. She had a roomate who was her big sister. I was over visiting and she had to go to the can but her roomate walked in real quick. I would have love to get a glimpse of her on the john. I was thinking of marrying her at the time but we broke up. She is 7 years younger than I am. I was at their house another time and I had the bad urge to shit, the runs, that is. I was 5 minutes from home so I took off after saying good bye and as soon as I walked into my house, the drawers came down and I let loose. If I married her, she would have been much more open than my wife.

RB I'd love to buddy dump with you and your mates. Hearing the sounds others make and watching their expression turn from staining to releif is a pleasurable experience. I do want to go to Australia. So when I get there we can meet and share a dump.

Hi guys! Cindy, your story was very touching. I know I wouldn't want to be "humiliated" by being forced to go to the bathroom in front of an entire room. I assume the boys' detention room also got a toilet and it wouldn't be too bad to have to stand up and pee into the toilet, but I'd hate to be the guy who'd have to take a dump in that situation. Sara, I understand completely about your frustration in not accompanying your boyfriend to the bathroom, as I'm in the same situation [I love everything else about him, so breaking up and finding somebody else is out of the ?] To Bridget, Linda, Cousin, and others, I sometimes mutter "come on" when having trouble pooping. As for holding your butt when you really have to go, I don't remember ever doing that, but there's a scene in Cheech & Chong's "Up in Smoke" where Cheech got an "attack" after eating a burrito in Tijuana. He was in an auto body shop when he asked 2-3 people where the bathroom was. He was pointed to the back of the shop, all the while whispering "come on shit, stay together" and holding his hands against his butt. I have nothing extraordinary to report this time, except that I still like listening in on my roommates when they're going. I've found, and this is totally unscientific, that Allison takes the longest to shit (about 20 minutes, but she told me that herself) while Kara and I take around 10. One exception was a few mornings back when Allison was running late for a morning class. She went into the bathroom- I heard her "peeing and plopping" and then flushing, all within a minute or so. The bathroom reeked after that, so I assume one can really let it all out quickly when they have to (no, it wasn't a diahhrea smell, so she didn't have the runs). Nothing to report on Kara or me at this time. Peace and love to all, Steph

Gary to Lindsays' Bro
Hey Lindsays' Bro!-------You've told us a couple of things about your how about telling a bit about yourself? What brought you to this site; can you tell us? Is there a specific question you would like an answer to, or are you just curious about what goes on here? For me; I was constipated a lot as a young child (younger than your sis...) and I stayed that way until I got about your age. Then things got easier for me. But all that hassle when I was a kid (and the various ways my parents tried to deal with it) sort of caused me to focus on my and others bowel habits and such. That's why I was searching and eventually found this site. There are some good people relax and open up a bit. After all, no one knows who you are so you can choose to talk about stuff here that you might not be able to talk about to anyone in real life. Maybe you'll make a cyber-friend or two. Take Care.....Gary

To TeenGuy - Hopefully your dump really stunk! That will teach the dude for standing there waiting while your'e taking a shit. Did you leave him any skid marks or other signs of your dump? Regards to Missing stall doors - For years I really enjoyed dumping a good load in a public bathroom, especially if younger guys were around. But I would not be fond of no stall doors. If I had to go bad enough, I would! Again, if I knew the people coming in were young & hip, than it would be less of a problem. My partner lets me watch him take a crap. I am fascinated with the idea of watching it come out. Has anyone else wished to see this? I also get a thrill out of seeing what he did. Do most guys like to see ?

Does anybody know why this is? When I poop in the morning, right after waking up, there's hardly any smell at all. When I poop later in the day or at night, it always smells a lot. Anyone know why early morning poop wouldn't smell much? Does anyone else experience this? Also, I notice that whenever I poop, I also pee, but I always poop first and then pee. If I pee first, it always seems like it's harder to poop. What do the rest of you do? Do you poop first and then pee or do you pee first. Also, I've tried peeing and pooping at the same time, but it doesn't seem possible? Can anyone pee and poop simultaneously?

TeenGuy, I don't think that situation was weird at all. I don't often use one-stall bathrooms, but on the rare occasion I have waited if the stall was occupied and guys have also waited for me to finish up. In multi-stall bathrooms I always wait for the next available stall if they all happen to be occupied and it's always fun to join a line up of guys waiting to take a dump.

I was running around town most of the day yesterday when I felt the urge for a shit, so I pulled into a fast food restaurant. The toilet in the men's room was in use and I couldn't wait, so I went in and used one of the women's toilets. It was pretty cool sitting on one of their toilets and as I was doing my job a young woman came in and urinated in the other toilet. When she finished tinkling I could tell that she was trying to see if she could push out some shit but nothing happened. She wiped her vagina and flushed. I sat for a long time and took a big dump. I finished and left and a teenage girl saw me leave the women's restroom and smiled.

This is a superb site. I thought it was only me who likes listening to people have a shit. I like listening to men, but prefer women when I get the opportunity.Sometimes, when my wife goes upstairs and I get the impression that she is going for one, I sneek up for a listen. She usually makes some "mmmm", "mmmm" breating sounds whilst she is pushing, then I hear a "PLOP", then a sigh of relief. She usually does about three plops. She doesn't usually know I'm there, but once I listened to her have a good session, and when she came out I told her I'd bees listening, and she laughed and saif "you cheeky thing". Keep the stories coming, especially from ladies.

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