Hi Nick, thanks for your response. My girlfriend left the papers on the ground after she wiped. She didn't comment on how the newspapers "felt." Lauren luckily (and surprisingly, since she released a pretty "gooey" load) didn't get any fecal material on her hands. To finish this story, we got to a real toilet about an hour later, at which time she wiped her bum and vagina with toilet paper and washed her hands (no, I did not watch her, but I assumed that's what she did, since she told me she wanted to "clean up." ) I'd love to watch Lauren on the toilet (and, of course, would her watch me) but I don't know whether she's truly comfortable with this. If things materialize, I'll be sure to let you know...

I was at work today and I had to go #2. Only one problem was, that the water there is too low and I knew that this one may fill up the whole bowl, so i just held on until later. Later in the day I went to the mall and found the bathroom very quickly, pulled my pants down but nothing was happening until it started descending very slowly, then the problem, it stopped. So a few more people came in and left, but finally another person came in and took a seat in the stall next to mine. They let out a lot, and finally I gave it my all while this huge turd came out very slowly, and plopped in the water. Then this kid, about 10 or 11, came in the vacant stall and unloaded some very wet diahrrea, and left w/out flushing. Finally after about 2 more big logs I wiped and left, while 1 person remained in the stall.

Saturday, October 17, 1998

To Francis - I really enjoyed your story. How did the newspapers work for the wipe? My girlfriend has done the same thing in the woods with newspapers but she always complains that they are "too slick". Also, what did your friend to with the newspapers after they were used? I hate to litter but we usually just leave them at the scene next to the pile of poop and pee puddle. My girlfriend once had to pee & poop while we were driving but she didn't want to be seen. We also went into the woods where she sat her bare ass down on a rock, hanging over the edge, where she peed and pooped on the ground.

Murray, let me assure you that you are not alone in your interest, as we all have all demonstrated here. I too, thought I was alone in this fascination but ever since visiting this site I have been able to have a guilt-free mind. I, too, especially like it when the person is nude. Whenever I imagine someone on the toilet, they are always naked. Secondly, Sara, I understand your frustration in not being able to accompany your boyfriend to the bathroom, standing on the other side of the door, imagining what's going on in there. My advice is the same as everyone else. Tell him about your interest and see how he reacts. Who knows??? Maybe then, you will be able to sit beside him while he is on the toilet, holding his hand and rubbing his back, encouraging him to push hard to pass a big one. I also like what you said about wiping your boyfriend's butt afterwards. I agree that it is a good sign of affection as it demonstrates that you would do anything for that person. Lastly, I like the posts which describe people who talk to their poop, urging it to come out while they are straining. This demonstrates that he/she is having great difficulty in passing his/her turds which is something that really turns me on!! Bridget

BrentC, Thom, Rick, Brian, fernando: Hey guts. I have enjoyed your posts. Sorry to be away for so long. It has been crazy for the last couple of weeks. Not enough time for even a decent dump this week, but I'm pretty plugged anyway. Last week I had diarrhea - you heard right - it lasted for three days. I get diarrhea about once every couple of years, so its really unusual when it happens. But after its over, I generally get constipated worse than ever. I guess everything gets off track. I have only shit twice this week. Yesterday's dump was dry, hard and kind of impacted. All my cannonballs had fused into a couple of hard lumps. I could feel the urge, but when I sat on the toilet it literallty felt like I had a plug in my butt. I started farting dry hissing farts - really slow long ones. Then I tried to move the stuck turd. I couldn't budge it, so I used my navel pressure technique. I know it sounds crazy (actually it's not... it's a form of accupressure) but if I push firmly into my navel with my finger while I rock, push, and strain, I get a stronger urge. The shit is still constipated, but the stimulation helps you force it out. An aside - I'm trying to figure out which hole is more hairy - my asshole or my bellyhole - both attract cling-ons - the asshole has its shit cling-ons when I get diarrhea once every two years and my navel has lint every night. When the shit finally stated to ease out, it felt like it was full of broken glass particles.. ouch. My eyes were watering and I could not have passed this one without the aid of some vocal sounds.
BrentC - When you are constipated can you eventually moan and groan it out without a suppository? You might try my navel technique. I would like to hear about your experience with it. Also, tell me about your friend who has to manually remove his dump.
Rick - Do you fart a lot when you are constipated? I find that I actually fart more when I am really packed up. What kind of dump do you usually do? Cannonballs? Hard bricks?
Thom - Tell me about your brother!!!!
More later,

The past 36 hours or so have been quite different on my bowel movement pattern of frequency...For some reason, I have managed at least a dozen trips to the toilet to take a dump. Normally, I may have anywhere from 3 to 5 days between movements. I don't use laxatives or suppositories, and all the movements I have had, have been firm, and about 5 to 6 inches long on the average. I don't know, maybe my system is just going thru some sort of cleaning itself out for unknown reasons...It's just been odd, is all I can say at this time...In fact, I have got the urge now to go take another dump, so I will let you know what happens...

Hi. It was so embarrasing today. I woke up and I was not feeling good at all, so I decided not to wear panties "just in case" I REALLY had to go. Well I REALLY had to go in the middle of math class. So I got excused, and ran to the bathroom, pulled down my pants, and I just EXPLODED! I just kept pooping and peeing for like 30 or 40 seconds, non-stop! Thank God I didnt wear panties today, I kept telling my self. So I pulled my pants back up... and my ass felt really weird. So I pulled 'em back down... AND I HAD PUT ON PANTIES THIS MORNING!!! I had poop about to fall out of my panties ther was so much in there, and they were now light green (formerly light blue). and the worse thing was, my pants had a HUGE poop stain from when I had pulled them up. so I really did take off my panties, pulled my pants back up, wrapped my panties in paper towles and threw them away. I wiped my pants really really good and the poop stain came out. So I went back to class feeling pretty good, considering. I sat back down, and people started laughing. I didnt understand why until I looked down: where I had wiped my pants, the water had made them clear-ish (they were white pants) and you could see my... um... well you know. Talk about a bad bathroom expereince!!

I was in a Sears department store, and the stalls had no doors. The hardware and latches were removed also. Why is this happening so often lately? It is like the 1960's & 1970's all over again. I really don't mind open stalls, but I am terrified that a woman will wander in by accident, and that would mortify me. No body was sitting on the toilets, but I could tell that someone was using the stalls cause the seats were down, and the toilet paper was torn off the roll, toward the toilet. Plus the room had a faint odor of BM. You guys noticing a lot more of these open type stalls lately also?

I'm a twenty year old woman writing to your bulletin board for the first time. Seeing some letters on the subject, reminded me of the time when I was 17 and went to the bathroom in my pants. When I was in high school, I spent a good deal of time in the detention room. Between regular detentions (1 hour after school), double detentions (2 hours) and full day in-school suspensions, Room 106 was like my second home. It was there that I went in my pants continued

Dork - yeah your right - i am very lucky to have a few dumping buddies - i could always use a few more - if your ever in australia - look me up!!! LOL No i dont think that hair on asses slows the shit down as its coming out. Ive still had some of mine move as fast as superman - you know faster than a speeding bullet etc!! What do we use to wipe whe we buddy dump outdoors. Well first of all Steve always carries a box of tissues - never know when your gonna need them he says!! Apart from that im sure we have all used newspaper, blades of grass or nice thick weed leaves. If we're near the sea or water we'll squat down and clean our butts in the water. Great in summer - freeze your nuts off in winter! Sometimes we use our underwear and then usually bring them home to clean them!!! How about it dork want to buddy dump with me and my mates?

Well Today I had another Thing Which Seems Kinda Weird. Today I went into a Fast Food Join and I Really had to Shit, So I Went in and Pulled Down My Pants, and Sat On the Toilet. Well no sooner than I did, Some people walked in, and one Guy said " Looks Like Were already Full. (This was a 1 Stall bathroom.) So as I was Setting there, He Came and Tried to open The Door, and I said, "Busy" . and So I finished My last Bit , and Started to Wipe and And I was Wipeing I noticed that he was just standing there waiting For me, So I got off the Pot and Flushed, and When I Walked out, He was Jsut standing there waiting For me to get done So he could go. I just Kinda thought it was Weird. Oh and I don't Make it a Habit of Pooping in Public But I have Been away From home and I jsut had to Go.

I am classical music student, as I mentioned before. Today, one of my ensembles was waiting to go onstage for a performance exhibition, which showcased various musicians from my university. There is only one functional bathroom backstage, so I crept quietly along behind the stage backdrop around to the other side and to the restroom. This big goofy tenor grad student was wiping his brow as he exited the men's room. I was going to use it anyway. Until, that is, I saw what he'd left as his calling card in the bowl. It was huge and brown and amazingly fat - it looked rather potato-like, very round on the ends. How rude - not to flush such a demonic-looking piece of offal! I gasped and hurried away from the restroom. I know he saw me running away from the scene of the crime. As he stood on stage mere moments later singing a particularly loathesome aria from a particularly loathesome opera, I couldn't help remembering the vision of his poop, lying there menacingly, staring up at me. I wondered if his anus throbbed at the memory of this colossal turd. I wondered if his large intestine missed its big buddy occupant. I wondered if he was thinking about me thinking about his doodie. Have a beautiful weekend!

Lindsay bro
Lindsay went to the bathroom and her turd was so big it wouldn't go down the toilet she had to take it out of the toilet and throw it in the trash

I think this site is great. I thought that it was only me that had the fetish of loving to listen to people having a shit. I love to here the sound of grunting as it is coming out, and then the PLOP, or BALOONGE, as it drops. I really like to listen to females, but get more opportunity to listen to men. I've got lots of stories to tell, which I'll let you have later

Friday, October 16, 1998 9:30:41 PM

Hi This is my first time posting and I want all you ladies to answer a few questions for me. First of all my girlfriend is very shy and she always holds her bowel movements while I am around. Is this normal? 1)How old are you? 2)How often do you have a bowel movement? 3)Do you get gas often? 4)What foods give you gas or cause bowel movements? 5)How audible is your gas?Scale 1-10 10 being loudest 6)Describe the size of your stool using comparison or in inches(IE.1.5" thick,6" long) 7)Have you ever had a bowel movement outdoors?(When?Why?) Please respond! It is greatly appreciated!!!

Hi my name is stacy and the most embarrassing moment I ever had was when I was in tenth grade and I just got to school with the worst stumache cramps ever, ( my farts smelt like a sewer.) My first class was my math class and I farted about 20 times and my cramps were getting worse. Then once again another cramp it felt like another fart coming out so i lifted my leg and part of my butt off the chair to let it out, oohh no it was not a fart and a drop of diarrhea squirted into my panties I got very nervouse and jumped to my feet got permission to go to the bathroom and I walked there very cotiously stopping every time the cramps accured. I finely got to the bathroom ran into a stall as I started pulling my underwear down as I was running I slammed the door and a huge explosion that was seconds away from missing the toilet stunk the entire bathroom up and every one in there all flushed instantly and left the diarrhea went on for 50 mins and when I got back to math class every one was stareing at me and one girl that I really hate asked me what was I doing in there every one knew that I pooped. But to really set things off that girl that I don't like asked permission to use the bathroom and she was gone for about 2 minutes when I relized that I had an even bigger explosion coming up at jumped up again and asked the teacher If I could go to the bathroom but my teacher said no because I was just in their for about an hour. I went and sat back down right as that girl walked back in the room with her nosed plugged and she gave me a mean face and said "damn what did you eat, you stunk up the bathroom so bad that I couldn't breath."The hole class heard the comment ant then all of the girls were asking to use th bathroom just to see what I did. I lied and said that it was not me. After about ten minute I relized that I left my watch in the bathroom And there was about 3 girls on their way down their and then I just couldn't remember if i flushed or not, sure enough I did not flush because 1 of those 3 girls came back to class with my watch and said you left your watch in the bathroom and you also left the worst mess that I have ever seen she said. Just then I squrted out more diarrhea in my pants and it would not stop every one was starring at me and I was crying. I got sent home sick after that.

Angela: I can remember a time when I went at least 2 weeks without doing a motion. The symptons (chest pain etc) were the same. After the first week or so I tried laxatives. Sure enough, in the middle of the night I felt the sudden urge. I hurried to the pot, sat down, opened my bowels and nothing! This really had me worried, but a week later I managed to take a dump (only slightly larger than usual) and after that was back to normal (~once a day). Beats me what the problem was; I only hope it doesn't happen again! NB. I consider myself exteremly foolish for not visiting the doctor, so if by the time you read this you havn't been able to move your bowels, don't wait another moment and seek medical attention!

Re People talking while they are doing a motion. When I was a kid, like many who write to this site, I got a buzz from hearing other people doing a number two, (and I still do). This was especially true of my Aunt Joanne who lived with my family. Joanne was a ???? woman in her early twenties at the time , my mother's youngest sister, I'd be about 8 I suppose. Like a lot of women Joanne's normal condition was to be a bit constipated and she usually only did a motion about two or three times a week. When I listened to her on the job I would sometimes hear her talking to herself and it would go something like this "OO! AH! OO! OO! Come out you big fat lump! PLOONK! PLONK! OO! OO! Come out damn you! OO! Oh! AH! Ker-PLOONK! KER-SPLONK!" I would also secretly urge her under my breath to "Try hard and do a nice big jobbie" as Sara and George do when their partners are doing one. Sometimes when I went into the toilet after her I was lucky to see the big fat turds she had passed as they were too big to flush away first time and th! is also gave me a buzz. I would have loved to have gone in to the toilet with her but of course, in the 1960's, this was out of the question, so I could only listen from outside and imagine. My wife Hazel now accommodates my desires in this matter, although asking her was a bit difficult at first. Luckily she considered it a harmless quirk and has been happy to let me accompany her to the toilet when she does a motion at home and Im glad to say she usually passes nice big solid ones . So my advice to Sara is to ask her boyfriend if she can come in with him. Unless he is very prudish, and she will know that, then he might well be only too pleased to oblige her. So to Murray, it sounds like you and I have the same interests with the same result. I too thought my fetish was unique until I read this website but now realise that is quite commonplace both here in the UK and in the USA and other countries. So sit there and enjoy it and if you can enjoy your partner doing it too and they are happy about this, even better!

Mike>>Did I read your post correctly? You said that you eat suppositories!?! You don't do that, they are to be inserted thru the anal opening, not into your mouth!
Jasmine>>As for the question about the carrot sticks, the reason why they were flushed down the toilet is that they had been in the refrigerator for over a week, and had begun to start tasting like the odors in the refrigerator as they had not been put in a bowl of water and then covered...

hi it is me linda.Since you like my story so much here is another.I had an embarassing thing happen yesterday but i wont tell you that. it would make you feel bad. well when i was smaller i think 5 , was really having a bad day and well my cousin tried to cheer me up by taking me to the beach. well it did work.Anyway I was having so much fun that I ignored a ???? cramp for a while.Then a little while later it got bad. i felt poop wanting to come out big time.i really wanted to hold my bottom like i always did but there were too many people around and well it is embarrassing.I whispered to my cousin and he said he had to poop too so we went off to find a place. hey im not gonna go outside where someone might see me. that and i had a one peice swimsuit on and well i would be naked for anyone too see and you know how i am about pooping.well me and my cousin found some building no one went to anymore. mike said they bult new bathrooms that were bigger so no one used these.We tried those but the free bathroom in the girls had no doors yikes.Anyway when we got here there were no doors on these either but we both had to go bad. very bad.well no one was here and mike locked the bolt on the main door to the bathrooms so we were alone. the bathrooms were clean but i guess cause no one used them. anyway my cousin sat down and well you know. hee hee. i could tell he felt much better. i really wanted to sit and feel better too but i really did not feel comfortable being naked.well i trust my cousin to see me naked but still i did not feel right not being home and doing that. and i really had to go. i mean it was poking out. sorry to be gross.anyway my cousin said to pull my swimsuit off to my wait at least. i did not understand but i did it blushing the whole time.when i did my cousin took off his shiet and put it on me. he said i coudl wear this and take off my suit under it and i would not be naked. he is so smart. so i did and quickly sat down just as the poop started coming out a bit more.i sat there going ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as this big poop took a while to come out but boy was it worth made a hugh plop and we both laughed. it looked funn with both of us on the potty side by side but who cared i felt so much better. still good thing mike brought tissues or else we would have been in in trouble . there you go i hope you enjoyed this. bye. linda

RB,your right the fact that your stories are real makes them more interesting. You lucky to find guys to buddy dump with. Your lucky to have other guys who dump while you watch. I also wonder if hairy asses cause shit to slide out slower, because it sticks to the hair as it comes out? Do your friends use whatever is available to wipr with? Do you usually provide the ass wipe materiel? Or do they not wipe at all?

Brian... No It Did not Bother Be, at School We have no Toilet Stalls at all, So I am used to it.

To Gary I'm 13 and Lindsay is 10! Yesterday and today she hasn't had a bowel movement that I know of

Anne ( the coach driver)
Hey Gary, you sound like one of the Inner Clealiness freaks who used to insist on a daily bowel movement or else lots of terrible self poisoning effects would take place!!! This was a popular opinion in my mother's time (she grew up between the two world wars) and as a kid she was forced to take totally unnecessary laxatives by her mother as "regularity" was the great thing. Luckily for me she didnt force such medication on me as by that time medical opinion had realised that not everyone needs to pass a motion every day. Ironically Mum had thereafter a tendency to be a bit constipated, no doubt due to the abuse of laxatives forced on her by her nother. So as far as Lindsey's big brother is concerned he should leave matters well alone! After all, he only said that she did a big turd not that it was very hard, or that she had to strain a lot to pass it. I dont always do a motion every day, sometimes I go for 3 or 4 days between bowel movements, and this has been my pattern since I was a kid, and when I do go I pass a very large and fat jobbie but it usually comes out reasonably easily . Its only at the time of my period that I tend to get truely constipated , that is having difficulty and discomfort passing hard lumpy turds. Lindsey's brother observed his sister doing a motion by chance so he ought not to abuse her trust and should respect her privacy. Im sure if she is in pain or discomfort she will tell her mother who is the proper person to deal with such matters.

Jill, were you on a train at Reading Station recently? I had driven a coach one way there recently and had gone into the station to get the train back home . While waiting on the platform a train drew up and stood at the platform for a few minutes, and when it moved off there was an enormous long fat turd lying next to the rails, I estimate it was about a foot long and about 2 inches thick. There was also a used tampon next to it with the toilet paper. Now this load hadn't been there when the train came in and in the cold morning it steamed so must have been done by some woman on the train. Was it you Jill, or perhaps some of the other "regulars" such as Moira, or Donna or Nicola did it?

I had a laugh recently in a hotel I had taken a coach pary to. I needed a motion and when I went to the posh Ladies in the reception area it had those toilet pans with the high water level and the small exit hole. (Syphonic Action Pans) I was dubious about using it as I have often blocked such pans in the past but I could feel the jobbie pressing down in my back passage so couldn't hold it in till I went elsewhere and besides I needed a wee wee anyway. I sat on the pan and slowly but surely out slid a very fat turd with no sound effects as it just slid into the water. I looked at it, only about 8 inches long but about 2 and a 1/2 inches thick at its fattest, a big log in every sense of the word! I thought, "that wont flush away!" I did pull the flush but it lodged solid in the hole and the water rose almost to the top of the pan. I didnt even think of flushing it again, but left it stuck like a cork in a bottle. As I was washing my hands a teenage girl came in and went to that toilet cubicle (stall) and I heard her gasp and say "bloody hell!" then giggle , but she didnt come back out but proceeded to buddy dump her motion on top of mine.

I was 13 at the time well there was a girl named Roxxane she was one of the most popular girls in school. well after lunch we were in history class taking an important exam and all of a sudden Roxxane got up and asked to go to the restroom but our history teacher did not let her go because for one we had just come back from lunch and were in the middle of a test. well she kept on asking and then she started pressing her finger up against her butt I guess she was trying to close her butt cheaks and by this time I was getting veary turned on by all this then I smelled somthing queer and reaked relly bad I could tell she was desperate to go by now. then all of a sudden a bulge started to form in her jeans and when class ended she waddeled huridly out of class but was stopped by some of her friends in the hallway and we only get 5 minitues to get to each classroom well she ended up bieng tardy to her next class science by the time she got to class I could tell she felt much bet! ter.

BrentC: For about a week. All it needed was one quick firm push and it all shot out. Made quite mess in the toilet as well as splashing back up onto my butt!

Murray, I used to break the toilet on purpose(took off the chain on the trip lever)so she would have to tell me the toilet was broken(told her I was having problems with the toilet). [alittle sneaky come to think about it]

Been a lot of posts on here lately about mensrooms stalls which have removed the doors. Same thing happens here but not that often. I have actually seen notices placed on walls which explain that the doors were to removed to curb indecent behaviour. It seems that guys might just be using them for more than crapping!! Come on guys be honest - have you ever look under a door and saw 4 feet? Not only that - drugs could be a big problem - people do strange things behind closed doors. You only have to look at half the graffiti on the walls to work out whats really going down in there!

Hey Lindsay's Big Brother:-------You don't say how old you are, but I'm assuming that you're at the most a few years older than Lindsay...who's 10. So maybe you're 12 or 14 or so. It would appear that your little sister has been having quite a problem with constipation. The movement you saw her have was probably the first she'd had in several days...perhaps even a week. You say that afterward that day she ate a lot. Again that's a symptom of a constipated child. They eat progressively less and less as the days without a bowel movement go by...their digestive system simply has no place to put it. Then after passing a very large movement like you describe...the pent up hunger for nutrition takes over and they eat large quantities for a period of time until their intestines fill up again. You might check with your parents to see if your sis is following this pattern. If she does indeed have a normal movement tommorrow...then perhaps this was just a one time thing. The ! odds are though that she won't go again for many days...and then eventually pass another "big one". Many children have this problem...although they don't know it's a problem. They just think everybody does that. You can help her. Let us know how it "goes" :) Gary P.S. To's not physically impossible for many people to go three weeks or more without a BM.

some of the stories hear are foul and disgusting but i have a topper! i have a son who is a tiger scout. he was going to be promoted to full cub scout status one night. he didn't feel that well and was very nevous. even though he was sick he went because he had earned the right to be a cub scout. a few minutes before he was to go up and accept his promotion he lost control and passed a giantic bm in his uniform! he stank and and had a huge obvisous brown stain on the seat and upper legs of his pants!

Hi Everyone. Dork i'm pleased you like my stories - perhaps they are all the more exciting because they are true. OK - so the subject matter Dork asks about is - Hairy Butts. Yes i have one - not to the extreme - but nevertheless there is a small forest down there. I usually dont find it to be a problem - i wipe - occasionally the paper grabs some hair and you get a sharp pain - but nothing unbearable. I dont really find shit sticks to the hair although there are exceptions of course. I have this friend who you could only desribe as a gorilla. Yes - hes hairy alright - and you haven't seen a hairy butt until you've seen his. He says its a pain in the Butt (pardon the pun). I know for a fact that he HAS to shower after each and every shit - just to clean the area and get all the dingleberries of the hair!! This of course restricts him to mainly home shitting - but he too has buddy dumped with me heaps of times outdoors when the mood takes us. I think we should set up a buddy dumping club or something - that way guys can get together when they need a friend the most.

Sorry, skipped right over it. Here is the original

Last night I took a big dose of a calcium/magnesium supplement. Mistake. About an hour later I was farting up a storm. Every 5-10 minutes I would release a killer fart. I went to bed and was farting under the covers and when I do that I lift the covers and then lower them and let the wind blow up and out to get a whiff. It did not smell like it was of bacterial origin. I rolled over and tried to sleep but the farting and rumbling was worsening. I went into the garage and smoked a cigarette. Normally I don't smoke but when I do I get dizzy and it sometimes stimulates my bowels. I felt a shit coming on and got on the toilet and exploded a huge fart and some wet shit. This happend twice again during the night. Normally this type of supplement doesn't do this to me but this brand contained magnesium oxide which will act as alaxative.

Rick-- I've had the same experience as you with glycerine suppositories. Even the Fleet maximum strength ones are ineffective. Like you they just give me irritation and a strong urge to go. However, I am able to pass only gas. Dulcolax is different. It contains 10 mg. of bisacodyl, which is a stimulant laxative. Instead of just irritating the rectum, like glycerin, it stimulates peristalsis in a good portion of the lower colon. It does give you some cramps for a few minutes, but you will also get a lot of relief unless you are so constipted that you are impacted. Try the dulcolax and let us know how it works. To Angela-- Three weeks is a serious problem. You are no doubt highly impacted. I agree with Diskputers that you should try an enema. At this point nothing else will likely work. If the enema fails to produce results, you need to see a doctor immediately. Do something now before you end up having major surgery for a blocked colon. I was in the hospital with this same problem last July because I let a constipation problem go on for too long without taking something to relieve it. Fortunately, I was able to avoid surgery, although I spent 2 unpleasant days in the hospital being cleaned out. To Diskputers-- Tell us about your experience with the enema. How long were you plugged up? Did it work well for you? To Matt-- How often do you have to use the glycerin suppositories? How long have you been using them? Do you still have to push and strain?

I was shocked to go into the Men's Restroom at our local Wal-Mart and find all the doors removed from the stalls. The store is barely 2 years old, but there was quite a bit of vandelism, scratched into the stalls. The first two stalls were occupied by employees, one young , and one older gent, the older gent removed his blue vest and hung it over the divider. The older gent , about 50 or so, maybe younger, was smoking, and the room reeked of smoke. They were chatting while the were shitting, I took the large handicapped stall, dropped my jeans and crapped, hard and fast, and really stunk the room even more than the other guys. I wiped quickly, because someone else had come in, and was waiting to use the toilet. As I left, the two guys were still sitting on their toilets, chatting away about some b-t-h, who was very lazy, I washed my hands used the hand dryer, and split. I told my wife about the "doorless" stalls, and she said she could never use one like that. She went into the womens restroom, only to find doors with locks on all the stalls. What do you guys make of this? Sounds like discrimination towards men to me. And very surprising for a Wal-Mart. Your opinions, please......

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

I've been following the posts for some time and realized that there are others who share similar interests. Whenever my fiance needs to take a dump, I usually follow her to the bathroom. The sounds of the jobbies dropping into the pan, and the view of her sitting on the pan(especially naked) just happens to arouse me(instant erection). At first she couldn't make any sense out of all this but in time she got used to my barging in but still not aware of my fetish. There were times when I cut off the water before she took a dump so that I would have the chance to view her production before she flushed it down and told her there was a general water supply cut off in the city. I thought I was the only weirdo with such an interest before running into this site. In this country(Turkey) people are very discreet about their bathroom activities. I don't know how I'll be able to explain this strange fetish of mine to her. Any ideas? I'd be happy if people with similar interests keep posting.

Harry> I can understand the oatmeal, but why do you flush carrot sticks down the toilet???*lol* And the macaroni?

RB I think we posted that. will check though when it isn't 3am

To Sara. Have you ever ASKED your boyfriend if you can accompany him to the toilet when he does a motion? Many men have this fetish and would delighted if their girlfriend or wife would come in and watch them and of course if they could watch her. George was the same as you, when we started going out together he would stand outside the toilet listening to me going "OO! OO! and the loud "Ker-splonk! and "Kur-spolloosh!" sounds when I did a motion and he would, like you, urge me to do a good motion under his breath saying "Try hard Moira, do a nice big fat jobbie for Georgie, that's a clever girl!" Of course when I guessed that this gave him a buzz and that we shared this interest I gladly let him accompany me and vice versa and we have done so ever since. Yes, we have sometimes wiped each other's bottoms using moist wipes, George being careful to wipe me from my vagina to my anus, the proper way for a woman to avoid cystitis and other infections from fecal material getting ! into the vulva. Thanks for the warning anout "neuer wein" I havent tried it on my visits to Germany and now I certainly wont! Finally, to Angela,3 weeks is some time to be constipated! The longest I have gone between motions is 1 week and I sure produced a huge load when I did a jobbie! I suggest liquid parafin to lubricate the passage and perhaps a glycerine suppository to soften the really hard lumpy bits in your rectum if the stool is very hard and impacted. I will be very intereted in a graphic description of what you pass when it does come out, with sound effects too if you are willing to give this account.

To BrentC - You said that you take Dulcolax suppositories and they work fine. Nice to know this as I once tried a glycerin supository but effect was not as good. I had some cramps after approx. 10 min and tried to hold it but the urge was really bad after 10 more minutes so I went to the toilet and despite the enormous urge to go I felt the suppository coming out, then a couple of farts and nothing more happened...not really fantastic.Maybe Dulcolax ones are different...

Angela: I'd try an enema. it happened to me once. Be prepaired to do some pretty hard pushing though.

Angela, 3 weeks?! That is a long time to not go. That's happened to me before but I hadn't gone for about a month. It just came out of me naturally, but if this doesn't happen to you often, try something and then if you get tiny turds that take forever to come out or barely go but still feel full, see a doctor.

To Carol J: Thanks for that amazing account of a "bathroom" with no doors. I for one would have held on and gone elsewhere. To Angela: Three weeks? That must be physically impossible. I usually have to go twice a day.

Redneck asked about suppositories. I keep a jar of glycerine suppositories in my bathroom cabinet but rarely use them. A friend of a girlfriend was over one time and asked me if I had any of those things that make you go to the bathroom. I asked her when was the last time she went to the bathroom and she didn't really know but it was at least a week. She didn't really want to shove one up her bottom so I offered to do it for her. She said that she never had put her finger up her bottom. So I took her into the bathroom and first put a little vaseline into her bottom and then inserted 2 suppositories. I could feel shit up inside her. She said: "Wow it feels like I'm pooping whenever you pull your finger out!" I pulled up her shorts and told her to go lie down for a few minutes and then get on the toilet. In twenty minutes she ran into the bathroom and hopped on the toilet and pooped. It came out in chunks. plop plop plop. No strain, no pain. Then she tinkled. I looked into the pot and it was full of her poop. I offered to wipe her and I applied more vaseline. Later on in the day she went again, same thing, 8-10 medium size chunks. I love taking care of girls especially when they can't poop.

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