Vintage Building

Hi guys. What's the oldest building you used toilets in? Mine was the old main building at the austin school for the blind built in 1916! This building has been demolished along with other old ones. The bathrooms seemed pretty modern when I went to that building for tech class during a training program )I finished high school there after starting in a regular school). Toilet wise, I loved the long flush cycle. I don't remember using the bathroom much since most classes were elsewhere. In the most memorable bathroom, there was a sink on the right, with at most 4 stalls also on the right. I mentioned this building before, but I don't think I brought up my bathroom habits. When I did use it, I believe I always used the middle stall. Once, I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of tech class, and had diarrhea that morning. Since the school building was so old, it had those wall-mounted bells that are loud. I never got startled by being near one enough to pee/poop myself, but I do remember speaking my annoyance outloud once. Although the school bells sounded annoying, they were still a part of the history of the building. Too bad the bells are gone now, because I think it would've been neat to display one of them in my room. I also miss the long flush toilets in my favorite bathroom. Bye.


Reply Bianca

When I was a child I thought bodily functions were shameful. I wished I did not have to go to the toilet and was very private about it . Things have changed since then as I have long since discovered the joy of same . I still respect the health issues relating to defecation.


Catherine's survey answers (page 2842)

Hi I'm Angie back from page 2842. You can read my story if you want. Anyways I just wanted to answer Catherine's answers because I was si busy I completely forgot so sorry for that:(

1)In what situations (if any) will you sit bare-butt on a public toilet?
I'd never do it unless it really clean or I'd had to take a major dump
2) Did you learn this from a parent, friend or someone else?
My mom taught me this, and always told me that if there isn't an actual need to sit on a public toilets, I should just hover. When I was little and my mom used to take me to public restrooms she always hovered except for one occasion which I think she had diarrhea lmao
3) If more bathrooms offered those sanitary toilet seat covers would you use one? Why are why not?
If I just had to pee no I wouldn't, I'd hover instead, but if I had to poop, I'd use it because Is more confortable to poop sitting than hovering lol.

Thanks for replying Catherine, guess I'm not the only one that takes her little brother to the bathroom with her sometimes, if you have another story with chadd share it with me. i thought your post with chadd was very interesting:)

Angie <3


Bare buns on seat?

I'm new on this site and I'm finding many of the discussions interesting, because they pertain to so many of us. Victoria B's question is a good one. Should we be putting our bare buns on public toilet seats during the pandemic?

My grandma says we can catch stuff off toilet seats and said she even covered the seats at her grade school when she was my age, 11, back in the 60s. Mom says that's an over reaction because you can't catch nothing by sitting on school or public toilet seats.

So last week me and my best friend Hannah were off school for a teacher work day Her dad drove us to the mall and my mom picked us up. We were there for like four hours, including lunch. Each of us had to pee twice (me almost 3 times because they say I have a teeny bladder), and I had a two-part crap. Each was almost half diarrhea and mush. The seat felt like ice under me and it took me extra toilet paper and rubbing to get myself clean. However, when I did my pees the seat felt warm.

Since summer when Hannah and I went swimming some afternoons she has been wiping the seat down at school before sitting on it. Once this summer, we were racing our bikes and she had to take a huge crap. So we want a couple of blocks over to this gas station and I followed her as she raced to the ladies room. On the wall above the toilet they had a box of those paper seat sheets that I guess could be put over the seat before we sit down. While I was trying to figure out how to make the seat protector usable, Hannah dropped to the seat with no time to spare. One more second would have met disaster.

As she cleaned herself and used three flushes to get all the used papers down the drain, I was finally able to get the seat protector unfolded OK and to get the middle flap opened so that the pee or crap could drop into the bowl. Anything less would have created yet another problem.

Are bare buns on a public toilet really that bad? Are the seat protectors necessary?

Havelock E.

Re: Peeing at preschool in other countries

Citadel, I grew up spending time in both the US and Europe (mainly Spain, France and Germany) starting around pre-school age so the contrasts stand out in my mind.

It taught me that cultural norms are all different, especially when it comes to peeing and pooping. In the U.S. my school upbringing was very conservative and I rarely peed anywhere other than a toilet.

Going to Europe was very different. One of the first trips I remember was going to Spain to visit relatives, followed by summer school in France. Arriving in Spain, I remember working through a park and seeing a girl my age running around who stopped in there middle of her play, pulled up her dress, down her underwear, squatted and peed. I was transfixed as I don't think I had ever seen a girl squat to pee before that and I just remember watching how the pee streamed out in front of here by almost a foot and created a puddle that ran down a slight slope. Several days after that we went to an event in central Madrid with my parents friends who had two children older than me- an older boy and younger girl. I don't remember the event but everyone ate, drank and then walked back to our friends apartment. As we were walking the boy said he had to pee and the group stopped. His mother pointed him to the wall next to the sidewalk. He immediately unzipped and started peeing on a basement window in the wall. I was fascinated that I could see in the window he was peeing on into a basement apartment. He peed a lot, it pooled in the window sill, ran down the wall and ran across the sidewalk into the street. As our parents had walked ahead their nanny stopped to wait. She turned to us and asked if we had to make pipi. His younder sister was already tugging at her dress. She squatted in another place on the sidewalk and began to stream pee which also ran into the street. The nanny looked at me and asked if I needed help. She said come, where do you want to make pipi? The window like the boy? She pulled me over, undid my pants and help my penis until I also peed on the window. She guided my stream around washing the window and the wall and laughing. See its fun, she added as the puddle ran across that sidewalk into the street. That summer she watched and helped me pee with the other kids in many different places, on the wheels of cars, on walls and vans at the outdoor market, in the park by the playground and even in the subway.

At summer school in France I remember going out to play on the playground one of the first days. While playing I went to the teacher and told her I had to pee. She told me to go pee. I looked to the building as I would have in the US and the classroom, but she said no, when we are outside we pee outside. With that she lead me to the side of the playground, helped me with my pants and guided me to pee on some bushes.

Another time, m father was working in Germany and I was sent to "forest kindergarten" for summer school. Germans are very fond of nature and have this special school where their children spend the entire day with teachers in the forest learning about nature and how to work with nature. Coming from a normal school in the U.S. and spending little time in nature other than an occasional park, this was an eye opener. First there are no toilets, so everyone uses nature. I was very interested when occasionally boys or girls would just step away from whatever activity they were doing to have a pee. The teachers would also declare a time for a pee break and take everyone to go. The teachers were particularly concerned that as the American boy I would often not go and looked uncomfortable. They told my parents I was very good at all the building and nature activities but they worried I was holding myself for much of the day. One morning we were playing in the forest and my stomach was hurting. I had to pee and something more. The teacher noticed and pulled me aside asking if I had to go. I don't think I answered but she knew. She said to the class that she and I were going to pipi. Did anyone else have to join? One other student said yes. The teacher went to her pack, grabbed a toilet roll and the 3 of us stepped away a few feet into the forest. Beyond a bush there was a clearing and she said, here is a perfect place for "pipi and Kaka." Immediately the other girl yanked her dress, pulled down her panties, squatted low and shot a stream of pee in front of her onto the forest floor. I stood watching. The teacher told me to go but I just stood watching the other girl until she finished. The teacher asked her if she had to make poop. She said no and told her she could go back to the class. She asked me if I wanted to add to the other girls fresh puddle, or maybe I wanted to water a tree, but I just stood there. I will never forget what happened next. The teacher asked me if I had to "make big" and I gave her a slight nod. She said, "All is good… everyone had to make big. I do myself. We both will go." She asked me if I needed to be held, as a couple of the smaller kids could not squat on their own yet so they would be held in a squat position by the teachers or parent volunteers. I just stood embarrassed looking at her. She said, I think you can practice on your own. With that she reached to me and helped me unbutton my patents, held them at my knees so they would not get wet or soiled and helped me squat. She then pulled up her own skirt, pulled down here panties and squatted opposite me. I had seen the others in the class pee but somehow this was different. She smiled right at me as she let out a powerful stream onto the forest floor with a strong hiss that I had never heard from the other girls. She said first we pipi and then we make "ahh." Now you she said. After a few seconds, I could pee and watched my pee arch unto the forest floor. Maybe I peed squatting before but this is my first memory. As my stream was dying down, she was still squatted with her arms around her knees and holding the toilet roll. She farted, smiled at me and began to poop. She was probably in her 20s, fit and blonde. Very German. And here she was with a big brown sausage below her. I don't think I had ever seen a poop so big. She had to rise up slightly as it touched the forest floor. She moved a little bit forward to let it drop and started new poop. These were smaller and softer. Ah, that feels good she said, now I wipe folding sheets from the toilet roll. As she was doing she asked me if I thought I could poop as big as her and she encouraged me to try. I did have to go and I pushed hard. Finally I was able to poop. I think I had not pooped in several days, so I pooped so much that it touched from my bottom to the floor and she made me move several times so I would have more open room to poop. Then she helped me wipe and complimented me on me poop. She said I has pooped a lot, almost as big as her. If I kept practicing pooping maybe one day I would poop bigger than her. I peed and pooped many more times in the forest that summer but I will always remember that time.

More memories later.


Response to Deb; No Poop Accident Streak update

Deb: omg, that's exactly what happened to me when I had an accident in my bathing suit. The story is in one of my earlier posts- but basically I got an urgent need while at a public pool with my friend, rushed into the ladies room to find a line, and ended up messing my one piece while I waited. Did you feel like you had to go shortly after getting out of the water? For me for some reason swimming stimulates the need to poop. But I normally make it because there tends to be a bathroom close to a pool. That one ranks among my most embarrassing accidents to this day, which says a lot. Several people at the pool witnessed it and the friend I was with was not cool about it. Were you really upset that it happened in front of your friends and all those people? Also, that's really great that you were there for you coworker when she had an accident, she was really lucky to have someone like you there who could relate and understand what she was going through. I know I can certainly relate...

Sooo... on that note, about my no poop accidents streak.. I was at work today, and I felt like my stomach was starting to get upset a couple of hours into my shift. I think i made a mistake by having a breakfast sandwich and a coffee from 7-eleven, because i had a legitimate urge to go to the bathroom not long after I finished it, but at the time I was busy with clients and its not easy to excuse yourself in those as time went on, the pressure just kept getting worse and eventually I was getting really distracted because I needed to poop so badly. I think you can see where this is going... my customer noticed I was distracted and asked if I was OK, and i decided to be honest and i told him I didn't feel well and I asked to be excused. Thankfully he was understanding and allowed me to excuse myself, and i got up to go to the bathroom. On the way there I started farting, and with each successive one it felt more and more like I was about to lose control. One of the farts then felt like it was bringing a lot more with it so I had to cut it off before it finished, and i felt a little mush squish between my cheeks. I started to have a mild panic attack as I realized that I had just sharted, but worse than that, i was starting to face the reality that i was at work and starting to poop my pants. I kept rushing towards the bathrooms as fast as I could, pleading with myself "please make it, please make it, hold it, hold it, please make it!" , but when I got to about 25 feet from the door, it happened... I felt an irresistible urge to push and it was so intense that I had to stop walking. I kept pleading with myself "not at work...not at work!", when I felt a familiar warm sensation beginning to spread past my cheeks into my underwear. I stood there trying to resist it, but once again I couldn't...I pooped in my pants really bad. It was soft and it was a lot, and i felt it spread up the back of my underwear and into the front too.. it was a major disaster!

It took me a second to sort of regain my bearings once i pooped myself, and just as I was about to finish rushing into the bathroom one of my coworkers, this guy Brian who works at my desk with me actually, was coming back from the men's room and saw me and asked me if I was OK. I tried so hard to act casual but I was so panicked and ashamed about the mess in my pants that I couldn't keep a straight face, and I was glowing bright red with embarrassment. I tried to say "im fine" and even my voice sounded shaky and off. He gave me a funny look, then he made a strange face and said "ok see you back there" and he walked away while still giving me a funny look. I felt my heart drop into my stomach and I wanted to curl up and die because I was 99% sure that Brian smelled my accident and knew I pooped my pants. I tried to put it out of my mind and I finished rushing into the bathroom. I stopped by the mirror and inspected the damage, and the bulge wasn't so bad since everything spread out but there was a pretty bad stain showing. I almost always wear black leggings but of course today I had on charcoal gray leggings so the stain was much more visible. I groaned and moved on, and when I got into the bathroom stall I just stood there trying to keep calm and I was fighting back tears, when I cramped up again and had another wave of mush churn into my pants. It was not the relieving type of bm either, it was one of those ones where it feels like you're never done and its uncomfortable. I carefully lowered my leggings and undies, and I sat down on the toilet and just continued to poop for a few minutes. I sat there looking at my badly soiled clothes at my ankles and just wondered what the hell I was gonna do. I knew I had to bail and leave again but this mess was way too bad to clean up in the work bathroom. I practically needed to be hosed off before being allowed insided anywhere.... I knew I also couldn't just pull my loaded pants back up and waddle out of the bathroom to report my accident, so I didn't have much choice but to bring someone into the fold. Unfortunately the one girl coworker I have who knows about my accident problem was off today, and the only other person i trust was, in fact, Brian...

Nevertheless, I selected my poor dear coworker Brian to help bail me out of my extremely compromising situation. I got my phone out and I quickly called him. When he answered I cut right to the chase and said "i have a major problem". He sounded really concerned but not surprised.. he said "yeah, you seemed unwell...". I started cringing because I could tell he already knew, so I just swallowed my pride and said "soo...I didn't make it to the bathroom in time and i pooped my pants. I need you to bring me my stuff so I can sneak out and go home". I said it while squeezing my eyes shut. He confirmed that he of course already knew, and said "yeah...I kind of had a feeling you did...". My humiliation was complete. I pleaded with him not to tell anyone, and he promised me he wouldn't, then he agreed to discretely bring my things to the bathroom so I could sneak out and go home. I carefully pulled my underwear and leggings back up and it felt weird putting messed pants back on, but believe me when I tell you it just could not be tackled anywhere but at home. Within a couple of minutes Brian showed up with my stuff and I crept over to the bathroom door and grabbed it from him. I immediately took my coat and tied it around my waist to hide my butt and Brian was just looking at me with sort of a smirk. I smirked back and said "what?" And he just said "nothing. When you gotta go you gotta go, toilet or not. Accidents happen." and he smiled at me. It was a little awkward but I kind of got the feeling he didn't hate the fact that I pooped my pants... anyway, luckily the exit is right by the bathroom so I was able to just quickly slide out the door and get to my car. When I got home i literally got in the shower with my leggings still on and I stripped down in there to start the clean up. As I was cleaning up I had a funny realization- i had just lived my worst nightmare, pooping my pants at work in front of a coworker, and somehow I felt totally fine. I didn't feel nearly as mortified as I expected to, although I was really embarrased and kind of wanting to avoid Brian for a bit... but I noticed that when it happened I kind of just got in the zone, I was in like crisis management mode and I didn't have time to be upset or mortified, ya know what I mean? Plus, I genuinely trust Brian not to tell anyone what happened. We've worked together closely for like a year and a half and have gotten pretty tight. I wound up telling him a little while ago via text (he reached out to see if I was feeling better) about how it happens more than I'd like to admit. He seemed a little too interested for my comfort once I told him that, so I wound up changing the subject before I eventually said goodnight and ended the conversation altogether. I've never had that kind of response to my accident problem so it caught me off guard. I suppose its not really any worse than someone being disgusted by me though...either way I now have two co workers who are aware of my accident problem. In an ideal world no more people will find out... also I'm really glad i excused myself when I did, because if I had waited 30 more seconds i would have filled my pants at my desk in front of my customer, then had to waddle through the building like that. it could have been a lot worse.

Anyway, thats my latest accident. I wish I could have made it until the new year like I wanted but at least I had a pretty good run, I made it more than a month! I lost count of how many accidents I had this year but it was a lot, I think 10-12. Averaging close to one a month, but it seems like more. I'll certainly write again soon, I'm sure I can think of some old stories if no new ones occur any time soon.


Havelock E

What ever happened to Tim, Sarah, Loewie and Josie?

I've been away from this site for years. Tim used to post with quite analytical insight and anecdotes with Sarah, Loewie and Josie but I have not seen them for years. Tim, are you still lurking? It would great to hear updates on life.


Public Toilet Etiquette

As a regular user of the above for both number 1
And 2 I appreciate a reasonable toilet . Those that have to cover the toilet seat with paper are very selfish because they leave the toilet with paper everywhere and use up the supplied toilet paper , it is generally wasteful and bad for the environment. Also try and bring clean with your bodily functions and leave the toilet as you would like to find it , another thing is throwing things down the toilet and blocking it . The general use of excess toilet paper is wasteful. A word for women is try not to hover as piss gets over the seat and gentlemen use the urinal or a least wipe the seat , We are lucky where we are because public toilets are built to offer a degree of privacy . Next thing is public toilets need to be cleaned regularly , however, with COVID there has been an improvement.


constipation advice for nervous mom

So sorry to hear about your daughter's issues. I've struggled with severe constipation my whole life and my mom has been a huge help to me over the years, even still now that I'm in my 20's. I too find that it gets much worse around my period. Obviously, it's important to eat well, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water to help combat it, but sometimes constipation happens despite best efforts so here are just a few things you could try for your daughter if she finds herself struggling on the toilet again that have worked for me. I hope these help!

1. Belly rubs. Try rubbing he belly in a slow, circular motion or a downward motion. You can either do this while she's sitting on the toilet or while laying down somewhere comfortable. You could also rinse your hands in very warm water first so they'll be nice and soothing to her poor belly.
2. Back and belly presses. While she's pushing, place one hand on her belly just below her navel and the other on her back at the top of her buttcrack. Push gently with both hands in a slightly downward motion. This works well if you do it in quick pulses.
3. Spread buttcheeks. While she's pushing, reach around and spread her buttcheeks apart with your hands. This will help open her up more and give the poop more room to come out.
4. Warm baths. If you have a bathtub, fill it with warm water and have her sit in it for a little while. The warm water can help soothe and stimulate her belly. While she's in there, have her open and close her anus by doing some light pushes. Any water absorbed can help soften the poop.
5. Squatting positions. If she can, have her put her feet up on the front edge of the toilet and lift her butt off of the seat so she's now in a squatting position. If she can't, put a towel on the floor and have her squat over it to poop. This position will open her up further and make it easier for her poop to come out.
6. Bear hugs. If she can, have her take off her pants and underwear and have her sit backwards on the toilet with a leg on either side of the tank. This will widen her hips and open her anus more. While she's in that position, give her a big bear hug while she pushes. Make sure your forearms are pressing firmly into her belly. (If you try this one, make sure she's honest with you about whether or not you're pressing too hard and hurting her.)

I hope some of these are useful to you. Best of luck to the both of you!


Avoiding Public Bathrooms

So I'm in my twenties, and I haven't used a public restroom in nearly 14 years, I had a very bad public bathroom experience when I was younger. Throughout middle school, highschool, and college I would always get really desperate to pee by the end of the day and my rides home were an absolute struggle. Somedays when I finally got home I din't make it into the bathroom, my parents obviously got mad at me for peeing my school uniforms. I still don't pee at work, I've been practicing holding for most of my life it seems, I only pee once a day now, which I know isn't good for my kidneys. I

'm just curious if anyone else has a fear of public bathrooms so much so they rather risk peeing themselves?


Citadel's boys peeing survey

Back about 12 and 13 years ago while we were in high school my friend Stac and I were regulars on this forum. We have continued to follow it although our demanding jobs are taking up much of our available time.
The Citadel questions are exceptionally interesting.

1. Weirdest place I peed in?

An empty lima beans can. It was on the ground about 5 feet below the loading dock of a closed store. I had to piss and a group of my friends said I had to earn that opportunity. I had to piss into the can without tipping it over. I was allowed to guide with my hand, but a couple of them remember that a few years earlier I was not that good of a guide and sometimes missed the urinal bowl at school. Although it took for me to line up, take my knees, and fill the can without upsetting it, I passed the test. At first my hit was moving the can an inch or so, I prevailed.

2. Oldest age I felt comfortable peeing right in front of friends with my penis in full view?

See Number 1 above. I retired at age 12.

3. Remembering other boys peeing in pre-school or day care?

Several would drop their sweats, jeans or shorts all the way to the floor and then make a second mistake: not aiming their pee into the toilet or urinal. I remember having to sit in pee in order to crap.
Then a sign would go up, but it didn't get any better unless a teacher or high school volunteer would stand at the doorway and lecture the entrant.

4. Did I ever pee with another boy at the same time and in the same toilet?

Yes, several times. Yes, I did the pee-pee streaming crossing stuff with a friend a couple of times. For some reason, I had a very forceful stream.

5. Did you ever see girls peeing in pre-school or day care?

Yes. But at the time I wished more would forget to latch the door. I remember one girl being petrified about locking herself in and not being able to get out. One girl, with a really pretty name I can't quite remember, peed herself several times because she couldn't find a friend who would stand in place and guard her while she was on the toilet. Several years ago Stac wrote about how she and I would occasionally go to the bathroom together at school, the park or other places.

6. Circumcised or uncircumcised?

Uncircumcised. A Muslim roommate, with whom I remain friends, explained the process to me.

7. How old were you when you saw a penis that looked different than yours? Ever witness a friend's penis' foreskin being pulled back?
I was about 10.

8. When you peed, did you aim for the water to make louder peeing sounds or did you try to hide the sounds by aiming for the side of the bowl?

I remember Stac observing and asking me about this when we were in middle school. The urinal bowls were old-fashioned and rather dirty looking. Standing with your penis too close to the bowl and shooting into the water would generate splashback, which was not too pleasant if the previous user had not flushed (often the case!). So a moving stream to the side of the bowl was my tactic. Then the auto-flush units came in and I remember showing up in a Chemistry lab and having Stac playfully ask me if I was regressing. If I peed into a toilet at school or a public place, if the previous user had taken a big crap and the bowl rinse process was not that aggressive, I would blast my pee on the shit streaks that remained. Stac was really sarcastic in her thinking and said that my civic virtue might be worth votes for Stu-Co and class president.

9. How old were you when you learned to pee without pulling your pants down all the way?

Dad and I were shopping one day at Sears. We took adjacent toilet stalls. Dad had just sat down to take his crap when he saw under the panel that my feet were pointed toward the toilet and that my jeans had fallen all the way to the floor. He was furious. He got up, grabbed my jeans, pulled them up, and while he sat on my toilet, he had me zip and unzip the jeans a number of times as I watched. He had remembered that I had been harassed in my early grade school years by boys in the bathroom and he wanted to make sure I wasn't regressing at age 9.

10. Did you teach another boy how to pee standing up? Was it a brother, cousin, friend, boy in pre-school, etc?

For several summers while I was in high school and college I volunteered to work at a one-week church-sponsored camp. Many of the boys had never been away from home before. Dropping their pants all the way whether to urinate or crap was all they knew. I had to try and break two boys from sitting over the side of the toilet for their craps.


Public Toilet Etiquette

As a regular user of the above for both number 1
And 2 I appreciate a reasonable toilet . Those that have to cover the toilet seat with paper are very selfish because they leave the toilet with paper everywhere and use up the supplied toilet paper , it is generally wasteful and bad for the environment. Also try and bring clean with your bodily functions and leave the toilet as you would like to find it , another thing is throwing things down the toilet and blocking it . The general use of excess toilet paper is wasteful. A word for women is try not to hover as piss gets over the seat and gentlemen use the urinal or a least wipe the seat , We are lucky where we are because public toilets are built to offer a degree of privacy . Next thing is public toilets need to be cleaned regularly , however, with COVID there has been an improvement.



I've been eating seeds with shells shaped like the ones on sunflower, and I've got to say my poop hasn't been painful. In comparison to the others, it seems the regular sunflower seed shells are the "scratchers", while these ones with my trail mix were softer. To Nervous Mum: the worse I had with a compacted poo as a child was nothing like with your daughter. It did however, get stuck for several minutes before finally falling out. I had regularity issues as a child along with bowel leakage due to cerebral palsy, so would do big ones seemingly monthly when it got a bit hard. Since I often played in my soiled things as a child (put my fingers in my poop and sniffed it), my room often smelled. I was scoulded for playing in my poop. I guess I played in it because I was secretively fascinated with it. Just like any bad habit, it was hard to stop. I did however, stop maybe at the beginning of middle school when the need for diapers stopped. Now, I've been struggling with earwax sniffing. Yay for me, the longest I've gone is for 30 days, but I bet I can go longer. If I was smart enough to challenge myself like this with the poop sniffing, maybe I could've broken the habit sooner. Although I've failed numerous times already, I bet I can quit cold turrkey with this other dirty habit, too. As far as poop sniffing goes for me now, I just sniff the air when I go if I'm interested in it. The most fascinating poop smell for me nowadays is that I think it smells meaty/fatty sometimes. I don't remember what I thought it smelled like when I was little. Hope you enjoy, bye!


Boys peeing survey

Survey for boys and their peeing habits. Feel free to add details to your answers.

1 What is the weirdest place you've peed in?

2 What is the oldest age where you felt comfortable peeing right in front of a friend with your penis in full view? Meaning not at a urinal, but in a regular toilet or out in the open.

3 Do you remember seeing other boys peeing in preschool or daycare? How many? Any funny stories?

4 Did you ever see any girls peeing in preschool or daycare? What did you think about it when you saw it?

5 Did you ever pee with another boy at the same time in the same toilet? Or in a urinal? Or in the woods? Did you make your peepee streams cross? Was it your friend, brother, cousin, etc. What was said?

6 Are you circumcised or uncircumcised?

7 How old were you when you saw a penis that looked different from yours? (Circ or uncirc). Did you ever witness a friend's foreskin being pulled back or show your friend how you pulled yours back?

8 When you peed, did you try to aim for the water to make louder peeing sounds or did you try to hide the sounds by aiming for the side of the bowl?

9 How old were you when you learned to pee without pulling your pants all the way down?

10 Did you get to teach another boy how to pee standing up? Was it your brother, cousin, friend, boy in preschool, etc?


Peeing at preschool in other countries

I have a few questions about daycare in other countries, particularly countries like Sweden, Switzerland, and other European countries, but any insight from another country is fine.
Is it true that little boys in Sweden are forced to go pee sitting down in daycare, preschool, or nursery school?
Also, do most toilets in preschool have no privacy in European countries?
If you attended preschool or saw a preschool in another country, what did the bathroom look like? We're the boys and girls separated?

Matt C.

Monika's Survey

1. When pooping with someone present at your home do you wait and hold or do you just let go (for example siblings, parents, kids nearby)?
In all honesty, you gotta go, you gotta go, and I don't really care if anyone's around to hear me or not.

2. When pooping in public toilet have you ever been in a stalemate? For example you and the someone else waiting till someone leaves the bathroom to finally start nr 2.

I've had it happen a few times, as while I'm ok with public bathrooms, I don't like dealing with other people in there. But if I have to poop badly enough I'll just do it.

3. When pooping in public someone knocks on the door do you quit pooping or do you continue pooping? What if the other person keeps waiting at the door?
I'll stop briefly to let them know it's occupied, and then continue.

4. Have you ever buddy dumped with a stranger in public toilets or in nature?
No, can't say I have.

5. When on a trip with family or friends, can you poop in the hotel or do you wait out an opportunity for you to be alone?
I can poop in the hotel, no qualms about it.

6. When out camping with a van, do you poop in the toilet in the van or not?
Never been camping with a van, but I have gone camping a lot. When camping, I prefer to poop outside, I like being able to do it out in the open air. I don't get many chances to go outside, so it's one reason I enjoy camping.

7. When at a festival or other outdoor gathering have you pooped in the porta potty's?
Yes, several times. Some people don't like to use them for understandable reasons, but I don't mind port a potties at all. Much like pooping outside, there's something about it I enjoy.

8. When having dinner at a friends house do you poop after dinner at their place or do you wait till home?
If I don't take the chance to go when I feel the need, I'll end up feeling rather bloated and weird until I need to go again, and I don't like dealing with that. So if I have to poop at someone else's house, I'll do it.

9. When hospitalized and in a room with multiple people do you poop in your room or do you go the public facilities in the hallway?
Having never been hospitalized, I couldn't say, but I'd be fine either way hypothetically.

10. How many times a week do you hear other people pooping, either at home or in public?
Almost daily at home sometimes, often my dad. Since I don't use public restrooms much right now, rarely on that end.

Mrs Big-and-Hard

Straining Hard during the holidays.

As I sit here on the toilet I can feel a very large wide mass in my rectum. I think it is due to all the sweets and chocolate that I really like.
I am having to push and strain really hard to try to get it moving past my anal opening. is widening and hurts a bit, stretching my butt hole wider and wider.
... feels really tight now. I think I will use my finger to try to dislodge the bigger chunks. I put a little Vaseline on my finger to lubricate my anal opening.
It is hard to get it in there, so I just keep using my fingers to pull my butt hole more open and widen my cheeks.
... Straining hard now.... it is finally moving out past my anal ring.
..nnnnn.. pushing.. it is moving past my ring now, PLUNK SPLASH , it came out but got stuck in the toilet drain.
Got to get the plunger. That worked. A big relief .


Catherine's recipe

Hi Everyone. Bad Mina is back. Sorry I was away long time. After telework, usually I want to run away from computer big speed. But today I am OK.

If you angry, please come to Japan and spank me.

This is for Catherine: Thanks you for recipe! Hot water and lemon juice. Maho tried after some days of constipate. It was Sunday so we all together in beige flat. Maho drank immediately she get up.

Then we had relaxing breakfast, mix of Japanese style and Western style.

Then... four girls look at loo direction same time. We all thinking same thing.

But then we look at Maho. She look at us with very warm smile. Her eyes sparkle with a love. Then she blow kiss to us, three kisses, one each to Kazu, Chae, Mina.

We say to Maho, "you think you can go?"

Maho said, "I think I can go! But you go first, it will help me I think."

So we went first. Hisae, Kazu, Mina in that order. Maho was next Hisae when Hisae did her motions. Hisae did a very lots high speed, so Maho became to excited. For other two, Maho was at door but came to side for short time, we think it excite her bottom and then she can go no trouble. Because Kazu and Mina are on loo long long time, even Maho comes to both of us it is not unfair because she stay short time. When Mina was on loo, Kazuko gave her place to Maho for Mina's second motion. Then Kazuko came back for third motion. Hisae did same thing when Kazuko was on loo.

Maho waited half an hour. When I start to do little pieces, I ask her, "Maholin are you OK?" She said "OK, but my urge stronger and stronger! I think I can go very satisfy. But Minappé, stay on loo until you finish. I am not urgent at all." Sweet Maho.

Then Maho sat on loo. Big smell like zoo, but she said, "smell help me to do!!" She moved her eyes around us, and as result of signal, I went next her. But another signal decided us, Kazuko and Hisae take my place later.

Nothing happened for about 2 minutes but Maho is always my-pace, so we don't worried. After two minutes I see her beautiful bottom open slowly. I send eye signal to Kazu and Hisae, and they have tearful face. me too.

Maho's beautiful bottom open more and turtle head appeared slowly. Very normal, little bumps all over and one of them fell into loo. But then after about 4 cms, shape changed. A bit less wide, about 3 cms. Then... it became to longer and longer but very very smooth sides! No bumps, very very regular! and very rich caramel colour. Still 3 cm wide. but very long! after 30 cm long, I send signal to Kazuko and Hisae and I stand up. Kazuko came and looked and made uuuuuuuuu sound. Then Hisae came, but she was disappoint because turd fell into loo! How pity it was! But even in loo, it was beautiful! About 35 cm of long, and 3 cm of wide except first part which was 4 cm. Taylor, It didn't make perfect circle like your friend. It was shape like big C, but mirror reflection, and top part came out of water quite lots. That was last part when it came out from her beautiful bottom.

Maho stood up to see her turd. aaaaaaaa, she said. Then sat down again to continue.

Hisae stayed squat next to Maho and did massage. Maho pushed and next part of long turd start come out. It was not so long, about 20 cm, but very smooth sides and caramel colour like before.

For third turd, Kazuko squatted next to Maho. Now everybody tearful except Maho. Third turd was same size with second turd and very beautiful.

I went back Maho's side for last turd. Actually four turds but last two were small, only about 8 cm is long. They came out beautiful movement. Actually all turds of Maho came out beautiful movement!

Maho stayed on loo about five more minutes to be sure, but nothing more came. Then we took picture of turds, and then she washed with washlet. And then we dried her all three, slowly and long time.

But then Maho didn't stand up. So we said her, "Maholin you will do more?"

She said, "No. I finish. But I want sit here and look your faces for few minutes. I love you so much."

So we looked each other while Maho sit on loo little bit more. Our eyes say everything. Love love love love love love love. Then Maho stood up, Kazuko took her panties and pyjamas and gave to her.

Then we went out of loo, washed hands well. Now Maho also tearful. We don't make cry noise (actually Mina made, little bit) but tears run down our face.

Maho ask me to say, thank you Catherine! Next time she is constipate, she will drink hot water with lemon juice again. Actually we also say, thank you Catherine, and Victoria and everybody because you always make us to be so happy.

Sorry long story. My eyes little bit hurt, so I stop now. I hope everyone OK and no corona. In North America and Europe very cold maybe, please be careful. Catherine, I hope your family quite OK now! And Taylor, I am very happy for you had so good time with your friend Jennifer! We all understand your feeling so well.

Love to everyone. Sorry my bad English. Come to Japan and spank.

Mina + 3

Curious Cody

Monika B's holding poop in question

I've written before about my really 'controlling' mother and her belief that you should go to the bathroom before leaving home and, save for a real emergency or change of plans, and even then she would get agitated. Until my dad finally spoke up and 'liberated' me, I was 8 and at things like the circus or a theater trip, if I had to use the toilet, she would ask me which one if was for, and she would begrudgingly take me into the ladies room.

So we'd get to the ladies room. The hardest thing for me was to stand with mom waiting for a toilet cubicle to open. By age 6 or 7 I kind of stood out and attracted attention. For a pee, mom would take off some toilet paper, lift the seat, and then tell me not to touch anything. A rather dumb statement, I would recognize in a few years. Then I would have to take my foot and flush it. A couple of times I lost my balance and almost fell. The I was observed while I was washing my hands. Sometimes it took me 3 or 4 tries before I passed the test and met her standards. Some of those waiting for the sink would show agitation which mom said was from my lack of focus. That's still a word that brings back bad memories now, and my girlfriend Keci is quite sensitive to it.

For craps, mom's demands went to the next level: 1) wiping down the seat; 2) carefully laying a layer or two of toilet paper over all four sides of the seat; yes, she was equally concerned about the front and back too; 3) having me carefully stand over the seat and then sit straight down without moving any of the paper. Keci jokes that I was lucky I was able to hold my crap while the preparations were being completed because her gate would have opened and splattered on the floor. Even at home, once she hits the plastic her bowels start to empty. Its the same away from home, too, and some of her friends have complimented her.

So once I started school, from what I learned and observed with my friends, I learned that when mom and I were out and I had to use the bathroom, I would simply hold it and not say anything. With a couple of exceptions, holding my craps worked well until dad intervened right after I turned 8. Mom would wait in the hall outside the bathroom and I would be allowed to navigate it alone. No more of the usual germ scare tactics, put downs, and when I was crapping the questions about when or where I had taken my last crap, why I didn't drink more water, and why I couldn't better "regulate" myself.

Whether we're home or out, Keci is very free and flowing about her bathroom needs. Holding a crap in would be the last thing she would want to do.


Sudden poo and per stops

I have never had a situation that I have had to urgently shit in suburbia or similar and not in a toilet . I have often done a bush poo when bush walking and hung my bottom over the side of a boat but that was scheduled due to being on the water for so long . On the other hand I have often done a wee behind a bush in suburbia, but never a poo . I note Eleonora from Italy posts on the subject and would like to read more of her stories. Has anyone else got anything to share ?

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