Ophilia's Fear of Public Bathrooms

Ophilia's 14 years of avoiding urinating in public bathrooms is something that easily captured my attention. I feel for her when she cites the conflicts with her parents and I suspect the others that have been giving her rides home from school and work and probably feeling the pressure to make that next traffic light. It is amazing she hasn't had numerous "accidents" relying on others to drive and let's say their last minute decision to stopping for gas or to pick an item up at a store on the way home.

Ophilia, I'm assuming you've bypassed lots of leadership and recreational activities such as overnight camps, school lock-ins, athletics, and such experiences that would require you to use bathrooms elsewhere. With all the beverages we consumed at a week-long student council camp, I remember waking up and peeing at least three times a night. Luckily my bunk mate got up with me most of the times because she had to pee also. She was also known for a 3 a.m. humungeous crap and liked to have the company. There can be an important bonding with such activities. Fast forward to the present, why won't you use the bathroom at work?

Necessity caused me at age 16 to deal with a bathroom-related issue that I'm so glad I addressed. Starting with 6th grade in my large middle school, each bathroom stall had a container of those toilet seat protectors mounted on the wall. With the encouragement of my mom, I got use to pulling on of those off and putting it down on the seat. My high school also had them. My habit continued until the end of my sophomore year when my dad lost his job and we were forced to move across the country. My new high school, while more prestigious and larger, didn't have them. I tried toilet paper strips and a couple of other approaches before the threat of detentions for class tardys and the students on the other side of the stall door becoming irate caused me to bare-butt it again just as I had during my first 12 years on earth. During nicer weather last week four of the ladies in my department took our lunches across the street to a city park. We had a great picnic. I peed there before we walked back to our company. It was very liberating and something I wouldn't have been able to do during my junior and senior years of high school and also my college years.

The important thing is to break out of the rut you've fallen into. What is the worst thing that can happen to you if you went in and used the toilet on your morning or afternoon work break? What about you and a friend taking a trip to a mall, having a lunch there, and then going to the bathroom before leaving for home?

Please let me know if I can be of further help. Good luck.


Victoria B.

Frozen pipes!

Small emergency here!

Robyn is sitting on my toilet and her Yule log is in departure need but just as soon as I finished peeing and warming the seat for her I tried to flush and nothing happened! It wasn't thirty seconds later that a text came up on my phone from the supervisor of the building: the drain pipe connected to my toilet and the ones in the units directly below mine is frozen and we aren't supposed to flush until further notice.

Robyn has been constipated the past few days and now she's ready and bursting to go. I can't tell her to hold it anymore because I don't want her to get plugged up any further and I'm sure she's rather not have me glove up to take poop out of her butt!

She just knocked on the door of my ensuite. I need to go now; hopefully we'll think of something!

Happy Holidays to all


Christmas Eve Accident )(O(

Merry Christmas! I had a Christmas eve accident! My second accident in just a few days. It was solid so i didn't mind it, although the situation was slightly embarrassing. I'm at my parents house for Christmas and when I arrived yesterday afternoon I needed to poop a little bit, but my mom asked me to walk their dog for them. I love their dog so I was quick to take the opportunity and I set out on a walk. Long story short, we were just starting to head back when it hit me that I really needed to go to the bathroom. I hurried as fast as I could but their dog kept stopping to sniff things and pee on things, and she's big and strong so I couldn't really just pull her along. I held it as best I could until the ominous pre pooping farts started happening, then I sort of gave up because my stomach was starting to hurt, and i didn't make it back to the house in time. I accidentally pooped in my leggings, and it felt really good because it was such a relief and because it was firm and came out slow and steady, and I enjoyed feeling it pressing against my butt as I walked back to the house. I touched back a few times and felt the firm bulge protruding in my pants. It was all good fun until I snapped back into reality and realized I was about to go into my parents house with pooped pants, which is inherently embarrassing. Also the dog became very interested in the smell and wouldn't stop sniffing my butt which also felt embarrassing...

When I returned to the house I hoped to quickly let the dog in then duck into the front bathroom to dump the load out of my undies, but my mom was right there by the door. I started getting red and bashful and trying to keep my back turned away from her and she started asking me what was wrong and said I was being strange. Then she started gently sniffing the air, and said "did you step in dog doo?"
I just looked at her and said "no...that's me...i had an accident while I was walking the dog". She looked a little surprised but sympathetic and calmly said "oh, shannon... head up and get in the shower, i'll bring you a change of clothes." So, I went upstairs and showered and changed my clothes, and now I'm all clean and cozy and just had Christmas eve dinner. It would have been a perfect accident if I was home by myself, but it was still pretty enjoyable because the only person who knew was my mom (though I'm sure she told the rest of my family why I was taking a shower). I'd say of all the people to know you've pooped yourself your own mom is probably the least embarrassing, so it was a good day. I hope everyone else is having a good day too!

Deb: you described all the moments to perfection. The one other moment that really adds a lot to the overall experience and is almost as difficult as the accident itself, is when the situation dictates that you need to tell someone what you did. I never feel quite as small and ashamed as i do when, as an adult, i need to inform someone that I've pooped my pants. That is NEVER easy. I've taken to just ripping the band aid when it happens, and i get ahead of it and tell whoever im with what happened as soon as it does. Its just less embarrassing than trying to hide it and being found out... that's how it used to play out when I was younger. I would do my best to hide it and pretend it didn't happen, and sometimes I would go as far as to deny it when accused, which always just compounded the humiliation once they found out the truth. Admitting it straight up is just the best way to go... i remember when I was about 18 i had an accident in my friends car after school, and when I was asked if I pooped my pants I panicked and said I had just farted. Except I had shorts on so poop squished out of the leg holes and got on the seat, so I was caught red handed (brown bottomed? Lol) and it was 10x more embarrassing since I had lied and said I didn't do it. Another time I pooped my pants in the hallway right when i got home from school and my brother smelled it and asked me if I pooped my pants. For some reason I denied it, then when I was going up the stairs some poop fell out of my pants onto the step, and it was another embarrassing lesson on lying...
Also yes, no matter how much it happens, there is no getting used to it when you have a major blow out in public and don't have a change of clothes. I used to keep an accident bag in the car. Just some wipes and some spare underwear and pants, and plastic bags. I dont know why I stopped keeping it in there, in all honestly I rarely used it. I normally prefer to clean up at home anyway. As far as pads go, I don't use anything because I take birth control. I remember the only time I ever used the accident bag. I was in my late 20s and on my way to meet a friend for dinner. The friend lived far away and we were meeting in the middle, and my drive was a little under 2 hours. Well, on the way there I got stuck in traffic and ended up pooping and peeing my pants in the car. I didn't want to blow my friend off so I pulled over at a rest stop and cleaned up and changed in the bathroom, then went and had dinner with my friend. I wound up confessing that I was so late because I had an accident on my way to meet her and she thought it was pretty funny.

Catherine and Trina: Merry Christmas to you both! Hope to hear from you soon.



Post Christmas relief

"Are you sure your plumbing is up to the task? It's going to be a lot…" I hadn't pooped at all yesterday, morning or evening and we had both eaten a lot. I could tell just by how full I was feeling that this wasn't going to be any ordinary dump.
Jennifer looked at me for a few seconds and said "Outside." We put on our shoes and a coat and headed out to the outhouse at the bottom of her garden.
"You can go first" she said with a smile, opening the door for me. I stepped inside and turned to face her, pulling down my jeans and thong to my calves before sitting. It was cold, but not as bad as I was expecting. I've definitely sat on worse. My stomach cramped uncomfortably, making me lean forward a little but then I was rewarded with pleasure as my backdoor domed and a soft log forced its way out of me. It very slowly creeped out of me and I just stayed relaxed, letting it come out at its own pace. I wasn't in any discomfort, quite the opposite.

I noticed Jennifer jiggling in front of me, leaning against the door to keep it open. "Cold?" I asked
"Yes… but I am bursting for a wee!"
"I won't be long babe"
"It's okay, take your time."
I felt the log break off but I remained open as it kept slowly coming out, I cannot put into words just how good it was feeling. It was soft but firm enough to keep its shape until gravity became too much. I started peeing, basking in the relief of my first wee of the day and the log broke off, my backdoor closing up. I was finally done. I pulled off some toilet paper and reached behind to wipe, as I went for some more Jennifer suddenly tore down her leggings and squatted in front of me, a strong jet of wee immediately hissing into the grass. "Oh sweet Jesus…" she sighed, closing her eyes. "I couldn't wait. I just couldn't." She had a relatively short but very powerful wee and once I finished cleaning up we swapped places so she could poop.

Jennifer was sat leaning forward with her hands in front of her and we talked while she went. It wasn't long before she quietly farted and a smile grew on her face, she was pooping. There was a dull thud and I saw her push before a second and third thud. She got herself some toilet paper, starting by wiping her front and then using three pieces for her behind. We went back inside to warm up, wash our hands and tidy after the big day yesterday.


Christmas poo

I had a good Christmas, I hope everyone had a good Christmas as well. I had diarrhea this morning though. It was a lot and mostly solid but still a little wet and splattery. Must of been that big breakfast I ate. Almost immediately after I felt fine, my hole stings though, lol. Anyway hope you had a good Christmas if you celebrate it. Bye for now.

Nickel Plate


i enjoy the reading of the story of remodeling part of the school building and what you students hear the teachers going in the restroom and did there release.

Back to the preschool does the teacher go in the same place as the preschool and students? Also they not shy of letting the student see them like here in the US?

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Havelock E.

Re: Peeing at preschool in other countries

Citadel, I grew up spending time in both the US and Europe (mainly Spain, France and Germany) starting around pre-school age so the contrasts stand out in my mind.

It taught me that cultural norms are all different, especially when it comes to peeing and pooping. In the U.S. my school upbringing was very conservative and I rarely peed anywhere other than a toilet.

Going to Europe was very different. One of the first trips I remember was going to Spain to visit relatives, followed by summer school in France. Arriving in Spain, I remember working through a park and seeing a girl my age running around who stopped in there middle of her play, pulled up her dress, down her underwear, squatted and peed. I was transfixed as I don't think I had ever seen a girl squat to pee before that and I just remember watching how the pee streamed out in front of here by almost a foot and created a puddle that ran down a slight slope. Several days after that we went to an event in central Madrid with my parents friends who had two children older than me- an older boy and younger girl. I don't remember the event but everyone ate, drank and then walked back to our friends apartment. As we were walking the boy said he had to pee and the group stopped. His mother pointed him to the wall next to the sidewalk. He immediately unzipped and started peeing on a basement window in the wall. I was fascinated that I could see in the window he was peeing on into a basement apartment. He peed a lot, it pooled in the window sill, ran down the wall and ran across the sidewalk into the street. As our parents had walked ahead their nanny stopped to wait. She turned to us and asked if we had to make pipi. His younder sister was already tugging at her dress. She squatted in another place on the sidewalk and began to stream pee which also ran into the street. The nanny looked at me and asked if I needed help. She said come, where do you want to make pipi? The window like the boy? She pulled me over, undid my pants and help my penis until I also peed on the window. She guided my stream around washing the window and the wall and laughing. See its fun, she added as the puddle ran across that sidewalk into the street. That summer she watched and helped me pee with the other kids in many different places, on the wheels of cars, on walls and vans at the outdoor market, in the park by the playground and even in the subway.

At summer school in France I remember going out to play on the playground one of the first days. While playing I went to the teacher and told her I had to pee. She told me to go pee. I looked to the building as I would have in the US and the classroom, but she said no, when we are outside we pee outside. With that she lead me to the side of the playground, helped me with my pants and guided me to pee on some bushes.

Another time, m father was working in Germany and I was sent to "forest kindergarten" for summer school. Germans are very fond of nature and have this special school where their children spend the entire day with teachers in the forest learning about nature and how to work with nature. Coming from a normal school in the U.S. and spending little time in nature other than an occasional park, this was an eye opener. First there are no toilets, so everyone uses nature. I was very interested when occasionally boys or girls would just step away from whatever activity they were doing to have a pee. The teachers would also declare a time for a pee break and take everyone to go. The teachers were particularly concerned that as the American boy I would often not go and looked uncomfortable. They told my parents I was very good at all the building and nature activities but they worried I was holding myself for much of the day. One morning we were playing in the forest and my stomach was hurting. I had to pee and something more. The teacher noticed and pulled me aside asking if I had to go. I don't think I answered but she knew. She said to the class that she and I were going to pipi. Did anyone else have to join? One other student said yes. The teacher went to her pack, grabbed a toilet roll and the 3 of us stepped away a few feet into the forest. Beyond a bush there was a clearing and she said, here is a perfect place for "pipi and Kaka." Immediately the other girl yanked her dress, pulled down her panties, squatted low and shot a stream of pee in front of her onto the forest floor. I stood watching. The teacher told me to go but I just stood watching the other girl until she finished. The teacher asked her if she had to make poop. She said no and told her she could go back to the class. She asked me if I wanted to add to the other girls fresh puddle, or maybe I wanted to water a tree, but I just stood there. I will never forget what happened next. The teacher asked me if I had to "make big" and I gave her a slight nod. She said, "All is good… everyone had to make big. I do myself. We both will go." She asked me if I needed to be held, as a couple of the smaller kids could not squat on their own yet so they would be held in a squat position by the teachers or parent volunteers. I just stood embarrassed looking at her. She said, I think you can practice on your own. With that she reached to me and helped me unbutton my patents, held them at my knees so they would not get wet or soiled and helped me squat. She then pulled up her own skirt, pulled down here panties and squatted opposite me. I had seen the others in the class pee but somehow this was different. She smiled right at me as she let out a powerful stream onto the forest floor with a strong hiss that I had never heard from the other girls. She said first we pipi and then we make "ahh." Now you she said. After a few seconds, I could pee and watched my pee arch unto the forest floor. Maybe I peed squatting before but this is my first memory. As my stream was dying down, she was still squatted with her arms around her knees and holding the toilet roll. She farted, smiled at me and began to poop. She was probably in her 20s, fit and blonde. Very German. And here she was with a big brown sausage below her. I don't think I had ever seen a poop so big. She had to rise up slightly as it touched the forest floor. She moved a little bit forward to let it drop and started new poop. These were smaller and softer. Ah, that feels good she said, now I wipe folding sheets from the toilet roll. As she was doing she asked me if I thought I could poop as big as her and she encouraged me to try. I did have to go and I pushed hard. Finally I was able to poop. I think I had not pooped in several days, so I pooped so much that it touched from my bottom to the floor and she made me move several times so I would have more open room to poop. Then she helped me wipe and complimented me on me poop. She said I has pooped a lot, almost as big as her. If I kept practicing pooping maybe one day I would poop bigger than her. I peed and pooped many more times in the forest that summer but I will always remember that time.

More memories later.



Today I had a poo that felt like dry and moist mud. It came out hot and sticky, and a little slow, it was red brown and messy. I had to wipe about 8 times until I felt clean. There was a large skidmark in the back of my panties, makes sense, they were REALLY tight and up my butt all day, I get wedgies often. After the poo I changed my panties and put my dirty pair in the wash. My clean pair is tight as well, lol. I don't think I'd get a skid though, I really made sure my ass Is clean. Still very tight though (my panties) I'm picking a wedgie as I'm writing this lol.

To Bianca, I did try that wasabi and I have to say it gave me quite a burn. My butthole felt hot and puffy. Had diarrhea that was splattery and painful lol. Thank you for the recommendation.

Bye for now.

P.S. Has anyone ever taken a poo out of their butt by hand? Love to read some stories. Also wedgie stories would be interesting, I have a lot of those, if anyone is interested.

Havelock E

What ever happened to Tim, Sarah, Loewie and Josie?

I've been away from this site for years. Tim used to post with quite analytical insight and anecdotes with Sarah, Loewie and Josie but I have not seen them for years. Tim, are you still lurking? It would great to hear updates on life.


got confused the questions I answered were from Ellison

Sorry Ellison I got confused it were your question the ones I answered not Catherine's


To Monika's questions

1. When pooping with someone present at your home do you wait and hold or do you just let go (for example siblings, parents, kids nearby)?

- I go when I need to go.

2. When pooping in public toilet have you ever been in a stalemate? For example you and the someone else waiting till someone leaves the bathroom to finally start nr 2.

- No, I just poop right away without waiting.

3. When pooping in public someone knocks on the door do you quit pooping or do you continue pooping? What if the other person keeps waiting at the door?

- No, I will just finish. Luckily I usually are able to poop and wipe and wash my hands in just a minute or two.

4. Have you ever buddy dumped with a stranger in public toilets or in nature?

- No, never buddy dumped.

5. When on a trip with family or friends, can you poop in the hotel or do you wait out an opportunity for you to be alone?

- I go when I have to go, and I use the toilet that is available.

6. When out camping with a van, do you poop in the toilet in the van or not?

- I have never camped with a van. But I have seen van campers go to toilet in the nature several times. Last summer I camped at the same place as an old Dutch couple in a very modern van, obviously with a toilet. But they both peed just behind the van and went behind some nearby bushes to poop. They both seemed to be quite relaxed about it. One morning I accidentally came by when the woman was going. She just smiled and did not seem to become very embarrassed even though she was caught in that very private moment.

7. When at a festival or other outdoor gathering have you pooped in the porta potty's?

- I have pooped in the bushes at festivals a couple of times.

8. When having dinner at a friends house do you poop after dinner at their place or do you wait till home?

- I need to go, I will go.

9. When hospitalized and in a room with multiple people do you poop in your room or do you go the public facilities in the hallway?

- Don't know, because I have never been hospitalized.

10. How many times a week do you hear other people pooping, either at home or in public?

- Never thought of it. But when camping in the wilderness I think I mostly every day could see others going to toilet. I have been camping quite a lot the last two years at sites where no toilets are available and all of us just have had to go somewhere behind a stone, down a slope or in the bushes. My girl friend hates to go in nature. But I do not bother. If anyone should happen to see me, so what? Some persons get very embarrassed and upset in such situations, but after all it is just a normal thing to do for everyone, isn't it?


Response to Shannon

Hello! My name is Deb. I know that I don't need to but I always start my posts that way. :-)

Hey Shannon!

I can totally relate to your last accident. The pressure in your bowels. The cramps. The sudden urgency to get to the ladies room. Then it starts happening. At first it starts with a few farts. Then one comes out with more substance and you know you have just gone a bit in your panties. Then the realization that you are about to have an accident in your pants. And then in happens... It's like you can't control it as your bowels empty into your panties. The mess spreads all through your panties. All over your bum, up your back and yes, sometimes even into the front of your panties. Then there's the feeling of having to walk around with the mess swishing around and it starts leaking out of the leg holes of your panties and into your pants. Of course there's the staining that starts to seep through your pants as well. You get into a toilet stall and carefully pull down your pants and underwear, trying desperately not to make the mess any worse. Then you just sit there as some of the mess drips off of you and into the toilet while you stare at the terrible mess in your panties, trying to figure out what to do. You try cleaning up, but usually it's no use and can sometimes even make the mess worse. So you unless you have a change of clothes and something to clean up with, you are stuck with having to pull up your messy clothes, wrap your jacket or sweater around your waist and get home as quickly as possible. It's a terribly hopeless feeling no matter how often or where it happens.

I have gotten to the point where I always have at least one change of panties and pants with me at all times, even if I just leave them in a bag in my car. I call it my "emergency kit". I also have extra maxi pads and wipes in my bag, just in case I need them.

Shannon, do you bring extra clothes with you? It's not a bad idea really. Also, do you wear pads for your period? I do as I have mentioned before. I use the extra heavy overnight pads by Always, both the ultra thins and the thicker maxi pads. The thick pads have an extra set of wings in the back that fold out to cover your bum area. The idea is to protect against leaks overnight. However, I find that they also help with any diarrhea, if I happen to be wearing one at the time. It's better than wearing Depends as we have talked about before.

Something to thing about anyway.

By the way, that's great about your co-worker Brian. He seemed genuinely helpful and concerned about your accident. I've had mixed reactions from guys as well. I was previously married and my first husband wasn't always understanding about my accidents. We had other issues which is why we aren't married anymore, but he could be rather mean when I pooped my pants. My husband now is amazing. He is so caring and understanding. I knew it from our very first date when I bled through my pants at a concert we went to in Hamilton. I posted about that a while ago. He noticed my leak and helped me to hide it by standing behind me well before I knew I had leaked. He was too shy to say anything about it at first but when I came back from the ladies room with my jacket tied around my waist he pulled me aside and said that it was no big deal. I still tear up when I think about it. Some from the embarrassment of bleeding through my pants but also from the sweetness of his actions.

So, maybe talk to Brian a bit more. Not necessarily about your accidents, but just about things and see how things go. At the very least you will have another friend to help you out at work.

That's all for now. I'll be back again if I have any other accidents of my own or if I remember any stories from my past.

Thanks for reading!



Thunder's Comments

I use toilets away from home most every day. I can't get through a day at my high school with at least two pees. Sometimes it is three pees because my doctor is concerned about a pattern of urinary track infections I've had. For every water bottle I drink, it has to come out the other end! For a person who has sometimes battled constipation I can tell you I don't think twice about sitting down and expelling my crap. It is better than the horrible enema grandma gave me when I was 10 and dumb enough to try and hold my craps. As of now I'm down to using one suppository a month and I'm doing well with that. However, that requires me to do craps sometimes two or three times a week at the subway terminal or a crap that takes 1/3 my lunch hour at school. That's because the lines are long and some students use a bathroom as a place of socialization. I wasn't the one who jumped up on the sink in RR 301 the other day, but she probably didn't see any way she was going to get a quick pee in during that five minute passing period. When she jumped back down I did see her cup her hands and throw hot water to drain away the evidence she left.

Others need to understand why I take my crap in the bad toilets at the subway transfer station. The train will jerk my body around pretty well and what I'm holding in between my legs is painful and sitting on a toilet with no privacy door is my only option. I deliberately wear more dresses than many of my classmates for this reason. When I throw a couple of pairs of my underwear in the trash each month that's because I had to use them for wiping. Some of the toilet paper is stolen, some wasted on the dumb seat covering, and some is just torn up or vandalized by bored sitters. During my freshman year mom asked me if I had begun smoking. That was because I had my crap and spent five minutes next to a roll of toilet paper that had been largely burned off the wall.

I agree with Thunder in that those who abuse and waste the toilet paper are large contributors to the problem. I remember once in one week one of the school toilets, the only one that was available for me to use, had an almost full roll of toilet paper floating in it. I was worried about getting some of the splash up on me as my heavy piss was released. The girl taking my place on the seat swore at me as if it had been my doing. There's some, but not a lot of hovering, going on at my school, but only rarely does the user lift the seat before starting in. Sitting in someone else's pee is not the most hygienic thing I can think of, but when there's no wiping paper, our options are limited.

Like Thunder, in the past few years I've seen a loss of privacy in using public toilets. Toilets may offer more privacy initially, but it is too often taken away because it is misused. Gang signs and vulgar drawings on the inside of a privacy door often result in the door being taken off. Users need to think about what's happening, and as Thunder says, better public toilet etiquette.

Meeting our body's basic needs depends on it.


Another School Story

When I was in high school I was in my science class (senior year) and I felt the urge to poop. I then told myself that I'd try to hold it for the whole day. I didn't tell anyone, I just wanted to see how far I could go. By the time lunch came around I needed to poo so bad. I almost let a small piece drop in my panties but as my hole opened and the tip came out but I quickly closed my b-hole shut. "I can do it", I thought. I drove home after school and I felt my poo poke out again. I needed to make a dookie sooo bad, lol. I did make it home without an accident (lucky me), I ran up to my room, there was nobody home, and I threw my stuff on my bed and went to the bathroom. Plopped my ass on the toilet and let out a small fart as the poo slid out of my butthole and landed in the bowl with a thunk. I wiped 2 times and looked at my poo. It was light green and smelly. I flushed and it left behind a skid in the toilet, the rim of the seat was dirty too. I wiped the rim and washed my hands and then checked for underwear skids (dirty but not very) I then farted and did my homework. It was a memorable day lol. Bye for now.


Answer to Audrey's question

These large fountains in public places such as entrances to college campuses and large businesses are to set a scene and to be decorative.
I believe they are very expensive not just to buy and install, but also to maintain. Darsolea and I like many students enjoy sitting on the side of the fountain and eating and talking. Sometimes a gust of wind will give us a shower of sorts. The side of the fountain we were sitting on was a little higher than a regular chair, made of nice brick, but with
larger slabs extending from it making it easier to sit for picture-taking and stuff like that. As it got darker, Darsolea had me unbutton the bottom of her dress and she slid as far back as she could with her inner-legs right up against the concrete. Luckily that had her entire butt hanging over above the water. She used her dress to shied her front and her pee barely cleared the concrete, but it went into the water and the electronic light wheel gave off a special sensation as it turned in about 6 colors. The fountain in the middle and all the water splashing because of it, muffled much of the sound of her pee. It didn't help that a train came rumbling by too. I hope this answers your question.


Welcome Eleonara From Italy

Eleonara From Italy:

Welcome to our virtual community. I'm a couple of years younger than you, been vertically challenged and gotten use to it, and pretty much understand the getting caught pooping v. being humiliated like a baby choice you have confronted. That 13-year-old pooping yourself while on the field trip incident is not that unusual. I'm in a teacher education program in college and know what it is like to standout because when I'm on the toilet, my feet don't come near to touching the floor, and for years, instead of crapping my pants when I enter a crowded bathroom, I regularly will take one of the door-less cubicles. My BOS, buns on seat, time is usually 20 seconds or less and with a lot of practice, plus a lot of negatives from my mom and grandma, my wiping has become faster and more efficient. At the school where I'm doing my practicum, this student who I didn't know in the next cubicle called out 'B####! That was bad ###.' I guess she thought I was a student so I didn't write her up. Don't be discouraged by your bodily needs.

Boy do I have a story for you all today! This happened this morning! Quite an unfortunate accident...

I had that all too familiar urge to poop, which I held for a little while because I hate going to the bathroom especially to poop because it always takes forever to wipe and while you're waiting for the wipes to come back clean you're sitting there on the toilet smelling your poop...ew!

I walked into the bathroom, turned the light on, closed the door, opened the toilet lid, took my pants down and sat. I started to pee and as I was peeing I was looking for YouTube videos to watch. Once I was done peeing I started pooping. It was not easy. It took several pushes and it got stuck for a good minute or so, which stretched my bottom very painfully and I leaned forward, scrunched up my face and tried to focus on the YouTube video to distract me from the pain. I felt like I was giving birth. It finally came out, along with 2 or 3 other big hard ones. After I was done and finished wiping myself, I looked and the turds were MASSIVE! No wonder they hurt so much coming out! I was afraid if I flushed then it would cause a clog but what else was I supposed to do? I flushed it and, yup, just as expected, it clogged!!! Ew! I tried to let it unclog itself and still peed in the toilet all day but tossed the toilet paper in the trash can beside the toilet instead of dropping it in the toilet as I normally do, just so I wouldn't make the clog worse. Well it hasn't gotten any better on its own so I guess it's plunger time. How embarrassing.


Gooey poo

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say I just had a very hard poo that turned gooey. It was hard and it hurt my butthole as I pushed it out. Then it became gooey and mushy, gross. When I thought I was done, I stood up and saw a dark green poo that looked like a snake, then more dropped out of my butt, it was solid and gooey. Took me at least five wipes to get my ass clean. Anyway, hope everyone has a good holiday. Until next time. Bye.


Reply Bianca

When I was a child I thought bodily functions were shameful. I wished I did not have to go to the toilet and was very private about it . Things have changed since then as I have long since discovered the joy of same . I still respect the health issues relating to defecation.


Response to Deb; No Poop Accident Streak update

Deb: omg, that's exactly what happened to me when I had an accident in my bathing suit. The story is in one of my earlier posts- but basically I got an urgent need while at a public pool with my friend, rushed into the ladies room to find a line, and ended up messing my one piece while I waited. Did you feel like you had to go shortly after getting out of the water? For me for some reason swimming stimulates the need to poop. But I normally make it because there tends to be a bathroom close to a pool. That one ranks among my most embarrassing accidents to this day, which says a lot. Several people at the pool witnessed it and the friend I was with was not cool about it. Were you really upset that it happened in front of your friends and all those people? Also, that's really great that you were there for you coworker when she had an accident, she was really lucky to have someone like you there who could relate and understand what she was going through. I know I can certainly relate...

Sooo... on that note, about my no poop accidents streak.. I was at work today, and I felt like my stomach was starting to get upset a couple of hours into my shift. I think i made a mistake by having a breakfast sandwich and a coffee from 7-eleven, because i had a legitimate urge to go to the bathroom not long after I finished it, but at the time I was busy with clients and its not easy to excuse yourself in those as time went on, the pressure just kept getting worse and eventually I was getting really distracted because I needed to poop so badly. I think you can see where this is going... my customer noticed I was distracted and asked if I was OK, and i decided to be honest and i told him I didn't feel well and I asked to be excused. Thankfully he was understanding and allowed me to excuse myself, and i got up to go to the bathroom. On the way there I started farting, and with each successive one it felt more and more like I was about to lose control. One of the farts then felt like it was bringing a lot more with it so I had to cut it off before it finished, and i felt a little mush squish between my cheeks. I started to have a mild panic attack as I realized that I had just sharted, but worse than that, i was starting to face the reality that i was at work and starting to poop my pants. I kept rushing towards the bathrooms as fast as I could, pleading with myself "please make it, please make it, hold it, hold it, please make it!" , but when I got to about 25 feet from the door, it happened... I felt an irresistible urge to push and it was so intense that I had to stop walking. I kept pleading with myself "not at work...not at work!", when I felt a familiar warm sensation beginning to spread past my cheeks into my underwear. I stood there trying to resist it, but once again I couldn't...I pooped in my pants really bad. It was soft and it was a lot, and i felt it spread up the back of my underwear and into the front too.. it was a major disaster!

It took me a second to sort of regain my bearings once i pooped myself, and just as I was about to finish rushing into the bathroom one of my coworkers, this guy Brian who works at my desk with me actually, was coming back from the men's room and saw me and asked me if I was OK. I tried so hard to act casual but I was so panicked and ashamed about the mess in my pants that I couldn't keep a straight face, and I was glowing bright red with embarrassment. I tried to say "im fine" and even my voice sounded shaky and off. He gave me a funny look, then he made a strange face and said "ok see you back there" and he walked away while still giving me a funny look. I felt my heart drop into my stomach and I wanted to curl up and die because I was 99% sure that Brian smelled my accident and knew I pooped my pants. I tried to put it out of my mind and I finished rushing into the bathroom. I stopped by the mirror and inspected the damage, and the bulge wasn't so bad since everything spread out but there was a pretty bad stain showing. I almost always wear black leggings but of course today I had on charcoal gray leggings so the stain was much more visible. I groaned and moved on, and when I got into the bathroom stall I just stood there trying to keep calm and I was fighting back tears, when I cramped up again and had another wave of mush churn into my pants. It was not the relieving type of bm either, it was one of those ones where it feels like you're never done and its uncomfortable. I carefully lowered my leggings and undies, and I sat down on the toilet and just continued to poop for a few minutes. I sat there looking at my badly soiled clothes at my ankles and just wondered what the hell I was gonna do. I knew I had to bail and leave again but this mess was way too bad to clean up in the work bathroom. I practically needed to be hosed off before being allowed insided anywhere.... I knew I also couldn't just pull my loaded pants back up and waddle out of the bathroom to report my accident, so I didn't have much choice but to bring someone into the fold. Unfortunately the one girl coworker I have who knows about my accident problem was off today, and the only other person i trust was, in fact, Brian...

Nevertheless, I selected my poor dear coworker Brian to help bail me out of my extremely compromising situation. I got my phone out and I quickly called him. When he answered I cut right to the chase and said "i have a major problem". He sounded really concerned but not surprised.. he said "yeah, you seemed unwell...". I started cringing because I could tell he already knew, so I just swallowed my pride and said "soo...I didn't make it to the bathroom in time and i pooped my pants. I need you to bring me my stuff so I can sneak out and go home". I said it while squeezing my eyes shut. He confirmed that he of course already knew, and said "yeah...I kind of had a feeling you did...". My humiliation was complete. I pleaded with him not to tell anyone, and he promised me he wouldn't, then he agreed to discretely bring my things to the bathroom so I could sneak out and go home. I carefully pulled my underwear and leggings back up and it felt weird putting messed pants back on, but believe me when I tell you it just could not be tackled anywhere but at home. Within a couple of minutes Brian showed up with my stuff and I crept over to the bathroom door and grabbed it from him. I immediately took my coat and tied it around my waist to hide my butt and Brian was just looking at me with sort of a smirk. I smirked back and said "what?" And he just said "nothing. When you gotta go you gotta go, toilet or not. Accidents happen." and he smiled at me. It was a little awkward but I kind of got the feeling he didn't hate the fact that I pooped my pants... anyway, luckily the exit is right by the bathroom so I was able to just quickly slide out the door and get to my car. When I got home i literally got in the shower with my leggings still on and I stripped down in there to start the clean up. As I was cleaning up I had a funny realization- i had just lived my worst nightmare, pooping my pants at work in front of a coworker, and somehow I felt totally fine. I didn't feel nearly as mortified as I expected to, although I was really embarrased and kind of wanting to avoid Brian for a bit... but I noticed that when it happened I kind of just got in the zone, I was in like crisis management mode and I didn't have time to be upset or mortified, ya know what I mean? Plus, I genuinely trust Brian not to tell anyone what happened. We've worked together closely for like a year and a half and have gotten pretty tight. I wound up telling him a little while ago via text (he reached out to see if I was feeling better) about how it happens more than I'd like to admit. He seemed a little too interested for my comfort once I told him that, so I wound up changing the subject before I eventually said goodnight and ended the conversation altogether. I've never had that kind of response to my accident problem so it caught me off guard. I suppose its not really any worse than someone being disgusted by me though...either way I now have two co workers who are aware of my accident problem. In an ideal world no more people will find out... also I'm really glad i excused myself when I did, because if I had waited 30 more seconds i would have filled my pants at my desk in front of my customer, then had to waddle through the building like that. it could have been a lot worse.

Anyway, thats my latest accident. I wish I could have made it until the new year like I wanted but at least I had a pretty good run, I made it more than a month! I lost count of how many accidents I had this year but it was a lot, I think 10-12. Averaging close to one a month, but it seems like more. I'll certainly write again soon, I'm sure I can think of some old stories if no new ones occur any time soon.


Monica. Thanks for sharing your difficulty with public bathrooms. As a man I generally stand to pee when using public toilets and I prefer urinals over cubicles. There are odd occasions when I have absolutely no choice but to poo in a public toilet but fortunately they've been few and far between. I prefer not too poo in public toilets because I am slightly germ phobic, or at least aren't too keen on using seats which lots of other people have used. Since Covid-19 arrived, here in the UK a lot of councils and public bodies such as railways, have decided the best way to "protect" the public is to close the toilets they would normally provide, instead of stepping up the cleaning. Consequently I have to plan journeys much more carefully than I used to and tend not to travel as far from home as I did.

A Happy Christmas to all friends, old and new, here.


Seasons Greetings

I have not been to the toilet for a few days, or not very much, so I had two suppositories and suddenly shifted my incontinence undies. I am now sitting on the throne after a good shit contemplating the clean up . Merry Christmas and great bowel movements to all !



Hey everybody! It's me, Flynn, from a few months back.

So, for one update, I'm a trans girl! I only came to this realization recently, but I hope that I can transition soon, and I hope you guys will support me!

For two, I've been practicing hover-peeing recently. It's gone well both times, but, the last time I did it (which was this morning), pee splashed all over the back of my legs, so I either need to improve my posture or maybe squat down more, I dunno. Anyway, I've gotten plenty of practice peeing sitting down and covering the seat with TP, so I thought: Why not move on to hover-peeing? Of course, it isn't a perfect world so far, but I hope I do improve so I won't always have to sit down on those gross public bathroom seats. (Hehe.)

Last update: I wanna start "potty training" an anime plush I have soon (it's of Sailor Mercury from the Sailor Moon franchise), but I don't know what to use as a potty. Obviously, a real toilet would be too big, and while I have a small bowl in my room for chapstick that I could use, I don't know if it could hold a great amount of my plush's "bladder". So, feel free to leave any feedback you guys have on what I should use.

Thank you guys for the support you've given me in the past, and for being so amazing. I'll see you guys soon! Bye-bye!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Monika B.

Reply to Carin

What makes you distinguish between peeing but not pooping in public bathrooms?
Right now, I actually don't use public bathrooms either way. But I think it's because of embarrassment? Or I can't relax enough. I'm not sure. It's also much easier for me to hold in poop than it is to hold in pee, so it's usually not too bad.

What is behind your issue with portable potty toilets being singled out for non-use?
Just germ phobia. If I can smell it from outside, I'm not going in. Plus, in many instances, you can't wash your hands, and that's a dealbreaker for me. In the past, I'd use public restrooms as long as I could wash my hands.

What qualities do you feel make you a germaphobe?
I obsessively wash my hands, try not to touch anything in public, and have a lot of other small habits like that.


Monika's Survey

1. When pooping with someone present at your home do you wait and hold or do you just let go (for example siblings, parents, kids nearby)?

I try to hold it till nobody else will notice that I am going.

2. When pooping in public toilet have you ever been in a stalemate? For example you and the someone else waiting till someone leaves the bathroom to finally start nr 2.

That I have experienced many times, especially at the university.

3. When pooping in public someone knocks on the door do you quit pooping or do you continue pooping? What if the other person keeps waiting at the door?

I will stop for a moment.

4. Have you ever buddy dumped with a stranger in public toilets or in nature?

No, never.

5. When on a trip with family or friends, can you poop in the hotel or do you wait out an opportunity for you to be alone?

I will rather go to toilet in the lobby or at the restaurant.

6. When out camping with a van, do you poop in the toilet in the van or not?

I have never camped with a van, only in a tent. Then I go to toilet outdoor. I do not like it because I hate to be observed when pooping

7. When at a festival or other outdoor gathering have you pooped in the porta potty's?

If I can, I will try not to use them. Rather go in the bushes if possible.

8. When having dinner at a friends house do you poop after dinner at their place or do you wait till home?

If possible I will wait till I get home. Last week end I went to poop in the train toilet when traveling home because I could not hold it.

9. When hospitalized and in a room with multiple people do you poop in your room or do you go the public facilities in the hallway?

Have no experiences.

10. How many times a week do you hear other people pooping, either at home or in public?

Almost daily at the university, and sometimes when visiting my parents.

Monday, December 21, 2020


To Eileen

Hi its always good to hear from you aswell I'm doing ok thanks and hope you are aswell. It was a big poo then especially for a public one I can imagine you rushing to get on the toilet and I imagine it felt good to pass being solid pieces especially after holding on to it. I wish you a happy Christmas and new year I might have some good poops over the Christmas period with eating more than usual will let you know hope to speak with you soon love Mike xxxx

Victoria B.

Reply to Mina and Braidy's seat question


To Mina: I'm always so happy to see you here! I'd gladly meet your request but you'd have to return the favor ;)

Braidy's question about seats is right up my alley and something I've thought about before. Here are my answers, in order:

C is the clear winner. A synthetic, contoured seat is my butt's preferred pooping platform. Where I live all seats are cold during the winter no matter what so you might as well be comfy while your thighs and cheeks get a chill

B is #2. I love the feeling of undressing and sitting down on a toilet and just seeing how it feels. Wooden seats are great for that and I do like them but they're not my aesthetic. I'm more of a minimalist on interior design.

A is in third. Simple and gets the job done. If we're talking public toilets I prefer a retro black color on one of these than plain white.


D, my mortal nemesis. I despise these seats and will forego them to squat, whether for a pee or a BM, every single time. The only thing that makes me feel more gross than when I'm sitting on one is how it feels when you're done going and finish the paperwork and get off the seat to stand up and get dressed again. Nobody wants a slimy butt and that's exactly how these make me feel. I wish someone would ban them.

Love, Victoria!

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