I found an oldish survey I wanted to do. I only did the pooping section because peeing doesn't interest me.

1: How long does it take you to poop? When all is well only 2-3 minutes, but I eat a lot so I frequently get constipated or diarrhea as my stomach tries to process all that. I'd say once a week or so I have to spend 10-20 minutes working on a tricky one.
2: How many times a day do you poop? Usually twice a day. I almost never skip a day, but occasionally I'll go only once or up to four times.
3: Do you wipe after finish pooping? Yes
4: Can you poop anywhere with a large group of people? I will do anything to avoid pooping in public. If I really need to I find it difficult, and I'll try to muffle the sounds by going really slowly (I'm usually a grunter), pulling my cheeks apart, and putting down TP first.
5: Where do you pull your pants down to when you poop? Knees in public, ankles or entirely off at home
6: How do you sit when you poop? Leaning forward, hands on my knees or sometimes belly if I have cramps
7: Do you like pooping? Usually. My poops tend to be hard and thick, so they t feel really good to pass. I sometimes get pretty bad cramps and gas though, which I DO NOT like
8: Do you fart when you poop? A lot. I'm around people a lot so I usually hold them in until I'm in the bathroom, so I usually fart throughout the dump.
9: Can you poop with friends? No, I'm really embarrassed.
10: Do you poop at school or out of home? Out of school, but I always avoided it or went to the nurse's office if I couldn't

Anna from Austria

a walk in the woods ended with messed panties

Another story from me that was not that funny.

Last week I decided to go for a longer walk in the woods alone. the weather was quite nice for December and enjoyed it a lot until I felt a certain pressure at my backdoor. I was rather close home so I decided to ignore my urge at first. It hit me completely unprepared. Had nothing to clean with me, not even some paper handkerchiefs. So just decided to walk back.

I did not come very far though. The urge got so strong that i could not take it anymore. i left the hiking trail and squatted behind some trees. I pulled down my pants and panties and squatted down. Then some big fart emerged from my butt and some very soft mud like poo came out of my behind followed by some more loud farts. Luckily nobody saw me and I was finished pretty fast. But now I was out there without anything to clean. So i had no choice to put my undies and pants back on and then walked home with the soiled panties.

Back home i showered and put the panties into trash.

That's it for today.

Hope you enjoyed my story more than I did.

Greetings from Austria



My cousins' toilet questions

This happened probably about 15 years ago. My parents hosted a big reunion of the family. Ages 90 to 9 month old babies. I was 9 and my cousins Zane and Meadow were 10. Because we agreed to stay together as a group, Zane, Meadow and I were given permission to walk over to the large park and swimming pool where we hung out.

After we swam for a couple hours and were forced to take a required break, we walked over to the park pavilion to get some ice cream. Zane had to pee so I directed him downstairs to where the bathrooms were. Before he came back Meadow was holding her butt and said it was going to explode. She made this explosion-like gesture with her hands that worried me so I hurried her down there.

While I was down there I decided to look in on Zane. I glanced into the guys room and Zane had his black swim trunks down to his feet and he had his pee going into the toilet. I saw that he hadn't lifted the wooden brown seat first and that there was no cut out on the front so I assumed he was probably splashing it up. I looked in the ladies door and Meadow was on the seat and seemed to be doing OK, although her small size had her feet and the bottom of her swimsuit half hanging from them. The toilet right next to hers was not in use so I decided to do a partial piss since it had been a couple of hours since I had gone at home. Meadow snickered and said my piss was noisy and noticed that it didn't have the front part seat cut out that hers had.

So when we got back upstairs Zane and Meadow started asking why there is such a difference in toilet seats. Zane said his school has larger white seats that are heavy when you drop them. Meadow said her schools have no cutout because girls are cleaner than boys and don't piss on them. My schools seats are black, some of them are larger than the others and they have the cutouts while the smaller ones don't. We had a discussion about that, buy none of us were sure about an explanation of the differences.

Now as a college girls athletic coach I'm curious what readers prefer in home and public toilet seats. My teams travel regionally a lot and have used 4 different types.

Which do you prefer and why?

A) the cheap plastic low-cost type.
B) wooden with some cracks and grooves.
c) the heavy synthetic types which are cold in winter months
d) padded seats that create a vacuum or glued feeling when you sit
e) there probably are some other types that we are not aware of

My boyfriend Adam says the cutouts from the middle front of the seats prevents genitals from touching the seat and from urine dropping onto it.


pooping with doors at school

The story about your son made me remember when I was in school and had to move my bowels in the boys room without any privacy doors. Like your son I also was underdeveloped in between my legs. I fortunately had a different experience though in elementary school. We had a small restroom with 2 urinals and 2 toilets without doors and the partitions were very small and afforded little additional privacy. I had seen several other boys pooping. It was quite common. I was so nervous the first time I had to poop. I went during lunch when everyone was eating. The room was empty and I sat on the second toilet and lowered my pants and underwear to my ankles and starting relieving my bowels. A boy walked in and saw me. He was a couple grades above me. I knew him a little bit and he always seemed nice. He greeted me by saying, "hello friend". He went to the toilet next to me and peed and kept talking to me and made me feel so comfortable. After he was done peeing he came over in front of my stall and kept talking to me as I was pooping. He made me feel very comfortable with his friendly conversation. I finsihed pooping and wiped my butt in front of him and we washed our hands and left together returing to the lunch room. After that I was so comfortable pooping in elementary school. High school was a different story. The toilets there were even less private. Anyone (including girls) could see into some of the boys toilet stalls from the hallway outside the restroom. I will share stories about that later.

Lorenz: I love your posts, what did you mean by darsolea doing a fountain?

Jazz: When you shared the stall, did you sit on the same toilet at the same time?

Sheelee: I had problems like this too. I would recommend that he keep his underwear as high as possible, poo before school, and have a bag or potty in the car when you pick him up.

Dennis: I loved your story, so happy to hear from another girl who enjoys peeing in containers!
Nervous mom: dilute prune juice with apple juice roughly half and half to make it drinkable. Don't bother buying a stool for her to squat, have her squat on the floor with some toilet paper down, or on the toilet seat.

Monika B.
I don't understand why sometimes I can hold it for hours and sometimes I have to pee every hour. Wtf?

So last night, I woke up at 2:21 a.m. (I'd been asleep for a little over an hour. Night owl) and felt a fairly strong urge to pee. It's been cold here, and I really didn't want to get up. So I just held it and fell back asleep. I woke up at 6:20something with a stronger urge to pee. I somehow fell back asleep and woke up around 7:10 feeling like I really had to go. I keep a thermos of coffee by my bed when I need to get up early (for me. Anything before 9 a.m. is early for me lol). I tossed and turned for awhile and continued to ignore the urge. I drank my coffee around 7:30 (the actual time I should wake up) and didn't pee until 8:10, and I wasn't even desperate! I peed a lot, though, maybe for a little over 30 seconds. Maybe my bladder isn't as tiny as I thought? If I didn't have to work today, I'd have tried to see how long I could last. I'm betting I could have made it to 9:21, the 7 hour mark, if I really tried.

Does anyone else do this? Need to pee in the middle of the night but just hold it?


Reply to Mike

Hi Mike , always good to hear from you , I hope everything is going well for you . Yes , I was really desperate to get to the toilet in that supermarket . But once I got sitting on the toilet things moved along nicely . It was a big enough poop , it came out in two pieces , an 8" piece slid out first , followed after only 5 or 6 seconds by a 3" piece . Both were nice , solid pieces . But oh , the relief once they were out It's had my BM and best of all I hadn't had an accident , especially in such a public setting . Well Mike , I look forward to hearing from you soon again , in the meantime I wish you a Very Happy Christmas and New Year . Love from Eileen xxx .

Victoria B

Reply to Taylor and question!


Taylor, I loved your story! It's one that I'll hopefully get to recreate with Robyn once it becomes safer to use public bathrooms again.

Speaking of, how does everybody feel about toilet seat covers? I know that COVID has changed my opinion on them and think it may be awhile before I feel safe sitting down bare buns on a public toilet again, either for a pee or a number two! Anybody else feeling the same way?


Saturday, December 19, 2020


School Story

One time in my junior year of HS, I needed to poop really bad. I told my friend and she said that she needed to poop as well, I raised my hand to ask the teacher and he said no. That's when I started to get desperate, I thought I was going to poop myself. Finally when the bell rang my friend and I rushed to the restroom, we decided to share a handicap stall,i went first and it felt so good. It was long and smelly, my friend giggled and said that it smelled bad. I wiped, there was a slight stain in my panties,then my friend sat down and pooped. She then said I feel better, I agreed and we washed our hands and went to our separate classes. My butt was a little itchy because of the stain though lol. Bye for now.


Poop at the store

I was out grocery shopping and got the urge to take a poop. I hate pooping in public and would much rather go at home. I walked back by the electronic section and went into the ladies room. I picked a vacant stall and put down a seat protector. My neighbor let out a toot followed by a bunch of plops, it was stinky. I decided that I needed to do my business and let out a loud fart and pee'd. I had to grunt a little but poop came out quick. I sat there and farted some and pushed the rest out. My neighbor was still going as I wiped and flushed.



Sometimes I exercise,and one of my favorites are squats. About 2 weeks ago I was doing squats for about an hour until I felt the urge to poo. Now at first I did not pay attention to it and kept squatting, then the urge went away. Well when I went to squat for about the 50th time I felt my poo poke out of my butthole. I tried to make it hugo back inside but I must have pushed by mistake because a medium sized lump fell into my tights. It was dry and hard so not much clean up (not even a stain) after about 45 minutes I was back to squatting. Bye for now.


Having to Crap in Front of Your Classmates

Elementary students having to crap in front of their classmates remains a problem. My Kellen is 12 and at least 4 times a week he is crapping at school. Scooter it's probably has even gotten worse than when you were in grade school. Kellen has been embarrassed beyond belief just sitting for his crap. 11 of the 12 toilets in a couple of the bathrooms have had doors removed. He's small for his age and doesn't have the development between his legs to the level of some of his classmates. He's tried two different styles of underwear, but still looks scared when he's seated. Often, if he doesn't want to overstay or risk at tardy, he just pulls up his clothing and calls it quits until lunch hour. But then he has an even larger audience to contend with. If a vice principal walks through he just looks at the guys seated and tells them to hurry up. More than once after the VP leaves, guys at the urinals will turn and resume their harassment of the guys behind them, especially the younger or more vulnerable ones that look scared and who are pushing away with hope as they sit. Kellen has been taught to keep his clothing up higher so that he's exposing less. When he can, he gets teacher permission to go during class, but the wet, pee-covered seats are the same and sometimes about 50% of the toilets are still in use. Covid has given me an additional worry also. Hitting 1 or 2 more traffic lights on the way home only extends his pain until I turn the doorkey to our house.

Hi again everyone, thanks to all who filled out my survey! If you don't mind, I've got a story of my own to share.

My house has more than one bathroom. But the toilets have been acting up lately. Trouble flushing and toilets getting clogged are the problems. One night I really really REALLY had to go pee, but I didn't want to go into the bathroom because first of all I didn't want to risk the toilet not flushing in the middle of the night or overflowing or something terrible like that. So I decided to take a container in my room and pee in it. There were things in the container already, but I quickly just relocated the items and emptied out the container so I could do my business in it. I removed all the clothing on my lower half and put it on my bed. Naked from the waist down, I squatted over the container and started to pee. I watched between my legs as it came out. It was a great relief. I was starting to worry that my pee would overflow the container, but I tried not to think about that. Eventually by the time it was well over half full I was done peeing. But I forgot to get something to wipe myself with! So I just squatted there for a while to sort of air dry. And then once I was able to get up without dripping, I walked over, grabbed a tissue and wiped my vagina.

I then went into the bathroom and carefully poured my urine into the bathtub and then cleaned out the container thoroughly and placed it back in my room and washed my hands.


Lending a helping hand (and a spare change of clothes)

Hi again! My name is Deb.

As I have mentioned here before, I am in my mid 40's. I had my daughter two years ago, which has put me into early peri-menopause. For the past several years I have been dealing with frequent periods which are always very heavy. There are times when I have my period for two weeks straight, a week off and then it starts up again. As I have also mentioned, it has a terrible affect on my bowels making them runny or at the very least, quite mushy and I have had frequent accidents.

This week my bowels have actually been pretty good, but my period has been incredibly heavy. It started on Sunday morning. When I got out of bed I felt a gush and soaked my panties and pyjama bottoms. I got cleaned up with a fresh pair of panties and some clean sweat pants and put on an extra heavy overnight maxi pad.

On Monday morning, my period was somehow even heavier. I made sure to pack a good amount of pads as well as an extra pair of panties and pants to change into in case I had an accident. Well, I wasn't the one who ended up needing my extra clothes...

I got parked in the underground parking garage. When I got out of my car I had another gush if blood, filling my pad. I got to the elevator and there was this girl named Tracey who was waiting in the downstairs lobby. Tracey has an office in the business centre on the floor where I work the reception. I could hear her moaning and saw that she was fidgeting around. She lives in St. Thomas which is about 45 minutes away from our office in downtown London. I asked her how her drive in was and she said "Oh okay". I then asked, "Are you alright?" And she said, "Ohh, I really need to go to the bathroom." Then she moaned again and let out a silent fart which was rather smelly. She said, "Oh god... I don't know if I can make it."

The elevator opened up and we went in. This was just the first elevator. It only took us up to the main level, where we then had to walk around the corner to the elevators for our building. There were several people waiting for the elevators and I could tell that Tracey was beyond desperate. The washrooms on that level were locked and unfortunately no one was around to open them up.

We finally got onto an elevator and luckily it was just Tracey and I on it. I pushed the button for our floor and we started going up. I saw Tracy's eyes start to tear up and she let out a very wet and audible fart. It all came squelching out of her as a he filled her tight grey dress pants with diarrhea. She just kept on saying "oh god, oh god" over and over again. I mentioned that she should go home and she said that she had some important meetings that she had to be in her office for. I told her that I would help her get cleaned up. I asked, "Do you have anything to change into?" She said, "Umm, no I don't." I said, "Okay, don't worry. I have extra panties and pants with me that you can borrow." She said, "Really? That's great, thank you." I said, "Yeah, I've had this happen to me many times. Besides, I have my period right now and it's very heavy."

We got to our floor and she went straight to the ladies room. The back of her pants were soaked through in the bum area from her accident. I put my stuff by my desk and got signed in. I grabbed my extra pair of panties and pants and then went to the ladies room to see how Tracey was doing. She had dropped her bag, took off her coat and had put them on the floor. She was in a stall and I asked how she was doing. She opened it up but was just standing there. She said, "I don't know what to do. I'm still going in my pants." I told her to take off her blouse and hang it in the door. She then carefully started lowering her pants. They were a total mess. Her panties were a disaster as well. The mess had even went into the front of them. She lowered her panties and stepped out of them. I gave her a plastic bag which I brought my clothes in, so she put her panties and pants in them. I got some paper towels for her and wet a few of them to help her get cleaned up.

I went back to my desk. After a while, Tracey came back our with the plastic bag in her one had. She stopped and thanked me for helping her. She asked, "Are you sure you don't mind me wearing your clothes? What if you need them?" I told her not to worry about it and that I would be fine.

Unfortunately my period was still heavy. I had to change my pad many times and did actually leak through my panties and pants in the afternoon. I had a noticeable period stain on my bum and had to tie my sweater around my waist.

Tracey ended up leaving early because she wasn't feeling well. When she came back in the next day she gave me a thank you card with a $50 gift card for La Vie En Rose. She she gave me back my pants, but not the panties because she had another accident in them.

Anyway, thanks for reading!



Buddy dump with Jennifer

Victoria B - Oh my! I hadn't seen your post before and I am so glad I didn't miss it. That's one of my biggest fears, if I am waiting for a package I won't go to the toilet at all, even for a wee unless I literally cannot hold it. I am terrified of being caught on the pot when the delivery driver shows up. You're so lucky you had Robyn there, she really looks after you.

I was doing a little shopping with Jennifer today, just picking up some last minute essential items ready for Christmas, wrapping paper, tape, that sort of thing when she said to me "I need to go to the toilet." Then looked at me before saying "Like, go go" I knew exactly what that meant and my heart skipped a beat, I need to poop too and I was really excited to be having a buddy dump with her. If I wasn't wearing my mask she would have seen my big smile.

We headed to the customer toilets and took two stalls next to each other. There was a jingle of belts as we pulled down our clothes, our jeans visibly bunching up a little underneath the stall divider before we sat down on the freezing cold seat. My toilet at least hadn't been used recently. I heard a gentle hissing from the stall next to me as Jennifer started peeing and I soon joined her in relief as I birthed a firm log, it was slowly but steadily inching out of me and I made sure to savour the moment. It soon broke off with a loud splash and I stayed open as I pushed out the remainder, Jennifer's wee dying down to a trickle. She went onto her toes and I heard a small sigh just as my log fell into the bowl and I sat, waiting for the rest. There was no sound between us for a few seconds and then I heard a sort of "flumph", the noise of a large load almost silently slipping into the water. I saw Jennifer move about a little and then she said "Babe… you have to see this."

I told her I'd be there after I cleaned up and I started peeing as I pulled off some toilet paper, a loud splashing filling the room. I went for quite a while before quickly wiping and flushing, leaving my stall and knocking on hers. The door unlatched and swung open and I was presented by Jennifer sat on the toilet, her jeans bunched up at her knees and bright pink panties sat inside them. I quickly closed the door behind me and asked what was up, she stood up and moved to the side and as I peeked into the bowl I saw what I want to call the perfect poop. It was light brown, about an inch thick, perfectly smooth and neatly curled around the bowl to almost form a complete circle. "I've never done that before!" she giggled. She sat back down to wipe, starting with her behind and using a handful of pieces before wiping her front as she stood up and redressed. She flushed and amazingly everything went down without even leaving a mark. We washed our hands and carried on with our shopping. I'm a little jealous she managed to produce such art.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Kung Poo

Reply to Nervous Mum

I am so sorry your daughter is going through such severe impacted faeces. I know of a few people who went through what your daughter went through. Here are some suggestions I have gathered:

1. Prune juice, a glass perhaps after she returns from school because it opens the flood gates fast

2. The next time a hard poop starts to crown, but gets stuck, squeeze an enema bulb into her anus to lubricate the passage so her poop can slide out

3. If enema is not available, a little soap rubbed around the anal opening can help ease the passing.

4. If the poop is just at the opening, a finger pressed into the side of the anal opening can help move the turd downards. This is a technique sometimes used in the hospitals.

5. Some people report squatting helps. Perhaps a stool to elevate her feet or a squatty potty?

Monika B.

Reply to Shannon and Catherine

Shannon- I have had a few instances where I thought I wouldn't make it. Luckily, that wasn't at work. I was out for a walk, though, and about twenty minutes away from my house. Lol that was horrible. I've never had a poop accident, but I occasionally have pee accidents. I've had the opposite happen once, where I held it in for so long that once I finally got home, I didn't have to go anymore.

Catherine- I totally agree! Glad I'm not the only one lol.


Peeing with opposite sex

A couple of times I've written about girls letting me watch them pee as I've grown up. I'm in college now and last month I wrote about my experience with Darsolea, whose 25 and a graduate student. We've become good friends even though she's seven years older than me and has almost no inhibitions about using public bathrooms and others seeing her on the toilet. It is a very natural thing, she says, and the bathroom door is never closed at her apartment.

She and I did a buddy sit recently and after some more wine and talking about it--she liked my joke when I said I feared she and I were putting too much weight on the toilet for such an old apartment building and that we might fall through the old floor 6 stories down to the basement.
Her toilet is the largest I've ever seen in a private place and Darsolea said she and her two nieces were a trio on it when they visited a while back. She says such an opportunity offers a special kind of bonding and that got us into a discussion where I told her I had seen my first girl on the toilet back when we were in 4th grade. Caryl had moved in during the school year and her mom and her who were poor had a basement apartment in an old house a few doors down from my family's. They moved around a lot because her mom couldn't afford much rent. I felt sorry for Caryl because she was almost always alone and didn't have any friends.

So on one snow day off school I asked her mom if she could go over to the park with me for some sledding. She had never done it before and would have to share my sled. Also, she didn't go to the bathroom before she left her apartment, something my mom has always drilled into me to do. Some of my friends from back then would snicker and think that expectation is almost fanatical. But I later realized that's just how moms are. About 10 minutes after we were dropped off at the park, Caryl said she had to wee. She was very open about it and dancing around like she expected me to put a toilet under her right there immediately.

Exercise activates my craps, and despite my mom's forbidding me from using those bathrooms before, I had so I knew a short cut through some patches of trees to get over there quicker. This was a small building that was probably a hundred years old. The guys' side has just one toilet and a panel separating it from the sink. The panel had been vandalized years ago with gang signals and words that if I used them at home would have gotten me grounded. Caryl ran ahead to the girls' side door and smashed into it. There was a large chain lock on it and she turned back to me and started to cry. We tried the guys' side. The lock had been cut and the door was open about an inch. I pushed it open for Caryl. She pleaded with me and grabbed at my coat to come in with her. At first I said no, but then sense came over me and I followed her in. She had two pairs of sweats on which she dropped along with her white underwear as she awkwardly moved toward the toilet. It was a little higher than normal, especially compared to the ones at our school I guess, so I quickly picked her up and placed her on it. Obviously the seat was as cold as ice. I could see it on Caryl's face and as she tried in vain to cover more of her freezing body from the cold. I could hear her gusher come out immediately and stay strong for more than a half minute. She almost squeaked as she jumped forward and down fast and yanked her clothing back up.

I told her she would be waiting for me outside as I started to unzip my jeans for what I felt would be a precautionary partial piss. Cold temperatures have always caused me to go more frequently. Then Caryl insisted that since I had gotten to see her, it was only fair for her to see me. Even looking back now, I don't remember the ERA having been part of our curriculum. She moved in closer to me as I took out my unit and aimed it into the toilet. She moved in to stop me because I hadn't lifted the seat. I told her that wasn't necessary because my aim was perfect (a partial lie) and I started my drain that lasted about 25 seconds of so. Luckily, there was no splash that obviously would have made ice on the seat and Caryl seemed surprised. She made me flush, but we were unable to wash our hands at the sink because I think it was frozen up. As we walked back to the sledding hill, I asked Caryl about her fascination with seeing me piss. She said

Re.Nervous mom

I used to suffer from constipation as a teenager, now that im an adult it's usually only around that time of the month. One thing that really helped me was warm water enemas, you can get just one of the bulb ones or a bag for a more thorough cleaning. That is something she would probably be able to do herself when shes feeling backed up. If she don't like the idea of sticking something up her but, you could try smooth move it comes in a tea or capsules it is a natural laxative only cause me mild cramping if any at all doesn't give me diarrhea just a really good movement. Take it before bed and go the next day,if you get the capsules start off with one and increase as needed.

Hope this helps


@Nervous Mom

I've never had a child to do it for, but I have done it for my wife a few times. My approach: A glove with a bit of lubricant on it. A lubricated condom can also work but it's more likely you'll get something on your hand that way.

What we have found best is that I dig out a bit at the entrance, then she pushes some more which moves the mass down so I don't have to dig deeper. Repeat until enough has been removed that the remainder is soft enough for her to push out.



Thank you for the advice Bianca, I'll be sure to try it lol. Did not have any interesting poos or anything today though, although I thought I sharted myself, lucky it was just a normal fart. Sharts and skidmarks are common for me, especially when I run. Maybe next time I'll share a story lol, anyway by for now, happy pooing. I'll be sure to try the wasabi lol, might get a good burn. Until next time.

Victoria B.

Response and a question


Let's get to it:

To Concerned Mom: I was once in your daughter's exact same position and I'm glad you were there for her. Around the time my period started I began having bowel issues and they were connected. My periods were VERY heavy and caused me so much distress that I eventually chose to get a hormonal IUD implanted that prevents me from having them. If she keeps having issues you should absolutely bring it up with her doctor.

Have any of you ever used a footstool while pooping? Robyn got me one as an early Christmas present (I got backed up pretty badly one day last week and ended up taking some Colace with a glass of water before bed) and now I swear by it. We call it the pooping stool, Stool #2, the Stool Stool and Mervyn among other things. It makes going a lot easier when you're backed up!



Elementary school

Did any boys have elementary school bathrooms with no doors like I did? Did you ever have to poop in front of your classmates?

Anonymous Fan
To Nervous Mom:

Your call for help attracted my attention. I am a very mature male who has been interested in this webpage for over 20 years. Your daughter is going through a lot of physical changes, as you know; and it's causing dehydration and perhaps a slowing of the bowel--hence, painful constipation. It will be difficult, but she should avoid junk food whenever possible, eat natural foods with plenty of grains, and plenty of fruit juices. I would recommend an Asian-style meal with lots of vegetables, followed by a small glass of prune juice. Your daughter should drink a glass of juice three times per day. My favorites are pineapple and cranberry, with a glass of prune juice perhaps once a week.

As you know, prune juice is a powerful natural laxative, so be sure to use it, but be careful! But it's almost guaranteed to stimulate a sluggish colon; and if it doesn't--then please, take her to a doctor, a gastroenterologist.

The association of large bowel movements with menstruation is probably because of hormones (Prostaglandins) secreted by the ovaries every 28 days or so; these prostaglandins have a chemical design which enables stimulation of smooth muscles--which just happens to be the uterus and the gastrointestinal tract, right next door to each other.

I think, Nervous Mom, that your daughter's problems, with some nutritional fine-tuning, should soon become a thing of. the past. Good luck!

I would love to see what the correlation is between periods and BM's. I have a hunch it is quite high, according to many women's testimonies.

All the best, Anonymous Fan

Eleonora from Italy

Weak anus muscle problem

Hi I'm new to this wonderful board.
I'm 25 from Italy and unfortunately I have many poop stories because I have weak anus muscles, so I can't hold poop very well when it start to push for an exit. I have this problem from when I was 11-12, so when I am outside I often had to run for a toilet (or any spot I can use as a toilet if there is'nt one nearby).

At 12 I was in a school trip with all the class and I pooped myself. It wasn't too much, but it stinks and many noticed it. From that day I decided that I don't want to repeat that experience, and that I prefer to be caught pooping than be sure to be humiliated like a baby that can't control herself.
I know that I could wear diapers, but I'm young and pretty, not an old lady, even if it would be much easier sometimes.
Has anyone the same problem as me?

Matt C.

Close call on Saturday

Regarding your question regarding holding it for a while before going, I will say yes. I do enjoy feeling the urge to go, particularly if I'm going to have a big bowel movement, which I almost always do.

I'm a bit of an infrequent poster here, and the last post I made was about a post-Thanksgiving BM. But here's a recount of a close call I had this Saturday past, and I feel lucky it was. I never usually have stomach upsets like this, but here was a rare occasion.

My parents had just gotten back from a long trip, they'd had to take a rental, and that night I was enlisted to help my mom run the car back over while following in hers, before picking up pizza. My stomach had been acting up a bit most of that day, which was why I'd stayed home to that point in case, but had been quiet for a bit. I'm not sure what started it, but I guess it was just something I ate. But I had been kind of gassy However, that quickly changed. As we left, my stomach began to rumble a bit, which I initially brushed off. I was farting a bit, and had to put down the windows.
Unfortunately, the drive was longer than I expected, and the bumping didn't do me any favors. As we got closer, I started to cramp up, and my gut was bubbling near constantly. I knew I'd need to go and soon, but I pulled up in the rental parking lot and the place was closed up, so I couldn't go there. It felt like something out of a TV show.

My mom got in and took over driving, heading towards the pizza place which was unfortunately twenty minutes in the opposite direction. By now, I was sweaty, hand on my stomach which hurt and was super gurgly now. Mom could tell something was wrong. I said, "Look, Mom, I'm having a bit of an emergency, let's get the pizza and get home before I have an accident."
Like I said, all the jostling was making it hard for me, and it was awful. I was clenching my butt as hard as I could not to let anything slip out, and while it wasn't a long drive in hindsight, it felt like that to me. Luckily we could go in and pick up our order, and Mom got it, since I was clearly in no shape to do it.
I figured I could hold out until we got home, because the pizza place was right next to a patch of woods. I'm no stranger to pooping outside, and it was looking kind of tempting as by now I REALLY needed to poop. Luckily, it was only five minutes home, and I was by now groaning and rocking back and forth, and my belly had never been churning so much before in my life.
When we finally pulled into the driveway, I was at the breaking point. I rushed in, set the pizza on the kitchen counter and quite literally ran to the bathroom. The moment I sat myself down on the toilet, I farted loudly and a load of mushy, wet crap came out of me in several bursts, followed up by liquid. It kind of hurt a bit, but at the same time it felt good to finally get it out of me.
By the time I was done, my asshole stung a fair bit, and wiping hurt a little. I wound up having another incident much like that happen later that night and had gas for a while, but mercifully my belly settled down by the time I went to bed. I didn't want a repeat of the time I had diarrhea as a kid and messed the bed. Still looking into what might have upset my stomach so madly.


Reply Nervous Mum

Constipation can be a significant medical issue and I know all about it I would look at things like diet, fluids exercise etc but my favourite is on osmotic laxative. Start on a low does and increase quickly until the desired results are achieved. It is the sort of thing that you can take daily . It works by sucking water out of the colon wall making your point soft . What I do , is that I wait till I start to have slow or hard BMs and then have a big dose for a great result ! Good luck!!!

Monday, December 14, 2020

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