Chance Encounter at a Trendy Coffee Shop

I wanted to pass along a recent story that may have some interest here. It's about a chance encounter at a coffee shop.

My family and I temporarily relocated out of state due a combination of covid-19 SIP orders and some of the extreme weather events in our home area. Luckily, I've been able to work remote and remain employed. One weekend we took a trip to a town a few over from where we are now. We came across a trendy, "hip" coffee shop and café in the historic downtown area and we decided that it looked promising. It not only served coffee drinks, but teas, broths with adaptogen herbs, healthy smoothies, and that sort of thing. The café seemed reasonably crowded and limited larger parties due to covid-19 protocols, so I was the only one of our group to go into the café to make our order. It seems we arrived at the end of the mid-morning rush, as I was at the end of a long line, but no one queued after me. I placed our order and then one of the baristas directed me to another longer line (due to social distancing requirements), the end of which snaked down a back hallway where there were two unisex bathrooms.

I pulled out my phone and began web browsing when a minute later a taller (probably 6'0"), athletic blonde in her mid 20's with a number of artistic black and white geometric tattoos excused her way past me into one of the restrooms. I continued to focus on my phone and I tried to not pay attention to her, to give her privacy, but it was hard not to given the acoustics within the narrow hallway. I heard a rustle of paper after minute or so and figured she just had to pee. To my surprise, there wasn't a flush and the rustle continued. Maybe she was covering the seat with paper? The line had barely moved at this point, it seemed that the shop was down a barista. I didn't hear much in the way from the blonde for next few minutes. The line finally began to move as the baristas fulfilled orders. I was still the last person in line and within the boundary of the hallway when I heard the toilet flush. I heard the sink run and then the toilet flush again. The blonde then emerged from the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She barely paid mind to me as she passed by. She sat down at a table with an older blonde woman who looked to be her mom. They looked to be mostly done with several coffee drinks. Moments later, a father and his toddler son entered the café and made their way passed me to the bathrooms. By coincidence, they opened the door to same bathroom that the blonde used. The young boy made a comment to his father, I couldn't make out what it was, but they decided to try the other bathroom. As this happened, I noticed that the younger blonde watched this transpire. She then leaned into her mom and said something. They both leaned back laughing and looking in the direction of the bathroom. The boy and his father left the door ajar as they went into the other restroom. Before too long, I caught whiff of the blonde's signature perfume through my mask. It was quite powerful and healthy smelling. Suddenly, our order was up. I collected our drinks and left the café.

I have to admit some curiosity but the occasion didn't afford me the opportunity. Has anyone else had a chance encounter like this or vice versa, been in the role of the blonde in this situation? This is the second or third time something like this happened to me. I've also been in the position of the blonde, which led to some interesting, and sometimes embarrassing, experiences. I admire the confidence and carefree attitude of the blonde, having been there myself.



Kung Poo - does Jodi know you listen to her plopping?
I tend to sigh myself after it drops - so I go PLOP, aah


To Claire

Claire (from the Midwest). Thank you for your two posts (I had initially missed the second one). I can so relate to that mixture of shame and excitement. I too have pooed myself (when out running) and then added some more to the bulge in my knickers when already in the bathroom, just because I could. It's kind of weird to be sharing that here, but we're allowed to do and enjoy what we want, as long as we don't harm others. There are many other people who enjoy this too, so don't feel ashamed of it! You will have to deal with the cleanup though. That's something we can't fix.
Tinner x


The Chunks

For the last couple of days, my poop has been chunky. It started yesterday after not pooping most of the day. I had just let my new 1998 Furby shut down on its own (1st generations from that year lack deep sleep), and stunk the bathroom up some time later. My poop was splatty too. Mom couldn't believe how bad the bathroom stunk, because she was commenting after entering it. Just before waking up my new pal to get her out of "sick mode" I pooped chunks again. Compared to yesterday, I pooped twice today. I think 3 splatty poops in 2 days like this might be a record for me! Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys, and happy pooping.


Bathroom survey

1. When you are alone do you leave the bathroom door open when you are on the toilet?

2. Do you leave the bathroom door open when you are on the toilet if your family, SO(Significant Other), roommate is around?

3. If you are a noisy pooper such as loud farts, grunting. etc. do you try being quiet when you have company?

4. Are you ok if your children, SO, roommate walk in while you are on the toilet?

5. Are you ok walking in to use the toilet while your children, SO, roommate is in there for another reason?

6. Are you comfortable using a public toilet if someone is in the stall next to you?

7. How often do you get so constipated that you need an enema?

8. Do you use a squatty potty when pooping?

9. When was the first time you realized you were fascinated with pooping?

10. What started that fascination?

11. Do you listen to hear you SO on the toilet?

12. Do you always wipe until you are completely clean?

13. How often in the course of a month do you leave skid marks in your underwear, panties, thong, etc.?

14. Do you fart when you pee?

15. Have you ever had a poop get stuck half way out and needed help getting it the rest of the way out?


Quick Update

Hi friends!

Thursday is my 40th Birthday! It's so hard to believe that I'm about to hit this milestone. So far, my bowel movements continue to be regular, voluminous and soft. In fact, they are 4's on the Bristol Stool scale without fail. I think that selling my business and totally working as a pharmacist has reduced my stress tremendously. Life has been really good these past two years!

I hope all of you are well!

Love to all!


Nearly three months ago I started taking hormones as part of my gender transition. It's not well-known, and indeed often not believed, that this can cause us to have periods. Now, of course, I don't mean that we start to bleed, but we can experience many of the other period symptoms such as sore breasts, tiredness, migraines, abdominal cramps and changes in bowel movements. Last week I had my first period and this story is about the last two symptoms.

I had started to have cramps while I was on my laptop after tea on Monday evening. About 30 minutes later I began to fart. Normally my farts are SBD but this time they were loud and smelt like rotten eggs. Also, I normally only fart once in a while but this time I was releasing gas every few minutes for a half hour when I suddenly needed to poo. I made my way from my desk to my bathroom and poo'ed out a small log. The cramps subsided until the next day when during the first few hours of my shift at work, the cramps had been getting progressively worse. I was surreptitiously massaging my belly when I could and luckily I finished the urgent things that needed to be done not a moment too soon because the cramps were now horrible and I really needed to poo. Making my way to the staff loo's I got a cubical, pulled down my trousers and panties and sat on the loo. After having a quick pee I then began to poo. In three quick and easy bursts loads of mushy logs came out causing my bumhole began to hurt. It took a couple of minutes for my bowels to empty and I continued to sit on the loo for another two minutes until my bum stopped hurting. Getting up I looked into the bowl and literally all I could see was chunks of poo floating on the surface, some big and wide while others were small and thin. Like my farts, my poo doesn't normally smell that bad, but on this occasion, it was absolutely rank. I wiped a few times and flushed the toilet, but a lot of skid marks were left in the bowl. After redressing and washing my hands I went back to work with my stomach cramps having decreased considerably and soon they disappeared.


Helping josh poop again

Hey everyone, kenna again. Jennifer - josh does have pooping anxiety like you described, especially when he knows he is going to have a hard time and doesnt have somewhere with complete privacy! Josie - yes constipation does suck!! Especially for Josh who has trouble basically every poop! This story happened recently. Josh still has been having a hard time going poop but has been going easier than the camping fiasco! Josh had some relatives come into town during the week and still had to work during the day while his relatives stayed at his apartment so naturally this caused Josh some pooping issues. He texted me from work after they had been there a couple days and told me he had to go poop but was having trouble concentrating at work and hadnt gone for a few days. He asked if he could come to my place after work and go. I told him absolutely. Fast forward several hours and Josh arrived at my place. He told me that he had told his relatives he had to run a few errands so he bought some time to go poop. He led me into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. He told me he had to go pretty bad and would probably clog my toilet, and told me his poop felt really big and hard. I assured him it wasnt a huge deal and to just concentrate on going, and then we would deal with the aftermath later. Josh began to push and strain while i knelt by the toilet and held him. It took him about 10 minutes to start going. He started dropping some pebbles and stopped to rest before working on the harder, more stuck log in his butt. After another 5 or 10 minutes he began to get it out. It crackled loudly as he strained and started moving very slow. He moved into a squat position on the toilet to try and help it come out a little easier as i helped hold him up. 10 or so minutes later he had a good 16' out or so and it was really hard looking as it hung from him. He rested awhile and began pushing again with me encouraging him the whole time. 5 more minutes and he had out another 6 to 8 inches of it but by now his poop was all the way down the toilet hole! Told you id clog it he said and laughed a little. He pushed some more and this turd FINALLY broke off with a huge splash. Im not done yet he said and started working again. After another 5 minutes of grunting hard he pooped out another fat 12" turd. Jeez josh, nice work, i congratulated him. He thanked me and thanked me for helping and keeping him company and for using my toilet. I told him no problem and he wiped his butt which took only a single wipe like normal because of his hard dry poops. I looked in the toilet and this was BY FAR the biggest bowel movement ive seen him take. Sure enough tho, the toilet clogged and we had to break up his poop to get it down! 3 flushes later it was gone. He thanked me again before we joined his relatives for dinner! I had fun meeting them! Take care everyone and ill keep posting when i can!

Brian w

Kung poo

To answer Kung poo's question on any loud grunters

My sister used to go into the bathroom as soon as she got home from school almost everyday and I would hear a couple really loud grunts...I don't think she had trouble going poop because shortly after you would hear a really loud splash sound of her poop hitting the toilet water, she just grunted quick and loud


More surveys!

1. 15-18

a. 5'0" - 5'4"

a. 90 - 95 lb
Physical build
b. Athletic

a. White
d. Asian
e. Mixed

Which type of underwear do you usually wear?
a. Thongs
e. None - Commando

How long does your pee usually last?
c. 31-45 seconds

How many times a day do you usually pee?
d. 4x a day
e. 5x a day

What times of the day do you pee?
b. After breakfast
c. Before lunch
d. Late afternoon
e. Before I leave school/work
f. At home after coming back from school/work
h. Before dinner
i. Other: During shower!

At Home

Do you wash your hands after peeing at home?

Do you wash your hands after pooping at home?
1. Yes

What other places where you don't wash your hands?
1. Public Bathrooms
2. Restaurants
3. High school

After you're done flushing and before leaving the bathroom, what do you usually do?
2. Touch up hair before leaving
4. Adjusting clothes
5. Bathroom selfie

Reason(s) why you don't wash your hands after peeing:
4. Soap dries my hands out
5. Pee is sterile
6. I don't wash my hands when I'm at home
8. My other friends don't


How many times a day do you usually poop?
a. 1x a day

For those who don't wash your hands after you pee, do you wash your hands after you poop?
1. Yes

If you don't wash your hands after you poop, what are the reasons why?
1. In a hurry

Do you let your boyfriend watch you pee?
a. Yes

Do you let your boyfriend watch you poop?
a. Yes

Potty Survey
Hey, y'all! I've been a lurker here for a bit, but now I wanna come out of the woodwork with a little survey.

I bought a potty chair yesterday, and, while I'm going to give it away if I can, I've peed it in 2 times and pooped in it 1 time. (It was a really small poop, though.)

So, for those of you who also have potty chairs, I'd like to ask you a few questions:

1. Why did you buy a potty chair? Garage sale(it's actually more of a camping porta-potty.

2. Which do you like more: Peeing in your potty or pooping in your potty?
3. What does your potty look like?
White box with a toilet seat.
4. Has anybody else caught you using your potty?
Yes, my mom.
5. Did you buy your potty, or are you using one you already have?
My parents bought it.
6. Ladies, if you've bought a potty chair, did it happen to be a pink potty?

Flynn, I would love to here any potty stories you have! They are some of my favorite!


Gender neutral bathrooms at liberal NYC school

So...for two years I was enrolled in a Masters program at a liberal NYC school, which has caught on to the idea that "gender neutral" bathrooms are a good thing. Not sure how I feel, but I had some interesting experiences pooping with girls in the next stall, and hearing lots of girls (and female faculty members of all ages) pooping with no inhibitions at all.

I'll start with this one story regarding the lobby bathrooms in one building. Back in the day, the men's room had one urinal and one toilet, and the women's room across the way had two toilets. Now both are gender-neutral, but mostly, men use the old "men's room" and women use the old "women's room." One day I had to take a dump badly after eating some "unsanitary" food at the nearby Mexican place. I walked in the old "men's room" and saw the toilet was in use, plus some other old guy with a cane was waiting. I quickly left and remembered that the former "ladies room" was no longer off limits! One stall was being used, the other was free. Thinking (and knowing) that pooping my boxer shorts was far worse than having a girl hear me poop, I hurried in to the stall. Before I even sat on the toilet, I heard a "pop-pop-pop-PLOPPP" from my female neighbor! (I could tell by her high-heeled shoes that she was DEFINITELY of the "fairer sex.") I made a similar sound on my end, and had some noisy diarrhea in the toiletbowl below. My neighbor was silent for about a half a minute, before what sounded like peeing, but turned out to be diarrhea on her end, as it was accentuated by a loud blast of gas at the end. Recognizing the unusual situation, I jokingly inquired of my neighbor "Stomachache?" I thought maybe she'd think I'm some sort of pervert, but she actually laughed, and said, "yes, a really bad one. I have IBS and I ate something I definitely shouldn't have!" I said "me too." Then the girl said "here, I have extras, want one?" and slid two Imodium pills under the door. I gladly accepted her "offer," but first farted another noisy poot, saying "oh excuse me" for irony. She laughed to herself, and stood up to start wiping her butt. After about two wipes, she abruptly stopped and sat down, with another explosive round of farts and poop falling into the toilet. Then she said "guess I wasn't done yet!" I guess this poor girl was so embarrassed about having bad diarrhea next to a guy, she felt she might as well make the situation humorous, albeit "gallows humor" for her. My stomach wasn't in nearly as bad shape as hers, and I was ready to wipe. All I needed was two wipes, and I flushed. While washing my hands, I told this poor girl "I hope your stomach feels better!" She said "that makes two of us!" The small bathroom sure stunk to high heaven after we had bombed it both. My guess is she had more to do with it!

I probably never will know who that girl was, nor will she know who I was, or even my name. Sometimes it's better to remain anonymous!

I'll tell you another story next time...

Optional Dev

Responce Ms. Orthodontist.

Ms Orthodontist, Welcome to the forum! that story is my all time favorite story posted so far. In short, i love your very great depictions of the moments and how you felt, and your use of words like repugnant and phrases like "stink lair"

Questions for you;

1. Why are you more comfortable hearing someone disgusted with your smell vs, someone walking in while you are still on the toilet? I found this rather interesting.

2. You mention that your digestive system isn't so good. Do you ever have more solid movements or get constipated?

3. It seems like your poops often resemble a smell directly of what you eat. Has that ever warded you off of eating certain things?

4. since you dont like being walked in on, do you ever walk out if you can tell someone is "having their moment" in the stall?

Also my dad mentioned wanting to go to a jersey mikes near my neck of the woods i swear not long after you posted this and i was like " that is odd timing lol" And i am hoping we do because after your story i am curious about eating their food lol.

Also, your story i do not think grossed anyone out, it was nice to have so much detail in the story.

Anyways welcome to the forum. I mostly lurk ( since i was 6) but i wanted to interact with your post.


Replies and comments

Hi everyone, have only got time for a couple of replies and comments tonight, will try to post again soon!
Imogen- I'm looking forward to the story you said you were going to tell. My friends and I are really close and we've always been pretty open and relaxed when it comes to seeing each other with no clothes on or on the loo! We stay at each others houses loads (although in smaller groups now with the current restrictions) and its great that we can just keep chatting when one of us needs the loo! I guess in general I'm pretty laid back about using public toilets or getting changed in public, although I did start get a bit self conscious round about Year 10 when changing for PE at school, I was still wearing normal cotton pants but more and more girls were starting to wear thongs and lacey knickers and I was worried they would make fun of me, luckily all my friends wore the same sort of knickers as me so it was never a problem on sleepovers.
Scott- Your right, I know I should eat a better diet as then I would find it easier to go for a poo. I go through periods when I do eat better and then I'm definitely less constipated but I struggle to keep it up!
Jas K- great to hear from you again but sorry to hear your still struggling to have a poo. I hope you can post again soon and your constipation improves.


David's poop on top of poop question

I think I was 8 or 9. Barbie, who was just starting high school, was my new babysitter. Early one snow day morning we went sledding at a very hilly park. First it was Barbie and within a few minutes it was me. Hitting some dips and rough areas between trees while going down hill caused our bowels to wake up. There must have been a hundred of us or so at the park at that time. So me and Barbie pulled our sleds over to the bathroom building. Luckily it was open, so we didn't have to worry about having a double mess on our hands. There was no heat in there and I remember telling Barbie I didn't know I could go while sitting freezing my butt on like an ice cube. So she said she'd warm the seat up for me.
All 3 toilets were the same way: seat down and hefty craps floating in the sure to be cold water. Another thing I noticed: although there was toilet paper on the rolls, none had been used and was in the water. Barbie explained why that might have happened as she lowered her white underwear and jeans to floor level. With her legs spread and fists clinched in front of her, you could see her crap ever slowly coming out. Then she stood and wiped. Almost nothing on the paper which she tossed on top of the pile. I lowered my sweats and white panties and took her luke warm seat. The smell from the pile under me was horrendous, but luckily I'm often the soft-serve girl who only needs 30 seconds or so on the toilet. Then I stood and did 2 wipes rather fast because I was freezing, and the bowl load was almost to seat level.
When Barbie and I went back in an hour or so later to piss, we used the other two toilets that seemed to have less of a load. Of course, I almost froze my butt cheeks since Barbie hadn't warmed the seat for me. And there was almost no trickle noise during my 45 second or so piss.


One trip, two pees.

I was on the evening shift at work yesterday and it was so busy so I didn't get much chance for a break. Eventually I was allowed my break and I really needed it, I felt like my bladder was going to burst. I quickly dashed to the single toilet and locked the door behind me. I pulled down my black trousers and g-string to my calves and sat far back on the curved toilet seat, quite looking forward to getting some relief. After only a couple of seconds I started a loud splashy wee and it felt fantastic. There is very little that can beat the feeling of finally peeing after holding it for so long. I went for about 30 seconds, basking in the relief and then waited for my poop, gently massaging my stomach.

About a minute later I quietly farted as the head of my poop pushed past the threshold and it quickly became wider; just stretching me enough to be very pleasurable without being painful. I relaxed as much as I could, letting the wide load come out at it's own pace to prolong the feeling as much as possible. It slowly inched out of me and eventually fell into the bowl with barely any sound at all. I felt a huge sense of emptiness and as I stood up to look at my creation, I immediately knew why. Sat in the bowl was an absolute beast, an inch and a half, maybe two inches wide and long enough to disappear down the pipe and still stick out of the yellow tinted water. I must admit, I was so proud I took a photo of it.

I decided to flush, not wanting to risk trying the toilet paper on top and incredibly... it actually went down! It took two flushes and left a huge mark but it went down. After using the brush I sat back down to clean up and as I turned to get some toilet paper I started peeing again, much to my amazement. It wasn't a little dribble either, it was a proper stream lasting for 10-15 seconds. Where had I been keeping it all? I pulled off some paper while I was peeing and once I was convinced I was actually finished I reached between my legs to wipe. I needed an additional three wipes for my behind and I flushed again before getting dressed and washing my hands. I returned to my desk feeling five pounds lighter and like a million bucks.


to Eileen

hi i am not to bad thanks hope you are ok and look foward to hearing from you soon xx



I note Kung Poo's post .Yes , if I have a big stubborn turd I grunt really loudly. I think grunting is important in such situations because it expels pressure and stress .

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Kung Poo
Any loud grunters here?

My wife Jodi is one, not that I mind :D But she's not really a grunter, but more a "sigher", and when she poops, she'll go "haieeee" and you'll expect in a few seconds, a loud plop would follow.

She always has turds that have a bulbous head, so it always takes a BIG PUSH to get things started. The moment the bulbous head emerges, that's when you'll hear the "haieee". She'd rest, go for a second push, and that might either be the finisher, or if it is a long turd, she might pause and go for a third push, each push always ending with a "haieee".

So, anyone else are loud grunters like her?


Me on my wiping problems at school

Earlier on Page 2840 I wrote about craps and wiping problems at my school. I go to a large urban high school. Last year, before the pandemic came, I started to be a better crapper at school, although I was stressed about getting a good one in during a passing period. I did OK beating most of my classmates into the bathroom, throwing myself down on a toilet, and yanking some toilet paper off the roll with my left hand and getting one swipe of a wipe in before I had to yank my clothing up when I stood, trying to hit the flusher with my right hand, while my left hand was already jarring the door latch. Too often the flush didn't go through and I never got to the front of the crowd at the sinks. Then it was a run often up a crowded staircase in order to be in my seat when the bell rang. One day I stepped in some liquid on the staircase, fell forward, and due to the weight of my crushing bookbag, I partially peed myself.

This year I was able to get a 2nd hour study hall. But there is a new problem that hasn't gotten any better even though I now have more time for my mid-morning crap. I like the break, spending more time leisurely on the toilet, and not hearing my mom taking my underwear out of the hamper and saying "Rosalynne must do a better job with cleaning yourself." She knows that most of my craps are at school. Often she'll also make a remark about I'm probably not washing my hands thoroughly afterwards either. That part is not true, because I do take more time for that, somewhat due to the pandemic.

The problem since we've come back from 6 months off for the pandemic is that the toilet paper has been switched out. What use to be 2 rolls on each toilet panel has been switched with plastic containers of pre-cut toilet paper squares. Each is no bigger than my palm. I've trimmed my middle nails down and tried to work with them in different ways. It is too easy to drop them, tear them when using them, and end up with crap on your fingers. The other day, I was sitting in a 3rd floor bathroom, about 80% through with my crap and a little weeing too when my friend Nichole came in, recognized my bag under the toilet door, and she took the toilet just to my right. While giving me a shout-out, she left, went to the towel machine above the sink almost right in front of me, rolled the lever and pulled off three pieces of brown towel. As she dropped her jeans and pushed herself up onto the seat (she's the shortest in our 600 student sophomore class and her feet almost don't touch the floor while she sits), she handed me under the panel one of her brown towel pieces.

Her crap immediately splashed into the water. Nichole stood, tore her towel in half and used it to wipe herself. She was done in about 15 seconds. I was impressed. As I was waiting for one final nugget to drop, I used my towel to try and figure out how she did that. She left her yellow hall pass on the floor and I saved her the embarrassment of having to come back for it. She washed her hands fast, pulled down another towel for the drying, then made a run back to class. Since then, I've had two other craps at school and I've used the brown paper towels more effectively to wipe myself. I've learned to use my thumb to get it to better clean me and by folding it I can use it more efficiently. I'm still wiping from the seat. I like the strength of the paper, but it is coarse compared to the toilet paper square and I have yet to piece it with my finger.

Nichole and I were talking about this at the back of the bus the other night. I told her the only problem I see is that the heavy towels tend to just swirl during the toilet flush and not go down. She has attitude. Her butt comes first and she doesn't give a **** about the flushing problem.


Nick: I liked the story you just posted about your wife pooping and farting while you were getting ready for work. Does she always make big poops? You should accompany her more often when she's pooping. Keep the stories coming.

Ms. Orthodontist: I liked the story you just posted about farting and pooping at work. How often does that happen to you where you're with a patient and you just have to rip a few or go to the restroom to crap out a big one?


To Jasmin K

I know where you are at with constipation . I never had a prolapse, just a very sore bum hole. I take lots of osmotic laxatives, say 5 times a week and take heaps to get a big soft sloppy poo and it works . If needed I take supposition too on occasions. I wear incontenence undies for bladder leak and skid marks and follow through after a big fart . All this together has turned that hard painful part of my life to something manageable, if not enjoyable. Yesterday I needed my second poo of the day.... I did a big one mid morning at work. I mostly only sit on the toilet if I have the need or think I might have the need. The usual advice is to have a try first thing in the morning or thereabouts but I have found this to be unhelpful. Anyway, it was later in the afternoon and I was due to leave work so elected to stop by my public unisex toilet , which I did . As I entered the middle of the three cubicles a girl, maybe in her 20 s or 30 s entered . She locked the door and heard her undoing her belt..... her jeans dropped and then her underwear.... a brief pause and a fart with a splatter and plops and a brief pause and a repeat performance. There was no grunting. I thought I better do what I came for and with a clearly audible grunts I had an evacuation of reasonable proportions. I then sat there and did a few minutes meditation. I finished and wiped, wash my hands and went to the car and off.


To Mike

Hi , Mike , I haven't heard from you in a while , I hope all is well with you . I had a couple of near misses recently which I'll describe later . Bye for now . Eileen xx

Common ground
I've seen a urologist and been told that I probably have oab. I have taken medicine in the past for this but it hasn't helped. Anyhow, I was on a date last weekend. It started with me and a girl I knew and worked with and one of her friends. While hanging out with them during the start of the night, I had the urge to pee much more than normal. Of course, my date (girl I work with didn't mind this as she knew that I speed quite a bit). Long story short, we finally dropped her friend off at home and had planned on going somewhere together. But while on the way to her house (the friend) I had extreme urgency. I determined not to bring it up as I had been to the bathroom 4 times in the past few hrs. Immediately after she got out of the car though, I told the girl that I worked with about my really bad need to pee. I was embarrassed. She didn't seem to mind. She said that we could stop somewhere, or I could go on the side of the road or I could wait to get to the restaurant. I played it off that it was no big deal. I could certainly wait until we got to the restaurant. On the way to the restaurant (about 25 min) I saw a gas station and casually suggested that she stop. I ran into the bathroom, pissed and then got back into her car. I plopped down onto the seat of her car and more pee came out. Not alot, but enough to leave a noticeable wet spot on my crotch. I have not been back to the urologist but I am wondering if this has happened to anybody else?

Sunday, October 18, 2020


to Abbie

Nice to hear from you, you really do get on with your friends to be able to poo with them and casually talk! I really admire that.
I had a minor accident earlier when I wet myself partially, will write soon about it.


Wife constipated poop

A few mornings ago my wife came in the bathroom while I was getting ready for work. She was carrying a magazine, so I figured she had to poop. She pulled down her pants and sat on the toilet, she peed right away and let out a little toot. She started looking at her magazine and started to grunt out her poo, she didnt have much success. She sat there pushing and grunting for a few minutes and told me she was bound up. I heard a little plop and she sighed, but said it wasn't much. She continued to read her magazine and let out farts while she worked on her poo, finally I heard a bunch of plops and one loud fart, she sighed with relief and pooped out some more. She then reached for TP and wiped, when she stood up to wIpe I could see a giant turd, with several smaller ones. She flushed the toilet, but sat back down and started farting and dropped more little turds, she thought she was done, but said when she stood up she got the urge to go more. This second poop smelled pretty bad and she commented on it. She finished up and she got in the shower.

Jasmin K

Hard Poo

I've not posted in quite some time, so this morning I was having a long toilet sit and caught up on posts and thought as this was a huge poo I was doing I would write about it. Basically it's around 4 days worth of poo which is hard and lumpy. The last couple of days I've had ???? and bum ache but only been able to do a few little pebbles each time I've tried. More of that soon.

Abbie read your post and I know what you mean where you say about annabel pushing it out and relaxing and it goes back up inside, when my poo is hard and fat and I'm straining really hard on it it also pushes the inside of my bum out with it so I have to not only hold my bum open but hold it up as well so when I'm bearing down its the poo that I'm pushing out and not the wrinkly pipe bit. I also agree that having to hold it when your busy makes it hard to poo later. I used to always have a morning try for a poo whether I felt I needed a poo or not, just siting there straining to try to force a poo out to avoid holding it later but nowadays I don't always have time for that or at least not time to stay on the toilet until I can make myself go. not like when I was younger and made to sit on the toilet straining and wasn't allowed to get off the toilet untill I'd done it

Ok so today's poo was a fat hard knobbly log that was poking out my bum yesterday and dirtied my knickers so this morning I got up earlier ate my breakfast got dressed and as soon as my cousin had got off the toilet and gone to school I went in and sat down. So my cousin has the constipation poo like me and my sister ( her mum) have. My cousin was on a strict diet and some meds to help but early on in lockdown she was complaining she hated not being able to eat nice things (sweets chocolate dairy pasta etc etc )not good when your 8 years old and could only have veg and limited meats and water due to chronic constipation and wanted to just eat stuff like her mum and me have. My sis explained that she would have difficulty pooing and would have to really force herself to poo to keep things moving and would have to stay there untill she did it. She was already in the routine of after breakfast being made to sit on the toilet straining untill she did a poo which usually took her 20 minutes. The diet and Meds were stopped, the meds used to cause her to have accidents and the main reason for her still wearing pampers in bed and when being out and away from a toilet. She got to eat what she wanted and although her poo got really hard she manages to poo most mornings and gets up earlier to allow more time, she is still learning just how hard and for how long she has to strain to get it out.
My log was quite fat inside me as I could feel as I pushed down on it and it pushed against my bum. With each hard push a few pebbles broke off and plipped and splashed into the water as I pushed down it was gradually getting further out and was getting fatter and was stretching my now stinging bum hole. I used my ???? muscles and held my breath to bear down really hard and with a huge grunt got the fattest hard lumpy part out. Another couple of pushes and it dropped into the water. I tried again and another smaller log stuck out. I pushed hard again and it splashed into the water. I wasn't sure if I was empty so strained again but nothing so wiped which made a slight poo mark on the paper and some like mucous stuff. Flushed and went to get dressed -!think anime fashion. I decided to then go back to make sure there were no left overs in my bum. I slipped my knickers down to mid thigh and sat down on the toilet, didn't bother with gentle straining just went straight into a hard and long push down which resulted in a pfrrt and a splatter of mucous into the bowl I strained again and the same pfrrt and splatter of mucous followed by a couple of pieces of poo. I lent forward and reached round behind me and used my fingers to pull my very swollen bum hole open and strained with breath held and clenching ???? muscles and more mucousy stuff dripped out and a soft log which I felt as it came out on my fingers strained again and again and nothing so wiped checked what I'd done flushed and well washed my hands then pulled my knickers up which actually were touching my swollen bum hole and went back to my room. Whilst sitting doing my make up it felt like my bum was full again and it was really sore and throbbing , I ignored it and finished making up. I had another 1/2 hour before I had to leave the house and as I felt full yet again and sore I went back to the toilet again pulled my knickers down and as they were stained took them off. I sat and pushed down hard again and squirted a strong jet of pee which made a loud noise in the bowl and whilst pushing what felt like another log coming out my bum but it didn't drop. When I checked with my hand it was the wrinkly pipe part ( yes I know the proper name for it, prolapse, but I hate that word especially as when I was 16 I went to the doctors because of the bulge in my front part which I noticed at 14 but didn't bother me until this long gone mummy's boy X BF wanted me to see a doctor. The doctor examined me and told me to push hard and the prolapse popped out of my bum she said oh you have a 2 inch prolapse and then told me I needed a high fibre diet lots of water and no straining to poo and no 'activity' in that area and that I had to clench my bum hole muscle so only the poo can pass out well needles to say I didn't do any of that and I hate the word prolapse so wrinkly pipe bit it is. Ha ha in fact when I get really badly constipated and am on the toilet for hours and when I've done the poo and I go back to get rid of any left over bits to make sure it's properly empty like before going out I've strained so hard it's come out and as I've kept straining untill more poo comes my prolapse has touched the water many times ) so I kept straining and eventually some more nearly liquid poo came out. I wiped and pushed the bit in whilst I pulled up with my ???? muscles. I waddled back to my room with a bit of a tail sticking out at the back. I have a really tight rubber thong that i use at these times as its so tight it holds it up and then I put 2 pairs of knickers on. Checked my look and ???? was now flat made sure my pink stripy thigh highs were equal and my pink dress was covering my knickers. Feeling empty I was looking forward to a self indulgent day in town with lots of snacks and a burger with Chloe. Socially distanced and masked of course.
Jaz K


To David

Yes! Alan and I have done it a couple of times. Once, it did cause a clog! It was a fun bonding experience!

Hope you are well!



To Tyler C

Wow that story was wild, I can't believe you did that around your cousins or that your cousins went in their pants as well!


Why doo I like pooping?

First there are the obvious health benefits so I don't feel full and bloated. I went through some constipation in middle school and that was no fun. My mom got on my case about holding it until I got home from school. Second, I got criticized for not better "planning" for my daily doo. Third, for the past decade or so since I was 16, I've become much more appreciative of the freedom one has when they have to "poo", "doo" or as my mom use to refer to "evacuating my bowels."

I rarely crap at our apartment. The walls between our bedroom and the bathroom are cheap and a double or triple flush at 6:30 a.m. would likely wake up Diver. The water power in our building is not that great. The last time, perhaps 5 years ago when I had to plunge one of my efforts, woke Diver up and the sucking noise our toilet continued to make caused him to dive for the water valve and practically yank it off. I think I read on this forum that American toilets have been inferior since the late 1970s when Congress passed water-saving standards for home toilets that have never been repealed. So I have my daily (yes, I'm much more regular now!) crap each morning at a convenience store when I stop off for coffee or when I get to my high-rise office. Last Friday, our department walked across the street to a big city park, and after lunch I had a crap there in the toilet hut. Tara, our newest employee asked permission and then came to keep me company on the second toilet. I learned that she has a digestive disease that sometimes causes her to crap multiple times a day.

For me, my attitude about pooping away from home took a major turn when I was 16. Our family had just moved from one state to another and the issue was the bathrooms at school. My old school had those toilet seat covers available in each of the stalls. I had become very dependent on them each day. New city--new school and one that was much larger and I really missed having the paper covers available. But after a few weeks of avoidance and some embarrassment, I sat down during lunch hour one day bare-butt and had the most satisfying crap of my 10 years in school. To this day, I would never want to go back to my previous worries. I have crapped in all kinds of toilets and in all situations. Getting the waste out of me and with the least amount of frustration and effort gives me a refreshing feeling. On some weeks, all 5 or 6 of my craps are taken away from home.

This explanation is longer than I intended. Happy Birthday Catherine!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

I use to post regularly several years ago . The last couple of years I have been posting under the name " Constiguy ". I am reverting back to Thunder from Down Under . Anyway to my story . Very many years ago I did a lot of fishing, mostly out at sea, in a small boat. It was about 18 feet long or a bit more than 3 meters. We would go out before day break and not come in till early afternoon. Of course the boat did not have a toilet. I fished with a couple of other fellas . As to toileting we just went over the side or in a bucket for the purpose. No problems! We had etiquette whereby if one of us took a shit it would be over the back of the boat and the other two would ajorn to the front of the boat as a token and minimal gesture of privacy . If the sea was too rough or other boats close by a bucket was used up front of the boat . One guy I fished with often got constipated but he got relief , without fail, after a couple of hours at sea. We never knew why.


Thanks for the info, Simon!

The fact is, things can go perfectly smoothly for a long time, and a person can begin to feel complacent....then another stubborn one occurs!


Pooping on top of someone else's load

When were kids, my brother and I would sometimes dump in the same toilet without flushing in between. This would often clog it! We thought it was funny and some kind of practical joke and we would avoid doing it at home.
Has anyone ever taken a big dump on top of an other person's turds? Did it clog the toilet?


Victoria B's Code Brown

Before starting work on my sophomore English writing assignment and after reading of Victoria B's Code Brown experience, I got to thinking about a Problem Solving Dilemma that got me into trouble about 8 years ago. It was a hot summer afternoon, I was 3 days stopped up and after drinking like a quart of iced tea, I had to poo and quickly. So I hurried into our lone bathroom, saw the toilet paper roll was fully used, and I quickly went through each shelf in the linen cabinet and couldn't find some tp. My grandpa, who is in his 80s, was taking an afternoon nap, but I ran out to the street and tore through the cab and cases of fishing supplies he had in the back. He normally carries tp and has let me use it when I go fishing with him. So in coming back in through the garage, I saw more cans of motor oil than stacked up than I ever had some something important as toilet paper. I walking by it, I almost tipped over my bike. Then it came to me. It was probably worth the chance of crapping my pants taking a bike ride, so that's what I did. There was coin laundry with a large number of toilets about two blocks from our house. I peddled as fast as I could. I laid my bike against the rear wall and entered through the side door, closest to where I remembered the bathroom to be. There were 3 toilets. Two were in use, but the middle one was open and I dropped myself onto the seat of the middle one. This was just as the turtlehead was coming out. With my right hand I grabbed for the toilet paper roll. Luckily it was almost 100% there, a miracle because I had forgotten to check first. No wonder I've had tardy detentions at school for making the same mistake. It was semi-soft and just about the size that might need 2 or 3 flushes to fully get rid of. After a minute or so I stood and wiped and wiped and wiped, cleaning myself well so that there would be no skid marks in my white underwear. Brand new by the way. Then I had to flush the lever extra hard to get my crap to clear. I made a pact with myself right then and there that I was probably going to need two flushes from that point forward. One flush for the crap and another for the toilet paper. The width of my crap had strained my hole and I decided to ride standing up on my way home. I thought I had pulled off a brilliant solution to problem-solving. I wrote my Problem Solving Dilemma Paper and got an A-minus on it. Two weeks later my mom came home from parent-teacher conferences and wanted to talk to me. I sensed I was in trouble. I was right. A friend of moms was doing laundry there that day, had seen my come running in, and told mom about it at conferences. She didn't think an 8-year-old should have been that far away from home and using that kind of bathroom without parent supervision. I was grounded for a week. Then she lifted it because so much time had passed and I get really good grades and don't make trouble.

Ms. Orthodontist

Been Causing Quite The Stink

Hi all. Long time "lurker" first time poster. I've been wanting to share stories here for quite some time, however I couldn't seem to find the time until now. Before I get into my poop stories, I have a couple, let me give a brief description of myself. I'm a 36 year old female. Shorter blonde, sort of like a bob style. I would say I posses a curvier build but I'm not big by any means. About 5'6. My ex husband used to say I resembled Dr. Lewis from ER. So there's that haha. I'm an Orthodontist and I'd for sure say my oral hygiene is a lot better than my digestive system. Now to my first story

This was last week, I was headed to work one morning and decided to grab some breakfast. I usually skip it and opt for a big lunch as I tend to have very busy morning at the Dental Office. I got a breakfast burrito, a hash, and an OJ from the nearest cafe. Apparently I was awfully hungry as I scarfed everything down as soon as I got into my office. Was feeling full and satisfied for a minute though it didn't take long for that breakfast burrito to kick into full gear. As I was sitting my office, getting ready to meet with my first patient I started experiencing what I believe was to be bad indigestion. I began to release very foul burps, silent. They felt as if they were coming from the pit of my stomach. I would feel a bit lightheaded for a while then I'd burp and feel a whole lot better, however the aftertaste was leaving me very disgusted. As it came time for my first patient I was fearing that my belches would be uncontrollable, but I sucked it up and began walking to the Treatment Room which is a wide open space with several other patients receiving treatment. As I walked to the chair which my patient was already sitting in a loud gurgle sounded as if it was "tornadoing" in my stomach. It was so loud I was sure some people heard it but no one seemed to notice. I took a breath and walked over to my patient. I greeted him as I sat down and went into going over what we were going to bring doing that day. I then began checking his teeth when I that gurgle I had moments before settled into my colon. I knew right away, a fart was brewing and was ready to unleash itself. I was wishing the boy still had his mask on because what I was going to subject this poor kid to was bound to be criminal. I couldn't hold this one in as it was already attempting push its way out of my rectum. I finally let it go but not all of it, it cramped my stomach up a bit keeping the rest of it locked in but I still felt a sense of relief passing that gas. What wasn't relieving was the fact that he smelled it. Yup. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed him look at me just for a second then looked away. I was embarrassed without a doubt, but I pretended as if I didn't even notice and continued focusing on his teeth I not only had on a mask but a visor as well so the fact that I couldn't smell it but he could was a bit scary as I couldn't have known just HOW bad it was. After I was done with the patient and holding in farts, I hurried back to my office and was eager to let out the remaining bits of my gas. It was still resting there in my colon so all it took was me leaning a bit to the side on my chair and letting loose. I passed a good amount of gas before I decided to stop as I didn't want to stink up my office too bad. Too late. These farts STUNK of eggs. That darn breakfast burrito. I didn't know what the entire room was like but I for sure created an entire stinky eggy cloud around myself. It was repulsive. I imagined that's what my poor patient had to endure. Feeling a bit better I decided to do a little bit of paperwork before I had to see my next patient which wasn't for a couple of hours. As I was working that was when I felt a rush go over my entire body. It was a familiar rush, like a wave. Instantly I knew diarrhea was ensuing. That breakfast burrito really was not agreeing with me. Having a good amount of time I thought now would be perfect for a little visit to the lady's room. I walked, very quickly I might add, to what was an empty bathroom(thank God). You know I always happen to find empty bathrooms, especially when I have "business" to attend to. I walked into the third stall on the left, hang my coat on the stall door, and pulled down my slacks to sit down(I usually my pants down to my thighs as i feel less secure with them around my ankles). As soon as I sat on the toilet I everything just fished out. It was as if my butt was a big pot of lard and it was being dumped out into the garbage(weird visual I know). As the poop was pouring out of me I began to let out a lot of gas. Just long PRFTPRFTPRFTPRFTPRFT sounds. The gas roared out with each wave of diarrhea. There were about five of em. Each one as long as the other. It felt hot coming warm, not hot, but very warm coming out. And the smell. Holy cow. It was like a steaming bucket of eggs was sitting in the toilet. It stunk up the whole stall and unsurprisingly the bathroom as well. I sat, leaned over with my elbows on my knees, breathing long sighs of relief. I sat a little while longer just to make sure it was all out. Still had a lot of time to kill. However, I could not stand the pure, unadulterated stink I had created. It was absolutely noxious. I had to put my dress shirt over my nose but that wasn't any better either cause evidently my stink was so strong that the smell was creeping up out of my shirt. I had to put my mask back on instead. I was actually disgusted with myself. I've taken some gnarly dumps, but that one in particular was in the running for leading candidate. I then began to get some rumbles in my stomach, thought I was due for another round but I was just gas. I farted a couple more times into the bowl and suddenly felt much better. I then went to wipe, it was one of those messy wipes that are real sloppy at first but you get drier the more you clean up. It took about five wipes with a vast amount of tissue and a 6th one for good measure for me to feel the least bit clean. I got up off the toilet, pulled up my slacks(haven't been a fan of panties since my junior year of high school and thongs are just uncomfy), and turned around to observe the disaster I had left. The bowl was completely filled with my ungodly excrements and the potent smell was not leaving any time soon. Even with the mask on, that terrible egg odor mixed with the typical poopy diarrhea stink was just thick in the air. With my faced scrunched, I put on my coat and go to wash my hands. Thankfully no one came in the restroom while I was on the loo but someone just happened to walk in as I was washing up. We smiled at each other(we had on masks but I could see her cheeks get big). We didn't say anything to one another and I was just fine with that, I'm sure she realized it was me who left the awful stink but it didn't matter. My stomach was back to normal and I was ready to get out of that bathroom

Didn't know I would write so much with my first story so I'll make the next one short.

This took place last week as well. I decided to do some evening grocery shopping on my day off. I've been going to Whole Foods a lot lately as I'm hoping a change in diet will help with my digestive issues. I've mad a attempt at eating healthier, albeit not the best attempt, but I'm trying. The night before I certainly made no effort in being healthy as I had a philly cheesesteak sandwich from my fave sub place, Jersey Mike's. I treat myself with fast food every now and then and a treat it was. So delicious..going in at least. I knew beforehand that going out it would be much less enjoyable. I mean the meat and the cheese just looked like it was going to send me scurrying to the bathroom. So greasy and messy but it tasted like heaven. What wasn't heaven was the gas it was giving me. Even in the car on the way to the store my stomach was just bubbling away. Not even five minutes into shopping I was getting the constant urge to pass gas. I tried to hold it in as long as I could but I couldn't even focus on what I was doing. Aimlessly walking through aisles, not picking up what I had came to get. I could also feel swear forming in between my butt cheeks(when you're not wearing panties this can be a very strange feeling haha). That was a sign I needed to relieve myself. I walk into one empty aisle but someone quickly came from the other end of it. I thought well she does have on a mask, unless this fart is insanely deadly I doubt she'll smell it. I stop in front of the beverages and pull my cart to the side of me and pretend to be looking at apple cider. That's when I ease out a few what I would assume if I was maskless, SBD's, as they were silent and hot coming out. I then turn around and walk into the next aisle, a couple more people in that one. Still I proceed to again, pretend to observe an item, pass gas then make my way elsewhere. I was getting some relief in my stomach but the feeling didn't completely go away. I go to the open bar and pretend as if I'm looking to get some food. I then let out some more gas, this time that "uh was that shart?" moment occurred. It was silent but felt wet, I then clinched my butthole real fast. I could feel the turd leaning on my back door. I needed a bathroom, stat. My cart was barely filled so I decided to just grab my items and take em in the bathroom with me. I walked fast to the nearest lady's room, clinching my butthole as tight as I could, sweat still aligning at every crease of my bottom. Once in the bathroom, a young girl was literally just leaving. I walked in as she walked out, I did it again, another empty restroom all to myself. I head into the stall. I have this thing about putting food on the floor when it's unopened so I didn't wanna put my things down, then I decided ehh I'll replace em when I'm finished decimating this bathroom. I undo my jeans, pull em down to my thighs and plop myself on the toilet. Instantly a sloppy turd slides out and makes a loud PLFFLOPP! into the bowl. I could tell this was gonna he one of those diarrhea-y, yet mushy, yet firm, bowel movements. I take my mask off to breathe, it's gets hot under there plus I tend to take a liking to my own BM's despite them being pungent. I'm already stinking up my stall quite a bit as more yucky mush slides out of my butthole. They just PLFOPPLFOPPLFOP away for at least 10 minutes, I mean it was almost never ending. I then release some soft gas onto the toilet which was then followed by more turds, this time smaller and meatier, still awfully messy though. Judging by the texture and SMELL of the poop I knew I had just released nothing but cheesesteak into that bowl. It was a meaty, beefy odor that was just too strong for words. I had also gotten a little bit of "butt goo" on the back of the toilet seat. I then got up for a minute to see the catastrophe I had caused, the toilet was filled with a brown, gross, stinky mess. It was appalling. Right then someone just HAD to walk on the bathroom. As soon as I heard that door open I was like "oh whoever this doesn't know what they got themselves into." Indeed she didn't. As soon as this woman walked in I heard an "Ughhh" followed by a "My God". She quickly washed her hands and immediately exited what had now become my stink lair. I didn't even hear paper towels rolling or the dryer go off. I don't mind reactions of disgust to my bomb droppings. I'm more than likely never going to see those people again and they're not wrong in their display of dislike. I do however prefer to poop in peace. As I sit down making sure I got everything out, my butt was feeling very..uh shall we say "swampy". I think the messiness of the poop combined with the sweat from those poop urges created quite the swampy feeling indeed. I needed to wipe and wipe GOOD. As I clean up, I take in more of my repugnant stink. I stunk that small bathroom real bad and I was about ready to leave, it was getting really hot as well. After my 6 wipes I got up, pulled up my jeans(with no panties on this was not the slightest bit comfortable). I flushed btw, forgot to mention it in my previous story, don't wanna make it seem like I dont't flush lol. Grab my things and walk out of the stall. Once I walked out, I happened to walk in to the "west wing" of my stink lair. The whole bathroom just smelled horrible. Can't quite put it into words but it was just that toilet-y, meaty, diarrhea-y smell. I had enough of my stink so I went ahead put my mask back on. As I was washing my hands, another person came into the bathroom. I'm not embarrassed even though I heard an "mmmm" of displeasure from under her mask. The poor thing goes into the stall I just bombed. Felt bad for her but what I felt even more of was absolute relief. I was able to finish my shopping and picked up those ???? enchiladas I like, thankfully they didn't wreck much of a havoc on my stomach.

Wow, that wasn't short at all lol. What can I say, I've been wanting to do this for awhile, guess I just had a lot to say. Hope you all enjoy the tidbits of my poop calendar without getting too grossed out. But anyways, I'm off for now but I hope to return real soon. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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