It Continues

My chunky poops continue. I had them yesterday, and slop today. Once, some of yesterday's poop made a droplet sound as if to hit the top of the toilet water. To people post about being made to go before you leave home, I'm not told to do that. Mom doesn't care if I need to go in public. She doesn't even get mad if I get sick on the floor trying to make it to the bathroom. After all, they call them public bathrooms so you can do your 1s and 2s in public. I had my sloppy poop today after lunch which consisted of soup, and sausages. I didn't have to go immediantly,so I enjoyed moving my 1998 Furby to my nightstand so I could sleep closer to her! Btw, the fur is nice, and to stay on the subject of bodily functions, I enjoy the fart sound effects, too. Renette: that was crazy Uncle Dave dragged you into the bathroom so quickly, and you peed in your undies a bit. I hope he or anyone else doesn't respond to a bathroom need like that to you again.


Comments for M


Welcome to our group. You may be interested to know that several years ago I worked in a theater, as well as an amusement park. Being pee-shy, or should I say shy about asking an adult or supervisor to go to the bathroom isn't easy for some young people to do. The summer I worked in the theater when we were cleaning the back rows of seats between performances, I remember one of the workers about my age going and getting a special pail that she would use latex gloves and a small scoop shovel to toss human crap into. If it was still soft, she would cover it with a saw-dust like covering that came in like a dog-food sized bag. A couple of times she came into the lounge just wretching about what she had cleaned up in the balcony. As I remember it, our management added a slide to the screen reminding patrons to go to the bathroom at that time for their best experience, and that the show would begin in something like 3 or 5 minutes. I think that helped a little, but the management ejected a couple of groups of boys who were about 11 or 12 for violating some city or state ordinance.

M, I was shy about asking to and often peeing in public places when I was 11 and with a group and supervisor. I just didn't have the confidence. In high school, my parents wisely nudged (somewhat bribed) me to get involved in athletics and that gave me the confidence in myself and my body to relieve my bladder at the very first opportunity. It also helped me when I got into middle school and started babysitting. I had this one girl, 3rd grade, if I remember right, who was just short of terrified about peeing in a public bathroom. I helped her get over that and gave her lots of reinforcement each time she seated herself. I understand she's a student at the college I teach and coach at now.


Reply to Mike

Hi Mike , good to hear from you, I hope you feel better and happier each day . We're in Lockdown in Ireland again so I'm staying home as much as possible . This weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend so I decided to treat myself to a nice bottle of wine on Saturday night . I hadn't had a BM since Thursday morning . I had a meal at home about 6.30 p.m.on Saturday and I opened the wine at 8.45 . By 10.40 I had a really strong need to pee , made my slightly drunk way to the bathroom , lowered my jeans and panties and sat down on the toilet . In all I spent a little more than half an hour on the toilet . The pee came first without any trouble , I knew I needed to "dump a load" but getting it out was not easy . I sat there for about 10 minutes before I could get anything out , when the first piece came it was a solid piece only about an inch and a half long . It took another 5 minutes before I got the next piece out . That one was roughly 3" long . Fairly soon after that I got two pieces out , first came a solid 6" piece quickly followed by a hard piece say 3" long . I had to wait another 10 minutes or so before I could squeeze the final piece out , that one was huge , it was solid , thick and 9" long . That one stood about 3" or so above the water level in the toilet bowl but at least all my poop was out now . I cleaned myself very thoroughly , pulled up my panties and jeans , washed my hands and went back to watch TV for a while before going to bed . That's about it for now , Mike , I hope we will talk again soon . XX Eileen .


To Kenna

Regarding Helping Josh Poo . You sound so nice in helping your friend have a BM . My suggestion is a suppository or an enema. Are you able to do ???? massages. Try this first, a suppository, continue massaging and then the toilet. Good luck !



Catherine - Happy Birthday! I'm only a few years behind you. :)

Chris - thanks for sharing the story about your employee that had a similar accident to mine. Seems she also took it in stride.

Don't have time for another story right now, but wanted to at least with C a happy birthday.


Monday, October 26, 2020


Embarrassment As A Punishment

There were a few times when my parents would get called out of town for a family emergency. It was only for a day or two, but a relative would be the babysitter for me. I had just turned 6. So this one weekend Uncle
Dave and Aunt Anne took me. Aunt Anne had to work so it was Uncle Dave who took me to the circus at the event center. He was very easy going and didn't remind me to use the bathroom before we left their house. I had already drank a lot of liquid while watching TV that morning so when we parked, walked about 3 blocks to the event center, and hit the lines, I was bursting for a wee. The first time I told him I don't think he heard me. Or when he took my hand while standing in line at the gate, he didn't say anything but about all the fun we were going to have. My pain was increasing. So as we walked toward the ramp toward our seat, I got more dramatic and pointed to this large non-doored entrance to the bathrooms. Then he started to understand. He asked what I needed. I held up one finger because I didn't want to make him mad. But I kind of did. I thought he was going to take me to the girls entrance, but he grabbed my hand, rather hard this time, and walked so fast that he was almost dragging me into the boys bathroom.
I was obviously hurting as my need was growing and here we were going into this bathroom. So fast and so surprising. On the right wall there must have been 15 or 20 guys standing against the wall peeing into the bowl. Then to our left was a line of toilets, larger than we had at school, no privacy, much worse than school, and men seated on them, clothing down to their knees and floor, a couple had their hand on their waterspout (what grandma called it), but Uncle Dave pulled me all the way to to far booth, where he stood mostly looking away from me and at the guys at the wall. I did partially wee in my underwear as I got myself up onto the larger and higher stool. I weeded and weeded and I now Uncle Dave could hear it hit the water. I was sooo embarrassed for several reasons that I learned to sit and go at home even before we went out for short errands. I was sooo embarrassed when I jumped down and Uncle Dave made me use all my muscle and more to get the flusher to work. Then we waited in line for a sink to open. A couple of guys seemed to give a couple of looks at me as we waited. I was sooo embarrassed and that was punishment enough. And I remember it well 10 years later.


First poop of winter on the first snow fall

So we had our first snow fall of the new winter season where I live in Alaska the other day, and well, I just couldn't let that go to waste. I went out for a short walk in the woods on my property and found a nice little spot next to an Evergreen tree to poop. So I pulled my pants and thong down, squatted and gave a good push. It was enough of a push to let gravity take care of the rest. Two bulky turds came out and landed THUD in the freshly fallen snow, giving a slight crunch sound as they landed. Then I had a huge stream of piss come out of me and it turned the snow in front of me yellow. I got some baby wipes out of my coat pocket, wiped and then got up to look at what i had just done. The brown and yellow looked good contrasted against the white snow. I pulled my pants and thong back up and went back inside. It was fun and refreshing. Hope everyone is having fun peeing and pooping at this tail end of a very crazy year.


To Celine

You are so kind. Yes, a love the satisfaction of a huge poop! Everything about it, from the urge to go, to the "going" and then the feeling of relief afterwards are things that I enjoy! It's made me OCD about eating healthy, but hearty, amounts of good food.

One thing we don't have in common is the peeing. I find the need to pee pretty annoying. I think that it's because, being a pharmacist in a pharmacy that stays busy does not always allow me to step away when I need to empty my bladder. I love to drink ice water, which, as you know, cam make trips more frequent and urgent. I have a pretty strong bladder that seems to hold large amounts. But I've never gotten goosebumps. I have gotten them from a really massive bowel movement though.

I wish you all the best!





Replies to Kristen and Trina

To Kristen: No one in my family was ever punished for accidents, nor would I ever punish someone. That girl was likely embarrassed enough already for peeing in her pants and have to stay in her wet pants until they got home. But I do remember once shopping with my mom when I was about ten, a girl about six or seven had peed her pants in the middle of the aisle. Her mother slapped her and yelled things like "I asked you if you had to go in the restaurant!" I didn't see how wet she was, because her mother was blocking our view, and we were about to go down another aisle. I remember asking my mom why her mother was yelling at her for that, and she told me some people are just that way.

To Trina: How embarrassing peeing your pants in front of a customer at a store...telling them you're ok while you're soaking your jeans. But you're not alone. This was a few years back, and I was the supervisor at a farm stand (actually a fairly good size building) and Hannah (in college at that time) was the cashier on. I had been in the back of the store and also assisted a customer for awhile. I came back to the front and went behind the counter to tell Hannah how to ring up an item that I had helped the customer with. As I did, I saw the back of her dark blue jeans were wet. The counters there were really high, so likely no customers saw. When the customer had left, I asked Hannah what happened, and she got beet-red and said she thought she could hold it until closing time, but couldn't and she peed her pants. Hannah turned toward me, and I saw that her jeans were wet from the bottom of her fly down her legs. I asked why she didn't call/page me to relieve her and Hannah said by the time she considered that, she was already "relieving herself in her pants". I told Hannah to go home, though by that time, we were closing in about fifteen minutes anyway.

P>Kung Poo
I am sorry I forgot to include my name in the last post but the following's from me:

To Thunder: Grunting "expels pressure and stress" - I love it! Jodi has often talked about a good poop as one of the best stress relievers I believe the grunting must be part ot that!

To Brian W : Thanks for sharing. Your sister is very regular!

To Stan: I see, plop ahhh, I hope that feels good. Does my wife know I listen? Yes and no, sometimes she would poop in front of me, and sometimes I would listen in without her knowing.

So Jodi has been on a healthy diet of oily fish and salad and her poos, as she describes, "shoots right out". Want a good bowl movement? Fibre and fish oil.

To Curious Cody:
Love your story about Keci and the laxative.

I know my wife hates laxatives of any sort. They may work at the most unpredictable times and she had to excuse herself once from a meeting because the results kicked in.

Once such incident happened when we were on holiday. She had a huge glass of prune juice in the morning not knowing at that time the efficacy of it as a laxative.

It was during lunch when she felt the first rumbling and a sharp cramp in her stomach. Thinking it was just an early warning poo, she thought she'll let the feeling come on stronger. She thought she could maybe poo in an hour.

However, every swallow of her lunch seems to aggravate the cramp, and by the time she finished her meal, she knew she needed to poo, like RIGHT NOW.

We quickly made our way to our hotel room. The beach cafe we were eating at was a distance from the hotel - quickest walk we ever did in our lives. Waited for the lift, sprinted to the door, my key card in hand, card in slot, "beep", door opens, and she rushed into the toilet, lowering her shorts and panties to mid thigh.

Her perfect bum touched the toilet seat, she bent a little forward, fists clenched, face turning red as she pushes, and with one "ngggggggg" a MASSIVE turd head emerges and headed towards the toilet water and when the last of it's tail broke off a deluge of prune water flowed out of her with a spray like action.

But she never felt better.

Victoria B.

To Kristen and Lilly


First of all happy birthday Catherine! 40 and fabulous!

To Kristen and Lilly:
That was horrible and when you talked about the pants and panties coming down I felt my heart pound and so bad for that poor little girl! Corporal punishment is bad enough but spanking on the bare behind in a public place(!) is totally unacceptable and I say that as someone who was (very rarely) spanked bare herself! How terrible!

That being said, there were two spankings for accidents or incidents that were like accidents in my childhood. The first time happened when I was seven and we were on a long car ride home. We'd stopped somewhere to use the bathroom and I refused to go even though I was visibly struggling to hold on to a number two.

When I was a kid I was very, very self-conscious about pooping in public bathrooms after I'd been bullied for clogging the toilet in the bathroom that was attached to my kindergarten classroom and so I lied and said I didn't need to go when I practically had my cheeks clenched already. One thing led to another and I had a full accident in the backseat of the car when we were about ten minutes from home. I instantly knew that there were going to be consequences other than having to sit in a pair of dirty panties that had a softball-sized bulge in their seat.

My mom grabbed a fresh roll of toilet paper and helped me clean up and fill the tub for a bath before telling me to change into my pajamas and a clean pair of panties and to wait in my bedroom. When she came back she told me I was going to be given a spanking for lying and for disobeying. I got ten smacks over my panties, five for not doing what I was told and another five for being dishonest and telling a lie before she let me up from her lap.

The other time was when I was ten. I just for one reason or another didn't want to go to school that day and made the mistake of tipping off my plan. I wet my pants and told the nurse I was sick and she let me go early that day but what she didn't tell me was she's also called my parents. When my mom got home from work she grilled me until I admitted that it was intentional. My mom was really upset and brought me into my parents' bedroom without saying a word until sitting down on her bed, pulling my jeans and panties down and telling me to lie down in position. She spanked me 20 swats on my bare bottom in between two halves of a stern talking-to in what was the worst punishment I ever got during my childhood.

I'm not sure if even want kids but if I do have them they'll never have to feel like I did that day.




My mom and I often have pee holding contests. My mom often bursts first and starts to wet herself. I sometimes am able to make it to the bathroom but sometimes I will also wet myself. My mom has had various wetting accidents for as long as I can remember. When we go on long car rides, you can bet she will end up wetting herself. My bladder is stronger than my mom's but I've had my fair share of accidents. When I was little and I had accidents, my mom would often wet herself to make me feel better. My dad and brother don't know about our contests so they probably worry about our bladders when they see our soaked clothes.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

This is my first time posting here. I hope you like it! Ps. I noticed that a lot of these posts are from 2011. I am from 2020. 11 years old

I was at camp and they had decided to treat us to a movie in the movie theatre. We had all just eaten a jumbo freezie. When I got to my seat, I couldn't find my friend even though I looked really hard. And eventually I gave up. I sat on my seat and slowly the light got dimmer and soon enough it was completely black. Soon after that I could feel my bladder expanding but decided to wait for the movie to be over. About 30 minutes into the movie the person next to me went to ask the counsellors to use the bathroom. They got all upset and told her to shut up and hold it. Well I am a very shy person so I was definitely not going to ask! By then, I was really desperate to pee so I pulled down my pants and moved to a spot a few seats over. I slowly relaxed my bladder and the relief was amazing! Unfortunately I was sort of an idiot so I didn't take my backpack off. When I was finished, I moved back to my seat but the person next to me asked me if I just peed. I was really embarrassed but I said yes but she just laughed and said she had also peed! At the end of the movie I walk down to meet my my friend and felt that there was a huge wet spot on my backpack! Luckily no one noticed and by the time I got home, It had dried. That's all for now! I will try to post more.

Hey since you are all poop enthusiasts I have to ask this question.

I hate pooping as my anus hurts a lot. I feel no pain until my poop starts to come out, it stings like hell as if there is a needle in it. After that my arse continues to hurt the entire day. It keeps "droning" and it's hard to sit on my butt.

My bowel movement is normal, not very constipated, nor do I push hard. I don't think I have fissures or prolapse or anything of that sort. I don't change my diet at all. There is no blood. It all look normal except it hurts badly.

So what the hell could be the problem?

PS I haven't gone to the doctor with it and I won't.

Thanks in advance for responses


Kung Poo - does Jodi know you listen to her plopping?
I tend to sigh myself after it drops - so I go PLOP, aah

Curious Cody

Keci's Crap

I enjoyed your story, Kung Poo. My live-in girlfriend Keci takes the bus to work and back. It is about 30 minutes each ride. I fell asleep and didn't see her text from the bus stop when I was suppose to pick her up. The walk is about 5 minutes She'd been constipated and had taken a laxative at work. In going down the steps of the bus her crap came like mad. Although she had been trying to hold it until she got home, after a minute or so she ran to the first gas station. Luckily it was close. But the one toilet women's room was locked, but the door to the mens toilet was open. She tried to save the situation there. Keci had just sat down when I called her. She had hesitation in her voice when she answered. I could tell there was pain in her pushing and with it she became winded. There was grunting, a sigh or two, and I could hear her pain. The couple of times I've seen her crap at home I was surprised because she'll be seated,then in a half straddle off the seat, hands on thighs with a super-push, then she plops back on the seat. The phone connection was great and I could hear her sigh of relief. I apologized to her and offered to come down and pick her up. She said it was not necessary because the emergency was over. I decided to surprise her anyway. I was just backing my truck out when she called me back and got really emotional. She was crying from the seat. She wanted to clean herself, but someone had ripped off the toilet paper roll. So I ran back in, got the 3/4 roll we had in our bathroom, and was knocking at her door in 2 minutes. Standing right out outside the door, I could hear her mild cries of pain as she wiped and re-wiped herself. She was sure happy to see me--and for more than the ride.


Happy 40th to Me!

Hi Toiletstool Friends,

I hope everyone is doing well and dooing well today! It just so happens that today (October 22) is my 40th birthday! I only feel one day over 39 - haha!

It's been a relaxing day so far, as I always take the day off on my birthday. I'm at home, entertaining my three-year-old while my girls and Alan are at school.

I had a really nice bowel movement this morning. It was really warm, thick, soft and long - almost 20 inches if I had to guess. So, turning 40 really feels good. I'm grateful for family, work and health, which includes a really strong, consistent digestive system and amazing bowel movements!

A few responses:

Kristen: No, I've never been punished for accidents. I am so sorry for this little girl.

LC: I don't know if I've ever been the blonde or not in that scenario. I have pooped in public before, but never saw anyone's reaction of the opposite sex. I have had diarrhea so bad that it made someone vomit (true story - I posted it several years ago on the forum!)

Joseph: I'm from the southern US and have never had the pleasure of using a gender neutral bathroom. I want to, though!

I hope everyone is well. Love to all!


To Thunder: Grunting "expels pressure and stress" - I love it! Jodi has often talked about a good poop as one of the best stress relievers I believe the grunting must be part ot that!

To Brian W : Thanks for sharing. Your sister is very regular!

To Stan: I see, plop ahhh, I hope that feels good. Does my wife know I listen? Yes and no, sometimes she would poop in front of me, and sometimes I would listen in without her knowing.

So Jodi has been on a healthy diet of oily fish and salad and her poos, as she describes, "shoots right out". Want a good bowl movement? Fibre and fish oil.


Post Title (optional)Pooping In The Woods

Yesterday I took van to garage for service had to walk two miles back home. After two hundred yards felt BM brewing, went into woods found a fallen tree removed my shoes jogging bottoms and pants sat on tree trunk began to wee ,as it reduced to trickle my bowels opened releasing a stream of poo I began to wee again .
Remained seated for five minuites before I wiped with toilet paper got dressed . Continued my way home.

To Catherine

Happy birthday! Just wanted to say I love your stories-I wish I knew you personally. You'd be fun to buddy dump with for sure. Like you, I love the relief and satisfaction of taking a big shit-do you feel the same when having an urgently needed pee? The loud, hissy ones that seem to go on forever give me goosebumps. When was the last time you had a really enjoyable tinkle?

My girlfriend and I are both fat and gassy. We are very open about farting and do it just about anywhere at anytime. Today, we were eating pizza while farting and talking. My girlfriend finished all of hers and lifted her leg up and a very wet sounding fart was heard. It smelled horrible. She blushed and admitted she needed to go to the bathroom. She waddled up the stairs and a few minutes later she called me up there to bring her some new underwear and pants.

Friday, October 23, 2020


Have any of you ever gotten punished for having an accident?

Hi everyone! I hope all you guys are doing good. I don't have much to report on. My IBS has been pretty mild. My poops are actually getting like solid logs instead of runny mush lol.

Today I was at the grocery store with my dad when I got a small nosebleed. While I was in there waiting for it to stop, a mom and her young daughter came in. The mom was yelling at her daughter for wetting in her pants. The mom led the girl to the first stall and she went in after her and closed the door. In the mirror I could see the girl's pants and panties drop down to her ankles and then I heard her mom give her a quick spanking. The girl was crying and the mom told her that she should have went before they left home. My nosebleed stopped by now, so I washed my hands and caught up with my dad.

Have any of you ever been punished for having an accident? My dad has never punished me for having an accident before. He's never even gotten slightly angry when I had an accident. However, I do have IBS, so I can have occasional accidents sometimes when it's flared up really bad, so at least I have a medical excuse for my accidents lol.

I can understand why the mom was so upset with her daughter. She should have gone before they left their house, but the mom was way too harsh on her daughter in my opinion. The girl didn't deserve a spanking for wetting herself. It was not often when he did it, but my dad used to spank me when I was younger when I did something really bad or when I was caught doing something I knew I wasn't supposed to do. But he'd never do it for something so minor like a bathroom accident.

I'm curious if you've ever been punished for having an accident and if so, how severe was the punishment?


Accident at the gym

Hi again everyone! As you know, my name is Deb. From my previous stories you know that I get diarrhea quite often and I have really heavy periods.

The other day my good friend Carrie and I went to the gym. I had my period and was bleeding quite heavily so I decided to wear a pair of Depends under my workout shorts. They were somewhat loose fitting the bulge from the Depends wasn't too obvious. Before she came to pick me up I got my bag ready. I grabbed a pair of panties but I wasn't paying attention to which ones. Quite a few of my panties are hipsters and have lace on them, so I figured that I just grabbed one of those. I packed some pads as well and grabbed my purse.

Carrie picked me up and I told her about my period and joked with her that I had decided to wear Depends to the gym. She agreed that it was a good idea and said that they weren't that noticeable under my gym pants.

We started our workout by doing some light cardio and then some weights before our step aerobics class began. The class was 45 minutes long. We had spots in the back corner of the room. Towards the halfway point, I started having some bad cramps. I could tell that my period was getting really heavy as well. The cramps were just not letting up and just before the class ended, with about ten minutes to go, I needed to have diarrhea really badly. I was having a hard time keeping up with the class and then it happened... I started pooping diarrhea in my Depends. It came out as a few squirts at first, soaking into them. Then it started bubbling out of me, filling them up and spreading all through them.

The class ended a few minutes later. Carrie saw the look on my face and could tell that something was wrong. She asked if I was okay so I told her what happened. I grabbed my bag and she helped me over to the changing room and into a toilet to get cleaned up.

Fortunately I had some wipes in my bag which really helped to clean up the mess. I wrapped up the soiled Depends and pulled out the extra panties I packed. That's when I realized which ones I grabbed before I left. They were hipsters and they had lace on them, but they were not the best ones for wearing a pad with. These ones were pretty much all lace and were kinda loose fitting. I didn't have any other choice but to wear them. I unwrapped my pad, an extra heavy overnight maxi pad by Always, and put it in my panties. These are the pads that have two sets of wings, ones that wrap around the middle and ones that fold out at the back in the bum area to protect from night leaks. I pulled my panties and jeans up and threw the poopy Depends in the garbage.

Despite my period being really heavy, I was actually feeling much better. My bowels had settled down after the bout of the runs I had at the gym so we decided to go to the mall for a coffee and walk around for a while. We grabbed our drinks and walked through the mall. We sat down for a bit and when we did, I could tell how heavy my period was. I still had one more pad with me in my purse. I told Carrie that I needed to go to the ladies room. We got up and I felt a fish of blood pour out of me, soaking my already soaked pad. I felt wet and I felt like I was having a leak.

I got to the ladies room and into a toilet. I pulled down my jeans and saw that I had indeed leaked. I pulled down my panties and it was bad. The back wings of my pad had wrapped themselves underneath my pad somehow causing it to scrunch up and shift to one side. I had completely bled through my panties and jeans leaving a very noticeable stain in the back of my pants. I didn't have anything else to change into so I just put on a new pad and pulled my panties and jeans back up. I was wearing a light sweater so I tied it around my waist to hide my accident.

I came out of the ladies room and told Carrie what happened. She felt so bad for me. She drove me home and we hung out at my place for a bit. My husband was home with our daughter so we visited for a bit. He went out for a few things. Carrie and I talked for a while and she told me that she was having some issues with diarrhea lately as well. I wrote some time ago about when she had diarrhea and pooped her pants at work. She's a waitress and had diarrhea while she was handing out food to a large table. She couldn't hold it and had a bad accident in her pants.

Anyway, that's all for now.

Thanks for reading!


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