Enema Use

Well, sometime ago I read here that you can use soap as an enema. At first, I didn't knew how, but I stored that knowledge. Ok, so I was constipated since friday, and I was starting to get desperate; I just wanted all out. So yesterday at midnight, I remembered that post, so I grabbed my soap and I cut a little. I introduced it where it goes and I sat in my bed to wait. I started to read at google that an ideal enema was water and soap, so I got worried that something bad happened to me.
I got gassy 15 minutes later, but nothing more.
Today I woke up with A HUGE URGE and went to the bathroom to gave birth a solid and very comfortable poop.


Replies and story

Jen- omg I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience having an accident. I went back and re read that first story and it sounded horrifying, I definitely would have hated to go in my pants at a family function like that. I'm sorry the accident in the grocery store brought up embarrassing memories and future worries! I'm sure you'll be ok, but if not, don't worry too much about it. I guess I have to say that since it happens to me all the time!

Catherine- my favorite thing about pooping is definitely the relief. You go from feeling all uncomfortable and bloaty and crampy, and as you let it all go it just feels so good. Sometimes when I go when I've been holding a while, my eyes tear up a little from the relief. Happy Birthday!!! <3

I was trying to think of some stories from my past that are unique or interesting and not just the typical pants accident in the car heading home from work, and I remembered one that was very close to a major disaster after I read Kristen's story about her friend sharting in her bed. I slept at a girl friend's house one night, and i was pretty shy. We didn't know each other long but had that spark so there i was at her place. Anyway I was too shy to go poop during the evening so I held it in, and when I woke up in the morning, I really needed to go. The problem was I was still too shy to use her bathroom to poop and I knew if I got up and tried to get ready and leave I would probably not make it out the door without an accident happening. But the one thing on my side was that she was about to leave for work. So I just made small talk with her as she got ready and I laid in bed, acting casual but really squeezing my butt together and concentrating on not exploding in my underwear. I knew if I could just hold it in until she walked out the door I'd be OK and could rush to the bathroom and relieve myself. So I kept on clenching as she finished up grabbing her things and was about to head out the door, when suddenly without warning I ripped a loud wet fart by accident. I couldn't help but laugh out of awkward embarrassment, and I just said "sorry I'm gassy in the morning it just slipped out", but little did she know it was about to get a whole lot worse. She just laughed at me and started to turn towards the door, and that's when I cramped up bad...I tried to ride it out, but it was no use. I was still sitting in her bed when a soft load started to quickly slide into my undies and fill them up. The relief felt incredible, but the panic was real that I was pooping my underwear in her bed. I tried as hard as I could to stop the flow, and I finally got myself under control after majorly messing myself, and I just felt this hot damp mass pressing against my butt as I watched her finally walk out the door, oblivious to what I had just done. I just prayed that everything stayed in my underwear and I wasn't going to get up and find poop all over her sheets. I carefully climbed out of bed, took a deep breath and looked, and THANKFULLY I didn't get any poop on the sheets, it all stayed caked in my underwear. I sighed with relief and while I felt flustered and still a little panicked, I was glad she didn't notice and just walked out the door when I had an accident, and that nothing got on the bed. I don't even know how i would have begun to explain myself if she was still standing there and noticed that i had just pooped myself in her bed! Anyway, I started to relax and wound up taking a long, hot relaxing shower during the clean up. I lit a couple candles to get rid of the smell in the bedroom and I left her place with no evidence that I pooped in her bed! That could have been an all time embarrassing moment if it had happened just a minute or two sooner.

Until next time!


More accidents

Hello, my name is Deb. It's been a while since my last post which is good because it means that I've been accident free for a while now. This all came to and end last week....

As I have mentioned before, I work as a receptionist at a business office centre. Last week we had to help our biggest client with a three day seminar that they were holding. So we had to pretty much run the whole thing for them. They also wanted us to stand up in front of their clients and say a few words about what each of us does.

The first day was Tuesday, which is when I had my first accident. It was in the afternoon right before a break at around 2pm. The lunch we had wasn't agreeing with me and I was cramping up really badly. I knew that I had to get to the ladies room to have diarrhea but I was on the opposite side of the room to where the door was and I couldn't just leave without interrupting the session. So I held on as much as I could. The pressure just became too much and I was letting gas out every few minutes. Finally the break came and everyone got up and slowly exited the room. I was trying to get out as quickly as I could, while keeping my butt cheeks clenched. But I just couldn't hold on. The pressure in my bowels was just too much and I started pooping diarrhea in my grey hipster panties. I kept going in my pants as I shuffled out of the room. I finally got to the ladies room but had to wait a few minutes until a stall opened up. By the time I got into a stall, my panties were filled and the diarrhea was leaking out of the leg holes. I cleaned up as much as I could in the 15 minutes we had. The mess had started leaking through my pants so I wrapped my sweater around my waist for the rest of the day. Towards the end of the day I started feeling sick again. As we were cleaning up and getting ready for the next day, I pooped my pants again. My car ride home was terrible because I was still letting out more diarrhea in my panties. I got home and had a shower to get cleaned up properly.

I talked to my husband about what happened and he suggested that I wear a pair of Depends for the next day, so that's what I did.

Wednesday came and I was still feeling off. This time the diarrhea happened in the morning and I completely pooped in my Depends. It was a really wet and mushy load. I had a pair of panties in my bag so cleaned up and changed into them. I actually started feeling better, but then my period started. I had a regular Always pad so I put it on.

I woke up on Thursday morning and my period was very heavy. I put on an Extra Heavy Overnight ultra thin pad and packed a few more with me. Unfortunately I bled through my pants at the back, leaving a noticeable stain on my bum. Once again I had to wrap my sweater around my waist for the day.

That's all for now.

Thank you,


To Abbie - Advice

To Abbie: great to see you posting again. Always good stories. Your poos sound massive. But your situation is concerning, think you need to look at your diet, eat more fibre. That should soften your poo and you won't be straining. Good luck!

Monday, October 12, 2020


Fear accidents

Hi everyone. I hope you all are doing well.

I don't know why, but my poops have been smelling terrible lately. I haven't changed my diet or anything like that, so I don't know what could be causing it. Everyone's used to the smell of their own "fumes," but mine are really bad. My butt is like a biological weapon haha. Tonight I had just finished taking a big dump and my dad just so happened to be walking by when I was coming out the bathroom. He caught a whiff and told me to open the window and spray some air freshener and asked me if I was feeling alright. I have IBS so he's used to me stinking up the place, but this time it was super bad. I think I got IBS from my mom. He once told me that s had really bad gas when she was pregnant with me. So bad that one time she farted in his car with the windows rolled up and it stunk so bad that that he literally got dizzy and the smell lingered for hours. I never knew my mom. She left like a year after I was born. She couldn't handle being a mom at such a young age and started doing drugs or something. They were really young. Both my mom and dad were 15 years old when they had me. My dad actually has a birthday coming up. He'll be turning 30. It's always funny when people think that he's my brother. He said that PTO meetings used to be so awkward because I had a lot of the same teachers he did and he was so much younger than everyone else and he got a lot of awkward looks lol. One time when I was in the first grade he chaperoned one of my field trips and someone thought he was a high school student haha

Anyways, I wanted to reply to Charlotte about fear accidents. It's never happened to me, but it has happened to people that I know.

The first time it happened was like 2 years ago to my friend's older sister. She was 19 at the time. I was hanging out with my friend at his house when his sister came home from work. He saw her car pull in the driveway and he told me that he was going to wait by the door and scream and grab her when she came in. I saw her quickly get out her car and hurry to the front door. She unlocked the front door and when she opened it and stepped inside my friend grabbed her arm and yelled. She screamed and gasped. She was super desperate to pee and she accidentally wet her pants. She was so mad at him and cursed at him a lot and he laughed. She shoved him out the way and stormed upstairs. She was mad at him the rest of the day, but she later thought it was pretty funny.

This other story is really sad an I don't want to go into too much detail, but one of my friends had a dad who was really abusive towards her and her mom. She told me that one time he was screaming at her and she was backed up against the wall and he punched a hole in the wall right by her head and she got so scared that she both pooped and peed in her pants. Her and her mom are doing much better now. Her dad is no longer a threat to her or her mom.

Anyways, that's all for now. I look forward to reading more posts! Have an awesome day!!!

Tyler C
Hey, I'm back again! I didn't mean to take another month off posting, but that's life for you. My last post was on 2838 for those that don't remember. In it, I talked about my long history of using my swim trunks as a urinal whenever I go swimming, be it at a beach, a waterpark, a pool, or wherever. I also teased a situation that happened to me towards the end of the summer. I'll tell that now.

Like a lot of people here, I've been avoiding public restrooms at all costs during this pandemic. And believe me, there definitely have been some costs, as you'll see. I had to cancel a lot of plans I had this summer, particularly those that involved my friends, but luckily my family was able to pull off our annual trip to the beach. My parents were hesitant to go anywhere in fear of the virus. We took an RV with its own toilet so that we wouldn't have to use public toilets. This turned out to work pretty well. There weren't many places that we went where we ended up walking far from the RV. That is, except for the beach. We had found out earlier in the day that my uncle and his family was vacationing in the area too, so we coordinated and went to the beach at the same. Because of the pandemic, we decided not to go to the usual heavily populated beach that we normally go to. Instead, we went to this slightly less popular national park where you have to walk a small (about half a mile) boardwalk trail through the woods to get to the beach from the parking lot.

When we got to the beach, we were able to find a spot that was a reasonable distance from everyone else. My parents and my Aunt and Uncle mostly just laid on the beach. I got into the water and played in the waves with my two cousins. Aiden is 12, and Krista just had her 15th birthday not too long before the trip. Aiden is a little under 5 feet tall with brownish-blond hair. Krista is several inches taller with similar colored hair, although she had some bright blonde highlights. My uncle lives farther away than most of my extended family, so I usually don't get to see them as often. So, this was basically the first time I got to spend an extended period of time with them outside of boring family reunions.

We got out of the water after a bit and started walking the beach. We talked about a number of things. We talked a lot about how much the lockdown sucks. Eventually, Krista said she had to use the bathroom. Aiden chimed in that he needed to go too, so we started walking to the top of the beach where the port-o-potties are. I had actually needed to go too, but I was still against the idea of using public toilets during the pandemic. Apparently, the owners of the beach had the same idea because when we got there, they were all closed because of Covid-19. Krista was really disappointed.
"This sucks. Now what?" She said.
"I've got an idea!" Aiden said.
"Watch carefully."
Aiden stood shoulder width apart, put his hands on his hips, and looked down at his blue floral swim trunks as the front of his crotch started to glisten. The glistening spread from his crotch down and his legs. Krista and I watched as liquid began draining out of his leg holes splattering onto the sand beneath his feet while also rinsing off some of the sand on his legs. I was somewhat shocked about his lack of shyness, but then again, there weren't that many people on this beach. I might have been inclined to join him, but I was afraid if I let myself go that way, I might let myself go the other way. That's right. I was had to go from both ends.
"Gross!" said Krista.
"Well, what else are you gonna do? You can just do it in the water, no one will notice."
"I can't!"
"Why not? Nobody will know except for us."
"No, it's just that I don't have to pee... I have to poop."
I felt somewhat comforted in the fact that Krista and I were now in the same boat. I suggested that we would just have to walk back to my parents' RV. We walked back to our parents to tell them the situation and got some towels to dry off with and the keys to the RV. Aiden decided to wait at the beach and play in the sand while Krista and I headed to the RV.

We talked a little bit as we walked the trail. Eventually, I told her that I needed to go too. She said "Okay, but I'm going first. I agreed. I tried to keep talking to her to keep her mind off of it, but she got quiet after a bit. I could tell she was getting desperate, and seeing her get desperate definitely wasn't helping me. I didn't want to show how desperate I was though. For starters, I'm already a little secretive about bathroom matters, and being several years older than her only would make doing the potty dance in front of her more embarrassing. We got about halfway through the trail when she told me that she couldn't hold it much more. She was wearing a two-piece, light pink swimsuit with high waist bikini bottoms, the kind that show off a lot of her hips and don't completely cover her butt cheeks, so I can see why she really didn't want to have an accident in them because it would show really bad. She said she was just going to poop in the woods. I asked her what she was going to wipe with, but she didn't seem to care anymore. She had something in her that just needed to come out, and I could sympathize.

We couldn't get too far from the trail because this area had a lot of swampy marsh land and we didn't want to walk in that, so she just squatted down in this bush that didn't give her a lot of cover. I stood with my back to her watching to make sure no one was nearby. Just as I started hearing the crackling of her poop coming out, I saw a family of four round the corner. I told her that people were coming, so she stopped mid-poop and walked back to the boardwalk trail. She told me she wasn't finished and she fidgeting the whole time we stood there. We stood there trying to act normal as the family walked by. After they passed us, I said,
"Okay, they're gone. You can finish going to the bathroom."
"No, I can't."
"Sure you can. Why can't you?"
"Because I... already kind of... finished going just now."
I was confused. "You don't mean...?" Just then, my nose clued me in to what had just happened in front of me. Without making eye contact with me, she slowly, reluctantly turned around. I stared at her butt. Like I said, her swimsuit was high rising and didn't cover her whole butt, but luckily her mess didn't leak out the sides. There was a pretty decently sized lump, though. She asked me if it was noticeable. I just said a little bit. She ran back to the bush and dumped it out. It seemed semi solid, but there still was a bit of a stain on her bikini bottoms that she was upset about. I gave her one the towels I was carrying, so she could wrap it around herself. I told her she could get cleaned up better at the RV.

We kept walking to the RV, and I was on the verge of a humiliating accident myself. She still seemed pretty uncomfortable and embarrassed about pooping her swimsuit in front of me. I told her that it was okay, but she wouldn't accept that. Nothing I said seemed to make her feel better, so I decided there was only one thing I could do.
"Look, I'll prove to you that going in your pants is not a big deal"
"How are you gonna do that?"
"Watch carefully."
Owing inspiration to Aiden's little demonstration a little while earlier, I stood in front of her just released my bladder. It made the front of my brown swimsuit glisten just like Aiden's. The pee ran down my leg onto the boardwalk making a fairly wet puddle beneath me. Krista, unimpressed by my display, said "That's not the same!" I said, "Wait, there's more. You didn't let me finish." While still peeing, I turned around, put my hands on my hips and bent my knees slightly. I pushed a huge log out of my butthole and into the mesh netting of my swim trunks. After that, my pee started dying down, but my poop was just getting started. Another couple of logs came out. I turned back to her as the final log settled into my netting and said, "Well, I think you get the idea." She was just standing there, stunned, with her mouth hanging wide open.
"I can't believe you just did that!"
"So, do you still think what you did was bad?"
"I guess not compared to that."
I dumped out my load in a bush (the netting made it pretty easy) and wrapped myself in my towel, and we continued on.

As we were walking back I couldn't believe I worked up the nerve to do what I just did. I guess my sympathy outweighed my bathroom shyness, but I was probably gonna have an accident anyway, so I might as well had turned it into a display of sympathy. It's funny that earlier, as the oldest, I was too embarrassed to even announce that I had to go to the bathroom and I ended up doing much more in my swimsuit than either Krista or Aiden. When we got back to the RV, we both did our best to clean out our butts and swimsuits the best that we could, and I rinsed my legs. Krista was able to scrub most of her poop stain out of her bikini to the point that you really couldn't tell.

On the way back to the beach, she was much happier and we even started laughing about the whole situation. We both agreed not to tell anyone. So, I guess the lack of toilets due to the pandemic actually led to a bit of a bonding experience that wouldn't have happened otherwise.


Comments and story

Hey guys and gals. Sorry I've been away a while, I've been busy.

Claire - welcome, and don't feel bad or worry. You are not alone. As Catherine and Shannon have already pointed out there are more than a few of us here who have been in similar situations and found that we enjoyed the feel of a solid poop accident - myself included! You can search back for my stories, they started a few months ago maybe.

Speaking of stories, how do my fellow solid poop accident enjoying friends (we need a shorter name - SPAS "Solid Poop Accident Sisters"? haha) feel about pee accidents? I've had some of those as well and don't enjoy them the same. The relief can be similar, but I'm more embarrassed by those for some reason, maybe because they are more visible or maybe they are more common so not as thrilling?

I remember my junior year of college I was working retail at a store named after a TV channel. It was a late Saturday night and I was there with just my manager at that point, who was an early thirties woman who happened to be pregnant. She was still early on and facing morning sickness (which can of course be all day) and other pregnancy related issues so this particular evening she wound up in the store bathroom for quite a while. This left me alone at the register and with nowhere to go pee. I had already been holding quite a while anyway, but now with nowhere to go it was getting worse. I rang up customers as best I could trying to act normal but I couldn't help but wiggle a little, shift from side to side, cross my legs, etc.

Eventually I was ringing up a customer and all my tricks failed me and a spurt of pee escaped and I could feel my panties get damp in the middle. I felt my face flush red and my heart started beating faster. I tried to keep acting normal and keep ringing them up. Another spurt escaped and my crotch got wetter and I felt a trickle down my thigh. (Luckily the counter was high enough to block me from the waist down and our uniform required black pants anyway.) I crossed my legs harder and shifted a little. The lady I was ringing up looked at me a little funny and asked if I was ok. I said yes and avoided eye contact.

I had to wrap up one of her items in paper to protect it and started doing that and a bigger stream came out for a full second or two, spreading wetness all over my crotch and upper thighs and more trickles down my legs. I must have made a noise or face or something. The lady asked me again if I was ok. I mumbled, uh huh. She asked if I needed help or anything. I said no. I kept wrapping her item, but a moment later my body decided it had enough and the pee started pouring out full force. I stood still for a moment and I could swear I could hear it hissing into my panties and jeans as it flooded down my legs into my shoes. I must have spaced out for a moment. The lady asked again if I needed help. I kept avoiding her eyes and shook my head but didn't answer as my bladder kept emptying itself into my jeans on the other side of the counter from her. I put her wrapped item in a bag and took her credit card and finished the transaction. I gave her card and receipt and thanked her for shopping with us without looking her in the eye. She said thanks and I hope you feel better. That made me turn even more red.

No other customers were in the store. I wiped up the puddle from the floor with paper towels we used for cleaning. I still had to stand there in my wet jeans for a while until the manager finally came out a little later. I hoped she wouldn't notice anything but I guess the light was hitting me just right and she saw my butt was soaked from the middle down and asked if I was ok. I had to explain what happened. She apologized for taking the bathroom so long being sick and made me promise to interrupt next time (hopefully not!). She let me leave early (only 30 minutes) and closed down by herself.

That was by far my most embarrassing accident, I think.



Curiosity at the Park

This happened seven years ago when I was 11 and Piper, a school friend from my neighborhood was 12. We were bored on a hot summer day, laying out on wooden picnic tables at the park at about 9 in the morning waiting for a few other friends to get there for bikeriding, basketball and swimming, after we'd go home for lunch. Piper had just started drinking coffee and she referred to it as an instant laxative. I knew my parents drank a lot of it. I stole a couple of sips from my mom's cup one morning while she left the kitchen. I almost had to spit it out, it tasted like mud.

Suddenly Piper, who was the most athletic of our group and now is on a college basketball scholarship, quickly got up and hurried to the nearby toilets. I could hear a metal door slam, a seat drop, Piper's butt thumping on the seat and then about a 15 second fart blast that probably scared the birds. Then she called my name twice. I was a little lazy in getting up, but when she cursed my name I moved a little faster. I stopped at the entrance and she cursed me again. I walked up to her and other than seeing my mom on a toilet once, I could tell this was going to be an experience. Going into middle school that fall, Piper was one of the largest girls in our class. She was seated on the toilet, jean shorts and underwear around her shoes, with a legs spread in a v-position. No modesty. Dumb as I was, I was hesitant to come too close to her, although my eyes were getting a workout.

There were two toilet paper holders bolted to the wall to her right.
Just then she asked if I saw the problem. I was dumb, so hesitant to speak because I could see she was getting bit angry. There was a drain into the toilet between her legs and I guess she was having diarrhea. She halfway laughed, called me a "dumb s###" and said she was pissing out her coffee. "I've taken a crap and there's no toilet paper," she said as I gave up on what pissed her off. On the other side of the cubicle panel there was another toilet, but also no toilet paper. My eyes were on Piper and the last thing I wanted to think about was how to solve the problem. She stood for a few seconds, used her hand to direct my attention into one very full bowl with large pieces of crap looking like they were replacing the water. Then Piper re-seated herself and said it seemed like her butt was sticking to the f###### seat.

That's when I finally came up with my only idea. I would check next door in the guys bathroom for toilet paper. I didn't realize it at the time, but she lobbed some sarcasm my way. A couple of minutes later I came back with a strip of toilet paper in each of my hands. She stood, bringing the seat stuck to her butt up two to three inches before it thudded back down. Then I handed her the toilet paper. Within 10 to 15 seconds he had easily used both strips and their was a ton of crap on each. The soft, smeary type. So I went back to the boys room and largely got a mitt around my hand and pulled off the little remaining paper too. Her wiping and the theatrics she used were fascinating and with some almost scrubbing on her hole, she slowly cleaned herself with every approval my eyes would give her. Then she sat back down, did a bit more of her pee, did another fast wipe and reached back and flushed. Piper had so much grace in her movement.

Later that summer, a week or two before middle school started, she said she wanted to see what "expertise" I had to show off. I didn't even know what that word meant and I asked this high school boy who my parents paid to cut their grass. I didn't tell him anything about what was happening, and that was probably a good decision. I'll write about that in a future post, if you guys are interested.

Optional Dev

Catherine responce

Catherine, Happy almost 40th birthday!!

and to your question about my favorite thing about doing the doo as you like to call it.

Well as you will have seen by the time this posts, my poops are rather not impressive.

but truthfully it is when you see corn, blueberries or anything else in the poop. It is just so cool to see that. To show the process of life, another circle of life.

And you know me from posts from before, i also happen to love the smell.

I suppose those are my favorite things about it.

happy pooping everyone

I Like To Shit

Yesterday was day four without having a shit so I decided to have a go. I dropped my shorts and white knickers and sat on the toilet. Normally this starts things off but I had to push this time, three large pieces dropped out slowly and all were dry, one TP wipe proved clean, so got dressed and had to flush three times to get rid of it all.No skid marks.

Wednesday, October 07, 2020


To Bianca

To answer your response, no my parents never introduced it to me. I just kinda started doing it and it wasn't until i was in my teens when I started doing it regularly and since my mid 20s I've been doing it almost every day. It's very rare that I dont per outside at least once daily. I dont feel complete until I have. I just kinda guessed and figured "well if I sit down on the potty, what would happen if I squatted?" Well, I found out.

I wrote a couple months ago a story about a time when I got an upset stomach while driving to my in laws house, which resulted in me badly messing my pants in their bathroom before I could make it to the toilet. It was hands down the most embarrassing moment of my life and I hoped it would never happen again... well I'm back to report that, while it was no where near as humiliating, the other day I accidentally pooped in my pants again. There isn't a lot to it- I needed to go for a while during work, then on the way home I got a strong cramp and realized I had to stop somewhere because I wouldn't make it home. I pulled over into a shopping center and went into the grocery store, and i started going as fast as I could towards the back of the dairy asile where the bathrooms were. Except my stomach hurt so much that I was sort of hobbling and couldn't go that fast. I only got about halfway down the dairy aisle before it was too late... an urge to push just overtook me and I filled up my leggings in the middle of the grocery store. It felt like hot soft serve just churned out of me. I felt my face and chest flush red and I scurried on towards the bathroom. I got in a stall and emptied my underwear into the toilet then spent ages wiping myself off. It was a disaster! My only saving grace was that I had wet wipes in my purse that I used to get more clean after I got the most of the mess off with tp. Anyway i buried my soiled undies in my purse, pulled my leggings up and got the hell out of there with no one the wiser. Even still, It gave me flashbacks to my other accident and gives me fear of having another one in the future.




Hey Victoria,

I love your stories! from your old posts on the site, I read that you were spanked by your parents as a kid. I kind of want to ask why did they spank you? Were they super strict about things? I feel really sorry that you had to go thru this! What age were you when they spanked you? And what did you do to trigger the spanking? How many times do they usually spank you and did it hurt much? Is it usually your mom or dad that is spanking you?

And I read the you have an IUD inserted and you no longer have periods, good for you! Can you please fill me in on how in the past, your periods were so disruptive to your pooping? What happened? Any stories about that?

And did your periods also hurt a lot before you got the IUD? How?
How long did you have to wait after you had the IUD put in to feel better? Was the process of putting it in really painful? My friend is going through similar situation and I kind of want to ask you for advice so I can help her through her struggles. Thanks!!


Fear accidents

Hi! I'm really curious about fear related accidents, like when something scares you so bad you pee or poop.
It's not something that's ever happened to me personally (I've only had 2 adult pooping accidents one food poisoning related and one tequila related which I'll post about soon) but still fear accidents fascinate me the most. Does anyone with experience having fear accidents have any stories they'd like to share?


To New Poster Claire

Hi Claire,

You've come to the right place! First of all I'm sorry that you have that experience about using the bathroom in public and how it affects your bowel movements. I can't even imagine going days without using the toilet. I need to at least once a day and once I feel the urge there is no holding it for more than a couple hours on a good day, so i don't typically experience constipation like you described. I'm sorry you deal with that too. When you started to poop your pants on the bus (i can highly relate by the way- I often poop myself while traveling home and have done so in public transportation before) I can only imagine that, despite the discomfort, there was also immense relief? After not going for days and being constipated i figure it would be. Anyway, you asked if others felt the same way as you do about having an accident, and the short answer is yes. There are a few of us here who have an on going dialogue about that sort of thing. I'm sure the others such as Catherine and Trina will chime in and reply to your post too. I am very accident prone, I'm also 31 and I poop my pants way too much for someone of my age and health, but the good part about it is that, like you, I do find it to be enjoyable in a way if the circumstances are right, especially when it is a solid accident- and it sounds like yours was a major solid accident! I have mostly soft accidents but I enjoy those too as long as no one sees it happen, thankfully i don't have too many wet ones, those kind aren't enjoyable at all.

I wish i knew how better to control the consistency of my poop. I mean I think I know how to make it softer but I'm curious how to make a more solid poop? I figure the answer would be to prolong going but I really can't. If I just wait to go i'll eventually just lose control and go in my pants of course. I hope that next time I can tell my poop is going to be solid that I can maybe perhaps avoid the toilet for a while and see what happens! I know that's naughty but I really wouldn't mind a nice solid accident about now after reading your story haha!

Anyway I hope you keep posting and let us know what happens next! I started posting on page 2815 so if you want to look back at my stories you can start there and read back to now.




Outhouse poop with Jennifer

I've mentioned before that Jennifer has a little outdoors toilet and with Autumn how here I wanted to use it again this year before it gets too cold. With today reaching a high of 16 c I decided to make the most of it. I mentioned it to Jennifer and she said she would use it too, but under one simple condition. I went first. Fair enough!

We went to the toilet at the end of her garden and I propped the door open with a brick before pulling down my jeans and thong to my calves and positioning myself over the cutout in the wooden bench. This is by far my favourite place to poop and I was so excited to do it again. I felt exposed which gave me a little thrill while at the same time I knew I actually had total privacy.

We quietly talked while I waited for my poop and it wasn't long before my backdoor domed and I was gently stretched open. It felt fantastic to just relax and enjoy the experience, nonchalantly talking while it slowly slid out of me, but I must admit I was a little distracted from the conversation! It broke off with a dull thud and I stayed open as the remainder continued to come out, feeling the weight before it too broke off and I pushed out a small, third piece. I got myself some toilet paper and started peeing, Jennifer smiling as she heard the quiet patter of wee on dirt and once I was done I started cleaning up. I only needed a couple of wipes and then we swapped places.

Jennifer reached underneath her skirt and a pair of panties appeared at her knees as she sat down. She wriggled about a little to get comfortable and then I heard a loud hissing as she started peeing, her stream always seems to shoot forward and it was hitting the front of the wooden box she was sat on. Her wee went for quite a while and then she adopted her pooping position; looking straight ahead with her hands resting on top of her legs. I heard a faint wet crackling as she bit her lip so it was clear she was pooping and a few seconds later a quiet thud confirmed my suspicions. "I feel much better already" She said with a smile and shortly after there was another thud. Her facial expression changed as she pushed, seeing if there was any more but only produced some gas before wiping. She reached behind to wipe each time, needing a few pieces and then she pulled the lever to "flush" She pulled up her underwear and we went back into the house with big smiles on our faces.


To Taylor

Taylor: I thought what you did for Katie was really compassionate. Who knows how many days she held in her poop because she was ashamed to go at work. It usually just takes one or two public bowel movements to let us know that it is OK to use a public restroom for that purpose. Taylor, glad you are who you are!




Why Doo You Like Pooping???

Hi there!

Today, when I read the forum it took me within a couple of pages of a post that I made on my 30th birthday. That was ten years ago! I will be 40 on the 22nd of this month. I can't believe that I've been posting on this forum for nearly eleven years (with some starts and stops, and more or less frequency!).

However, I wonder if you would, share with me your favorite things about doing the doo!

It would be a great birthday greeting!




Another survey

1. Physical description of yourself: 16 years old (17 in December), 5'10'' and 140 pounds. Long darkish-blond hair with hazel eyes. I'm one quarter Japanese from my mom's side, and German/Dutch/Austrian from my dad. Fairly large butt, and I'm very self-conscious of my chest because I developed early.

2. How long does it take you to pee? Generally between 15 to 25 seconds. It depends on how badly I need to pee.

3. How long does it take you to poo? Generally between ten to fifteen minutes. I don't rush it-if the BM is quite large (and mine usually are), it can take up to twenty minutes.

4. What things make you poo? Food, I guess? lol. I have a healthy diet-I rarely have sweets and I avoid soda entirely because it makes me too gassy. Same for most dairy products. I've noticed an abundance of grains, like rice, will produce large and robust turds.

5. What things make you pee? Coffee tends to go right through me, along with cranberry juice and orange juice.

6. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, sometimes, or never)? Always.

7. Do you wash your hands after you poo (always, sometimes, or never)? Always.

8. If sometimes or never for 6 or 7, why? Just wondering

9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? Why?
Briefs. They're just a better fit for me, thongs tend to be uncomfortable.

1. How often do you fart? Not much during the day, but I rip a lot of beefy ones in bed.

2. Do your farts tend to be noisy or silent? Quite noisy. I usually can't muffle them, no matter how tight I clench my cheeks.

3. Do your farts smell? Usually. I eat a lot of vegetables, and I've noticed they stink the worst after eating anything like broccoli or cabbage.

4. Have you every accidently farted out loud in a situation that it was not appropriate?
In assemblies at school-everyone would laugh, though they never seemed to figure out it was me who farted.

5. Have you ever accidently farted a silent but deadly in a situation that was not appropriate? Nothing comes to mind, no.

6. When you are alone, how do you manage to handle an attack of smelly gas? Do you leave the room and go to the restroom? Light a candle? Or, just let it rip?
I just let it rip, if I'm alone. I'll open a window before my mom or dad or sister gets home.

7. When you have a case of gas that causes loud farts, but relatively little to no smell, how do you handle that when you are with others? Do you excuse yourself to the restroom? Do you step outside or away from the group? When you are alone, how do you handle it?
If I'm alone, I just fart. If I'm with others, I'll go to the restroom and just say I need to pee.

8. Do you ever take medicine to ease gas? I've never had to, no.

9. Do you ever do anything naughty when you fart? (Sometimes I will sit on a hard chair or stool and force the fart out to see how loud I can do it. Others might fart in people's faces or something. What do you do?) My sister and I would sometimes turn on a small fan, and one of us would fart right in front of it as the other sat opposite from the fan.

10. Do you enjoy farting? Immensely. It's like the relief I get from taking a big shit.

11. Have you ever farted but blamed someone else? No.

12. Has farting ever made you cry or blush? No, but it's made me laugh.

13. Women, when peeing, do you fart? Sometimes.

14. When peeing in a public restroom, and you have to fart, do you just let it rip, or do you try to hold it and still empty your bladder? Let it rip. Sometimes I'll even lift my ass off the toilet so others can hear it.

15. Do you fart when you poop or diarrhea? All the time.

16. Has anyone ever shamed you for farting? My friends hate it if I blast one close to them, especially in a car or other enclosed space.

17. Have you shamed someone else for farting? Never.

18. Is there anything else that you would like to say about farting? It's one of life's most underrated pleasures.

Optional Dev

Rambling about why my poop is strange.

I've found something interesting about observing the women and men that post here. that there is a sensation when they poop. the hole, when stuff comes out there is often a strong feeling and pressure. I'm not sure if i don't eat enough fiber or if i am just strange, but mine never often feel that way.

often when i poop if i do feel pressure like it would be big, then it is small. if i feel it is small, it is big.

Catherine is right, it is mostly an innocent curiosity, that i believe just turns into beautiful intimacy, like her and alan have if all plays out right.

Often times too, my poop will slide out in a minute. one log, or one pile of mush.

The funny thing is that it does not smell much either.

I think what surprises me most is that i am a picky eater, but i do eat some homemade food and cereal and fruit.

So you would think my poop would smell and at least be explosive.

What i noticed was going from college where i ate worse back to home was nice. at college my poops were small and univentful and now i am back to one nice log.

Does anyone else here have disappointingly fast poops with not as much sensation as they would like?

my favorite posters are Arianna, Catherine and taylor T. And i think a girl named Rochelle that hasnt posted in forever.

i lurk all the time here as i always have since i was 6 years old.


Ashley's bathroom/handwashing survey

Hiya everybody!!! Its shanna here. I saw Ashley posted a new survey of hers and it looked fun so here goes! (i think everything at the end are the answer choices)

My survey answers:

Age: 26 years old
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Physical build: Slim
Ethnicity: White
Which type of underwear do you usually wear? Briefs/"granny panties" so none of the choices at the bottom

How long does your pee usually last? 30 sec - 1 min
How many times a day do you usually pee? 6-8 probs
What times of the day do you pee? Its always random but always when i wake up and before bedtime
Do you wash your hands after peeing at home? Its embarrassing to admit but almost never
Do you wash your hands after pooping at home? Always, my hands feel too germy and uncomfortable after poops

What other places where you don't wash your hands? Anywhere really, just for pee

After you're done flushing and before leaving the bathroom, what do you usually do? (select all that apply)
1. Nothing - I head straight out
2. Touch up hair before leaving
4. Adjusting clothes

Reason(s) why you don't wash your hands after peeing (select all that apply):
1. In a hurry
2. Don't feel dirty
5. Pee is sterile
6. I don't wash my hands when I'm at home
7. I forget
8. My other friends don't
9. Other (please specify)


How many times a day do you usually poop? If i have to say as an average, 3x a day, sometimes way more and some days not at all

For those who don't wash your hands after you pee, do you wash your hands after you poop? I do every time

If you don't wash your hands after you poop, what are the reasons why? N/a

Do you let your boyfriend watch you pee? No boyfriend but id let him watch if i had one
Do you let your boyfriend watch you poop? See above

2. Physical description of yourself (height, weight, hair color, body type, race/ethnicity)? 5'8", 130 lbs, red strawberry hair, slim, white

4. What things make you poop? coffee, any food, IBS, emotions (nerves or being scared), waking up, etc
5. What things make you pee? any drinks

Great to read from everyone!!!
-Shanna <3

1. 15-18
2. 19-21
3. 22-24
4. 25-30
5. 31-35

a. 5'0" - 5'4"
b. 5'5" - 5'7"
c. 5'8" - 5'10"
d. 5'11" - 6'0"
e. Over 6'0"

a. 90 - 95 lb
b. 96 - 100 lb
c. 101 - 115 lb
d. 116 - 125 lb
e. 126 - 135 lb
f. 136 - 145 lb
g. Over 145 lb

Physical build
a. Slim
b. Athletic
c. Curvy
d. A few extra pounds

a. White
b. Black
c. Latin/Hispanic
d. Asian
e. Mixed

Which type of underwear do you usually wear?
a. Thongs
b. G-strings
c. Bikini
d. Boyshorts
e. None - Commando

How long does your pee usually last?
a. 10-19 seconds
b. 20-30 seconds
c. 31-45 seconds
d. 46-60 seconds
e. Over a minute long

How many times a day do you usually pee?
a. 1x a day
b. 2x a day
c. 3x a day
d. 4x a day
e. 5x a day

What times of the day do you pee?
a. After I wake up
b. After breakfast
c. Before lunch
d. Late afternoon
e. Before I leave school/work
f. At home after coming back from school/work
g. Before shower
h. Before dinner
i. Other

At Home

Do you wash your hands after peeing at home?
1. Yes
2. No

Do you wash your hands after pooping at home?
1. Yes
2. No

What other places where you don't wash your hands?
1. Public Bathrooms
2. Restaurants
3. High school
4. College/university
5. Bars/clubs
6. Other

After you're done flushing and before leaving the bathroom, what do you usually do?
1. Nothing - I head straight out
2. Touch up hair before leaving
3. Touch up make up
4. Adjusting clothes
5. Bathroom selfie

Reason(s) why you don't wash your hands after peeing:
1. In a hurry
2. Don't feel dirty
3. Wants to maintain manicure
4. Soap dries my hands out
5. Pee is sterile
6. I don't wash my hands when I'm at home
7. I forget
8. My other friends don't
9. Other (please explain)


How many times a day do you usually poop?
a. 1x a day
b. 2x a day
c. Every other day
d. Once a week

For those who don't wash your hands after you pee, do you wash your hands after you poop?
1. Yes
2. No

If you don't wash your hands after you poop, what are the reasons why?
1. In a hurry
2. Don't feel dirty
3. Wants to maintain manicure
4. Soap dries my hands out
5. I don't wash my hands when I'm at home
6. I forget
7. My friends don't
7. Other (please explain)

Do you let your boyfriend watch you pee?
a. Yes
b. No

Do you let your boyfriend watch you poop?
a. Yes
b. No


Potty Survey

Hey, y'all! I've been a lurker here for a bit, but now I wanna come out of the woodwork with a little survey.

I bought a potty chair yesterday, and, while I'm going to give it away if I can, I've peed it in 2 times and pooped in it 1 time. (It was a really small poop, though.)

So, for those of you who also have potty chairs, I'd like to ask you a few questions:

1. Why did you buy a potty chair?

2. Which do you like more: Peeing in your potty or pooping in your potty?

3. What does your potty look like?

4. Has anybody else caught you using your potty?

5. Did you buy your potty, or are you using one you already have?

6. Ladies, if you've bought a potty chair, did it happen to be a pink potty?

That is all. Have fun with answering the questions, Potty Squad. Goodnight!


Toilet performance - reply to Rachypinkypoo

Don't think we've had a technical question on here for a long time!

Just as there are many makes and models of cars, all with differing levels of performance, the same applies to toilets.
While in most countries there are national standards for toilet performance, the tests are carried out in a lab with set amounts of coloured water, paper and fake poops.

What is not covered by the lab tests is the standard of installation in the place of use.
Sure, a building inspector might want to see some things are done correctly to local or national codes but there are a lot of small details that determine whether that toilet will provide satisfactory performance for you.

The USA tends to have syphonic action toilets with a vertical exit through the floor, whereas here in the UK most are of the washdown action with a rear exit that slopes a few degrees down from horizontal.
USA waste pipes are 3 inch internal diameter, whereas UK/Europe are 4 inch internal diameter or the metric equivalent 110mm outer.
This goes a long way to avoid clogging problems with "difficult loads"

With the washdown type, the flush water entering at the back of the bowl splits two ways, such that some of it will flow down the sides of the bowl to wash things off, but the bulk of it will flow inside the rim all the way to the front.
As these two streams of water collide at the front of the bowl, they lift in an arc which then lands in the centre of the water trap at the bottom of the pan.
This action can help break things up a bit and the downward force helps get the load moving and washed around the trap (u-bend) to exit down the soil pipe to the sewer.

This action is compromised by the installer incorrectly cutting the flush pipe too long or not straight on high level (pull the chain), or on low level (flush handle) cisterns, or not having sufficient space between the bottom of the flush valve and the pan inlet on close-coupled cisterns.
In these cases the water flow is either slowed such that the streams do not collide with sufficient force or made unequal such that the arc gets formed offset to one side so does not land in the middle of the water trap.
That usually causes it to just swirl the turds round in there rather than sending them off around the bend.

On the way out, performance is sometimes compromised by fitting a right-angle or "question mark shaped" coupler.
This slows the water on the way out and usually results in the water level rising somewhat during even a pee flush.
Even worse are those corrugated flexible pipes that let the plumber "freestyle" the connection.
They provide a lot of resistance to flow and the corrugations fill up with crap.
All the above types of coupler are typically found where someone has rearranged the bathroom such that the toilet is now positioned 90 degrees from its original position.
The typical British house has the soil pipes on the outside, so the toilet pipe exits straight through the wall behind the toilet at a similar downward slope (1 in 40) then may have a bend to take it to across to the stack pipe.
A bend at this point (say 18 inches from the back of the toilet) does not affect performance.

Constipated Guy

Congrats Claire

I note Claire's recent post where she pooped her pants and what lead up to it. Claire, at 31 you have reached a milestone whereby bodily functions can be pleasant!!! Now you could graduate to enjoy a big shit in a public toilet like I often do . Your bowels will thank you for it


My best friend sharted in my bed!!!

Hey everyone. It's me, Kristen. I posted her a few days ago or a week ago or something. I forget lol. Anyways, thanks for welcoming me Catherine! IBS does suck, but I've had it since I was like 6 or 7 and I'm 14 now, so I'm used to it by now haha.

I don't have much to talk about today. My poops have been fairly normal. If my IBS isn't acting up, my poops are usually soft and a little mushy. I always fart a lot when I poop. And I fart a lot when I need to poop. And I fart a lot when I don't need to poop. I just fart a lot haha!! I usually don't get embarrassed when I fart and poop around my friends and some of my family. I don't have any brothers or sisters and I live with my dad and he's pretty open about that sort of stuff too. But my best friend Julie is kinda shy about that. She doesn't like using public bathrooms at all. She doesn't poop at my house unless she absolutely has to and when she does she'll spray a bunch of air freshener and open the window and turn on the sink if she's taking a noisy dump. And she almost always leaves the room if she needs to let one rip. She's just not as open about that as I am.

But yesterday we were together hanging out in my room and the socks she was wearing kept causing her to build up static electricity and she'd get shocked every time she touched something, so she bent over to pull off her socks and she accidentally let out a big loud bubbly fart! I was so loud and it smelled so bad and lasted like 5 seconds. I didn't want to laugh because I know how she feels about that, but it was so ridiculous that she smiled and giggled, so I smiled and giggled too. A few minutes later I could tell that she was getting uncomfortable and her fart smelled so bad that I thought she was going to go to the bathroom, but then she leaned to the side, lifted her leg and farted. It sounded wet and squishy. I knew just from the sound what she had done and the look on her face confirmed it. She pooped in her pants. Julie sharted.

I didn't say anything. She just slowly stood up and carefully walked to the bathroom. It was bad. Her pants were stained and so was my bed. My dad was in the bathroom, so she had to wait for him to come out, so he saw it too. She was so upset and embarrassed. She finished pooping and cleaned up the best she could and my dad took her home. She's not far at all, but she is a bit larger than me so she wouldn't fit in any of my pants or panties, so she had to leave in her dirty clothes. I just had plain white sheets on my bed and my dad just told me to throw them out, so I did. I talked to her later that night and she was feeling better. She had seen me have so many accidents in my pants that she didn't feel as bad and she got over it quickly. I'm glad I could help haha.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

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