Rick: Try a suppository. I use them and they ar are very effective and you only go once. I use the glycerin ones, usually the store brand or you can get Fleet--the Dulcolax ones are irritating. I just insert it, and then wait about 15-30 min. They are nice to use while showering in the morning---I usually can go when I get out of the shower, or you can simply use them in the can watch t.v. or whatever while they work. I find that I get few cramps from them either. Also, they are nice to have with you if you are traveling or in public as they are very predictable. Give them a try and let me know if they are effective for you.

I use suppositories, but no matter how many I eat they don't seem to work. They make me feel very ill though and they taste funy.

For a good laugh, smear peanut butter over the wall of your toilet at work, then watch the horror as everyone thinks it is turd! Actually, peanut butter is rather unconvincing for this use - does anyone have any ideas for substances which look like shit but aren't so theyc an be used in practical jokes. Does anybody have experience with anal fistulas?

Hey everyone, Today I was taking a shower my little sister (Lindsay) who's 10 was down stairs watching cartoons like she awlays does after school.all at once I heard the door open and her saying are you about done with your shower?( I go no not yet) she goes please hurry it up I need to use the bathroom.I thought she had to pee so I told her go ahead and use she pulled her clothes down and sit down then i heard her start peeing then after she was doing peeing I heard a big splash in the toilet and about 2 more little ones and she looked at me and I asked her did you poop too? she looks and says yes thats what I needed to do so as she cleaned her self off I was about done with my shower so I got out of tub and grab a towel and in the toilet was 1 big turd and 2 little ones I was thinking to my self how can a small girl like her let out suck a big turd.It took 3 flushes to flush it down today she ate a lot so she should have a big bowel movement tomorrow.and I'll tell you all about it..!

It is the day after Thanksgiving here in Canada, which means it is one of the best shitting days of the year because of the vast quantities of food, especially turkey that was consumed yesterday. I just unloaded a massive pile of soft shit in the university library washroom. It literally shot out of my ass in a couple of seconds accompanied by one reasonable fart. Although it looked pretty messy in the toilet bowl, it actually was very clean and I only needed to wipe three times. The guy in the adjacent stall also dropped a big load. There were some very loud plopping sounds and them some tremendous farts which lasted on and off for about five minutes. We had both stank the place up quite bad and he flushed before starting to wipe. I was thinking of striking up a conversation but didn't have enough nerve.

TeenGuy... it happens. I've had that happen to me several times. Not sure why but some guys look in every stall. I've seen guys come into a restroom, look in all the stalls, even the occuppied ones, then leave. What's up with that? As much as I would like to check out the guys in the stalls, I don't have the nerve! Did it bother you to be looked at?

Hi everyone. Great posts by all, as usual! Angela, if you haven't been able to go to the bathroom in 3 weeks, you should seek medical help. A gastrointerologist ("GI" for short) will help anyone with bowel problems, whether it's because somebody's Lactose Intolerant (such as myself) or is in your situation. I also liked the post [on another page; sorry, I can't remember the guy's name] about how important it is to have your colon/prostate checked. Darryl Strawberry, who's only 36, dispels the stereotype of rectal cancer happening only to older people. I've been pretty regular over the last month or so, with only a couple of bouts of the runs - nothing serious, though. Redneck and Lady T, I like to flush at least twice after crapping, the first time to flush the poop and the second to flush the paper. I tend to use a lot of paper when wiping my butt. I flush only once when just peeing- I don't use enough paper when wiping my vagina to justify two flushes. I love the Linda and Cousin stories- they're so [and I really don't like using this word] cute.. Nicola and Jill, getting back to the last paragraph, I find that flushing before wiping helps get rid of some of the smell after going[though I'm afraid I often leave a lingering odor :-(]. Hoping everyone here stays healthy (on the toilet and otherwise)- Your friend, Jodi

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

A few things. First on laxatives. I use to work at MCL Cafeteria in Carmel, Indiana when I was in H.S. One of the asst. Mgr's was kind of a jerk. He get in in the morning and sits in the office reading the paper with a big cup of coffee. One of the people put a couple laxatives in the cup while he stepped away for a few minutes. He came back and contined in the paper. Later, he was on the toilet for a long time. The guy (Joker) that put the laxatives in walked into the bathroom and the Asst. Mgr asked who it was and then he mentioned that he has the shits pretty bad and hasn't been able to get off the toilet. Joker had to contain his laugh until he got out of the bathroom. ---- As for Lady T's question about how many flushes after dumping a load. For me, it can be 2 or 3 flushes. If someone is around in the house, it is 2. One flush right after the last turd comes out and then another flush to take care of the paperwork. Sometimes a 3rd when there are remants of shit and paper left.

Any one use suppositories??? They're very effective and quick. Stories??

Hi Everyone, I just had the best pooping I have had in a long time!! I ate a poppyseed pastrie a few days ago, Its two flaky crusts with poppyseed filling in the middle. Its just 2 inches of poppyseed and honey. Anyway, I had a large slice of it, and the poop was absolutely sensational! (And I'm not even big on pooping, I enjoy urinating much more.) This poop was PURE POPPYSEED. All these tiny little round things squeezing themselves through my sphincter, they gave me this wonderful itchy feeling right at the base of my anus, it was great! Just try to imagine a whole big clump of seeds gently itching their way through your butt. I suggest trying this, it is Most Enjoyable!!!!

New thought for today: which cruel person's bright idea was it to put an 's' in the word 'lisp'? As Always, Candi

Hi, my name is Francis, and I'm a 28-year old graduate student in the United States. I've been reading this site for a while and have found it interesting. This post is about Lauren (F/29), whom I consider both my girlfriend and best friend (male or female). We met a couple of years ago when both of us began the same Master's degree program. Our relationship became "serious" about 12 months ago, and I mustered enough courage to tell her that I'd love to watch her go to the bathroom. She told me that I could if I really wanted to, but I never pressed the issue. Last weekend, Lauren and I were on our way up to the mountains for a little R&R. About two hours into the drive, Lauren asked me to pull over at the next rest area because she had to go to the bathroom. We were on a rural, two-lane road and amenities were few and far between. I pulled over when I saw a couple of porta-potties outside of a small tourist office. It was still early in the morning and the office was closed and nobody was around. "Ohh, I want a REAL toilet. I'd use the potties if I only had to pee, but I don't want to defecate in one of those things." This was the first time that she ever mentioned her bodily functions to me (other than "I have to go to the bathroom," etc.) We switched positions in the car (Lauren took control of the driving); about 20 minutes later, while still on this two-lane highway, Lauren pulled over onto the hard shoulder and told me she "couldn't hold it anymore." She asked me to accompany her into the woods; she scavenged through the trunk for "something to wipe with." Lauren found a couple of newspapers and then headed toward the woods, with me following. Lauren pulled her jeans and panties almost down to her sneakers and squatted down to go. She peed for a few seconds and then began tightening up to poop. She let out three, gooey plops within seconds and then, after a few more seconds, let out some more. Lauren began to sob "I feel like such an animal for doing this." I told her I love her and not to worry about it. She began to wipe her [very cute, sorry to be politically incorrect :-)] bum and then told me that I've "finally gotten your wish to watch me go to the bathroom." We both smiled and hugged each other (after she finished wiping). There was quite a smelly pile on the ground after she went; Lauren's "motion" is proof that even a beautiful, intelligent woman can let out a nasty poop. I felt awful about her having to go in the woods, but at the same time barely contained my pleasure at watching her bare herself (literally) and poop.

Hi Everyone. I know we have been having trouble with the same names so Im changing my Name on here from Andy(17) to Bryian. When I used to post It would post: Andy(17) and It would come up like that but just In the last few posts the Web-site provider would take It off, so now my name Is Bryian.

I agree with Jill. A toilet is where you get rid of the natural waste products of the body and these smell, so if a smelly motion is produced one expects a fecal odor. I do however feel that good ventilation and or deodorant system in public, school and works toilets can remove unpleasent stinks and I keep a spray in the bathroom at my flat to mask the smell if I pass a very niffy jobbie, such as if I have been eating eggs or had a strongly spiced meal and have passed its end product. Normally my motions dont have too bad a smell, at least that's what my boyfriend says, being no more pungent than a dry fart. Like Jill I very often pass long turds which stick up out of the water and this of course means the smell is stronger as it lies there steaming, but after pulling the flush the smell usually goes away, even if often the jobbie doesn't!

I cant imagine lowering a turd by hand as Dork and Mike do although I have had to remove one of mine by hand out of a toilet pan where it was too big to flush away and this was in my bosses' house when I had been invited for a meal. Anywhere else I would have left it there as I usually do. I put in one of the plastic bags they used to dispose of sanitary towels and dumped it in the dustbin (trash can) outside. I often wonder what the men who emptied the bin thought if the bag opened up. I have also used my hand to assist getting a very hard fat turd to come out. I had been rather constipated and passed a very hard fat nobbily lump which, rather like Linda said, felt like it had spikes, what the Scots call "passing a jaggy brick". After about 4 inches or had emerged it stuck in my back passage so I had to gently rock it back and forth before I felt it start to move again and I just got my hand out of the way in time before it dropped into the pan with an almighty "KUR-SPLOONK!!!". I agree with Moira that I just cant imagine me wanting to take a turd to bits like Mike did. I do remember that an aunt of mine had to do this once when one of my young cousins Cathy who was about 8 at the time swallowed the small metal trinket in a piece of Christmas Cake. My aunt had to get her to do her motions for the next few days in a potty and break it up by hand until after three days the offending item was found and she then knew it was safely passed. I also read that Customs Officers when they apprehend drug smugglers who try to import narcotics by swallowing condoms detain these suspects for a number of days during which when they do a motion they have to pass it in a special toilet pan which empties into a big tank where some unlucky Customs Officer has to "go through the motions" and extract any drug filled condoms. As regards holding one's bum when a motion is threatening to come out in one's panties. I cant see that this would do a lot of good,especially if the motion was loose or runny, its probably a reflex action as Ive seen kids and others do this when taken short. I found Cousin's remarks about Linda "talking to her turd" a bit quaint. Probably she was taking to herself as I can remember my mum when constipated would sit on the pan going !OO! OO! and I sometimes heard her say "Come out you fat bugger!" , and funnily enough there was usually a resounding "KUR-SPLOOSH!" after this, and Ive said this myself when bunged up or trying to pass a very big hard jobbie. I nearly wet myself laughing at Cousin's description of the turd replying as it gave me a very funny mental picture of myself on the bus going home and holding one in and a little voice coming from the seat of my panties under my skirt saying "let me out,let me out! Ive been stuck up here for ages!", and me replying "you can bloody well stay up there until Im ready for you!" Finally, Ill have to try weighing myself before and after a motion as Moira and Candice did. Has anyone else done this and what was the result? one to think of it, has anyone ever taken their turd and weighed it?

Thanks Moria for the Hairy ass info. I don't have hardly any hair there and my dumps are kind of fast. Chris thanks also for the hairy ass info. Chris I find that when my ass is itchy it usually means I'm ready for a dump, so I'm not sure that the ointment caused you to dump. The fact that you had to change ,did it mean you didn't make it to the toilet in time?

I love the posts here especially George and Moira's. Moira I have a question for you. I think it's lovely that you and George rub each others ???? and help each other to poo by offering words of encouragement. I've often stood outside the bathroom door unbeknown to my boyfriend, and silently said 'push, baby, do a good big one for me'. He'd never let me in, it's such a shame. What I want to know is do you ever wipe each other's bottoms. I think it's the most loving thing, I'd love to bend my boyfriend over and gently clean his anus for him with some tissue, or a warm soapy washcloth. Does anyone else do this?

Has anyone here any stories about poo stained pants/panties? I have many memories about personal accidents and those of others, and would post some of them if they are of interest. I would also be interested in hearing similar recollections.

Hi everyone, I haven't had a bowel movement in 3 weeks and my chest and bottom is kill does anyone know what to do so I can have a bowel movement?

Carol J.
The following is true, and probably the reason for taking an interest in other peoples fetishes. This is not made up to wind anyone up; I don't do that sought of thing.

I went out with a guy a few years ago and he had very strange behaviour. Whenever I needed to use the toilet he insisted on coming in with me and watching me. He knew I didn't really like it but I just went along with it to keep him quiet.

He just got a buzz out of seeing my rear end on the seat with my trousers and panties on my knees. If I pulled my panties up to the edge of the seat he didn't like it and made me pull them down to my knees. I found it highly embarrassing trying to strain with somebody watching me, but just had to do it.

Some months later I went shopping on my own in a city about 20 miles away. I needed to use a toilet and went looking for one in the shopping area. After much searching I found some ladies toilets and walked in through the entrance. It was very large inside and had a very high roof (a very old building). To my shock the toilets were all open, there was a line of toilets with just a small partition between them and no doors. I had never been in ones like that before and didn't know what to do.

None of the toilets were being used but there were two women washing their hands in the sink and chatting to each other, and a cleaning lady mopping the tiled floor. Given a split second decision I think I would have turned round and walked out but they had already glanced round at me, so I had to just walk towards the toilets. I took off my coat as it would have been impossible to do much with that on, and there was nowhere to hang it so I had no choice but to place it over the partition beside the toilet. I lifted my skirt, pulled down my tights and underwear, and slowly sat on the seat. They were old style toilets, very high off the ground with a wall systen, and a large wooden seat that made you feel like you are forever falling through it, it was winter and the seat felt freezing cold. I noticed the two woman (who by then were playing around with the hand dryer), kept glancing over at me. I felt plain stupid on display, I was just hoping that someone else was going to come in and use one of the other toilets so I wouldn't be the sole attention.

I had previously been walking round the shops with stomach pain and really went looking for some toilets to go number two. As I started to pee I was thinking that if them women walked out I would try and go quickly before anyone else came in. They eventually did walked out and there was nobody about just the cleaning lady that was then opening a box of toilet rolls and replacing the empty ones on the holders. She just quickly glanced at the toilet roll holder beside me without appearing too rude, placed a new roll on top. I started to push quickly to get it over with quickly but realised I couldn't go just like that. I was then at the stage where I couldn't just pull up my underwear if I wanted to because I would had needed to wipe from that point.

I heard some footsteps walking down the passageway leading into the block, and when I looked there were six teenage girls about sixteen years old. There just seemed a lot of noise from there talking and putting there bags down, I was just hoping that they were going to get on with going to the toilet.

Four of them disappeared from my view as they walked over to the toilets (one of them walked towards the toilet next to me), and two of them didn't appear to want to go and just stood there by the sinks ahead of me. I had started to do my business but was uncomfortable about making any noise in front of other people so I was a bit slow.
I heard the sounds of flushing further along as they finished but then they seemed to be teasing the girl on the next toilet to me. As they were chuckling I heard her say "I can't help it if I need to poo".

Three of the girls were hovering in front of her, although they were looking at her on the next toilet, I was in full view of them as well. I felt myself finish, I don't think they could hear because of the noise of their talking, and I was then faced with the dilemma of wiping with them around or waiting until they had gone and then do it.

After a couple of minutes of hesitating I realised that they weren't going to go in a hurry and come to terms that I was going to have to finish off with the toilet roll in front of them. The cleaning lady walked up to them and said "don't be rude there is a lady next to you trying to use the toilet as well, and don't want you lot hovering over her",

They all looked over to me and said "sorry". I sat up a little and said "its all right I I'm finished now", it was about all I could say. With that they just seemed to stayed there talking to their friend on the toilet about their school work.

I pulled some toilet roll off the roll, the girl standing the closest to me must have noticed and went and stood the other side of here friend, I suppose to appear courteous. I stood up a little to wipe and had a clear view of the girl on the next toilet as the partitions were very low. From that view I noticed she had all five of her friends hovering around her and she didn't seem the slightest bit embarrassed. I felt very embarrassed doing it and I did not like to look at the paper whilst being in view of them, so I tried to be a bit discreet.

As I started wiping she pulled of some paper as well, and we were both standing side by side doing it together. I then pulled up my underwear and tights, pulled my skirt down straight and flushed the chain.
I walked over to the sinks and washed my hands, as I was doing so several other women walked in and just sat on the toilets without really bothering, I suppose if they were local they would probably just be used to it.

Driving home I realised that being embarrassed, and feeling humiliated can also be stimulating, that is probably my interest in sites such as these. Sometimes even now I return to that shopping area to use those toilets, to try and experience that feeling of shyness and stimulation.

The above is true and not made up for kicks, but hope it makes some sense to you.

I read the comments about toilets with open stalls and found the whole idea amazing. However the local health centre here has had problems with drug use in its toilets. Apparently people have been using the cubicles for there heroin habit and not for the pure purpose of shitting. Anyway they have discussed it with the police and the local paper says that they are going to keep the cubicle doors ajar so that pateinets have to use them as open stalls and they hope this will discourage drug taking. I don't know about you but I personally would resent having to use an open cubicle just so some junkie does not kill himself. Some strange people out there (and strange makes the world more interesting does it not) would probably enjoy the experience of shitting in an open stall so here are the details:
Legal department, was here Lancashire, England

both my kids soil thier underpants frequently they are twin girls aged 14 my wife buys them white cotton knickers which show up the skid marks more than dark colours

Andy, sorry about the confusion over the cupcake thing. Only the first part of my post about erection/urination was for you. The last part was for another "Andrew" or "Andy" who wrote about cupcakes and laxatives. To all, I once spent some time in Ecuador working on different aspects of rural development. On a health project I became good friends with a nurse from the U.S. Once during a two-hour bus ride to project headquarters, she leaned over to me and whispered, "I have to fart." I told her to go ahead, no one would ever know who did it. She was uninhibited about bodily functions, the kind of nurse who said she sort of enjoys giving bed pans, so she quietly relieved her pressure. I needed a dump at the time, so I thought I'd take advantage of Ecuador's interesting restrooms, often unisex. I asked her if, by chance, she also had to take a dump. She said "yes," so I invited her to do something we couldn't easily (maybe never) do in U.S., join me for a dump in a public toilet. She laughed and said "sure." So at our destination, we headed for the nearest unisex public restroom, took stalls next to one other, and talked our way through two pretty good dumps. No one else was in there at the time. Our friendship was really bonded by that.

I was on a business trip to the south west of Germany, where I drank "Neuer Wein" ("new wine" = not wine yet, but not grape juice any longer) for the first time in my life; it's the season for it. A serious warning for those who dislike having the runs: NEVER DRINK THAT STUFF! Even though it's delicious (with the typical "onion cake") and will make you only slightly dizzy, its effects are devastating. It must be the yeast contained in it, and it will work within four or five hours after imbibing the precarious stuff.
When I walked home to my hotel from the place where I had spent the afternoon and evening with my business friends, I started to feel my bowels bubble and bulge. Soon it hurt. Then it descended like an ever-inflating balloon into my abdomen. It was awesome, and it happened fast. I had never experienced something like this before. I secretly opened my belt and the button of my trousers under my lacket and pullover. My belly was bloated like it had a football inside. Endless muffled rumbling could be felt and heard coming from down there. Then the pains started. I tried to pass wind silently as I walked along the dark street, and I realized it came in huge, drawn-out waves. Unable to stop, I let out these never ending farts again and again. Every twenty seconds or so the increasing pressure made me open the valve. I slowed down and concentrated on relaxing in order to keep it silent.
Eventually, I felt a mighty stinging pain as if I was about to burst. I stopped, bent over slightly, and finally ripped off a salvo at full blast, which seemed indeed to lead to some relief, but all of a sudden I felt there was more in store than just gas. Alarmed, I held it in forcefully - not an esay task at that stage - and sped to the hotel as fast as the pressure allowed me to move. Luckily enough, it was late and there was noone in the lobby. I reached my room and made straight for the john, where I pulled my pants down and managed to touch the seat before the blast. I double up like a jackknife and it burst out of me in a single uninterrupted jet that lasted for more than two minutes, accompanied by roaring, then screeching and finally blubbering noises. It was not even watery thin liquid, but rather thick, viscous slime which upon later inspection turned out to be of a yellowish ochre colour. It hit the water first with a host of multiple splashes, but soon it started to splatter so I knew it was piling up higher than the surface, and still I was going and going. I did not release a single drop of pee, by the way. When it finally stopped I felt nauseated, no doubt by the terrible rotting stench, but probably also by the loss of minerals. The first wipe I took proved the futility of the attempt - the wad of paper was completely covered with mush oozing over the edges - so I finished undressing and proceeded to clean myself under the shower.
Before that, I had another moment of horror when I pulled the flush - the bowl was quite full, and when the water rushed in it mounted dangerously in bulky brown clouds, threatening to bubble over the rim any second. But the horror went by as the whole mess obviously thought better of it and decended down the drain with an ominous gurgle. Afterwards I drank lots of mineral water and felt considerably better. But I still shudder when I think of the incident.
So wherever you are, Germany or what-not, if they serve you this killer drink, keep your hands off it - unless you're into having the runs, of course...
Good poops to you all, Andre.

To Rick-- You posted a couple of weeks ago asking about the best kind of laxative to take that would just produce one dump. As readers will note from my previous posts, I am constipated a lot. My advice is to do what I do and use a dulcolax suppository. It is supposed to work in 15 minutes to an hour. I have found that they work predictably on me in 30 to 45 minutes. If I haven't had a bm in 3 days, I use one. I do it in the morning before work. The cramps start about 15 to 20 minutes after inserting it. At that point, I get a mug of hot coffee and a magazine and head for the john. I sit there and hold the suppository in until the cramps get bad enought that I'm sure I can go (usually 15 minutes after sitting down). I finish the coffee, put down the magazine and get down to business. You still have to push and strain, but the suppository makes it possible to push everything out. I usually sit there about 30 minutes just to make sure it is through working and I've gotten everything out that is going to come out that day. Once the cramps subside you are through and only rarely will you have to go back to the toilet. A couple of times, I have been surprised, and had to run for a restroom later in the morning or on the way to work. For the most part, you just go once. It doesn't completely clean you out like a strong oral laxative, but it usually produces a pretty large movement which feels very close to a natural (although constipated) one. You might give it a try. Carlos and Thom-- Where have you guys been? I have missed your posts.

The Other Day, I went Into This Home Improvemtns Center, and I had to Take a Dump. So I found the Restrooms, Went in and Began to poop. As I was Setting There, Some Other Guys Walked in, and THis Place has alot of Stalls, So I could See Through the Crack And I saw Some Guy Looking in the Stalls , Through the mirror. So I was in a Middle Stall, and THen all the Sudden This Guy looked Through the Crack, And I could see his eye look Directly At me. Has Anyone Else Ever had this Happen?

Monday, October 12, 1998

To Splash I did finally ask Linda just why she did hold her bottom and she said it was to hold her buns closed so the poop wouldn't come out.I joked and said but wouldn't you just poop in your hand? She hit me and said no.Well anyway I guess it does serve some purpose.Anyway I asked her this after she knocked me down running to the bathroom with her hand on the place in question.After a time of,"Come on please come out poop!" I asked her.She also told me she's now writing on this site.Well I guess it's better cause you guys now get both sides.Anywa there were at least 4 BIG splashes(no pun intended Splash) It just seems funny to me that she talks to it as if it would listen to her.Sometimes she even tells it not to come out to saty in her till she's bare bottomed on the potty.I know it's understandable since she's young but I read that some of you guys do it too.Just why? Do you really think it will just say,"Oh sorry I thought you were ready.I'll wait till you give me the go ahead." It just seems funny to me.And no I didn't cry when she hit me.I'm used to it.

I liked Candice's post about weighing herself before and after doing a motion. I did this recently using our electronic bathroom scales. Incidentally we still use Pounds and Ounces (thankfully) in the UK despite attempts by various Governments and agencies to try to force the metric system on us. I can understand metric but its alien units just do not equate with real life. I'll stick to miles, pounds, feet etc for everday measures and keep the metric for technical matters.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was a bit constipated and hadn't done a jobbie for 3 days, I just hadn't felt the urge to do a motion. This didnt bother me (it never does) as things normally sort themselves out after a day or two. I did notice that my ???? was a bit swollen. Just after my shower I stepped on the scales, then about half an hour after breakfast I felt the welcome movements in my ???? and a large fecal mass slide down into my back passage. I sat on the toilet pan, farted quite a lot to begin with, (I usually do just before I have a motion) and waited for it to come down, (It was a Sunday so I was in no hurry). The first jobbies came out with quite a bit of "OO! OO! ing" as 3 hard fat lumps the size of goose eggs making tremendous "Kersploonk!" sounds then I passed a large fat firm nobbily log of about a foot long which went "kur-sploosh!". I still felt full and remained sitting on the pan and sure enough a few moments later I passed a long fat soft but properly formed and easy smooth sausage which curved round in the pan and made no sound at all. This one must have been a good 15 inches long, and finally I dropped a smaller "mick" as we call such a turd in Glasgow of about 5 inches long which went "kaplonk!". Getting my breath back I looked at the great load I had passed which was piled up in the bottom of the pan. I decided to weigh myself again and found I was a couple of pounds lighter after passing that lot, even although I had eaten a very full cooked breakfast, Cornflakes, Bacon, Sausages, Eggs, Mushrooms and Tomatoes and a cup of coffee and a muffin just before doing my motion. I left my load for George to see when he came back from playing Golf. For those interested it took 4 flushes to get it all to go away as the two big jobbies jammed together. I did notice that the swelling of my ???? had gone down, although I did fart quite a bit afterwards to George's great amusement.
I must say I found Mike's posting about disecting his turds a bit gross but each to their own. I have never tried to catch one on its way out as I personally have never been bothered about the sound effects, in fact the opposite is true and if someone hears me doing a nice big jobbie or sees what Ive doen good luck to them and I hope they enjoy this as much as I did passing it. I would agree that certain foodstuffs seem to pass through relatively unchanged, sweetcorn,frozen peas, nuts, the seeds on burger buns, a piece of chewing gum I swallowed being some of the items I have seen embedded on the surface of my jobbies from time to time.
Rather than feeling that sex leaves me feeling bunged up I have found that lovemaking with George is a great way to relieve constipation no doubt the movement of all the muscles and organs in the abdomen helps move things along and I have often had a really substantial and satisfying bowel movement after a good session. I would however say that if a woman is constipated with a large hard stool stuck in her back passage, intercourse can be a bit uncomfortable for both partners as the large hard lump in her rectum presses through restricting the vagina as both structures are so close. There is also the risk of it coming out in the bed!! In such cases George will first accompany me to the toilet before we make love and rub my ???? to help me pass it and this turns him on anyway.
To Dork Regarding hairy "asses" (bums or arses here in the UK), I dont have a hairy "ass", most women dont, but George does and if he passes a soft motion then yes it can stick to the hair. we find that using moist wipes such as "Hakle Moists" deals with this problem and also these are far more effective in cleaning the anus after a motion and prevent skid marks in the seat of one's panties. These wipes are also useful in cleaning after changing tampons or sanitary towels during a period.
Haven't heard anything from Crimson for a while. We really like his technical data about different types of toilet pans and what they can deal with. Also what has happened to Jay and Paige? To Preggy, just take your doctor's advice on what is safe to use for constipation in pregnancy, better to put up with a bit of discomfort that take any risks. I hope you had a nice big satisfying BM without too much difficulty. Anyway, I hope all goes well for you in your pregnancy. Finally, to the moderator, can we have another picture? That poor asian girl must have the worst case of the runs ever to be sat there for so many months. Perhaps you could recycle some of the previous pictures. Lots of love to all from Moira

hi everyone it me again.i woke up early because my cousin woke me up while he was getting ready to go to work.see while he was taking a shower i came it and told him i was going to go kiki. that what i say or call pee. anyway i picked up my night shirt from the back and pulled down my pampies to my knees but they fell to my ankles but it was okay cause only my cousin could see me so i sat down. man was the seat cold. anyway after i did kiki i sat there falling asleep again when i got the feeling to poop.that woke me up.anyway i am going to tell you that i really hate going poop. it takes too long to do and when i have not done it in a while it can take longer and really hurt.and i had not done it in a few i just sat there and hoped the feeling would go away but it did cousin was already through with his shower and i gave him his towel while i was shaking because of this huge snake of poop that wanted to come finaly when it got so bad that it felt like it was going to rip out of me i did it.i had to push so hard to get it out. it came out very slowly and take hurt and to me it felt like it had spikes btu thats just my mind being silly it did not really is was just too big.after a hugh spalsh that wet my tushie i did another tiny peice and was done.whew. anyway i want to know why is it sometimes when you have to poop it feels like you are about to poop your pants but when you sit down it like it decides not to and you have to push to get it out.a while ago it was breaking down the door and now i have to make it come out? oh well maybe it is just me, but i would like to hear from any of you if it is not.bye

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