Hi everyone. I found this site recently and decided to add my stories. I guess I'm mostly inspired by people like Catherine and Shannon who have admitted to having a solid poo accident and not disliking the sensation. That's why I found this site to begin with, so I guess I fit in!

I'm in my mid 30s now and a few weeks ago I had another accident and that's what led me here first. I was out running some errands and getting some shopping done, trying to cram everything into one trip what with all the Covid craziness going on and not wanting to catch it. I live in a slightly rural area alone in a house my parents own so getting to stores takes a good 30+ minutes to drive. I've also read that public bathrooms can be riskier for Covid germs so I try to avoid those right now when I can. After being out for a couple of hours I really needed to go, both kinds, and couldn't avoid using the ladies room to pee, and if I had just given a little push I knew I could have pooped as well, but I wanted to get out and prefer pooping at home so I only quickly peed and left. I made one more stop and headed home.

By halfway home the urge to poop was like a 9 out of 10. When I was still about 10 minutes out I started sweating and knew I wouldn't last much longer. A few moments later the urge got worse and I could feel the solid poo pushing against my anus and start turtle heading. I squirmed in my seat and tried my best to hold on, only needing a few more minutes to get home. My body disagreed and kept trying to force it out and suddenly I couldn't help but push and felt the turd start to slowly slide out despite my best effort, until it hit my panties and then the car seat provided enough resistance that it stopped. If I lifted my butt off of the seat it would keep going, I knew, so I kept myself as still as possible to keep the seat pressure for a few moments and finally my bowel muscles relaxed enough for me to pull the poop back inside, mostly, though I definitely felt dirty and knew my panties would be marked.

I was still hovering at a 9.9/10 when I pulled into my driveway and had to wait for the garage door to slowly open - slower than usual it seemed. I finally pulled into the garage and took a breath to steel myself to dash inside to the guest bathroom since it was closest to the garage house door. I opened the car door, slowly climbed out of the seat trying to keep my butt muscles clenched, closed the door, hit the button to close the garage, and started to unlock the house door.

But that's when I felt every nerve in my body start to tingle and knew it was too late. My body pushed and I exhaled and relaxed as I gave up fighting it as the giant turd pushed steadily into my panties, pushing them out, warmth spreading on my skin between my cheeks, crackling sounds loud in my ears, the smell strong in my nose. It was a total body experience. It only took a few seconds probably, but felt longer. I shivered as the last of it settled.

I realized I had peed a little, but since I was in a sundress it mostly went straight through to the concrete floor and a little down my left leg. I could feel my heart pounding and my whole body tingling. I carefully reached under the back of the dress and felt the giant mound under my butt, fully contained inside my Target brief panties. I focused on the feeling inside them - hot, a little firm, a little soft, heavy... pleasant?!?

I snapped back to reality after a moment and remembered my groceries. I had cold things that needed to be put away ASAP. How long would it take to clean up? I decided that the feeling in my panties was someone pleasant and the groceries were the priority, so I carefully made a few trips from the car to the kitchen with the cold items to put those away, feeling the way the mound of poop swayed a little in my panties as I walked, how it stuck to my skin. I shivered again. Once the cold items were put away I went and cleaned up and showered and then got the rest of my items from the car.

So like Shannon and Catherine recently posted and I agree fully, it's a little weird but having a solid accident feels both a little embarrassing but good at the same time. I haven't gone quite so far as to do it on purpose "for fun", but the thought crosses my mind sometimes when I need to go and I'm home alone. Like, who would it hurt?

Anyway, this is probably too long already so I'll stop for now.

Shannon and Catherine - please keep posting! :)

Seraphina (Sera)

Double Birthday Surprise

(This happened before the virus started)

To rb: This is one of those "unexpected results" I was referring to earlier...

So over here I would go to quite a few birthday parties. Some good, some bad, but this one was "Surprising".

Party attire for me was a dark blue dress with white flowers that we had bought just a few weeks earlier and I was glad to be able to wear it at last. I also wore matching undies with a floral design but no one else was going to know that.

Mum or Dad drops me off then there's always lots of ???? food and especially drinks. This means I usually need the toilet by the end and I enjoy holding it until I get home and no one ever finds out.

So on this particular time I was concentrating on finishing an especially big drink before getting picked up and already felt "comfortably full" but not urgent at all. Then all of a sudden one of the parents there asks "If I need to go to the toilets?"

Of course I said I didn't but I was so surprised at them even asking. How could they think I needed to go? I wasn't holding myself. Not even fidgety. How could they possibly tell?

Many of the others had also gone off to the toilets. So that is a clue I missed: I wasn't thinking about why they went at all. Just concentrating on my drink thinking Dad would turn up and not want to stick around while I finished it.

Eventually the others all came back to the party table. But my second surprise happened when we were all taken across to the other side of the building and lined up to go into the movie theatre! Obviously Dad wasn't going to be turning up any time soon. Clearly I had made a major miscalculation! I claim to this day that no one had said anything about a movie!

The movie was crowded. And I worried if I would manage to last as long as the movie as I took a seat next to my friends. Pretty soon we were blocked in on both sides and I started stressing and the more I thought about it the more I imagined I was busting already. So I tried my best to forget about it.

But that big drink was working it's way thru me very quickly. I joked to myself how I couldn't wait for the movie to start! Once the lights were out I slowly re-positioned myself so I could sit on my foot. That's one of my favourite tricks to help me hold on.

By the end of the first half hour my "comfortable fullness" really had turned into being busting. But I was so determined to try to hold it for the whole movie that I never considered the option of actually going out to the toilets.

Being closed in on both sides I just couldn't face having to disturb everyone while I pushed past them. In the dark I tucked a hand between my legs and pushed hard and that helped a bit. But I kept thinking how I was so busting, busting, busting for the toilet. And as you can imagine, quite annoyed that I had so much to drink.

I tried to concentrate on the movie, whatever it was and actually managed for a whole hour but then I started getting these really bad waves of desperation and my wees felt like it was literally trying to push it's way out of me. I held on grimly with my inside muscles clamped tight but I pretty much knew I couldn't really wait much longer.

But I wasn't about to give up: I resorted to bouncing in my seat. But that didn't stop each wave of desperation getting worse. So I just bounced faster and faster. Another half hour and I had to jam both hands between my legs. I was just so frantic and felt trapped and finally started to realise I was going to have an accident.

I could tell that my friend next to me had noticed what was up. Then she whispered how she could see I needed the toilet and she offered to come out with me. But I whispered back that I could hold it and anyway it would disturb the people next to us. Even if I had decided to give up and go out to the toilets, by then I didn't think I could hold it in once I stood up, but I couldn't tell her that.

I did however manage another 10 minutes. I tried ever so hard to hold on but in the end there was a really bad wave of desperation and a long burst of wees soaked my undies. I made it stop but knew I had a lot more to do and I couldn't wait any more.

My muscles were so tired and I knew I was going to fully wet my pants. As carefully as I could I moved the foot that I had been sitting on back onto the floor then spread my skirt out from underneath me so it wouldn't get wet. Almost immediately the flood started and I had to let it just come out and soak under myself and my seat.

My friend guessed that I had an accident because she saw that I finally calmed down and could watch the movie. I pleaded with her "Please Don't Tell" and she agreed, much to my relief.

So I did manage to get away with it completely: No one said anything about the enormous wet patch where I had been sitting. Special thanks to my dark dress and a very absorbent movie seat. After Dad finally picked me up I was able to hide the wetness in my bedroom clothes basket.

This was one of the few times I had wet myself in recent years. I will post some more stories soon.


Thursday, July 16, 2020

Victoria B.



Just a few quick responses for today.

To Catherine: Robyn finished the toilet off with a huge poop of her own. It's old and the parts needed to fix it aren't in stock anymore and would be too expensive to justify using on a toilet that wouldn't last another five years so we totaled it! Robyn's getting a new toilet for free!

To Fog: I have before and I'm undefeated.

That's all for now!



Live Poop Emoji


Our little boy, who I refer to as Joey on this forum (because it rhymes with Chloe and Zoe), will be three years old next month. He has been using the potty for several months now! He's had a few accidents - both pee and poop - but for the most part he is doing rather well. I'm impressed with the size of his poops. He eats rather well, and lots of it. We've avoided sweets, candy and junk food, and he's really gotten used to eating what the rest of us eat.

He still uses a child's potty, which Alan and I empty as soon as he has finished. Sometimes the girls help. Yesterday it was my turn, sometime shortly after breakfast and my own bowel movement. When I looked in the potty, it was a perfect chocolate brown swirl, just like the Poop Emoki!

We are all doing well, trying to do our part in the midst of this pandemic. I hope that you all are staying well and regular!

Love to all!




bad diarrhea

I posted just a little bit ago responding to my survey replies, and almost immediately after i was done i got the worst sharp cramp in my stomach. I suddenly needed to go to the bathroom very urgently, and i got up and rushed to the bathroom. i lost a wave on the way there that soiled my undies pretty bad but i got most of it in the toilet. i wonder what brought that on? i don't usually get those horrible instant bouts of diarrhea. the closest thing to that experience i can recall is when i was in the uber earlier this year and had an accident. that one came on slow at first but then suddenly ramped up to that very urgent feeling, but not like this. i was literally sitting there not having to poop at all, and within 2 minutes i was on the toilet with soiled panties around my ankles. i guess that's just me... i also think its funny and maybe coincidental that i was posting here just before it happened.



Bathroom Accessories

Hi Toilet folks! What is one of your favorite bathroom accessories? Mine will always be a good toilet, and exhaust fan. I still occasionally miss running a good vent. Today I had a sloppy medium poop after having brunch with popcorn. Other than that, I haven't pooped much, and my peeing is still the same (maybe 8 times a day or a little greater). I also enjoy peeing in the shower sometimes.


I like sausage but it doesn't like me anymore

So for years now I have loved sausage. I like smoked sausage of pretty much any kind of meat and I like ground pork sausage in my spaghetti. Well, ever since I got in to my 30s, it has slowly started to say the feeling isn't mutual anymore. Even if drain the grease out of the ground sausage, my stomach is still gonna have issues with it. I'm currently sitting on the toilet, for the third time in an hour, with pretty much rocket powered liquid shit coming out of me. I know it's not anything else I've eaten because I've only had sausage or stuff with sausage in me for the last two days, and I didn't poop at all yesterday. It's hit me like a brick wall, and I've gone through half a roll of toilet paper because I haven't been able to get babywipes yet. I hope this third time is the last time. If it happens again, I'm going outside and shitting in the woods, it's light enough outside during this time of year in Alaska even at midnight. Anyone else have this issue with sausage or other traditionally greasy meats?


My First Story

Well hello, this is my first time ever saying something here. I figured if I'm going to tell a story, I might as well go with a bit of an embarrassing story.

So last year at my high school, I was in a group called IB, it was some kind of gifted program and we were allowed to go on a week-long trip to a camp for a retreat of sorts. It was one of those summer camp locations, with cabins and such, but it was only going to be the IB group, which had around 40 people going, the teachers, and the camp counselors. I had to pack things, such as a bathing suit, clothes, and toiletries, just in case I needed it. The cabin had an AC and bathrooms in them, but I wanted to make sure I was prepared, that, and my mother wouldn't let me just go out.

So on Monday, when we were supposed to depart from the school, my alarm on my phone decided to ring 10 minutes later than it was supposed to. I usually wake up around an hour before I go to school so I can get myself ready and use the bathroom before school (I'll get to why later), but due to my 10 minutes being cut and me having to eat breakfast, I started rushing and forgot to even use the bathroom. Me being nervous and tired caused me to stress about if I forgot anything, but when I noticed I had everything, I left my room with my travel bag and a small breakfast bowl from a store.

When I got to school, we did role-call and was boarding our things on a travel bus when I started to feel a twinge in my stomach. I noticed it was probably because I didn't get to poop beforehand, as I tend to use the bathroom a lot but I don't have much luck holding my waste in, which is why I usually go before school. But because my timing was off, I wanted to go use the bathroom, but it was a bit too late because everyone was going on board. Not wanting to halt everyone else, I simply decided to go on the bus and simply hold everything in until we got to the camp, which was about 1-2 hours away from us, and with me only having a small feeling, I thought I would be able to ride the wave as we got there. I was sitting next to my friend we will call Ayu, and took out my Nintendo Switch as it was something I could play until we got to the camp.

About 30 minutes into the ride, my stomach began to flip flop, as if it was moving around. It started making small gurgling noises, which was something I hoped my friend or anyone else didn't hear, but with everyone talking, it seemed like no one noticed. I tried to keep my mind on my game, but the feeling in my stomach began to intensify and it felt like there was something quickly traveling down my waist and into my bottom. Afraid that it was a disaster, I clenched my body to keep whatever that was coming out from, you know, coming out, but all that slipped out was a tiny fart, which Ayu teased me about how cute and silent it was. Apparently, there was a bit of a smell, but she told me she would play along if anyone noticed it was me. For a few minutes it seemed, I would battle with my stomach as it kept trying to push gas out of me, and me holding everything back would put a lot of pressure onto my stomach, causing it to ache really bad as if there was a rock inside.

Thinking that I was just gassy from my food earlier, I decided to carefully fart, and all that luckily came out was very soft and silent poots out of me that didn't have a strong smell. For a while, it felt like the pressure went away and I went back to what I was doing until it suddenly came back, but my stomach felt like it had a boulder stuck inside. I then started to need to pee a little, and in a bit of worry, I asked our teacher, who was sitting in front of us, how long it would be until we got to the camp, which she replied, "Only an hour left."

I tried to hold everything back for 20 minutes after that, silently farting as they slowly began to be more audible and wetter, and eventually, they began to just slip out on their own. Ayu, after sniffing the air, smelt the bad stuff I was pushing out and asked if I was ok, due to be apparently sweating a lot even though the bus was air-conditioned. I was too embarrassed to tell her that I needed to use the bathroom soon, so I just brushed it off saying I just am excited. I began to squirm a bit when my stomach and bladder started to feel weaker. It felt like I was losing a battle against my body, as my butthole began to feel like something was trying to snake its way out of it. I would often pull it back from coming out, but after a while, it wouldn't retract and started to come out more and more on its own, and the surprise of this caused my to squirt into my panties a little, but I managed to stop any permanent damage from showing up.

My little predicament caused my to gasp and squeak a little, which caused Ayu to look very worried and to ask "Are you ok?" to me another time. Noticing she was looking right at me, I tried to compose myself and told her that my stomach hurts a little bit. She began to talk back to me, telling me that I can tell her anything when the poo log tried to push itself out my butt even more. While I tried to remain normal while speaking to hear, the back of my head went crazy trying to stop my butt from sneaking more and more stuff out when I had a very crazy idea. My pee began to squirt itself out more and more, making a somewhat small spot on the bottom of my shorts at the time, but it wasn't noticeable if I closed my legs. That was when I thought of an idea to relieve the pressure, that if I tried and pinched the log that is coming out off, I would be able to hold the rest in. I would have a small bit of poop in my panties, but that could be something I could hide, I thought.

So in a quick movement, I tried to close up my butthole in an attempt to break off the part of my poop that was about to touch my panties, and to my surprise, it actually worked. I felt what seemed like a sticky ball sort of drop-in between my butt. The pressure seemed to go away a little bit, and I began to have control of myself again. Ayu mentioned a smell but thought that I was just farting more.

As we got closer to the camp however, my stomach began to hurt again, but it was very bad this time, almost like a very bad cramp. It caused me to lean forward a bit and I began to tear up as my stomach flopped and I felt the pressure in my butt come back, but it felt stronger, with the log I was fighting back trying to sneak its way out of me. As I fought against this one, we stopped at the camp itself and we were soon told to stand up and get our belongings, but I didn't want to get up. I felt like if I did, everything would have just slipped out because I've been using my chair to hold everything in. What made things worse, was that my bowels seemed to have given out on me around that time and I was at my limit. Ayu looked at me with a stern face as she asked, "Do you have to shit, Natalie?" She was always very honest with the way she spoke, so much that all I did was look at her and I began to tear up, feeling a wave of emotions that felt like defeat and embarrassment as my body felt like it could just explode at any moment.

When we were told to get out of the bus, I stood up very slowly and tried to keep my composure in order to not let anything else slip out until I reached a toilet, as Ayu helped me walk and look natural around everyone else, but it seemed like my poo ball I pushed out earlier was turning a few faces. As I stepped out of the bus, I began to gasp and standstill, as the log I was trying to keep back started to move out on its own. I began to curse a bit when I tried to push it back in, but another cramp hit me, which caused me to start peeing. But the problem this time was that I couldn't stop it, my body was too tired of holding everything in, so in a quick motion, not caring what people saw, I began to hold my crotch and my butt in other to hold everything back, with Ayu noticing my emergency and running to our teacher, telling her my issue.

Being very quick about it, my teacher pointed at a nearby bathroom, and Ayu began to take me there, with our teacher telling us that we can get our travel bags when we come back. In the meantime, I was able to hold my waste back, but there was certainly enough damage. My poop was a considerable length out of me, and there was a decently sized wet spot in front of my shorts. I thought I had my second wind and when Ayu brought me to the bathroom, I ran straight inside, not even closing the door. As I was running, however, my brain must have connected the fact that I was in the bathroom because I felt the urge to go again while I was running to a stall, but with me running, my body wasn't able to hold anything in. As I got into the stall and reached for my zipper, all hell began to break loose in my panties. Ayu followed to check up on me as a lot of farts began to squeeze out of my butthole, allowing a big log of poop to start coiling and sitting into my panties as my bladder began to empty. Bending over due to the pain, I took off my shorts quickly as I stood in front of the toilet, not even turning around before my body started pushing out globs of poop and a torrent of pee out of me and all over socks and shoes. Being stuck in a wave of relief and surprise, I simply held myself on the seat of the toilet, as I finished relieving myself on the bathroom floor, with a few nasty parts getting on my pulled down shorts.

I turned around to check the damage, but I was greeted with a giant pile of brown mush and a big yellow puddle on the floor, with a coiled log nested in my panties. I felt very gross and embarrassed, not knowing what to do so I began to cry and stand. Ayu saw my accident and tried her best to help me clean myself up, even getting my travel bag and a clean set of clothes for me to change with. To this day, I am still friends with her and we have kept my accident a secret, that with some of my many other ones.

I apologize if that felt a bit all over the place. This is my first time being comfortable with telling something like this, and well, I hope to tell more stories in the future.


New accident and old story with mama

Hiya posters! This is Shanna! For those who haven't seen me, im pretty new to posting here. But about me, im a 26 y.o. pasty? white female,skinny, really dorky and have reddish strawberry blonde hair. I also have bad IBS-M, so I get constipated and then have bouts of uncontrollable diarrhea.

Shannon: you seem so sweet! And you deffinitely arent the only one who has accidents as I do alot. I seriously just had one and im on the potty typing this right now on my phone.

Its nothing crazy. I took a long nap after work today and woke up feeling fine. I just was relaxing alone tonight and i suddenly had to poop real bad. I clenched my butt cheeks but a hot squirt of poop just shot out in my panties. I waddled back into the house to try and get on the potty to finish but the poop just started squeezing out more. I pulled down my panties, which are normal white ladies briefs, to sit down and there are huge poop streaks staining through the back and im about to clean up. At this point pooping my panties doesnt even embarrassed me anymore and ive accepted it as part of my life. I recently bought some adult pull ups but it IS kinda embarrassing to put them on

Another old story because ive seen stories you share with your mommies or other family members. And i thought this was good. Yeas ago when i was probably 20 or 21 and in college i didnt have a job. I saw a posting online and asked my mommy to drive me there because i hadn't bought my own car at that point and took the bus everywhere. It was close to home but i didnt want to go in all sweaty and stinky from waiting for the bus. she did and everything was fine, but i guess the whole process took a little while inside the store. When im done meeting the manager and applying i come back to the car so we can go home. My mama was mad and was yelling at me about the length of time and anything else. It's silly but Im really sensitive and my feeling were hurt. I just looked away out the window tryin not to cry. For the record mama is the opposite almost, she gets really bad constipation and has to add a few scoops of laxative powder to her drink every morning when she heads to work. We got home and she was real angry even going inside and im still fighting back hot tears. In the house mommy just ran in in front of me and straight to our restroom, she pulled down her shorts and panties and sat on the potty (she always goes potty with the door open in front of anyone, always has long as i remember). Instantly i heard her pooping into the toilet and there were tons of wet poop splattering in the water and it was stinky even in the hallway. I stood outside the bathroom waiting. She finished and pulled up her briefs and tossed her shorts to the laundry basket in there (she usually wears just undies and a shirt when were home lounging). She came out relieved and nice again and comforted me for being kind of mean. I guess it goes to the embarrassment many of us feel with our bodily functions because she could of just told me in the car she was irritated because she had to take a poop and id get it

Looking forward to more of everyones stories!!!
-Shanna <3

Positioned Pooper

Big Poop Standing Up

Thanks to the people who answered my questions! I liked reading your answers. I already feel welcome here.

Today I did a big poop while standing up. My husband went out so I went into our shower and prepared to drop my load. By the way, my husband knows I'm into pooping in strange positions but I don't think he knows how often I do it. He's watched me do it before though. Anyways, today I felt poop at my back door so I stripped down to nothing and stood in the shower. I didn't push right away. It started poking out on it's own. At this point, my body always tries to double over to make it easier so I had to fight the urge. I grasped onto the shower caddy as the pain in my abdomen grew. The poop stopped moving when it was parked half way out of my hole. I stiffened my posture and squeezed my muscles. The pain in my gut was intense. I still refused to bend over but I shifted my weight from foot to foot to help it move along. I gripped the caddy as the poop slowly slithered out of me. It was dry and bumpy and stretched my hole very wide. It hurt a lot coming out. After some more squeezes it fell to the floor with a loud THUNK. I squeezed out some small poops after that but they were uneventful. When I was done I broke up my big poop and flushed it. It was about 14" long, dry, dark, bumpy, firm, and thick. Then I cleaned myself and the shower before my husband got back. The end.


To Shannon

Shannon, thank you for the kind words. Yes, he was very reassuring - both times. I didn't share the page number of the massive, mushy poop that I had while pregnant, which he witnessed. But the one you did read about my birthday, he understood. We haven't been to a college game since, but I've never heard of an entire stadium having to close their toilets. I imagine that I'm not the only one.

I agree about solid accidents. It's weird that it can feel good but yet be humiliating at the same time. I mean, I would not be upset if it every happened again!

I enjoy your posts!


To Tyler C

Excellent story as always! Would love to hear what happened when you were 19 as well!

Hi I'm Amelia, just to give a quick description of myself I am 16, I have brown hair, I am 5'4 and 130 pounds. Since I was about 10 or 11 I have been so interested in pee and poop when I saw my best friend Kiley use the bathroom at my house. I live in Waterville Canada which is kinda close to the US/Canada border. I live in a small house with my Mother, my sister Emily who is 14, my aunt Eileen who is 34,, and my cousins Jacob who is 11 and Kristina who is 9. A big thing in our house is that we are all very open. My mom and aunt will go to the bathroom with the door wide open (as long as my cousins aren't around). Me and my sister always love having conversations of our pee, poop, and farting experiences of that day. My cousin Jacob has a poop fetish as I caught him watching me poop one time. And my sister and cousin Kristina also caught him when they were pooping. Kristina will only poop in my bathroom because she is scared that he will watch her. But I have since discussed with him that it is not okay. However I also have my thing with pee and poop. My favorite posters on this site right now are Celine, Taylor T, Stacy, and Monika. Today I'll answer a couple of surveys and share a few past bathroom experiences.

First I will answer Stacy's!

Question 1
When you ladies use the toilet do your pants get pulled down to knee level, or do you go the ankle route?
I tend to go the ankle route for most trips. If I'm going in for a short pee I'll just hold my pants up to my knees. But if I'm in the bathroom for a long pee and a big dump I'll just let them fall to my ankles.

Question 2
When sitting do you place your hands in your lap or do you rest them on each hip?
It depends on how I'm feeling that day, sometimes in my lap and sometimes on my hip right around my buttcheeks.

Question 3
Do you pee before, during or after while having a poo?
Again, it really depends. Sometimes it'll be beginning or after or sometimes even both. However I notice that when I really have to poop then my poop wil fly out of me right when I sit down and then I'll start peeing.

Question 4
Is farting normal during a poo? Are they loud audible echoes or quiet airy hisses?
Farting is so normal for me. The sound of them however depends on the seat. If it is a nice round seat that cups my butt just right it will be a loud airy hiss. But if it's a public seat like a toilet at school I'll give out a loud echoing fart.

Question 5
Do you ladies wipe from the seated position, or do you stand ? if in a skirt standing but pants or shorts seated
If I'm in public I'll stay seated but at home behind a closed door I'll stand and just wipe standing.

Question 6
How many times a day to you poop? How many times do you pee?
I usually poop once a day, sometimes even once every two days if I'm in the mood for a big poop. And I usually pee 6-7 times a day.

Question 7
Have you ever let your significant other watch while you were on the toilet
I have not had a boyfriend yet but my sister I have let watch me before and vice versa. I've even let my cousin Kristina see me on the toilet.

Okay and the second survey I am answering is Taylor T's from a couple weeks ago. I tried answering this a couple weeks ago but my post was deleted when I was editing it.

1: How old are you?

2: What is your favorite position to go to the bathroom? (Sitting, hovering, squatting)
My #1 is sitting

3: Do you like pebble sized poops or massive poops?
Gotta love those massive poops that clog the toilet lol.

4: Have you ever pooped at a friend's house?
I have three or four times, twice at my friend Kayla's house when I was 9 and 12, another time I pooped at my friend Avery's house last year, and last Wednesday I pooped at my friend Erica's house.

5: If yes did you like it or not?
I loved those experiences, if you have to poop then you have to poop. But there is something cool in knowing that your friend knows that you're taking a dump in their toilet.

6: What is your favorite place to poop at?
(Home, School, Work, Public Place)
I don't have a job yet so I'll say home, school, and a public place.

Okay so now onto my stories. I have three of them, one story is a pee experience and the other two are pooping experiences. I like to tell stories similar to people like Taylor T and Celine. But anyways this happened last Friday at the Target near my house around 8:30 at night. My sister and I were shopping there to get some pool floaties and other pool toys because we were going to be opening up our pool. My sister's face was kinda red and she wasn't really talking much and I asked if she was alright. She told me she had to poop really badly and she couldn't hold it until we got home. I told her to just go at the Target and that I'd go with her, she agreed and we headed over to the bathrooms. I had to pee really badly so I was gonna go to the bathrooms anyways, I didn't have to poop since I had gone 2 hours before around 6:30. There were four stalls, I took the first and she took the second. I sat down and she started wiping off the seat and said to me, of course someone pissed on the seat ugghhhhh. I saw her jeans and underwear fall to her ankles as she hit the seat and farted. Pee started gushing out of me and it felt so good to let it out. Emily then said to me, oh my lord why is the turd so big uggh, she said that in an annoyed way and I felt bad for her. My pee finally stopped after at least 25 seconds and I began to wipe. As I was wiping I heard what sounded like a huge turd shoot out of Emily into the toilet and a ton of mushy turds followed with little plopping noises. She stopped and yelled, holy s-- that was so big, and I started to laugh. We both started wiping at the same time and went back to shopping.

Okay so my next story just happened when I was at Walmart like an hour ago. I was with my mother because we are going to the beach tomorrow and we needed a few things to bring with us. As we walked in my mother said, do you want to use the bathrooms I have to go. I said, maybe we should use the ones in the back they might be safer and less crowded. She agreed and we walked to the back. We went in and I was relieved to see it empty. My mother took the first stall and I took the second and my mom said, make sure you put down a paper cover if you want to sit. (My mom is a huge germaphobe, especially with COVID). I put a cover down and pushed my jeans and underwear to my shoes and sat down. I began to pee and my mom started pooping which was new to me. I never thought I'd see the day that my mom would poop in public, and to be honest, she was taking a massive dump. As her second turd fell, my first one started to slide out and dropped in with a dunking sound. I let out a quiet airy fart and another turd slowly slid out and plopped in. I began to wipe and my mom said, I'll meet you outside I'm taking the biggest poop in the world. I looked at my load before I flushed and it wasn't too impressive but it felt amazing to let it out.

So I have one last story today and this happened pretty recently as well probably last Wednesday. So my friend Nate and I went hiking recently, we were both born on the same day August 18th but he is a year younger than me, and we are very close. I wouldn't consider us to be a couple but I know he has a thing for me which I find very cute. He has blondish hair Anyways we were walking by a building that had three porta-johns next to each other. He asked, do you need to use the bathroom because I do. I agreed and we went into two of them. I just began to pee and I noticed a peephole cut out in both stalls. I found it kinda creepy but I looked in and the hole was right under the toilet paper holder. I saw the person push their shorts to their ankles and left their underwear by their knees and I'm dumb so it took me a second to realize it was Nate. Nate had his butt lifted a little off the seat so as he started to grunt I saw a huge turd slowly slither out of him. It was so long and as it fell in with a big splash he farted so loudly that he knew I could hear him. I wiped and waited outside for him for 2 minutes and he came out and said, okay let's go. And just to be funny I said, how was your poop. He said, I wasn't pooping. I said, yes you were you were so loud I could hear the water splashing and your farting. He says, Oh well okay I was and it was a good poop, how about yours. I said, I'm not pooping in there are you crazy I just peed. We kept on walking and he said, Okay well do you have to lol. I found it kind of weird that he'd ask since he's a very private and quiet kid and I said to him embarrassingly, Yeah kinda, I have to take a huge poop but I'm not going to in that. And he said, When we go back to my house you can poop in my bathroom if you want. I agreed and we kept on hiking. We left the trail and walked down the street towards his house and thankfully no one was home. We went upstairs to his room and he said, there's the bathroom knock yourself out. I thanked him and went inside with a very nice bathroom. Two sinks, a very nice and big shower, and a big toilet with a seat that looked amazing. I pushed my jeans to my ankles and the seat cupped my butt very nicely and spread my cheeks pretty good. As I sat down a fat turd immediately started crackling out and it felt so good to let it out and the turd broke off of another and splashed in at about 8 inches. That's all I had to let out so I wiped and flushed and we went back outside for a little while.


Stinging Pee

This happened one hot summer day in the late 1990s. Most of the time me and my best friend Norma both were 9 or 10. We both got bikes for Christmas and we were out riding them pretty much every day it wasn't raining. Most days we had lunch at one another's house. We also used that as a bathroom stop but other than that we were at a park, library, chasing emergency equipment, riding on part of the university campus that wasn't used in the summer, or at the public pool.

Other than when we were at home, we had a number of toilets to choose from. If we were to go at home say about 7 or so our moms would say we were so close to curfew we might as well stay in. That meant we would lose 2 hours of fun. Norma usually had a poo at mid-morning so one day when she went home for that, grandma was visiting and thought I should stay home for a while. More than once my mom made me take a mid-afternoon nap because it was getting too warm out. So we stayed away as much as possible by using the bathrooms at a department store,
gas station, the park and pool, and late one afternoon at a home construction site. The gas station attendant hadn't been very nice to us that morning when we asked for the key so Norma suggested this green satellite portable potty within inches of the driveway to a housing subdivision being built.

Norma and I parked our bikes next to a sign that said Paradise something, but my first time using a port-a-potty was just the opposite. I was encouraged by the door being a bit ajar and that it was not locked. Other than saying she was burning up in their and her butt was frying on the seat, Norma peed and was out of there in a couple of minutes. Her hair looked like she had just showered. I opened the door to a stench I can't describe. The seat was made of clear steel and looked to be much higher than I previously had success with. While I had closed the door the best I could due to it being bent, while I was pulling down my jean shorts I was hit in the face by a bunch of flies. Once I took the hot seat and my pee stream started and sounded like rain on the gutter at home, a couple of bees were coming at me right by my eyes and nose. I tried to bat them away and I guess I kicked with fear. Now I was exposed to a highway with cars and a bus whizzing by. The distance was less than 5 feet. I yelled for Norma who was trying to ride her bike up the rocky hill behind me. It seemed to take the longest time for her to get down there as I was sitting in fright fully exposed with the door open. Guys in a pickup trucked hollered something I sure wasn't going to tell mom about.

Finally Norma closed the door. Pee interrupted, I pulled my shorts up and quickly left there. Norma noticed that I had gotten 2 bee stings and she sat my down on the hill so I could compose myself. My mom wasn't very sympathetic about several of the things happening and told Norma I would be staying in the next day. That interrupted pee I took at home was the best.

Tyler C
To Sera: I'm glad you liked my story. I usually do wear black shorts for my bike rides and I've been wearing them every time I go out since this pandemic started in case I spring a leak because I am completely avoiding public restrooms now in fear of catching the virus. I've had some moments where I had to let some squirts out to relieve the pressure, but no full on accidents since that incident over a month ago. By the way, just imagining those "long drops" makes me cringe. That may actually be a situation where my pants sound like a reasonable alternative. (just kidding ...kind of)

To Shannon: I'm glad you feel that way. I enjoyed taking your poll. I've loved posting here this past month or so because it's allowed me to take these mostly embarrassing incidents and reflect on them in a kind of irreverent and humorous way

To the unnamed commenter: Yeah, pooping in my pants isn't the worst thing in the world to me, (unless I'm caught!) but I don't really love it that much either, so I usually try to avoid it. That story, as I've said, was one of only a couple times I got to spend an extended period of time in my soiled pants and really decide how I felt about it, but there are a handful of times I pooped myself and took care of it right away. Here's one.

In my Elementary and Middle School days, I used to move from one hobby to the next all the time. There were a number of athletic activities I tried, completely sucked at, and quickly quit. I never liked them too much, but I was always a kid who liked trying new things. One thing that I always found fun about sports was that I always got to wear a jockstrap. The fun thing about jockstraps is that they leave the butt crack completely exposed. So for fun, whenever I had to poop while wearing one, I would just pull my pants down, but leave the jockstrap on, and poop into the toilet through the opening. I'm not sure why I thought it was so fun. It's just kind of funny to go to the bathroom while still wearing something on the lower half your body.

I first did this when I played soccer at age 7. I quit that pretty quickly. The next time I got to wear a jockstrap was at age 9 when I took karate lessons which I quit only after a month and a half because I really didn't care for it. I did get to use the toilet with my jockstrap a couple times though. The last time I played a sport where I wore a jockstrap was in 8th grade when I played basketball. I wasn't great at that either, but I stuck with it for a whole season.

One day before the game started, I went into the bathroom to do my usually poop while wearing a jockstrap. I took my pants off, I sat down, and I released. Everything seemed normal, but just then, I started feeling a strange warmth spreading across my butt. I was confused for a moment about what could be going on. I kept pushing, but the more I pushed, the more I felt this warm gooey sensation work its way across bottom. Then, I figured out what must be going on. Somehow, instead of pooping in the toilet, I was pooping in my underwear. "But how was this possible?," I wondered because the poop should just go through the opening in the jockstrap. That's when I looked down at my lap, and to my horror, I realized that I forgot to put my jockstrap on that morning and I was just wearing ordinary tighty whities, except they weren't really tighty "whities" anymore. Whoops! Silly me, I guess. I probably could have pulled my undies down and finished going, but partially because I was frozen in shock and partially because the damage was already done, I just let the rest of the load make it way into my already pretty well loaded underpants. There I was, a 13-year-old boy, using the toilet with his undies still on. This certainly wasn't how I was taught to use the potty.

After I was all done having this smelly little accident, I dumped the poop out into the toilet and wiped myself up the best that I could. I knew that there was no way I could sufficiently clean those briefs in time before the game started, so when nobody was looking, I threw them in the garbage bin in the bathroom. I buried them underneath all of the trash that was in there. I hope the janitor didn't notice.

Luckily, nobody really noticed during the game. So, I guess this should be a lesson to everyone. When you go to poop, always make sure you butt is properly exposed.

Monika B.

Reply to Seraphina (Sera)

OMG. Why do schools do that?! Everyone deserves privacy in restrooms. That's horrible. I've heard of schools in my area removing the doors in restrooms as well. That's just crazy to me. It's no wonder you don't go at school! You'd think that would be a violation of students' rights.

I haven't ever wet at work (not yet). I'm SUPER careful about how much I drink when I'm out. I drink water, but just enough so that I'm not dehydrated. I wasn't like this growing up; I had no trouble using the restrooms at school and would use them every day. I hated having to pee, so if I could, I would. I was germ phobic, but not nearly as much as I am now (I very rarely got sick back then, that's probably why). Before the pandemic, I did try to afford the restroom at work, but I drank a LOT more coffee so that wasn't always an option. Post-pandemic (whenever that'll be), I'm not sure I'll feel comfortable using public restrooms ever again. Which kind of sucks because I want to eventually travel, so hopefully things will feel safe again at some point.


The Grand Marshall of all hard stools! a funny shit story

Ok, now I get it. I think almost all of my posts have had a general theme, but hey! just keeping shit real or piss real! Lol!we are all hum & imperfect, right, well, let's switch gears for a moment. I also have a history of upper GI symptoms..mainly severe acid reflux, but this has not bothered me in years, but it came back on me. so my DR. put my on a prescription strength Ant-acid! & it was beginning to work. So he told me to cut out drinking soda & cola. well, about that time, the local bar was giving away free gallons of milk, cheese, butter & other dairy products due to donations by individuals. Well, I almost never consume dairy products, but I figured if a lot of soda was bad, then a lot of milk was good, well..wrong answer! Lol! I almost missed a night of work over that, but that was just the pre-game show! Lol!

Next night, I am at our local bar & feel as though, Hey, maybe I need to take a shit. I no more than plopped onto the toilet..pushed a little & realized..."Houston, we have a problem!" a hard stool, but I had no idea! no idea at all. as the night went on , I realized I could not physically pass it, than along about midnight, all of the other shit started pushing & creating pain & pressure. by 6:AM, I was in the male version of labor. I tried to explain to the nurse at my clinic over the phone what was going on, but she was more concerned with those 95 questions making sure I did not have Covid 19, so finally I just drove to the area hospital & admitted myself into Urgent Care. my local TV news station always asked for us to send photos of what our morning looks like, well, this is what that Friday morning looked like for me... two female nurses & one male nurse practitioner in full hazmat suits trying to help this guy take a shit! Now, there is absolutely, no dignity left after that..way worse than wetting yourself in public. nothing was working, so finally, they gave me an enema & quickly vacated the room. after about 7 minutes, I could not hold the liquid in any more so I got on the little porta potty they left me with & first, it was liquid squeezing past the hard stool, so I was like : shit, this is not even gonna work, then came the second contraction & out came everything, but no, it was not just one rock hard stool, it was like eight of them in a row. I was literally screaming, finally, the eruption was over & they come back in the room, took one smell, & said...seemed like it worked. I still had tears in my eyes & said to them: Holy shit!, I should be passing out cigars after that one! that was like passing breaker run! Lol! I tell this story over on My


Running continued

I posted here a few times recently about accidents I started to have while running. I went for another longer run this week and as a precaution, put some wads of toilet paper in the little pouch I carry. I had had a hard time pooing earlier that day so I wanted to be on the safe side. When I had finished my run and was walking the last mile or so going I did feel a strong pressure in my bowels, so when no one was looking (it helped that it was quite dark by then) I slid the paper into the back of my knickers. After a few minutes the pressure got even stronger so I stopped, pretended to drink some water (my bottle was empty...) and let a small poo into my knickers. As I have gotten to know by now, the relief didn't last long, so a few minutes later I opened my bowels a bit more to add to the content of my knickers. Walking wasn't getting any easier and I thought 'what the...' and just let the full poo slide into the paper protected knickers. As before, doing this made me feel kind of naughty (one! is! not! supposed! to! poo! their! pants!) but also slightly unpleasant. I walked the last bit home and for some reason didn't go straight to the toilet but washed my hands first (hello, COVID!) then tidied the kitchen a little bit, before finally emptying my knickers into the toilet bowl. They weren't very dirty thanks to the paper, but my bum was, so I jumped into the shower to clean it.

Nicole :-D

I just couldn't make it.......

I'm in my mid 20's, 5'7, slim. My bowels are usually pretty regular but beginning of this week I was getting a little backed up and last Thursday evening when I was driving back home, I had to poop so badly that I could barely hold it in.

What happened was that I was working today and during my lunch break, I suddenly gotten an urge to poop and the urge grew as time goes on and after around 4 hours or so when I was finally getting off work, I was desperate. Issue is that due to the current pandemic, I was afraid of using the toilet. So while I was driving as fast as I could, it literally took no time at all for me to get home, especially since the road was somewhat pretty clear. By the time I parked my car into my parking spot in my apartment unit, I was at the point where I was nearly losing control of my bowel. I carefully started getting out of the car and started heading to the elevator and went upstairs. Luckily I was alone in the elevator while going up because my bowels started to lose control as I started letting out this big violent fart that I just couldn't hold back anymore.

As soon as the door opened up, I quickly bolted out of the elevator and rushed to my apartment. Unfortunately by the time I got to my front door, at this point, my body just didn't want to disobey anymore because after a couple more tiny farts came out, this turd started to poke out. I clinched my buttcheeks as best as I could but unfortunately I couldn't get it to go back in. I quickly started to unlock the door as the turd had started to slowly come out and when I got inside, I quickly slammed the door closed and by this point, I knew I was about to make a mess but I just didn't care anymore, I just had to have relief.

I didn't want to make a mess in my panties and pants, so I quickly pulled them down to my ankles, leaned onto the wall, gotten into a semi squat position and relaxed my bowels. In an instant, I started to sigh in relief as this thick solid turd started to come out and it ended up being a pretty long one. Luckily when I finished, it ended up being somewhat easy to clean up and that the main issue was really just the smell but I live alone so it wasn't really much of an issue either as I just left the window open as much as I can.

~bonus story~

This happened yesterday evening. I was driving back again from work but this time, I was having an upset stomach. Must had eaten something a little off the night it had happened in my first story. Anyways after I got back to my apartment, my stomach was killing me and I knew it was likely diarrhea with the way my stomach was gurgling.

When I parked, I quickly made my way up to my apartment like last time but when I was trying to desperately trying to get my key out from my purse, I let out a really wet fart and can feel a small amount of gush of diarrhea rushing into my panties. As soon as I finally gotten my key out, I quickly unlocked my door and bolted inside while another small gush of diarrhea rushed into my panties.

I quickly locked my front door and ran towards into the bathroom and at this point, I was already making a huge mess, so without thinking, I just jumped into the showers, leaned on my shower wall and started to let nature take its course. Immediately a huge gush of diarrhea started to rush out and filled up my panties. It didn't take long before it was running down my legs. Luckily the only clothing that wasn't ruined from the waist down during this was my shoes that I had frantically took off at the front door when I got inside.

This lasted for some time and I figured since my pants and panties was already ruined, I also emptied my bladder as I had a couple cups of water.

After I was finished, I basically started to clean up the mess as best as I could before tossing it into the washer and dryer. Lucky for me nothing was stained, or at least noticeably.


Guy at Work

There is a young man at work who visits the toilet around the same time I do every day. There are two stalls, one handicapped and one regular. I take the handicapped and he takes the regular which gives us a bit of a buffer zone. His routine never varies. He comes in and enters his stall and immediately drops his jeans where I can see his swipe badge with his name and photo. As he sits, he lets out a large amount of gas before he even pushes. Sometimes, he even farts before he even drops his jeans. He then grunts and pushes out what sounds like a very solid log that crackles out, peeing simultaneously. As he finishes, he lets out a very audible sigh kind of like this: "mmmmm." He then quickly checks his phone before standing to wipe. We often exit our stalls at the same time and he always gives me a warm smile. He seems quite comfortable with moving his bowels and seems to derive great pleasure from the experience.

Monday, July 13, 2020



Hi folks. I had a noisy shit this morning. My poop was medium sized, and semi solid. It was another doubler for me today too, as I did another poop later. I had also gotten a poopy finger from wiping which I hadn't experienced in a while. Another thing that happened with a poop I had on a different day was that it smelled mild, but the odor it did have wasn't particularly nasty. I had wasabi with my sushi today, so I'd expect that my next poop will burn as the spice going in was felt in my nose. I don't recall having a burning poop last time, but I also had some spicy peppers in the sushi itself, so that might give some poop heat. What I meant about garlic burning before is when it's raw. I'm sure raw garlic is the type that'll make your poop smell stronger compared to cooked as well. Bye!



1. Audrey, Oh I'm sorry for misspelling your name :( I'm bad with names. I'm glad you like my stories and I'll try to do more. May I ask what some of your favorite naughty places are? And have you read any of my older stories.

2. Jasmin K, That Sounds really cool. However being wood it doesn't sound comfortable for long periods of time.

3. Sherryl, about a month ago I haven't really had the chance.


Post Sushi Update

Hi folks on Toiletstool! My post sushi poops today have been loose, but surprisingly, didn't burn despite the spiciness going in. Maybe the heat substance in hot foods act as a laxative? I still enjoyed my McChicken with fries today, and I only had to go afterwords from withholding an earlier need. I continue to love the posts with Mina, Kazuko, etc. You all write beautiful stories, and sounds like you enjoy poop quite much. Bye!


Drink goes right through me!

My friend Breena and I were born a few days apart. We were almost inseparable in growing up and I went to her apartment last week. We had a nice lunch and a celebratory beer to celebrate our 21st birthdays. She teased me when I stood and told her I had to pee. Then she told me her live-in boyfriend had taken a monster dump before running for the bus. Her one toilet was jammed and her landlord would be coming shortly with some equipment to un-jam the pipe. She told me to pretend it was 3rd hour again, a situation we had several times in high school when the principals would temporarily close the closest bathroom for a custodian to use some un-jamming tool. For me and Breena that meant holding up our needs for 45 minutes until we got the 4th hour on the other side of the long hallway. I admit that Breena was good at holding her pee, but for me, especially with having consumed alcohol, I was in pain and the dam was going to break.

As I got back on the highway, I had no intention of holding my needs up for the 20 minute drive. When I was going 45 or 50 at speed limit I missed a couple of service station signs that would have given me instant relief. When I saw signage soon enough, there was a never ending median that kept me from swerving into a parking lot. Then there was a huge jam in a two-mile construction zone that caused four lanes to merge into one. Add to that a 4 way intersection with the traffic lights out. I got to thinking how I had won a couple of awards in high school as being the most optimistic and positive person in my 600 student graduating class. With cars at a standstill I looked out my window and saw an empty beer can slowly blowing in the wind almost headed toward my left front tire. I quickly put the car in park, opened my door about 30 degrees and reached down and snagged it. This was the most privacy I was going to have in quite a while. With the traffic jam not moving and traffic single lane, I lowered my jeans and thong appropriately and with my left hand I placed the somewhat bent and rusty can between my legs while I moved so much forward on the seat I almost fell off. I got my first trickles and then a lot more going into the can. I had to make a couple of quick adjustments with my left hand when the traffic flow started up slowly. A little cynicism almost made me laugh out when I remembered a driver's ed movie I had seen years before of a first-time driver popping a clutch.
(It reminded me of my first boyfriend who was about as uncoordinated).

Although I was holding about 3 ounces of pee in my left hand, I knew I still had that sore feeling that I had much more in me. As the traffic flow picked up, about a block ahead of me I saw the big aerial sign for a hardware chain. I carefully used a couple of fast mergers to pull onto the frontage road and took it to the store. I pulled into the lot, pulled into a parking spot with my grill up against a trash container, and parked. I slowly poured my yellow liquid into the container and then placed the can back on the floor in the right-front position. I walked into the store, was diverted two aisles away from the restroom by newly polished floor, and within a couple of minutes was on the toilet and peeing away while I read the newspaper insert which was attached to the inside of my cubicle's door. Most amusing to me was the slogan "making your next improvement project as easy as possible."

My boyfriend Zac texted me as I sat and over 5 minutes of conversation I unloaded on him. He told me about a frat brother who told him that the more drinking experience you get, the more tolerant your body becomes toward beer. I told him he could see the famous souvenir can when he's back in town. I also ended up buying one of the advertised tool kits for my dad's birthday. I can't wait to see Zac's face when I show him the famous can. I know he can't top that.


Response to Seraphina

Sera - Mostly I found out after the fact when it came up in conversation. Someone would say they wet their pants in class last week or last month or whatever. But I didn't know at the time. I did not "smell" anything. Kind of like when Jasmine told you she wet her pants in school. Did you know she had wet prior to that? Our school bathrooms were disgusting, so it was well known many didn't use them.

You said you avoid unknown toilets when out in public, sometimes with unexpected results. I assume this means you have wet your pants at other times too?


Thanks for answering my survey!

Wow, thank you to Nobody, Tyler C, Audrey, Shanna, Catherine and everyone else who replied to my survey! It definitely helps to know I'm in good company because sometimes it feels like I'm the only person in the world who has accidents so much. Please share some more of your stories if you don't mind!

Catherine thank you so much for those page numbers with old stories! That sounded majorly embarrassing how you pooped and peed your pants in front of your husband like that but I'm glad he was a good sport about it! And I'm sorry it happened on your birthday! I have a birthday story of my own that it reminded me of. Definitely let me know if you remember any other page numbers with your accident stories, as I would love to read them.

When I read Catherine's old story about messing her pants on her birthday, it actually made me wonder if I had any memorable birthday accidents. It made me realize that I've actually managed to stay clean on my birthday throughout most of my life, but one year that I didn't sticks out in my memory. I was turning 24 and was out during the day to get my hair and nails done so I'd be all pretty for my birthday dinner. I got some uneasy feeling in my stomach and I knew I'd need the bathroom soon while I was getting my hair done, but I just tried to put it out of my mind. As time went on I became more and more uncomfortable and I reached a point where I was debating asking my hairdresser for a bathroom break, but she finished up shortly thereafter. I hurried to pay her and give her enough praise on the job she did, then I rushed out of there. I needed to poop soooo bad, and had no clue where the closest bathroom was. I almost turned around and went back inside to ask for the bathroom but for some reason I felt that would be too embarrassing! I hate my brain sometimes. So yeah, instead of subjecting myself to the embarrassment of asking for a bathroom, I took the high road. By which of course i mean i casually walked 10 feet down the sidewalk and then I just pooped in my pants because I couldn't hold it in anymore. It was a bad accident, as it was very mushy and I wasnt dressed in the best way...I had thin black leggings and a thong on, so there was no protection at all to keep it from filling my leggings directly, then it badly seeped through the fabric of my leggings too. I touched back with my hand and just felt wet warmth, and I looked down and my hand had poop on it, so I knew it was showing through my leggings. I had to walk all the way back to my car like that then make a poop-proof nest of bags and stuff on the seat for me to sit on. It was definitely one of the messiest accidents I ever had I think because I didnt have regular panties on so it just went everywhere. I remember driving home in disbelief that at 24 I had just pooped my pants because I was too shy to ask for a bathroom. I remember giving myself a little talk on the way home like "this is it, this is the year we get this under control!" But of course we know how that turned out lol. It actually did get better for a while, I think I went 8 or 9 months without messing myself at one point around then. I'm currently in one of my worst stretches- I have had accidents in my pants at least 4 times since the beginning of the year. I need to start taking it seriously again and not living my life as if its completely normal to poop my pants here and there. But then I? It's not like I'm hurting anyone, just risking some embarrassing moments. But I suppose its mainly harmless so why do I often feel guilty for doing it? There is just something about it... it feels so good and so bad at the same time! I mean, it feels good physically and sensually, especially when solid. It feels bad because, well its embarrassing and smelly and you're just expected not to do it.


Stacy's survey

Hiya posters! Hope all is well!!! I wanted to come making a post before i head off to work, so first:

Sera: thankies so much. I just bought the bullet and bought some adult pull ups in case of emergency or when im not feeling well. Hopefully they help me feel safe. Im goin through a constipation spell (my ibs alternates) so hope this is over soon.

Stacy, your survey looks fun!! Here goes:

Question 1
When you ladies use the toilet do your pants get pulled down to knee level, or do you go the ankle route?
I always pull my pants and undies down to my ankles, in public or private. If im wearing a skirt, I pull it up and pull just my panties down to my ankles. I have normal briefs so it isnt embarrassing

Question 2
When sitting do you place your hands in your lap or do you rest them on each hip?

I usually keep them on my knees or hold my hands together between my legs unless im reading on the potty or playing with my phone.

Question 3
Do you pee before, during or after while having a poo?

If it's a normal poop, then almost always before. Often i I diarrhea that just comes out first, in which case, during my poop. But ill still typically pee once while pooping.

Question 4
Is farting normal during a poo? Are they loud audible echoes or quiet airy hisses?

I have a lot of loud and wet farts that usually crackle

Question 5
Do you ladies wipe from the seated position, or do you stand ?
Im the opposite of stacy, if Im wearing a skirt, I stay sitting to wipe then pull my panties up and just let my skirt fall down when im done. If I have shorts or pants on, i stand up to wipe.

Question 6
How many times a day to you poop? How many times do you pee?

My poops are unpredictable (sometimes a lot and sometimes im constipated) but when im going, on average ill poop 3 times a day (always before bed is the one thats constant). I probs have to pee 6-8 times a day.

Question 7
Have you ever let your significant other watch while you were on the toilet?

Ive never had a serious boyfriend but i really want to fall in love and have one. If i ever do, id let him watch me peeing and pooping if he wanted to watch. Id like to be super open in a relationship.

Have a great day posters!!!
<3 Shanna



Mina: You are not bad! We miss you when you don't post, but we know that life gets busy! Please tell Maho, Kazuko and Hisae hello for me! I hope you are well.

I remember having a potato poop as a child. I must have been 9-10. It wasn't unpleasant, but I remember the splash and the poop having the shape and appearance of 3 or 4 potatoes!

Fog: That was a little risque! But I can understand your frustration with the women peeping at you. Thank you for your kind words and welcome!

Positioned Pooper: Here ya go!

Here are my questions.

1. What is the strangest position you have ever pooped in? Really, the only strange position is standing, hunched over, during the middle of an accident in my pants.
2. If you have ever pooped while laying down, do you find it easier to do it while laying on your back, side, or stomach? I've never tried it.
3. Do you find pooping more pleasurable when it's more difficult? Really, the larger and more firm the load, the better. But those only happen when I've vacationed. Maybe 19/20 bowel movements are thick, long, warm and soft and are accompanied by a pretty strong urge to go.
4. Do you have any stories about yourself or anyone else pooping in a strange position? No

I know that's probably not helpful, but wanted to be polite and grateful that you are on the forum! Looking forward to more stories!

Love to all!


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