To Carin: Hey! I'm so happy you liked my post, I'm sure my mother wouldn't have known if I didn't use a seat cover but she would've been mad if I did. Even at home she wants us covering the seat with TP when we sit down on the toilet. She just doesn't like it when skin touches germy surfaces.


8 days between craps

Last summer at this time I was at a weeklong Bible camp 4 hours away in the middle of our state. Since there was so much food there that I took advantage of, I had a crap come knocking like every day or two. However, I found that even peeing in the toilets there was bad enough. All 30 of the girls toilets were in this metal building that looked older than my grandpa. He's 80. In order to use one of the toilets you had to take a step up off the concrete floor onto a wooden plank, turn around and then behind you was another level on which there was this long line of wood, with holes the size of a real toilet you would sit over and your crap would go down under you and fall onto the ground, I guess. The wood had been painted black like a real toilet seat, but with slivers and chipping under your butt so common you didn't want to move or change position You underthigh would pay a painful price. Every time I peed I had to remember to sit straight down and stand straight up, otherwise, I would get cut.

So on Sunday morning dad drove his truck down to get me. He got out of his truck immediately, asked me to point him to the bathroom, and he walked over there real fast because he drinks a lot of coffee and other fluids. When he came back looking quite relieved, I asked him how he like the toilets and he said they were probably the same ones that grandpa used back in the 1930s. And I believe him on that, although they have to be easier on the guys than the girls.

About an hour into our trip on the Interstate back home, I asked dad to stop at the first rest area. He said I should have gone at camp. Then I laid the whole story on him and he seemed to get more frustrated, finally yelling at me not to go 8 days without a bowel movement again. Then he gave me a couple of reasons: it wasn't normal, and he used a word for a hospital procedure to forcefully remove a person's crap that seemed pretty severe. Once there, he parked, got out and was lighting a smoke when he yelled at me to stay on the stool until I could "produce." He said no excuses and some other words that didn't sound very nice.

Like so many other rest stop toilets in recent years, none of these had doors for privacy. So I took the far end one. It looked pretty clean, although the pee in it was a pretty solid tone of yellow. I pulled down my jeans and underwear as I waited for the flush to end. I found the seat to be pretty comfortable. I checked my phone and found it had been 14 hours since I took 4 laxative tablets before going to bed. I did some heavy pushing that actually hurt, then a couple of other physical exercises that have helped me in the past. One was a series of straddle stands my pediatrician had demonstrated for me to use when I was constipated back at the beginning of high school. Then I sat back down, made myself comfortable, and after about 5 minutes the train was coming. After one or two small pushes the crap steadily slid out of me with less pain than expected. That was probably because the laxative had softened it

It had gone directly to the entrance of the hole in the bowl and it was about 2 times as wide. At least 60% of it was clinging to the bowl above the water level. I could just feel that I had one huge wiping challenge ahead of me. My first couple of wipes were poor because I was getting crap on my fingers and there were chunks of soft hanging from the toilet paper. It felt like a half ounce of poo was still hanging from my butt. Since I knew I was going to be using more than the inch or so of paper left on the roll, I reached down and flushed.

I waddled to the next toilet, which had almost a full roll of toilet tissue, seated myself and started my cleaning. I think it was 10 or 11 mitts of toilet paper used and at that point my rectum was getting increasingly sore. And on a couple of the papers I could see a few streaks of blood. Another full bowl. Then I flushed. As I pulled up my black underwear I felt so lucky with my choice. I knew I wasn't fully clean, but knew that mom wouldn't be able to see any streaks when she sorted the hamper into the washer. Dad and I stopped for lunch a couple hours later. I peed there and for the first time in my life I pulled off one of the paper hand towels for another wipe. It seemed to work pretty well as yet another attempt to fully clean my rectum. The paper was softer and didn't hurt as much

When I got back to our table I wasn't surprised that I now had a decent appetite for the first time in a couple of days. When I was finishing up my food, dad excused himself for the bathroom. He was gone for at least 15 minutes. His turn to crap I guess.

Taylor T


Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posts lately. I haven't been able to leave the house because my mother got infected with COVID 19. She's been staying in the basement but I am not allowed to go to work until further notice. Luckily I have no symptoms and hopefully don't have it. And my mother is doing great besides a high fever and diarrhea. I've been having my abnormally big poops every 2-3 days but just at home. I've been noticing that I'm clogging the toilet a lot lol. Anyways I have a couple of replies for people.

To Amelia: I'm glad you like my stories! You said your little cousin has a poop fetish? I've known a couple of people like that. I love talking about pooping and peeing as well. It's just a great feeling after a nice poop. But I wouldn't say I have a fetish. More of just an interest with the subject.

To Audrey: I liked your story about the double outhouse. I've never seen or used one before but I would love to with a friend. I can only imagine how great that would be.

To Johnny: I've pooped at a water park before too and it was awesome. My friend Brianna and I went to the Six Flags Water Park near my grandmothers house. We both pooped after a rollercoaster but mine was a lot bigger so I took longer.

To Celine: Loved your story about you and Jessica. I've never met someone through pooping together before but I want to really badly. Both of your poops must have felt amazing to let out.

To Carlie B: Is it common for you to overflow toilets lol? I usually only clog but nothing of overflowing. And when did you start having these big poops.

Those are all my questions and replies and hopefully everybody answers them. I'd really appreciate it! I've had to take a huge poop all day and I am finally sitting down as I'm writing this. But I have a question for people to answer if they choose to.

When you sit down to pee/poop do you fart when you hit the seat/ in the middle of peeing or pooping. Or do you not fart at all? Just asking because right when I sat down I let out the biggest fart lol. Felt good but just wondered if it happened to others as well.


Rail station shit

The other day I went out for a drive around as the weather was good. Because of the pandemic most public wash rooms are shut.I had not had a BM for 4 days and could not find a suitable pulloff from the road to enable me to go. I arrived at a café with an outdoor garden at a heritage rail station. While walking around I got the I must have a shit urge I saw a sign for the toilets, were they open? found a door saying UNISEX, it was open I went in and found two cubicals which were self contained rooms.WC washbasin. I took my shorts and black knickers down to my knees, sat down and relaxed without needing to push my shit started to slide out which it did quickly, I felt there was more to come so pushed a bit and more shit came out, then once more and all was done, I had that wonderful empty feeling. I did not wipe just pulled my knickers and shorts up. I turned around and looked at my shit. The first one was about 10" long the other two pushes produced various pieces of shit. It would not flush away so I sanitised my hands. At home I discovered in my knickers a big skidmark and some pieces of shit. What an enjoyable day out event.

youSTEPHENr name (optional)
I poop two or three times a day 1000 pa . I keep bed pans and paper under two seats in car often this I use during shopping trips when I arrive or leave car park.
A few months ago I was delayed two hours on motorway , when I left @ slip road I pulled in to a layby placed anorack in windscreen retrieved bedpan from under seat lowered my jogging bottoms and pants slid pan under my bum pulled fleece over my knees as I was weeing . Five seconds later my bowels opened , I remained seated another four mins having a number two.
when I had done pulled fleece away leaned to my left put pan on passenger floor wiped my bum with three ply kitchen towel as sheets are bigger more absorbant. Pulled up my pants and jogging bottoms removed anorack from windscreen and continued my journey.

Monday, July 20, 2020


To Audrey

That was a great story. Glad that you tried all of our suggestions. Would love to hear the stories about that. I just went on my back porch and hopped up on to the railing, hanging my ass on the edge and dropped a huge poop down on to the ground below. It felt really good and it was a huge relief. Went back inside to the bathroom, got in the tub and used the shower head and washed my ass out lol

Celine: it's cool that Jessica was okay with peeing in the tub! Do you do that often?
Also, I'm going away to camp again, so if anyone has more ideas for stuff I can try outside or in a tent that I have to myself, feel free to share!


My childhood URINE!

When I was little, from age 5 on to 14, my strict mom had what she called holding sessions or what my aunt called pee-pee holds. Where I was forced to hold my bladder in as a punishment for doing bad at Baseball practice or lost a game. I can remember it and feel it like it was yesterday, all those times at practice, games and just sitting on the couch absolutely bursting to pee. Mom nor aunt would also never let me pee at practice. Kids today are so spoiled. Anyone ever had any parents or guardians who would use that punishment or some punishment that was similar? :) :)


Replies to Audrey and Update

Oh I'm glad you liked my stories. And I can talk about my sister :)

Haley is 4 now, she goes in her training potty and on the big girl potty when it has her potty seat. However she does occasionally use my training potty when she hangs out in my room. Also she knows that she can get away with going potty in my closet.


Wife had urgent poo on vac

We were heading to fl on vac stopped and ate at a Chinese restaurant on the way . We were almost there my wife leaned over and said she had to poop bad I told her we were 5 min from the hotel she said ok I went in to check in got the room key and stuff went back to the truck she was breathing heavy saying please say they let us ck in early I said yup. Pulled in front of the room got out opening the door she was already dying I got the door open she rushed to the toilet didnt even close the door. Sat down and exploded a soft runny poo I could hear everything she moaned in relief saying thank god . She had to go it was urgent I never heard her poop like that before I asked if she was ok she replied I am now woww


Monthly cycle affecting pooping.

Trina - I know exactly what you mean! It's like time stands still and feels like your poop is coming out forever. It's probably only a couple of seconds but the uncontrollable push seems never ending. I am a little tempted to try doing it on purpose but I don't know if I'm allowed to post about it here.

Does anyone else notice a change in their toilet visits when on your period?

I felt my usual need to go so I sat on the toilet and for some reason my poop was really soft. Not liquid but not firm either. Not only that, it would only come out if I pushed. It was like an ice cream dispenser. This lasted for a few minutes before I felt empty instead of my usual solid log in a few seconds.


My responses


Grunting questions:

1) How long and hard have you had to grunt for in order to poop?

This happened early in my junior year of high school. My parents had moved across the country and I was in like the second week of school at a new place. This guy in my honors history class wanted me to work with him after school on a research project. I had not yet located the bathroom on that wing of the building and he and I were walking to the library to get some work in when he said he would show me to the bathroom. He did. I thought he would go to the library and get things set up for our session. He didn't. He sat on the bench outside the bathroom and heard me grunt for probably about 30 seconds while I got the big one out. He heard the splash and then my sigh. I didn't have much trouble cleaning myself from the seat and I flushed (it didn't work!) and washed my hands. When I came out I was surprised to find that he had stayed and heard my crap. He was sympathetic in telling me about some of the "rough ones" he has too. He said he crapped every day in study hall, but I remained embarrassed and brought the conversation back to our Roman History project. A couple hours later when we were leaving the building for our walk home, I had been holding my pee and excused myself. Before I dropped my butt onto the seat, I flushed the toilet and then put a number of those wiping squares of toilet paper across the top of the bowl water. That way he wouldn't hear me pee before we went to the bus stop.

Would you grunt in public if you thought someone would hear?

I use public toilets a lot today. If it was a single-staller and no one else was waiting I wouldn't mind. Otherwise, I would be reluctant to recognize the attention.


What is one of your favorite bathroom accessories?

My phone. This is more so if I'm away from home because when I'm at one of Diver's softball games, many of the park toilets have panels that are pretty gross with graffiti and other vandalism that can gross one out. Once a month or so, I have to use a stall without a privacy door. My phone enables me to divert my attention and catch up on what's happening with my friends and in the world.

Positioned Pooper:

1. What is the strangest positions you have ever pooped in?

My friend Rema and I were riding our bikes. We were pushing curfew and probably 75% dark. I think I was about 11. I took a seat on the concrete over a neighborhood sewer, pulled down my jeans, and although it was uncomfortable, I did a 15 second semi-soft crap into the storm sewer. Rema had used that "seat" a couple of times of do a pee that was really hurting her. Such decisions probably bought us another 45 minutes or so together before we went home for the night.

2. If you ever pooped laying down, is it easier to lay while laying on your back, side or stomach?

Never had.

3. Do you find pooping more pleasurable when its more difficult?

Yes. I pooped in a ground-mounted ashtray almost as large as a regular toilet seat in a public park when I was with Diver at a tournament. The toilet building was padlocked and a couple of other spectators also did too. There were some portable toilets in another part of the softball complex, but a nice collection of trees, with shade, gave us the better opportunity.

4. Do you have a story about pooping in a strange position?

Once my senior year in high school I had to poop bad. All the toilets were in poor shape; bowls jammed and smelling, pee on seats, etc. It was a think-fast moment for me. I sat over the side of the seat in an extremely crowded situation with my face against an empty toilet paper dispenser. I had seen young kids afraid of falling in do that, but it was the only way to avoid sitting in the urine on the other side of the seat.

Nearly a bathroom accident

At Walmart this morning, I got done shopping and needed to pee. I went into the men's then headed for the tall urinal. I was about then I realized the urinal was coated in plastic. I don't have much peripheral vision; so I spotted a light object out of the corner of my eye.

Bathroom accidents can come out of various reasons. Thankfully, I did not have to go to the service desk and admit my careless misdeed!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bianca as always another great set of stories.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends pooping.

To: Catherine great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards as well.

To: Andrea great story about your huge poop.

To: Sherryl great story.

To: Celine great story it sounds like both had really great poops.

To: Seraphina great set of stories.

To: Nicole S great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Trina


Thank you so much for your post and affirming this "thing" with solid accidents. I really appreciate it when I realize that there are more people who understand and can relate. The tingling, shivering and the feeling of going just because I no longer have the strength to fight it is amazing.

I've thought about telling my husband. but am worried that he would think me gross. He's pretty understanding, but I just don't know...

Yes, everyday I think about either holding too long so that I will have an accident or at least staging the circumstances for having an accident just to see if it will happen. I'm afraid I would form an addiction if I did it on purpose or that I would not be able to hide it.

But if it did happen again, I would not be disappointed. In fact, if it never happened again, I would be pretty upset.

I'm glad that you had your privacy and were able to get cleaned up without anyone knowing.

Thanks for writing!



Victoria B

A few responses

Just a few responses today:

To Carlie B:
Loved your story! Congratulations on pooping your way to a nicer room! Hotel toilets are always the worst and I'm glad Lindsey and Hayley were prepared.
I kind of used creative license in my tale of Robyn's and my plumbing malfunction. Her landlord said that pretty much anything would've sent it to the porcelain afterlife but Robyn and I made sure to give it a proper send off. She's also a big pooper, her loads can sometimes match mine and we've taken turns plunging each other's toilets for about as long as we've known each other! My own plunger was a gift from college friends and is custom-painted pink with my name on the handle. I'm thinking about doing something like that as a birthday gift for her next month. What's your plunger like? I'm curious because you're one of the only people I've talked to who gets as much use out of one as I do! Glad you had fun in SoCal!

To Catherine: I have no idea but it's frustrating. My friends always used to joke that I should have majored in engineering to design one that could handle me! Hope you're staying cool!


Jasmin K

Grunting to poo

Reply to question from M J

I don't care who hears me grunting and straining now but when I first started secondary school i was embarrassed in case someone heard me. In Junior school I used to strain and grunt on the toilet when I needed to poo as I was often very constipated. I avoided the toilets in secondary school for the first couple of years and then one day I just had to do a poo I hadn't been for like 3'days and I just had to get it out so sat on a toilet and strained and ended up grunting. No one seemed to notice and I could hear someone else straining and grunting so I just kept doing it until my poo came out. After that I used to go on the toilet at school every morning as they were quieter then and make myself do a poo which required a lot of grunting and straining. I spent about 1/2 an hour each morning in school doing a poo before lessons started. At home it was often an hour or more especially when I was constipated

Jazz K

Saturday, July 18, 2020

To Tyler C

I have never worn a jockstrap before but I could see how that would be an issue if you thought you had it on but instead had on tighty whities. They probably filled up real fast before you realized lol


Camp stories

Here's some stories from summer camp!
So, I tried all of the suggestions, and had a lot of fun in general. However the food was not so great. The first few days, it made me really constipated and I didn't poo at all. However, on Wednesday, they must have put something in the food to clear us all out! Pretty soon, I was feeling a pretty strong pressure throughout my abdomen. By the time I got back to my camp area, I was staggering. There was a long line for the latrine, and one girl just pulled down her shorts and let out a jet of pee and a couple of long turds. Some people had to hold their noses. That was when I realized what the problem was. You see, we were using an outhouse latrine called a two holer. There were two toilets side by side, and a trough urinal. There was only one girl in there,my friend Sophie. I said "get a move on, more of you can fit!" A couple of girls went in. Sophie was uncomfortable and told them to give her privacy, but she was comfortable with me. I squatted on top of the seat and let out a stream of pee and a large turd that had bee forcing its way out dropped. Sophie moaned and said "Audrey I can't believe I haven't had a poo since we got here!" "Me neither, but you'll be fine. I have her a pat on the back. She moaned and I heard a loud crackling, and some splashes from below. She doubled over and a continues jet of diarrhea blasted out of her but. Another girl, Maura, stumbled in, shitting her panties. It started to run down her legs in waves. She ripped down her panties and let out a blast of pee and liquid poop. She sat asked for the toilet and let her share with me, and another girl sat down to share with Sophie, who seemed to be getting over her shyness. As a new girl came in I stood up as the others began dropping lengthy liquidy turds I dropped my shorts and panties to my ankles and bent over in front of the urinal and blasted a wave of liquid shit against it, which splashed back against my thighs. Ella rushed in an did the same, but didn't bend over enough and pissed all over her shoes and legs. I showed her to aim for the floor drain. I let out about three more waves of diarrhea, filling up the urinal trough, which took a while to drain out. Washed up and left, and Rose remarked that she had never shared a toilet before. I laughed and said that we could do it together whenever she wanted. "Gross!"exclaimed Rose. "Yeah, by that was all gross and it was kind of fun!" She agreed.
Marie: I have read some of your stories. Did you ahsve a story about having diarrhea in a hotel room? Or was that someone else? Also, I remember pretty far back that you wrote something about teaching your little sister or someone to pee on the floor when they needed, which I think is pretty cool! How did that go?


Aqua park pooping

Hy,I'm Johnny, a 16 yo blonde and tall boy from Romania. This story happened to me this Sunday when my uncle took me and my cousin to this new aqua park from my city. At about 12pm me and my cousin went to buy something to ear and after about an hour of waitting we got our burgers. We ate them, stayed a little an then we gone back to the pool. After half an hour of swimming I felt my belly started kinda hurt and I feld a little presure on my asshole. I knew I got to take a shit so I got out of the pool and went to the bathroom. I entered the bathroom and there were four cubicles all ocupied. Now.. I was starting to get desperate to release te preesure so I started to let some quiet farts when I heared a giant fart from one of the cubicles. I waited for another 2-3 minutes when a man about 40 got out of a cublicle. I entered and I was hit by a smell of shit so.. I knew were the fart came from. Quickly a lowered my shorts, sat on the toilet and a a big smooth poop started to slide out of my butt. It felt so good. I wiped my butt and looked in the toilet to see what I made. It was a 10-12 cm long brown poop. Afert that I continued my day at the aqua park.
I hope you like my story and I'll come with others.


Sleepover dump with Jessica

Last weekend, Jessica had come to my house for a sleepover. Ever since I helped her get over her phobia towards having a bowel movement in a school toilet, we've become friends quickly. I had told her about my pink toilet, and she was excited to use it. Saturday night, we had just watched a few movies when she got up off my bed. "The moment has come" she said, giggling. "It's time for me to shit. And I've been saving this one just for that pink toilet. Come keep me some company, it might take awhile". I laughed and followed her into my bathroom. As she was unbuttoning her jeans, she farted loudly and that made her giggle harder as she pushed them and her panties to just below her knees and settled onto the cushioned seat. She smiled at me and said "This is a lovely seat. I could get used to this". I smiled back and pushed my jean shorts and thong down to my ankles as I sat on the edge of the bathtub facing her with my ass hanging over the other side. I immediately started to pee, a loud and hissy stream that made quite a bit of noise as it hit the surface of the tub, and after a couple moments, Jessica also began to pee. After about twenty seconds I was done, and Jessica's pee tapered off around the same time. She leaned forward ever so slightly, closed her eyes, and bit her lip. I heard the crackle of her turd and she gives a little push, saying "Don't you love the ones where you have to work those extra muscles?" and I agreed as I wiped myself and pulled my shorts up. She straightened her back and grabbed the sides of the seat. "Ooooooh here it comes" she said, and took a deep breath as her first log hit the water with a serious splash. She jumped a little, and smiled apologetically at me. "Cold water on my ass", she said, and closed her eyes again. I heard another meaty crackling that seemed to go on forever before the second big splash, followed by some errant wet-sounding farts. She reached for the toilet paper and told me "WHAT a relief!" as she began to wipe her ass. As she was pulling up her pants, I took a peek inside the bowl. Two enormous, healthy looking turds lay on top of each other in the bowl-it looked to be nearly two feet in length. "I feel so much better, honey." she said. She flushed and we returned to our movies, and a few hours later it was my turn to take big dump. I went in the bathroom with Jessica close behind and because she needed to now pee, she dropped her pants and sort of hover-squatted over the edge of the tub. She peed gently for a few seconds, and my load began to exit my body almost as soon as my ass was on the seat. The turd stretched my hole wide as it began to slide out-it kept coming and coming, unbroken, until it snapped off and landed in the bowl. Feeling sufficiently voided, I wiped my ass and stood up to look at my creation. It was so big that the tip protruded partially from the water, almost reaching the inside of the toilet seat. Jessica came over and whistled her approval, and I pulled up my shorts and washed my hands before we went back into my bedroom and went to sleep about an hour later.



To all female posters....

I was wondering if you are embarrassed to grunt? If not, How long and hard have you had to grunt for in order to poop? Would you not grunt in public if you thought someone would hear?

I have just spent my first night at a popular surfing beach in Norway. No toilets here and everyone has to go to toilet outside. I went well away from the beach before pulling shorts down to get my things done this morning. But when squatting another camper came by. She waved to me with a huge smile as she passed by! Highly embarrassing but I got somewhat relaxed about it when I could notice that she was on her way to do just the same. When I had finished I saw her squat some 100 meters away trying to hide back a stone.


My mom's standing crap

My mom and I recently flew to the southern part of the U.S. to help my grandma move from one apartment to assisted living. Mom is very deliberate about taking her craps at home and thinking about such needs when we are traveling. We've waited an hour or two in our hotel room in the morning for mom to have her crap before we've ventured out. As for me, I have most of my craps at school during school time or immediately after school before I leave for home. Sitting for a crap, even if I'm forced to use a toilet stall with no door, is nothing I abhor. However, among many of my friends and those I tutor before and after school, taking a crap at school is something to be avoided. I'm surprised especially at the number of guys who will go way out of their way to avoid taking a simple crap at school. I guess I just don't get it.

Anyway on our trip our flight was delayed in coming back home, we had given up our hotel room, and both of us we caught needing to crap at the airport at about 9 a.m. in the morning. We walked to the hugest bathroom I've ever seen together only knowing that both of us needed to use the facilities. We took toilets next to one another. My seat was up and I quickly dropped it and methodically lowered my clothing and took my seat. "Oh, Carin, I'm surprised you're not lining the seat--you really should in a place like this because you don't know who/how many people have used it before you." By then I was spreading my legs and my usual semi-soft log was sliding out. Then came a second as I was studying what was happening with mom. She spread her legs wide, tore off some toilet paper and used it with her hand as she wiped down the seat. OK, I understood that, and that's one of the options that she taught me at about age 6 or 7. Then her body was lowered from what I could see over the panel and I could hear her push, cough, push, push and cough some as her feet were still and a series of splashes came when I could hear her let up on the pushing.

It reminded me that she was squat crapping--something I had last seen her do at a theme park we were at perhaps 10 years ago. Her balance impressed me, and she never seemed to lose her composure. Then still standing, I heard her pull off quite a bit of toilet paper and take 3 or 4 long scraping sounding wipes, and then dropping the paper into the toilet. I then heard her tear off more toilet paper and when wipe down the seat. This was strange and then she flushed with her left foot. She did stagger a bit after doing that but when I joined her at the sinks she reaffirmed: "You really shouldn't sit directly on public toilet seats, Hon. I remember teaching you to carefully lay toilet paper down first. Why have you gotten away from that?" Then she talked about the current virus, pandemic and stuff like that. I know she's worrying about me going to college this fall and what I will be exposed to.

I feel a little guilty, but I guess I'm set in my ways. Several of my school friends, especially the males, seem to have germaphobe characteristics too. I guess I'm just not there yet.

To Amelia:

I enjoyed what you said about your mom. What would have happened if you had seated yourself without using the seat protector? What other germaphobic tendencies does your mom have?

Carlie B.

Reward For a Big Dump!

Hi all, thanks to everyone who took the survey. A funny story from the holiday weekend:

Over the holiday weekend we visited some friends in LA. On Thursday morning we drove down. I missed my morning dump, but we stopped about halfway at in n out. I took that opportunity to go. The restaurant and the bathroom were crowded, so I did have to apologize to the teenage girl waiting to go in after me for clogging it. We had planned to rent out a big house for a number of us to stay at but it got cancelled by the owner at the last second, so we had to settle for a hotel. Lindsey, Hayley, another of our friends Olivia and myself all stayed together at a motel right near the ocean. The location was great but the room was pretty tiny. As I mentioned, I hate hotel toilets and so I decided I wouldn't be using the one in the room. I held it that night and was able to go at breakfast the next morning.

That night, we spent the night at a friend's house drinking and having fun. By the time we got back, I was needing to go badly. Had I not been buzzed from drinking all night, I would have probably gone to the lobby to poo, but I didn't have it in me so I just used our room's toilet. As I sat down, I could hear Lindsey pick up the room phone and dial a number. A few seconds later I heard her explain that our toilet was clogged and someone needed to come fix it! Hayley and Olivia burst out laughing. I was kinda embarrassed but couldn't actually complain-she was going to be right. I laid a large log that broke about 2/3rds the way. The last third plopped on top and I was done. Almost on cue, there was a knock on the door as I stepped out. I let the janitor in and he went in. We could hear him pumping away for a few minutes. The toilet was super weak so flushing wasn't gonna be easy.

About ten minutes in we heard him flush, wait a second or two, and then flush again. A few seconds later we heard water hit the floor. The toilet was overflowing! He called something in on his radio. He didn't speak much English, but we figured out he wanted us to hold on a sec while he went somewhere. We got up to go look and it looked like the bathroom had flooded a bit and the carpet outside the bathroom was soaked pretty good before he was able to shut off the water. I could see from the edge that my turd was still in there. He had gotten it shoved about halfway down before it caused the overflow. I was super embarrassed but also surprised the janitor didn't know how to prevent an overflow. Lindsey joked that he had probably never seen such a huge load.

A few minutes later, the janitor and a woman front the front desk returned. She told us we would be getting a new room since ours needed to be cleaned. We gathered all our stuff and followed her. She explained that since the normal rooms were all full for the holiday that we were gonna get upgraded to a suite. The new room was way bigger and nicer too. We thanked her and she left. We were all super excited to be in this much better room. Olivia asked if she could borrow me to get her free upgrades every time she stays at a hotel. This was definitely the first time I've ever been rewarded for one of my big logs. By now it was almost 2 AM and we were all exhausted.

The rest of the trip was great and thankfully uneventful on the bathroom front. We stopped at Target on Sunday and that was the only other time I ended up pooping the whole trip.

We also got our new toilet a couple weeks ago and it seems to be working well. Neither Lindsey or Hayley have had any trouble flushing it so it's definitely better than the one before it.

Victoria B: funny story about breaking your friend's toilet. Sounds like to you took a really big one! I would love to compare with other people who can poop as big as I do. I've done some looking online and I haven't found anything to convince me that it's possible to actually break a toilet because of a big poop. I was curious if the need to flush it 5-10+ times in succession when I'm plunging was bad for the life of the toilet, but wasn't able to find any good info. Does Robyn poo as big as you do? If so, she may be wearing it out by flushing so often when she clogs it. You mentioned that she "finished it off." Do you mean she just took another big poo and made the problem even worse? Either way, funny story!!



Victoria B: Haha! I imagine that toilet had finally seen its day and that Robyn got a new toilet out of the ordeal! It's like we were talking about a few weeks ago - are "normal" poops not as large as ours??? Everything I've ever read about bowel movements from those who practice more holistic medicine, clean eating, etc. seem to indicate that the bigger the bowel movement the healthier we are. But why are our toilets not designed to handle large ones???

Shannon: I'm so sorry about your diarrhea accident! Hope you are better!

Shanna: I hate that you suffer from IBS-M. As a child I would have alternating constipation and diarrhea until my parents drastically changed our eating habits. I hope you can find relief!

Nat: Welcome and I am so sorry about your accident.

I hope everyone is well!



Hey everyone

I posted once on here a while ago about going camping with family friends and watching a young family friend same age as me do a poo on the ground from afar
I thought I would share another story from a little while ago.when I was my first year out of high school me and a friend from high school went out on a sort of double date with two girls he was friends with from high school. It wasn't an official date like no one ended up in a relationship and there was no sex or anything but we were each out with one of the girls in particular - the one I was with was a fairly attractive sweet girl with blonde hair- and the one my friend was with had dark hair, was also attractive and was slim and athletic, she played a lot of sport in school like netball and stuff
We went to a nice restaurant for tea, then McDonald's after lol not sure why I think it was just the place to go haha- but either way the girls both excused themselves to go to the bathroom
Anyway I needed to pee so I went in the bathroom- thing is it was a unisex bathroom
I knew the girls were in there I just thought they were both peeing, so was I, so no big deal, but eventually the smell hit me and I realised they were more than just peeing
They were in the stalls next to each other- I noticed the dark haired girls stall wasn't locked- I wasn't trying to look in and the door was still closed in so I couldn't see in so I'm guessing it just was broken or something
Anyways I went up to the urinal to start to pee. I wasn't really paying attention but I had my pants and undies about halfway down my butt then the cleaner walked on
She clearly saw my ass and everything and I think once the smell hit hershe said softly to herself aw poo I think I'll come back later- which is kind of rude but oh well lol
I'm not sure if she thought it was from me farting or something but either way I finished up, went and washed my hands- at which point I could hear the blonde girl softly grunting from her stall but I got out cos I didn't want to just hang around in there and be weird
Anyways it was a good evening and me and my friend continued to be friends with them for awhile- I've since moved away so I'm not really in touch with them as much but I think my friend is
Sorry that the story was so long but yeah hope u enjoyed I guess lol

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